Best Eye Glass Holder Stands for Kids

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1. FLYING BALLOON Markings Spectacles Decoration

FLYING BALLOON Markings Spectacles Decoration

The cute cat and dog shaped eyeglass holder can be a great gift for friends or family. It's perfect for keeping your extra pair of readers close at hand. It's a good gift for birthdays, anniversaries, festive occasions or the first time someone gets glasses. The size of the cat and dog is 4.3(L) x 6.2(H) inches.

Brand: Flying Balloon

👤The holder looks like it was made for adult wire framed glasses.

👤I gave this as a gift to my niece because she needed a cute safe place. She loves it! She loves kittens so she was happy when she received a birthday gift. She used to go to the bank area to get her birthday money. We are very happy with it.

👤This is very cute. I bought this for my 5 year old. It's hard to get used to the way the glasses are opened. You have to use 2 hands to make sure they are open or closed, instead of just setting them on one hand. My daughter loves it.

👤He's cute, but the cat doesn't hold my glasses well, and the added bank is nice for change, but it's a pain to get them to stay. The cat was larger than expected and he took up a lot of room.

👤My boyfriend thinks it is cute, but he is worried that using it to hold his glasses will cause scratches to the lens, since it looks like one of our cats.

👤Her earpieces don't collapse like regular glasses. She can't use it yet. She will still love cats when she wears regular collapsing glasses.

👤Le da animo tiene, pero no tiene, pero no tiene, pero no tiene, pero no tiene, pero no tiene.

👤The dog is cuter than it looks. It is very cute. I have not lost my glasses this week. I used to look for my glasses for hours. I love this dog. Applause!

2. CO Z Sunglasses Organizer Eyeglasses Collection

CO Z Sunglasses Organizer Eyeglasses Collection

It's suitable for most occasions and can be applied on eyes, face, body, and nail as art decorations to make you have more charming looks. There is leather and transparent acrylic. It can be turned into a wonderful jewelry and watches organizer with the help of a divider, it has 8 or 12 compartments, perfect to store your sunglasses, with the help of a divider. It's a great spot for your collections. It is made of PU leather exterior and soft lining interior, which make it a perfect home for all your glasses, watches, jewelry and other items. It's easier to pick a style. It's super convenient to pick a pair of glasses or watch to match your outfit, because the transparent top allows you to see through the box. Dustproof & Lockable Organizers. The lid protects your favorite item from dust and excessive humidity, making sure they are just like brand new for years to come. A great present. The perfect combination of function and beauty, this organizers is made to impress.

Brand: Co-z

👤The box was supposed to be used for glasses. I need to organize my tea bags and this box is perfect. I am happy every time. I make a cup of tea every day. No more going through different tea boxes. It looks beautiful. My guests like it.

👤The item arrived with a broken lock. The structural material of the hasp is just paper, and the screws holding it were removed. Iglued the screw holes and lock to the lid instead of sending the item back. The box has a horrible chemical smell. After the glue dries, I will put some dryer sheets in it. The lock is not locked. The product looks nice and will eventually make a nice glasses box. The smell and design are not good. I wouldn't give this item to someone.

👤At the beginning, it was great. The top came off. Poor craftsmanship. Will probably junk it and buy another product. I would be content if it weren't for that. Please use better glue.

👤This is a nice case. The latch works well and it is very well constructed. The case is very sleek and classy, which is exactly what I was looking for. I can leave it on my table. It adds a nice look. This is a great deal.

👤This is repulsive. Look at the mold. I will return this as soon as possible. I am disgusted and disappointed that this arrived with mold inside.

👤I didn't realize that something like this existed or that I needed it. I now have 4 different prescriptions for glasses. Keeping track of my glasses looked like a nightmare. The eyewear organizer is to the rescue. Is this a top of the line Italian leather box, no; did I want one? I've spent enough on glasses and prescriptions. This is a nice looking organization. I don't think it will last a lifetime, but I don't think it will not give me the organizers I need for a long time.

