Best Eye Glass Repairing Kit with Magnetic Screwdriver

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1. Eyeglasses HKIDEE Sunglasses Screwdrivers Spectacle

Eyeglasses HKIDEE Sunglasses Screwdrivers Spectacle

The complete glasses repair kit includes a 6 piece precision screwdriver, a wide variety of eyeglass screws, 5 pairs nose pads, screw nuts, cap, washers, cleaning cloth, and one micro screwdriver. The glasses repair tool kit include phillips screwdriver set, flathead screwdriver set, and magnetic screwdriver bits. The screws are made of high quality material which is more durable and long lasting. The cap is rotating, the rotation is flexible, and the gap is close. It's easy to remove or fix the screws with the spinning end caps design. The eye glass repair kit can be used to repair computers, Cell Phone, watches, and small electronics with tiny screws, which can save you an expensive maintenance fee.

Brand: Hkidee

👤I have been hard to find around where I live because I wear glasses. The kit has various size screws and screw drivers that I love. You need to help someone else out or repair your own classes.

👤It is what it is advertised to be. Quality seems to be sturdy enough and has enough sizes of both the drivers and screws to support any eye glass repair needs. Don't forget after you buy one and buy again.

👤I love the different sizes of screws, nuts and screw drivers. There are so many that are easy to use. It's necessary for anyone who wears glasses.

👤There is a good selection of items one might need.

👤Should have what you need. Two pairs of glasses have been fixed by me.

👤I was able to repair 3 pairs of eyeglasses in a few minutes with the various screw lengths in the kit.

👤Just what I needed. It has everything you need. Great purchase for the price.

👤The tools are used to repair eyeglasses. I like to have access to fix and adjust my frames at home for my family and friends, and this is perfect.

2. Eyeglass Repair Repairing Sunglasses 1100pcs

Eyeglass Repair Repairing Sunglasses 1100pcs

This repair kit includes all the eyeglasses screwdrivers,14 size of eyeglass screws, 1 curved tweezer, cleaning cloth, screw caps, nose pads for glasses repair. The glasses screws are made of austenitic steel, do not contain iron, and cannot be pierced by magnets. The screws are very easy to rust, which is great for glasses watches. The curved tweezers in this kit can be used to grab small screws. The keychain screwdriver is useful in covering all kinds of work. It can be used to fix watches, glasses, mobile phones, and small electrical equipment. It is a professional tool for repairing glasses, but you can also attach it to your key chain for standy applications. You don't have to go to the repair shop for a long time, you can repair it at home, which saves time and money, and brings fun to life.

Brand: Hiketolight

3. Eyeglass Precision Screwdriver Cleaning Tweezers

Eyeglass Precision Screwdriver Cleaning Tweezers

6 PCS of different sizes of magnetic screwdrivers, 18 sizes of glasses screws, bolts, nuts, washers and rubber screw caps, a tweezers, a multi-function mini screwdriver and a glasses cloth fitting are included in the eyeglass repair kit. There are 6 kinds of different sizes of precision screwdriver sets. The screws and screwdrivers are made of steel. You don't have to worry about rust. Premium material is used for the screwdriver and screws. All screws and nuts are individually packed in 12 small boxes, as well as a beautiful small screwdriver set, which can be provided for your convenience without taking up too much space. If you bought the glasses repair kit and they are not suitable, please contact them and they will provide you with satisfactory service.

Brand: Mearun Solar

👤There were enough screw selections in the kit to find the correct size for my glasses. Good enough, but not high quality. The screwdrivers are a problem. The shafts of the screwdrivers are made of steel and have tiny barbs in it. When I used the size that I needed, I felt a blood clot on my thumb. Maybe it was only the screwdriver. I wasn't going to go down the shafts of others to find out. Suggest you spend more money on another kit.

👤What a lifesaver! A new screw was needed to keep my lense in. The screws are not easy to work with and little tweezers weren't helpful. nose guards would have been a nice addition to the kit. I was happy to have my glasses fixed after the purchase.

👤This is what I was looking for. I couldn't find the screws I needed to tighten the pad on my glasses. The kit came with a lot of tools and screws. I would recommend this kit to fix glasses problems.

👤This is a great product. There are lots of options to repair your glasses. It's a great value for your money. Make sure you put the screws in an area where you can keep them out of the air, like a large baking sheet or something similar.

