Best Eye Glass Holder Stands for Men

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1. GUIRONG Eyeglass Holder Display Stands

GUIRONG Eyeglass Holder Display Stands

It's perfect for most standard size of glasses or sunglasses. Provide a safe place to breathe in your glasses. Do you always wonder where your glasses are? The eyeglass holder stand can help you keep your glasses handy, the holder rest on the nose, and the back secures them in place, so they don't get scratched or crushed. The glasses stand is great for decorating your home and office and adds convenience. A ring, necklace, watch, rubber band, and etc. can be held by the eyewear retainer. The unique design and gift idea of these beautifully hand-crafted spectacles holders can be gifted to your loved ones as it reflects a fresh trend synonymous with fun along with practicality. It is a great gift for Mother's Day, Father's day, anniversary, birthday, house warming, or for wedding guests. Customer service is sweet. If you have any questions about the product, please contact them. They are happy to help. Also, note: Only products sold by GUIRONG are guaranteed greatness.

Brand: Wawice

👤Every morning we had a guessing game of trying to find his glasses. He wouldn't put them in the same place. He enjoys the game of letting Capt. with this cute little fellow. Kirk is a Star Trek fan. He tells his little friend that he's grateful for holding his glasses while he slept. I wish I had thought of this sooner.

👤A sculpture with a slot cut out in its noggin allows your glasses to rest. I bought this for my mom, who struggles with remembering where her reading glasses are, and I thought it might give her enough motivation to leave them in one place. I put it back in the box and sent it to her, instead of keeping it for myself, because she loved it, and I used my will to put it back in the box. It seems like it might be made out of some sort of resin and hand painted, but it's not too heavy. It's cute for a living room table or a bedside table.

👤The koala bear holder is cute and holds my glasses well. When I need to write a contract or read a fine print, they are always there for me. It's very well made and doesn't tip over. The little guy is sitting on my desk. Fast shipping and a great price. Highly recommend this.

👤I like to be able to reach for my glasses, but I don't like storing them in their case. When they are sitting on my desk, they are also unsafe. The koala solved my problem. He holds my glasses in the sweetest way possible. I can sit at my desk, grab my glasses, and work with a smile on my face. I leave them with my Koala at the end of the day. Just get one. I have not lost my glasses since I got this.

👤The holder is cute. If you are looking for a great gift to give the eye glass wearer in your life, look no further! I used to misplace my glasses a lot. You have to sit them down and look for 30 minutes before you see them sitting on the kitchen table. As long as I remember to put them back where they belong, I have a place to look for them. It is definitely worth the money. Cute and functional! Can't ask for more.

👤This is the most adorable thing. I work in the office. I want my area to look fun and feminine. This is perfect for my glasses because it keeps them up and prevents them from getting something on top of them. It looks like the picture and doesn't take up a lot of room. I was happy that I ordered it.

👤The little Koala glasses holder is adorable. It's very sturdy, sitting flat on any surface and holds my glasses until I need them, all the while smiling at me. I'm going to give this to my daughter for her birthday next year, and I'm also going to get another one for myself. The value is great.

2. Eye Glasses String Holder Straps

Eye Glasses String Holder Straps

Their sunglasses strap has an advanced clip loop that protects against slipping off, unlike other similar glasses string holders. Their men's eyeglass chain is designed to provide a snug fit for all types of frames while maintaining maximum grip. The glasses holder is perfect for large arms. The strap is 29" long and comfortable to wear for any head and neck size. You can adjust the strap for a tight fit or loose fit. Their men's eyeglass chain comes in different vibrant colors to complement their sense of style while doing their sports. This strap also comes with a bonus. If something happens with their straps for eyeglasses or it doesn't fit for you, just contact them, they will solve your issue!

Brand: Sigonna

👤For years I searched for Eye-sting holders that worked for me, but always had an annoying issue that I didn't like. I came across this brand that advertised it's longer length and that sold me, but after getting everything else they advertised, it became a reality for me. I have a variety of glasses that I always wear, but these Eye Strings fit easily on the different types of glasses that I wear, and I have expensive sunglasses as well as safety glasses for my workshop. Their long enough so they don't hang around a man's neck and still offer ease of use and fit all my eye wear that I use, yet they weren't annoying to my neck and my eye wear was secure even in the water. I like the color assortment and the price-point for the quality surprised me. The main thing for me is "they just did the job"

👤The loops that fit over the temple tips are made of Silicone and are long enough to comfortably fit adults. My daughter took two for an upcoming trip so they must be okay, but we'll see how they wear over time. I plan to use these straps to replace cheap straps that came with sport sunglasses. The package includes five straps, but the silicone loops have lost some of their grip and need to be tightened.

