Best Eye Glass Holder Stands for Women

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1. Eximious India Spectacle Eyeglasses Retainers

Eximious India Spectacle Eyeglasses Retainers

Eye glasses holder size is 6. This rustic wooden eye glass spectacle holder is a great way to add style to your office desk. When not in use, it keeps your eye glasses scratch free. The eye wear holder stand is made from mango wood, which is known for its natural appeal. The glasses holder stand helps organize your spectacle. The owl is a symbol of a long life, a happy family life, wisdom, knowledge and erudition, which fight the darkness of ignorance. It was used to boost learning, work efficiency and intellectual work. It is considered a powerful symbol for Wealth, as it positively impacts the personal development, which is more important than the financial prosperity. The owl is a symbol that encourages spiritual development. Customer satisfaction is important to them. If you're not happy with their product or the quality, their customer service team will work with you to make it right. Please contact them directly. The holder can be used for more than one thing. Father's Day gifts are perfect for men, dads, women, and birthday presents.

Brand: Eximious India

👤Our mascot is a night owl and I attend an online University. The glasses I wear are expensive to replace if I damage them from laying around where they shouldn't be. The wooden statue is well suited to holding my glasses while I am not using them. The design is very symmetrical, I initially had concerns after a few product photos appeared to be off between the left and right side, but the quality and attention to detail is great. The statue is made from wood that is light and sturdy, and I like the dark details. As I finish my degree, I will order one for my mentor because I like it so much.

👤When I gave it to her, her glasses didn't fit in the holder, but she said it was cute and she would keep it. Her glasses didn't fit because they are bulkier than her husband's.

👤It looks great but isn't very useful. The glasses are too close to the owl and the hook on the back is too close to the nose. You have to bend the arms a little to get most glasses into the grooves. Since the front has nothing to rest on, the glasses point down and do not look as cool as the picture shows.

👤This is a great piece of functional decor. It is carved wood, dark in color, and holds a pair of glasses. It's a great place to set your glasses.

👤I was hoping for a place to put my glasses at night. I have to hold the temple pieces away from the lens to fit over the stand because the top part is so thick. I plan on resolving the stand, but I will keep it as a decoration.

👤This is a great gift for someone who needs to keep their glasses in one place. My wife leaves her glasses around our place. The design of this piece was very cute and she loves owls. My wife loves the black paint, it looks like it's not dry. I do too if she loves it.

👤I needed to hold my glasses at night. I'm obsessed with owls and he's adorable.

👤A gift for an owl person is a nice gift. If you collect owls, it looks great without glasses. I'm quite happy with it. It was shipped quickly and in a proper container.

👤My daughter gave this to her grandpa. She wears glasses herself and has a giraffe glasses holder. Her Grandfather wonders how he was able to do it without one. He knows where he put his glasses.

👤The chip was under the eye and there was a crack at the top. It was wrapped well so it wasn't checked for quality. Not what I would expect. Returning.

👤Even if I return it, I won't get it by Christmas. Don't order with these.

👤I bought two for work and the home office. The pictures show that the quality was not consistent. One owl looked sick. I carved most of the sleep out of its eye with a chisel, and then sanded it and colored it with markers. It's not perfect but it's good. These are rough pieces of art. The original carver lost a chunk of the owl's face and sent the owl down the line to make quota, so my guess is that the original carver used some sort of wood filler made of sawdust. The pictures don't seem to post in upload order, but any picture of a single owl is the one with the gunk in its right eye, either before or after I carved it out. There are two pictures of the pair before and after the repair. The picture is of an owl.

2. CO Z Sunglasses Organizer Eyeglasses Collection

CO Z Sunglasses Organizer Eyeglasses Collection

It's suitable for most occasions and can be applied on eyes, face, body, and nail as art decorations to make you have more charming looks. There is leather and transparent acrylic. It can be turned into a wonderful jewelry and watches organizer with the help of a divider, it has 8 or 12 compartments, perfect to store your sunglasses, with the help of a divider. It's a great spot for your collections. It is made of PU leather exterior and soft lining interior, which make it a perfect home for all your glasses, watches, jewelry and other items. It's easier to pick a style. It's super convenient to pick a pair of glasses or watch to match your outfit, because the transparent top allows you to see through the box. Dustproof & Lockable Organizers. The lid protects your favorite item from dust and excessive humidity, making sure they are just like brand new for years to come. A great present. The perfect combination of function and beauty, this organizers is made to impress.

