Best Eye Glass Clean Wipes Washable

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1. Zeiss Pre Moistened Lens Cleaning Wipes

Zeiss Pre Moistened Lens Cleaning Wipes

There is a person who is GENTLE. Pre-moistened lens wipes gently clean glasses. It's safe. It's safe for cleaning with anti-reflective coating. ZEISS lens wipes clean without leaving streaks. Not to scratch glasses or lens. Convenient use on the go is what this invention is about.

Brand: Zeiss

👤The reason my last pair of glasses got scratched was suspected. I used a different brand of wipes when I got my new glasses, they did not clean as well, but they were a softer cloth. When I ran out of them, I went back to these and noticed scratches again. I stopped using them because of the scratches. Use caution. These have ruined two pairs of glasses that had all the fancy coating on them.

👤I have been using these for a long time and they work well. Some people say they scratched their glasses with them. I can't tell you if your glasses got scratched because of the wipes or because you wiped something on the lens. Follow the directions to clean off any dust or particles using a folded wipe, unfold them and wipe the lens off. These wipes are soft and won't scratch. Sometimes they aren't as moist as other times. Sometimes, getting old stock. The last box we ordered from Amazon had a 2020 date on it, so it was freshly made.

👤There is a smell when you open the wipes. This is normal for most products like this. When I wiped down my glasses, there were marks all over. After using it a few times, I realized that you need to keep wiping until the cloth becomes dry and the streak marks are gone. It's a good idea for anyone that's in the same boat to get in touch. The product contains alcohol and acts as a sanitize in addition to a lens wipe.

👤I've been buying these for years because they're convenient and I have a certain degree of trust in the brand. I have a couple of quibbles. The first thing to happen is the smearing. I think they're not moist enough. The wipe isn't moist enough to do a good job on the second lens. I feel like I'm in a losing race to finish both of my eyes before the wipe dries out, and I often have to use just two. I clean my glasses frequently so they don't have a big build up on them. A single wipe should be enough. It's the same thing if I clean my phone. The 200 count option is no longer available with the box. I don't know if this is an issue with the distributor, but the wipes are sent in a plastic bag, and I can only assume that there are 200 in each bag. I kept the box at work, but I threw it away. I will make sure I re-read the description before hitting the buy again option, if necessary. I'm not getting something that I used to get and it's inconvenient. I'll buy these wipes, but I'd like to know if you would improve the quality and still provide a box? Thanks.

👤I ran out of zeiss wipes. I had an extra in my purse, and a glasses case with a cloth in it. My makeup smudged my glasses or tip of my eyelashes and it stuck to my glasses lens. My lens wouldn't stay clean or clear. I resupplied myself and my husband with individual wipes and a crystal clear lens. I use zeiss wipes throughout the day. The zeiss wipes cleaner squares are better than the lens cloth. It's always easy to access, portable and efficient. I was told to only use water and lens clothes. Blurry vision began. I thought it was my eyes. The wipes keep the lens looking new and clear. Great product for us!

2. Microfiber Cleaning Eyeglasses Eyeglass Delicate

Microfiber Cleaning Eyeglasses Eyeglass Delicate

12 microfiber eyeglasses cleaning cloths, including 3 black, 3 grey, 3 light blue, and 3 yellow, are included. If you have any questions, you can contact them anytime, they will provide a 100% satisfactory solution for you within 24 hours. Each pack is wrapped individually and put in an opp bag to keep it clean. Microfiber cleaning cloth is a premium product that is Lint free, soft, easy to wash and quick drying, and it is able to thoroughly clean delicate surfaces without risk of damage. It's ideal for cleaning your electronics, watches, jewelry, and other delicate objects. You can color code what you want to clean with 5 bright colors. The screen or surface has a color that needs to be cleaned. These cloths can be used many times. You will save money and cut down on waste. You can wash them by hand or machine, but avoid ironing or bleaching.

Brand: Lifhap

👤These are soft and lint free. I gave them 4 stars because they clean my glasses well and haven't scratched them, but they were softer than the other brand I bought and I thought they were more likely to scratch a surface. They come in individual bags that are the size of the cloth folded in quarters, so you can take them with you in a purse, pocket, backpack, etc. If you use them to clean your glasses, they could be contaminated with dirt or grease.