👤I have been using the straps for my glasses. I am a bit absent minded and I am an active senior. I am in constant search of glasses unless they are attached to my head. I wear two glasses at a time. Readers for the details in life, and the second pair to provide eye protection from the sun, dust, and wood chips from the chain saw. The rubber "eyelets" that hold the straps onto the temples are ingenious. They work and are comfortable. The bonus feature is the rubber length adjustment. I shorten the length of the strap when I want to secure the glasses to my head when I am running or otherwise active. The straps add flair to the graying geezer I am.

👤These are the best straps I've found. I've used straps for years and they all fail. I think they will last for a long time. I will try to update this review if something changes but I can't imagine that it will because of the way these are constructed. It was easy to see where the failure point would be on other straps, but I don't see that happening with these. The rubber strap that hooks on the glasses is probably the weakest link on these. I think it will last for a long time.

👤I bought a pack of these and 2 of 5 were broken in the package. I sent an e-mail to the seller, and they responded a few times, trying to make me happy, and asking me to send a picture of the broken items, which I did, then promising to replace them free of charge. I haven't received any replacements yet. I washed and broke one of the ones I wore, but these are advertised as hardy, but I have found the opposite, and would not buy again.

3. Home X Plush Lined Eyeglass Holder

Home X Plush Lined Eyeglass Holder

Soft plush lining protects against bent and scratched frames. The soft lining is great for keeping your lens clean. The tip-proof design keeps glasses at the ready on the night stand, desk, kitchen counter or next to your chair. A great gift idea. This product is great for Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, or just because, because anyone will get out of it. Most standard sizes of glasses and sunglasses are compatible. It works for most standard sized glasses and sunglasses. It saves space on your desk because of it's small size. The base is about 4 x 2. The height is 5. Simply Home Solutions has a trademark called Home-X.

Brand: Home-x

👤I've worn glasses for 20 years and have never gotten a scratch on them. I have used this holder a few times at night and it has scratches on my lens. I wish I'd seen that ridge before. I was not happy that this cheap product ended up costing me hundreds to replace my glasses.

👤Around the same time I bought this, I bought my new glasses. I look at my glasses when I go in for an eye exam and I wonder where the scratches came from. Most of the reason is before bed. I don't care what happens if I drop it on the floor because it can get scratched easily. I bought this to help protect it even on a long tiring day, I still force my self to put this in there. I love it and I will find it where I left it. The cushion is very easy to use on glasses and it cleans the glasses when I put it in. I would like the base to be heavy. When I wake up to get glasses, I don't knock it over easily. But in my experience of reviewing stuff. This gets a 5 star rating.

👤I like this thing. I have to feel around for my glasses because they get knocked off and I have to put them on the nightstand. I don't have to look for them anymore. I have thick frames and they fit in there. I didn't like the fake fur lining at first, but now I'm glad I got it. The white shows well at night. I am able to locate my glasses more easily when it's dark, and it stops the plastic from scratching my lens, making it sound like it's stylish. It hasn't fallen over before. Sturdy. This thing is useful.

👤The faux fur lining was poor. It was on time. A Christmas gift for my husband. The leather is very nice. The based and the stitching are the same. The faux fur lining is not very good. The lining overlaps by 1.5 inches and creates a rough ridge inside the holder. I would be worried about glasses getting scratched. Large eyeglasses won't fit inside because of the overlap. I'm returning the holder and hoping the replacement has a properly trimmed lining.

👤I ordered this for my remote control because I keep losing it and it's stuck in between the cushions of my sofa or in some other crack or crevice, so I never thought to look for it. This arrived in a beautiful chocolate color. It fit my remote control like a glove. I tried to see if there was enough room to hold my glasses, but it was not possible because of the width of my remote. I ordered a second one. I don't have to worry about losing either of those again. I like it.

👤I sit on my desk near my bed. There is nothing to dislike. I bought another one because my first one was chewed up by my dog. The lining is very soft. My large frames fit well in it. This is a worthwhile investment, and it will cost about $1200 to replace a pair. Thank you, JC.

