Best Eye Glass Holder Stands Double

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1. Home X Intelligently Protective Eyeglasses Nightstand

Home X Intelligently Protective Eyeglasses Nightstand

It is easy to find and store your glasses because the case sits in a standing upright position. The tip-proof design keeps glasses at-the-ready on the nightstand, desk, kitchen counter or next to your favorite easy chair. It keeps your glasses clean and safe. The lining is soft and plush, and protects against scratches and broken frames. It helps keep your lens clean and protects them from dirt. You don't have to worry about damaging your favorite sun or reading glasses if you hold two pairs of glasses. Most standard sizes of glasses and sunglasses are compatible. Their eyeglasses holder is made in a way that it can fit most standard sized glasses and sunglasses as well. It saves space on your desk or nightstand by being small. The overall height is 5 and the base is about 4 inches. It makes a great gift for men, women and children because of the great use that anyone will get out of this product. A great gift for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries or just because! Home-X has a wide range of products perfect for the home or office. Home-X has gadgets to simplify cleaning, cooking, or hosting, or just a decorative touch for the bedroom, bathroom, living room, break room, or kitchen, and more. Simply Home Solutions has a trademark called Home-X.

Brand: Home-x

👤Store clean glasses in this smudged city. If you don't clean your glasses every time you take them out, then you'll have to. If you're not sure about that.

👤This is a handy stand. It's sturdy, great quality materials, and soft interior keep your glasses safe instead of just throwing them down on your desk. I like a lot of different glasses so this double sided stand is perfect for me to switch from pair to pair easily and not have to dig out of a drawer for a separate eyeglass case every time I want to change glasses. I highly recommend!

👤I have reading glasses and distance glasses that I use to watch TV. I bought this because I thought it would make my bedside table less cluttered, but it does so much more. The fake fur doesn't completely clean the glasses, but it does remove some of the stuff in the front of the lens. It makes finding them easier in the dark. This may be just a guilty pleasure, but it's a great one.

👤I have a pair of glasses that I use for both reading and working on the computer. I had a similar thing, but only held one pair of glasses, and the other pair were in a hard case. The pair was located in the holder because I am usually on the computer. When I want to look at the TV, I have to change my glasses. This became tiring. I found this and decided to give it a try, now both pair are easy to get to and safe. If you need more than one pair of glasses, you should recommend this. Took the other holder out to the kitchen to put the glasses in. Everything is so little print now that it's always needed in the kitchen. The other holder spent money at the doctors office. It only has a thin liner of felt. There is a lot of protection for the glasses.

👤There are some things that you don't think about. The primary example of this is where you put your glasses, but why you put them next to their case instead of in their case. I don't have to worry about that anymore, because I have this little thing that I can use.

👤I bought this for my husband to put on his night stand so he could keep his glasses on when he goes to bed. He knows where he left his glasses and he is not in danger of knocking them on the floor when he picks them up.

👤I had to get one of these because my kitty knocks mine off of my stand. This was perfect because I have two pairs that I wear rotation. I am happy with this pair as it matches my furniture, but I wish there was more color options. The inside is very soft and sturdy. I am leaving them in the same place as me, so I am not looking for them. Great product! I am going to buy one for my mom.

2. Vera Bradley Recycled Cotton Glasses

Vera Bradley Recycled Cotton Glasses

This sustainable fabric is made from recycled cotton fibers and has all of the comfort, softness, and vibrancy that you know and love. Whether it's a weekend away or a trip to Europe, this case is a necessity for every traveler - it's stowed away perfectly in checked or carryon baggage, keeping your glasses safe and secure from rolling around at the bottom of your bag. It's a perfect case for holding a set of reading glasses in addition to your everyday frames. Style is bold. Stand out with their classic styles and bold prints that will elevate any look - perfect for the chic business woman, the stylish student, or the jet setting diva. The Double Eye Case is 7 inches high and 4 inches wide.

Brand: Vera Bradley

👤I love the way this eye glass holder is shaped, it holds 2 glasses if needed. I needed a purse that was not bulky for my small crossbody, and this works great because I can slide my glasses in and out of my purse, and they fit in with no issues. It held my phone and sunglasses, which was awesome. Vera Bradley had a good price. If you are looking for something to hold 2 glasses, I would recommend it.

👤The print is nice and matches my bag. Unless they are very slim, it can only hold one pair of glasses. The other pocket is used for lens cleaners. It can hold a large pair of glasses, but it is not snug. I manage many of these cases.

