Best Eye Glass Clean Wipes and Spray

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1. Tub Towels Heavy Duty Multi Surface Cleaning

Tub Towels Heavy Duty Multi Surface Cleaning

Heavy duty wet cleaning wipes are used. The largest wet paper towel wipe is the strongest. There is no water required. Grease, tar, ink, paint, permanent marker, wax, scuffs, lip stick, nail polish, food and drinks, pet stains and more are not removed by this product. The moist towels are gentle on the skin. It contains vitamins E and lanolin. Tub O' Towels can be used as automotive and car cleaning wipes, for the office, boating, and RV's, and around the home. These tough cleaning wipes can be used on fabrics, carpets, vinyl, metal, counter tops, Walls, and more.

Brand: Tub O' Towels

👤A thick cleaning wipe. A large cloth. The scent is strong. The wipes don't sanitize against COVID-19, according to the Rep for the company.

👤These towels are nice. They are large and do a good job of cleaning up spills. There is a Why only one star? The packaging is garish. The towels are jammed into the cylinder so tightly that they can't be fed at a time. You have to struggle to remove the tightly sealed lid and then try to replace it again. The central core of towels had to be taken out in order to free up the rest. That's wasteful, to say the least. The jaws through which the towels are meant to be thread are very strong and sharp. They don't have any flexibility to them. They seem to have lost their stated purpose, rather than facilitating the feeding action. Amazon customers have been complaining about packaging problems for years with no response from the manufacturer. There is a If they don't care enough to make necessary changes, I don't care enough to reorder the product.

👤The towels are great for a lot of things. They work well for household cleaning because they are large and sturdy. The real benefit for me is having a wipe that works for things like the grill, the oven, the dashboard of my car, muddy shoes, chairs and umbrellas that go to soccer games and practices, and lawn furniture. I wipe something down, rinse the towel, and then wipe again. The wipes are heavy enough to hold up through 3-4 rinses. The smell is not strong and doesn't linger on my hands. The 90-count canister lasts about 3 months and the last towel is never dried out when I get to it, because I use these almost daily. The lid closes securely and the towels are easy to open. I don't worry about leaking because the canister is heavier than most, and it's easy to put one in the trunk or cargo area. When the towels are gone, the canister is recyclable.

👤The professional detailer recommended them. I've used name-brand wipes before, but nothing like this one. My Jeep TJ Wrangler was stained with personal dirt that didn't come off with commercial or home brew cleaners. The cleaning challenge was never put down by the other wipes. I had given up. There is no hope. I was amazed that they took the dirt off of the plastic like it was nothing when I tried them out. It went away when it surrendered to the wipes. I had both doors and the console arm rest top cleaned up in less than 10 minutes. The passenger grab rail and air bag cover are different from the wipes in that they are more rubberized. The steering wheel and dash plastic were back to where I like them after a few minutes.

👤These wipes clean the surface of your car, but they leave a greasy stain on the glass and finish. I went to the car wash to clear the mess. These wipes are not gentle on your hands. My palm's skin was damaged by using several of them. I don't think the wipes are safe.

2. NovaWipes Hypoallergenic Absorbable Applying Avenova

NovaWipes Hypoallergenic Absorbable Applying Avenova

Eyelid wipes are specifically designed for use when applying eyelid. Dry wipes are perfect for use on irritated eyes. Hypoallergenic wipes make you feel safe when using them. The professionally woven cotton balls will not pull apart like cotton rounds. There are 30 dry wipes in each box, which is larger than cotton rounds and cotton balls.

Brand: Avenova

👤The previous version of the product came in a cardboard box, it was easy to pull a new wipe from the box, and I could tear them in half to get more uses out of each one. It was easy to use and thin, which I liked. The new version is twice as thick. I have to spend twice as much as I did before because I can't tear them in half. It's easier to use too much Avenova to get the wipe wet. I can't stand the flimsy plastic bag in my medicine cabinet. The whole "update" is capitalistic greed at the cost of providing customers what they need. Unless they bring back the previous version, I will find another solution.

👤I like using these on my eyes. There was no fuzzies afterwards. They last longer when I cut them into fourths.

👤You can use q-tip instead of a tissue or cotton pad to save money. I had to cut them up with sanitized scissors because they are too big. Don't bother. They sell an eye cleanser that you can use a tissue or q-tip to clean your eyes.

