Best Eye Glass Repairing Kit Hsa

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1. Setex Eyeglass Innovative Microstructured Fibers

Setex Eyeglass Innovative Microstructured Fibers

The GECKO'S FOOT fibrillar structures are used for an ultra strong grip in wet, sweaty and oily conditions. FIBERS on the nose pads create a strong dry glue to hold glasses in place. All day comfort, cushion soft, not sticky or tacky, easy to clean, and has a self stick glue. Their nose pads for glasses are made of oil and spandex. Specifically designed noSE pads for plastic frames, eyeglasses, sunglasses, readers, and safety glasses.

Brand: Setex

👤This is the best thing I have ever tried, and it's the only thing that will fix my sensitivity. I have changed out nose rest cushions with hypo-allergenic ones over the past 15 years, but nothing has helped. I thought going to a plastic frame without the wire nose-rests would be better. I have to swap out my contacts for glasses every other day to keep the irritation at bay. My contacts have one for distance and one for near. I couldn't do some of my close-up work like I can with my glasses because they can't put the near contact as strong as my glasses. I am old and live in a dry climate, so wearing contacts is hard on my dry eyes. The irritation is similar to an allergy. I went to an allergist who had not heard of it and suggested that I get a patch test for metals and textiles, because the optometrist had never had anyone complain of this type of irritation. I haven't yet. I had been cutting up moleskin, the stuff you put over blisters when you're hiking. The soft fuzz-like outer of those helped a lot. They would only stay for a couple of days. I was about to give up, but I found these and wondered what it would be like to try them. They are very comfortable and have helped reduce my irritation. It's still a problem when I work out and sweat, but I've found that a little A&D can help. I don't have a big issue wearing my glasses all week. I have been wearing the same pair for over two months, and they have held up well during sweat and cleanings. It seems like one is starting to come loose at the bottom, but it is still very firm. They are very thin, and when you look closely, you can see them resting on your nose, but they are not noticeable. Someone would have to be looking at you hard to see them. I highly recommend them.

👤I have tried a lot of different products to stop my eyewear from sliding down my Asian nose bridge. They were the most comfortable and discreet of all the options. These are the most expensive and definitely worth it. If you have the same problem as me, you should definitely do it.

👤This product is very good. I got a headaches because my glasses rested on the bridge of my nose. After putting on these pads, my headaches went away within an hour. The glasses don't slip down my nose, which is an added benefit. They are comfortable as well. My glasses are heavy because of my prescription, but these pads make them feel lighter. These are worth the price.

👤These are similar to the nose pads that you can buy for cheap in the kits. They are a little bit bigger, but in a good way. They stick out a little more, but in a good way, they feel more secure on your nose, and they stick better than the cheap ones. I washed my glasses with water when they were cheap. Not with these, they stick better. I have been washing my glasses multiple times a day for a week.

2. Eyeglass Repair Kit Screwdrivers Retainers

Eyeglass Repair Kit Screwdrivers Retainers

The upgraded tool kit is. The set has 120 screws and nuts, 5 nose pads, 2 eyeglass screwdrivers, and 1 glasses cloth. The upgraded tool kit is. The set has 120 screws and nuts, 5 nose pads, 2 eyeglass screwdrivers, and 1 glasses cloth. Excellent improved accessories: The elbowed tweezers are longer than ordinary ones and can hold screws and nuts. There is an application for this. A kit with 12 size screws and common nose pads is needed for repairing almost any pair of eyeglasses. 30-Day money back and 2-year warranty are included in the price of the eyeglass repair tools sets. They will give you a satisfactory reply if you ever have an issue or questions.

Brand: Sunsmiles

👤I've worn glasses since I was 7. I am very hard on my glasses because I work construction. I needed to replenish my supply of screws. The price was right, but this is way more screws than I need. The nuts have a nut holder. It's very handy. I have something to give my sons.

👤There is just the right amount of screws and tools.

👤If the screwdriver was magnetized, it would have been helpful.

👤It was perfect. I needed everything I could get to fix my glasses.

👤They are adequate for the intended use.

👤I will need all the materials and tools for a long time to fix glasses.

