Best Eye Glasses Lens Cleaner Cloth

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1. Mixed Colors Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Mixed Colors Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Premium Quality Soft Microfiber Cloths are made with high quality microfiber cloth. The cloth is soft and delicate and designed to wipe dust and dirt from the surface. The microfiber cleaning cloths are safe to use on all types of glasses, cameras, and electronics. Their pocket-size clothes are small enough to fit in your pocket, backpack, purse, camera case or glasses case so you can carry them with you on the go. It makes your life simpler. It can be used and reused. Their clothes are lint proof and are easy to clean.

Brand: Blinkbazaar

👤At a church revival meeting a year ago, the pastor turned toward the congregation and asked for any kind of cloth or oil for a baby about to go into surgery. The church's new prayer clothes were born when I remembered I had an eye glasses cleaner wipe that I had never opened. This was a good value for how many we are getting. They work great for my glasses and screens.

👤I didn't think they were thick. They seem to be the same as the one I received from my eye doctor. It is a bit bigger. I don't use fabric softeners when I wash them in a bag. Softener can leave streaks. Totally satisfied! My glasses get smudged easily because I wear fondation makeup. These remove them. I will use 1 every day. Why not? Have a lot!

👤The colors, texture, and quality are what I love the most. Bring them back!

2. PERFECTSIGHT Microfiber Cleaning Eyeglass Computer

PERFECTSIGHT Microfiber Cleaning Eyeglass Computer

Their quality speaks for itself. The product is built to last and is made with top quality components. The Spudz Classic Premium Microfiber Lens Cloth is machine washed. Any time, anywhere, the Spudz Classic can clean the optics. You can choose from a variety of eye catching patterns. Premium microfiber material is composed of 80% Polyester and 20% nylon for enhanced softness, tightly woven and brushed. It's safe to use anywhere, it can be used on any delicate surface, like TV screens, smart phones, camera lens and filters. Stores are flat in your case. Awesome for a camera bag. Their Microfiber Lens Cloths are machine-washable and heat-treated to prevent fraying. These cloths are easy to carry in your bag or pocket when you're on the go, so you can easily clean dirt, smudges, and debris off your devices. It's large size is great for larger screens. Premium Grey Microfiber Lens Cloths are easy to carry in your purse, pocket, and backpack. They provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You care about your health, and they care about you. Care Touch is committed to providing the best quality products. When your product arrives at your door, their care doesn't stop. They are dedicated to your satisfaction.

Brand: Perfectsight

👤These are the best lens wipes I have ever used. They absorb all dirt, smudges, grease, and other debris collected on your cameras, touch screens, and other electronics with the ease of only a few seconds of wiping with this microfiber cloth. I have only used 2 of them so far of the entire package because of the larger size. I bought another brand of microfiber wipes based on positive reviews and I have gone through 8 of the 12 because they collect debris but also don't absorb it nearly as well as this product. I wear glasses and sunglasses every single day and I have a problem where I cannot have a single smudge on my glasses or it drives me crazy. I have always been looking for a product that would suit my needs for my glasses to be streak and smudge free all the time. The microfiber towel set from this brand is what I have been looking for in a solution. I would recommend these to anyone. I have been showing these off to friends by offering to wipe down their glasses to show them that it is possible to remove stains and light scratch marks easily with this product. I was blind. I see now! My friends didn't care about the smudges and scratches on their lens because they hardly wiped them or cleaned them, but after showing them what it's like to look through a clean lens again, they've turned into users. Thanks for the product 100X.

👤This is not the same as the dollar tree quality micro fiber cloths you can see through. When you can wipe your phone screen with a single pass, it will sparkle. I was used to the small squares with the zig zag edges that you had to keep folding over and wiping over and over, and even with a spray cleaner wouldn't get the surface completely clean. The larger cloth makes it easier to hold when you want to clean both sides of a pair of glasses. 5 out of 5 for quality product. I would only have a complaint about the color, it is very drab gray. I would have preferred a dark color, but that's just nit picking. I'm very happy with the purchase.

👤I have been searching for good lens cloths to replace the amazing ones I got with a filter from Breakthrough Photography, and I think I have finally succeeded! I have had with many other cloths a problem with streaking and smudges on screens and lens. I ran a couple through the wash and found that it really softened them up and eliminated any streaking when using on screens.