👤Nothing was acceptable in the way of cotton rounds, squares,balls, paper towels, cut up wash cloths and everything in between. NovaWipes are soft and don't leave cotton in my eyes. It would be ridiculous if I gave 5 stars on value based on how I do it. Each wipe can be cut into small squares. Works well.

👤These used to be in a box so you could stack them with other things. You could take one at a time. The new packaging is not large. They are like vending machine potato chips. They can't put the wipes in a box because they cost 20 cents each. Make sure you keep your old box. The product is still functioning.

👤This was recommended by my doctor. It works well. It's absorbent and doesn't get stuck in your eyes, so you can use a cleanser with it. It's better than cotton balls or swabs.

👤One of the pictures in the packaging description states that we've evolved. They haven't evolved far enough because it's not a bag that can be put in another bag to keep them sterile. I found it difficult to use the Avenova spray. I'm going back to the pads that were pre-moistened.

👤The product is similar to the picture on the website. The wipes are sterile and convenient to use. I use the wipes three times a day and need a clean one for each eye, so that is a total of six wipes a day. The package lasts me ten days because I use 6 a day. I use three boxes in a month's time and they are not affordable. I will make my own and save the money. Amazon has never failed me. It's easy to return or exchange a product if it's not what I ordered. The quality of their products is always good and they don't charge a shipping fee. I get an e-mail when items arrive. It wasn't affordable for me to use this product or Amazon's service.

3. Lysol Disinfecting Wipes Blossom 4x80ct

Lysol Disinfecting Wipes Blossom 4x80ct

99% of diseases and diseases of the body are caused by infectious wipes. 98% of viruses andbacteria are killed by the wipes, including 8 cold and flu viruses. KILLS COVID-19 VIRUS: The tested and proven to kill COVID-19 virus on hard, non-porous surfaces in 15 seconds. A paper towel is 3X stronger than a multi-purpose cleaner. The wipes are stronger than a paper towel. Use on multiple surfaces. Germs and messes can occur on more than kitchen and bathroom surfaces, so these multi- surface cleaning wipes can be used to clean any tough surface. Disinfecting wipes with the smell of Lemon & Lime blossom will help you clean. Clean spills and remove pet dander, dust mites, and pollen. There are leaders in disagreement. Are you looking for some of the best Disinfectant cleaning products? Try their cleaners and sprays.

Brand: Lysol

👤I was excited to get these as they had good reviews. I was disappointed when I received the containers. The wipes had leaked and the labels were saturated. I had to use wipes to clean up the mess because the ink on the plastic container had transferred to the containers. I was excited to find an item that I regularly purchase online for a good deal, but after my experience, I think I'll continue to purchase my wipes in store.

👤The wipes themselves are very different, and each container is not sealed. I think it's a good idea to get the off-brand wipes since the king of disposable wipes was reduced to nothing more than a common wipe. lysol usually has good quality stuff, but these aren't.

👤It was very disappointing to receive my order in these conditions. I understand that the need to fulfill orders is overwhelming but it is not an excuse to not properly prepare and ship the orders. The containers were in a box more than twice their size without any filling to support them and avoid the container to tilt and spill liquid. I am going to have dried out wipes. This is very upsetting and stressing to say the least, with the horrible Pandemic and how we are all trying to fight against it.

👤I compared wipes. I think Clorox is the winner. Why? The wipe dries up fast. Not enough liquid solution. It is hard to clean a surface when it is dry. Clorox weights 581g, while Lysol only weights 473g. It is definitely a dryer.

👤I received them yesterday and they were wet. The labels were wet when I removed the outer wrapping. It's not possible to tell how many canisters leaked, but there was a lot of product lost to leak.

👤I have always been a fan of lysol, but not these. I end up with a terrible headaches when I try to clean with them. I'm sensitive to fragrances that bother me and they tend to lead to headaches like these. It wasn't worth it for me to go through it. If you don't have those sensitivities, they may work out well.

👤Cleaning is a task that most of us don't look forward to so why not make it easier? I think wipes are the answer. Before these, I used paper towels to wipe off food particles and spills after spraying with a cleaner that was spraying in places I didn't want it to. I can clean with a wipe, instead of using a spray, if I grab a wipe out of the container. It is easy to tear off one or more of the items in the package. I would usually have to use other cleaning products to remove stuck food, but these work better to loosen it. I used to buy Clorox wipes, but they leave less lint than these. I would have to wipe the lint away with a rag after cleaning them. One goes a long way and the wipes arrived in perfect condition. I'll be buying until I become rich and can afford a good maid.