3. Eyeglass Anti Slip Screwdriver Eyeglasses Sunglasses

Eyeglass Anti Slip Screwdriver Eyeglasses Sunglasses

There are 6 pairs of screw-in airbag nose pads, 6 pairs of tiny screws, and a micro 3 in 1 screwdriver in the package. The Air Bag Nose Pad is made of high-quality silicone and is flexible. Reducing the amount of pain. The Micro Screwdriver is portable and multi-functional, and includes the Flat-head screwdriver,Phillips-head screwdriver, and Nut driver. It's useful and portable to replace the Eyeglass Nose Pads with Super soft Silicone air-bag nose pads in order to maintain the comfort and proper adjustment of an eyeglass frame. There is a mini plastic bag with every Eyeglass Repair Kit set. It's portable and storable. 100% money back guarantee. The Eyeglass Repair Kit set and service that they provide is the principle of their business. If not completely satisfied, they will give you 100% money back.

Brand: Qyajs

👤They are exactly as described, but are not practical. I'm having a hard time installing them. I can't get the insert part into the sockets far enough to get a screw. I ripped one up because it was not durable. The included screwdriver is small and hard to use, and the flathead end is too large to remove the original flathead screws. The included Phillip's replacement screws are ok with thePhillips end. The metal inserts in the new set are similar to the original pads of the glasses, so they're easier to install. It also includes a cloth for holding the lens and a screw driver that is longer. These things are not included in the kit. Do not recommend.

👤I ordered the Eyeglass Nose Pads Screw-in Eyeglass Kit because my nose pad broke in half. I had to replace the screws after trying to hold them. I think it would be easier to aim the screwdriver if it were magnetized.

👤The pads are soft. I'm glad I chose this product.

👤The screws were not the right size and the plastic pieces were too soft. I ordered a separate kit that had a large assortment of screws and plastic pieces so it wasn't a total loss for the price.

👤The screws don't stay in because they are made of rubber.

👤I ordered these to replace the nose pad that broke on my glasses, but they didn't work. They were comfortable, but because they are stretchy, they wiggle the screw out of place, so the screw will never stay tight, so these would always fall out. I had to use my own screwdriver because the one they give you is too big. The size of the nose pad is huge compared to a standard pair of glasses, so it looks stupid on top of everything else. This doesn't work well if you buy a different one.

4. Proactiv Renewing Cleanser Ounce Day

Proactiv Renewing Cleanser Ounce Day

Proactiv Solution is a powerful, comprehensive treatment that treats irritated skin, removes impurities and helps prevent future flare ups. This cleanser is the first step towards a cleaner skin. The Proactiv Renewing Cleanser has a substance that helps maintain skin hydration. Combine a hydrating face moisturizer with it to keep your face hydrated. Everyone deserves a solution, and Proactiv's Renewing Cleanser can be used on all skin types. It works, so you no longer have to apply a cream to get rid of a spot on your face. Proactiv's Renewing Cleanser doesn't just treat you today, but everyday as well. The company that started a skin care revolution has designed a solution specifically for people with bad skin.

Brand: Proactiv

👤Not Kathy Renker, the Distributer of Rodan & Fields. The face was badly broken out. I mean terrible. The bottles are not the same as the distributer and the address. I don't know what I put on my face. I'm not going to use the repair lotion. I will fool me once. I took photos of the real "proactiv SOLUTION", which looks like it was written in lower case letters. I posted my photos of my face and the boxes of fake proactiv products. The bottles with the turquoise line and no Rodan & Fields or Guthy-Renker mentioned are fake. What is the name of the proactiv name after it? Don't buy them! The fake bottle and back label are the first pictures to be seen. The correct bottles or tubes, starting with the green neutralizing toner liquid which you can see clearly, is the first of the real products, with 7 photos total of the Real ones, with the correct logo, name, address in Palm Desert, Ca. The distributer will be Kathy Renker. The product with the name "proactiv SOLUTION" has the names of the doctors and Chemists that created it on it. The city of Palm Desert is in Ca. is a website. 1-800-333-0153 I found these bottles in a suitcase and took pictures of them. Do you know if the revitalizing toner that is alcohol free is available on the proactiv gagark website? I like it.

