Best Eye Glasses Lens Cleaner Anti Fog

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1. Zeiss Eyeglass Cleaner Anti Fog Defender

Zeiss Eyeglass Cleaner Anti Fog Defender

ZEISS Fog Defender System is an easy to use spray that keeps your lens from fogging even while wearing a mask. Fog-free vision for up to 72 hours. It is easy to use, spray both sides of the lens and wipe with a microfiber cloth. I recommend glasses, sunglasses, binoculars, camera lens, swim goggles, ski goggles, and face shields.

Brand: Zeiss

👤I was being driven crazy by the glasses when wearing a mask. This was a problem when shopping indoors. I decided to try it out. It did a good job of cleaning my glasses. I found that it prevented my glasses from fogging up. It's a sad comment that I am so surprised and delighted that a product delivered on its promise, but in this case, I am completely satisfied.

👤This is the best Anti-Fog I have seen. You can buy this at a drugstore.

👤I used inexpensive cleaning/antifog wipes to clean my glasses. The wipes weren't effective with the face mask. The spray works well. I clean glasses first thing in the morning, then apply the spray and wipe them off. All day my glasses are clear. This product is overpriced on Amazon. There is only enough for about 10 days, since I apply 4 sprays each day. The product is not worth the $10 price.

👤Why would you buy something like this? I have an anti-fog quality. This is not that. It will only last for a few minutes, no matter what I tried and how many layers I used. I want this product to work. This is the only thing it is supposed to do and it doesn't do it, so I have to put just one star. The packaging is good, it doesn't smell, and it's easy to use. If you are looking for something that prevents fogging when you wear a mask, this wouldn't help. If you are going from cold to warm occasionally, I think this will help. Some people say that the product depends on the coating on your glasses. It might work for you.

👤I don't understand why it took a stranger on the street to explain to me that anti-fogging spray works. I decided to try the spray because I was familiar with the brand's reputation for excellent lenses. If you don't follow the directions in the reviews, you will be disappointed. You have to clean your glasses. After spraying on both sides, rub around the entire surface of the lens, and then let set for a full minute. Then wipe it off with a cloth. I wear my glasses outside when I do this once a day. I was not happy with my glasses all year. I am both masked and able to see. It was better late than never.

👤I have to wear a mask for the entire day to see clearly in parenteral operations. I have to wear safety glasses. It is easier to treat my eye glasses and safety glasses with this no-fog kit. The view began to become murky after one application lasted 3 days. I had to apply another application to my glasses after they fogged up. My glasses did not fog up, which was essential for night time driving in a cold vehicle, even in sub-zero weather with a mask on.

👤The product only lasts a day or two. You need to keep coming back. It converts fog into liquid so you get a distorted view. You can still see everything. 3 stars because of how often you need to reapply

2. Iconic Clear Electronics Marine Aviation

Iconic Clear Electronics Marine Aviation

It was developed to work on all electronic displays. It works on TVs, cell phones, tablets, monitors, and other glass surfaces. Alcohol, Silicone, Butoxyethanol or Ammonia are not allowed. The application is easy to use.

Brand: Iconic Clear

👤Not cheap but very useful. I have these in every drawer and handbag of my house.

👤Great product. Great value too!

👤I tried to clean smudges on my TV. The smudge was still visible despite the use of almost 15 wipes.

3. Eyeglass Cleaner Alcohol Eyeglasses Sunglasses

Eyeglass Cleaner Alcohol Eyeglasses Sunglasses

Ground-breaking technology is happening. The carbon microfiber tech that cleans all glasses is called the Peeps eyeglass cleaner. It's extremely effective. NASA uses a dry-clean technology that is substance free to clean glass in space. It won't damage the special coating of the lens. Safe technology is used for designer glasses. A better view. Your glasses and sunglasses are free of fingerprints, smudges, and more with the help of peeps eyewear cleaner. Bring it everywhere. The size of the eyeglass cleaner is approximately 4x1x1 inches. There are 7 unique colors.