4. OCuSOFT Hypochlorous Associated Blepharitis Dysfunction

OCuSOFT Hypochlorous Associated Blepharitis Dysfunction

Convenient spray bottle. Ocusoft lid scrub Platinum is used for maximum blepharitis control. It is safe and effective for daily use. The country of origin is the United States.

Brand: Ocusoft

👤I took Ivermectin and metronidazole, but they helped, but this was a god send! I bought it because I was frustrated that nothing was working. I had never heard of it. After just two days my skin is back to normal. My eyebrows are coming back after being buried under all the Demodex biofilm. I haven't been hopeful in two years. Tea Tree oil was not worth anything to me. This simple solution was for me. I bought a bigger container. It's worth it!

👤I bought this item after I saw that there was a similar product to Avenova. It was available from a trustworthy company. After using both products, the OcuSoft Hypochlorous Spray is not the same as Avenova. OcuSoft causes irritation to the eyes when used as indicated. It could be due to a difference in concentration. This may not work for you as Avenova does, especially for those with sensitive eyes.

👤I was recently told by an eye doctor that I have a disease. The little oil glands in my eyes are pumping out inferior product. I don't know how many styes I got after one initial stye, three antibiotics, and the entire five stages of grief. He suggested Avenova or something similar. I am happy that I chose this one. I only had one small stye on one eye and a swollen upper lid when I got my hands on this product. The upper lid became more swollen due to the small stye burst, which was caused by the infection. I've been using it like a tobacco product. I held a clean q-tip to the spray nozzle and sprayed the area where the stye burst and the meibomian glands were. When they broke, this prevented my usual pattern of oozing. The chalazion continues to shrink after two days. I've found that the q-tip method over my meibomian glands gets rid of the sort of visible meibomian glands that I'm hesitant to do after a hot compress. That makes sense. I would recommend this cleanser to anyone with similar problems, it is amazing and I did not over do it on the hot compress.

👤The overpriced hypochlorous acid seems to work as well. I was told to put a small amount into the cap, dip a clean Q-tip into it, and wipe one of the 4 eyelids with it. I put the unused end into the cap and repeat on the next eyelid. I use a clean Q-tip on the other eye and then return any unused, clean hypochlorous acid back to the bottle. It seems to be effective at cleaning the lids.

👤This product is great for keeping the eyes clean and healthy. The main ingredient is similar to the prescription-grade product, but it is more affordable and available OTC. You would be surprised how many people have a variety of organisms in their eyes when they look under the magnification of the slit lamp during their eye examination. Since they are so common, it is important to have great lid hygiene and use something that is effective against Demodex mites. This doesn't cause irritation to the eyes. After removing eye makeup, it's best to use it. I recommend this product to everyone I know.

5. Flents Wipe Clear Eyeglass Cleaner

Flents Wipe Clear Eyeglass Cleaner

There is a multi-PURPOSE. The glasses cleaner can be used to clean off dirt. Cleans for Clarity Their wipes are designed to clean glass and plastic. It's perfect for travel. 8 Oz bottles can fit in a pocket or purse. Anti-sTREAK: Blue light glasses are safe.

Brand: Flents

👤This is a classic bait and switch. The product description does not state that the cleaner should not be used on glasses with an anti reflective coating. It says so on the bottle. The cleaner was thrown away as trash. A rip off.

👤This is one of the lowest priced products Amazon sells. I've used it on computers. It does a good job. I wouldn't use it on a monitor or lens that has any kind of anti-glare coating without trying a small area first. Some monitors and display panels are so fragile that they may be stripped off. This product is made from alcohol, water, and detergent. I don't think it would be difficult to duplicate at a lower cost. If you really like pain, do not apply to contact lenses.

👤There was no mention in the product description that it couldn't be used with anti-reflective glasses. The bottle warns of a problem. I immediately started an Amazon return because of the inaccurate website description. I was denied because the cleaner contained gases. What? Someone would use a liquid on their glasses. I'm not happy with Amazon. In the trash!