👤I tried the cleaning cloth today. It does its job and is better than the one I received. It works well, and the lens looks great. I will get them again.

👤Not too big or too small. They work well for my electronics. A good purchase.

👤I was looking for a microfiber cloth for my electronics and glasses. I love them. I'm happy it came in a multi-pack. I have them stashed all over the place. I bought an Apple cloth for my computer screens, but I like these more. They do a great job on my glasses.

3. Ed Hicks Microfiber Glasses Cleaning

Ed Hicks Microfiber Glasses Cleaning

Non-Abrasive, Antistatic, Hypoallergenic, Smooth, Lint-free cleaning cloths do not damage your screen or glasses. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Ed Hicks microfiber cloths will restore your glasses, sunglasses, screens, and lens to their former glory without the need for any chemicals. If the cloth is dried on marks, just wet it with water. The premium microfiber is ultra-durable. Their cloths have a great surface area and are proven to be ultra-effective at keeping your glasses and screens free of dirt, Grime and Smudges. IDEAL size 7. It's small enough to fit in your purse, wallet, bag or pocket. You can keep one with you all the time. The Premium option uses heat-sealed edges to stop the fabric from fraying. To bring a smile to your face, you should wear a striped shirt so that you can find multiple cloth for each application, unlike wipes which you are just thrown away after use. Don't use bleach or ironing them, wash them by hand or machine. Keep them in the storage pouch so they can be used in one place. They can be used to store your sunglasses. It was sent in a paper sleeve.

Brand: Ed Hicks

👤I have several pairs of eyeglasses and keep lens cloths with most of them. These little cloths are delightful. It was very effective at wiping away the spray from the glasses. I love them!

👤I love these! They make great gifts. Fast delivery.

👤They scratch my glasses a little.

👤The product is great for a low price. You get a lot of high-quality cloths and a microfiber sunglasses case for a low price.

👤I've used various spectacle cleaning products over the years, but none of them have been able to achieve the results I wanted. I don't use the cleaning cloths provided with most new pairs of specs as they are usually thin and useless. I end up choosing disposable glasses wipes or a spray and small microfiber cloth because they are less harmful to the environment. I bought these because of the rave reviews, but I wasn't expecting much. I'm happy to eat humble pie and say these are the best glasses cleaning cloths I've ever used! I don't know what they're made of, but whatever the material is, it does the trick. I can clean my glasses with one of these. No spray, no water. The cloth. My glasses come away clear every time. I've given these out to friends and family and they've been very nice. Everyone who's tried one so far has said good things. I've got them stashed all over the house, so I'm never far from one if I need to clean my glasses. There are no washing instructions in the pack I received. I was told by my doctor to wash my cloth in warm water with a small amount of liquid every few months, then leave it to air dry. I would think that following the same directions would help with cleaning when required. I will no longer use sprays and disposable wipes for my cleaning chores.

👤These are the best lens cloths I've ever used. Excellent quality and a good size are what they are. The set of 10 comes with a pouch that is very handy. The cloth is striped on one side and plain on the other. I'm using my set as a gift bag because it comes in a nice card envelope. Ed Hicks Pouches - Microfibre Drawstring bags are useful for glasses as the bag makes a great cleaning cloth. Useful for face masks.

👤A high quality pack of screen/lens cleaning cloths, wash well and clean my devices nicely of fingerprints. The colors are bright for my taste, but the picture shows what I get. I use them to clean my iPad and would have preferred them to be a little bigger. If you want them to clean your glasses, it's probably about the right size. They come with a pouch of the same material for easy storage.

👤I use some of the best cloths to remove dust from my computer. It's great for cleaning glasses. It would make a lovely gift.

👤These cleaning cloths are gorgeous. The quality is wonderful and the price is great. I'm very impressed!

4. Koala Microfiber Cleaning Eyeglass Computer

Koala Microfiber Cleaning Eyeglass Computer

You will receive twelve premium quality cloths measuring a perfect 6 x 7. Keep them handy to use when you need them, divide them between home, work, and car. Carefully crafted from their super dense Japanese microfiber. It's specifically designed to clean multi-coated screens. 3-6 times denser than others. The next generation microwave is designed to do one thing perfectly. Their honeycomb matrix construction is woven with ultra-fine and densely woven. lint free and totally safe. Premium wraparound lens are designed for anti-reflective, anti-glare, blue light, prescription, and reading. There are designer sunglasses. There are electronic smart glasses. A camera. Hand wash and air dry Koala Kloth to bring it back to it's former state. Koala Kloth can be used at least 500 times. Join the Koala family. They are growing and are strong. It's on them to enjoy the best lens cleaning experience.