Brand: Co-z

👤The box was supposed to be used for glasses. I need to organize my tea bags and this box is perfect. I am happy every time. I make a cup of tea every day. No more going through different tea boxes. It looks beautiful. My guests like it.

👤The item arrived with a broken lock. The structural material of the hasp is just paper, and the screws holding it were removed. Iglued the screw holes and lock to the lid instead of sending the item back. The box has a horrible chemical smell. After the glue dries, I will put some dryer sheets in it. The lock is not locked. The product looks nice and will eventually make a nice glasses box. The smell and design are not good. I wouldn't give this item to someone.

👤At the beginning, it was great. The top came off. Poor craftsmanship. Will probably junk it and buy another product. I would be content if it weren't for that. Please use better glue.

👤This is a nice case. The latch works well and it is very well constructed. The case is very sleek and classy, which is exactly what I was looking for. I can leave it on my table. It adds a nice look. This is a great deal.

👤This is repulsive. Look at the mold. I will return this as soon as possible. I am disgusted and disappointed that this arrived with mold inside.

👤I didn't realize that something like this existed or that I needed it. I now have 4 different prescriptions for glasses. Keeping track of my glasses looked like a nightmare. The eyewear organizer is to the rescue. Is this a top of the line Italian leather box, no; did I want one? I've spent enough on glasses and prescriptions. This is a nice looking organization. I don't think it will last a lifetime, but I don't think it will not give me the organizers I need for a long time.

👤It is beautiful. I have an obsession with sunglasses and I couldn't figure out how to organize them, until I found this box. The top is clear and I can see all of them. I have big glasses and they fit perfectly. The inside is soft and doesn't scratch anything which is great. I need more of these boxes because my collection continues to grow.

👤I didn't give myself a chance to look at reviews because I thought it was just a case and it was fine to hold glasses. The leather is amazing and there is room for 8 pairs of glasses, but I was not disappointed because the top is glass. It's a high quality item and I recommend it.

👤I was very disappointed to find that the clasp was broken and unrepairable, I received this item today. The quality of the product is not good. The stitching on the top was pulling apart. It's a non-refundable item, so I wouldn't recommend it.

👤It's perfect to keep track of my glasses.

3. MOSISO Eyeglasses Holder Leather Magnetic

MOSISO Eyeglasses Holder Leather Magnetic

The internal and external dimensions are: 3.7 x 2.6 x 5.4 inch and 3.4 x 3.4 x 5.6 inch. This eyeglasses holder is compatible with the following phones: 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, 13 mini, 12 Pro, 12 mini, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, and iPhone SE. It is made of waterproof and durable PU leather and has a plush lining to protect your eyeglasses from bent, scratches and dust. It can be kept upright on the desk with a magnetic base. It is easy to clean the surface with wet cloth. It's suitable for friends, family and yourself. It becomes a nice decoration for your home and office. Every eyeglasses holder has a one year warranty.

Brand: Mosiso

👤My reading glasses were tight, I have purchased others. I had to pull hard to get them out, and the holder came with the glasses most of the time. The product is better than described. It is very user friendly. It was easy in and easy out. Highly recommended.

👤I like this. It's very easy to slip your glasses in when you go to bed because they fit in this one and are rimless and a little wider than mine. I will definitely order another one. For travel. You can squeeze it and it will pop back into shape. There are a lot of color choices. It's a good choice to store other things besides glasses.

👤Don't buy this because it's too large to hold eyeglasses. I paid no attention to the ad that said it was good for larger items. I liked the print.

👤I am pleased with both the first and second mosiso eyeglasses holder. They are sturdy, attractive and have plenty of room for 2 pairs of eyeglasses. I highly recommend this purchase to anyone because it does the job as intended.