👤The product works great on my glasses and it's a great price for the bottle size. The packaging is the only issue I have. The bottle was placed in a long clear plastic bag, not a box, because of this, the cap slipped off, and I guess the box being knocked around hard enough during shipping caused it to pump a lot of sprays inside the bag. It was wasteful.

👤I bought this cleaner because of the positive reviews and good value. The product description didn't mention anti-reflective coating at all. The product was printed on the bottle with a warning about using it on anti-Reflective coated lens. Not for use with screens that are made of glass. The product would cause the breakdown of the coating on the glasses, so I called the doctor who said not to use it.

👤It was a good idea to clean glasses at first, but later it left hazy areas. Take care of yourself, these 3 notes. It has alcohol. 2. It doesn't say anything but it has a note that says to check with your eye doctor before using it. Not for use with screens that are made of glass. It's not safe to return it to Amazon. So see if it suits you.

👤It gets the job done. It helps remove smudges and other dirt from the glasses. There are sometimes liquid marks on my glasses that I never saw from using another brand of eyeglass cleaners. These are still good eyeglass cleaners. Sometimes you have to keep spraying the glasses to get rid of the marks.

👤Some China components are in the product. The bottle or pump? The spray works well. It gets clean. I have a "Not from China" policy on Amazon. USA components can be used for more sales and stars.

👤I can't believe how clean an item gets after using this product.

6. Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Spectacles Silverware

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Spectacles Silverware

Each cloth is wrapped individually and measures 15 cm by 18 cm. High quality microfiber clothes. 18 microfiber cloths are included in the pack. The fine fibers of the cloth make it easy to pick up grease and dirt. It's perfect for dying surfaces. These soft cloths are great for wiping small electronic screens and glasses. I am the ideal size. The cloths are small enough to fit in your purse, hand carry bag, backpack, camera case, or even pocket. You can keep one with you all the time, and keep your phone and tablets smudge-free. SCRATCH-FREE CLEANING. You don't have to worry about damaging marks if you use each cloth to wipe away the dust and dirt. These cloths are re-usable and last a long time. You will save money and cut down on waste. They can be washed by hand or machine.

Brand: Eco-fused

👤Every man has a time when he must come to terms with his own existence. He has to come to terms with the fact that he is not the young man he used to be. I stood outside of a 4eyes store on a lonely mountaintop just moments before my first eye exam in years. I stood on the summit again after the exam and looked over a new horizon, one with blurry lines replaced with crisp edges. I was lost for a while and then I was found. I thought it was nirvana. I found that my high definition windows into the world were obscured by the crude oils that only come from one corner of the earth. I went to a store and found a cleaning cloth with a number on it. It was great, until that child went the other way. Pre-moistened wipes were of great use to me. They were also single use and often ran out when I needed them the most. I thought all was lost. Luckily my visionquest brought me to the Amazon, and I was able to find a lot of clothes that I could take with me and leave in strategic locations. My life with glasses is not perfect, the children still smudge or bend, or lose or break my glasses, but now I have a way of cleaning them off once I can retrieve them. I would give these microfiber clothes 6 stars, but only for Gen. Washington.

👤I think it's probably a 4.5, but I'm torn about how many stars to give it. There are many of them. My son is obsessed with the ones my eye gives him, so I ordered these. He likes soft things. I don't know if I can get him to stop going after my glasses, because he has sensory issues, and a lot of other things going on with him. I couldn't find what he did with my last one. The microfiber cleaning cloths are a must for me because I like to upgrade to the anti glare coating on my glasses, and that scratches too easily with other types of cloth or with tissues. These are a great value. These are small, about half the size of the cloths I get from my eye doc, as other reviewers have noted. If you use bigger glasses, this might be more of a problem or a concern for you. I would be happier if they were a little bit bigger, but I ended up getting these because there were so many of them. My little man has an obsession with these and they don't always come back to haunt him, that was the factor that sold me on these. The plastic bags that the individual cloths come in are not convenient to reuse as they are very thin and easy to damage. The plastic storage envelopes from my eye doc are thicker and more resistant to damage. I think that the ones with this product need to be of a higher quality to be able to be used again, or the manufacturer can eliminate them and save a few cents on the cost. I don't think the bags are useful. I like to have a bag that protects my cloths from being damaged when I put them in my purse, which is like the triangle of all things necessary to make my world work and manage my kids in public. These are doing a good job of cleaning my glasses. I have 17 more when he makes off with this one.