Brand: Koala Lifestyle

👤I wanted to like these cloths, but they all leave a film on my telescope eyepieces, and in a couple of instances, micro abrasions on my expensive telescope eyepieces. When I clean the optics, I use an air puffer, a soft brush, and optical cleaning wipes. I am very careful in my cleaning process, but sometimes these cloths leave a film or cause a scratch, even though I am very careful. You might not notice until it's too late.

👤I'm not sure what the big deal is with these clothes. They are the same as any other clothes on the market. It is certainly not magic as advertised. I can get them for free from my local shop. Not impressed. Save your money.

👤The little koala was the first thing that attracted me to these cloths. I decided to try them after reading the reviews. I'm very happy I did. These work better than the ones you get at the office. I used to have a few spots, like you get on dishes, with the optometrists cloths. I assumed it was my glasses. The first time I used the Koala Kloth, they vanished. I was surprised. I will recommend this product to anyone with glasses. I also use mine on my phone.

👤I was excited to get these, based on the reviews. I'm lazy and rushed most of the time to spray and cleanse my glasses and figured these would be a good alternative. We have a lot of glasses cloths around the house. I tried my Koala cloth in the box and was amazed. They cleaned my glasses without using a glasses cleaner. I like howbeefy they are compared to other cloths. They perform like any other microfiber cloth when washed. If your glasses are not smudged, the cloth will not bother. I follow the directions when I wash them. The product is great until it's washed. You have a standard glasses cleaning cloth after that.

👤I bought the Koala Kloths because I am prone to losing the lens cloths that my eye doctor provides. From the first use, I noticed a major improvement. I was overjoyed to learn that I no longer needed to carry one of those tiny bottles of glasses cleaner with me. I will probably give out some as gifts once I have lost all 6 of them, because they're very handy. Update: December 6, 2018) I'm on a second pack of these and they're great to keep all over my space. I own 12 of these and keep them all in my house and car. I'm buying a pack for my mom. I used to only have one lens cloth that would get lost in my laundry or while I'm out and about. I'm glad I found these because they've helped me keep my glasses clean. The fact that you can wash them without damaging their cleaning ability is what makes them great. If you use them frequently, please wash them weekly to avoid dust and dirt particles from building up.

5. Eyeglass Microfiber Spectacles Cleaning Eyeglasses

Eyeglass Microfiber Spectacles Cleaning Eyeglasses

The material is new and high quality. The mini portable sun glasses are microfiber. No harm to your eye glasses is caused by microfiber,cleaning. It is easy to use and can be carried wherever you go. You can clean your glasses when you go out or not be convenient to carry the glasses box. The package includes 5 eyeglasses cleaner cleaning clips.

Brand: Onwon

👤Are you serious? I swore when I bought them that they would be garbage, but now I am shocked. At least so far, they are amazing. Even if they get saturated in 2 weeks, you get 5. You can buy more after that. If this sounds familiar, you get oil on your glasses, how, you don't know, but it seems like it flicks off your eyelashes. You try a shirt and it doesn't fit. There are smudges on the micro fiber cloth. I got there in the mail and pulled one out. I have used it three times. Pick and span, and it's crystal clear. These are wonderful so far, but I will update as time goes on.

👤Don't try these. They don't clean your glasses at all. They're too big to fit in the corners so the middle area is cleaned. They are about the quality you would find at a 99 cents store.

👤They do not get the corners well and can destroy or scratch a good set of lenses. A micro fiber towel is a better option.

👤I bought these and used them to clean my glasses, but now a brand new pair of transitions and a 3 year old pair that I had no previous scratches on are destroyed. Don't buy!

👤I have oily skin. The oil ends up on my eyes. When I used these to clean my glasses, it spread the oil out. It didn't clean the splatters that got on the lens.

👤I bought these for family members and they love them. My husband still uses the spray and cloth to deep clean even though he said they were good for touch ups. The house keeper asked where I got them after seeing them and using it to clean her glasses. I bought her a pack. My mother in law is texting me how much she loves them. I think they are a good product.