👤It is beautiful. I have an obsession with sunglasses and I couldn't figure out how to organize them, until I found this box. The top is clear and I can see all of them. I have big glasses and they fit perfectly. The inside is soft and doesn't scratch anything which is great. I need more of these boxes because my collection continues to grow.

👤I didn't give myself a chance to look at reviews because I thought it was just a case and it was fine to hold glasses. The leather is amazing and there is room for 8 pairs of glasses, but I was not disappointed because the top is glass. It's a high quality item and I recommend it.

👤I was very disappointed to find that the clasp was broken and unrepairable, I received this item today. The quality of the product is not good. The stitching on the top was pulling apart. It's a non-refundable item, so I wouldn't recommend it.

👤It's perfect to keep track of my glasses.

3. FLYING BALLOON Flamingo Spectacles Decoration

FLYING BALLOON Flamingo Spectacles Decoration

The modern appearance of the camellia makes it a nice decoration. Every eyeglasses holder has a one year warranty. The design of the eyeglass holder can be a great gift for friends or family. It's easier to locate the glasses if you hold them. It's a good gift for birthdays, anniversaries, festive occasions or the first time someone gets glasses. The size is 4.3(L) x 4.3(W) x 7(H) inches.

Brand: Flying Balloon

👤You are not impressed yet because I put it on my nightstand and it holds my glasses all night. It took a while to arrive, but it was packaged well and was a bit heavy. It's funny, cute and well designed. I think it's great. I can tell you that it starts my day with a smile.

👤My opinion is biased because I colldect Flamingos. I was worried that it was a Flamingo, but it works and is sturdy.

👤I love how functional my bird is, and how cute it is. I'm notorious for knocking my glass off of my nightstand. My glasses are safe now because of my.

👤It was well received when it was purchased as a gift. I had to explain that it wasn't used for instructions or a picture on the box. It is colorful and well made. Hopefully it will hold up.

👤It adds a little quirk to the room. The colors are spot on and the workmanship is excellent.

👤This is so cute and sturdy in my bathroom. A piece of art. It's handy for my turquoise color reader glasses when looking at fine print. The paint job could be better.

👤The item doesn't function very well. My glasses were too big and had to be adjusted. I thought that it would be too much work on sleepy nights. The item was returned.

👤This stand is everything I had hoped for. The colors are gorgeous, and it has a lot of weight to it, so it's very sturdy when I'm setting it down. This stand allows me to set my glasses on it without having to fold the arms in all the way. I am very happy with the purchase, it was a great price.

4. Red Dollar Handmade Sunglasses Nightstand

Red Dollar Handmade Sunglasses Nightstand

Each of the unique eyeglass holder is hand carved and painted with natural solid wood, specially tailored for you. The wooden animal stand holder can be used to store the glasses and the business card can be put on the nightstand. It's hard to find the small glasses after a while, with an exciting idea to organize your eyeglasses and sunglasses and protected it from scratching or losing. It's easy to find your glasses. The stand with the vivid 3D Dog shape can be collected by dog lover, the dog will be a great friend together with you! A unique gift option for your friend. The dog can decorate your home and make your room look better. This is a cute and useful ''friend''. It's great for a dog lover. They are free to deal with any problem at any time.

Brand: Red Dollar

👤They don't make a dragon version.

👤I'm obsessed with this! I bought this for my clients to have a place to put their glasses instead of just on the counter. It is sturdy and well made. You need this in your life.

👤I needed a safe place to sit my glasses next to my bed and this holder works great. It is sturdy and fun, but does not weigh a ton. I'm able to keep a pair of glasses close by without the risk of them being damaged.

👤I lost my glasses all the time so I got this for my desk. I have been wearing my glasses all the time since I bought it, but it looks good on my desk.

👤If you have extra money and want it, you can. I don't think it's something I would give again, it's very light and small. 6 inches and less than 1 pound. It looks nice and I wear gold glasses. If you want something sturdy, this isn't for you.