Brand: Peeps

👤I watched the video and followed directions, but the product cleaning pad fell apart. I reached out to the seller for help and got no response. I reached out to them again via social media, but they didn't reply. I was expecting some version of customer service, but it wasn't there. I know someone who loves it and has one. If this is a bad item, why can't I get some basic courtesy from these people?

👤There is a piece of junk on my glasses. I didn't know that you couldn't return something you bought on Amazon unless you had food. I am going to complain to Amazon. It is a crime to sell a piece of eyeglasses that is damaging.

👤After you have cleaned your glasses with peep, you should get a spray cleaner to clean up the mess. What a joke. I wouldn't spend money on them again. Terry.

👤It was very cool looking and spirit, but first use left a permanent scratch on my glasses, which have been through five years of hell. I had to buy new glasses.

👤I don't like wearing glasses and can't wear contacts. I've used microfiber cloths, individually wrapped lens wipes, sprays, and other things to keep my lens clean. The CarbonKlean cleaner is very easy to use and does a great job. I haven't had any issues with scratches on my glasses and they have a blue light coating on them. I think the 1-star reviews where people scratched their lens were because they didn't brush off the particles with the built-in brush as per instructions, and then ended up putting them on their lens. I got the hot pink one because it was 25% cheaper than the other ones.

👤For the first few times I used this product, I liked it. There are scratches on my glasses after I cleaned them. On February 1st, I received this. February 5th is today. I am getting a new pair of glasses soon because I have huge scratches on my current pair. There was nothing on the lens that would cause scratches. There were scratches on the left and right. I did not change the position of the cleaner. Do not recommend.

👤I love these! I bought these from the kickstart where you could get 2 for $20 and give them away as stocking stuffers. The claims seemed too good to be true so I didn't try them for a while. They work well. I keep a pair on my bedside table. After you put them in your cart, watch the price. It was listed at a lower price. It was $20 when I went to buy it. I removed it. It went back up. Put it in the cart. It was programmed to change hoping people wouldn't notice. I was able to purchase immediately at the lower price. It seems like a practice.

👤This little item is what it says it is. It's a little awkward to use in the beginning, but one will get used to it quickly. Fine scratches are removed like magic by it. A piece of equipment that can be used to start a conversation. When others see it, they will want to use it more than you do. They are willing to try it out.

4. MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths PACK

MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths PACK

It's perfect for a wide range of uses, such as applying/removing/touching-up cosmetics, household cleaning, arts & crafts, pet care, baby care, cleaning collectibles, painting, car detailing, model building, first aid, and more! Premium materials. Dust, oil, smudges, fingerprints, and dirt can be removed with a microfiber material. No marks, scratches, or lint is left. Protect: Each pack of MagicFiber comes with a polybag so that they are always ready to use. 6Fiber Magic Cleaning Microfiber Cloths are 5 black, 1 grey and 15 cm in length. It's safe to use on any delicate surface, like TV screens, smart phones, camera lens and filters. Stores are flat in your case. Awesome for a camera bag.

Brand: Magicfiber

👤This product scratched my glasses. The scratches are very fine. This product is terrible. Amazon will only give me a partial refund. Is it strange that there are over 10k reviews on glass cleaners?

👤We're on lock down and have been using virtual reality to relax and have fun. I decided to get some new microfiber cloths to keep my glasses clean in order to take care of my headset. It turns out my choice has permanently damaged my headset, and it's pretty much impossible to replace it. I can't afford a new headset because I won't be able to get it fixed, andculus won't cover user damage, so I'm stuck with a cloudy headset. If you don't value your expensive glasses or headset, then you should use these because they will scratch the smudges right out for you.

