Best Eye Glass Holder Stands for Desk

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1. Home X Intelligently Protective Eyeglasses Nightstand

Home X Intelligently Protective Eyeglasses Nightstand

It is easy to find and store your glasses because the case sits in a standing upright position. The tip-proof design keeps glasses at-the-ready on the nightstand, desk, kitchen counter or next to your favorite easy chair. It keeps your glasses clean and safe. The lining is soft and plush, and protects against scratches and broken frames. It helps keep your lens clean and protects them from dirt. You don't have to worry about damaging your favorite sun or reading glasses if you hold two pairs of glasses. Most standard sizes of glasses and sunglasses are compatible. Their eyeglasses holder is made in a way that it can fit most standard sized glasses and sunglasses as well. It saves space on your desk or nightstand by being small. The overall height is 5 and the base is about 4 inches. It makes a great gift for men, women and children because of the great use that anyone will get out of this product. A great gift for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries or just because! Home-X has a wide range of products perfect for the home or office. Home-X has gadgets to simplify cleaning, cooking, or hosting, or just a decorative touch for the bedroom, bathroom, living room, break room, or kitchen, and more. Simply Home Solutions has a trademark called Home-X.

Brand: Home-x

👤Store clean glasses in this smudged city. If you don't clean your glasses every time you take them out, then you'll have to. If you're not sure about that.

👤This is a handy stand. It's sturdy, great quality materials, and soft interior keep your glasses safe instead of just throwing them down on your desk. I like a lot of different glasses so this double sided stand is perfect for me to switch from pair to pair easily and not have to dig out of a drawer for a separate eyeglass case every time I want to change glasses. I highly recommend!

👤I have reading glasses and distance glasses that I use to watch TV. I bought this because I thought it would make my bedside table less cluttered, but it does so much more. The fake fur doesn't completely clean the glasses, but it does remove some of the stuff in the front of the lens. It makes finding them easier in the dark. This may be just a guilty pleasure, but it's a great one.

👤I have a pair of glasses that I use for both reading and working on the computer. I had a similar thing, but only held one pair of glasses, and the other pair were in a hard case. The pair was located in the holder because I am usually on the computer. When I want to look at the TV, I have to change my glasses. This became tiring. I found this and decided to give it a try, now both pair are easy to get to and safe. If you need more than one pair of glasses, you should recommend this. Took the other holder out to the kitchen to put the glasses in. Everything is so little print now that it's always needed in the kitchen. The other holder spent money at the doctors office. It only has a thin liner of felt. There is a lot of protection for the glasses.

👤There are some things that you don't think about. The primary example of this is where you put your glasses, but why you put them next to their case instead of in their case. I don't have to worry about that anymore, because I have this little thing that I can use.

👤I bought this for my husband to put on his night stand so he could keep his glasses on when he goes to bed. He knows where he left his glasses and he is not in danger of knocking them on the floor when he picks them up.

👤I had to get one of these because my kitty knocks mine off of my stand. This was perfect because I have two pairs that I wear rotation. I am happy with this pair as it matches my furniture, but I wish there was more color options. The inside is very soft and sturdy. I am leaving them in the same place as me, so I am not looking for them. Great product! I am going to buy one for my mom.

2. Glasses Sunglasses Eyeglass Display Smartphone

Glasses Sunglasses Eyeglass Display Smartphone

It was designed in the studio in Paris. The item is made in China and holds a pair of glasses. The tip of the ears are 3.5 inches tall. There is a Random Sharp looking Color. Most eye glasses and phones have a opening of 1 5/8".

Brand: Homestyle

👤This works well if you intend to use it for holding glasses. It was a gift for someone who loved it. It's advertised that you can use it to hold your phone, which is impractical. The item is too light to hold a phone vertically and blocks part of the screen, which is why I'm confused as to why Amazon uses "Lightweight" as a review feature. You should be able to pick the color for the price. It was a dollar or two. It costs the same as other products that you can pick the design/color for, so it's not cheap for what it is. I knew and accepted that, but I don't understand why they don't let you choose. It's a cheap piece of plastic with a decent design. If you're using it for eyeglasses, go for it.