👤The design is perfect for protecting glasses without taking up a lot of room in your bag. I have a Vera Bradley case that is in excellent condition. I gave one to a family member a long time ago. I replaced it because she was upset to lose it. The old ones were just one pocket, but this two-pocket design is fine. The same price point as the Vera Bradley store and the Hallmark store is worth it. You get what you pay for with a high-quality item.

👤I had an old Vera Bradley double glass case that I had used for a long time and thought it was time to get a new one. This case will most likely fit your glasses, as I like it. I hope it lasts as long as my last case.

👤One holds oversized sunglasses and the other holds either reading or prescription glasses, both of which are held on the quilted, soft sides of the pockets. If the other pocket is empty, the sunglasses sometimes slip out. I considered sewing a snap fastening at the edge of the pocket to prevent this, but it was not possible because the sunglasses reach right up to the edge. The bottom corners are not sewn the same, but it is a lovely item, useful and easy to use.

👤The inventor is genius. It holds two glasses and is very light in my purse. It is worth the price to pick your own beautiful color. It's up to Vera Bradley to come up with this idea.

👤I love this case. My first purchase was this one. It was a perfect gift that I received six years ago. Since I don't wear transition lens, I always need 2 pairs of glasses with me whenever I go out. The style allows me to carry 2 pairs in one soft protective case which takes up less space in my purse. I tuck my ID or keys in one side.

👤This is a pretty double case that you can put a few other things in as well as your glasses. You can have sun glasses on one side and reading glasses on the other. It was a gift for a friend and she really liked it.

3. Fintie Eyeglasses Holder Magnetic Leather Glasses

Fintie Eyeglasses Holder Magnetic Leather Glasses

It protects your glasses and keeps them safe all the time. The glasses holder is made of a soft furry lining and protects your glasses from dirt and scratches. The glasses holder is also great for protecting the arms of your glasses. It is easy to place on any surface, and you can find your missing glasses in no time. No more panic. A great gift idea. Birthday, Christmas, and Anniversaries are where this gift can be found. There are a variety of bright colors.

Brand: Fintie

👤This is one of the glasses holders I got and I'm really happy with it. They're made for something that isn't typically having any force on it, and they seem well made. I have one on my bed. I was surprised at how easy it was to slide my glasses in one of these holders, rather than fiddling with my case, it helps when I'm tired and it's easier again. I almost always end up getting prints on the lens when I take them out of the case in the morning, but that doesn't happen with this holder, I can grab them by the corner of the frames more easily. I got the other one for my husband so he wouldn't leave his glasses in random places. When I ordered them, it seemed a little excessive, but now I don't want to go back to traditional cases.

👤I had this for over a year and the first few months were fine, but then I noticed my glasses were getting scratched more and more. I thought it must be the cleaning wipes I was using, but I stopped using them and the lens were getting worse. I have been wearing my two year old ones until the new ones are ready. Two days in my new glasses, they were scratched up. What the hell? I was starting to wonder what was going on. I finally felt around in the "plush" lining and saw that the hard seam was exposed for about two inches. My glasses were scratched. They were scratched when I inserted or removed them. There is a seam on the back side of the "plush" that has some rough spots. They were sure to get scratched even if I used the lens side. I wouldn't recommend it until they fix the quality. I only use this at work so it's not used every day.

👤I put my glasses on the nightstand. They get these tiny scratches on the lens, affecting my eye sight, because I am always dropping them on the floor. I read all the reviews and decided to try this holder. I love this holder. It's soft so my glasses stay safe, I never lose my glasses because I put them in this holder when I take them off, and they never fall on the floor or get shuffled around so they stay scratch free. This is the best thing I have ever bought to keep my glasses safe, convenient and ready to throw on. This holder is very good. It fits my glasses with room to spare, and it looks pretty on my nightstand.

👤This is a great eyeglass holder. I had a dish designed to hold eyeglasses. It was difficult to find the dish in the dark of a winter morning because it did not protect the glasses from scratches. The plush lined eyeglasses holder is easy to find in the dark and protects the glasses from scratches. The design is easy to spot. I look for as many advantages as I can find as a senior citizen.