👤I lost my cleaning cloth and ended up scratching the lense with something else. I have one of these and it is always at hand. They clean well.

👤Excellent buy! They have a grippiness to them that makes it very easy to clean glasses. A good size for someone like me who has large hands, was so tired of accidentally wiping fingerprints on the glass because the cloth was so small. Will be buying more at this price.

👤Oil is made of olio acids. They don't mix with water at all. It likes water. Vitamins C and sugar dissolved in water. It likes oils. Oil can cause metal and glass to be wet. Water does not wet glass, oil or plastic. Oils do. Glass tablets, camera lens, and eyeglasses are all oliophilic. They like oils such as skin oil. You need a oliophile to remove oil from these surfaces. These wipes are not harmful. They are not good at removing smudges. Purchase something else.

👤This is a great set of cloths. They are a great price. I was expecting small cloths since there are 10 of them. They are so cheap. Nope! Each is wrapped individually and is a good size. You can never have too many microfiber cloths in your purse.

👤I have a hard time keeping my glasses and tablets clean. This works for both of them. There is no need for a cleaning solution so far. It cleans my glasses and removes smudges from my Tablet. I keep several in my purse and recliner, as well as in my glass case. I am happy with this purchase.

👤Keep glasses clear and clean!

👤They clean my glasses, but what is anti-glare?

3. Koala Kleaner Eyeglass Microfiber Cleaning

Koala Kleaner Eyeglass Microfiber Cleaning

In New York, care is taken with small batches. There is a pack of spray bottles and Koala lens cloths. Not all microfiber is created equal. Premium Japanese microfiber cloths are ultra-fine and densely woven. The cleaning was lint free. Premium wraparound lens are designed for anti-reflective, anti-glare, blue light, prescription, and reading. There are designer sunglasses. There are electronic smart glasses. A camera. LENS AND FAMILY SAFE: Absolutely zero alcohol, ammonia, streaks, scratches, VOC's, toxic chemicals, or fragrances. The water is laboratory grade. Join the Koala family. They are growing and are strong. It's on them to enjoy the best lens cleaning experience.

Brand: Koala Lifestyle

👤I am in awe. I bought the combo because I didn't think it was possible for a cloth to clean my glasses on its own. They are always smudged after cleaning. I wet them down to remove dust. I wiped them off and they were clear. If you were glasses, these are a Godsend. I still can't believe it.

👤Ignore the negative reviews on this product. The people who leave negative reviews are either incapable of following instructions or just complain about everything. This is the best glasses cleaner I have ever used. If you follow the directions, you will be able to properly clean your glasses. I don't know what people are saying when they say it has a chemical smell, but this stuff cleans your eyes crystal clear with no smudges or streaking, and it doesn't have a chemical smell. They either have very sensitive sniffing abilities or are using too much product to clean their glasses. I have not experienced any issues with a chemical smell while using this product and it makes my prescription glasses look brand new every time I use it. If your glasses have a lot of gunk on them, you should rinse them under running water and then use a mild dish soap to remove the gunk and debris from them. Rub the Koala Kleaner on the lens with the supplied micro-fiber cloth. Fine sand, dust and other particles can be abrasive and only a fool would believe they can just rub them around on their lens without consequences. If you're too lazy to spend the extra few minutes properly rinsing heavier gunk and debris from your lenses or to hand wash the micro-fiber cloths or see nothing wrong with using a paper towel or your shirt for wiping, then you deserve the scratches and flecking of your coating and It's not rocket science, so don't blame the product for your own stupidity. You have been educated.

👤I have been using it to refill my travel bottle. I noticed some floaty stuff in the bottle when I picked it up. The bottle was only taken out when I needed to refill it, but it was growing in the dark, making it useless.

👤My glasses have an anti-glare coating. My glasses haven't been this clean since I bought them. The cheap microfiber cloths for general cleaning have made scratches and caused the coating on my glasses to wear off, so I've learned the hard way to only use microfiber cloth made for optical glass.