👤I bought this for my daughter. I was wondering if it was childish. At 43, she loves it. She tells me that the section for the phone is deep enough to be used when the glasses are on, even though I was a little worried. She would put her glasses on the night table, but before she did, the cat would scratch them or knock them off the floor. The cat is taking a good sniff and doesn't bother the little owl. The owl's color is random. My daughter got a green one. I was hoping for blue as she is a big fan of that color and she has a blue SUV, blue house, and blue bedroom. She thanked me for the little owl after she received it.

👤This is cute and holds your glasses. It's plastic. It's cute! You don't know what color or animal you'll get until it arrives, but that's half the fun of ordering. The first one was a yellow cat, and the second one was a green owl. Again, cute! There is a sticker on the bottom that you can affix to your surface.

👤I liked the price, the looks, but glasses don't fit right. You have to balance them and that isn't what I was looking for. It would be nice if there was something more functional, but not necessary.

👤This is a cute way for my daughter to store her glasses at night and it can hold her ipod during the day. I thought I was buying purple, and got a green one. The add says random. Had I known, I wouldn't have bought it. I wish there was a specific color choice. The description could be more clear. The main photo should show the different colors. Just be sure you know what you're buying.

👤This little owl is very cute. He's cute. He was bought as a stocking stuffer for my dad, who forgets where he left his glasses. It comes with an extra part in case the holder breaks. It was just too cute.

👤I bought one for my daughter because she misplaces her glasses a lot. I would like to be able to choose what color we wanted. I had to put the plastic back together after it popped off. It's cheap but I think it will work.

3. JewelryNanny Animal Eyeglass Holder Stand

JewelryNanny Animal Eyeglass Holder Stand

"Perfect next to bed!", "style and function", and "40 5 star rating and growing" are just some of the things that make up this group. Kids and their parents can't seem to get enough of the animal eyeglasses stand. The storage caddy helps people of all ages not have to misplace their glasses again. An essential accessory for women. Well made and kids-friendly. The stand is made of polyresin material that is not harmful. The standing pawn retainers and eye glass holder will not break when tripped by kids. The parents solved a problem of glasses care and delighted the kids at the same time. It's a good idea to keep a great holder for your reading glasses. People read and wear glasses all the time. There is a permanent place by the night stand where adults can store their reading glasses. Right. The computer is by the disk. Do you want to take a break from your computer work glasses? The animal glasses stand is cute and the color stands out so you won't have to stack other office stationery right on top. You can't miss it, it's a perfect dedicated spot on your desk. gag gifts, gift to frog lovers, Christmas gift, gift to parents on Father's Day, or surprise to mom on Mother's Day are unique gifts for someone special. There are so many options when sending this animal glasses holder.

Brand: Jewelrynanny

👤I bought this for my grandmother. She thinks it's cute. Even though it's for your glasses, she said that. She said that it was wide enough to hold her phone. I told her that she could use it for whatever she wanted it to hold, I feel like if you make it to 90 years old, you can do what you please. You can.

👤The item is strong and sturdy. I am not sure if the glasses holder is made of plaster or not. It is hard, which is great. It is located on her night stand, it doesn't take up a lot of space. It is so cute.

👤My child has been wearing glasses since she was 4 years old. We had to look around for her glasses as we were heading out to school because she had no place to put them at night. The issue was solved like magic after we found this gem. Her glasses are at her night stand every morning.

👤I got a panda to hold my glasses. It's very cute. I'm pretty sure it's made of some kind of material. I wear readers only and they fit in the panda's paws. It's perfect for my purposes, but I'm not sure if larger adult glasses would fit as well. The panda is painted perfectly. I'm very happy with it. The seller has described and pictured it. It took a little longer than I anticipated but it arrived just fine. It was nicely packaged in a giftable box.

👤Placing my glasses on the rabbit makes it forward. I have heavy/thick glasses, so that shouldn't be an issue, right? It's adorable and I just use it with the lens facing the bunny/arms facing out and don't have any problems with that. It's nice to have something to put my glasses on at night so they don't fall under the bed.

👤I'm happy I bought this. I needed a place where I could always find my readers, because I have a hard time keeping up with them. I was pleasantly surprised that this was better than I anticipated. It's cute. I get a nice smile every time I see her wearing my glasses, because they are perfect on her face. I have not lost them since receiving her.