👤The screw driver kit was cracked when the screw container arrived. I had to fix the lens that fell out of the frame since the screws were so small, and I had to find and collect them since they were all over the place. Before shipping out products, a quality check must be done. The box wasn't damaged, that made it more upsetting. The screw drivers need to be Magnetized to keep them in place.

👤There are lots of screwdrivers, screws, nuts, and washers. There is nothing left in this set. I would probably not have received as many items if I had kept my purse. The choice of screws that will fit each pair of glasses is awesome.

👤It had everything I needed to fix my glasses. There was no problem with the screws being screwed in. It was just on thing. The set comes with useless tweezers. Get a metal tweezer. You can put the screw in the opening.

👤The kit is perfect for me. I am able to change the screws in my glasses easily. Everything is included. This is a good kit for quick repairs.

4. Universal Souvenir Glasses Sunglasses Repair

Universal Souvenir Glasses Sunglasses Repair

Before purchasing a product, please check the dimensions of the item to make sure the repair kit matches your glasses. Please verify the pictures for more measurements of the pieces included in the repair kit. There are many items in the compact plastic black case repair kit. Spacers nuts storage case 38 piece kit If it matches your glasses, please check the size of the screwdrivers. Slot 1.60mm,Phillips 1.60mm, Plain Round Head 1.89mm are the head diameters.

Brand: Universal Souvenir

👤When my glasses lost a screw, I typed in the exact description on the Amazon search results. I bought confidently. I had been screwed and none of the screws matched my raybans.

👤I was not happy with the purchase. The screwdriver in the repair kit is small enough to fit my screws. It's a tiny screwdriver, but it's not sharp enough to fit into the screw. I tried replacing the screws with replacements that were not the same size, but they did work, they were either too narrow or too thick, and they didn't fit through the holes.

👤A silly obsession. I have about 30 pairs of glasses, and three of them needed small repairs. Only two screws and one nosepad were needed. The kit had everything I needed, but I only needed one of the nose pads. I found the screws that matched the original. I found screws to re-attach a temple piece and to re-connect a rim around a lens for the other two pairs. I have a lot of screws left over. The screwdriver worked for my repairs, though I understand they might not work for all. If you are concerned, it is best to purchase a very fine screwdriver set online. It's cheaper than going to an optical center, which may or may not agree to help you with frames purchased elsewhere. Definitely recommend!

👤I had no issues with the bad reviews. The screws and the defintely were worth it for me. My girlfriend's glasses were fixed in two minutes. The screws are small and hard to take out of the slots, so defintely have tweezers handy. The screwdriver has three pasty to it and you have to remove the middle part to use it. The nut driver is on the hollow end. It was perfect for me and I was happy with the purchase.

👤I bought this because one of the nuts fell off my sunglasses and one of the handles detached. The item arrived in two days after I placed the order. There is no labeling in the container's compartments regarding the sizes of screws and nuts. You can use trial and error to see what works. It is easy for small items to get mixed up because the compartments are not very deep, but that is not a big deal if you use the case on a firm surface and take your time when taking the screws out. The screws may not work with the instrument included. The opening is larger than the screws, but it will fit the nuts. If you don't have small or slender fingers, you will have to use something else to install the screw.

👤My daughter had missing screws and I had high hopes for this kit. There were three screws in each compartment instead of an even number. I tried all the screws in order to find the right size, but the kit didn't have it. I found the screws to be of low quality materials with poorly pressedPhillips and flat head. I tried to get the tool with the head, but I couldn't. A magnetized tip would benefit the design. The vendor followed up my purchase with an email. I returned the email that indicated my displeasure with the tool and was told that they would consider magnetized screwdrivers in the future. They did not offer to accept a return of the product.

5. Small Screwdriver Set Case Professional

Small Screwdriver Set Case Professional

We will reply to you within 12 hours and give you a satisfactory processing result if you have any questions. You can get a full refund if you are not satisfied. Please stay away from children. Their screwdriver bit set has 32 different types of screwdriver bits, multi-magnetic driver makes it easy to fix bit and pull screws out, with T-wrench conversion hole and extension rod, these drill bits can meet all the tool repair needs for small size. The application range. The mini screwdriver sets are ideal for repairing cameras, clocks, computers, glasses, laptops, phones, toys, watches and other precision devices. It's accessible. The screwdriver set has a storage box made of PP material, which is impact resistant, and it is designed to help you keep them organized and even easier to carry. Good quality. Their magnetic screwdrivers are made of hardened carbon steel. The screwdriver is designed for small screws. PP+PVC materials are used in non slip handles. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: They will try to satisfy their customers. If you have any questions, please contact them and they will be able to provide you a solution within 24 hours. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: They will try to satisfy their customers. If you have any questions, please contact them and they will be able to provide you a solution within 24 hours.