👤It cleans my glasses. I have to wash my hands and fingers after using the product because it has a strong chemical smell. After using the product, my glasses start to smell. It makes me sneeze and sting my eyes.

👤It cleaned my glasses well, without streaks or smudges. I give it 5 stars because I don't think there are many solutions that can clean like this. It's not bad for the smell, at least according to some reviewers. Some people have overly sensitive nostrils. When you give your glasses to a clerk, they return them to you, and you put them on, and they typically smell like Windex. Koala is the same. I don't know what makes it smell like that, but I don't care because it cleans marvelously and if it was ruining people's AR coating, we'd have heard about it by now. It doesn't do anything for me, it just makes things clear with a good cleaning. My computer monitor as well. Don't expect miracles. It takes some effort to clean both sides of the lens. I smoke because it makes me have to rub my glasses harder. It will be easier for you if you don't smoke or work in a dirty environment.

4. Microfiber Eyeglasses Nano Fiber Threading Particle

Microfiber Eyeglasses Nano Fiber Threading Particle

Small individually wrapped eyeglass wipes can be conveniently stored anywhere, such as wallet, camera pack, purse, waist bag, money bag, pockets, phone pouch, small handbag. You can use it for eyeglasses, phone, watch, camera, lens, and other things while you're on the go, at home, or in a car. Any screens that need to be cleaned. TV's, PHONES, EYEGLASSES, and Lat Points can be improved by wiping away the smudges. Their microfiber cleaning cloths are safe. Dust, lint, and fingerprints are not allowed to remain on your lens. Every time, wipe them away with their microfiber cloth screen cleaner. You can carry their portable eyeglass clean cloth throughout the day if you pack it in your pocket. It works well in purses, backpacks, laptop bags, etc. Simply wash with water lasts over 500 washes. Most people want a microfiber wipe that will last and be useful for a long time. They made their cleaning cloths with Duralast Fibers to make sure they wouldn't get away from you. You don't want to waste money by buying inferior screen cloths that tear and break after you buy them. Customers don't buy replacements when they order from Select Fiber, they just keep buying more products.

Brand: Illustrious Living

👤Excellent quality! They don't have to use additional sprays to clean glasses. These have been used for months to clean my glasses. Yes- I'm happy to clean my glasses. I have not found any other cloths that do this. Past cloths were costly and inconvenient as they stripped the coating off my glasses lens. I have microfiber cloths that are softer than these. I don't worry about the lens being scratched. The cloths are thick but not obnoxious and will not wear down easily. I cut them to prevent bulky pant pockets and to keep them in various places.

👤These wipes are made of eye glass. They work well with the spray cleaner. If they are dry, they work well. It is nice to have so many to leave in different places.

👤I use these towels to wipe down my car. It works well and attracts dust. I use the wrap cleaner and it works great.

👤I've been very pleased with these... We have too many electronics to take care of at home, and these have been really nice. Better quality than the average microfiber cloth. I was satisfied with my purchase.

👤I used it on my computer screen and it worked very well.

👤They clean the glasses and make them look new again.

👤I cleaned my phone screen.

5. Care Touch Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Care Touch Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

See the world in perfect harmony. You don't have to worry about fingerprints or smudges on your screen with Care Touch Microfiber. Each cloth cleans effectively and eliminates dust and dirt with ease, and it's easy to clean from your phone, glasses, computer screens, and other surfaces. It's safe for all of them. The premium material will protect your expensive devices from scratches. The microfiber material is lint-free and safe for all glass surfaces. Their Microfiber Lens Cloths are machine-washable and heat-treated to prevent fraying. These cloths are easy to carry in your bag or pocket when you're on the go, so you can easily clean dirt, smudges, and debris off your devices. It's large size is great for larger screens. Premium Navy Microfiber Lens Cloths are 6 x 7. They care because you care. You care about your health, and they care about you. Care Touch is committed to providing the best quality products. When your product arrives at your door, their care doesn't stop. They are dedicated to your satisfaction.