👤I got this for my son because he misplaces his glasses a lot. I thought it would be fun to help him remember where to put them when he takes them off. The panda head broke off of the base when he dropped it. It is not the most durable.

👤The frog is cute. My daughter was jealous of my sister who loved getting this. I'm so impressed with the quality and looks of the product, I'm going to get my daughter her own, it looks like my daughter won't have to be jealous for long.

4. Home X Plush Lined Eyeglass Holder

Home X Plush Lined Eyeglass Holder

Soft plush lining protects against bent and scratched frames. The soft lining is great for keeping your lens clean. The tip-proof design keeps glasses at the ready on the night stand, desk, kitchen counter or next to your chair. A great gift idea. This product is great for Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, or just because, because anyone will get out of it. Most standard sizes of glasses and sunglasses are compatible. It works for most standard sized glasses and sunglasses. It saves space on your desk because of it's small size. The base is about 4 x 2. The height is 5. Simply Home Solutions has a trademark called Home-X.

Brand: Home-x

👤I've worn glasses for 20 years and have never gotten a scratch on them. I have used this holder a few times at night and it has scratches on my lens. I wish I'd seen that ridge before. I was not happy that this cheap product ended up costing me hundreds to replace my glasses.

👤Around the same time I bought this, I bought my new glasses. I look at my glasses when I go in for an eye exam and I wonder where the scratches came from. Most of the reason is before bed. I don't care what happens if I drop it on the floor because it can get scratched easily. I bought this to help protect it even on a long tiring day, I still force my self to put this in there. I love it and I will find it where I left it. The cushion is very easy to use on glasses and it cleans the glasses when I put it in. I would like the base to be heavy. When I wake up to get glasses, I don't knock it over easily. But in my experience of reviewing stuff. This gets a 5 star rating.

👤I like this thing. I have to feel around for my glasses because they get knocked off and I have to put them on the nightstand. I don't have to look for them anymore. I have thick frames and they fit in there. I didn't like the fake fur lining at first, but now I'm glad I got it. The white shows well at night. I am able to locate my glasses more easily when it's dark, and it stops the plastic from scratching my lens, making it sound like it's stylish. It hasn't fallen over before. Sturdy. This thing is useful.

👤The faux fur lining was poor. It was on time. A Christmas gift for my husband. The leather is very nice. The based and the stitching are the same. The faux fur lining is not very good. The lining overlaps by 1.5 inches and creates a rough ridge inside the holder. I would be worried about glasses getting scratched. Large eyeglasses won't fit inside because of the overlap. I'm returning the holder and hoping the replacement has a properly trimmed lining.

👤I ordered this for my remote control because I keep losing it and it's stuck in between the cushions of my sofa or in some other crack or crevice, so I never thought to look for it. This arrived in a beautiful chocolate color. It fit my remote control like a glove. I tried to see if there was enough room to hold my glasses, but it was not possible because of the width of my remote. I ordered a second one. I don't have to worry about losing either of those again. I like it.

👤I sit on my desk near my bed. There is nothing to dislike. I bought another one because my first one was chewed up by my dog. The lining is very soft. My large frames fit well in it. This is a worthwhile investment, and it will cost about $1200 to replace a pair. Thank you, JC.

5. Nirvana Class Handmade Spectacle Eyeglass

Nirvana Class Handmade Spectacle Eyeglass

There is a variety of fun colors. If you have a question, please contact them. The NIRman Home stand is perfect for your glasses. One of the most sought out timbers is handcrafted from Indian mango wood. A showpiece to compliment your bookshelves and desks. It's a great way to keep your glasses safe. The dimensions are 2.5 inches wide and 6 inches tall.

Brand: Nirman

👤I bought this for my father in law for Christmas. He has a good enough income that he can buy whatever he wants, but he is hard to shop for, so this was a good silly gift for him. He loved it! I wrapped it up and made sure it was well packaged, so I checked when it arrived to make sure it looked good. The back piece detached when I put it back in the box or when he pulled it out. I am not sure how it happened, but we are both careful. It is an easy fix with wood glue and the price is $10, but I am surprised it did not hold up for more than a few minutes. I am happy because it is still a good gift.

