Best Eye Glass Holder Stands Wood

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1. Red Dollar Handmade Sunglasses Nightstand

Red Dollar Handmade Sunglasses Nightstand

Each of the unique eyeglass holder is hand carved and painted with natural solid wood, specially tailored for you. The wooden animal stand holder can be used to store the glasses and the business card can be put on the nightstand. It's hard to find the small glasses after a while, with an exciting idea to organize your eyeglasses and sunglasses and protected it from scratching or losing. It's easy to find your glasses. The stand with the vivid 3D Dog shape can be collected by dog lover, the dog will be a great friend together with you! A unique gift option for your friend. The dog can decorate your home and make your room look better. This is a cute and useful ''friend''. It's great for a dog lover. They are free to deal with any problem at any time.

Brand: Red Dollar

👤They don't make a dragon version.

👤I'm obsessed with this! I bought this for my clients to have a place to put their glasses instead of just on the counter. It is sturdy and well made. You need this in your life.

👤I needed a safe place to sit my glasses next to my bed and this holder works great. It is sturdy and fun, but does not weigh a ton. I'm able to keep a pair of glasses close by without the risk of them being damaged.

👤I lost my glasses all the time so I got this for my desk. I have been wearing my glasses all the time since I bought it, but it looks good on my desk.

👤If you have extra money and want it, you can. I don't think it's something I would give again, it's very light and small. 6 inches and less than 1 pound. It looks nice and I wear gold glasses. If you want something sturdy, this isn't for you.

👤This thing is perfect. It's not too heavy for my son to have this on his bed, but it does the job of holding his glasses.

👤This glasses holder made my mom happy and it was cute. Great value!

👤My mom is an orthodontist and she uses her work glasses on her desk.

2. MoKo Eyeglasses Protective Anti Scratch Sunglasses

MoKo Eyeglasses Protective Anti Scratch Sunglasses

It's perfect for most standard size of glasses or sunglasses. Provide a safe place to breathe in your glasses. For all ages and genders. There is a furred holder and a flat leather base that are connected through magnets. The soft lining of the lens keeps it dustproof. It's a great way to protect your glasses from bending. A nice-looking and practical holder stand case for your eyeglasses can help you not misplace your glasses again. It can be placed on the kitchen counter, computer desk, office, bathroom nightstand. It is recommended to prevent glasses from dropping. No more anger. Premium PU leather, soft velvet plush linining and perfect stitching work give you a luxurious and exquisite design for your eyeglasses placement. There are many vibrant and muted colors to choose from. You can make a fun color assortment of holder and base by yourself by buying different colors of products.

Brand: Moko

👤I bought 4 to match the decor of 4 different rooms so I could put my glasses in a safe place, and when I can't remember where I left my glasses, I just look at the holders in each room. I can't believe how quickly one starts using the holders. It has saved me a lot of time when I am home and busy. It was difficult to choose just 4. I may not have seen all of them.

👤I absolutely love the designs. I love how soft the glasses are and they keep my computer safe from scratches. The way the case is made with the stand makes it difficult to push over the glasses. I work from home and have a desk that is taken up with a monitor and laptop so I can keep my glasses safe. I would leave my glasses out if I had to put them in a sleeve. I know they are safe because it's so easy to put them in the case. Had to have bought two of them.

👤I bought one for an elderly person. I thought it would be useful to have it by their bed side. I decided I needed a stocking as well. I really like it. It helps me keep track of my glasses. I know they are not going to break if I knock it over, and I love how pretty it is.

👤I love this! My glasses are safe in plush ones. The Van Gogh reproduction is lovely and the design is wonderful. It's easy to put in and out glasses. The cup has a magnetic base to keep it safe. I love it so much that I ordered another one so I could have one at my office desk and one at home. A huge fan of this eyeglasses holder.

👤I gave four of them as gifts. Two of my granddaughters got glasses for the first time and didn't have a safe place to put them when they took them off at night. I bought these lovely colors because I use one every night. Each girl has one. The holder can be attached to the stand with a magnet. I have bought from other places. Seem to be strong. The girls loved them.