👤It looks like a picture. Thank you for the nice surprise, it arrived two days early. The case of my Amazon envelope was a little bent and damaged when I received it. I put my fist in the pocket and it was perfect. Maybe it shouldn't be sent in an envelope. I like looking at others for Christmas gifts.

👤I like the look of the holder on my desk. My computer glasses are in a safe place. The holder should be attached to the base like the one I bought. The holder had to be secured on the magnetic base.

👤I gave my girl a gift. She said that she had never had this kind of thing in her life. It was light weight, durable and stylish at the same time. You can protect your glasses at night. Highly recommended.

👤lint on my glasses keeps them safe at night. They wouldn't stay in the suitcase until they used it at night, because it doesn't have a lid. I don't travel.

4. Readerest Magnetic Eyeglass Holders

Readerest Magnetic Eyeglass Holders

It becomes a nice decoration for your home and office. Every eyeglasses holder has a one year warranty. No more dropping, scratching or misplacing your glasses. You won't need to spend time looking for them and money on fixing them. Readerest makes it easy to keep your readers and sunglasses safe. There are multiple functions. The title might say "eyeglass holder", but Readerest is much more. It can be used to hold your ID at work, manage your earbuds, sunglasses, and more. There are multiple functions. The title might say "eyeglass holder", but Readerest is much more. It can be used to hold your ID at work, manage your earbuds, sunglasses, and more. This design is perfect for any look and matches every style. The clip stays secure with the help of four high-grade neodymium magnets and a patented technology. It's strong and lightweight. Attach the front clip to the outside of your clothing by placing the backplate on the inside of your clothing. The front clip on your clothing will hold your glasses in place. Attach the front clip to the outside of your clothing by placing the backplate on the inside of your clothing. The front clip on your clothing will hold your glasses in place.

Brand: Readerest

👤The Readerest Magnetic Eyeglass holder is one of the best products on the market. The lanyards didn't work out for me. When driving, the glasses get in the way of the seat belt, but I usually slip them on my blouse. They fall off a bit. I've had glasses ruined many times. It's great that I have this Readerest holder. The holder is clips to the magnet. It was very easy to use. What a great idea. The maker of these holders should be applauded. I received a double pack. I put one on one side for my glasses and the other on the other side for my sun glasses. A win!

👤I received this package today and upon opening it, I found that the item was severely scratched and I will need to glue it on in order to use it. The other item with the crystals is very sturdy and very attractive, but I cannot return it because it is non-returnable, so I am giving it a low rating. I could not get in touch with the seller. A new set of glasses holders was sent to me by the company. They arrived in a timely manner and I am very pleased with them. Highly recommended.

👤If you wear readers to perform office work, this is great. I take my glasses off when I visit a desk. The magnets are strong. They did not damage clothes. Discreet and stylish. I love it. I was disappointed that I couldn't return them because I didn't get the one I wanted with pearl decor. The quality of the item was more important than that. 2 people are positive about this product.

👤I own several of them. Since I only wear prescription readers, it was difficult for me to keep up with my glasses once I took them off. The Readerest have been a game-changer. I got them from people who asked me to wear them. The product is in my book.

👤When they arrived, they looked good but when I opened the package last weekend, the magnets had fallen out of the holder. Love the idea but it's not good quality. I had to throw them away because they fell apart. I lost half of it. Next time, I will look for another brand. These were the good ones. I like the plane ones but wish they would stay together or I wouldn't have to re-glue them.

👤This product is great for people who need reading glasses. The magnets do not damage clothing. If you get too close, they will stick to any metal. I recommend them, I got them.

👤Despite the fact that there is a limit to the weight of fabric in which you can use this magnet, I still love this product and I do not think it's a bad thing. It looks great. It's versatile, leaves no holes, and gets lots of praise. The price was great for the value. I bought two sets for myself, one for myself and one for two of my friends, because I loved the first set so much, and then another friend asked that I order her a set, since one of my friends prefers bling and the other not. This product is recommended. I wish I came up with the idea.