Brand: N\c

👤I use a lot of this tool set. We use it for small jobs around the house, and keep it in the junk drawer. Would recommend!

👤My son is 8 years old and he wants to take apart his old camera. The philips bits were stripped by the screws and now they are not usable. Get something better.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by the set's value. For almost any application, every imaginable type and size. The handle allows you to get better Torque as you twist rather than drive.

👤The product is not durable. It's too plastic to be used for serious work. The screwdrivers are not of good quality. A bad product.

👤It was a gift for my handy best friend who insisted on doing things her own way. She loves it.

👤The set is useless. It is not shaped like an object.

👤These were perfect for my husband's backpack. They are useful for a quick fix.

👤The handle was large enough to fit in your hand and the product had a lot of choices for the screwhead. It would be good for a small job like removing a battery cover, but when we tried to use it on a wooden object, the points on thePhillips head wore down quickly.

6. Eyeglasses HKIDEE Sunglasses Screwdrivers Spectacle

Eyeglasses HKIDEE Sunglasses Screwdrivers Spectacle

6Pcs Precision Screwdriver, a wide variety of eyeglass screws, screw nuts, cap, washers, cleaning cloth, and one micro screwdriver are included in the Eyeglasses repair kit. The glasses repair tool kit includes a phillips screwdriver set and flathead screwdriver set that are great for tiny screws. The screws are resistant to rust and great for eyeglasses, so they can't be held by magnetic screwdrivers. The curved tweezer is included in the kit. The kit can be used for many occasions, like repairing computers, Cell Phone, watches, and small electronics with tiny screws. All the accessories are packed in a transparent box. You can find the size you need by sticking the size information under the case, and using the tweezer to pick out the screws.

Brand: Endlanoo

👤This is a kit for anyone who wears glasses or needs small tools. Some people have complained about opening the box. The designated labels of each item should be placed at the top. Take a butter knife or some other slim flat tool and slide it at the left front corner and then pry it open to move it across the front crease. As you work from left to right, it will pop open. Make sure you take precautions so that you don't accidentally open it and spill things. I took heed from other reviews that it can be difficult to dodain things like this. I am proud to say that I accomplished this feat. It comes with a soft cotton tie bag to hold items in for you. This product is very slick and I repaired two of my prescription glass frames immediately.

👤It's a nice kit. I was able to use the last tape on the end as a hinge because it does not open easily. The tools are nice and the screws work great, they made it easier to install the missing screw in my glasses.

👤I had two pairs of Ray-Bans that were out of commission due to missing screws, one of which was near the bridge of my nose. I replaced the screws on one pair so they wouldn't be the same on the other. I'm very happy with this purchase. One pair was $180 and was a Father's Day gift, the other was $250. I spearfishing in the river and found them. The kayakers are silly for wearing expensive sunglasses.

👤There is a good assortment of screws. I like having extras when making repairs because I lose a few screws. The point of the tweezers is very sharp. The points should be filed. I didn't have to go to my other set to get a better tool because the drivers are usable. I am satisfied that I got what I paid for.

👤The biscuit has all the essential pieces, but the clear container that holds the screws made me angry. There is no clear point to open it. There is no ledge and when I opened it upside down, I found a million screws and all the sizes were mixed up.

👤I bought these for my dad, who loves to restore Tonka trucks from the 1930s to the 1950s, and he always needs these little booty screws and his little booty screwdrivers, so I thought no not a glass kit, I can't go wrong with that.

👤There are so many tiny screwdrivers with tips of all kinds, a lot of screws and washers, and a lot of goodies in a small plastic box. It is well worth the money.

👤The screws are not usable. There are no slots to put your screwdriver into. I will try and get a refund.

