Best Eye Glass Clean Cloths Usa

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1. AAwipes Eyeglasses Cleaning Microfiber Silverware

AAwipes Eyeglasses Cleaning Microfiber Silverware

Premium microfiber material. Ultra-fine fibers are composed of 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide. The high density weaving structure forms a high specific surface area for professional cleaning, which leaves no marks, scratches or lint on the delicate surface even at optical grade. The capillary effect allows fast drying after washing. The synthetic fiber is strong. It's designed to remove dust, oil, smudges, fingerprints, and dirt on any delicate surface like glasses, phones, screens, silverware, and watches. 10 Pack white and 20 Pack Dark Grey are included in the package. It's easy to carry one in your purse. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. AAWipes is specialized in the development and manufacturing of microfiber cleaning cloths and wipers.

Brand: Aawipes

👤I've been trying to clean lens and screens for years. I have tried many lens solutions and the film always appeared after a few minutes. A roommate came to be me saying that you don't need to use a lens cleaner for the lens cloths to work. I was experimenting with my lens cloth collection. Liquid should not be used in most cases. All of the oils and dirt are picked up by themselves by the cloths. I have a monkey that splatters stuff on my expensive monitor when I am trying to see it, but I sit in front of it while I am trying to see it. Sometimes it's necessary to use something to break down the particles and I use distilled water on a lens cloth to do it. Normally I don't use any fluid. I have bought many pairs of reading glasses that came with lens cloths from both Dollar Tree and the ................... I bought a lens cleaner that came with the same quality cloths. They were so smooth you couldn't feel anything. They have a sort of sheen to them. These things are much bigger than I thought. You can cut them into squares and have a lot more lens wipe for the future. I knew something was different when I looked at the package with the white cloths. I opened the package and felt the cloth and it felt just as rough as a washcloth. I could feel the fabric. I threw one in the wash to see if it softened or was smoothed out, and yes, you can machine lens cloths, but don't put them in the dryer because it can melt and shrink the split fibers. The texture didn't change so it's how they are. The grey ones are very soft. The whites seem to be missing, but they also have that sheen. The grey ones are not as delicate as the wipes I get at the dollar stores, but you won't risk scratching your screen like with the white ones. Do not use the white ones if you are dealing with any sensitive surface.

👤The microfibers in this fabric are clean, unlike the other microfibers, which havepores in them, which are needed to hold the oils and grit in your lens. I would caution to hand wash them frequently and hang to dry. If you put them in a washing machine, they could be exposed to other chemicals and fabric softeners. If you want to preserve the look of your eyewear lens when they are new and the function of the various coating, you need to remove the cleaning cloths from them.

👤The original glasses cloth was lost by the son. I bought these for him. I won't be bothered by missing cloth again because they are so many. The cloth works just as well as the original one. I can't complain anymore because of the price and quality. Highly recommended!

👤I gave this a 4 because I don't expect a hard edge when I buy a glass cleaning cloth, but it looks like they are zig-zag cut with a heated blade and they are stuck together. I have to make sure the edges don't touch the glass or plastic of the lens so it doesn't scratch them, but over all I am happy with the product. It cleans the glass.

2. Cloth Polishing Microfiber Cleaning Raspberry

Cloth Polishing Microfiber Cleaning Raspberry

The E-Cloth Glass & Polishing Cloth is the secret weapon for smudge-free glass, mirrors, windows, chrome, and all shiny surfaces. It's easy to perfect your window and glassware routines by using a folded cloth as a multi-sided pad after washing. Blue mystery sprays make them uneasy. They prefer using microfibers to break up and grab the dirt. They think their 1-year or 100 wash promise stacks up well against the plastic bottles and paper towels you might use otherwise. The work of washing up is worth it if you follow up with this simple final step. You should get the perfect finish on the board.

Brand: E-cloth

👤Mirrors that show wipe marks are a must. My mirrors are not streaked when the sun is shining. There was no lint. Instructions call for spraying lightly with water and wiping it down with a cloth. I used my own mix of 4 parts water, 1 part vinegar, and 2 drops of Dawn dish detergent. The combination of ecloth and liquid does wonders. It was used on windows and table glass. It was worth a penny. This is the second purchase I have made for my sister.