👤I was not sure after reading reviews that it was broken or poorly put together. I decided to give it a try. The small white spot where the pain was the only thing that looked fine. A black marker can be used to fix that. It is strong enough to not fall over if glasses are placed on it. I would recommend it with caution.

👤This is a perfect gift for someone who has everything. What did I do there? I gave this to my husband for Christmas. I would definitely recommend this. It looks neat and does what it claims to do. It is definitely a conversation starter. 5

👤When I opened it, it was covered in spider webs/white and green mold. The wood is not brown, it is white. This would've been perfect for Father's day. It's a pity. I guess you get what you pay for.

👤This and the female counterpart won Chris's. I got these for my folks as Christmas gag gifts, and they ended up being everyone's favorite! The wood is real, heavy, and functional. What more do you want?

👤This is a great piece of art. The quality appears to be different for each person. If you're like me, you lose your glasses all the time.

👤I bought two of them, one for a woman and one for a man. They look great, they sit well, and are great quality. They work well and are cute.

👤This was a fun way of always having a place for my father who always falls asleep with glasses on or looses them in bed.

👤Die Bart war bei Lieferung und ordentlich verarbeitet.

👤I finde meine Brille, I am so lucky.

6. Fintie Eyeglasses Magnetic Premium Official

Fintie Eyeglasses Magnetic Premium Official

It protects your glasses and keeps them safe all the time. The glasses holder is made of a soft furry lining and protects your glasses from dirt and scratches. The glasses holder is also great for protecting the arms of your glasses. It is easy to place on any surface, and you can find your missing glasses in no time. No more panic. A great gift idea. Birthday, Christmas, and Anniversaries are where this gift can be found. There are a variety of bright colors. The official product of Micklyn Le Feuvre.

Brand: Fintie

👤It's very functional and great to look at. I can get a pair or 2 in the case at a time without having to worry about getting hooked to each other. I can locate my glasses all the time. I got one for upstairs and downstairs. These are just too handy and reasonably priced.

👤These holders are wonderful! I bought 2 of them. You can use them in different rooms when I first come home with my prescription sunglasses on, and also at night before I go to bed, I just slide them in the nice standing up case. It's easy to put in and take out and no fiddling with the cases that are more for traveling in a purse.

👤I am 800-273-3217 I initially got one for my bedside and it was so great that I bought several more for myself and my spouse, and also for his reading glasses, which he leaves everywhere. My glasses are safe and I know where to look. My husband has a million'readers' that he can never find, but now he has them in places around the house that are safe, it's even better for him.

👤I have a cat that likes to sleep on my night stand. I know it's weird. There is a I wanted to put my glasses somewhere that she wouldn't get in her way or worse, that she would sit or lay on. The holder is perfect. There is a It's easy to find in the dark and gentle to the glass. There is a I was afraid that the magnet that held the parts together would fall apart easily. So far, it has held together. The only downside is that it is a bit frilly. I have learned to live with this choice.

👤The idea is to have a place to put your glasses when you're not wearing them, but the execution is not. When I go to sleep, I put my glasses in a case, but the stand is easier to use. It makes them easy to grab when I wake up. I got the blue and green pattern. I don't think it was worth the money. The quality was not good. The bottom of the stand is magnitized to make it stick to the stand but can be knocked off easily. A good breeze will help. It tips over if it is not carefully centered.

👤I love the idea of a glasses holder. If I needed to reach for my glasses in the middle of the night, I would always knock them off the nightstand and put them on the floor. The glasses holder is very soft and will not scratch my glasses. The patterns are beautiful. The reason I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 is because I don't see why the cup part should separate from the base. Since it is not anchored down the cup, it is more likely to tip over. The holder should be weighted to make sure it stays in place and the two pieces should be fused together.

7. Red Dollar Handmade Sunglasses Nightstand

Red Dollar Handmade Sunglasses Nightstand

Each of the unique eyeglass holder is hand carved and painted with natural solid wood, specially tailored for you. The wooden animal stand holder can be used to store the glasses and the business card can be put on the nightstand. It's hard to find the small glasses after a while, with an exciting idea to organize your eyeglasses and sunglasses and protected it from scratching or losing. It's easy to find your glasses. The stand with the vivid 3D Dog shape can be collected by dog lover, the dog will be a great friend together with you! A unique gift option for your friend. The dog can decorate your home and make your room look better. This is a cute and useful ''friend''. It's great for a dog lover. They are free to deal with any problem at any time.