5. Fintie Eyeglasses Magnetic Anti Scratch Leather

Fintie Eyeglasses Magnetic Anti Scratch Leather

The base is about 5 x 4 inch. The overall height is 5.9 inches. The dual holder design is a desk organizer and works as a pen holder. The Fire TV stick is compatible with the Apple TV remote. The glasses holder is made of a soft furry lining and protects your glasses from dirt and scratches. The glasses holder protects the arms of your glasses from bending. It is easy to place on any surface, and you can find your missing glasses in no time. No more anger, no more fear. A great gift idea. Birthday, Christmas and Anniversaries are the perfect times to receive this gift.

Brand: Fintie

👤The eyeglass holder is a great value. It is very sturdy and great for not scratching the lens. It is very pretty, and I am happy I purchased it. I might buy a 3-sectioned version if it is available.

👤I use this every night to house my glasses and remote and have found a safe place to put them. The double in more colors would be great. I would like to see a wider version of the giant smartphones, as it is, my 8+ will fit 1/3 of the way which will hold, but it doesn't look great. It didn't smell like plastic or chemicals, which was the priority for me.

👤I bought a single holder for myself and then saw a double one. I bought it for my daughter for Christmas. I ordered her the same color as I bought her, which is a medium blue with an oriental design. The holders are separate, so you can use one at the same time. The pieces are magnetized so that they don't fall over. It's great for someone who has everything.

👤The colour is grey. If colour is important, it's not worth it. Strong and larger base is needed for stability. It's easy to knock over. I have purchased this brand in single holders. Will not order double from the vendor. The height is tall enough to cover my glasses and protect the arms as well. I have found the best holder so far. They should have offered more patterns.

👤I love these glasses holders. My glasses have many scratches to show for it, because I was constantly taking my glasses off and laying them down on my end table. The glasses are several years old. I wanted a better way to store my glasses when I take them off so that I wouldn't scratch them. There are many colors and cool patterns to choose from, and I liked that these glasses holders were available in many colors. I ordered three of these for the glasses I keep in the living room and kitchen counter. I only need to wear my glasses when I'm outside or going somewhere because they're for distance. The holders were delivered last week and I love them! The patterns look better in person than they do on the computer. The holders are made with good quality materials and have a magnetic base that is attached nicely to the included base. I was able to fit two pairs of glasses in this holder, and they fit perfectly side by side, so they're easy to slide in and out of the holder when both pairs are in it. I love these holders, and am considering buying more in other colors to place on my night stand and on my husband's end table. These are so nice looking that they would make great gifts for your loved ones. I highly recommend.

👤Works well. Magnet is strong enough to hold the eyeglass holders, but you don't have to yank them off the base. The gold color was not as shiny as expected. I took an up close pic to show the matted material. It was made very well. I put a picture of the turquoise and blue ones side by side in case anyone else decided between them.

6. Fintie Eyeglasses Holder Magnetic Leather Glasses

Fintie Eyeglasses Holder Magnetic Leather Glasses

It protects your glasses and keeps them safe all the time. The glasses holder is made of a soft furry lining and protects your glasses from dirt and scratches. The glasses holder is also great for protecting the arms of your glasses. It is easy to place on any surface, and you can find your missing glasses in no time. No more panic. A great gift idea. Birthday, Christmas, and Anniversaries are where this gift can be found. There are a variety of bright colors.

Brand: Fintie

👤This is one of the glasses holders I got and I'm really happy with it. They're made for something that isn't typically having any force on it, and they seem well made. I have one on my bed. I was surprised at how easy it was to slide my glasses in one of these holders, rather than fiddling with my case, it helps when I'm tired and it's easier again. I almost always end up getting prints on the lens when I take them out of the case in the morning, but that doesn't happen with this holder, I can grab them by the corner of the frames more easily. I got the other one for my husband so he wouldn't leave his glasses in random places. When I ordered them, it seemed a little excessive, but now I don't want to go back to traditional cases.

👤I had this for over a year and the first few months were fine, but then I noticed my glasses were getting scratched more and more. I thought it must be the cleaning wipes I was using, but I stopped using them and the lens were getting worse. I have been wearing my two year old ones until the new ones are ready. Two days in my new glasses, they were scratched up. What the hell? I was starting to wonder what was going on. I finally felt around in the "plush" lining and saw that the hard seam was exposed for about two inches. My glasses were scratched. They were scratched when I inserted or removed them. There is a seam on the back side of the "plush" that has some rough spots. They were sure to get scratched even if I used the lens side. I wouldn't recommend it until they fix the quality. I only use this at work so it's not used every day.