👤There are lots of designs to choose from. The bottom base is magnetic. I keep them all over my house so I know where my glasses are when I need them. I will purchase again after I was happy with the quality. These holders are recommended by me. Also, reasonable pricing.

👤I bought it from my desk. I would like the magnet to be on the bottom. I could put it on my keyboard stand. The magnets only hold the 2 pieces together. The inside fur is soft. I bought one for the side of my bed as a gift.

👤Dust that floats through the air is not possible since the glasses fit into the soft material of the holder. I love it.

3. Glasses Eyeglass Retainers Sunglasses Display

Glasses Eyeglass Retainers Sunglasses Display

The dog glasses stand is a great way to store your glasses when you want to take them off. You don't need to search for your glasses in a drawer or around the house when you want to use them, a glasses holder stand can help. The animal glasses stand can be used to decorate the home and office. Eyewear retainer can hold small things, such as a ring, necklace, watch, rubber band and etc. You can get easy refunds or replacements via Amazon Customer Service.

Brand: Sugarplus

👤This picture doesn't do him justice because he is cute. My daughter's room has bad lighting. It is a great addition to her bedroom. It's a good reminder for her to wear blue light glasses when using her iPad. I feel like the paw on the cheek is saying "hey you gonna put me on!" My fear was that the glasses wouldn't fall off easily. The painting detail is very good. There are clean lines. This would be fun to have on an office desk.

👤I love this dog. He holds my glasses. I accidentally knocked my glasses down to the floor when I put them on the nightstand. They haven't fallen since I put them on this dog. The dog is adorable. I love that it looks like mine. I love that it has a soft felt underneath it, so my nightstand doesn't get scratched up.

👤I bought this puppy dog for my daughter a year ago. It has held up well. It has been dropped many times and has not broken. It doesn't fit all glasses according to some reviews. My 6 year old has glasses that fit over his eyes. My three year old's glasses don't fit and he sits on the top of the dog's head. If you are buying this for an adult, I assume it will fit.

👤The product concept is cute but poorly executed. The painting/printing leaves something to be desired. The painting doesn't line up with the piece in the attached photo. The paint is very powdery and can be scratched and dried in a short time. I am embarrassed to gift it because I am disappointed with the quality, but I love the concept.

👤This item is perfect sitting on my desk at home and in the office because I have two Schnauzers. I was skeptical at first, but the quality is better and it is sturdy on a flat surface. The painting is of excellent quality and accurate. I am tempted to buy another holder for my coworker.

👤This is very cute. It took a little maneuvering to get it right because I have large frames. My frames fit. It took longer to get here because it came from China. I am happy with the dogs, but wish they had different colors.

👤The proportion of width is off so the glasses don't fit like the dog is wearing them and they will only rest on his ears if you bend the glasses ear piece of shape. Don't recommend!

4. Bleiou Eyeglasses Glasses Protective Nightstands

Bleiou Eyeglasses Glasses Protective Nightstands

The soft and short lined keep your lens from breaking. The cover and base of the holder are non-slip. Small size can be placed on a desk, nightstand, coffee table, car dashboard, and so on. You can easily store your glasses in a place where you won't forget. Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, and family are all great gifts.

Brand: Bleiou

👤Four of the five people in the house are going to have their glasses scratched up. The cats knocked the two of us off of our nightstand. That doesn't happen anymore with these. These are great for waking up in the middle of the night and not having to look for your glasses. You don't have to worry about smudge prints on your glasses because you know where they are. These aren't a luxury item. These are must haves.

👤It's lightly padded and I like it. The ones with the furry lining look better. It seems to be well made and helps keep track of glasses.

👤I am notorious for having my glasses knocked off my nightstand. I stumbled across these while looking for a cute wooden eyeglass holder stand that looked like a face. This style is better for me. It's functional but not pretty. The felt lining on the inside of your glasses keeps them clean and scratch free. I just bought two new glasses and have a third pair that I have kept put up since I scratched the other pair that I bought. My glasses are safe on my nightstand with this set. I've been using it for several days and I'm really happy I bought it.