👤I had no idea how hard it would be to clean the lens. The oil on the lens film was constant, and everything I did to clean them resulted in the oil sticking to the lens. I tried various things, including eye glass cleaner spray, pre-moistened wipes, and a magnasonic cleaner. I tried the ridiculous suggestion that I only needed a small amount of detergent, a rinse, and a clean towel. I had to get a new pair of glasses because I was close to destroying them. I saw these cloths on a website and decided to try them out despite my doubts. The film was removed from my lens on the first try. I will never use anything else again. I can have one in my purse, one in my desk, one in my bedroom, and one in the car with 6 in a pack.

👤Excellent product. I had the 6-pack for only 2 weeks, and so far it works great. I use it every day. It removes smudges, skin oil, and everything else with ease, without using any water or lens cleaning solutions. Very happy with it. I recommend the 6-pack since you can keep one in the car, one in your briefcase, one in the office, or both. If you want to keep them in different places, like your car or briefcase, you need a small plastic container, which I think the product should come with, even if it adds a couple of dollars to the price. The cloth will be less effective if it is exposed to dust. The thin plastic sleeve it comes in is good for shipping, but you really need a thin, plastic, hinged box to protect this product, and it would probably last a few weeks in your car or office. It looks very easy to wash them. I haven't reached that point yet. If each cloth lasts a year or two, having clean, smudge-free lens is worth the price of the 6-pack. You will not regret buying it. They work well. I have had them for about 2 months now. I used one of the cloths as a test. After a while, it stopped working. I hand-washed it with warm water and air dried it. It did not work, it was just smeared on my lens. I tried washing it many times. I decided to take a risk. I washed it with soap and water. Result? .... Success! It works the same as it did the first time I used it. There is no way to remove oil from the cloth without using soap. Try it at your own risk. I found that using liquid soap and rinsing well works.

5. EK USA Multi Use Coatings Eyeglass

EK USA Multi Use Coatings Eyeglass

There is an 8 ounces bottle and a 1 ounce bottle. Their handy care kit is easy to use and has everything you need to maintain and clean your optical wear. Simply spray on the anti-fog spray and wipe it off to stay in the clear. The bottle holds enough Cat Crap for multiple uses. It's safe to use on a variety of eyewear, and can be easily fit in your pocket or bag for easy access. Keep your lens free from fogging up with a simple spray and wipe. It has the same formula that is safe on all types of objects. There are protections from disease and splinters. This spray is designed to keep your eyes clear and free of fog, as well as repel lint and dust, and provide protection from scratches. There are protections from disease and splinters. This spray is designed to keep your eyes clear and free of fog, as well as repel lint and dust, and provide protection from scratches.

Brand: Ek Usa

👤I thought it would work, but it didn't. I am a dental assistant who wears a mask with a shield and it kept fogging even after spraying my glasses. I wish it would have worked better during this time.

👤I wear a surgical mask to fight the fogging. It doesn't work. For the price, I can buy more cleaners that work just as well. If you are fighting mask fog, save your money.

👤Absolutely does not work. I tried following the instructions but they didn't work. It did not work. Applied generously did not work. It didn't work because it was applied lightly and allowed to dry completely. It didn't work when applied generously and allowed to dry. I washed and dried the lenses thinking I had cleaned them before the first round, but they didn't work. The complete waste was $13. The spray bottle's nozzle did not work, it squirted out a huge stream of product, which most of the product landed on the table.

👤I use Cat Crap to keep my glasses from fogging. Cat Crap is popular with skiers.

👤I did not work on my fogging issue. Could you possibly give me a free sample? Would love to try it.

👤Cleans well but does not do anything to make it worse.

👤The kit comes with a cleaningcloth.

👤The product dries streak free. I will buy it again.

6. Eyeglasses Prevents Fogging Microfiber Cleaning

Eyeglasses Prevents Fogging Microfiber Cleaning

The Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner Cloths use high-quality superfine fibers which can effectively prevent water mist from gathering on the surface of the glasses. The Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner Cloths have undergone rigorous performance testing. It will not fog even if you drink a cup of coffee outside or enter the restaurant from the cold. 300 to 600 times can be used to clean glasses, cameras, mobile phones, binoculars, goggles, and other objects. It's easy to care for the glasses, just wipe them several times and put the cleaning cloth back into the bag. If you have any questions about the product, please contact them, they will provide you with the best service.