👤This produce was a scam. There is a small difference between the ProActive bottles of the same produce from the folks and the bottles I have used before. We have to spend more money and try to recover from the fake product because my daughters face broke out immediately. No one knows what's in it.

👤I was very disappointed in the results. Although I was hopeful and tried to believe it was doing something, my skin problems got worse and the cleanser did not help at all. I tried many times to get some satisfaction from the company, but they are not concerned about the lack of results I experienced. I wouldn't buy this again because it was a gamble to expect positive results.

👤I used to purchase this on subscription through Proactiv, but their complicated payment structure and kit only approach became too much. I really like this product. I was happy to see that I could purchase individual items on Amazon instead of going to a Proactiv kiosk. This product is not legit. I have been using this product for a long time. The bottle I received has a very different consistency, smell and works differently than the cleanser I have used before. Will come back.

👤The product is not what we are used to. I thought buying the wash on Amazon would save us time and money, but I'm not sure if the product was left in the sun too long or expired, but it smells like mayonnaise, not like Proactiv. My forehead and cheeks are starting to break out after 4 days of use. I returned it.

5. Eyeglasses HKIDEE Sunglasses Screwdrivers Spectacle

Eyeglasses HKIDEE Sunglasses Screwdrivers Spectacle

6Pcs Precision Screwdriver, a wide variety of eyeglass screws, screw nuts, cap, washers, cleaning cloth, and one micro screwdriver are included in the Eyeglasses repair kit. The glasses repair tool kit includes a phillips screwdriver set and flathead screwdriver set that are great for tiny screws. The screws are resistant to rust and great for eyeglasses, so they can't be held by magnetic screwdrivers. The curved tweezer is included in the kit. The kit can be used for many occasions, like repairing computers, Cell Phone, watches, and small electronics with tiny screws. All the accessories are packed in a transparent box. You can find the size you need by sticking the size information under the case, and using the tweezer to pick out the screws.

Brand: Endlanoo

👤This is a kit for anyone who wears glasses or needs small tools. Some people have complained about opening the box. The designated labels of each item should be placed at the top. Take a butter knife or some other slim flat tool and slide it at the left front corner and then pry it open to move it across the front crease. As you work from left to right, it will pop open. Make sure you take precautions so that you don't accidentally open it and spill things. I took heed from other reviews that it can be difficult to dodain things like this. I am proud to say that I accomplished this feat. It comes with a soft cotton tie bag to hold items in for you. This product is very slick and I repaired two of my prescription glass frames immediately.

👤It's a nice kit. I was able to use the last tape on the end as a hinge because it does not open easily. The tools are nice and the screws work great, they made it easier to install the missing screw in my glasses.

👤I had two pairs of Ray-Bans that were out of commission due to missing screws, one of which was near the bridge of my nose. I replaced the screws on one pair so they wouldn't be the same on the other. I'm very happy with this purchase. One pair was $180 and was a Father's Day gift, the other was $250. I spearfishing in the river and found them. The kayakers are silly for wearing expensive sunglasses.

👤There is a good assortment of screws. I like having extras when making repairs because I lose a few screws. The point of the tweezers is very sharp. The points should be filed. I didn't have to go to my other set to get a better tool because the drivers are usable. I am satisfied that I got what I paid for.

👤The biscuit has all the essential pieces, but the clear container that holds the screws made me angry. There is no clear point to open it. There is no ledge and when I opened it upside down, I found a million screws and all the sizes were mixed up.

👤I bought these for my dad, who loves to restore Tonka trucks from the 1930s to the 1950s, and he always needs these little booty screws and his little booty screwdrivers, so I thought no not a glass kit, I can't go wrong with that.

👤There are so many tiny screwdrivers with tips of all kinds, a lot of screws and washers, and a lot of goodies in a small plastic box. It is well worth the money.

👤The screws are not usable. There are no slots to put your screwdriver into. I will try and get a refund.