7. TEKPREM Eyeglasses Screwdriver Screwdrivers Replacement

TEKPREM Eyeglasses Screwdriver Screwdrivers Replacement

There is a complete eye glasses repairing kit with assorted screws, multi-size phillips and slotted screwdrivers, different types of silicone nose pads, curved precision tweezer and super fine fiber glasses. The magnetic screwdriver tool case have 3 phillips and 3 flathead screwdrivers with a size of 1.5mm, 2.0mm, and 2.5mm. The bits and size are made for eyeglass screws and fit perfectly. There are 5 pairs of Silicone nose pads in this kit, they are in two types, normal and air chamber. Silicone nose pads are thin, but air chamber nose pieces are thicker and more comfortable to wear. The screw box has 18 grids of different size screws, screws nuts, screws cap and screw washers. They're used for repairing glasses and nose pads. The curved Tweezer is pointed and sharp to make it easy to pick up small screws or nose pads.

Brand: Tekprem

👤I was expecting screwdrivers to be magnetic so they would hold tiny screws, but they are not. The only positive thing about this set is that you get a large selection of screws.

👤When the arm of my glasses came off, I bought this. The screw size that I needed was not found in any of the repair kits I found in the US. I found the one I needed in the kit and now my glasses are fixed. The other items in the kit are all useful, and it's good to have this on hand to fix glasses or any other small items that might need to be repaired.

👤I lost a nose pad screw on a pair of reading glasses. The repair kits from the drugstore didn't have the correct size screws. I have a comprehensive collection of screws and screwdrivers that I can use to fix all the glasses I have if I run into this problem again. It's better to have and not need.

👤My glasses are starting to show wear. The frame is slightly bent so the screws need to be tightened often. The kit has everything I need to prevent the nerd look. The best eyeglass repair kit I have ever owned is the last one I will ever need.

👤I didn't know what kind of screw I would need after the fell out of my RayBan frames. The kit contained the right type and the appropriate driver. If I were to get into repairing eyeglasses, I would probably use a set of better tweezers, because the ones provided here were a bit ham-fisted for positioning tiny screws. A set of magnifying goggles is something you might want to get. I am excited to have my glasses back together and be able to get replacement screws for a low price.

👤This is a must have if you wear glasses. I was able to change my husband's glasses in a few minutes. It was a real time saver. Everything you need for eyeglass repair is included in the kit.

👤Every person in this house wears glasses, we loose screws on the week ends, when the doctors are not around.

👤I was hoping to fix my glasses myself. Everything was neatly packaged in this kit. Follow their instructions and use the tweezer to pick up your screws, and help hold them in place when using the screwdriver. I was able to get my glasses fixed in under 10 minutes, even though my vision is terrible and I have never done it before. So thankful! Definitely recommend.

8. Precision Screwdriver Screwdrivers Professional Electronics

Precision Screwdriver Screwdrivers Professional Electronics

The multitool is made out of strong metal to stand the test of time. The set comes with 6 different tips. The bit head is made of imported material. Hardness and wear resistance can be guaranteed. The end of the handle can be used for micro screws because it is non-slip. This product is suitable for glasses, children's toys, jewelry, mobile phones, Tablet, PC, XBOX, cameras, game consoles, keyboards, other electronic products. The set is packed in a plastic box, which is easy to carry, easy to store, and easy to use. The set is packed in a plastic box, which is easy to carry, easy to store, and easy to use.

Brand: Ker

👤I have owned mini screwdrivers for decades. It is impossible to assemble or fix toys without these. They are a life saver. I use them to read glass screws. If you are like me and you attempt to tighten a screw on your glasses with a pointed steak knife, you will be able to poke a hole in your finger. These mini tools can save time and money. They are better than my last ones because they are magnetic. Great addition. They are also cute.

👤I bought this product because I needed to tighten my reading glasses. I was excited to use them. The design is good for handling, but I realized they are not magnetic when I used them. I went back to make sure it was stated in the description. The screw wouldn't stay on the driver tip of the screw, so I had to use a pair of tweezers to help with the screw. I lost the tiny screw and am left with reading glasses with one ear piece. These are not magnetic screw drivers that I have seen before. I think it serves me well for trying to be safe. I have a cute set of screw drivers. I think I can use them on things that don't need a magnet.

👤I ordered this product because I needed it for jewelry and other items that required small screwdrivers. It was the best item I could have ordered. I would recommend it to anyone who needs small screwdrivers.

👤I needed to change the cell battery in my Honda and I needed to open the key for it. I didn't have any screwdrivers that were the right size to grab the screw. The set had a perfect size for the job. It is a nice set of screwdrivers in a handy case and I will use it for other jobs. I highly recommend it.

👤I looked at a lot of small screwdriver sets, and either they didn't have the right mix of straight andPhillips, or they came with a cheap case. The KER set was what I was looking for. The case is sturdy and easy to open and close, and the handles fit my hand well.