👤I was thrilled to get all new kitchen appliances, but I had to cook and clean them up after I saw all the smudges and finger prints. I bought 3 different cleaners and they all left streaks even after a lot of elbow grease. I was not happy with the work my new appliances were doing. I am thankful to have found the answer with e-Cloths. They eliminate the need for sprays or cleaners. They work either dry or wet. I like to wet half of the cloth to get rid of smudges. The e-Cloths can be used to clean mirrors, glass shelves, stem ware and eye glasses. The work on most things leaves them streak, dust and lent free. I thank you for my appliances.

👤The first microfiber purchase that does what I want is my seventh. My first priority is my glasses. I can't imagine how this could be improved. Maybe a huge amount of money for windows.

👤These are the best cloths I have ever used. If you want a streak-free clean, just spray water on the glass. I use them for my glasses. You can use another if they become saturated or dirty. Just put the washer in and let it dry. These are my first choice because I don't like using chemicals.

👤These are amazing. It is easy to get into nooks and corners because they are so thin. I use one to dry and the other to wet. It was easy. I washed eight mirrors. Just wipe and dry. My mirrors are always clean. I had other cloths that worked well for mirrors, but they ended up in the garbage after I used E Cloths. There was no comparison. I am happy with the E Cloths.

👤These are the best drying cloths I have ever owned. I'm ordering more gifts for all the women in my life because I think there are amazing gifts for them. I ordered the e-cloth set a few years ago and it is the best one of the bunch. I don't use any of the others but the yellow bathroom one sticks out in my mind, like a magic eraser on bathroom tiles. I think this is the most valuable cleaning cloth in my home. It leaves a clean polished look and is the only thing I've used that is dry. I use a spry bottle with distilled water to clean mirrors. I would use it for that too if they made them in a body sized towel. I use this as a face drying towel in my bathroom because it absorbs quickly and is soft at the same time. I wanted to share my experience since I'm back to buying for family members. Again, I can't say how much I love this e-cloth, I must own about 8 so far and wasn't so happy about random colors at first, but when I got a green one I was like cool, that one will be designated for drying my fruits and vegetables

3. EXTRA LARGE Clean Clear Microfiber

EXTRA LARGE Clean Clear Microfiber

The product is approximately 8.0" x 8.0" (20 cm X 20 cm) and Machine Washable. Customers' questions and answers can be seen. Microfiber cleaning cloth. Each one is packed with a Premium Luxury Paper Case, great for stocking stuffers, group gifts, and small gifts. Microfiber cloth. The cleaning product is tested for high performance and has a positive charge to attract dusts. Premium microfiber cleaning cloth. The Met Human-Ecological Requirement is in the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 SEVO 100414. Premium microfiber cloth. Their products are supported with a new replacement or full refund if they don't work.

Brand: Clean & Clear Microfiber

👤I purchased these in hopes that they would be as described as possible. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of them after they arrived with Prime. They are not the flimsy ones you usually think, but are the thick, reinforced ones with the good stitching around the edges and all individually packaged. They are the perfect size and fit well in the glasses case, and they are free of chemicals which is a huge plus! Definitely recommend to anyone looking for quality microfiber cloths at a great price and that are re-useable. You can wash them in the washer and they will be good to go again. Thank you for the brand.

👤What can I say about my gadgets, especially my phone, tablets, and computer screen? I can't forget, and eyewear makes that. The presentation of the package is amazing. I am exaggerating, each cloth comes in its own packet, thanks to the company in doing that. The microfiber is very similar to cleaning cloth. I have bought microfiber cloth before but the comparison is the same as the blue cloth in the video, it is thinner. I absolutely recommend it!

👤I got a package that wasn't what I was expecting, but I found a lot of good stuff by getting the wrong thing. I opened one and felt like these were going to be special. I got a cheaper lens and cleaned it with a cleaner and some shop towels, then I rubbed it with a buffing agent to get the spots off. If there are any marks, Zeiss doesn't leave many. These things are great because I wear glasses as well. I have not washed one yet. I have set them aside for different things and they are now my cleaner/wipers.

👤The rags that come with your glasses should be thrown away. These are the best cleaning cloths I've ever seen. You don't need a solvent spray if you give your lens a good wipe. After a month of daily use, I have not needed to rinse mine. We'll see how they hold up to a wash, but the solid construction tells me they'll last for a long time. Highly recommended.

👤Everyone in the family has glasses, and it's hard to find good cleaning cloths that are microfiber but still have some absorption. I like the thicker cloth used in these. It's better than the thin, slippery cleaning cloths you find. Like the larger size.