Brand: Red Dollar

👤They don't make a dragon version.

👤I'm obsessed with this! I bought this for my clients to have a place to put their glasses instead of just on the counter. It is sturdy and well made. You need this in your life.

👤I needed a safe place to sit my glasses next to my bed and this holder works great. It is sturdy and fun, but does not weigh a ton. I'm able to keep a pair of glasses close by without the risk of them being damaged.

👤I lost my glasses all the time so I got this for my desk. I have been wearing my glasses all the time since I bought it, but it looks good on my desk.

👤If you have extra money and want it, you can. I don't think it's something I would give again, it's very light and small. 6 inches and less than 1 pound. It looks nice and I wear gold glasses. If you want something sturdy, this isn't for you.

👤This thing is perfect. It's not too heavy for my son to have this on his bed, but it does the job of holding his glasses.

👤This glasses holder made my mom happy and it was cute. Great value!

👤My mom is an orthodontist and she uses her work glasses on her desk.

8. Ergonomic Adjustable Computer Portable MacBook

Ergonomic Adjustable Computer Portable MacBook

There is a variety of fun colors. If you have a question, please contact them. The stand is called the ERGONOMIC STAND. If you are having back issues, then you are at the right place, their ERGONOMIC LAPTOP STAND is compatible and will work perfectly for all MacBook and MacBook Air, Pro, 10, 13, and 17 inch laptops. It is possible to use it while standing or sitting. It keeps your laptop cool because of the cool design. It was adjusted quickly! The UPRYZE laptop stand can be adjusted for zoom conferences and meetings, as well as being used for video gaming, cooking and even as a cookbook stand. It's an amazing notebook stand. You can use the UPRYZE computer stand as a standing desk if you choose. It's easy to keep your office clean. Standing metrics! The UPRYZE computer stand can be adjusted to achieve the correct height and angle. The top base rises up to 20 Inches from the floor of the stand. The laptop pulpit stand can be adjusted according to your needs because of the 20 different arm lengths. Pack the portable standing desk away when you sit down. Go in your backpack! The "POSTURE-SAVING" laptop pulpit stand is a must have. The UPRYZE portable laptop stand can be taken along with your backpack so you can use it while working from home and also at your office. The UPRYZE laptop stand is a must have for both men and women. Get your employees and yourself. Something that will completely change their office experience. Universal for all! The upright laptop stand can be used as a stand up desk, DJ stand, podium pulpit stand, vertical laptop stand, laptop and desk riser, computer stand for laptop, and portable desk.

Brand: Lifelong

👤This is a stand for the laptop, which means you can use it with a keyboard and mouse, and it is very sturdy. I don't think you would be able to get the screen to a comfortable eye level. This does not do a very good job as a laptop stand. The large prongs on the stand make typing difficult and the floating design of the stand makes the laptop wobble with every keystroke. The laptop stand shines when it is raised to eye-level. I work from home and use a laptop camera in meetings. I like to be present at these meetings. I had to push the screen back in order to see the camera because my previous stand raised to 10” and the laptop was flat. The camera is right at eye level when I stand and the stand is so strong that I have no fear of it shaking. You should get the laptop stand for virtual meetings. I am happy with my purchase as it gave me the ability to raise the laptop to eye level if I sat or stood. If you are just trying to put your hands on the laptop at a better angle while sitting at a desk, you should look at other options.

👤I had an old Dell laptop stand that took up a lot of space, and couldn't raise my laptop screen, so I used my Dell Precision 5540 laptop with a Dell U3417W monitor in a 2-screen configuration. I bought this stand because of its height adjustability, and it does not disappoint. If I wanted to, I could raise my laptop screen by 12 inches. This thing is solid. There are no locks, the configuration is held in place by the hinges, and you need to apply a lot of force to adjust it. The build quality of this thing surpasses my expectations. I would give it as a gift.

👤The product is well designed and constructed, but it is hard to adjust the positions, but it is very sturdy. I'm not worried that the stand will fold or bend in any direction, since I do a lot of letters and it's a good add on to my office. I bought another one for a friend because it was so good, I hope he will like it.