6. General Tools Instruments 601 Eyeglass

General Tools Instruments 601 Eyeglass

1000 Pieces of assorted watch screws repair tool kit set. You don't need to get rid of your glasses or pay a fee to have them fixed. It's suitable for camping, traveling, work or home. Includes small flat-blade screwdriver, tweezers, screws, nose pads and rubber rings needed to tighten the temple piece. Everything is included in the compact plastic case repair kit. It's perfect for minor emergency repairs. It's perfect for minor emergency repairs.

Brand: General Tools

👤This is an eye glass repair kit. I've been wearing glasses for 50 years, so I know a bit about glasses repair. It is not fancy. It is not industrial quality. None of the 20 I've purchased have been used. If you have one of these handy, you'll love yourself when you misplace a lens or misplace a screw. I have at least 3 sets of professional grade jeweler's screwdrivers in the shop and in tool boxes. I just bought a bunch of these. Each vehicle has one. There is a computer desk junk drawer. The shaving kit is compliant with the TSA. The last in a bag. There are old prescription glasses in most of those places. I can't drive without them. I've never had a repair kit where I loved the storage box. Never. The box is a little two piece plastic box. A box and a lid. I will give money to one of every four people who open these for the first time. It's a two-hand procedure, the lid is tight. I'm the level above a Master Mechanic and mess inside my electronics for fun and aggravation and I have opened and closed this box 5 times with great fear. So far, so good. It's two hands box pressed to chest. I used to get paid to open objects that were stubborn. If you have read this, curse me and then strew all the pieces. I warned you. I am very happy with my purchase, I bought 5. These are just as good, if not better, than you would buy at any of the stores. At this writing, it's $1.54 and Prime shipping. I plan to buy more next month.

👤If the screwdriver is advertised as being an eye glass repair kit, you would expect it to fit the tiny screws in the eye glass. The darn thing doesn't fit any of my eye glasses which needed to be tightened, even though it's tiny. The screws included don't fit either, as a direct result of this inaccurately described item. The screwdriver doesn't work on the screw in the kit. The screwdriver is too big for their own replacements. I want my money back.

👤Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need the product you're fixing to fix something else? You need a pair of scissors to open the package you just bought. I cut to the chase. You will need your glasses in order to use this tiny screw driver to screw these tiny screws into your glasses. The product worked after I found my back up pair. It was dirt cheap so there's a plus.

👤If I were a fairy, this screwdriver would be big enough. I'm a human and my little fingers couldn't get a grip on this.

👤The typical eyeglass repair kit is much larger. I wouldn't return an inexpensive item, but this is ridiculous. The package dimensions are 0.4 x 1 x 1.8 inches. That's the package. You can imagine how positive the tools are. Ken might be able to use them to do some work around the Barbie playhouse. The picture on the Amazon website is 5 times larger than the actual item.

7. Bayite Screwdriver Assortment Stainless Spectacles

Bayite Screwdriver Assortment Stainless Spectacles

A screwdriver. You can attach the key chain to the screwdriver for standy applications, but it's designed for eyeglasses repair. A repair kit for eyeglasses, sunglasses, reading glasses, watches, jewelries, electronics and more. The bayite Eyeglasses Repair kit comes with 13 sizes of screws, a multi- function screwdriver, a slot screwdriver, a philips screwdriver and a small tweezers so you are well prepared for any glasses repair. Time and money can be saved by doing your own jewelry repair. There is adequate screws for a lifetime. The material is Premium Stainless Steel screwdriver. With the included size chart on the lid, you can find what you need quickly.

Brand: Bayite

👤I'm sure it will be fine in the end. If I need this, there's probably something wrong with my glasses. The package is in a clear plastic housing, just as advertised. How to open the thing was not clear. There's no way to open the case because it's sealed with tape on three sides. It took me 15 minutes to locate the tape and remove it, because I knew that if I accidentally jerk it the wrong way, it would be all over the place. I haven't opened it yet. I wanted to capture these thoughts while the frustration is still fresh. C'mon guys, put some more thought into it!