4. Eyeglasses Protective Glasses Nightstands OptiPlix

Eyeglasses Protective Glasses Nightstands OptiPlix

You will never have to look for your glasses again because their glasses case is upright and easy to place on any surface. Your search for missing glasses is over. It keeps your eye glasses clean and safe. Their glasses holder has a soft furry lining that protects it from bending and breaking. The soft lining is great for keeping your lens clean. Standard size eye glasses and sunglasses are used. Their eyeglasses holder is made in a way that it can fit most standard sized glasses and sunglasses as well. It's small size saves space on your desk and a place to keep your glasses safe. This product makes a great gift for men, women and children because of the great use that anyone will get out of it. This is the perfect gift for everyone because it is available in many colors. It's a great gift for Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, or just because! 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Their products are always good. They guarantee their customers 100% satisfaction with all of their products. They pride ourselves on being able to solve everyday problems with their products, and they love to make items that make your life easier.

Brand: Optiplix

👤Glue all around the bottom, hole in the faux leather in front, material not cut evenly or tucked under the base piece, which is glue on and not going to stay long. It looked like a 6 year old made it and did the tuck under. Too sticky on the bottom to be able to put something on a table. Glue oozing out. I was surprised at the poor quality of these holders. Some of the room needed for glasses is taken up by the folded material in front. The assortment of colors was appealing, but what about the quality? I ordered three and returned them all. I bought the Home-X glasses holder for myself and it is beautiful. I ordered three gifts from them. The quality is excellent, but they only come in black and brown. They know how to make the bottom straight. For sure, recommend those. Stay away from them. I've never seen anything like that before.

👤The holder is confusing. The fur lining seems to make a perfect circle if you look at the sale photo. If you look at my attached photo, you will see that the fur lining is cut at least one inch too long, so that there is a double-layer overlap of lining at the front. The rough edge of the cut-&-sew point at the end of the overlap could potentially scratch eyeglasses if you stick your finger in. I wrote to the company to ask if this was a defect or if they are all cut like this. They have not responded. If they clarify this issue, I may upgrade my star rating, because they seem fine. I can't understand why they don't cut the fur lining to the exact size that would meet in the middle.

👤I bought a second eyeglasses holder a year ago. The first one had a plain cloth lining while the second had a fuzzy plus lining. I don't remember if I rated them or not. The fuzzy one is not the one to buy. I know that most of you have seen a demonstration in school of the teacher rubbing a glass rod or comb with a wool cloth and using static electricity to pick up small bits of paper. Dust covered my glasses. It took me a while, but I realized what was happening. I switched to the plain lining one and my glasses picked up less dust. Eyeglasses pick up dust, but they usually don't have the lens completely covered. I stopped using the fuzzy lined holder and my glasses are free of dust.

👤This is a good product. I bought these for my kids. They like having cases to put their glasses in. They put a little fuzzy on the glasses when they first started using them, but it didn't seem to cause any problems, and we think it will stop once they are used more. The soft fur on the inside has a flap of extra in the front, but it doesn't seem to be causing a big problem. It looks like it was finished off wrong. These cases help to protect the glasses but still make them handy to get when needed quickly or want to secure them after you've slept, and don't want to have to get up to secure them in a case. The price is a little more than what they should cost. I found them from other dealers. I used this company because they had different colors to choose from. My kids like different colors and they can tell apart from each other.

5. PG6 Eyeglasses Holder Protective Glasses

PG6 Eyeglasses Holder Protective Glasses

This glasses holder protects your glasses from dirt and scratches. It's a great way to protect your glasses from bending. Keep your glasses safe all the time with this fit for most standard size glasses or sunglasses. For all ages and genders. The stand can be placed on any flat surface in your home or office. This multi-purpose storage pouch can hold glasses, pens, cellphones, cosmetics, and other personal items. There is a variety of fun colors. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Pg6

👤The graphic is not clear. The faux fur or fleece lining has a strong chemical smell, and whenever I use it, my glasses smell like the chemical. The plastic smells. Maybe the smell will go away eventually. I don't want to wait for that. I am giving this to the Good Will and ordering aFlintie one. I should have known better.

👤I received a glasses holder. I like the print. I was not happy with the quality of the item. The lining wasn't fastened all the way around. There were pieces of glue attached to the lining inside. If I slid the glasses in the holder, the pieces of glue could scratch them. I will attempt to cut out the pieces inside and re-glue the lining. I shouldn't have to do so much work.

👤It is a beautiful product. It stinks. I had to put on a mask as I unwrapping it. The smell was unlike any other product I have ever ordered and I order everything on Amazon. I knew it would take almost a month to ship, but I was warned up front. It came a week earlier than expected. I don't know how to make that smell go away. I think I will put it in a shoe box sized plastic storage container with scented laundry dryer sheets and see if it makes it smell better. It's a good thing that fingers crossed.

