Best Eye Glasses Lens Cleaner Machine

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1. MightyMicroCloth Microfiber Eyeglass Cleaning Cloths

MightyMicroCloth Microfiber Eyeglass Cleaning Cloths

Perfect pocket sized lint and scratch free wipes, the best cloth for glasses, computer screen cleaning cloth, and electronic equipment, and safe for Crizal and Verilux are some of the things that are included. There are 6 packs in Regular and 10 packs in Large. The best optical glass cleaner has a clear travel pouch to take anywhere you go. It's the best used on eyeglasses, electronics, sunglasses, screens, camera lens, photographic equipment, iPad, and all sensitive devices. It's safe for delicate surfaces.

Brand: Mightymicrocloth

👤It's difficult to find a good cloth. These are the final ones. I have tried a lot of lens clothes. I live in Miami where it's pretty humid and gross and I have an anti reflective coating on my lens that makes it difficult to see clearly. I order clothes with great reviews only to have them smudge and make everything worse. I've developed two criteria for lens clothes which they pass, one of which is that they pick up the oil and the other is that they seem to hold up well over time and repeated uses. It's important that number two is important because you can't wash lens clothes to restore them once they've absorbed too much oil and skin cells. The minerals in the water may be what causes the lenses to get worse. I don't know. The price point is an added bonus, but the bottom line is that these clothes save me from that frustration. I will be ordering more.

👤I was very excited to receive this product. The packaging was great. I used my new cloth after spraying my lense solution on my eye glasses, to put it to action. My experience was terrible, my prescription glasses got scratches. It was so bad that I had to use my warranty. Uncertain of the material being used. I always buy the Target $5 dollar brand for my cleaning cloths. I will get a refund for these. I wouldn't trust them on my camera or anything that has a glass or plastic finish.

👤These cloths are great at cleaning eyeglasses. Our older glasses are clear now. The plastic cases are nice and make sure the cloths don't pick up dust when not in use. The price was definitely worth the extra money. There was a code to get a larger cloth when the order arrived. The free cloth arrived a few days ago and is perfect for cleaning larger tablets. Will buy this brand when I need new cloths.

👤These are the same as all the other lens cloths, they are useless. I found one a while back that worked great, it was a different material than the usual ones, I thought that was what these were. Disappointed again. I wish I could remember where I got that screen cloth, it was great for glasses and phones. It wasn't made from this type of material.

👤My wife and I have smart phones, laptops and tablets, so there is always a lens or screen that needs to be cleaned. I keep one in my desk, one in my nightstand, one in my bag, and one on the side table. My wife has various purses. They are soft and have not scratched anything. We love the little cases they come in, they are not as cheap as I was worried they would be and have survived multiple openings and closings.

👤These cloths are not the same as the other cloths. I don't know why, but they clean my glasses. The ones from the eye doctor have their eyes looked at. It is expensive to leave a film with wet wipes. It is easy to clean the glass from the Micro Cloths. It is amazing. I like the 6-pack at this price. One upstairs, one downstairs, one in car, and one in bedroom. I got a large cloth for free when I bought the 6-pack.

2. Flents Wipe Clear Eyeglass Cleaner

Flents Wipe Clear Eyeglass Cleaner

There is a multi-PURPOSE. The glasses cleaner can be used to clean off dirt. Cleans for Clarity Their wipes are designed to clean glass and plastic. It's perfect for travel. 8 Oz bottles can fit in a pocket or purse. Anti-sTREAK: Blue light glasses are safe.

Brand: Flents

👤This is a classic bait and switch. The product description does not state that the cleaner should not be used on glasses with an anti reflective coating. It says so on the bottle. The cleaner was thrown away as trash. A rip off.

👤This is one of the lowest priced products Amazon sells. I've used it on computers. It does a good job. I wouldn't use it on a monitor or lens that has any kind of anti-glare coating without trying a small area first. Some monitors and display panels are so fragile that they may be stripped off. This product is made from alcohol, water, and detergent. I don't think it would be difficult to duplicate at a lower cost. If you really like pain, do not apply to contact lenses.

👤There was no mention in the product description that it couldn't be used with anti-reflective glasses. The bottle warns of a problem. I immediately started an Amazon return because of the inaccurate website description. I was denied because the cleaner contained gases. What? Someone would use a liquid on their glasses. I'm not happy with Amazon. In the trash!