👤The product description states that these are not "premium", "luxury" or "superior cleaning". It is certainly not thicker as stated in the description. I decided to purchase these particular cleaning cloths because of this. These are not as thin as some, but not by much. The thinner causes the oils from your skin to saturate and the dirty cloth to cause streaks. Even folding cloth over to make it thicker doesn't help that much, and the cloth is dirtied very quickly, requiring washing just after using a couple times. This doesn't clean any better than the other microfiber cloths I have. I need a thick microfiber cloth to avoid skin oils compromising microfiber cloth's ability to clean well and be used repeatedly before having to wash. I couldn't tell the thickness from the video and photos. I tried to show the actual thickness of the photo. The size of each cloth is small. It's a little bigger than some, but not that large. It's nice that the edges are sewn, but I haven't had any issues with the microfiber cloths. Many microfiber cloths are individually packed, but the cardboard sleeves/holder's are alright. Most microfiber cloths are machine or hand washed. The 4-pack is priced between $6-11 on Amazon. I believe $5 is a more reasonable price. I wouldn't recommend it.

4. HandyClean Wipes Pre Moistened Quick Drying Conveniently

HandyClean Wipes Pre Moistened Quick Drying Conveniently

We care because you care. You care about your health, and they care about you. Care Touch is committed to providing the best quality products. The pre moistened lens cleaning wipes are easy to use and lift smudges from eyeglasses, sunglasses, cell phones, tablets, and even the camera and lens. Clean your expensive glasses and electronic devices without worry, because these high quality cleaners will not harm your frames or DSLR cameras, no matter how many times you wipe. Keep the pre-moistened towelettes in your purse or carryon for quick cleaning, they are sealed and sterile, perfect for the go personal glass tissue. Unlike traditional lens cleaners that waste money and time by gushing solution all over your glasses, you can tidy up mess and hassle free with a simple wipe on your glasses. Each box contains 100 individually wrapped tissues so you'll always have enough to keep your glasses, phone, and optical device clean.

Brand: Diamond Wipes

👤I didn't know I needed it. The customer service is excellent. The delivery was quicker than I anticipated. I opened one of the individual wipes and they were not wet or dry. I washed them and they sparkled. I have been using the spray and cloth, but it's not as good as the micro fiber cloth. I wiped the frames and they looked new. I wiped my phone with a wipe. I got done with one wipe and have 99 more to go, but it looked better and my phone needs a new screensaver so there are limits to what a wipe can do. I put them in my purses and car glove box. I don't feel like I have to use my eyes anymore. I would recommend these to anyone who wears glasses. You will have a long term customer if you keep the price affordable. Definitely. You are on my buttons.

👤These wipes are pretty standard, but I suppose it's a fair price. My biggest concern with these wipes is that they don't mention that they aren't safe on coated lens, which my prescription glasses are, and that a majority on the market are also. It's not possible to use a product like this on most of the intended products. This is just my opinion.

👤I thought I was getting a good deal on a box of wipes. It wasn't that bad after all. The box is designed to be easy to grab and go. The wipes are easy to open. Positive attributes end here for me. The wipes are bone dry and can't even be called "moistened". I usually have to use 2 wipes to get my sunglasses or cell phone clean. I don't expect them to be wet but I would like them to clean my glasses and phone without fear of scratching them. I will not purchase from this brand again because of the poor quality of the products. People should not purchase this product.

👤The way the box was intended to be used was useless because it was broken. The product is not terrible. They are stiff for my liking. I would like them to be softer. I don't like the rigidity of them. They dry up fast as well. I have two sets of glasses and I want to use one of them. They wouldn't dry out so quickly if they were softer.

👤The box was smashed and the individual wipes were all over the inside of the packaging it was shipped in. You will most likely have to use multiple wipes because they dry up fast. They are streak/smudge free. The first time I tried to clean my glasses with a hand full of wipes, I had to use a paper towel because the wipes made them dirtier. A good lens cleaner doesn't like the roughness of them.

👤My daughter's glasses always seem to get filthy, so I bought these for her. They are great. Don't leave any streaks when you clean them. I've ordered them twice and the second box was different. It's a little harder to open the packs. If we are out, we have to use a pair of scissors.