👤I put my glasses on the nightstand. They get these tiny scratches on the lens, affecting my eye sight, because I am always dropping them on the floor. I read all the reviews and decided to try this holder. I love this holder. It's soft so my glasses stay safe, I never lose my glasses because I put them in this holder when I take them off, and they never fall on the floor or get shuffled around so they stay scratch free. This is the best thing I have ever bought to keep my glasses safe, convenient and ready to throw on. This holder is very good. It fits my glasses with room to spare, and it looks pretty on my nightstand.

👤This is a great eyeglass holder. I had a dish designed to hold eyeglasses. It was difficult to find the dish in the dark of a winter morning because it did not protect the glasses from scratches. The plush lined eyeglasses holder is easy to find in the dark and protects the glasses from scratches. The design is easy to spot. I look for as many advantages as I can find as a senior citizen.

7. Home X Intelligently Protective Eyeglasses Nightstand

Home X Intelligently Protective Eyeglasses Nightstand

It is easy to find and store your glasses because the case sits in a standing upright position. The tip-proof design keeps glasses at-the-ready on the nightstand, desk, kitchen counter or next to your favorite easy chair. It keeps your glasses clean and safe. The lining is soft and plush, and protects against scratches and broken frames. It helps keep your lens clean and protects them from dirt. You don't have to worry about damaging your favorite sun or reading glasses if you hold two pairs of glasses. Most standard sizes of glasses and sunglasses are compatible. Their eyeglasses holder is made in a way that it can fit most standard sized glasses and sunglasses as well. It saves space on your desk or nightstand by being small. The overall height is 5 and the base is about 4 inches. It makes a great gift for men, women and children because of the great use that anyone will get out of this product. A great gift for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries or just because! Home-X has a wide range of products perfect for the home or office. Home-X has gadgets to simplify cleaning, cooking, or hosting, or just a decorative touch for the bedroom, bathroom, living room, break room, or kitchen, and more. Simply Home Solutions has a trademark called Home-X.

Brand: Home-x

👤Store clean glasses in this smudged city. If you don't clean your glasses every time you take them out, then you'll have to. If you're not sure about that.

👤This is a handy stand. It's sturdy, great quality materials, and soft interior keep your glasses safe instead of just throwing them down on your desk. I like a lot of different glasses so this double sided stand is perfect for me to switch from pair to pair easily and not have to dig out of a drawer for a separate eyeglass case every time I want to change glasses. I highly recommend!

👤I have reading glasses and distance glasses that I use to watch TV. I bought this because I thought it would make my bedside table less cluttered, but it does so much more. The fake fur doesn't completely clean the glasses, but it does remove some of the stuff in the front of the lens. It makes finding them easier in the dark. This may be just a guilty pleasure, but it's a great one.

👤I have a pair of glasses that I use for both reading and working on the computer. I had a similar thing, but only held one pair of glasses, and the other pair were in a hard case. The pair was located in the holder because I am usually on the computer. When I want to look at the TV, I have to change my glasses. This became tiring. I found this and decided to give it a try, now both pair are easy to get to and safe. If you need more than one pair of glasses, you should recommend this. Took the other holder out to the kitchen to put the glasses in. Everything is so little print now that it's always needed in the kitchen. The other holder spent money at the doctors office. It only has a thin liner of felt. There is a lot of protection for the glasses.

👤There are some things that you don't think about. The primary example of this is where you put your glasses, but why you put them next to their case instead of in their case. I don't have to worry about that anymore, because I have this little thing that I can use.

👤I bought this for my husband to put on his night stand so he could keep his glasses on when he goes to bed. He knows where he left his glasses and he is not in danger of knocking them on the floor when he picks them up.

👤I had to get one of these because my kitty knocks mine off of my stand. This was perfect because I have two pairs that I wear rotation. I am happy with this pair as it matches my furniture, but I wish there was more color options. The inside is very soft and sturdy. I am leaving them in the same place as me, so I am not looking for them. Great product! I am going to buy one for my mom.