👤It would be great if the lid of the kit was easier to open. You have to look at the tape to understand the cover is not hinged or latched. I think half of these get spilled on the first opening. The included tool is not the best. The kit will have something better to use. Some reviewers wanted a magnetic screw driver. I think the screws are made from steel which does not play well with magnets.

👤This set is useful for fixing tiny screws. I think there are enough screws to take care of a person for the rest of their lives. When you misplace a screw in your glasses, and don't know the size of the missing screw, this kit will give you enough of a selection to find the correct one. It has a mini screwdriver and tweezers.

👤I received this very quickly. The kit contains everything one would need to fix their glasses. It is good to doubt yourself. I paid a lot of money to have a sunglasses shop put a screw and bolt on a pair of sunglasses for me and within a day they fell off. I did a better job with this kit.

👤I fixed my sunglasses after I received him. I was saved from returning them and paying half for a new pair. You just have to find the one that works for you. I used the 2.5 x 1.4 x 8.0 screw with the washer and the bolt. The tool that came with it made it worse. It was good.

👤I had a pair of Foster Grants readers that cost just over 14 dollars. I liked them so when they fell apart, I thought of trying to fix them. When the kit arrived, the husband was asked to do the repair. None of the small screws were large enough to do the job. He had to use the tiny screw driver and included tweezers to try them all. It was a very frustrating experience. He just pitched it all. At least the kit was not too expensive.

👤When I put my sunglasses into my coat or pocket pants, I break them at the end piece. I decided to purchase this to see if I could fix my old pairs instead of spending money on new ones. The set has an enormous number of screws. There are tools you need to fix sunglasses. I only needed 3 screws to fix a few old sunglasses, but I feel like I'll never need to buy another set of glasses. A lifetime supply is $9.

8. Upgraded Precision Screwdriver Spectacles Electronic

Upgraded Precision Screwdriver Spectacles Electronic

The key chain can be used to attach the phillips and flat tip screwdriver and nut holder to. Kingsdun Eyeglass repair kit includes magnetic phillips and flathead screwdriver set, 14 different size of eyeglass screws, 1 curved tweezer, flat & T type washer and screw caps for glasses repair. The glasses repair tool kit includes a magnetic screwdriver set that is great for tiny screws. This glasses repair kit with screws,Phillips and Flathead screwdriver is widely used in their daily life. The tool kit can be used for a lot of things. The sunglass repair kit and nose pads for glasses are made from austenitic stainless steel without iron element which is resistant to rust and great for eyeglasses. The curved tweezer is included in the kit. The key chain can be used to attach the phillips and flat tip screwdriver and nut holder to. The key chain can be used to attach the phillips and flat tip screwdriver and nut holder to.

Brand: Kingsdun

👤A complete kit with magnetic tipped screwdrivers.

9. Kit´╝îHiketolight Sunglasses Precision Screwdriver Eyeglasses

Kit%EF%BC%8CHiketolight Sunglasses Precision Screwdriver Eyeglasses

The complete eyeglasses repair kit includes all the eyeglasses screwdrivers, 14 size of eyeglass screws, 1 curved tweezer, cleaning cloth, and screw caps for glasses repair. The glasses screws are made of austenitic steel, do not contain iron, and cannot be pierced with magnets. The screws are very easy to rust, which is great for glasses watches. The curved tweezers in this kit can be used to grab small screws. The keychain screwdriver can be used for a wide range of work and maintenance in their lives. It can be used to fix watches, glasses, mobile phones, and small electrical equipment. The screwdriver has a flat tip. You can attach it to your key chain for standy applications, and it is a professional tool for repairing glasses. Please check the measurements of each item before purchasing their product to ensure the size of pieces in the repair kit matches your eyeglass.

Brand: Hiketolight

👤The screwdrivers are in perfect working order. The hardware is in the worst possible situation. The case is very flimsy. My son picked it up, turned it upside down, and mixed all the parts together. He got a screw that was too long but did the trick because it didn't have an exact match for his glasses. They went out of their way to make sure I was happy after I received a product that I was not happy with. Would buy from them again.