Brand: Care Touch

👤I wanted to give credit where credit is due again. After using the Care Touch Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for a decent trial period, I would like to say that it is well worth the money and that it does a great job of getting my various surfaces crystal clear and smudge free. It's so easy to use and lightweight that I just carry it with me wherever I go. It's great on my eyeglasses, Ipad and Iphone screens. The microfiber cloth alone is all that is needed. If you accidentally spill something on your Ipad or Iphone screen, then you might need to remove that dirty area prior to finishing the entire surface. They work great and last a long time, I'm still using the 1st one from the package. Every now and again, we come across a product that is 100% likable, and we would love to tell others about it so they can enjoy the benefits. It seems to be a small task when you think of cleaning basic surfaces. Trust me, you're going to enjoy the convenience of this product. This product is great for serving its purpose and anyone will enjoy it as a gift. Enjoy!! Steve M. Sun Lakes is in Arizona.

👤I thought it was a mistake and went to exchange it. The same thing happened with the new order. The bag is labeled 12 count, but you only get 10. It is difficult to change the labeling to not false advertise. They are decent wipes.

👤My eye care doctor's office supplied the cloths I always wanted. They were topnotch. I've ordered cleaning cloths from Amazon before but they never came close. These cloths are as close to what my doctor's office gave me as possible. I can buy a pack of 12 on the cheap and even if I lose 6 I will still have 6 left. I'm not good with these. I would keep them in my pocket and wash them. I feel like I'm going to buy more at some point. Great stuff. I use it with a solution to clean my glasses. It is worth every penny.

👤These are of good quality. I haven't washed it yet. I'll try to remember to update the review once I do. There is an updated below. They're large and thick, and I tried to get a photo of that. It takes up a lot of space when I put it on my keyboard. They do a great job of cleaning my glasses. The main package holds them all in smaller individual packages and that was busted open during shipping, but they were fine since they were in their own packages. I would recommend it now. I have washed one and added a photo of the edge. Even after a wash, they're holding up well. I would definitely recommend them. They're great quality and I use them daily.

👤The clothes are good, but there are only 10 per pack.

👤I liked them at first. I have had my glasses for a long time and have never had a scratch on them. I have been using them since buying them a month ago. Only on my glasses. My glasses have been destroyed. I looked at them today because I had trouble seeing. There are a lot of small scratches on my lens. It is outside of my return window that I tried to return them.

6. Mixed Colors Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Mixed Colors Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Premium Quality Soft Microfiber Cloths are made with high quality microfiber cloth. The cloth is soft and delicate and designed to wipe dust and dirt from the surface. The microfiber cleaning cloths are safe to use on all types of glasses, cameras, and electronics. Their pocket-size clothes are small enough to fit in your pocket, backpack, purse, camera case or glasses case so you can carry them with you on the go. It makes your life simpler. It can be used and reused. Their clothes are lint proof and are easy to clean.

Brand: Blinkbazaar

👤At a church revival meeting a year ago, the pastor turned toward the congregation and asked for any kind of cloth or oil for a baby about to go into surgery. The church's new prayer clothes were born when I remembered I had an eye glasses cleaner wipe that I had never opened. This was a good value for how many we are getting. They work great for my glasses and screens.

👤I didn't think they were thick. They seem to be the same as the one I received from my eye doctor. It is a bit bigger. I don't use fabric softeners when I wash them in a bag. Softener can leave streaks. Totally satisfied! My glasses get smudged easily because I wear fondation makeup. These remove them. I will use 1 every day. Why not? Have a lot!

👤The colors, texture, and quality are what I love the most. Bring them back!

7. Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Spectacles Silverware

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Spectacles Silverware

Each cloth is wrapped individually and measures 15 cm by 18 cm. High quality microfiber clothes. 18 microfiber cloths are included in the pack. The fine fibers of the cloth make it easy to pick up grease and dirt. It's perfect for dying surfaces. These soft cloths are great for wiping small electronic screens and glasses. I am the ideal size. The cloths are small enough to fit in your purse, hand carry bag, backpack, camera case, or even pocket. You can keep one with you all the time, and keep your phone and tablets smudge-free. SCRATCH-FREE CLEANING. You don't have to worry about damaging marks if you use each cloth to wipe away the dust and dirt. These cloths are re-usable and last a long time. You will save money and cut down on waste. They can be washed by hand or machine.