4. Autoark Leather Eyeglasses Sunglass Organizer

Autoark Leather Eyeglasses Sunglass Organizer

The product dimensions are: 13.4" x 9.7" x 3.3" (34 x 24.5 x 8.4 cm). Black high grade leather surface with 8 separate compartments to keep your sunglasses and glasses organized. You can find your favorite treasure in seconds with this unique glasses and jewelry box. It's perfect for home and business use. There are suits for storing glasses, jewelry, cuff links, spare links,rings,earrings, necklaces, etc. Their products are elaborately designed and manufactured, they have a strict quality control system to ensure a stable quality. They will try to solve your problem if you contact them.

Brand: Autoark

👤I have been organizing my life for over a year. I am finally going to focus on the small stuff. I didn't know what I wanted for my glasses. I thought the number was perfect when I saw it. It would make me narrow down my sunglass collection and give the extra ones to good will. The quality is very good. It gives your glasses a classy look. MyTiffany case is good in the slots, but myChloe case is too big. I stored them elsewhere, but that is fine with me.

👤The box is cute. I may purchase more glasses in the future. It is sturdy and elegant. The company does not offer other colors such as pink. I ordered this one because of the style and I assumed that it would have more of a rosy pink color. It is more of a red color. I love it. The seller should consider offering more colors. Thank you.

👤The box seems to be well made. The top won't stay open because the ribbon connecting it to the base is too short. I shouldn't have to fix that.

👤I have a few pairs of 3d movie glasses and this is a great place to keep them. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to make a movie room. There is a great storage. Looks classy.

👤I wanted to see how the cases would do in my closet. I bought two more of them. Having my sunglasses organized made a difference. You can see through the window on the top of the case, which makes it much easier to find the pair you are looking for. No more looking through a drawer. I would recommend these cases.

👤This is a great eyeglass organizer. Over the years, I have collected about six pairs of glasses. I like to swap them with my outfits. I use this case to keep them safe. I don't have to open many individual cases to find the pair I want to wear. At a glance, I can pick out my glasses.

👤I love this case. Been looking for it for a long time. I bought 3 new glasses. I needed something to keep them organized. The case is on top of my furniture. This case is very attractive.

👤I'm very happy with this purchase. I needed a sunglass holder in my room. If you are looking for something like this, the box is well made for the price and I would highly recommend it. I've had it for a year. It's still holding together.

👤It's not a color I would have chosen, but it's lovely. It's a must to keep your sunglasses dust and scratch free. Would definitely recommend.

👤The lock broke for the first time. The top part of the lock is held by weak screws. The box is nice but we had to send it back because the lock broke.

👤We were looking for a good buy and this is exactly what we got.

👤I needed this to keep my sunglasses together. Looks smart in my bedroom.

5. Anti Scratch Eyeglasses Holder Protective Glasses

Anti Scratch Eyeglasses Holder Protective Glasses

This glasses holder protects your glasses from scratches, dirt and damage. It's a great way to protect your glasses from bending. This holder only fits most standard size eyeglasses or sunglasses, not including oversize sunglasses, so keep your glasses safe all the time. For all ages and genders. The stand can be placed on any flat surface in your home or office. This multi-purpose storage pouch can hold glasses, pens, and other items. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Pg6

👤The graphic is not clear. The faux fur or fleece lining has a strong chemical smell, and whenever I use it, my glasses smell like the chemical. The plastic smells. Maybe the smell will go away eventually. I don't want to wait for that. I am giving this to the Good Will and ordering aFlintie one. I should have known better.

👤I received a glasses holder. I like the print. I was not happy with the quality of the item. The lining wasn't fastened all the way around. There were pieces of glue attached to the lining inside. If I slid the glasses in the holder, the pieces of glue could scratch them. I will attempt to cut out the pieces inside and re-glue the lining. I shouldn't have to do so much work.

👤It is a beautiful product. It stinks. I had to put on a mask as I unwrapping it. The smell was unlike any other product I have ever ordered and I order everything on Amazon. I knew it would take almost a month to ship, but I was warned up front. It came a week earlier than expected. I don't know how to make that smell go away. I think I will put it in a shoe box sized plastic storage container with scented laundry dryer sheets and see if it makes it smell better. It's a good thing that fingers crossed.

👤The color is not like the picture at all. The promo picture is silvery purple, but in regular light it is a flat aubergine color. It's a nice color, but not what was advertised. A close up flash will never look like how it's advertised, even if you sit in your house. There is a smell. I'm hoping the smell will go away soon. The first picture is in standard light.