👤It's a useful gift for people you don't know what to give on their birthday or other special occasions. I think they're pretty, affordable, and useful, and they've made a big splash with my friends and family, who I don't know what to give them. I try to match the colors and designs of them to the recipient so it has been a success so far! I have them in my kitchen, office, and night table. I gave them as Christmas and birthday gifts. People called me saying how much they loved them.

👤The materials used to make these shocked me. The feel of cardboard is shiny. They are light in weight and short, so they tip easily. I will return them and buy a bigger holder for my glasses.

👤I didn't expect much because they were cheap. I needed a place for my glasses in the kitchen and the silver color matched my appliances. They are not metal. I have had my glasses in for a week or so and they seem sturdy. I would recommend the glasses to anyone.

👤I arrived quickly but I don't have prime. Since I have many pairs of glasses that I take off and on, I wanted a place to put them safely, and a family member had one of these when I was younger. The products work well. The inside material is very thin. It's just fine, I wish it had a more substantial lining. I used both of the two I bought.

👤I would definitely order again, it was a great quality and vibrant color.

👤These glasses holders are very nice. I bought 6 dark grey for myself, 2 for myself and 2 for my husband. I read reviews and checked the percentages. I bought these glasses holders. I got the style and colour I wanted at a great price. I was looking for something that was sturdy and well made, and they are just that. Thank you for the great product. Thanks to Amazon, you can't get anything else.

5. Mkono Sunglasses Organizer Eyeglasses Entryway

Mkono Sunglasses Organizer Eyeglasses Entryway

There is a patent pending. Simple but stylish design makes this sunglasses organizers look great. Keep your sunglasses clean. You can find the sunglasses you are looking for in a neat rack. Functional and decorative. The sunglasses display holder is suitable for hanging in a variety of places. You can keep your sunglasses in a safe place. It took care of your counter. This sunglasses holder is a great home decoration, it fits farmhouse, simple and modern style, and it has a stylish look. Superb Craftsmanship: Wood eyewear rack is made of high quality wood and solid metal. Iron rod will not be easy to rust. It's a good way to keep your sunglasses, eyewear, and bowties. A quick survey for just the right glasses to match your mood will prevent scratching. It's a perfect gift for yourself. The package has 3 hanging sunglasses holder. x 0.2"H. The iron tube is 14 liters. It is easy to install a nail on the wall.

Brand: Mkono

👤I hung up all the stuff on my sewing table because I didn't need all three for my glasses. They are great!

👤This is a good solution for people who have a lot of glasses. The white and gold design is pleasing to the eye and it gets everything out of the way. The product loses one star because of the mounting. I couldn't figure out how the shelves would fit against the wall, because the instructions didn't explain how to mount them.

👤The size of these fits inside my wardrobe door. It helps keep glasses organized. The nail things look weird. It is easy to figure it out. You put a little white thing on the wall, hammer down the nails until they are flat, and then place the back of your eyeglasses on top of the white piece.

👤I thought I could use double sided tape to mount it. There are two picture hangings on the back. Double sided tape wouldn't work because the gold hanging bar sticks up in the back. Very disappointed. I don't know how to use them.

👤I put the glasses storage inside the garage door. I put up 2 of the 3 and will keep the third for upstairs. The hardware on the back sticks out a bit and so you don't get a completely flush mounting on the wall, but it is sturdy. I also bought a key hook shelf. When we get home, we have a place to put our items. Will this change the habit of placing glasses and keys in odd places? We'll be better.

👤You would think they would have a repeatable process for just a couple of parts. The picture shows the different vertical heights of the rear hangers. It was very difficult to hang the parts level and had to be repeated many times. It is too simple of a product to screw up that badly, so it is giving it a low rating. A quality process is needed to yield bad parts.

👤I needed an upgrade to my old project that I had done to hold my sunglasses and this was perfect. I put 6 sunglasses on each bar, but I think you can fit 8 if you want. I put the bars in a way that I wanted them to be. There were 2 different types of screws. It was very easy to install. I like the way they look. Very organized. Definitely recommend it.

👤I am addicted to sunglasses. I needed a way to organize them so I wouldn't hurt them. This item works. The mount on the back was easy to remove with a screwdriver and mounted with 3M Command Picture hanging strips. It's easy to mount and it looks great. I'm happy!