Brand: Eco-fused

👤Every man has a time when he must come to terms with his own existence. He has to come to terms with the fact that he is not the young man he used to be. I stood outside of a 4eyes store on a lonely mountaintop just moments before my first eye exam in years. I stood on the summit again after the exam and looked over a new horizon, one with blurry lines replaced with crisp edges. I was lost for a while and then I was found. I thought it was nirvana. I found that my high definition windows into the world were obscured by the crude oils that only come from one corner of the earth. I went to a store and found a cleaning cloth with a number on it. It was great, until that child went the other way. Pre-moistened wipes were of great use to me. They were also single use and often ran out when I needed them the most. I thought all was lost. Luckily my visionquest brought me to the Amazon, and I was able to find a lot of clothes that I could take with me and leave in strategic locations. My life with glasses is not perfect, the children still smudge or bend, or lose or break my glasses, but now I have a way of cleaning them off once I can retrieve them. I would give these microfiber clothes 6 stars, but only for Gen. Washington.

👤I think it's probably a 4.5, but I'm torn about how many stars to give it. There are many of them. My son is obsessed with the ones my eye gives him, so I ordered these. He likes soft things. I don't know if I can get him to stop going after my glasses, because he has sensory issues, and a lot of other things going on with him. I couldn't find what he did with my last one. The microfiber cleaning cloths are a must for me because I like to upgrade to the anti glare coating on my glasses, and that scratches too easily with other types of cloth or with tissues. These are a great value. These are small, about half the size of the cloths I get from my eye doc, as other reviewers have noted. If you use bigger glasses, this might be more of a problem or a concern for you. I would be happier if they were a little bit bigger, but I ended up getting these because there were so many of them. My little man has an obsession with these and they don't always come back to haunt him, that was the factor that sold me on these. The plastic bags that the individual cloths come in are not convenient to reuse as they are very thin and easy to damage. The plastic storage envelopes from my eye doc are thicker and more resistant to damage. I think that the ones with this product need to be of a higher quality to be able to be used again, or the manufacturer can eliminate them and save a few cents on the cost. I don't think the bags are useful. I like to have a bag that protects my cloths from being damaged when I put them in my purse, which is like the triangle of all things necessary to make my world work and manage my kids in public. These are doing a good job of cleaning my glasses. I have 17 more when he makes off with this one.

8. Microfiber Cleaning Multicolor Eyeglasses Laptops

Microfiber Cleaning Multicolor Eyeglasses Laptops

Soft microfiber cloth with superior quality safely removes stains without leaving any scratches. Its features ensure that no fluff, traces or streaks are left on the surface. The microfiber cleaning cloths are 6 x 6 inches. Microfiber cleaning cloths can be used to clean your glasses, but they can also be used to clean your phone screen, tablets, car mirror, goggles, and helmet. The silky smooth fabric of the cleaning cloth is lightweight and durable. Cleaning cloth can be used multiple times to maintain its soft feel and effectiveness. It can be washed repeatedly to ensure long term use. After washing, the cleaning power won't be lost.

Brand: Vonper

👤I love my purchase. My glasses get dirty when I adjust my mask. The cleaner and cloths make my lens clear. Great communication and fast delivery.

👤I had trouble cleaning my glasses. I smeared fingerprints on the other cleaning cloths, but never cleaned the lens. I was hoping that these would work as I had hoped. They aren't silky, like another person said. These are a little rough? Is it tacky? Is it textured? I'm not sure which word to use, but they do the job. I'm happy with them.

👤I was running low on wipes because I kept losing my glasses wipes, so I started looking for a solution with many wipes, and these had great reviews, so I bought them. The wipes are very thick and sturdy, the edges are abrasive and not soft, which is fine as long as you don't clean your glasses on the edges. I used them on my sunglasses, but they felt too thick to use on glasses, so I used my other wipes. I threw the wipes in the trash. The ones from the sunglass hut are huge and soft.

👤I bought microfiber cloths for my new Mac. They wipe off my oily clothes when I use this high technology. The price is great and the shipping is great. The convenience of getting a fresh microfiber cloth is something that is nice.