5. JYS TECH Easy Anti Fog Cloth

JYS TECH Easy Anti Fog Cloth

Do you want to see through your glasses? Easy View is better than used wipes. You can prevent fogging with Easy View. It is easy to wipe the dry lens. With a few wipes, you can see the fantastic, brighter lens. The long and powerFUL effect is achieved by wiping your glasses with the EASY VIEW, which has been made with Special Nano Technology and a global standard. It is available over 200 times and lasts 12 hours by wiping one time. You don't have to worry about having a fogging on your glasses when you drink coffee or enter a restaurant. Enjoy skiing, hiking, motorcycle riding, and more from an annoying fog. Use with confidence. Easy View has no harmful ingredients. Many anti-fog sprays contain toxic ingredients. Use it with an anti-fog cloth.

Brand: Easy View

👤I am in a group of people who are very vulnerable to carbon dioxide. I wear a mask when I go out. The cloth works well to prevent my glasses from fogging up. I breathed directly onto my glasses before using it. I used the cloth that was given to me, breathed on the lens, and did not experience any fogging. I wore a mask for a 5 mile walk and didn't experience any fogging even when I was breathing heavily. I recommend this cloth if you are wearing a mask.

👤Having to wear a mask all day while wearing glasses was terrible. My glasses were fogged up. This works well. I use it when I get to work, and I don't have to worry about my glasses fogging up. It is worth it.

👤I am telling my friends about this because it actually did what it said it would do. I couldn't see where I was going while wearing a covid-19 mask and foggy glasses, I was getting a little anxious walking around target. I stumbled upon an ad for a spray that said it would get rid of the fog and I thought it was a great idea. The reviews said it was a flop. I started looking for an alternative solution. I found this cloth. I was very pleased that with a simple wipe-down of my glasses, I no longer had to wear a mask. I don't have to compromise my vision to keep my germs to myself now that I wear my mask in public.

👤I was worried that it was too good to be true, it was dry, easy to apply, and I could keep my glasses from fogging up. It did work. It worked for 15 minutes and then failed. There is a The symptoms of this were when you got out of the car with a mask on, your glasses suddenly became blurry, and then you went away. It would get worse and worse, and fog up the lens, negating the antifog solution of this product. Unless they think you're to wipe your glasses every 15 minutes, this is not good. I replaced this for a product that works.

👤It works as advertised. It's a bit pricey for $13. Other brands offer more packs. That's the thing. You don't know if those packs work. I grabbed this one-pack deal because I had to. It seems to do the job well. The fog is killing me when I need a clear view for work. I would assume that nobody likes a foggy view and that we all have to wear masks. For more than 10 hours a day, I wear a mask and glasses. There was no fog. Great stuff! It works for a couple of days. I'm not going to bet or gamble on it. I re- apply before work. There is a Sometimes I forget to apply, but it still works the next day, I don't touch my glasses a lot. You need to clean your glasses with a different cloth. If your glasses are dirty, these particles won't stick well, so it's important to get them ready. The anti-fog cloth is not a substitute for a cleansing cloth. - Rub the anti-fog cloth with a bit more force to get the particles onto the glasses. It's funny. There is a It didn't work for me the first few times because I rubbed too lightly or didn't clean glasses. There's that. You can't wash the cloth or it won't work. I would like to see 2 cloths in a pack. That would have been a great value. I have some time to record and post a video that I tried to breathe and blow some air onto the glasses, they won't fog up.

6. Cleanix Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Sunglasses

Cleanix Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Sunglasses

Keep your device and lens clean. Premium-quality fabric is used in their microfiber cleaning cloth. Dust, oil, smudges, fingerprints, and dirt from screens are easily removed by the glasses cloth. Their microfiber cleaning cloth is made of soft microfiber and is suitable for use on sensitive surfaces. The lens cleaning cloth does not leave marks on your valuables. The microfiber glasses cleaning cloth is a Multipurpose. Their versatile glasses cloth is used to Polish various surfaces. Do away with disposable napkins and paper towels. The microfiber lens cloth is long lasting. Use, wash, and reuse them. They are your alternative to single-use wipes. It's easy to carry a handy cloth. Their microfiber cloth for glasses is small and lightweight. It is portable and ready to use whenever you need it.

Brand: Cleanix

👤I don't know how much money I've wasted on little packs of "glasses wipes", cleaning solutions with cheap wipes, etc. I found these and nothing else was needed except for the cloth. It's good!

👤These are great for cleaning eyeglasses. The most important thing is that they are non-scratch.

👤I use many different cleaning cloths to keep my glasses clean. This is the best one yet. It really does remove. All fingerprints were cleared from a tablet with one pass. Since I have a 10 pack, I'm leaving it around everywhere.