👤The color is not like the picture at all. The promo picture is silvery purple, but in regular light it is a flat aubergine color. It's a nice color, but not what was advertised. A close up flash will never look like how it's advertised, even if you sit in your house. There is a smell. I'm hoping the smell will go away soon. The first picture is in standard light.

👤My husband has been using one of these for a long time, but I never bothered to get one. What a mistake. This thing is great. I chose one without a magnetic base because I like to knock things over. I wanted it to be more secure. I like the velvet more than the fur-lined ones because it's less likely to get dirty or get things caught in it that would scratch my glasses. The holder works as intended. Setting them on the counter or in a hinged case would make them a huge upgrade. I would buy again.

👤Even though I have glasses that fit my vision needs, I usually take them off to read. I needed a safe place to put my glasses so they wouldn't get scratched or knocked off the surface. The anti-scratch eyeglasses holder works perfectly. I don't have to worry about my glasses in the dark. The glasses will not be knocked off the table. No more scratched glasses! I ordered 2 more in different colors because I loved this item so much.

👤After a few weeks of use, the top separated from the bottom.

👤I didn't check how long it would take for it to be delivered. Really? 6 wks? I had a phone case for J3 that had the same print.

6. PACMAXI Sunglasses Storage Organizer Eyeglasses

PACMAXI Sunglasses Storage Organizer Eyeglasses

Keep your sunglasses organized, and help you to quickly see the sunglasses you placed, by using the 25 slots in A Perfect Sunglasses Organizers Storage. Hangs on wall, closet rod, or a similar item in your home or store. There is no hardware needed. There are three sizes: 15 Slots, 40 X 50 cm / 15.74 X 19.68 in; 15 Slots + 9 Hooks, 40 X 65 cm / 15.74 X 25.39 in; and 25 Slots, 40 X 80 cm / 15.74 X 31.29 in You can choose the style you like. It is a great way to display your sunglasses. The high quality sunglasses storage, made of good felt material, which is simplicity andDurability, well made and not easily deformed, is the Normcore Style Design. Protect your sunglasses from scratches with a unique sunglasses compartment holder, it has a temple in a felt compartment and sunglasses in each compartment. It is hassle free with no need for a button or zip. The best gift choices for housewives, husband and men are the sunglasses organizers by Pacmaxi, the most thoughtful gift for personal and home decorative usage. It is a great place to keep your sunglasses.

Brand: Pacmaxi

👤This is two pieces of heavy felt with a slit in the front panel for your glasses to hang in. It's junk. If you balance your glasses between the left and right side, it will work for hanging them. The unit hangs crooked when you take a pair out. The corners fold in slightly at the top because it's felt and hung by a string. You can make it yourself from a craft store for less than 5 bucks. I think I'll mount the entire backing felt to a frame or board so that it doesn't look tacky, and I think it will look better.

👤It is perfect. It holds all my glasses, it came in before the arrival time, it goes great in my room, and I don't have a single complaint about it.

👤I put my sunglasses in their cases. I ran out of the house without them because I couldn't decide which ones to wear. Sometimes I had a pair in my car, sometimes I didn't. This is a solution to a problem. There is a hanging at my back door. I have a case in my car and purse.

👤I love it! I have so many sunglasses that they are sitting on top of each other. I feel more organized now. I was able to fit 2 skinny retro pairs of sunglasses into one slot.

👤After I received this, I hung it up and found all of my glasses. It works for the most part, but it's a little short for the larger pairs. If you hang one of them, they may try to get into the next row. It's annoying, but you can push them apart. I was expecting a pocket to hold accessories like straps, cases, lens cloths, cleaning spray, micro screwdriver set, extra nose pads and other comfort items. You understand the idea. The item would be unique because of that sort of things. The logo is the only thing that distinguishes this from the others. It works, but there's nothing special about it.

👤This was the perfect solution for my husband who was accumulating a lot of safety glasses. Just hung it with a thumbtack, all the sunglasses fit in there. The material is cheap and feels like craft felt, that's my only issue with it. If you pay $12 for it, it's fine, but the quality is not worth it.

👤I don't understand why this has great reviews. It works just fine as far as its purpose is concerned. I will keep it. It is made out of felt and can be purchased at a craft store. I can't get it to lay flat even though I try. It looks tacky now that it is curved and bent. I will keep it out of sight.