👤The microfiber cloths are very convenient. They clean my glasses and sunglasses, phone screen, and computer screen with a minimum of rubbing. I can keep one in my purse, wallet, car, and there is enough for a long time. Very happy.

👤No streaks, no lint! It is definitely worth the price. They work better than the other wipes. The kind that leaves streaks is silky.

👤I've tried many cleaning cloths, including ones that came with designer glasses, and they usually don't work. The grease is wiped around and the filmy is left. There is a These cloths are great. They do a great job of cleaning.

👤These are the people who do the job. One yellow one is permanently stained black because it was packed with the black ones. It still works, it's ugly. The other ones didn't work well. I love that I have so many that I can put them all over the place.

👤These are better than expected. It was thick and soft. I bought them for my phone so I can wash and reuse them. I fold the cloth in half and put it over the screen of my phone to close it, because I have a wallet style case on it. I always know where it is, I don't lose it, and I keep the cover from pressing on my screen. The quantity is amazing.

👤The size is large and the material is good.

👤A parte del vendedor. Buen producto.

9. Ablethe Microfiber Cleaning Lintfree Eyeglasses

Ablethe Microfiber Cleaning Lintfree Eyeglasses

Each box contains 200 individually wrapped tissues so you'll always have enough to keep your glasses, phone, and optical device clean. Premium microfiber clothing. Made of high-quality tightly woven microfiber materials that absorb and remove dust, oil smudges, fingerprints, and dirt. No marks, scratches, or lint is left. There is safety protection. Microfiber cloths help to extend the life of your glasses. The sawtooth pattern fused edges are specially designed. It is safe for all delicate surfaces. The microfiber cleaning cloth can be used as a glass cleaner to clean a variety of objects. These screen cleaning wipes are durable and can be used for a long time. It is easy to wash and dry. Hand wash in warm water, no detergent, fabric softener or bleach, hang to dry. There is a set of 18 value packs. Each piece of cleaning wipes is individually packed in a plastic bag for long term safe keeping. Each piece of glasses cleaning cloth is about 6'' x 7'' and can fit in your pocket, purse, camera bag, sunglasses case. It's a perfect cleaner for travel.

Brand: Ablethe

👤Wow! The way these cleaning cloths arrived made me really happy. When you open the package, you can see the usual cellophane. Right? packet? You can see the cleaning cloths inside. It is the best thing for me. I pull out a cloth that is ready to go to clean my glasses, but it is in a plastic wrap. I bet a lot of you will think this is inconvenient, but not yours. It is great to be able to store the used cloth in its own protective thingy. The cloths I am currently using do a good job of removing gunk from the lens of your glasses. There were no scratches or clean-as-a-whistle. Oh_ The word whistle has a 't' in it. I don't know if anyone uses it. Don't y'all agree that the word should be 'whisle'? I recommend these cleaning cloths for anyone who needs to clean their glasses, and they work great on all your small screens. I have decided to get about three more sets of these wipes. They are the right size for my needs.

👤You can remove the melted edges by washing the cloths in the washer, so I'm changing my review to 3 stars. I think I used the delicate cycle when I threw them in the dryer. I can use the cloths on my glasses and screens because the edges are not melted. It's still dumb to sell them that way. It's easy to fix. The edges of the cloths have been melted to prevent unraveling... The cloths are used to clean GLASS. The cloths look nice, but if you plan to use them, you need to keep the edge of the cloth away from the surface you want to clean.

👤After reading reviews, I was hopeful that these would work for me, but after my first use, my glasses had scratches that were not there a few moments before. I'm stuck with the cost of replacing my glasses because of the waste of money and Jeff Bezos is a scum bag.

👤These glasses cleaning cloths are very nice. They are larger than normal ones I've had. They clean my glasses and screens. The packaging was annoying. It took me forever to open them all up because they were wrapped in plastic.

👤It's great for cleaning my camera and cellphone, and it's also great for cleaning my glasses. It is very well made and soft. I would recommend this! I would buy it again.

👤I've never understood why a postage stamp is larger than a cleaning cloth. These cloths are large enough for me to clean both sides of my eyes at the same time. I'm a big fan of clean glasses. I keep them in my office and at home. I love them!