👤Just got it today. It worked for me. One of the arms fell off when I got a pair of Coach glasses. I almost glue it down when I realized it was missing a screw. The length screw I needed was different. I think this one is better because it was longer. I will help it stay on. I replaced both sides with new screws. They fit perfectly. My expensive sunglasses are working again. I will probably not have to order this again. My husband owns a lot of expensive sunglasses and my son wears eyeglasses so it will come in handy for any replacement screws that might ever be needed, so I don't mind having so many tiny screws. If anyone missed that, it comes with a screwdriver.

👤I bought this when I was in a bind with my glasses, as the little plastic nose piece broke off suddenly, leaving me without my glasses, which I tend to wear at night or on days off of work. Everything you need to fix that problem is included. The container of screws mentions watches as well, as it has a bunch of little screws. If you have a small screw or tight space, the tiny screwdrivers are very useful.

👤I am not sure if the seller is aware that the magnets on the screws are not made of the same material as the ones in the shipment, but they are not made of the same material. I will return them to Amazon. The seller contacted me worried that I had received a faulty product and that he had a replacement for me. It took about 10 minutes to replace the screws. I appreciate sellers who go the extra mile to provide good customer service.

👤I haven't used it yet. You get value for your money. There are a couple hundred screws. It's difficult to tell when they're small and decent quality, but I'm not counting them. I have more than that. You don't have to worry about tiny screws getting into your shag carpet with this set of tools. If I used it and liked it, I would have rated it a five, but who likes to put tiny little screws into tiny little holes on an eyeglass frame? The best I can do is a four.

👤Everything I needed is in the kit. I was able to screw in my sunglasses after the screw fell off. I replaced the nose pieces. If anyone is complaining about the kit in one way or another, it's because they're not very skilled at this type of work. Fine finger skills are required.

10. TECKMAN Eyeglass Eyeglasses Screwdriver Spectacles

TECKMAN Eyeglass Eyeglasses Screwdriver Spectacles

There is a wide variety of eyeglass screws, screw nuts, cap,washers, nose pads, cleaning cloth, and 6pcs eyeglass screwdriver set with phillips and flathead tips in the Teoman Eyeglasses repair kit. 6 different sizes of precision phillips and Flathead screwdrivers are included in this kit. The precision screwdriver bits are made of good S2 steel, specially hardened with heat treatment, which is more precise and durable than silver colored CRV bits, high quality for long time use. Nice screwdrivers. The handle is made of TPR and PP material which is non-skid with flexible cap, easy and comfortable to grip in hand, and convenient to use for different kinds of repairs. The eyeglass scissor kit includes all the screws made of rust-proof STAINLESS steel, but they can't be welded directly, so they're not ideal for use with shears.

Brand: Teckman

👤My wife didn't want to have to go to see someone when an arm on her reading glasses broke because she couldn't glue it back together. I found the same arms on another pair but didn't have the screws that would fit the eyeglasses. The kid had the perfect screws to fix that problem, as well as longer screws with nuts to fix the sunglasses that lost a screw. It's what you need for a lot of repairs. I don't know if magnetic tweezers would have been helpful, but I lost a couple of tiny nuts trying to thread screws through them.

👤I use this kit for home maintenance of my glasses, and it's great to be able to fix eye glasses for those who need assistance with them.

👤One of the glasses popped out when I put them on. The screw on that side was loose and I finally found it. Amazon came to the rescue with this kit, which was quite complete and very reasonably priced. The screws are grouped by diameter/thread pitch, with the two largest diameter having many choices of length, and fewer choices for the smaller diameter screws. It's easy to find the size you need by carefully trying out a few different screws. The screws they supply are not magnetic, which is why the tweezers are needed. One of the many types of screwdrivers that fit was one that fit the screw that repaired my glasses and the one that was loose on the other side. After using the microfiber cleaning cloth to remove fingerprints from my glasses, I can see clearly again to type this review.