👤I decided to try these after using microfiber cloths for 30 years to clean my glasses. The biggest disadvantage of using microfiber cloths is that you never really get to the edge of the lens, and you can still see foggy areas around the corners. I have had to pop more than one lens from my frames because of the pressure I have been applying to clean the lens with a cloth. The little beauty gets into every corner of the frame and makes the lens clear all the way around. Since equal pressure is applied to both sides at the same time, I don't pop the lens out of the frame anymore. It's a simple thing I use everyday, and it makes me happy that it works so well. I use it around the edges of my phone, but it works just as well around the edges of the lens. There is a There's no reason not to get some because they're free.

👤I got these for the whole family because we all wear glasses. I was getting tired of trying to get them clean using my shirt. I have some of the fancy cloths that came with my glasses, but I don't always have the case with me. I keep one in my car and another in my coffee table. They are not like the fancy ones you see on TV, but they do not cost as much. I can tell you that they are microfiber, which works well to clean glass. These get off more oil and dirt than my shirt does. I don't use them every day so I don't know how long it will be until they are too dirty to use and need replacing, but for about $1 each, it's not a big deal. If I end up doing that, I'll update my review so I know if I should hand wash them a few times. I'm thinking that soaking them in some OxyClean might be a good way to do it. I'm happy that my glasses are clean.

6. Care Touch Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Care Touch Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

It's perfect for any type of eye wear. Any lens will be incredibly clean with the superior microfiber cleaning cloth. One of the best ways to clean prescription eyeglasses is by using this tool. Long Lasting The microfiber cloths make a softer, safer, better performing and more affordable alternative to napkins and paper towels. Clean without chemicals. Remove all dirt, dust and smudges without leaving behind anything. Their microfiber cloth is able to clean delicate surfaces without the risk of damage. All TVs, computer monitors, laptops, tablets, smartphones, non-coated and multi-coated camera lens, filters, and other delicate surfaces are safe to use. Each cloth is wrapped individually and measures 15 cm by 18 cm.

Brand: Care Touch

👤The 6 pack had only 5 cloths. They are a good size. The fabric is thick and nice. The texture doesn't match up with my other microfiber cloths. I couldn't get the streaks to go away when I used them to clean my glasses. I had to clean glasses a second time with another microfiber cloth. Would not recommend it.

👤These cloths clean my glasses so well that I can finally see clear and without that "fog" look that other cloths would give after a couple of uses, and I've been using the same one for almost a week now. I was happy to purchase a great buy. They're also individually packed.

👤It was as advertised. It was large enough to cover my entire palm and fingers. You don't need to worry about your fingers slipping off the screen or glasses.

👤No streaking, no lint, no soft. There is one small note. The glue was a mess when it arrived here. I tried to clean the cloth package with warm soapy water, but it got into the package and into each individual cloth package, so I decided not to do it. I had to air dry each cloth. Not a huge deal, but clearly Amazon needs to look at the stability of their glues used in shipping.

👤The microfiber cloth is nice. Since my old cleaning cloths were still working, I didn't use them right away. These are a bit thicker than my old ones. It has a pleasant feel to it. It cleans smudges quickly. I will buy them again in the future.

👤I wanted to get rid of smudges on my glasses. I have not been disappointed so far in my ownership of them. Thank you.

👤I received my Care Touch microfiber cleaning cloth today. One way to avoid unattended parcels being stolen from doorsteps is to pick up at a local 7-Eleven or Amazon hub. The customer needs to pick up the items from lockers with assigned pick-up codes in a designated store within 3 days of notice or the item will be returned to the vendor for a full refund. I learned from the web that rubbing a dirty lens directly with a dry lens cleaning cloth would leave behind smudges and damage delicate lens. To test the cloth, I washed my glasses with a dish washing liquid and then dried them with water from the cloth. After washing the glasses a second time, I rubbed them dry instead of using the dabbing method. No smudges in either case! I usually end up with smudges when I use old dry and/or pre-moistened lens cleaning cloth on the lens, because it's the same cleaning process. I would always wash my microfiber cloth and let it dry after each use. The Care Touch microfiber cloth has a nice blue color and is thick. The cloth size is 6 X 7. It gets the job done. Good buy and no smudges. I am me. A happy customer. I am not sure how long the cloth will last. After the first use, I'm satisfied.