👤This precision screwdriver set is a must have for anyone who wants to do screw servicing. It's easy to hold covered bandling, and a reasonable price, if you factor in the included magnet for screw lose prevention.

👤I was looking for a set of screwdrivers. They are easy to work with. I would order again. Thx.

👤I use this screwdriver set to fix, tighten, and adjust eyewear on a daily basis. They come in a clear box so you know what is inside without having to open it, and they are color coding so you know what is inside. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a quality mini screwdriver set.

9. Kit´╝îHiketolight Sunglasses Precision Screwdriver Eyeglasses

Kit%EF%BC%8CHiketolight Sunglasses Precision Screwdriver Eyeglasses

The complete eyeglasses repair kit includes all the eyeglasses screwdrivers, 14 size of eyeglass screws, 1 curved tweezer, cleaning cloth, and screw caps for glasses repair. The glasses screws are made of austenitic steel, do not contain iron, and cannot be pierced with magnets. The screws are very easy to rust, which is great for glasses watches. The curved tweezers in this kit can be used to grab small screws. The keychain screwdriver can be used for a wide range of work and maintenance in their lives. It can be used to fix watches, glasses, mobile phones, and small electrical equipment. The screwdriver has a flat tip. You can attach it to your key chain for standy applications, and it is a professional tool for repairing glasses. Please check the measurements of each item before purchasing their product to ensure the size of pieces in the repair kit matches your eyeglass.

Brand: Hiketolight

👤The screwdrivers are in perfect working order. The hardware is in the worst possible situation. The case is very flimsy. My son picked it up, turned it upside down, and mixed all the parts together. He got a screw that was too long but did the trick because it didn't have an exact match for his glasses. They went out of their way to make sure I was happy after I received a product that I was not happy with. Would buy from them again.

👤Just got it today. It worked for me. One of the arms fell off when I got a pair of Coach glasses. I almost glue it down when I realized it was missing a screw. The length screw I needed was different. I think this one is better because it was longer. I will help it stay on. I replaced both sides with new screws. They fit perfectly. My expensive sunglasses are working again. I will probably not have to order this again. My husband owns a lot of expensive sunglasses and my son wears eyeglasses so it will come in handy for any replacement screws that might ever be needed, so I don't mind having so many tiny screws. If anyone missed that, it comes with a screwdriver.

👤I bought this when I was in a bind with my glasses, as the little plastic nose piece broke off suddenly, leaving me without my glasses, which I tend to wear at night or on days off of work. Everything you need to fix that problem is included. The container of screws mentions watches as well, as it has a bunch of little screws. If you have a small screw or tight space, the tiny screwdrivers are very useful.

👤I am not sure if the seller is aware that the magnets on the screws are not made of the same material as the ones in the shipment, but they are not made of the same material. I will return them to Amazon. The seller contacted me worried that I had received a faulty product and that he had a replacement for me. It took about 10 minutes to replace the screws. I appreciate sellers who go the extra mile to provide good customer service.

👤I haven't used it yet. You get value for your money. There are a couple hundred screws. It's difficult to tell when they're small and decent quality, but I'm not counting them. I have more than that. You don't have to worry about tiny screws getting into your shag carpet with this set of tools. If I used it and liked it, I would have rated it a five, but who likes to put tiny little screws into tiny little holes on an eyeglass frame? The best I can do is a four.

👤Everything I needed is in the kit. I was able to screw in my sunglasses after the screw fell off. I replaced the nose pieces. If anyone is complaining about the kit in one way or another, it's because they're not very skilled at this type of work. Fine finger skills are required.

10. Eyeglass Kingsdun Precision Screwdriver Spectacles

Eyeglass Kingsdun Precision Screwdriver Spectacles

Kingsdun Eyeglass repair kit includes magnetic phillips and flathead screwdriver set, 14 different size of eyeglass screws, 1 curved tweezer, flat & T type washer and screw caps for glasses repair. The glasses repair tool kit includes a magnetic screwdriver set that is great for tiny screws. This glasses repair kit with screws,Phillips and Flathead screwdriver is widely used in their daily life. The tool kit can be used for a lot of things. The sunglass repair kit and nose pads for glasses are made from austenitic stainless steel without iron element which is resistant to rust and great for eyeglasses. The curved tweezer is included in the kit. The key chain can be used to attach the phillips and flat tip screwdriver and nut holder to.