8. Eye Glasses String Holder Straps

Eye Glasses String Holder Straps

Their sunglasses strap has an advanced clip loop that protects against slipping off, unlike other similar glasses string holders. Their men's eyeglass chain is designed to provide a snug fit for all types of frames while maintaining maximum grip. The glasses holder is perfect for large arms. The strap is 29" long and comfortable to wear for any head and neck size. You can adjust the strap for a tight fit or loose fit. Their men's eyeglass chain comes in different vibrant colors to complement their sense of style while doing their sports. This strap also comes with a bonus. If something happens with their straps for eyeglasses or it doesn't fit for you, just contact them, they will solve your issue!

Brand: Sigonna

👤For years I searched for Eye-sting holders that worked for me, but always had an annoying issue that I didn't like. I came across this brand that advertised it's longer length and that sold me, but after getting everything else they advertised, it became a reality for me. I have a variety of glasses that I always wear, but these Eye Strings fit easily on the different types of glasses that I wear, and I have expensive sunglasses as well as safety glasses for my workshop. Their long enough so they don't hang around a man's neck and still offer ease of use and fit all my eye wear that I use, yet they weren't annoying to my neck and my eye wear was secure even in the water. I like the color assortment and the price-point for the quality surprised me. The main thing for me is "they just did the job"

👤The loops that fit over the temple tips are made of Silicone and are long enough to comfortably fit adults. My daughter took two for an upcoming trip so they must be okay, but we'll see how they wear over time. I plan to use these straps to replace cheap straps that came with sport sunglasses. The package includes five straps, but the silicone loops have lost some of their grip and need to be tightened.

👤I have been using the straps for my glasses. I am a bit absent minded and I am an active senior. I am in constant search of glasses unless they are attached to my head. I wear two glasses at a time. Readers for the details in life, and the second pair to provide eye protection from the sun, dust, and wood chips from the chain saw. The rubber "eyelets" that hold the straps onto the temples are ingenious. They work and are comfortable. The bonus feature is the rubber length adjustment. I shorten the length of the strap when I want to secure the glasses to my head when I am running or otherwise active. The straps add flair to the graying geezer I am.

👤These are the best straps I've found. I've used straps for years and they all fail. I think they will last for a long time. I will try to update this review if something changes but I can't imagine that it will because of the way these are constructed. It was easy to see where the failure point would be on other straps, but I don't see that happening with these. The rubber strap that hooks on the glasses is probably the weakest link on these. I think it will last for a long time.

👤I bought a pack of these and 2 of 5 were broken in the package. I sent an e-mail to the seller, and they responded a few times, trying to make me happy, and asking me to send a picture of the broken items, which I did, then promising to replace them free of charge. I haven't received any replacements yet. I washed and broke one of the ones I wore, but these are advertised as hardy, but I have found the opposite, and would not buy again.

9. CO Z Sunglasses Eyeglasses Collection Compartments

CO Z Sunglasses Eyeglasses Collection Compartments

Natural properties and composition of mined gemstones define the unique beauty of each piece, so the actual item may be slightly different from the image in color, pattern, or texture. There is leather and transparent acrylic. It can be turned into a wonderful jewelry and watches organizer with the help of a divider, it has 8 or 12 compartments, perfect to store your fashion sunglasses, with the help of a divider. It's a great spot for your collections. It is made of PU leather exterior and soft lining interior, which make it a perfect home for all your glasses, watches, jewelry and other items. It's easier to pick a style. It's super convenient to pick a pair of glasses or watch to match your outfit, because the transparent top allows you to see through the box. Dustproof & Lockable Organizers. The lid protects your favorite item from dust and excessive humidity, making sure they are just like brand new for years to come. A great present. The perfect combination of function and beauty, this organizers is made to impress. A great present. The perfect combination of function and beauty, this organizers is made to impress.

Brand: Co-z

👤I love this case. It looks good. All my glasses fit. I like to wear sunglass. I wanted something that looked nice to store and protect my glasses. This was the best choice. I would recommend it.