7. Multicolor Microfiber Eyeglasses Sunglasses Beautifully

Multicolor Microfiber Eyeglasses Sunglasses Beautifully

microfiber cleaning cloths. There are 10 individually packaged microfiber cloths in the pack. The cloth fibers are very fine. It's safe to use on any surface, including laptops, tablets, phones, non-coated and multi-coated camera lens, filters, and other delicate surfaces. The material is made of nylon and polyester.

Brand: Trevee

👤The cloths are pretty good. They are small and clean your lens well. However... When I received my order, the box was intact, but the package that came in was open and one of my cloths was missing. The package was open when I picked it up, and they fell out as soon as I opened it. Since I didn't get everything I paid for, I don't get more than two stars from me.

👤I thought there would be a few designs with cats. There is a stripe on the back of the cat design. I misplace my glasses cloth. I will always have one handy, I love these.

👤I like the design and colors. I think they streak when I clean my glasses because my face is very oily. They are a good size and work. They don't know what they have to do with antiglare. I have to clean my glasses a lot because they have antiglare. I am happy with my purchase.

👤These work just as well as the ones you get from the eye doctor with your new glasses. It was similar to cleaning my glasses with polyester when I purchased some other ones. I can have one in every room in my house and never have to worry about finding something to clean my glasses because they come in a multi pack. There are different cap designs on each one.

👤I was searching high and low on Amazon for glasses cloths because I am forgetting and leaving mine everywhere. These are great! They do a great job. There is no weird smell in the packaging. You can buy a pack and use them as stock stuffers, gifts for coworkers, or anything else you want. I bought another set and sent it to my mom, because I loved them so much.

👤These are the best glasses wipes I have ever had and they are a must buy. I used to get so annoyed not being able to get my glasses completely clean, but these have changed that. My problem has been solved and I no longer carry these with me. It's a must buy.

👤They work well. I have used others, but this one is better.

👤It was fun to include 2 as an add-on for 5 different gifts because there are so many pieces. The cats are fun and the price is good. I was surprised that all 10 of them have cats. The peoples reaction was great!

8. Alpine Innovations Classic Microfiber Cleaner

Alpine Innovations Classic Microfiber Cleaner

The original open bottom microfiber cloth stays attached to the pouch so you can find it when you need it. The Spudz is built with premium microfiber. There is a variety of patterns to choose from. Spudz Classic is a premium microfiber lens cloth that is attached to an open- bottom pouch. It's designed to clean without scratching. The neoprene pouch has a plastic clip that can be attached anywhere. It's easy to get it from your bag to your jacket. A simple tug will get your microfiber cloth out to wipe smudges off your equipment. The carrying pouch is attached to the microfiber cloth. Push it back into its pouch for easy storage when you are done using it. It will always be there when you need it. Their quality speaks for itself. The product is built to last and is made with top quality components. The Spudz Classic Premium Microfiber Lens Cloth is machine washed. Any time, anywhere, the Spudz Classic can clean the optics. You can choose from a variety of eye catching patterns.

Brand: Spudz

👤I gave my husband one of these and he ordered two more. It's convenient and effective and doesn't scratch his glasses. He was always using a paper towel.

👤My husband likes this. I picked one up at an office supply store last year to put in his stocking. It was funny when he pulled it out, trying to figure out what it was. He realized that it was a great tool for his glasses. He loves that it's small and he can carry it with him wherever he goes. He lost it because he was so small, and he couldn't find a replacement. He went from store to store trying to find a replacement. I tried Target, pharmacy, etc. To no avail. I was thrilled to find them at a good price, and was able to put one in his stocking again. He uses it as a monitor cleaner and who knows what else. The product is great. They shipped it out right away.

👤We have one for each of our cameras. The glass was quickly cleaned. The camera strap gives you easy access. Small and effective.

👤I like having clean glasses. This key chain is perfect because I don't carry a purse. Everyone that wears glasses should have this.

👤These little guys are great. I had something similar before, and got these as an add on. I clipped one to my camera strap and used the other to clean my sunglasses. The cloth is a good size, but it's difficult to put it back in the bag. The other ones have a cord that you pull to bring the cloth back into the bag. This model is still a great thing to have, even though it doesn't have that feature.