👤We would like for you to know the personal touch of a hand written note seeking our opinion of your product is class. The design of the laptop stand for desk is elegant and balanced. The unit is worth every penny because it will last a long time. Quality still matters and people like me will return business if you continue to instill as much quality as you can. The detail has not gone unnoticed and should remain important to your staff. I am sure some days the role of others may seem mundane, routine and matter of fact, but the product in this case the ergonomics laptop stand is a solution to a problem, and it has your name on it. I will always advocate for fine product and business like yours that makes the effort to ask for the business by keeping within reach excellent product. We need your company's ambition. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, for taking the time to help this stranger to have better dexterity on back to back to back Zoom calls, then Cisco Webex, Skype I need this quality and I appreciate your time and talent to bring it to market, keep up the good work. May you and your family have a long and prosperous life.

9. Holder Reading Glasses Eyeglasses Nightstand

Holder Reading Glasses Eyeglasses Nightstand

There are a variety of bright colors. The official product of Micklyn Le Feuvre. The glasses holder stand has a luxurious faux leather exterior with soft plush lining that will keep your glasses scratch and smudge-free. The eyeglasses holder stand is ideal for the nightstand, kitchen counter, bathroom, or desk and is designed to stand upright to ensure your reading glasses stay securely in place. The eyeglasses stand is the perfect gift for children, teens, and elderly seniors at an upcoming holiday gift exchange or birthday party. Each eyewear holder is 4.5 x 4.7 x 3.2 inches and is perfect for stand sized glasses and sunglasses. There are 2 glasses holders in brown and black. There are 2 glasses holders in brown and black.

Brand: Juvale

👤Poor production quality failure prevents this from being a 5- rating. The interior laps over instead of a butting seam, binding on glasses.

👤These holders are useless. When you take your glasses out, they are smudged. I don't know why. I ordered two of them and they both did the same thing. There is something on the fur lining that makes the lens look different. They are garbage to me now. The return window on Amazon has closed. Had I noticed sooner, these would have gone back in a day.

👤The product was good for the price. Sits straight and has plush lining. There was a huge seam in the lining. It made it difficult to put the glasses in. Over time, it will get pushed down enough to be a real issue. It takes two hands to remove glasses from the holder. You need to hold the base with one hand and grab the glasses with the other. I can slide my glasses out of the case with one hand. The two are a bit more snug. I still recommend this product.

👤It has become a simple ritual to put my glasses in the same place, as this both helps protect my glasses. I don't knock my glasses on the floor, that saves time and frustration. I keep my computer glasses in my other case, so I don't have to go back and forth between them. The holder cases are designed well. I have no lens scratches after a full month of use and both frames are keeping that brand-new look and feel.

👤I don't see as well as I used to. I have to use cheaters. I have a tendency to misplace them. I bought half a dozen pairs to partially solve the issue. I try to have a pair on each floor of my house. I have been tossing the ones in my kitchen onto the counter with my keys and stuff. The glasses are getting scratched. I can take better care of them now. I like the fuzzy liner. They are sitting on a counter or nightstand. They look good. There is a For the price? It seems like a no-brainer. China made quality. It's pretty decent. I would buy again. Thank you for reading!

👤The holder is easy to grab and go, and it is designed to fit most glasses. The interior fabric is made of faux fur. The faux leather fabric is strong. The base is covered in a faux leather pattern fabric on top and a soft fabric on the bottom. I can't say if it is leather or faux leather, but it is nicely made. I would buy more if I needed to.

👤My wife and I have a lot of eyeglasses around the house, and we always look for where we put them. The glass holders are very nice, with a leather exterior that is nice looking, a sturdy base, and a plush inside to protect your glasses. I haven't found a pair yet that will fit into them. We were very happy to have bought them. Have you seen my glasses? It is vastly improved. It's a good idea to recommend it.

10. Fintie Eyeglasses Magnetic Anti Scratch Leather

Fintie Eyeglasses Magnetic Anti Scratch Leather

The base is about 5 x 4 inch. The overall height is 5.9 inches. The dual holder design is a desk organizer and works as a pen holder. The Fire TV stick is compatible with the Apple TV remote. The glasses holder is made of a soft furry lining and protects your glasses from dirt and scratches. The glasses holder protects the arms of your glasses from bending. It is easy to place on any surface, and you can find your missing glasses in no time. No more anger, no more fear. A great gift idea. Birthday, Christmas and Anniversaries are the perfect times to receive this gift.