👤If you look at the other kits, they all have the same diameter, but the lengths are different. You will probably find a kit that fits in this one. Some glasses will take the smaller 1.2 size. The case is taped around the edges, just cut the front and sides, and leave the back piece of tape intact for a hinge. I put packaging tape to the back of thehinge to keep it closed and it's pretty secure because the top overlaps the bottom. The entire bin, the 1.4 X 6.0 screws, are the biggest problem with my kit. There is no slot for a screw driver. There are enough of the other lengths in 1.4 to make up for the useless 1.4 X 6.0. I gave it 4 stars because of that, but for the price, you get a lot of stuff. The tiny washers are thin and slip out of their bin into neighboring bins when I look around, it's a small issue. I don't think I will ever use one. The tweezers are great, but keep the plastic protection on them because they are as sharp as a needle on the end. If you can find it when you need it, this kit will last a lifetime.

👤Is the kit going to help you fix your glasses? Yes, it will. Will you throw this away or misplace it before you need to fix your glasses? Also, yes. Yes, you will. This is the definition of what you pay for. It comes with everything it says it does, in the same way that the genie can grant your wishes in ways that don't make you happy. There are seven screwdrivers in the kit. There is no organization or storage for them. The screws are about the size of a cassette tape. More screws than I can use in a lifetime. I've been wearing glasses for 40 years. The nose pieces are so small I'd be worried about sniffing and inhaling them. It comes with a cleaning cloth. If your idea of a cleaning cloth is thinner than a piece of paper, cut it with the crinkle cut fries they used to make. You could argue that they sent all of that in a bag. To get the little cassette tape holder of screws out, you have to rip the bag. If you have to break the bag to get to the stuff inside, what is the point of using a bag?

11. Eyeglass Repair Kit 1 Kit

Eyeglass Repair Kit 1 Kit

Eyeglass repair kit has tools, 9 screws and a plastic case. It's a must for every glove box. Includes: 3 screw drivers, 9 screws, 2 nose pads, 4 comfort pads, 1 lens cloth, and 2 plastic starters.

Brand: Pan Pacific

👤Grabbed this for my husband. We had been all over town and couldn't find the right pieces to fix his glasses after my son popped one of the arms off and lost the screw. The set includes everything you need to repair glasses. My husband was very happy that he is no longer walking around with glasses that are rigged up. We left over pieces in case something happened again. We should have a small screw driver in case we need to tighten something over time. It's a good idea for anyone who has glasses to do small repairs at home.

👤China makes most of the eyeglasses we wear. I already know it because I order them directly. Their tendency to come apart is the most disconcerting of the surprises we have in store. This only bothered me once. I carry this kit with me all the time. When a lens falls out, I get a kick out of the looks on people's faces as I repair the glasses. Sorta added value...

👤The tools were too large and did not fit any of the screws in my glasses, which is odd. The case might have been broken when it arrived. I could not see any damage, but the clasps and hinges were not open. It appears that the case was designed for different uses, or that it was made to hold the tools in a different way than they were placed in.

👤I was hoping for a smaller screwdriver head. I used to have one that someone helped me to use. :P I wanted to replace that. It's in my purse. It won't fix my glasses. I'll keep it because it will be useful, but I'll keep looking for the perfect kit.

👤The two screwdrivers that I bought were so poorly made that they wouldn't work with the tiny screws. The tip of the phillips won't fit in the screw because the flat blade is too big. There is a The bits and screws are usable.

👤What I received was not what was advertised. There is a hard plastic case and small magnifying glass in the item. I bought the item at the dollar store for $1.

👤I thought I would be getting a new product, not a product that looked like it was bought 15 years ago. I am pretty sure that this was opened and then they put the packaging back together. The plastic case is not closed. I felt ripped off.

👤The kit is a bit pricey, but it's nice. The screwdrivers are not good enough to do the job. They did a good job. They don't give many screws. I lost a few and used a few. If they doubled the number of screws, I would upgrade it to another star, if the screw drivers were better.


What is the best product for eye glass repairing kit hsa?

Eye glass repairing kit hsa products from Setex. In this article about eye glass repairing kit hsa you can see why people choose the product. Sunsmiles and Qyajs are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye glass repairing kit hsa.

What are the best brands for eye glass repairing kit hsa?

Setex, Sunsmiles and Qyajs are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye glass repairing kit hsa. Find the detail in this article. Proactiv, Endlanoo and General Tools are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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