👤This is a waste of money. I am responsible for not looking at the pics well enough. I thought it was plastic pockets, so that's bad. Very flimsy. They folded it and sent it. I had to flatten it by laying it out for days. If you like the design, just buy a huge piece of felt and glue it to a hard cardboard. Slit it in. This is all this is. I don't want to waste it, but if I can stop someone else from wasting it, I'll be happy.

7. Fintie Eyeglasses Magnetic Anti Scratch Leather

Fintie Eyeglasses Magnetic Anti Scratch Leather

The base is about 5 x 4 inch. The overall height is 5.9 inches. The dual holder design is a desk organizer and works as a pen holder. The Fire TV stick is compatible with the Apple TV remote. The glasses holder is made of a soft furry lining and protects your glasses from dirt and scratches. The glasses holder protects the arms of your glasses from bending. It is easy to place on any surface, and you can find your missing glasses in no time. No more anger, no more fear. A great gift idea. Birthday, Christmas and Anniversaries are the perfect times to receive this gift.

Brand: Fintie

👤The eyeglass holder is a great value. It is very sturdy and great for not scratching the lens. It is very pretty, and I am happy I purchased it. I might buy a 3-sectioned version if it is available.

👤I use this every night to house my glasses and remote and have found a safe place to put them. The double in more colors would be great. I would like to see a wider version of the giant smartphones, as it is, my 8+ will fit 1/3 of the way which will hold, but it doesn't look great. It didn't smell like plastic or chemicals, which was the priority for me.

👤I bought a single holder for myself and then saw a double one. I bought it for my daughter for Christmas. I ordered her the same color as I bought her, which is a medium blue with an oriental design. The holders are separate, so you can use one at the same time. The pieces are magnetized so that they don't fall over. It's great for someone who has everything.

👤The colour is grey. If colour is important, it's not worth it. Strong and larger base is needed for stability. It's easy to knock over. I have purchased this brand in single holders. Will not order double from the vendor. The height is tall enough to cover my glasses and protect the arms as well. I have found the best holder so far. They should have offered more patterns.

👤I love these glasses holders. My glasses have many scratches to show for it, because I was constantly taking my glasses off and laying them down on my end table. The glasses are several years old. I wanted a better way to store my glasses when I take them off so that I wouldn't scratch them. There are many colors and cool patterns to choose from, and I liked that these glasses holders were available in many colors. I ordered three of these for the glasses I keep in the living room and kitchen counter. I only need to wear my glasses when I'm outside or going somewhere because they're for distance. The holders were delivered last week and I love them! The patterns look better in person than they do on the computer. The holders are made with good quality materials and have a magnetic base that is attached nicely to the included base. I was able to fit two pairs of glasses in this holder, and they fit perfectly side by side, so they're easy to slide in and out of the holder when both pairs are in it. I love these holders, and am considering buying more in other colors to place on my night stand and on my husband's end table. These are so nice looking that they would make great gifts for your loved ones. I highly recommend.

👤Works well. Magnet is strong enough to hold the eyeglass holders, but you don't have to yank them off the base. The gold color was not as shiny as expected. I took an up close pic to show the matted material. It was made very well. I put a picture of the turquoise and blue ones side by side in case anyone else decided between them.

8. Juvale Sunglass Case Storage Eyeglasses

Juvale Sunglass Case Storage Eyeglasses

It makes great sense. Orchid is a great addition to any space where you need functional decor. You will receive a sunglass display case that can hold 18 pairs of eyewear. A faux leather sunglasses case is in an organizers box. The case is approximately 13 x 7.5 x 6 inches. The sunglasses case is made of faux leather and can hold 18 pairs of eyewear. The sturdy black top can be flipped back and used to create a stand for the Eyeglass holder.

Brand: Juvale

👤I absolutely adore it. It is being used to display mine. If you want to use it to protect them from people, close the top. It has a smooth inside so your glasses won't scratch. If you have oversized sunglasses, you will have to change them. It will fit. I would buy it again.

👤I'm Hi. I have a problem with my name. "Hello, I'mNikki." I have bought a number of these containers. I only have one face to wear one pair of sunglasses at a time. I'm up to 5 sunglasses containers and this will be my last one, but I may need your help and support to get through this. The containers are full and not fitting where they should be, because they no longer fit in their designated area of the house. I would appreciate it if someone could recommend a sponsor for this addiction. I need a lot of hands to stop buying sunglasses. These cases fit all shapes and sizes of my shades, but who needs 5? I would like to blame my LASIK surgeon for allowing me to highlight these gorgeous peepers, but I know it's my fault for having good eye-ball genes and being confident to show them off while still keeping them safe from burns. I appreciate you listening to me. I hope you learn from my mistakes.