👤This thing is perfect. It's not too heavy for my son to have this on his bed, but it does the job of holding his glasses.

👤This glasses holder made my mom happy and it was cute. Great value!

👤My mom is an orthodontist and she uses her work glasses on her desk.

5. SMARTTOP Comfortable Eyeglasses Sunglasses Spectacles

SMARTTOP Comfortable Eyeglasses Sunglasses Spectacles

We believe in their products and back them with easy-to-reach customer service for any questions or concerns, please contact them without hesitation. "MoKo" is a high quality product that can be used to search for other high quality products from them. 10 pairs of black silicone ear hook grips are included. ANTI-SLIP: Don't worry about missing your glasses again. Silicone grips keep your glasses in a tight grip. Thin and thick eyeglasses arms are just as good as Kids and Adult size glasses. Light weight and stealth: Match closer to hair or glasses color. It feels like nothing is there. The double guarantee from Amazon and manufacturer is 100% manufacturer and own brand, reliable quality, feel free to purchase. The double guarantee from Amazon and manufacturer is 100% manufacturer and own brand, reliable quality, feel free to purchase.

Brand: Smarttop

👤The product is very helpful. I would get so frustrated with my glasses because they start sliding down my nose when I look down or brush my teeth. Having my glasses slip off my face while working as a nurse is not ok, frustrating and makes it difficult for me to perform simple patient care. I don't have a problem with them sliding off while I'm on my 12 hour shifts. It's a good thing. I only gave it 4 starts because they did start to bother my ears a little bit after a few hours, but if you lift up your glasses, it helps. I forget that they are there because I am so busy. I don't wear them at home because it's hard to put on, but I do wear them at work because they're hard to put on.

👤These are great. I have been wearing glasses for 50 years. I haven't found these before. I slid them onto my glasses about an hour ago after getting them in the mail. I have been trying to get my glasses to move. They have not moved a single bit. I've been shaking my head, leaning, and looking straight down. If you are upside-down, they will shift. Don't do that. They still didn't fall off. There is a note here. My glasses are cheap, I'm on bouncy carpet, and I have multiple spare parts around. You don't have to. I've worn these glasses for 2 years and they have never stayed on. Natural nose piece. The small earpieces are shaped like your earpieces should be. I highly recommend the 10 pairs for under $7.

👤The first time I saw these, I was happy. I have been using eye glass retainer straps for years. There are a couple of annoyances. They eventually start to get too stretched out to stay on the temples and hooks of my glasses. It's very frustrating to have these things slide off of your glasses while you try to put them on. The extra length of retainer cord made the other problem worse. The Cablz Zipz is the most expensive one I have ever tried. They were made well and worked well. There was nothing behind my head. They failed after about a year. The rubber or Silicone material was too loose to keep my glasses secure. That brings us to these. I thought it was cool to have a retainer system on my glasses. I'm not concerned about how people think about my looks but there was something about it that felt a little less nerdy. I tried them on. Ah! It was sweet bliss! Yes! Fifteen minutes later... These things are very upsetting. The back of my ears have been hit. It was much hard. I kept going. The hurt continued. There were times when I thought this wouldn't work. I continued to use them until there was no pain. Nothing! Not even a drop. Relief. There are smiles. I was happy. I can tell you that it took about three weeks for the hurt to go away, so you can help out those who are thinking about buying this. I feel fine with these now. I wear them to bed. As with all things silicone, these have loosened up some and oily skin is not your friend there. There is a They have never come off my glasses, and I am only one of their first sets. These have held up for a long time. I have more that I can use when these fail. If you can deal with some pain, you should give these a try. You should stick with the corded retainers if you can't.

6. Leather Eyeglass Holder Lining Champagne

Leather Eyeglass Holder Lining Champagne

The glasses holder. The faux leather eyeglass holder stands are large enough to fit most standard-sized glasses. It's perfect for: protecting and holding your reading glasses, sunglasses, and eyeglasses; it's a great gift for kids and adults. Soft and swift. These stands are made of quality PU leather and soft plush and can protect your glasses. DIMENSIONS The holder is 4.5 x 4.7 x 3.2 inches. What's inside? There are two eyeglasses holders per pack, one in grey and one in champagne.