👤These cleaning cloths are very absorbent. My glasses are clean. I have had issues with other brands of eye glass cleaning cloths.

👤They work well. I would like it to be a tad bigger. I would buy again.

👤It works great on my laptop and glasses.

👤All of the confezione non ho trovato.

7. Fu Store Assorted Microfiber Cleaning

Fu Store Assorted Microfiber Cleaning

Premium Microfiber Cloths are high quality, soft microfibers that absorb and remove dust, oil, smudges, fingerprints, and dirt. No lint, mark, or streak will be left on the surface. It's perfect to clean the delicate surface. It can be washed repeatedly to ensure a long term use. After washing, it won't lose any cleaning power. Powerful cleaning power can quickly and easily remove all the dust, oil, smudges, fingerprints, and dirt without chemicals. Their microfiber cloth is able to clean delicate surfaces without the risk of damage. There are 12 different colors; the dimensions are 6 x 7 inchecs. Microfiber cleaning cloths can be used to clean your glasses, but they can also be used to clean your phone screen, tablets, car mirror, goggles, and helmet.

Brand: Fu

👤I am so thankful I found these. I don't clean my glasses very often, but I use these lens cloths to take care of the dirt and oil on them. The pack has enough for you to keep in your house, car, purse, office. I have used them on my screen in the car, and they work great on electronic screens as well. It works like a charm. Will order again when necessary.

👤These were what I needed. The glasses cleaning cloth is very small. These cloths are very durable and large. I keep a few in my car, home and at work.

👤The package arrived quickly. The micro cloth is recommended over alcohol based wipes. It does a better job of cleaning the finger prints than the wet wipes.

👤The large ones are easier to clean than the small ones.

👤Good value and quality.

👤The best cleaning cloths I have ever used. It's a must for all you need.

8. Buff Quick Cloth Microfiber Eyeglasses

Buff Quick Cloth Microfiber Eyeglasses

Their microfiber cloths are much better at removing fingerprints, smudges, and streaks than your typical microfiber cloth, and are much more durable too. If you're tired of cloths that spread dirt all over your personal items, try these! The gray side is used to clean, and the dirt is removed as much as possible. Use the printed side to wipe the streaks away. Lint-Free is safe to use on glasses, phones, tablets, camera lens, etc. The sides are made of microfiber. The printed silk side is lint-free, so always finish-up with this to ensure no lint is left on your surface. It's ideal to carry on the go with a 5" x7" size. These aren't like your average screen cleaning cloth or lens because of their fun custom designs and how well they work. You'll be using them daily. It lasts hundreds of laundereds without losing their ability to clean. They are more durable than microfiber lens cloths because of the lock stiched edging. You can order today!

Brand: Buff

👤I have plastic glasses and they get fingerprints and other oils on them, along with the usual dust and random particles. I got a spray and microfiber cloth from the shop that I bought glasses from. I've purchased some pre-moistened tissues from the second box and they are good to use in a pinch to clean off sweat on the nose pads or to get some dirt out of the nooks and crevices. There is a But. I've used buff cloths a few times now, with some breath on the lens and when there's only some body oils and dust, and these are very much like Magic, leaving me with clean lens that I can actually see through. The best cloths I've ever used to clean my glasses... I haven't tried them on other surfaces, but I can only imagine.

👤I have tried a lot of different things for cleaning my glasses, and always end up with fabrics that stick to my fingers. This one works well. I washed it and it still works. The size is very large. I keep one in my purse to clean my glasses.

👤These are amazing. I clean my classes because my dog licks my face or I accidentally touches them. I would get so annoyed because they would just smudge a cloth from the eye doctor's office and then everything would have a horrible glow to it. I can't have a computer because I work on a computer all day. These cloths do not require a cleaning solution to clean your glasses. I will be buying more of them. You can keep them in a pouch. Highly recommend these.

👤I don't like the clothes I bought for cleaning my glasses. It is hard to use the cloth between your thumbs to move across your glasses because of the slippery side. Also very expensive. microfiber cleaning cloths are better for cleaning.

👤The best cloths for cleaning eyeglasses are these. They have two different sides for cleaning dirt and smudges. Work well. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤Good quality. Good design. It was folded in half in its package. I have gotten others that have been rolled. The majority of people that would purchase this would not be bothered by the fact that it bends at the folds, since I intended to use them as small mats to place electronics and vape oils on. Even after trying to wear them for a few days.