6. WhopperOnline Sheesham Spectacle Decorative Thanksgiving

WhopperOnline Sheesham Spectacle Decorative Thanksgiving

It's a very unique gift for both men and women. The box is easy to wrap. Home decor gift or stocking stuffer. The artisans from India have used wooden crafting techniques that have been passed down over generations to create products of great beauty and utility. It's a very unique gift for either men or women. The dimensions are 2.5 inches wide and 6 inches tall.

Brand: Whopperindia

👤It's an awesome night table accessory. It needs a clear coat. The color of the wood will ruin whatever is on it. A cool spectical holder is also included. If not facing the correct direction, it could be mistaken for an odd bedroom toy.

👤The item shown is likely handmade and different from the one shown. The item I received was a bit lighter in color, but still a nice item. It was darker. Maybe you'll be given a notice that the item you receive isn't the one shown... or that there are several images of different colors.

👤I own 3 of them. It is a great place to keep your glasses out of harms way. You have to look all over the place to find that one place where you put your glasses. I have one for each room and it works well for sleeping or napping. Always know where my glasses are kept.

👤I bought this for my husband because he would always put his glasses down. I found his glasses on the couch, next to a toy kitchen set, on top of my coffee maker, and many other places in our house. I bought this so he has a place to put his glasses. He puts his ring on the top part when we are going to sleep.

👤I wanted to have my Rayban 3025 aviator on this as a decoration piece. The sunglass needs to be treated with respect. It doesn't hold it straight. It drops a bit. So won't work.

👤I keep it in the bathroom. My family doesn't like it. I love it. My glasses were scratched before but not anymore. I think this is a great find.

👤I was hoping that my husband would stop asking about my glasses after purchasing this. Every day. This has helped, but he hasn't stopped completely.

👤This is something that I love. It keeps my glasses safe, but my glasses sit above the grooves they are supposed to sit in. The carving is a little off-center and the woodmanship is a little off as well. I still love it.

👤This is by far the worst quality item I have ever seen, and it was completely disgusting from another seller. I was hoping to get a second one. They were a lie. I have the evidence that they don't. Do not buy this lie. Over 900 good reviews? The photo attached is horrendous and should be banned from being sold on here. I'm frustrated and annoyed that this was a Christmas gift and I have to wait a day before Christmas to see what I get. It has ruined my Christmas. Can't believe it. Do not buy.

👤It's really fun and no real use for it. I thought about getting a whole suite of them to hold our glasses and sunglasses.

👤I was supposed to be part of a present but couldn't give it. Top different colour wood to the base and then it fell apart in my hand. I wouldn't recommend it.

7. Nirvana Class Handmade Spectacle Eyeglass

Nirvana Class Handmade Spectacle Eyeglass

There is a variety of fun colors. If you have a question, please contact them. The NIRman Home stand is perfect for your glasses. One of the most sought out timbers is handcrafted from Indian mango wood. A showpiece to compliment your bookshelves and desks. It's a great way to keep your glasses safe. The dimensions are 2.5 inches wide and 6 inches tall.

Brand: Nirman

👤I bought this for my father in law for Christmas. He has a good enough income that he can buy whatever he wants, but he is hard to shop for, so this was a good silly gift for him. He loved it! I wrapped it up and made sure it was well packaged, so I checked when it arrived to make sure it looked good. The back piece detached when I put it back in the box or when he pulled it out. I am not sure how it happened, but we are both careful. It is an easy fix with wood glue and the price is $10, but I am surprised it did not hold up for more than a few minutes. I am happy because it is still a good gift.

👤I was not sure after reading reviews that it was broken or poorly put together. I decided to give it a try. The small white spot where the pain was the only thing that looked fine. A black marker can be used to fix that. It is strong enough to not fall over if glasses are placed on it. I would recommend it with caution.

👤This is a perfect gift for someone who has everything. What did I do there? I gave this to my husband for Christmas. I would definitely recommend this. It looks neat and does what it claims to do. It is definitely a conversation starter. 5

👤When I opened it, it was covered in spider webs/white and green mold. The wood is not brown, it is white. This would've been perfect for Father's day. It's a pity. I guess you get what you pay for.