Brand: Juvale

👤It was exactly as advertised. The lining is well padded. I now have four. I don't have to look for glasses.

👤I like it. Good price for a very well made item. It's perfect, I use it for my TV remote in my house. I'm forever misplacing it. Thank you, Ms Cookie.

👤I had one like this that I had for a long time, but it fell apart when my dog chewed it. The fur is soft to protect my expensive lens.

👤They are not big enough to hold a lot of stuff. I needed a few pens and that's what the def holds. I wanted to use the other remote. It barely fits 2. It still squeezes in there!

👤The fur is hastily installed and these are smaller than others.

👤There is a stylish place for holding his and her glasses. It matches my rug.

👤There is a nice stand for glasses. I don't knock my glasses on the floor because it takes up little space.

👤I don't have to look for my glasses every morning. They are safe and protected overnight.

7. SMARTTOP Eyeglasses Anti Slip Sunglasses Pairs Clear

SMARTTOP Eyeglasses Anti Slip Sunglasses Pairs Clear

This wooden glasses holder stand is suitable as a gift for your lover, friends, kids, colleague, father, mother or yourself. High quality soft silicone is lightweight and durable. The size is 0.6in x 0.2in. The arm width of the glasses is from 0.1in to 0.3in. There are 12 pairs of clear silicone round eyeglasses. There are three ways to install anti-slip effects. You have the option to choose a suitable way. The soft and elastic eyeglasses retainer is easy to install. Anti-Slip Design: It is possible to slip your eyeglasses down when you are outdoors. You don't have sore ears. Most types of eyeglasses, reading glasses and sunglasses are compatible with this application. All the way of purchase, the brand is 100% manufacturer and own brand. Most types of eyeglasses, reading glasses and sunglasses are compatible with this application. All the way of purchase, the brand is 100% manufacturer and own brand.

Brand: Smarttop

👤I think people that rate these low are not putting the grips on correctly. I did the same thing. The temples fell off when I tried to put them through the hole. You can see a small slice of the donuts by looking closely. The slit on one side has the temple on it. At least these will be mounted correctly. I put them from the end of the arm and don't slide them up to my temples as some people do. These work well with lightweight plastic lens and with my crown glass lens glasses, which just keep sliding down, even with silicone notepads and adjustment by the optometrist. The frames don't slide down my nose as much as the heavier glasses do. You just need to understand how the grips are to be installed.

👤Exactly what I was expecting. I don't have a bridge on my nose to keep my glasses on. I finally got fed up and looked for a solution online. The things came up with mostly satisfied customers. If $7 can finally stop my glasses from slipping, I think it's worth a try. 7 dollars is the best. There is a nice wiping cloth. I tried them on glasses with a regular arm and they all fit. If someone were to look at the back of my ears, they would see that it was fiction. If you choose heavy no slip, it's a little less noticable.

👤It's the worst thing to have an expensive pair of glasses. A band is a life saver. I can now look down without holding my glasses. I gave my dad a pair of shoes and he was very grateful. Thank you so much! I recommend this!

👤These are perfect. I bought them for my glasses and they have made a difference. I don't have to keep pushing my glasses up. They keep them on the bridge of the nose when you sweat. They are soft but strong, so they don't break, and they don't irritate the back of your ears. The ones that look like a "quote mark" but hurt my ears are one of the variations I have tried. I tried thesleeve ones, but they did not work. These are highly recommended. I bought the clear ones so they can match my glasses. That is a personal preference. I only use black ones with my frames. These are highly recommended. There is a slit in the side of the arm that you slide through. You don't put it through the hole and you don't put it through the slit and slide it all the way to the top of the arm. The part that goes behind the ear is adjusted around the curb of the arm. You will see that they work well if you can do that. If you can't understand the application, there is a video on the internet that shows you how to wrap rubber bands around the arm. The difference is the same.