7. Windex Cleaner Trigger Bottle Original

Windex Cleaner Trigger Bottle Original

The bottle body is made from 100% Ocean Bound Plastic. Windex Glass Cleaner leaves no streaks. Starts working on smudges and fingerprints. Lightens and makes your home look better. The glass cleaner is perfect for cleaning glass.

Brand: Windex

👤I have a problem with my throat after writing this review. It's still mild, but it's not as bad as before. Windex's parent company is free to challenge me on the fact that I suffered a medical injury from this product, but truth and science is on my side. I've used Windex for many years before but never as much as I have in the past. I use it daily in my small studio apartment bathroom, which has no window, but a very sensitive automatic fan that runs most of the day, and which has a decent window. I drank from the bottle in about three weeks. I had trouble swallowing after two weeks. I didn't pay much attention to it at first, but the problem persisted for more than a month. It's mostly gone away now, but it took me a while to figure out what happened. I looked it up on the internet to see if it could cause an injury, and I am worried that I could have increased my risk of cancer from this. I'll file a lawsuit if I get throat cancer. This product contains ingredients that are toxic to humans and can cause throat and lung damage in a much shorter time frame than heavy smoking. I will never use it again. If you want to harm your kids, pets, and yourself, then stop using it. You have been warned. If my honest and factual review is blocked, I will take action against the seller, Amazon, and Windex.

👤I bought this to clean the windows in my car. When you look at the glass, you can see a film on the inside, but when you look out, you don't see it. It's not good approaching headlights at night. I've tried to make the windows clear but have not succeeded.

👤I bought two bottles of windex and they left water marks on the desk. The smell of windex is similar to that of water in a bottle. The money is wasted. I should have gone to Target and bought the real thing.

👤I was surprised by the result after using the windex I purchased. According to its great customers reviews, I am not sure if I just had a faulty product, but it left a lot of streaks on my bathroom mirror, so I started to doubt it's authenticity. It left tons of waste. The back of the bottle has a customer service number on it, but it is blank. I don't know what I'm buying on Amazon, so I'm not buying it anymore. Not happy at all.

👤The bag that the bottle was in was filled with liquid. The Windex lable on the bottle was gone.

👤After watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding and its sequel, I wondered if spraying Windex on boo- boos really was something that the Greeks have discovered that helps. I ordered some. I didn't know ordering Windex online was that big of a deal. It took days to get it from the store. I tried it on a zit, and it seemed to help. I don't think it was intended for that. I like home remedies. I have always been a fan of Windex for cleaning glass. I know how to make glass cleaner from water and water.

8. Seventh Generation Disinfecting Multi Surface Lemongrass

Seventh Generation Disinfecting Multi Surface Lemongrass

99% of the germs and viruses are killed. The active ingredient in the Thyme Oil is Thymol. The fresh scent of the herb thyme is infused into your home by the germ-killing capability of the oil. Convenient wipes for daily touch-ups and tough cleaning jobs. No need for a rinse on food and toys.

Brand: Seventh Generation

👤Agree with other reviewers on wet time and smell. I'm not a fan of anything that requires a 10-minute wet time to wash. It's not practical when you need multiple wipes to maintain that wetness. I used up the pack and will not purchase it again because it is appealing to avoid harsh chemicals. I'm going with a hydrogen peroxide based wipe, which will get the job done in a few minutes, even though it may smell worse than these. Hydrogen peroxide is more effective at sucking out harmful organisms. Only three stars were given for the product's efficacy in cleaning.

👤I didn't think they could smell that bad. I bought these because they are recommended by Roli for cleaning their products, even better than Pledge multi- surface wipes, but that smell is still there. I saw that another review thought the smell reminded them of tree bark, but I have no idea what the trees are smelling like, I have never seen any trees like that on the East or West coast. I think they smell like lemon and burnt rubber. The smell is very strong and lasts for another 15-20 minutes, but you can either get used to it or it will go away. It is awful.

👤These wipes were healthy and I was happy to find them. They were shipped in good time. They were delivered to my place and I opened one and put them outside. I was surprised to see only a few people mention the scent, it was terrible to me and my husband. I wish I could get my money back because these are going to the recycling bin.