Brand: Kepoita

👤I can say that it works so far in the little time I have used it. The weather has been warm recently. I can't rate this item. I think it doesn't work for the number of hours claimed. I think the chemical trying to prevent fog made the inside of my lens wet. I will keep using this item until I know for sure if it works. I don't have specially treated lens, but I'm pretty sure this will destroy the coating, so check with your lens specialist before you use it.

👤I have tried to use cloths but they don't stop my glasses from fogging up. It doesn't last and I tried it everyday. I wouldn't recommend them.

👤When I wear a mask, I try to eliminate fog.

👤There are obvious differences between these types of microfiber cloth. These are very clean. They are also good for individually packaged fabrics. You can carry one in your wallet, backpack, camera bag, or even your pocket because they are packed in small plastic envelopes.

👤The spray was better than the one I used.

👤I bought these for my husband, but he lost one on the first day. They work well and are a good buy.

👤The glasses fog up when wearing masks. These help with that.

7. Glasses Wearing Eyeglass Cleaner Goggles

Glasses Wearing Eyeglass Cleaner Goggles

The anti-fog glasses cloth will not fog up even if you wear a face cover, you can drink a cup of hot coffee and get a wipe for 24 hours. The fabric of the mirror cloth is soft and gentle when wiping your glasses and gives you a clearer view when you are outside. Unlike a wet wipe, the lens cloth has been dried so that it won't leave marks on the lens after being wiped. It is possible to re- apply the cloth 300 to 600 times under normal use. Warm notice: the anti-fog cloth cannot be cleaned and needs to be sealed and stored.

Brand: Weewooday

👤These work well. I bought these because I was having a fog up and they are the best, so happy with them. They can be used over and over.

👤It did not work for me, so I returned it.

👤These cloths are very nice. They can help with fogged up glasses.

👤The anti-fog property is only slightly effective.

👤My glasses don't work after I use the cloths.

👤These were a waste of money. Too small to handle while using and glasses left them smudged.

8. Flents Wipe Clear Eyeglass Cleaner

Flents Wipe Clear Eyeglass Cleaner

There is a multi-PURPOSE. The glasses cleaner can be used to clean off dirt. Cleans for Clarity Their wipes are designed to clean glass and plastic. It's perfect for travel. 8 Oz bottles can fit in a pocket or purse. Anti-sTREAK: Blue light glasses are safe.

Brand: Flents

👤This is a classic bait and switch. The product description does not state that the cleaner should not be used on glasses with an anti reflective coating. It says so on the bottle. The cleaner was thrown away as trash. A rip off.

👤This is one of the lowest priced products Amazon sells. I've used it on computers. It does a good job. I wouldn't use it on a monitor or lens that has any kind of anti-glare coating without trying a small area first. Some monitors and display panels are so fragile that they may be stripped off. This product is made from alcohol, water, and detergent. I don't think it would be difficult to duplicate at a lower cost. If you really like pain, do not apply to contact lenses.

👤There was no mention in the product description that it couldn't be used with anti-reflective glasses. The bottle warns of a problem. I immediately started an Amazon return because of the inaccurate website description. I was denied because the cleaner contained gases. What? Someone would use a liquid on their glasses. I'm not happy with Amazon. In the trash!

👤The product works great on my glasses and it's a great price for the bottle size. The packaging is the only issue I have. The bottle was placed in a long clear plastic bag, not a box, because of this, the cap slipped off, and I guess the box being knocked around hard enough during shipping caused it to pump a lot of sprays inside the bag. It was wasteful.

👤I bought this cleaner because of the positive reviews and good value. The product description didn't mention anti-reflective coating at all. The product was printed on the bottle with a warning about using it on anti-Reflective coated lens. Not for use with screens that are made of glass. The product would cause the breakdown of the coating on the glasses, so I called the doctor who said not to use it.