Brand: Fintie

👤The eyeglass holder is a great value. It is very sturdy and great for not scratching the lens. It is very pretty, and I am happy I purchased it. I might buy a 3-sectioned version if it is available.

👤I use this every night to house my glasses and remote and have found a safe place to put them. The double in more colors would be great. I would like to see a wider version of the giant smartphones, as it is, my 8+ will fit 1/3 of the way which will hold, but it doesn't look great. It didn't smell like plastic or chemicals, which was the priority for me.

👤I bought a single holder for myself and then saw a double one. I bought it for my daughter for Christmas. I ordered her the same color as I bought her, which is a medium blue with an oriental design. The holders are separate, so you can use one at the same time. The pieces are magnetized so that they don't fall over. It's great for someone who has everything.

👤The colour is grey. If colour is important, it's not worth it. Strong and larger base is needed for stability. It's easy to knock over. I have purchased this brand in single holders. Will not order double from the vendor. The height is tall enough to cover my glasses and protect the arms as well. I have found the best holder so far. They should have offered more patterns.

👤I love these glasses holders. My glasses have many scratches to show for it, because I was constantly taking my glasses off and laying them down on my end table. The glasses are several years old. I wanted a better way to store my glasses when I take them off so that I wouldn't scratch them. There are many colors and cool patterns to choose from, and I liked that these glasses holders were available in many colors. I ordered three of these for the glasses I keep in the living room and kitchen counter. I only need to wear my glasses when I'm outside or going somewhere because they're for distance. The holders were delivered last week and I love them! The patterns look better in person than they do on the computer. The holders are made with good quality materials and have a magnetic base that is attached nicely to the included base. I was able to fit two pairs of glasses in this holder, and they fit perfectly side by side, so they're easy to slide in and out of the holder when both pairs are in it. I love these holders, and am considering buying more in other colors to place on my night stand and on my husband's end table. These are so nice looking that they would make great gifts for your loved ones. I highly recommend.

👤Works well. Magnet is strong enough to hold the eyeglass holders, but you don't have to yank them off the base. The gold color was not as shiny as expected. I took an up close pic to show the matted material. It was made very well. I put a picture of the turquoise and blue ones side by side in case anyone else decided between them.

11. Nirvana Class Handmade Spectacle Eyeglass

Nirvana Class Handmade Spectacle Eyeglass

This stand works well. I always know where my glasses are. The dimensions are 2.5 inches wide and 6 inches tall. It is a unique gift for Father or Mother. Home decor gift or stocking stuffe. The artisans from India have used wooden crafting techniques that have been passed down over generations to create products of great beauty and utility.

Brand: Beauty Hao

👤Dollar store value is the craftsmanship. The bees are wax. The heads do not match bases. They arrived in two different parts. The base pieces did not have the head parts attached to them. The glue was cheap and broke. Each was packed in India. I had to mount the heads on the bases again after wiping them clean with water. Each box had to be reglued by the customer after it came apart. The boxes were packed broken because there was no damage to them. This is for two people, both were broken and put in separate boxes. The product is good for the dollar store.

👤One of the pieces broke the same day as the other, and the other broke days later. The waist of money.

👤The price of one in other listings is more than 2 for less. These wooden eye glass stands are the same as any other.

👤This was a present for my son. He uses the computer a lot and it works well for his glasses. You will love it if you purchase it. Thanks.

👤I like the lightweight eyeglass holders. I love them.

👤These stands are very cute and hold our glasses well. I know where to look for them. The craftsmanship is excellent.

👤These are cute. Thank you!

👤I like these. They are sturdy, a good way to keep from laying down and scratching my glasses.


What is the best product for eye glass holder stands for desk?

Eye glass holder stands for desk products from Home-x. In this article about eye glass holder stands for desk you can see why people choose the product. Homestyle and Jewelrynanny are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye glass holder stands for desk.

What are the best brands for eye glass holder stands for desk?

Home-x, Homestyle and Jewelrynanny are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye glass holder stands for desk. Find the detail in this article. Home-x, Nirman and Fintie are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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