👤Not a fan of this product. It arrived with a broken box and a metal arm on the side, and the first time I opened it, the latched mechanism jammed. It has a strong chemical smell from either glue or cheap materials. I will be purchasing a Stackers product from the Container Store instead of returning this.

👤I was excited to open it but it was locked inside and I couldn't open it. It is useless to me right now. I refuse to use another tool to open it in case of damage.

👤I don't know how much I love this product. It's perfect for me. I have several expensive sunglasses and the rest are fun ones and I have filled this case. My investments are protected from being damaged and from dust. I used to keep all of my sunglasses in individual hard cases and it looked disorganized. I can put them back in rotation now that they're nearly organized. It's like a storage area for my sunglasses. This purchase was a pleasure to purchase. I am happy I made the investment.

👤What a great product! I love the way this organizes my sunglass collection. Over the years, I have invested in a number of pairs of sunglasses in different styles and colors. I wear the right sunglasses with my outfit for the day before I head out. The process is much easier with this organizer. My sunglasses are no longer on a shelf where they could get knocked over. They are not in separate cases where I can't see them. They are visible, protected and showcased like the jewels that they are. This product is great for anyone who has a lot of glasses. And the price? You can't beat it. You should give it a try.

👤I ordered this item to store my glasses. The pleather on the outside looks nice, and the storage/display case looks very nice. The box is larger than I expected, but I didn't look at the dimensions. It makes sense that it will be big. If you have more room in the box, you can store other items. It could be a nice gift for someone. In case that matters to you, it comes in a plain brown box. That was a benefit because it was securely packed. Nice item. - I would consider buying something similar.

👤I need more slots. I didn't like looking through all the cases to find the pair I wanted, because they would get mixed up. I can pick it up and go. The case is a nice addition to my bedroom.

👤We have sunglasses all over the house and on the counter. I lost sight of my sunglasses on the counter and it was a mess. We needed something that would keep our sunglasses in one place and be nice. The box met our needs. It's a very professional, sturdy-looking box and it's a good thing that our sunglasses don't go missing because they are safe from being scratched or knocked off the counter by mistake. Our glasses look like they are $300 pairs because of this box. We pity the person who tried to steal the sunglasses.

10. Baitaihem Eyeglasses Protective Glasses Nightstands

Baitaihem Eyeglasses Protective Glasses Nightstands

The soft plush interior is scratch-free. The holder is 4.5" x 3.5" The cover and base are made from sturdy PVC. To keep your glasses protected, use on nightstand, coffee table, desk, etc. It's good to keep your lens clean and protect them from dirt. It's perfect for protecting against bent frames. This stand works well. I always know where my glasses are.

Brand: Baitaihem

👤This is a great idea for a table. I have to clean my glasses every time I take them out. I couldn't figure out why my glasses were always dirty. When I pulled them out, they were smudged and smeared. I don't want to have to clean my lens every time I take them out, so they're worthless to me.

👤These were a bit flattened out but have stayed the same as a great value. The silver stripes are metallic too. The inside seam for the "sherpa" was on the front and not on the side as I was upset about. I have to remember to turn the glass's lens towards the back so as to not scratch it. I ordered 2 sets and they are very useful. Oh yes. They don't tip over like I was afraid. I have large frame glasses that fit well.

👤I like these. I don't wear glasses, but sometimes I need cheaters. I have them all around the house. I'm constantly forgetting them. I have two of these, one in my living room and one in my bed. I can't tell you how happy I am that I can always find my cheating friends. As long as I remember to put them in their holder as soon as I take them off. I have a habit of putting them on top of my head. I would highly recommend them.

👤These eye glass holders give me plenty of room for my large glasses. The inside is lined to protect the lens from scratches. The opening is large and I don't have to adjust my ear lobes to fit the glasses all the way in. A gift for someone who travels would be great. When I'm traveling, I always pack one or two so that I know where my glasses are when I wake up. It's helpful when I'm in a room that I'm not familiar with in the middle of the night.