👤My husband has been using one of these for a long time, but I never bothered to get one. What a mistake. This thing is great. I chose one without a magnetic base because I like to knock things over. I wanted it to be more secure. I like the velvet more than the fur-lined ones because it's less likely to get dirty or get things caught in it that would scratch my glasses. The holder works as intended. Setting them on the counter or in a hinged case would make them a huge upgrade. I would buy again.

👤Even though I have glasses that fit my vision needs, I usually take them off to read. I needed a safe place to put my glasses so they wouldn't get scratched or knocked off the surface. The anti-scratch eyeglasses holder works perfectly. I don't have to worry about my glasses in the dark. The glasses will not be knocked off the table. No more scratched glasses! I ordered 2 more in different colors because I loved this item so much.

👤After a few weeks of use, the top separated from the bottom.

👤I didn't check how long it would take for it to be delivered. Really? 6 wks? I had a phone case for J3 that had the same print.

6. Fintie Eyeglasses Magnetic Premium Official

Fintie Eyeglasses Magnetic Premium Official

It protects your glasses and keeps them safe all the time. The glasses holder is made of a soft furry lining and protects your glasses from dirt and scratches. The glasses holder is also great for protecting the arms of your glasses. It is easy to place on any surface, and you can find your missing glasses in no time. No more panic. A great gift idea. Birthday, Christmas, and Anniversaries are where this gift can be found. There are a variety of bright colors. The official product of Micklyn Le Feuvre.

Brand: Fintie

👤I ordered three of them in different prints. I like them. I keep my computer prescription in my work bag. When I arrive, I put my glasses in and switch back and forth between them. They keep my glasses clean. I have a place to put the other two pairs of glasses on my night stand. If they made one unit with two pockets, I would love it. I keep two of my prescriptions on my nightstand and it takes up a lot of space. I tried placing one of the magnetic bases back to back, but it didn't work because of the magnets. This is a great product and I love it. They arrived on time.

👤It's lightweight, convenient and plush to protect your glasses. I bought one for my sister who loved it so much that she bought a second one for her husband and daughter. I bought a double nightstand for my bathroom and a single nightstand for the other nightstand that holds my glasses in one and the remote in the other. I am very happy with these.

👤These holders are great. I bought different patterns for myself and my sister. Purchase for tv remotes, pens/pencils, brushes and combs. I'm thinking of buying a few more. The soft lining is great for your glasses. Comes in two pieces. The bottom half is magnetic. I would buy again.

👤I gave this to myself and I love it. I got 2. My glasses fit perfectly. I put them in the bathroom when I get ready in the morning. I don't get hair spray on my glasses while working with hair care products. My night stand has another holder on it. There are two perfect locations for this product. So cute. Thank you.

👤I love this product. This product protects my investment from being ruined. I bought these for myself and other family members. There are lots of designs for adults and kids. Fast shipping!

👤I have never heard of such a thing as eyeglass holders. I knew I needed some when I saw them. I bought 2 cute holders. I have been using them since they arrived. I love that I can slip my glasses into them and they won't get scratched or lost. Great deal! Thanks.

👤Absolutely adore this! I had no idea where to put my glasses the next day. I was afraid of taking them off and putting them somewhere they might be destroyed. This is very functional and cute on my bed side table. My glasses go with me to bed. Would definitely suggest.

👤I loved this item. It's a bargain and will save me scratches to my glasses. I have knocked my glasses off when I reach for the alarm clock or turn off the lamp. I gave it to my best friend. She wanted to give it to her husband and daughter. They are not cons to me. Every night, I put my glasses in the holder. I wouldn't put my glasses in the eye glass case.

7. Desktop Eyeglass Holder Lining CA 500

Desktop Eyeglass Holder Lining CA 500

There are 4 colors available. Outside is covered by a 4.6" x 2.7" x 1.4" and inside is covered by a 1" x 2.4" The base is weighted for stability. One case is not included.

Brand: Calabria

👤This works well for me. It is weighted to stand up and not be knocked over. The construction seems to be good, but the piece covering the bottom is already loose. I have it on the table next to the chair where I can use it. I like how it works for my glasses. I take them off and drop them in the holder where they are safe, instead of setting them down and losing them, or sitting on them. When I need to see something better and when I am reading, I always take the readers off and put them on. My glasses are better protected.