👤The glass was smudged and streaked after being cleaned with traditional cleaner and towels. They are small to do a larger area, but still work quickly. I put water on one and wiped it clean, then took the other and dried it off. I looked great!

10. Cleanix Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Sunglasses

Cleanix Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Sunglasses

Keep your device and lens clean. Premium-quality fabric is used in their microfiber cleaning cloth. Dust, oil, smudges, fingerprints, and dirt from screens are easily removed by the glasses cloth. Their microfiber cleaning cloth is made of soft microfiber and is suitable for use on sensitive surfaces. The lens cleaning cloth does not leave marks on your valuables. The microfiber glasses cleaning cloth is a Multipurpose. Their versatile glasses cloth is used to Polish various surfaces. Do away with disposable napkins and paper towels. The microfiber lens cloth is long lasting. Use, wash, and reuse them. They are your alternative to single-use wipes. It's easy to carry a handy cloth. Their microfiber cloth for glasses is small and lightweight. It is portable and ready to use whenever you need it.

Brand: Cleanix

👤I don't know how much money I've wasted on little packs of "glasses wipes", cleaning solutions with cheap wipes, etc. I found these and nothing else was needed except for the cloth. It's good!

👤These are great for cleaning eyeglasses. The most important thing is that they are non-scratch.

👤I use many different cleaning cloths to keep my glasses clean. This is the best one yet. It really does remove. All fingerprints were cleared from a tablet with one pass. Since I have a 10 pack, I'm leaving it around everywhere.

👤These cleaning cloths are very absorbent. My glasses are clean. I have had issues with other brands of eye glass cleaning cloths.

👤They work well. I would like it to be a tad bigger. I would buy again.

👤It works great on my laptop and glasses.

👤All of the confezione non ho trovato.

11. Eyeglasses Cleaner Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Eyeglasses Cleaner Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Glasses cleaning cloth made of premium microfiber cloth is soft and lint free. The cleaning cloth is 30% thicker than other cloth. Dust, fingerprints, oil smudges and dirt can be absorbed and wiped. Perfect cleaner wipes are great for all types of surfaces.

Brand: Triumph Vision

👤These are small wipes. Graham Crackers have shorted each of three internal packages by two crackers and think they are fooling us. These are difficult to use without your fingers on the lens. Don't spend your money.

👤I had to get glasses for the first time and was looking for some cleaning cloths that I could leave in different places to make it easy to clean them. These are a good value. The feel of them is pretty good. I have used them to clean my glasses, my phone, iPad, and my MacBook screen, and it works great, but I wish they were a little bit thicker. A great deal.

👤Over the years, I've gotten a few cleaning cloths and new glasses. I thought these would be the same size as I had used to. It makes a difference that they are smaller. This was my fault, because the product description lists the size correctly. The material works well. I have microfiber cloths that are thinner and almost silk-like, but it has a nice thickness to it. If you're looking for 12 microfiber cleaning cloths in this size, this is a good bet.

👤I bought these to replace the ones the eye doctor gives you. These cloths are very soft and easy to clean. I love them!

👤I have sewn some of these on shirttails so I don't have to look for it. I have done some for a couple of friends.

👤They were cheap and stiff at first. They were covered in debris that felt like it could scratch glasses, but after a run through the washer, they are soft. I love them!

👤It's the perfect size and thicker than most. Doesn't spray glass cleaner. I will only buy these now. It is the perfect stocking stuffer for everyone.

👤12 pack! I can keep one in each corner because I have too many of them. They are decent and do a good job, but always felt that they could be a bit larger. I would go for a bigger one.


What is the best product for eye glass clean wipes washable?

Eye glass clean wipes washable products from Zeiss. In this article about eye glass clean wipes washable you can see why people choose the product. Lifhap and Koala Lifestyle are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye glass clean wipes washable.

What are the best brands for eye glass clean wipes washable?

Zeiss, Lifhap and Koala Lifestyle are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye glass clean wipes washable. Find the detail in this article. Illustrious Living, Care Touch and Blinkbazaar are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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