👤It is difficult to shove the cloth back into the bag because it is tough. It is round when you jam it in. It can be difficult to have a key chain because it bulges when you have it in your pocket. It is a tight fit, but that is not a good thing, a bit of the cloth inevitably hangs out of the bag and then when you grab your keys out of your pocket you drag it with your hand. The rest of it hangs out after it starts to come out. You have to jam it back in. The cloth cleans well and the clip is okay. I have owned microfiber cloth in pouch setup from different manufacturers and these are not generic gripes. The one from Sony that came with my camera was the best, just enough stretchiness to let you get the cloth in easily and then hold it in place. The small tough clip is more flat than round. This is just so-so compared. It does get the job done, from cleaning my glasses to cleaning a camera lens, it always helps to have one of these close at hand.

👤It's a good example of a product that can be put in the camera bag or on the camera strap for easier access. It's small and easy to clip to your camera strap, so it's handy if you need to clean your camera's screen. These can be found under a number of brand names, but either will do the job. The microfiber cloth has a small pouch for storing it, which keeps it clean. It's perfect for cleaning the screen of any digital camera that has a screen. It works in the field with binoculars. I have used one of the LensPen products on the lens itself and the cloth on the screen. Throw it into the washing machine, hang it up to dry, and it will be ready to use again. I have a spare one that stays in my pocket and is perfect for the task at hand, as the case is now a bit faded from repeated washing, it's still a highly-effective cleaning cloth. Used in conjunction with something else.

9. Microfiber Cleaning Eyeglasses Computers Telescope

Microfiber Cleaning Eyeglasses Computers Telescope

100% brand new! Various patterns for you, made of soft microfiber. The patterns will be sent to you by random for every choice of this listing. It's a perfect size in 15x15 cm. It is easy to wash and dry. It is easy to clean and keep your screens clear from smudges, fingerprints, oils, and dust. It's ideal for cleaning electronics, glasses, watches, jewelry, and delicate surfaces.

Brand: Pg6

👤It was a perfect size and cute. I had multiples of the same design and I didn't like the random selection. I didn't receive the 2 designs that caught my attention.

👤These work well. I like to wet clean my glasses and these cloths do a good job. I've tried to get the liquid out of the way. I wouldn't recommend them for TV screens because they are on the small side, but there are plenty of big to clean glasses, phone screens, etc. There is a good variety of patterns. I don't think you can beat them for the price.

👤I wear these on my face shield and magnifier glasses when I work with patients. I need a clear view of vision on both so that I can see when I am working with someone. Good price for quality.

👤They are great for the money. I like the patterns. They are lens cloths. They do there job. They are regular lens cloths. I was hoping that they would be bigger, thicker, and better quality for the money. The patterns are randomly selected, so I bought 2 sets. The first set was very feminine and the second was the picture. You have a better chance of getting what you want if you do the same thing. I ordered the 9 pack because the largest pack didn't have prime for some odd reason.

👤I like that these are small and thin. To me, the random designs are a nice surprise. I got several designs that weren't in the picture. I've ordered them before. They were perfect the first time. They had some debris on them the second time. I had to go over every inch of each cloth to make sure it wouldn't scratch a lens.

👤They scratched my glasses. I want to cry. I'm going to spend a lot of time and money on these effers. I'm not happy.

👤I wouldn't buy them again. They're cute, but they don't work very well at cleaning my glasses. They're small and thin, so they don't get the job done.

👤These cloths have cute designs. You have to clean your glasses with it.

10. EXTRA LARGE Clean Clear Microfiber

EXTRA LARGE Clean Clear Microfiber

The product is approximately 8.0" x 8.0" (20 cm X 20 cm) and Machine Washable. Customers' questions and answers can be seen. Microfiber cleaning cloth. Each one is packed with a Premium Luxury Paper Case, great for stocking stuffers, group gifts, and small gifts. Microfiber cloth. The cleaning product is tested for high performance and has a positive charge to attract dusts. Premium microfiber cleaning cloth. The Met Human-Ecological Requirement is in the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 SEVO 100414. Premium microfiber cloth. Their products are supported with a new replacement or full refund if they don't work.