👤I don't make a purchase without researching every option and price to get a good deal. I was searching for an all natural wipe that wouldn't leave a weird smell, and I decided to try it out despite a reviewer saying they leave a weird smell. I don't mind the smell and you get used to it after a while. I think they are comparable to leading toxic brands like clorox. They tend to foam up and leave a trail, but don't stick around long. If you're considering purchasing an all natural disinfecting product, you should compare the ingredients in the product to the ones in the big name products, and then look at the ingredients. You will soon realize that using anything other than natural cleaning products is not worth the risk of your own health.

👤I like the scent of these wipes, but they are very heavily scented. One of my students said that the smell was like tree bark. There aren't a lot of products you can give a kid for cleaning, but this is one that you can. I will buy for the classroom again.

👤I wanted to write a review because they are different. I bought them because I couldn't get Clorox wipes. Finally. For a week straight, I checked availability every single night. These came up. I bought a few. At first? The scent was overpowering and strange. It is very different from the other wipes. The other products smell antiseptic and this is definitely an organic experience. It was spicy. Like basil and Rosemary. I took a few days to get used to the scent, but once I did, it was just an unfamiliar scent. I started to like them. I absolutely adore them, I have been using them for a while now. From now on, my first choice is always! They do a good job of cleaning. It takes a couple of minutes for the wiped down wet surface to dry. But then? They don't dry streak. I recommend them very highly because of the scent. Don't give up on these right away. You are not used to the smell. The smell is not something you have thought of as a "disinfectant" scent, but in a very short time? It becomes very pleasant when you become comfortable with it. When you don't get out of your house for days at a time, I'm wiping my kitchen counter all the time because I love how it makes my kitchen smell.

9. Iconic Clear Electronics Marine Aviation

Iconic Clear Electronics Marine Aviation

It was developed to work on all electronic displays. It works on TVs, cell phones, tablets, monitors, and other glass surfaces. Alcohol, Silicone, Butoxyethanol or Ammonia are not allowed. The application is easy to use.

Brand: Iconic Clear

👤Not cheap but very useful. I have these in every drawer and handbag of my house.

👤Great product. Great value too!

👤I tried to clean smudges on my TV. The smudge was still visible despite the use of almost 15 wipes.

10. Under Eye Mask Patches Patch

Under Eye Mask Patches Patch

Carry these on your carry-on. It's small and easy to use. De-Puff and Lighten help to get rid of the dark colors under your eyes. Don't be bothered for trying to look good by carrying on with your face skincare routine. No more dilated eyes. It looks like you got 8 hours of sleep. Look fresh after using Eye Treatment Gels. The real 24K gold slows down the appearance of aging and gives a youthful glow.

Brand: Dermora

👤It contains a drug. This is a cancer causing ingredient. This ingredient turns into FORMAL DEHYDE, which is a known human carcinogen, in liquids.

👤I've been looking for a great under eye pad that will help stop darkness and reduce the appearance of puffy eyes. I have been using these pads for a few weeks and have not noticed a difference. The cooling effect is nice, but the darkness is still there, and I like to keep them in the fridge. These pads were not a good purchase for what I needed them for, since I don't have wrinkling.

👤Just received them. Very disappointed. Not "gold". Silicone patches that are very thick are very soft. Constantly adjusting. Nothing like advertised. See the picture. The product is in the box on the eye area. There are patches that are slipping. Would not recommend it.

👤I have fair skin. I deal with under eye issues when I smile. I don't mind dark circles or crows feet. I did not put them in the fridge since applying cold under the eyes will reduce puffy eyes. I could test the product on its merits alone. I left them there for 25 minutes and let the area dry. I noticed some differences in the appearance of the skin but not the appearance of it's elasticity. The pictures I took before and after were taken in the same pose and lighting so I could see the worst of it. There were pictures of me smiling and having a closed mouth grin. The before pics were the top picture. You can see the difference in the non grin version. I would give an additional 1/2 star if it was possible. I will not give a full star because I still believe that cold cucumbers would do the same thing. Cold reduces swelling. I have found a secondary use for these masks. The cold helps reduce my pain. It's good for relief from the flu. After a big night of partying, my husband and I felt terrible the next morning. I put a set of these on him despite his protests and he loved them. He felt immediate relief and said the masks must be hitting a pressure point because he feels it helping his whole head.