👤It was a good idea to clean glasses at first, but later it left hazy areas. Take care of yourself, these 3 notes. It has alcohol. 2. It doesn't say anything but it has a note that says to check with your eye doctor before using it. Not for use with screens that are made of glass. It's not safe to return it to Amazon. So see if it suits you.

👤It gets the job done. It helps remove smudges and other dirt from the glasses. There are sometimes liquid marks on my glasses that I never saw from using another brand of eyeglass cleaners. These are still good eyeglass cleaners. Sometimes you have to keep spraying the glasses to get rid of the marks.

👤Some China components are in the product. The bottle or pump? The spray works well. It gets clean. I have a "Not from China" policy on Amazon. USA components can be used for more sales and stars.

👤I can't believe how clean an item gets after using this product.

9. PDI D25431 Clear Glass Cleaning

PDI D25431 Clear Glass Cleaning

It is possible to effectively clean without damaging glass and plastic. Their unique formula is contained in a pre-moistened, soft, non-linting wipe. It is safe for use on anti-reflective, UV and glare free coated lens.

Brand: Pdi

👤My daughter wears prescription eyeglasses and sports goggles when she plays sports. I used some of my old scuba anti-fog on them, but she still said they would fog up. After using a few of these, it seems there's enough of a film built up now that they're working...she hasn't said anything about them fogging up for a few games now. It takes a long time for them to do their job. Don't expect a single wipe-down to solve all your problems. They seem to build up a film of the anti-fogging chemical the more you use them, so it may take a few uses before you see a big difference. I suggest starting on a day when you don't have much time to play, wipe your glasses down, wait a couple hours for them to dry, and then wipe them down again. You should have enough film built up to keep them from fogging if you do this five or six times. Do not use a lens cleaner or eyeglasses cleaning wipe after you use them because you'll have to start over with a whole new process. I haven't had any extreme conditions in which to test them out yet, but I haven't had any fogging issues so far.

👤I've been saving these for a while now. They were the cheapest at the time. They are extremely inconsistent and I have not been happy with them. Some are sopping wet because they are too dry to actually clean them. I continued to get them because they were so cheap, but the price went up and that was the end of it for me. I tried to find out what was in the wipes, but even the MSDS didn't tell me what was in them. I purchased these because my glasses were the main reason I did. It is still very frustrating not to be able to find the ingredients for poison control reasons, even though they don't seem to have done any damage. I just canceled my order and found a brand with a 400 count that is 15% off with subscribe and save, making them less expensive. I'm going with those for now.

👤I wear glasses so it is important that the lens wipes remove all stains, smudges, and oil. I have never had a problem with any lense products. The wipes spread debris on the lens and instantly dehydrate. I had to use up to 4 packages for one cleaning. The pre-existing state of the lens becomes dirtier as I start to wipe. I would not recommend this product to anyone and I would use my own shirt. It may scratch my glasses. I don't know why this product is getting so many stars. This is concerning to me. I take reviews very seriously.

👤I've been using these wipes on my glasses and face shield for the past two years. Works well. Anti-fogging and cleans are amazing. I was looking for a long time to find something that would stop my glasses from fogging up. This stuff does. I ordered twelve. To make sure I wouldn't run out of wipes for a long time. Nothing else works as well as I do. Way to go, amazing-zon!

10. LifeArt Eyeglasses Microfiber Technology Streak Free

LifeArt Eyeglasses Microfiber Technology Streak Free

The material is extremely soft, scratch free, dry and safe. An anti-fog layer was formed on the surface to prevent the condensation on the lens surface. The anti fog cloth will not hurt the surface of the lens. There are glasses, camera, screen, binoculars and more. It is easy to clean and prevent surface fogging. Each correct use can last 48 hours, the cloth can be reused for more than 700 times, with a high quality aluminum sealed package for portable use. They strive to bring the best product quality, contact them immediately for any problems, and they will provide you the best service!