👤This and the female counterpart won Chris's. I got these for my folks as Christmas gag gifts, and they ended up being everyone's favorite! The wood is real, heavy, and functional. What more do you want?

👤This is a great piece of art. The quality appears to be different for each person. If you're like me, you lose your glasses all the time.

👤I bought two of them, one for a woman and one for a man. They look great, they sit well, and are great quality. They work well and are cute.

👤This was a fun way of always having a place for my father who always falls asleep with glasses on or looses them in bed.

👤Die Bart war bei Lieferung und ordentlich verarbeitet.

👤I finde meine Brille, I am so lucky.

8. Eximious India Spectacle Eyeglasses Retainers

Eximious India Spectacle Eyeglasses Retainers

Eye glasses holder size is 6. This rustic wooden eye glass spectacle holder is a great way to add style to your office desk. When not in use, it keeps your eye glasses scratch free. The eye wear holder stand is made from mango wood, which is known for its natural appeal. The glasses holder stand helps organize your spectacle. The owl is a symbol of a long life, a happy family life, wisdom, knowledge and erudition, which fight the darkness of ignorance. It was used to boost learning, work efficiency and intellectual work. It is considered a powerful symbol for Wealth, as it positively impacts the personal development, which is more important than the financial prosperity. The owl is a symbol that encourages spiritual development. Customer satisfaction is important to them. If you're not happy with their product or the quality, their customer service team will work with you to make it right. Please contact them directly. The holder can be used for more than one thing. Father's Day gifts are perfect for men, dads, women, and birthday presents.

Brand: Eximious India

👤Our mascot is a night owl and I attend an online University. The glasses I wear are expensive to replace if I damage them from laying around where they shouldn't be. The wooden statue is well suited to holding my glasses while I am not using them. The design is very symmetrical, I initially had concerns after a few product photos appeared to be off between the left and right side, but the quality and attention to detail is great. The statue is made from wood that is light and sturdy, and I like the dark details. As I finish my degree, I will order one for my mentor because I like it so much.

👤When I gave it to her, her glasses didn't fit in the holder, but she said it was cute and she would keep it. Her glasses didn't fit because they are bulkier than her husband's.

👤It looks great but isn't very useful. The glasses are too close to the owl and the hook on the back is too close to the nose. You have to bend the arms a little to get most glasses into the grooves. Since the front has nothing to rest on, the glasses point down and do not look as cool as the picture shows.

👤This is a great piece of functional decor. It is carved wood, dark in color, and holds a pair of glasses. It's a great place to set your glasses.

👤I was hoping for a place to put my glasses at night. I have to hold the temple pieces away from the lens to fit over the stand because the top part is so thick. I plan on resolving the stand, but I will keep it as a decoration.

👤This is a great gift for someone who needs to keep their glasses in one place. My wife leaves her glasses around our place. The design of this piece was very cute and she loves owls. My wife loves the black paint, it looks like it's not dry. I do too if she loves it.

👤I needed to hold my glasses at night. I'm obsessed with owls and he's adorable.

👤A gift for an owl person is a nice gift. If you collect owls, it looks great without glasses. I'm quite happy with it. It was shipped quickly and in a proper container.

👤My daughter gave this to her grandpa. She wears glasses herself and has a giraffe glasses holder. Her Grandfather wonders how he was able to do it without one. He knows where he put his glasses.

👤The chip was under the eye and there was a crack at the top. It was wrapped well so it wasn't checked for quality. Not what I would expect. Returning.

👤Even if I return it, I won't get it by Christmas. Don't order with these.

👤I bought two for work and the home office. The pictures show that the quality was not consistent. One owl looked sick. I carved most of the sleep out of its eye with a chisel, and then sanded it and colored it with markers. It's not perfect but it's good. These are rough pieces of art. The original carver lost a chunk of the owl's face and sent the owl down the line to make quota, so my guess is that the original carver used some sort of wood filler made of sawdust. The pictures don't seem to post in upload order, but any picture of a single owl is the one with the gunk in its right eye, either before or after I carved it out. There are two pictures of the pair before and after the repair. The picture is of an owl.