Brand: Kingsdun

👤I needed a new nose pad. The only pads that come with this kit are solid white, not the normal clear pads that most glasses had. None of the screwdrivers were small enough to fit the screw in the nose pad. The kit failed.

👤It's nice to be able to tighten the screws on my glasses without having to use a screwdriver or something. I can't get a tight grip on the screwdrivers to turn the screws. The longer drivers did the trick.

👤There is a nice assortment of tools, screws, and spare parts in this set. It is easy to place screws with the help of the tweezers. I will never run out of things to fix my glasses again.

👤I bought this to fix a pair of glasses. I've fixed a few more pairs of glasses. I'll need a lot of everything in the kit for years to come.

👤I used to buy Christmas presents for my kids. It has everything you need.

11. Snapit Eye Glass Repair Kit

Snapit Eye Glass Repair Kit

Their eyeglasses repair kit includes 12 styles of glasses screws, nuts, washers and nose pads. Most of the time, they are common sizes for eyeglasses, sunglasses and watches. The easiest way to repair your glasses is with the snapit kit. Drop the screw in the hinge and snap it off. There are no more small screws. New threads will be cut in your glasses by their deisgn. Each tube has 5 crews of different lengths and thicknesses and a handy optical screwdriver to finish the job. 99% of all glasses will fit them. There are patents for their design across the world. Drop it, whisper. SNAP IT! The eyeglass screws were too small. It was difficult to replace these screws. Not now with the eye glass repair kit. The eyeglass screws were too small. It was difficult to replace these screws. Not now with the eye glass repair kit.

Brand: Snapit

👤The package only has 5 screws and a hard to use screwdriver. If you need to fix two pairs of glasses that have the same size screw, then you are out of luck because the snap-off screws are a good idea. I had to pay 6 bucks for a single tiny screw and a cheap screwdriver because the screws were too large for my glasses. I could only fix one pair of glasses after buying this. The least they could have done was to include two of each size of screw. Not worth the price. This is the last time I buy anything that says "as seen on TV." A ripoff!

👤The waste of money. I broke off the excess length of the screw because it didn't fit. If the kit didn't work for the glasses, my readers will fall into the 1%. I wanted to use the screw driver to tighten my glasses. They all have head screws.

👤It worked great for me. Two pairs of glasses were fixed with it. Screwdrivers are too long. I own my own set of screwdrivers.

👤The screws don't work. The case is hard to open.

👤This repair was beyond my capabilities with an hour of trying and only comes with 5 screws. Don't waste money or time.

👤Is it possible to do very easy corrective for my problem?

👤Good eye sight is needed to get the guide screw.

👤The kit is compatible with 99% of all glasses according to the description. It failed to work for me, so I must be in the great 1%.

👤Unless you have two pairs to start with, you're a bit stymied because you need to wear a pair of glasses to repair your glasses. It all seemed to be working well. Drop the screw in the hole using the long spear as a guide, then tighten and break off the long end. The screws have raised heads, but I could have used a counter-clockwise head as the thread on the screw was not long enough for me. I lost the screw that held the lens in place and I needed a longer thread than the ones supplied. It would work if you replace a hinge screw. A good idea but not for me.

👤One spring hinge had been distorted and re-screwing the existing screw was becoming less effective as the thread was stripping and the screw was not aligned. The problem was solved by providing a small selection of screws. It's not easy to distinguish between naked and clothed eyes, so I tried a few before finding the best fit. The quality of the screw made it easier to re-thread it as it was slowly and carefully screwed in place and the excess metals were taken off. It worked first time and provided a neat and robust repair. It's worth trying.

👤The holes in the leg and frame were solved by this. The extension leg pulled the holes into the line. Then, use pliers to snap the extension. At a time when visits were too risky due to Covid, this repaired the specs. One of the size screws suited my specifications.


What is the best product for eye glass repairing kit with magnetic screwdriver?

Eye glass repairing kit with magnetic screwdriver products from Hkidee. In this article about eye glass repairing kit with magnetic screwdriver you can see why people choose the product. Hiketolight and Mearun Solar are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye glass repairing kit with magnetic screwdriver.

What are the best brands for eye glass repairing kit with magnetic screwdriver?

Hkidee, Hiketolight and Mearun Solar are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye glass repairing kit with magnetic screwdriver. Find the detail in this article. Universal Souvenir, N\c and Endlanoo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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