👤I wanted to like this product. It seems sturdy on its base. It was good until I looked at the bottom. The workmanship was poor and the bottom cover piece was not done neatly. Maybe I have a bad one. I think it was not worth the money I paid for it.

👤I thought it would be convenient to keep this at my desk, so I bought it as a trial. The weighted bottom keeps the case stable. I wish the holder was larger in order to accommodate a broader selection of eyewear. I have a cat, which is not the fault of this item. He enjoyed chewing on the exposed part of my glasses. I don't think using a holder is a viable option. I need a product like this, but with a lid or flap, I can easily flip it over. A normal case still provides a smaller desktop footprint, but adds more protection from dust and naughty pets.

👤I was looking for an alternative to putting my glasses on a table at night and reaching for them in the morning. I needed a better way to wear my glasses. This is a huge improvement over using a glasses case. I'm lazy. It is easy to get it back. I haven't knocked the base over yet because it's nicely weighted. I had read that the base wasn't being glue well or that it was coming apart. So far, so good, and I'll probably just get another glue fix if it happens. I should have been using this for a long time.

👤It is sturdy but the quality is terrible. Isn't it glue together? I can put 2 inside but only one will feet like others. I wouldn't recommend this eye glasses holder to anyone.

👤The Holdie and other holders are similar to that. This looks great on my desk, takes up less space than the competitors, and makes me happy when I see it. The red leather has small dots on it that make it look modern and contemporary. The holder is weighted so that it doesn't topple over and it's hard for the cat to knock it over. It is easy to hold reading glasses. I use it for glasses. I have a few with medium sized and smaller lens, and some with thick plastic frames. Both pairs fit in the holder. Most prescription frames will fit it. It might not be big enough for sunglasses. The holder is the same width as the Holdie. There are several colors to complement your decor.

8. Fintie Eyeglasses Holder Magnetic Leather Glasses

Fintie Eyeglasses Holder Magnetic Leather Glasses

It protects your glasses and keeps them safe all the time. The glasses holder is made of a soft furry lining and protects your glasses from dirt and scratches. The glasses holder is also great for protecting the arms of your glasses. It is easy to place on any surface, and you can find your missing glasses in no time. No more panic. A great gift idea. Birthday, Christmas, and Anniversaries are where this gift can be found. There are a variety of bright colors.

Brand: Fintie

👤This is one of the glasses holders I got and I'm really happy with it. They're made for something that isn't typically having any force on it, and they seem well made. I have one on my bed. I was surprised at how easy it was to slide my glasses in one of these holders, rather than fiddling with my case, it helps when I'm tired and it's easier again. I almost always end up getting prints on the lens when I take them out of the case in the morning, but that doesn't happen with this holder, I can grab them by the corner of the frames more easily. I got the other one for my husband so he wouldn't leave his glasses in random places. When I ordered them, it seemed a little excessive, but now I don't want to go back to traditional cases.

👤I had this for over a year and the first few months were fine, but then I noticed my glasses were getting scratched more and more. I thought it must be the cleaning wipes I was using, but I stopped using them and the lens were getting worse. I have been wearing my two year old ones until the new ones are ready. Two days in my new glasses, they were scratched up. What the hell? I was starting to wonder what was going on. I finally felt around in the "plush" lining and saw that the hard seam was exposed for about two inches. My glasses were scratched. They were scratched when I inserted or removed them. There is a seam on the back side of the "plush" that has some rough spots. They were sure to get scratched even if I used the lens side. I wouldn't recommend it until they fix the quality. I only use this at work so it's not used every day.

👤I put my glasses on the nightstand. They get these tiny scratches on the lens, affecting my eye sight, because I am always dropping them on the floor. I read all the reviews and decided to try this holder. I love this holder. It's soft so my glasses stay safe, I never lose my glasses because I put them in this holder when I take them off, and they never fall on the floor or get shuffled around so they stay scratch free. This is the best thing I have ever bought to keep my glasses safe, convenient and ready to throw on. This holder is very good. It fits my glasses with room to spare, and it looks pretty on my nightstand.

👤This is a great eyeglass holder. I had a dish designed to hold eyeglasses. It was difficult to find the dish in the dark of a winter morning because it did not protect the glasses from scratches. The plush lined eyeglasses holder is easy to find in the dark and protects the glasses from scratches. The design is easy to spot. I look for as many advantages as I can find as a senior citizen.