9. Plush Eyeglasses Holder Protective Glasses

Plush Eyeglasses Holder Protective Glasses

This glasses holder protects your glasses from dirt and scratches. It's a great way to protect your glasses from bending. Keep your glasses safe all the time with this fit for most standard size glasses or sunglasses. For all ages and genders. The stand can be placed on any flat surface in your home or office. This multi-purpose storage pouch can hold glasses, pens, and other items. There is a variety of fun colors. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Pg6

👤You can get two completely different styles for a great price. One for my desk and one for my nightstand. They are much better than my glasses because they are sturdy and protect well. These caught the attention of two coworkers who ordered their own. There is a chemical smell from the materials used.

👤I've been looking for a 2 pack for my home for 30 years. I keep one in the bathroom. I have a safe place for my glasses where I can shower and wash my face. I'm not dripping water all over them when I find them. I keep one on my bed. I don't have to knock my glasses off in the middle of the night or morning anymore. How did I not know about this? Everyone should have glasses.

👤Product arrived on time and was as expected, with the exception of one small thing. The items on Amazon were actually red and dark brown, despite the fact that they were red and black. It was a little disappointing. I love these stands. I don't have to look for my reading glasses in the living room or computer room anymore. When I sit down, they are right at my fingertips. The stands help to protect my glasses and keep them clean. I am very satisfied with this purchase and would buy again from this seller.

👤I use this product for my glasses before I leave the house. One of the units has 2 pairs of glasses. I'm trying to keep one at home, one at work and one at the desk, but I have to get my glasses back in the unit. It's working. I just bought another pair and will keep one at work and one on my kitchen counter. This is a really useful item for someone who misplaces their glasses a lot. Soft designs on the inside.

👤I wear computer glasses at work. I need a place to put the glasses I don't wear where they won't get damaged. I found these and I am very happy. They are made well and are not heavy. The fur is soft but not too soft that your glasses won't fit. The designs are fun. I have one at work and one on my night stand. I love this!

👤I bought bright frames so I wouldn't loose my glasses, but that didn't work. I put the holder stands on the tables that I use frequently. The soft inner material makes it easy to slide the glasses into the base, so they don't tip over, and always in the same place. These should have been received a long time ago.

👤The holders are very attractive. I was surprised that I could fit two pairs of reading glasses in each one. I have several pairs around the house and now they are in the holders. The inside of my glasses is soft so they don't get scratched. I would buy them again.

👤I put my glasses in the double back holders before I go to sleep. I gave the one with the elephant picture away as a gift because I kept the one with the inspiring saying on it. They are lovely, and better than I expected.

10. Fintie Eyeglasses Holder Magnetic Leather Glasses

Fintie Eyeglasses Holder Magnetic Leather Glasses

It protects your glasses and keeps them safe all the time. The glasses holder is made of a soft furry lining and protects your glasses from dirt and scratches. The glasses holder is also great for protecting the arms of your glasses. It is easy to place on any surface, and you can find your missing glasses in no time. No more panic. A great gift idea. Birthday, Christmas, and Anniversaries are where this gift can be found. There are a variety of bright colors.

Brand: Fintie

👤This is one of the glasses holders I got and I'm really happy with it. They're made for something that isn't typically having any force on it, and they seem well made. I have one on my bed. I was surprised at how easy it was to slide my glasses in one of these holders, rather than fiddling with my case, it helps when I'm tired and it's easier again. I almost always end up getting prints on the lens when I take them out of the case in the morning, but that doesn't happen with this holder, I can grab them by the corner of the frames more easily. I got the other one for my husband so he wouldn't leave his glasses in random places. When I ordered them, it seemed a little excessive, but now I don't want to go back to traditional cases.

👤I had this for over a year and the first few months were fine, but then I noticed my glasses were getting scratched more and more. I thought it must be the cleaning wipes I was using, but I stopped using them and the lens were getting worse. I have been wearing my two year old ones until the new ones are ready. Two days in my new glasses, they were scratched up. What the hell? I was starting to wonder what was going on. I finally felt around in the "plush" lining and saw that the hard seam was exposed for about two inches. My glasses were scratched. They were scratched when I inserted or removed them. There is a seam on the back side of the "plush" that has some rough spots. They were sure to get scratched even if I used the lens side. I wouldn't recommend it until they fix the quality. I only use this at work so it's not used every day.