👤I love this display of sunglasses. In a chaotic apartment with lots of messes, the tidy organization of this piece makes me feel calm. It is easier to keep track of my glasses when I have a place to put them, so they don't get thrown on the counter or coffee table. I thought the construction was sturdy and my glasses fit. It is a pretty intuitive design. Everything is in place.

👤My sunglasses fit perfectly. It is easy to set up and it makes your sunglasses look nice.

👤I have had all of my sunglasses in their cases and I think it is the best option that I have found. It is not very accessible. I wanted something that would make it easy to grab and go for me and my husband. I wish the dividers were more sturdy and came out better, some of my glasses would fall if it wasn't placed right, but for her. I think it is a good buy, it saves space, and I am happy with it.

👤This holds a large sunglass collection. I have a lot of good sunglasses that were purchased at specialty retailers and have never had a place to keep them together. There are a few spaces left over in the display case. I have a place where I can organize my glasses. It's much better to have a bunch of glasses in one place. I can easily find the ones I want to wear.

👤I wanted high density storage but it was too far. The 16 slot storage is the optimal size. The lid isn't tight enough to keep glasses from falling into the next slot below, and it doesn't fit on any shelves that I have. I should have gotten another 16 slot.

9. Bleiou Eyeglasses Glasses Protective Nightstands

Bleiou Eyeglasses Glasses Protective Nightstands

The soft and short lined keep your lens from breaking. The cover and base of the holder are non-slip. Small size can be placed on a desk, nightstand, coffee table, car dashboard, and so on. You can easily store your glasses in a place where you won't forget. Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, and family are all great gifts.

Brand: Bleiou

👤Four of the five people in the house are going to have their glasses scratched up. The cats knocked the two of us off of our nightstand. That doesn't happen anymore with these. These are great for waking up in the middle of the night and not having to look for your glasses. You don't have to worry about smudge prints on your glasses because you know where they are. These aren't a luxury item. These are must haves.

👤It's lightly padded and I like it. The ones with the furry lining look better. It seems to be well made and helps keep track of glasses.

👤I am notorious for having my glasses knocked off my nightstand. I stumbled across these while looking for a cute wooden eyeglass holder stand that looked like a face. This style is better for me. It's functional but not pretty. The felt lining on the inside of your glasses keeps them clean and scratch free. I just bought two new glasses and have a third pair that I have kept put up since I scratched the other pair that I bought. My glasses are safe on my nightstand with this set. I've been using it for several days and I'm really happy I bought it.

👤It's a useful gift for people you don't know what to give on their birthday or other special occasions. I think they're pretty, affordable, and useful, and they've made a big splash with my friends and family, who I don't know what to give them. I try to match the colors and designs of them to the recipient so it has been a success so far! I have them in my kitchen, office, and night table. I gave them as Christmas and birthday gifts. People called me saying how much they loved them.

👤The materials used to make these shocked me. The feel of cardboard is shiny. They are light in weight and short, so they tip easily. I will return them and buy a bigger holder for my glasses.

👤I didn't expect much because they were cheap. I needed a place for my glasses in the kitchen and the silver color matched my appliances. They are not metal. I have had my glasses in for a week or so and they seem sturdy. I would recommend the glasses to anyone.

👤I arrived quickly but I don't have prime. Since I have many pairs of glasses that I take off and on, I wanted a place to put them safely, and a family member had one of these when I was younger. The products work well. The inside material is very thin. It's just fine, I wish it had a more substantial lining. I used both of the two I bought.

👤I would definitely order again, it was a great quality and vibrant color.

👤These glasses holders are very nice. I bought 6 dark grey for myself, 2 for myself and 2 for my husband. I read reviews and checked the percentages. I bought these glasses holders. I got the style and colour I wanted at a great price. I was looking for something that was sturdy and well made, and they are just that. Thank you for the great product. Thanks to Amazon, you can't get anything else.