👤I used the eye masks for the first time. I've already seen a small difference after just one time. I'm always hesitant to try new products because of my sensitive skin, but after reading a lot of reviews, I decided to give them a try. I'm trying to figure out what I would like to do before my friend's wedding. I have dark circles under my eyes. I put the masks in the fridge before putting them on, which makes them feel great. They were difficult to get out of the packaging because they were slimy. They stayed on my face. They were there for a few minutes and didn't notice. I left them on for a little while. I will see more improvements with consistent use. Excited to use these!

11. JYS TECH Easy Anti Fog Cloth

JYS TECH Easy Anti Fog Cloth

Do you want to see through your glasses? Easy View is better than used wipes. You can prevent fogging with Easy View. It is easy to wipe the dry lens. With a few wipes, you can see the fantastic, brighter lens. The long and powerFUL effect is achieved by wiping your glasses with the EASY VIEW, which has been made with Special Nano Technology and a global standard. It is available over 200 times and lasts 12 hours by wiping one time. You don't have to worry about having a fogging on your glasses when you drink coffee or enter a restaurant. Enjoy skiing, hiking, motorcycle riding, and more from an annoying fog. Use with confidence. Easy View has no harmful ingredients. Many anti-fog sprays contain toxic ingredients. Use it with an anti-fog cloth.

Brand: Easy View

👤I am in a group of people who are very vulnerable to carbon dioxide. I wear a mask when I go out. The cloth works well to prevent my glasses from fogging up. I breathed directly onto my glasses before using it. I used the cloth that was given to me, breathed on the lens, and did not experience any fogging. I wore a mask for a 5 mile walk and didn't experience any fogging even when I was breathing heavily. I recommend this cloth if you are wearing a mask.

👤Having to wear a mask all day while wearing glasses was terrible. My glasses were fogged up. This works well. I use it when I get to work, and I don't have to worry about my glasses fogging up. It is worth it.

👤I am telling my friends about this because it actually did what it said it would do. I couldn't see where I was going while wearing a covid-19 mask and foggy glasses, I was getting a little anxious walking around target. I stumbled upon an ad for a spray that said it would get rid of the fog and I thought it was a great idea. The reviews said it was a flop. I started looking for an alternative solution. I found this cloth. I was very pleased that with a simple wipe-down of my glasses, I no longer had to wear a mask. I don't have to compromise my vision to keep my germs to myself now that I wear my mask in public.

👤I was worried that it was too good to be true, it was dry, easy to apply, and I could keep my glasses from fogging up. It did work. It worked for 15 minutes and then failed. There is a The symptoms of this were when you got out of the car with a mask on, your glasses suddenly became blurry, and then you went away. It would get worse and worse, and fog up the lens, negating the antifog solution of this product. Unless they think you're to wipe your glasses every 15 minutes, this is not good. I replaced this for a product that works.

👤It works as advertised. It's a bit pricey for $13. Other brands offer more packs. That's the thing. You don't know if those packs work. I grabbed this one-pack deal because I had to. It seems to do the job well. The fog is killing me when I need a clear view for work. I would assume that nobody likes a foggy view and that we all have to wear masks. For more than 10 hours a day, I wear a mask and glasses. There was no fog. Great stuff! It works for a couple of days. I'm not going to bet or gamble on it. I re- apply before work. There is a Sometimes I forget to apply, but it still works the next day, I don't touch my glasses a lot. You need to clean your glasses with a different cloth. If your glasses are dirty, these particles won't stick well, so it's important to get them ready. The anti-fog cloth is not a substitute for a cleansing cloth. - Rub the anti-fog cloth with a bit more force to get the particles onto the glasses. It's funny. There is a It didn't work for me the first few times because I rubbed too lightly or didn't clean glasses. There's that. You can't wash the cloth or it won't work. I would like to see 2 cloths in a pack. That would have been a great value. I have some time to record and post a video that I tried to breathe and blow some air onto the glasses, they won't fog up.


What is the best product for eye glass clean wipes and spray?

Eye glass clean wipes and spray products from Tub O' Towels. In this article about eye glass clean wipes and spray you can see why people choose the product. Avenova and Lysol are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye glass clean wipes and spray.

What are the best brands for eye glass clean wipes and spray?

Tub O' Towels, Avenova and Lysol are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye glass clean wipes and spray. Find the detail in this article. Ocusoft, Flents and Eco-fused are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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