👤I have to put on and take off glasses often. These help me clean quickly.

👤It is difficult to find a good cleaning cloth. They are usually too thin to be effective. These cloths are thick and nice. The two sides are especially useful. I use the dark side to get all the gunk off my glasses, then I use the lighter side to polish them off. Is that how it should be done? I don't know. They work wonders. This was a good buy.

9. Microfiber Cleaning Multicolor Eyeglasses Sunglasses

Microfiber Cleaning Multicolor Eyeglasses Sunglasses

These eye glass cloths are made of microfiber cloth and are very soft and comfortable to touch, they are not easy to pill and they are reliable. There are 18 pieces of cute glasses cleaning cloths in 6 styles in the package, 3 pieces of each style, and each is packed separately, adequate amounts and rich styles can meet your usages and replacements. Each microfiber cloth for phone measures approx. The small size for you to hold is very suitable for the eyeglass lens area. The eye glasses cleaning clothes are printed with funny Fiesta Mexican patterns, such as lovely alpaca, lively cactus, dialog box and several mountains, and with crossed stripes, vivid and elegant, which can be a popular eyewear accessory by people. These eyeglasses cleaning cloths can be used to clean glasses or sunglasses, but they can also be used to wipe most surfaces of electronic products, such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, camera lens, TV screen, CD and more.

Brand: Weewooday

👤These cloths are pretty and unique. They are great for cleaning glasses and phones. I lose my lens cloths, so an 18 pack is great.

👤Work well! They are fun designs. It's time to top that off with a great price. Five stars!

👤They are smaller than the other cloths I have bought in the past, but they work great for glasses. Also cute, which doesn't hurt!

👤I don't like cleaning cloths because they are boring. These were perfect and arrived in less than 24 hours. I'm ok with that, they are on the smaller side. I may use them for my computer and phone screen because they are effective in cleaning my glasses. Hopefully their appeal will keep me from losing them.

10. Koala Kleaner Eyeglass Microfiber Cleaning

Koala Kleaner Eyeglass Microfiber Cleaning

In New York, care is taken with small batches. There is a pack of spray bottles and Koala lens cloths. Not all microfiber is created equal. Premium Japanese microfiber cloths are ultra-fine and densely woven. The cleaning was lint free. Premium wraparound lens are designed for anti-reflective, anti-glare, blue light, prescription, and reading. There are designer sunglasses. There are electronic smart glasses. A camera. LENS AND FAMILY SAFE: Absolutely zero alcohol, ammonia, streaks, scratches, VOC's, toxic chemicals, or fragrances. The water is laboratory grade. Join the Koala family. They are growing and are strong. It's on them to enjoy the best lens cleaning experience.

Brand: Koala Lifestyle

👤I am in awe. I bought the combo because I didn't think it was possible for a cloth to clean my glasses on its own. They are always smudged after cleaning. I wet them down to remove dust. I wiped them off and they were clear. If you were glasses, these are a Godsend. I still can't believe it.

👤Ignore the negative reviews on this product. The people who leave negative reviews are either incapable of following instructions or just complain about everything. This is the best glasses cleaner I have ever used. If you follow the directions, you will be able to properly clean your glasses. I don't know what people are saying when they say it has a chemical smell, but this stuff cleans your eyes crystal clear with no smudges or streaking, and it doesn't have a chemical smell. They either have very sensitive sniffing abilities or are using too much product to clean their glasses. I have not experienced any issues with a chemical smell while using this product and it makes my prescription glasses look brand new every time I use it. If your glasses have a lot of gunk on them, you should rinse them under running water and then use a mild dish soap to remove the gunk and debris from them. Rub the Koala Kleaner on the lens with the supplied micro-fiber cloth. Fine sand, dust and other particles can be abrasive and only a fool would believe they can just rub them around on their lens without consequences. If you're too lazy to spend the extra few minutes properly rinsing heavier gunk and debris from your lenses or to hand wash the micro-fiber cloths or see nothing wrong with using a paper towel or your shirt for wiping, then you deserve the scratches and flecking of your coating and It's not rocket science, so don't blame the product for your own stupidity. You have been educated.

👤I have been using it to refill my travel bottle. I noticed some floaty stuff in the bottle when I picked it up. The bottle was only taken out when I needed to refill it, but it was growing in the dark, making it useless.