9. Juvale Glasses Display Case Sunglasses

Juvale Glasses Display Case Sunglasses

If you have a question, please contact them. The multiple glasses case contains 8 separate and spacious compartments for a wide variety of eyeglasses, sunglasses and more. The sunglass travel case has a full flip top lid secured with magnets that will ensure your contents don't fall out during travel. The storage box sunglasses glasses lined with soft beige velvet on the inside and finished with a black faux leather exterior can be used as a store window display or simply as useful storage. This eye glass display organizers is just the thing for keeping your valuables safe and sound, it's a glasses box organizer. This sunglass holder is the perfect size for multiple glasses.

Brand: Juvale

👤I returned the first glasses case because it was full of bubbles and not properly fastened to the cardboard box. The replacement is full of bubbles. I think they don't know how to attach the vinyl to the cardboard. I might try a different brand or accept that this is the best they can do for $20

👤Another piece to organize my spouse. He has a lot of glasses. I like that you can see them all at once, because most of them are inexpensive and don't merit storing them in hard cases individually. I put the lid under the box and put it inside a shallow drawer. It was a pleasant surprise to see the box open.

👤My wife's sunglasses werecluttering our closet so I got this case. In short: The mess is gone. The case is black with faux leather that seems to be affixed to the underlying structure in an appropriate way. The corners look great. The tray is easy to open, the two magnets make it easy to lift the lid with one hand. The case is light and has a premium look.

👤This case is in my drawer. The large glasses store is very well depicted in the pictures. You can fit two sunglasses in one slot. I put a fabric between them. I use this case to help me choose which sunglasses I want to wear based on my outfit. The inside of the case is soft, and has a velvet feel. The black with white stitching exterior is very nice. If you had a deep drawer, I could imagine stacking two or three of these on top of each other.

👤I had to decide on a holder for my glasses. The spacing is great for my frames. There are no clips or hardware to close it. Simply close the cover. So far, very happy with it.

👤The box has a product covering.

👤This item was returned because of the quality of the product, not the quality of the interior. It looked like air bubbles or peeling was happening on the outside. I couldn't justify giving the item away in such bad shape.

👤Each year I get a new pair of glasses, but I have never had a place for them. This is perfect for my closet, it's on a shelf.

👤For individuals who need to wear more than one pair of glasses, long distance, bi-focal, and computer, and then have their previous set which is still usable for doing arts / crafts / painting, this is ideal, as the eye glasses have a permanent take off put on station. If you are into RV'ng, take the entire box, as they are all there. I bought it and it works great for me. I will take care of it.

👤Me sorprendi la calidad por dentro, tiene gamuza, and tiene una parte de imn al momento de cerrar. Estoy encantado con el producto.

👤En términos generales est bien, todo tomando encuestas, totalmente satisfecho...

👤Buen material, ideal para las gafas, elegante y buen material. I am encant.

10. Baitaihem Eyeglasses Protective Glasses Nightstands

Baitaihem Eyeglasses Protective Glasses Nightstands

The soft plush interior is scratch-free. The holder is 4.5" x 3.5" The cover and base are made from sturdy PVC. To keep your glasses protected, use on nightstand, coffee table, desk, etc. It's good to keep your lens clean and protect them from dirt. It's perfect for protecting against bent frames. This stand works well. I always know where my glasses are.

Brand: Baitaihem

👤This is a great idea for a table. I have to clean my glasses every time I take them out. I couldn't figure out why my glasses were always dirty. When I pulled them out, they were smudged and smeared. I don't want to have to clean my lens every time I take them out, so they're worthless to me.

👤These were a bit flattened out but have stayed the same as a great value. The silver stripes are metallic too. The inside seam for the "sherpa" was on the front and not on the side as I was upset about. I have to remember to turn the glass's lens towards the back so as to not scratch it. I ordered 2 sets and they are very useful. Oh yes. They don't tip over like I was afraid. I have large frame glasses that fit well.

👤I like these. I don't wear glasses, but sometimes I need cheaters. I have them all around the house. I'm constantly forgetting them. I have two of these, one in my living room and one in my bed. I can't tell you how happy I am that I can always find my cheating friends. As long as I remember to put them in their holder as soon as I take them off. I have a habit of putting them on top of my head. I would highly recommend them.