👤It works as intended, but it does cause a little headaches from the added pressure, but that's to be expected. My glasses tend to fall off easily with face masks, so I bought this for use.

8. Bleiou Eyeglasses Glasses Protective Nightstands

Bleiou Eyeglasses Glasses Protective Nightstands

The soft and short lined keep your lens from breaking. The cover and base of the holder are non-slip. Small size can be placed on a desk, nightstand, coffee table, car dashboard, and so on. You can easily store your glasses in a place where you won't forget. Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, and family are all great gifts.

Brand: Bleiou

👤Four of the five people in the house are going to have their glasses scratched up. The cats knocked the two of us off of our nightstand. That doesn't happen anymore with these. These are great for waking up in the middle of the night and not having to look for your glasses. You don't have to worry about smudge prints on your glasses because you know where they are. These aren't a luxury item. These are must haves.

👤It's lightly padded and I like it. The ones with the furry lining look better. It seems to be well made and helps keep track of glasses.

👤I am notorious for having my glasses knocked off my nightstand. I stumbled across these while looking for a cute wooden eyeglass holder stand that looked like a face. This style is better for me. It's functional but not pretty. The felt lining on the inside of your glasses keeps them clean and scratch free. I just bought two new glasses and have a third pair that I have kept put up since I scratched the other pair that I bought. My glasses are safe on my nightstand with this set. I've been using it for several days and I'm really happy I bought it.

👤It's a useful gift for people you don't know what to give on their birthday or other special occasions. I think they're pretty, affordable, and useful, and they've made a big splash with my friends and family, who I don't know what to give them. I try to match the colors and designs of them to the recipient so it has been a success so far! I have them in my kitchen, office, and night table. I gave them as Christmas and birthday gifts. People called me saying how much they loved them.

👤The materials used to make these shocked me. The feel of cardboard is shiny. They are light in weight and short, so they tip easily. I will return them and buy a bigger holder for my glasses.

👤I didn't expect much because they were cheap. I needed a place for my glasses in the kitchen and the silver color matched my appliances. They are not metal. I have had my glasses in for a week or so and they seem sturdy. I would recommend the glasses to anyone.

👤I arrived quickly but I don't have prime. Since I have many pairs of glasses that I take off and on, I wanted a place to put them safely, and a family member had one of these when I was younger. The products work well. The inside material is very thin. It's just fine, I wish it had a more substantial lining. I used both of the two I bought.

👤I would definitely order again, it was a great quality and vibrant color.

👤These glasses holders are very nice. I bought 6 dark grey for myself, 2 for myself and 2 for my husband. I read reviews and checked the percentages. I bought these glasses holders. I got the style and colour I wanted at a great price. I was looking for something that was sturdy and well made, and they are just that. Thank you for the great product. Thanks to Amazon, you can't get anything else.

9. MDesign Stackable Organizer Sunglasses Accessories

MDesign Stackable Organizer Sunglasses Accessories

There are deviant storage draws. The drawers in this center are organized by color, style or use to keep glasses, sunglasses, readers, and accessories separate and free from scratching. STACKABLE: The organizers are great for space-saving, vertical storage and the chrome handles make it easy to open the drawers, perfect for eye wear, but also great for other accessories. Functions and quotient: Organizers make it easy to organize small spaces and keep them free of stuff, and they work well in cabinets, closets, and more. Use throughout the home to add storage where you need it. The construction is made of durable plastic, food safe, and easy to clean with mild soap and water. It is Measures 6.5" x 6.5" x 6.5" high.

Brand: Mdesign

👤I like the white sides and clear front. It has nine glasses and is perfect for me. It can hold my glasses. The drawers shut easily so it isn't a problem if you tilt the glasses up. If you had glasses that were small, they would fit flat. This is a nice place to keep glasses. It would be difficult to find the one I wanted to wear if I had all my glasses in one container. I now have a single place where I can find my glasses.