10. EcoSmart ECO 27 Modulating Technology

EcoSmart ECO 27 Modulating Technology

The disposable ear protectors are packed in a bag, and they are lightweight, making them a good choice for travel or work. Continuously monitored water temperature and controlled flow rates ensure efficiency and consistent performance within 1 degree of selected temperature EcoSmart tankless electric water heaters are smaller than traditional tank heaters and can be installed on the wall or at the point of use. EcoSmart tankless electric water heaters are 99% thermal energy efficient and only heat water when called, unlike a tank heater that maintains water temperature even when not used. The Department of Energy says you can save up to 50% on water heating costs. Refer to the sizing map for EcoSmart ECO 27. It requires 3x40 Amp Double Pole Breaker and a 27 kilo watt electric water heater, which is ideal for providing hot water for whole home applications, and provides between 2.7 and 6.5 gallons-per-minute depending on the inlet water temperature. There is a limited lifetime warranty on electronics, exchanger and element. The required quantity is three 40 Amp double pole. 200 Amps is the recommended electrical panel.

Brand: Ecosmart

👤I have had two issues with this unit over the past four years. Yesterday, a pin hole opened up and caused some sheetrock damage. They declined my warranty request because my water was hard and I am supposed to do annual maintenance on the unit. Be aware of the facts.

👤Many people have posted inaccurate information about this unit and the entire product line. First thing, RTFM. All of us would do well to check EcoSmart before posting bad information, as they provide a wealth of information online. I have two of these units, one for domestic hot water and the other for our whole house hot water baseboard system. Some information is hard to find and can't be found online. I will focus on these areas. The unit has a rated power of 27KW. It is three separate 9KW heaters that operate in series and in sequence. The unit will not provide more heat than the load requires. Each individual heater requires a dedicated circuit rated at 40 Amps and provided via #8 wire. The total system load for each unit is 112.50 Amps. The person that tries to operate this unit off of a main breaker deserves what he gets. We can get away with it because we have ours connected to our main 150 service, and we can operate everything else with the available 37.5 Amps if the heating is running full load. Each internal unit requires a separate, dedicated 40 Amp circuit, equalling a total of three separate #8 wire circuits. I hope I made it clear. 3 copper pipes are cross connected in a series and are used for the heat exchanger inside the heater. There are sections of copper. There is a flow restriction, but it is not as radical as some of the reviews would have us believe. Some reviewers have said that their hot water is not hot. I've been in this unit for a long time. If your hot water only dribbles, it's time to clean your pipes or replace your valves. We have not been able to see a loss of flow in our house. It is difficult to find the upper temperature limit, but it is out there if you do your homework. 140 is the hard upper limit in the mode. EcoSmart states that this is not a limitation of the unit, but a safety limitation to minimize the chance of someone getting hot. EcoSmart supports hot water heating and even provides plumbing diagrams. They won't tell you how to get 160 or 180 degree water. There are internal jumpers in the heater that allow you to limit the maximum output temperature to 105 degrees, and it is also possible to set a wattage limit across the 3 heating elements. The factory setting is 140 degrees. output The jumper strip has a number marked "180" at the top. When power is restored, place a jumper on the two pins and the unit will allow a set point of up to 180 degrees. The older oil fired boilers used a setpoint of 200 degrees, which is why most hot water heating systems operate in the 160 degree area. Poor performance of most baseboard hot water systems and newer hydronic systems could be caused by a heater with an upper limit of 140 degrees. We replaced an old oil fired boiler with the ECO 27 and placed the setpoint at 160. I dropped the setpoint to 150 until we get into the dead of winter because of the amazing performance. It's nice to know that we have a reserve. EcoSmart gives a lot of information about this unit. People can't get their heads around a lot of what's available. The best way to heat the water is by 46 degrees. If you want a shower that is at least 120 degrees, you need incoming water of at least 64 degrees. If you live in an area with a water source that is 50 degrees or less, you will get 96 degree showers. A low-flow shower head is the obvious solution. This unit can give you a shower with a temperature of over 100 degrees. This unit will provide the full 140 degree setpoint with 50 degree incoming water. Incoming water of at least 114 degrees is required for boiler service. The unit is loafing along while providing 160 degree water to the baseboard units, which is not uncommon in most hot water heating systems. Most standard hot water heating systems have a design of either 1 or 4 gallons per minute. The temperature rise chart from EcoSmart shows that a temperature rise of 184 degrees is possible. Most hot water systems operate with a differential of 17 degrees or less. Being able to maintain the differential is more important than the temperature setpoint. We need 163 degree water for a 180 degree output. We only need a max of 10 GPM, but at a mere 17 degree rise, this heater can flow well beyond 6 GPM. of 4 gallons per minute. It is a perfect solution for boiler service. It is small and smart. This unit is capable of 92,000 BTU/HR, so if you're considering it for hot water baseboard or hydronic service, it's worth a look. This is the largest electric tankless available. The largest electric tankless is 36kw. To set the record straight. I give this unit 5 stars. Technical support, price and reliability are all right there. The unit comes with a lifetime warranty. Cleaning and maintenance can be accomplished with aPhillips screwdriver. The unit is so small and lightweight that I carried it into the house and didn't say a word. I didn't know I'd done this until days later. The unit is waterproof and supports a remote thermostat. The little remote is perfect for a location next to your sink or shower. We are a household of 3 adults and all of them do the same things. I have been able to cause the heater to fail by running the tub wide open. I have not heard a single complaint in any other situation where two showers at once, someone in the shower, someone else doing laundry, etc. I've never heard anyone say it's better to have a long shower or not have to wait. My wife used to complain about no hot water for the dishes because I took a long shower. This unit is self-modulating. People who have reported lights flickering and their TV having problems need to look at their house wiring. The unit starts softly, like turning on a light dimmer. There are no lights in this house. The only way to tell if the unit is running is to look at it. When the unit is on, the display is only lighted. The energy savings are not to be overlooked. Even if you're on vacation, a tank heater will keep a tank full of hot water. The tankless does nothing if it senses water flow. EcoSmart units won't send hot water to the faucets that are leaking. The minimum amount of water needed to start the unit is just over a gallon. Hope this helps to get accurate information posted. Dave.