Brand: Lifeart

👤I was skeptical of the wipes, but I was desperate to get something to stop my glasses from fogging up when I wear a mask. I followed the instructions, and breathed on my glasses to fog them, and then cleaned them with one of the cloths. There was no more fog on my glasses. I wore my mask for two or three hours. They started foggging up on the next day. I only had to do a wipe with the same cloth and no fog. I like them. Each wipe comes with a zip-lock pouch. It's convenient for me to leave my car on the visor for my next trip. I want to know how many times I can reuse a single cleaning cloth.

👤I got these to use because my glasses were getting fogging up. These did the trick with very little effort. I can't say how long they will last, but they are already worth the price.

👤I used a larger version of these on the interior of my car windows to prevent fogging in the cold weather. I had a similar problem with my glasses when I wore face masks. I decided to try these out after looking on Amazon for something like this. The cost per use is minimal because they are described as having a long life. Do they work? They work well and I am happy to say that. My wife and I do the same things, follow the directions. We are both happy with the results. They come in a pouch. It's easy to keep one or two in each of our cars and they stay sealed and ready for use. I clean my glasses with a regular alcohol-based glass cleaner before using them. I would recommend these to anyone.

👤This cloth is not worth anything. I followed the direction. The glasses fog up as soon as you go indoors, as if you've never used the cloth. Save money. There is a new version of 9-21/2020. The product appears to work after the vendor sends an email with further instructions. I have not tried changing the temperature in the freezer section on the super market, but it has worked in going from outdoors into a building. The trick is to repeat the instruction several times.

👤It's just annoying to wear a mask all day. My job now requires us to wear a mask all the time. The masks don't bother me, it's the fact my glasses are constantly fogging up because of them! My glasses still fog up even though I have a nose wire in my masks. I was desperate for a solution and couldn't find anything at any local stores. The wipes were the first to arrive, even though I ordered the spray. I was excited when I got the notification that they had been delivered, but when I opened the package, they were just regular cleaning wipes. You would get the same thing from the eye doctor. I followed the directions on the package, and although my glasses were smudge free, within 5 minutes they were fogged up again. I have several of these little clothes at home that I use to wipe the screens of our various tablets, phones, glasses, and other electronic devices. If you are looking for a solution to your glasses fogging up, these wipes won't do it for you. A cheap product made in China is a common trend on Amazon. English isn't the first language and the front of the packaging says "Life Art- Care Eyes, Care Life", which is laughable. That made me laugh a little.

11. Shur Wipe Eyeglass Wipes Box 280

Shur Wipe Eyeglass Wipes Box 280

DUDE wipes are made of 99 percent water and plant based ingredients and are alcohol and paraben free, so you'll never look at an empty toilet paper roll the same way again. The Accuwipe Eyeglass Wiping Cloth is white.

Brand: Georgia-pacific

👤The sheets are very flimsy. I purchased this to clean eye glasses, but it doesn't clean them very well. I will not buy these again. The box I received was flimsy and not the box featured on the item. Not impressed at all.

👤If you travel, this product is almost useless. The wipes are wet. The box isn't portable. Unless you have a spray or something to wet them, they are useless. I should have looked more closely at it.

👤Great product. They work well on my glasses. There were no streaks.

👤I went to this site because I couldn't find them locally.

👤They are only 1 ply of thickness, so do not think they are soft enough.

👤They were purchased to clean eyeglasses. I am reluctant to do that because they feel like they are being used. Save money. Don't buy.


What is the best product for eye glasses lens cleaner anti fog?

Eye glasses lens cleaner anti fog products from Zeiss. In this article about eye glasses lens cleaner anti fog you can see why people choose the product. Iconic Clear and Peeps are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye glasses lens cleaner anti fog.

What are the best brands for eye glasses lens cleaner anti fog?

Zeiss, Iconic Clear and Peeps are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye glasses lens cleaner anti fog. Find the detail in this article. Magicfiber, Ek Usa and Kepoita are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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