👤The organizers are very nice for the price. It looks nice and holds all the things I wanted. The drawers can get a bit wiggly and can get stuck, so they don't always pull out nicely. The guided tracks are not going to be something higher quality because this is a very basic and affordable plastic organizers. I am very pleased.

👤I didn't test it for Durability or Sturdiness, so I rated it 5-stars. It's a good thing. It may not make it down the stairs. In terms of efficiency, it's definitely worth 5 stars all around. I have a lot of sunglasses. The little contraption made them look organized and kept them clean from dust. If I run out of room, I bought two of them. I will buy another one. The worst thing about this product is that it encourages me to wear sunglasses.

👤I have a lot of prescription frames from online sites, some are loud and bulky, others are more traditional, but I was thrilled when my largest frames fit and cleared the drawer dimensions comfortably. This is a basic unit that does what it is intended to do and is cute in a variety of colors. I put my own felt sticker feet on the bottom so it wouldn't drag or scratch when I opened the drawers, and the drawers will tend to want to slide or tip when open more than halfway, but it's exactly what I wanted for the price point.

👤It was a bit scratched. I didn't want to have to return it. I cleaned it up. It is sturdy and cute. Large glasses don't fit here. I have a large pair of Versace glasses that don't fit, but my other sunglasses like cat-eye or regular-sized frames fit as well. There are 9 slots for glasses in the drawers with 3 slots in each. I did remove a star for the scratches, but I love how it looks.

👤It's super cute. I used to have my sunglasses thrown in a drawer and never wore them again. They are on display so I can pick out a pair that I want to wear and they are all in one place. Excellent quality for the price. I got the pink one and it was shipped quickly. It won't fit super oversized sunglasses. I still give it five stars despite the fact that one pair wouldn't fit.

👤I am in awe of this purchase. I was not expecting it to be so sophisticated. The pink is a great color for my bedroom. I didn't know how much this item meant to me. I misplace my glasses a lot. It was a constant quest to find the pair of shoes that matched the outfit I was wearing. I didn't know I owned a couple of pairs until I put them all in the drawers. Who would have thought that a piece of furniture could be chic at the same time. It looks great on my nightstand. A must have for us humans.

10. MoKo Eyeglass Zippered Sunglasses Pouch

MoKo Eyeglass Zippered Sunglasses Pouch

Flexible and light weight, made of premium neoprene, fits most size glasses, adds minimum bulk and weight while on the go or carrying around. The soft and smooth material makes it free from scratches on the surface of your eyewear, and the spacious design is perfect even for oversized glasses. It is easy to attach it to a belt loop, a backpack, a purse, or even take it on and off the slacks with just one clip. It can be used as a purse, wallet, jewelry bag, makeup bag, and even as a bank account, with money, cards, keys, and pens. Birthday, Commence Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas are some of the days where this gift is appreciated. They believe in their products and back them with easy-to-reach customer service for any questions or concerns, please contact them without hesitation. "MoKo" is a high quality product that can be used to search for other high quality products from them.

Brand: Moko

👤I have a case that says "Made in USA" on it's label. I never paid attention to it because it held a pair of bulky sunglasses, but I got some glass that won't hang on my collar or stay put on the top of my head, and I was able to notice it. I didn't like the ones that cost a buck at the opticians and looked like Poindexter's pocket protectors, so I needed a glasses case. I received this one and it filled the bill. The design of the case is better than it was twenty years ago, and it's possible to insert glasses one-handed, like when the case is hanging off a messenger bag. The material is a little lighter. It's cheaper, but we could call it lightweight. I can't comment on its longevity because I only had it for an hour. We all know how that goes. I made a small modification. I added a small bindery clip to the bottom of the zipper to make sure it doesn't slide open and dump the glasses. I removed the wire handles from the clip. A more permanent solution could be done with a needle and thread. The photo has a clip in it. I ordered another one immediately after I liked it.

👤The hard case I bought was falling apart. I use this to store my sunglasses in the car. It works well for smaller glasses, and fits my large glasses perfectly. My wife likes that this case looks better than the old hard shell case and it does not rattle in the dash compartment. I'm planning to buy a few more of these.