Brand: Clean & Clear Microfiber

👤I purchased these in hopes that they would be as described as possible. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of them after they arrived with Prime. They are not the flimsy ones you usually think, but are the thick, reinforced ones with the good stitching around the edges and all individually packaged. They are the perfect size and fit well in the glasses case, and they are free of chemicals which is a huge plus! Definitely recommend to anyone looking for quality microfiber cloths at a great price and that are re-useable. You can wash them in the washer and they will be good to go again. Thank you for the brand.

👤What can I say about my gadgets, especially my phone, tablets, and computer screen? I can't forget, and eyewear makes that. The presentation of the package is amazing. I am exaggerating, each cloth comes in its own packet, thanks to the company in doing that. The microfiber is very similar to cleaning cloth. I have bought microfiber cloth before but the comparison is the same as the blue cloth in the video, it is thinner. I absolutely recommend it!

👤I got a package that wasn't what I was expecting, but I found a lot of good stuff by getting the wrong thing. I opened one and felt like these were going to be special. I got a cheaper lens and cleaned it with a cleaner and some shop towels, then I rubbed it with a buffing agent to get the spots off. If there are any marks, Zeiss doesn't leave many. These things are great because I wear glasses as well. I have not washed one yet. I have set them aside for different things and they are now my cleaner/wipers.

👤The rags that come with your glasses should be thrown away. These are the best cleaning cloths I've ever seen. You don't need a solvent spray if you give your lens a good wipe. After a month of daily use, I have not needed to rinse mine. We'll see how they hold up to a wash, but the solid construction tells me they'll last for a long time. Highly recommended.

👤Everyone in the family has glasses, and it's hard to find good cleaning cloths that are microfiber but still have some absorption. I like the thicker cloth used in these. It's better than the thin, slippery cleaning cloths you find. Like the larger size.

👤The product description states that these are not "premium", "luxury" or "superior cleaning". It is certainly not thicker as stated in the description. I decided to purchase these particular cleaning cloths because of this. These are not as thin as some, but not by much. The thinner causes the oils from your skin to saturate and the dirty cloth to cause streaks. Even folding cloth over to make it thicker doesn't help that much, and the cloth is dirtied very quickly, requiring washing just after using a couple times. This doesn't clean any better than the other microfiber cloths I have. I need a thick microfiber cloth to avoid skin oils compromising microfiber cloth's ability to clean well and be used repeatedly before having to wash. I couldn't tell the thickness from the video and photos. I tried to show the actual thickness of the photo. The size of each cloth is small. It's a little bigger than some, but not that large. It's nice that the edges are sewn, but I haven't had any issues with the microfiber cloths. Many microfiber cloths are individually packed, but the cardboard sleeves/holder's are alright. Most microfiber cloths are machine or hand washed. The 4-pack is priced between $6-11 on Amazon. I believe $5 is a more reasonable price. I wouldn't recommend it.

11. Microfiber Cleaning Glasses Eyeglasses Eyeglass

Microfiber Cleaning Glasses Eyeglasses Eyeglass

Each pack of Microfiber Cleaning Cloths comes with a polybag. Dust, oil, smudges, fingerprints, and dirt can be removed with a premium soft material. No marks, scratches, or lint is left. It's ideal for cleaning delicate objects, such as eyeglasses, cell phone screens, watches, jewelry, and more. Four colorful floral cloths are suitable for women and girls. The cloths can be used many times. You will save money and cut down on waste. You can wash them by hand or machine, but avoid ironing or bleaching.

Brand: Lifhap

👤They do the job and are worth the price. The thicker side is white while the flip side is a little different.

👤Inexpensive, pretty colors, design, and they work well. Good value for money.

👤I would recommend this item because of the fast shipping and the nice size cloth.

👤These are cute and work well.

👤We use them to display eyeglasses, phone screens, appliance displays and computer screens.

👤The cloths were too thin for me. They are a little rough, but they seem to clean well. I wanted it to be thicker and softer.


What is the best product for eye glasses lens cleaner cloth?

Eye glasses lens cleaner cloth products from Blinkbazaar. In this article about eye glasses lens cleaner cloth you can see why people choose the product. Perfectsight and Ed Hicks are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye glasses lens cleaner cloth.

What are the best brands for eye glasses lens cleaner cloth?

Blinkbazaar, Perfectsight and Ed Hicks are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye glasses lens cleaner cloth. Find the detail in this article. Koala Lifestyle, Onwon and Care Touch are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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