👤The product works great on my glasses and it's a great price for the bottle size. The packaging is the only issue I have. The bottle was placed in a long clear plastic bag, not a box, because of this, the cap slipped off, and I guess the box being knocked around hard enough during shipping caused it to pump a lot of sprays inside the bag. It was wasteful.

👤I bought this cleaner because of the positive reviews and good value. The product description didn't mention anti-reflective coating at all. The product was printed on the bottle with a warning about using it on anti-Reflective coated lens. Not for use with screens that are made of glass. The product would cause the breakdown of the coating on the glasses, so I called the doctor who said not to use it.

👤It was a good idea to clean glasses at first, but later it left hazy areas. Take care of yourself, these 3 notes. It has alcohol. 2. It doesn't say anything but it has a note that says to check with your eye doctor before using it. Not for use with screens that are made of glass. It's not safe to return it to Amazon. So see if it suits you.

👤It gets the job done. It helps remove smudges and other dirt from the glasses. There are sometimes liquid marks on my glasses that I never saw from using another brand of eyeglass cleaners. These are still good eyeglass cleaners. Sometimes you have to keep spraying the glasses to get rid of the marks.

👤Some China components are in the product. The bottle or pump? The spray works well. It gets clean. I have a "Not from China" policy on Amazon. USA components can be used for more sales and stars.

👤I can't believe how clean an item gets after using this product.

3. EXTRA LARGE Clean Clear Microfiber

EXTRA LARGE Clean Clear Microfiber

The product is approximately 8.0" x 8.0" (20 cm X 20 cm) and Machine Washable. Customers' questions and answers can be seen. Microfiber cleaning cloth. Each one is packed with a Premium Luxury Paper Case, great for stocking stuffers, group gifts, and small gifts. Microfiber cloth. The cleaning product is tested for high performance and has a positive charge to attract dusts. Premium microfiber cleaning cloth. The Met Human-Ecological Requirement is in the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 SEVO 100414. Premium microfiber cloth. Their products are supported with a new replacement or full refund if they don't work.

Brand: Clean & Clear Microfiber

👤I purchased these in hopes that they would be as described as possible. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of them after they arrived with Prime. They are not the flimsy ones you usually think, but are the thick, reinforced ones with the good stitching around the edges and all individually packaged. They are the perfect size and fit well in the glasses case, and they are free of chemicals which is a huge plus! Definitely recommend to anyone looking for quality microfiber cloths at a great price and that are re-useable. You can wash them in the washer and they will be good to go again. Thank you for the brand.

👤What can I say about my gadgets, especially my phone, tablets, and computer screen? I can't forget, and eyewear makes that. The presentation of the package is amazing. I am exaggerating, each cloth comes in its own packet, thanks to the company in doing that. The microfiber is very similar to cleaning cloth. I have bought microfiber cloth before but the comparison is the same as the blue cloth in the video, it is thinner. I absolutely recommend it!

👤I got a package that wasn't what I was expecting, but I found a lot of good stuff by getting the wrong thing. I opened one and felt like these were going to be special. I got a cheaper lens and cleaned it with a cleaner and some shop towels, then I rubbed it with a buffing agent to get the spots off. If there are any marks, Zeiss doesn't leave many. These things are great because I wear glasses as well. I have not washed one yet. I have set them aside for different things and they are now my cleaner/wipers.

👤The rags that come with your glasses should be thrown away. These are the best cleaning cloths I've ever seen. You don't need a solvent spray if you give your lens a good wipe. After a month of daily use, I have not needed to rinse mine. We'll see how they hold up to a wash, but the solid construction tells me they'll last for a long time. Highly recommended.

👤Everyone in the family has glasses, and it's hard to find good cleaning cloths that are microfiber but still have some absorption. I like the thicker cloth used in these. It's better than the thin, slippery cleaning cloths you find. Like the larger size.

👤The product description states that these are not "premium", "luxury" or "superior cleaning". It is certainly not thicker as stated in the description. I decided to purchase these particular cleaning cloths because of this. These are not as thin as some, but not by much. The thinner causes the oils from your skin to saturate and the dirty cloth to cause streaks. Even folding cloth over to make it thicker doesn't help that much, and the cloth is dirtied very quickly, requiring washing just after using a couple times. This doesn't clean any better than the other microfiber cloths I have. I need a thick microfiber cloth to avoid skin oils compromising microfiber cloth's ability to clean well and be used repeatedly before having to wash. I couldn't tell the thickness from the video and photos. I tried to show the actual thickness of the photo. The size of each cloth is small. It's a little bigger than some, but not that large. It's nice that the edges are sewn, but I haven't had any issues with the microfiber cloths. Many microfiber cloths are individually packed, but the cardboard sleeves/holder's are alright. Most microfiber cloths are machine or hand washed. The 4-pack is priced between $6-11 on Amazon. I believe $5 is a more reasonable price. I wouldn't recommend it.