👤I put my glasses on the nightstand. They get these tiny scratches on the lens, affecting my eye sight, because I am always dropping them on the floor. I read all the reviews and decided to try this holder. I love this holder. It's soft so my glasses stay safe, I never lose my glasses because I put them in this holder when I take them off, and they never fall on the floor or get shuffled around so they stay scratch free. This is the best thing I have ever bought to keep my glasses safe, convenient and ready to throw on. This holder is very good. It fits my glasses with room to spare, and it looks pretty on my nightstand.

👤This is a great eyeglass holder. I had a dish designed to hold eyeglasses. It was difficult to find the dish in the dark of a winter morning because it did not protect the glasses from scratches. The plush lined eyeglasses holder is easy to find in the dark and protects the glasses from scratches. The design is easy to spot. I look for as many advantages as I can find as a senior citizen.

11. Fintie Eyeglasses Magnetic Premium Official

Fintie Eyeglasses Magnetic Premium Official

It protects your glasses and keeps them safe all the time. The glasses holder is made of a soft furry lining and protects your glasses from dirt and scratches. The glasses holder is also great for protecting the arms of your glasses. It is easy to place on any surface, and you can find your missing glasses in no time. No more panic. A great gift idea. Birthday, Christmas, and Anniversaries are where this gift can be found. There are a variety of bright colors. The official product of Micklyn Le Feuvre.

Brand: Fintie

👤I ordered three of them in different prints. I like them. I keep my computer prescription in my work bag. When I arrive, I put my glasses in and switch back and forth between them. They keep my glasses clean. I have a place to put the other two pairs of glasses on my night stand. If they made one unit with two pockets, I would love it. I keep two of my prescriptions on my nightstand and it takes up a lot of space. I tried placing one of the magnetic bases back to back, but it didn't work because of the magnets. This is a great product and I love it. They arrived on time.

👤It's lightweight, convenient and plush to protect your glasses. I bought one for my sister who loved it so much that she bought a second one for her husband and daughter. I bought a double nightstand for my bathroom and a single nightstand for the other nightstand that holds my glasses in one and the remote in the other. I am very happy with these.

👤These holders are great. I bought different patterns for myself and my sister. Purchase for tv remotes, pens/pencils, brushes and combs. I'm thinking of buying a few more. The soft lining is great for your glasses. Comes in two pieces. The bottom half is magnetic. I would buy again.

👤I gave this to myself and I love it. I got 2. My glasses fit perfectly. I put them in the bathroom when I get ready in the morning. I don't get hair spray on my glasses while working with hair care products. My night stand has another holder on it. There are two perfect locations for this product. So cute. Thank you.

👤I love this product. This product protects my investment from being ruined. I bought these for myself and other family members. There are lots of designs for adults and kids. Fast shipping!

👤I have never heard of such a thing as eyeglass holders. I knew I needed some when I saw them. I bought 2 cute holders. I have been using them since they arrived. I love that I can slip my glasses into them and they won't get scratched or lost. Great deal! Thanks.

👤Absolutely adore this! I had no idea where to put my glasses the next day. I was afraid of taking them off and putting them somewhere they might be destroyed. This is very functional and cute on my bed side table. My glasses go with me to bed. Would definitely suggest.

👤I loved this item. It's a bargain and will save me scratches to my glasses. I have knocked my glasses off when I reach for the alarm clock or turn off the lamp. I gave it to my best friend. She wanted to give it to her husband and daughter. They are not cons to me. Every night, I put my glasses in the holder. I wouldn't put my glasses in the eye glass case.


What is the best product for eye glass holder stands wood?

Eye glass holder stands wood products from Red Dollar. In this article about eye glass holder stands wood you can see why people choose the product. Moko and Sugarplus are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye glass holder stands wood.

What are the best brands for eye glass holder stands wood?

Red Dollar, Moko and Sugarplus are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye glass holder stands wood. Find the detail in this article. Bleiou, Mkono and Whopperindia are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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