👤This case is great. I don't know what other reviewers were referring to when they stated that it was too big, because it is smaller than any other sunglasses case I have owned. It is a substance that is soft to touch, but still sturdy, durable, and conforms to the shape of the glasses, keeping them from being destroyed or scratched. I had a case for my sunglasses that was stolen. This product was made out of neoprene. You don't know how much room it creates in a purse that most women use in the workplace. I put my other fancy cases into a box to store other things, but I think this case is what I was looking for. For a long time! Thank you MoKo!

👤This is the perfect case for my eyeglasses and handbag. It is fine for just running and not being a hard shell. I used to have a soft case that was open and the glasses would slide out. This is very nice. Thumbs up! I ordered a second one in the leopard print.

👤I keep the foam in with the glasses for Extra Protection because I feel they are well protected, but that is not necessary. They don't take up a lot of space in my purse. I have been looking for the perfect case that was big enough, stylish but not too expensive and I found it in Starry Night. I'm waiting for new designs. You will be very satisfied with your purchase.

11. Bleiou Eyeglasses Holder Protective Glasses

Bleiou Eyeglasses Holder Protective Glasses

The soft plush lined keeps your lens from bending. It is made of sturdy leather. The leather cover and non-slip base of the holder are handsome. Small size can be placed on a desk, nightstand, coffee table, car dashboard, and so on. You can easily store your glasses in a place where you won't forget. Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, and family are all great gifts.

Brand: Bleiou

👤These are soft and won't scratch the lens. They're an appropriate size to hold a pair of glasses. I use my glasses for driving, watching TV, or just walking outside, because I am nearsighted. I may not put my glasses on again for an hour or two when I take my glasses off. I have to look for the glasses when I misplace them. I am 70 years old and those things happen to me. When I take off my glasses, I have a specific place to put them. When I put the glasses on my desk, I notice that they are not in the eyeglass stand, so I put them there. The number of glasses that were lost has been reduced. I got these for the specific purpose of giving my glasses a place to be when they are not being used, and it has worked.

👤I had never seen an eye glass holder like this before, and I must have been living in a bubble somewhere. I ordered it because I wanted my glasses to be in that nest. This item is a big hit. It does not tip over easily. It protects the glasses from getting scratched and it's easier to find and extract the eye glasses from the clam shell. I gave one to my husband and he likes it. A nice gift for someone who wears glasses and has an idea of their style is a must. I would buy again in a heartbeat, but not sure if I would ever need it, unless one of the dogs gets a hold of it.

👤The perfect size, large enough to fit big-framed glasses but not so large or bulky that it takes up too much space, is what they are. The soft fur protects the glasses. I regret not buying this sooner.

👤They are returning them. The glue they used gave off a strong chemical odor. It's so strong that it makes me have headaches. I had to wash my glasses because of the odor.

👤It's great for bedside. My guests who wear glasses are in the guest room. They loved the extra touch. I put a command strip to the bottom to keep me in place.

👤I thought they were a sure thing. There is a I opened the plastic bag and saw the wrapped items. They stink like products from the oil industry. Isant HeadaCHE! I sat them outside for a week to get rid of the smell. The smell will destroy it for me.

👤Since receiving this, I have not lost my glasses. The holder is perfect. I was very pleased with the variety. There is a Soft inside to protect the eyes.

👤Well made, great. I like to find glasses when I can't see well without my fingers.

👤You can keep 2 pairs of glasses in each of them.


What is the best product for eye glass holder stands for kids?

Eye glass holder stands for kids products from Flying Balloon. In this article about eye glass holder stands for kids you can see why people choose the product. Co-z and Flying Balloon are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye glass holder stands for kids.

What are the best brands for eye glass holder stands for kids?

Flying Balloon, Co-z and Flying Balloon are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye glass holder stands for kids. Find the detail in this article. Red Dollar, Smarttop and Juvale are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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