4. Microfiber Cleaning Multicolor Eyeglasses Laptops

Microfiber Cleaning Multicolor Eyeglasses Laptops

Soft microfiber cloth with superior quality safely removes stains without leaving any scratches. Its features ensure that no fluff, traces or streaks are left on the surface. The microfiber cleaning cloths are 6 x 6 inches. Microfiber cleaning cloths can be used to clean your glasses, but they can also be used to clean your phone screen, tablets, car mirror, goggles, and helmet. The silky smooth fabric of the cleaning cloth is lightweight and durable. Cleaning cloth can be used multiple times to maintain its soft feel and effectiveness. It can be washed repeatedly to ensure long term use. After washing, the cleaning power won't be lost.

Brand: Vonper

👤I love my purchase. My glasses get dirty when I adjust my mask. The cleaner and cloths make my lens clear. Great communication and fast delivery.

👤I had trouble cleaning my glasses. I smeared fingerprints on the other cleaning cloths, but never cleaned the lens. I was hoping that these would work as I had hoped. They aren't silky, like another person said. These are a little rough? Is it tacky? Is it textured? I'm not sure which word to use, but they do the job. I'm happy with them.

👤I was running low on wipes because I kept losing my glasses wipes, so I started looking for a solution with many wipes, and these had great reviews, so I bought them. The wipes are very thick and sturdy, the edges are abrasive and not soft, which is fine as long as you don't clean your glasses on the edges. I used them on my sunglasses, but they felt too thick to use on glasses, so I used my other wipes. I threw the wipes in the trash. The ones from the sunglass hut are huge and soft.

👤I bought microfiber cloths for my new Mac. They wipe off my oily clothes when I use this high technology. The price is great and the shipping is great. The convenience of getting a fresh microfiber cloth is something that is nice.

👤The microfiber cloths are very convenient. They clean my glasses and sunglasses, phone screen, and computer screen with a minimum of rubbing. I can keep one in my purse, wallet, car, and there is enough for a long time. Very happy.

👤No streaks, no lint! It is definitely worth the price. They work better than the other wipes. The kind that leaves streaks is silky.

👤I've tried many cleaning cloths, including ones that came with designer glasses, and they usually don't work. The grease is wiped around and the filmy is left. There is a These cloths are great. They do a great job of cleaning.

👤These are the people who do the job. One yellow one is permanently stained black because it was packed with the black ones. It still works, it's ugly. The other ones didn't work well. I love that I have so many that I can put them all over the place.

👤These are better than expected. It was thick and soft. I bought them for my phone so I can wash and reuse them. I fold the cloth in half and put it over the screen of my phone to close it, because I have a wallet style case on it. I always know where it is, I don't lose it, and I keep the cover from pressing on my screen. The quantity is amazing.

👤The size is large and the material is good.

👤A parte del vendedor. Buen producto.

5. Upgrade Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Eyeglass

Upgrade Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Eyeglass

The jewelry cleaner can be used to clean jewelry, rings, eyeglasses, denture, watch coins, and more. The machine is 43KHz Ultrasonic Cleaner. Greenfrom Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner can be used to deep clean jewelry up to 43kHz Ultrasonic liquid and double cleaning force can thoroughly clean the contaminants that can not be cleaned by hand. Adding water will make it easy to clean. There are a variety of accessories, including a watch stand, CD pad, and a cleaning basket. The diamond cleaner can be used to clean jewelry. Watches, coins, medals are 2 metals. Writing materials include pen tips, printer nozzles, makeup brushes, and more. It's perfect for jewelers, watch stores, repair stores, offices and homes. It is easy to operate with timed cleaning cycles and auto shut off. The Ultrasonic eyeglasses cleaner with digital display has 5 different cleaning times and can be turned on and used to choose the time that is most suitable for the items. The jewelry cleaner machine will turn off after cleaning. The shine of the item can be easily regained. The Jewellery Cleaner has a large capacity. The sonic cleaner is made of food grade steel and has a large capacity of 750ml, making it move around. The earring cleaner is enough to thoroughly clean more items and hold different sizes of jewelry at a time, saving you time and effort. It has a large lid and a delicate design that reduces noise. The jewelry cleaner and lifetime support should be upgraded. The diamond jewelry cleaner has a comfortable decibel level. You can place the product on your bathroom table, office table, or any other place that has little space. If you have a problem with their professional jewelry cleaner, they can help you within 24 hours.