11. Glasses Sunglasses Eyeglass Display Smartphone

Glasses Sunglasses Eyeglass Display Smartphone

It was designed in the studio in Paris. The item is made in China and holds a pair of glasses. The tip of the ears are 3.5 inches tall. There is a Random Sharp looking Color. Most eye glasses and phones have a opening of 1 5/8".

Brand: Homestyle

👤This works well if you intend to use it for holding glasses. It was a gift for someone who loved it. It's advertised that you can use it to hold your phone, which is impractical. The item is too light to hold a phone vertically and blocks part of the screen, which is why I'm confused as to why Amazon uses "Lightweight" as a review feature. You should be able to pick the color for the price. It was a dollar or two. It costs the same as other products that you can pick the design/color for, so it's not cheap for what it is. I knew and accepted that, but I don't understand why they don't let you choose. It's a cheap piece of plastic with a decent design. If you're using it for eyeglasses, go for it.

👤I bought this for my daughter. I was wondering if it was childish. At 43, she loves it. She tells me that the section for the phone is deep enough to be used when the glasses are on, even though I was a little worried. She would put her glasses on the night table, but before she did, the cat would scratch them or knock them off the floor. The cat is taking a good sniff and doesn't bother the little owl. The owl's color is random. My daughter got a green one. I was hoping for blue as she is a big fan of that color and she has a blue SUV, blue house, and blue bedroom. She thanked me for the little owl after she received it.

👤This is cute and holds your glasses. It's plastic. It's cute! You don't know what color or animal you'll get until it arrives, but that's half the fun of ordering. The first one was a yellow cat, and the second one was a green owl. Again, cute! There is a sticker on the bottom that you can affix to your surface.

👤I liked the price, the looks, but glasses don't fit right. You have to balance them and that isn't what I was looking for. It would be nice if there was something more functional, but not necessary.

👤This is a cute way for my daughter to store her glasses at night and it can hold her ipod during the day. I thought I was buying purple, and got a green one. The add says random. Had I known, I wouldn't have bought it. I wish there was a specific color choice. The description could be more clear. The main photo should show the different colors. Just be sure you know what you're buying.

👤This little owl is very cute. He's cute. He was bought as a stocking stuffer for my dad, who forgets where he left his glasses. It comes with an extra part in case the holder breaks. It was just too cute.

👤I bought one for my daughter because she misplaces her glasses a lot. I would like to be able to choose what color we wanted. I had to put the plastic back together after it popped off. It's cheap but I think it will work.


What is the best product for eye glass holder stands double?

Eye glass holder stands double products from Home-x. In this article about eye glass holder stands double you can see why people choose the product. Vera Bradley and Fintie are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye glass holder stands double.

What are the best brands for eye glass holder stands double?

Home-x, Vera Bradley and Fintie are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye glass holder stands double. Find the detail in this article. Optiplix, Pg6 and Pacmaxi are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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