👤My glasses have an anti-glare coating. My glasses haven't been this clean since I bought them. The cheap microfiber cloths for general cleaning have made scratches and caused the coating on my glasses to wear off, so I've learned the hard way to only use microfiber cloth made for optical glass.

👤It cleans my glasses. I have to wash my hands and fingers after using the product because it has a strong chemical smell. After using the product, my glasses start to smell. It makes me sneeze and sting my eyes.

👤It cleaned my glasses well, without streaks or smudges. I give it 5 stars because I don't think there are many solutions that can clean like this. It's not bad for the smell, at least according to some reviewers. Some people have overly sensitive nostrils. When you give your glasses to a clerk, they return them to you, and you put them on, and they typically smell like Windex. Koala is the same. I don't know what makes it smell like that, but I don't care because it cleans marvelously and if it was ruining people's AR coating, we'd have heard about it by now. It doesn't do anything for me, it just makes things clear with a good cleaning. My computer monitor as well. Don't expect miracles. It takes some effort to clean both sides of the lens. I smoke because it makes me have to rub my glasses harder. It will be easier for you if you don't smoke or work in a dirty environment.

11. Pre Moistened Lens Glass Cleaning Wipes

Pre Moistened Lens Glass Cleaning Wipes

The pre moistened lens cleaning wipes are easy to use and lift smudges from eyeglasses, sunglasses, cell phones, tablets, and even the camera and lens. Clean your expensive glasses and electronic devices without worry, because these high quality cleaners will not harm your frames or DSLR cameras, no matter how many times you wipe. Keep the pre-moistened towelettes in your purse or carryon for quick cleaning, they are sealed and sterile, perfect for the go personal glass tissue. Unlike traditional lens cleaners that waste money and time by gushing solution all over your glasses, you can tidy up mess and hassle free with a simple wipe. Each box contains 200 individually wrapped tissues so you'll always have enough to keep your glasses, phone, and optical device clean.

Brand: Diamond Wipes

👤These wipes are really nice. I keep them in the bathroom. It's moist enough to clean both of the eyes, but not so moist that you have to use more water. They are difficult to get out of the opening at times. All in a great product! Click Yes if you found my review helpful. It's a good thing.

👤I bought the wipes to use on my glasses. They yelled at the lenSES. After continued use. I wanted a product that was safe to use on the lens as I wanted to take good care of them. I couldn't seem to get them clean after a while. My husband looked at them and said they were full of scratches because I couldn't see detail without them on. The wipes state that they are safe to use. I am replacing the lenSES with the fairies. I will contact the company to get reimbursement for the replacement glasses. When I get a response, I'll post.

👤I can't fault these wipes for their performance, they clean well, leave no streaks and are convenient. I can't fault them on that, they should have more of them in the box. I keep this box on my desk out of the sun and it's been bone dry since I opened it. I've used more than half of them and they've all been fine. I am sure there will be more dry ones as I make my way through the box. That is not acceptable.

👤The cleaning wipes are made in the USA. The wipes keep my glasses clean. The wipes leave liquid streaks on your glasses at the initial cleaning, which is a bad thing. If you keep rubbing and cleaning the glasses, the streaks will eventually go away. It is a good product to use. The wipes are made in the United States of America, which is a good thing.

👤I have to open 4 of them that are dry to get one that is wet. I have ordered other brands and they are very disappointing. They are either very old or stored in excess heat.

👤I used these wipes on my glasses. I noticed scratches on them a few weeks ago. I only used the wipes to clean my glasses. I have to re-order glasses because they can't be fixed. Save your money.

👤I love that they work the same as any other lens cleaning wipes and don't leave a mark. The rubbing alcohol makes the cleaning liquid evaporate. It works well on any non-porous surface.

👤I used hand wipes when I bought my first box because they were sold out everywhere at the time. I used the wipes for their intended purpose. After almost 2 years of work, they are still moist and nice. The only thing I don't like about the new ones is that they have a new packaging and need scissors to open it. The wipes are good.


What is the best product for eye glass clean cloths usa?

Eye glass clean cloths usa products from Aawipes. In this article about eye glass clean cloths usa you can see why people choose the product. E-cloth and Clean & Clear Microfiber are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye glass clean cloths usa.

What are the best brands for eye glass clean cloths usa?

Aawipes, E-cloth and Clean & Clear Microfiber are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye glass clean cloths usa. Find the detail in this article. Diamond Wipes, Easy View and Cleanix are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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