👤The product was described and packaged well. I had to toss them because of the strong scent. I have a scent allergy and I have to allow some items to air out outside or spray the occasional item with febreeze, but after 3 days outside and being sprayed 3 times a day for a week, these were still the worst smelling things I have ever purchased! The smell is similar to a shoe factory chemical spill.

👤Drop them in, it's nice and inexpensive, with nothing to open or close. I keep mine on my bedside table. I like to read the news before I go to sleep. It is easy for me to remove my glasses and put them in the holder.

👤This is a good product that holds glasses, it's light weight and you don't have to worry about them falling out. They should state that they are shipped from China. Most of our products are made overseas, but I should be aware of where they come from when I order them.

👤It's hard to find things that don't make my house look cluttered. I bought a pair of grey fabric. One for my desk and one for my coffee table. I don't have to think about where I left my glasses when they aren't on my face. The bottom is made of velvet and won't scratch furniture. I will get another pair for my bedroom.

11. VIPbuy Handmade Eyeglasses Spectacle Sunglasses

VIPbuy Handmade Eyeglasses Spectacle Sunglasses

Wood carving technology is used to create 100% hand carved and painted with natural solid wood. Solid and sturdy. HEIGHT: 4.72”, Waist: 3.82”, and Pendant: 2.4”x2.8” NET WEIGHT: 0.14Ib. A new solution for protecting your glasses and sunglasses from scratching or losing is perfect. There is a multi-PURPOSE. The wooden holder stand is a novelty decoration for living room, bed room or office. This hand carved wooden glasses holder stand is a great gift for your lover, friends, kids, colleague, father, mother or yourself.

Brand: Vipbuy

👤This is the cheapest item in the dollar store. It's as heavy as 2 pieces of paper. Then the paint was painted with cheap first grade water color. Not even an arylic. It's about 4 inches small. This is a 50 item from China with a quarter worth of paint. Don't do it.

👤Not what I was expecting. I picked up an abandoned pink yard bird and it just kind of snowballed from there. People started giving me stuff that was flamingo themed, such as beanie babies, hand towels, plastic cups, beach towels, wall art. The pink yard bird was the reason for all. There is a The pink, long legged bird grew on me and I embraced the abundance of Flamingo paraphernalia. I thought this would be perfect because I never have a place to put my glasses at night. It's not. I'm afraid putting glasses in the designated cut out would make it hard to get to in low light. This has no weight at all. There are machine marks on the feather-light wood, but it says "handcarved" on the package. There is a I'm pretty disappointed. It feels cheap. I have other hand carved items. They don't have a cheap feel. I was happy with the price but it was lacking quality and detail. Maybe as a gift to someone who is a fan of the bird? Not worth the price. I will probably send it back.

👤I don't have to throw my glasses on the floor when I wake up. I won't be looking for them on the floor now that there's a designated spot. It's hard to get my glasses in the slot with out grabbing the whole thing and feeling it with both hands, I'm almost completely blind with out my glasses on. I'm responsible for having bad eyes. It would be perfect if it was just a little bigger. I haven't had any issues with it topping over. It's packaging says it's made in China, which is usually a sign of mass produced products. Next to can is a picture of size reference.

👤It is the perfect size for glasses, as it was intended for. I gave this to my boyfriend because he likes to use it on his desk and I wanted to make him happy. (:) He said it was unexpected and he loves it. It is a unique gift.

👤I bought two for myself. The smaller frames are held better than the bigger frames, but still works for the larger frames as well. The items are small and not super steady as they are not bottom weighted, but if on a level surface that is not going to be bumped around they remain upright with the glasses in/on them. They are appealing to look at. It arrived quickly. I would buy again.

👤I love this item. I leave my glasses in random places all over my building and then I set them on my flamingo before I leave. I don't lose them. It holds them well and looks cute. I have gotten a lot of praise for it.


What is the best product for eye glass holder stands for women?

Eye glass holder stands for women products from Eximious India. In this article about eye glass holder stands for women you can see why people choose the product. Co-z and Mosiso are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye glass holder stands for women.

What are the best brands for eye glass holder stands for women?

Eximious India, Co-z and Mosiso are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye glass holder stands for women. Find the detail in this article. Readerest, Fintie and Home-x are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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