👤These eye glass holders give me plenty of room for my large glasses. The inside is lined to protect the lens from scratches. The opening is large and I don't have to adjust my ear lobes to fit the glasses all the way in. A gift for someone who travels would be great. When I'm traveling, I always pack one or two so that I know where my glasses are when I wake up. It's helpful when I'm in a room that I'm not familiar with in the middle of the night.

👤The product was described and packaged well. I had to toss them because of the strong scent. I have a scent allergy and I have to allow some items to air out outside or spray the occasional item with febreeze, but after 3 days outside and being sprayed 3 times a day for a week, these were still the worst smelling things I have ever purchased! The smell is similar to a shoe factory chemical spill.

👤Drop them in, it's nice and inexpensive, with nothing to open or close. I keep mine on my bedside table. I like to read the news before I go to sleep. It is easy for me to remove my glasses and put them in the holder.

👤This is a good product that holds glasses, it's light weight and you don't have to worry about them falling out. They should state that they are shipped from China. Most of our products are made overseas, but I should be aware of where they come from when I order them.

👤It's hard to find things that don't make my house look cluttered. I bought a pair of grey fabric. One for my desk and one for my coffee table. I don't have to think about where I left my glasses when they aren't on my face. The bottom is made of velvet and won't scratch furniture. I will get another pair for my bedroom.

11. Leather Double Velvet Protective Eyeglasses

Leather Double Velvet Protective Eyeglasses

Premium material is easy to clean and lasts a long time. The glasses holder is made of non-slip velvet and can stand on the desk stable. It's great for keeping your lens clean and protecting them from dirt. It will fit most standard size glasses or sunglasses, but please note that it will not fit a oversize sunglasses, thanks a lot!), For the size details, please refer to their size chart photo in the listing. One more eyeglasses can be held by dual holder. The stand can be placed on any flat surface in your home or office. This multi-purpose storage pouch can hold glasses, pens, and other items. There is a variety of fun colors. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Pg6

👤This little device is simple and nifty. The dual holder is perfect for me as I have two pairs of glasses. They are fixed to the base, which is fine. I don't know the purpose of detaching them. It must have been a night stand. It is nice to have a place for them and not worry that my glasses will fall to their deaths behind my night stand.

👤I misplace glasses and have broken or bent them. They have a spot that won't hurt them. I use for two pair of glasses the remote that you could always put in one side. It seems to be cardboard with a wallpaper type material over it. If it fell on the floor from being knocked over, you could damage it by stepping on it. Don't step on it. It looks the same as pictured. I would buy it again. I'm probably buying for my family.

👤I chose this style because I was worried that a single type unit would tip over. This one is stable and the plush interior doesn't scratch or smudge my readers. The faux leather looks nice. I now know where my readers are. It looks nice, stable, and doesn't scratch or smudge glasses. I would like to see a brown leatherlike option.

👤This is the third double glasses holder that I have purchased. No more looking for glasses. These holders are great by my bed, computer and sewing machine. In my sewing room I have a pair of scissors on one side and glasses on the other. The pencils are on the double side at my desk. If you don't need to wear glasses all the time, it's great!

👤The item is adorable. I thought it was black, but it is actually dark navy blue. The glasses fit perfectly and are soft. It's very sturdy and perfect for my bedside. I use an extra safety case for my phone and it doesn't fit. I can use the extra pouch for other things. Absolutely recommend!

👤I have 5 of them. I have glasses that allow me to see and read. I know where my glasses are when I slip my glasses in one side and pull out my reading glasses. I don't need to worry about my glasses getting scratched because they have the soft pocket. They will fit in any room with the many designs and colors.

👤This little gizmo is very cute. I keep it on my computer. I put my trifocals in one side of my desk and remove my computer glasses from the other. I reverse the process when I finish at the computer. My glasses are kept in a safe place where I can find them easily. The holder is pretty and sturdy.

👤These are cute, but they smell terrible. They will be functional if the smell goes away. The holders weren't manufactured correctly. The seam bulges more than I expected. You can definitely feel it, but it's not visible because of the interior lining.


What is the best product for eye glass holder stands for men?

Eye glass holder stands for men products from Wawice. In this article about eye glass holder stands for men you can see why people choose the product. Sigonna and Home-x are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye glass holder stands for men.

What are the best brands for eye glass holder stands for men?

Wawice, Sigonna and Home-x are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye glass holder stands for men. Find the detail in this article. Autoark, Pg6 and Fintie are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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