Brand: Greenfrom

👤The jewelry cleaner is small and quiet but works just as well or better than the ones at the jewelry stores. You only need to add water, so it's very safe. The basket is a nice size and has a handle so you don't have to stick your hand into the water. It can be used for more than jewelry. I put a small decorative plate into the Ultrasonic cleaner because I couldn't get it to stay clean and it came out perfect. A great purchase! I would definitely recommend it.

👤I need this to clean my glasses. The crevices around the nose pads were hard to get into. I used bottled water because my tap water has a lot of minerals. I put 2 drops of Dawn dishwashing liquid in the glasses and ran them through two cycles of 180 seconds. I wanted to go deeper than one cycle would allow. The result did not surprise me. I picked up my glasses from the doctor. Very happy with the machine. I will add my glasses to my weekly cleaning routine.

👤I was shocked by the results of the pendant. I did two cycles in 480 seconds.

👤I have taken great care of my jewelry. I have a 3 piece set and it was hard to get it to look as nice as when the jeweler cleans it. I put my rings in there with a jewelry cleaner and run it for the most time possible, so that my rings look gorgeous every day. They must be new to me, I get comments on how pretty they are. I have had them for 25 years.

👤I got this for my wife. She wanted something that could clean her jewelry. You turn it on and it pretends to do something, but it doesn't. I rubbed some dirt on a quarter and put it in there. It was still dirty after it was done. There is no change. Is it possible that we got a bad one? I don't believe it.

👤I wanted a new jewelry cleaner. I didn't know what I wanted, but I bought this one. I'm very happy with it. I use it a few times because I like my jewelry to shimmer all the time. The unit works well.

👤All of my Diamonds are brilliant. The Greenfrom Ultrasonic cleaning machine is thanks to you. I've been looking for jewelry cleaners for a long time. The liquid would spill and be messy to use. With the Greenfrom Ultrasonic being so easy to use, I just dropped in my diamond wedding rings, earrings, diamond and gold chains. It was turned on for 180 seconds. They were dried with a soft cloth and put back on. The sun caught them. My husband picked it out for me.

👤This gem really cleans. I was ashamed to see how dirty my jewelry was. I did it and it broke. Still works well.

6. Koala Kleaner Eyeglass Microfiber Cleaning

Koala Kleaner Eyeglass Microfiber Cleaning

In New York, care is taken with small batches. There is a pack of spray bottles and Koala lens cloths. Not all microfiber is created equal. Premium Japanese microfiber cloths are ultra-fine and densely woven. The cleaning was lint free. Premium wraparound lens are designed for anti-reflective, anti-glare, blue light, prescription, and reading. There are designer sunglasses. There are electronic smart glasses. A camera. LENS AND FAMILY SAFE: Absolutely zero alcohol, ammonia, streaks, scratches, VOC's, toxic chemicals, or fragrances. The water is laboratory grade. Join the Koala family. They are growing and are strong. It's on them to enjoy the best lens cleaning experience.

Brand: Koala Lifestyle

👤I am in awe. I bought the combo because I didn't think it was possible for a cloth to clean my glasses on its own. They are always smudged after cleaning. I wet them down to remove dust. I wiped them off and they were clear. If you were glasses, these are a Godsend. I still can't believe it.

👤Ignore the negative reviews on this product. The people who leave negative reviews are either incapable of following instructions or just complain about everything. This is the best glasses cleaner I have ever used. If you follow the directions, you will be able to properly clean your glasses. I don't know what people are saying when they say it has a chemical smell, but this stuff cleans your eyes crystal clear with no smudges or streaking, and it doesn't have a chemical smell. They either have very sensitive sniffing abilities or are using too much product to clean their glasses. I have not experienced any issues with a chemical smell while using this product and it makes my prescription glasses look brand new every time I use it. If your glasses have a lot of gunk on them, you should rinse them under running water and then use a mild dish soap to remove the gunk and debris from them. Rub the Koala Kleaner on the lens with the supplied micro-fiber cloth. Fine sand, dust and other particles can be abrasive and only a fool would believe they can just rub them around on their lens without consequences. If you're too lazy to spend the extra few minutes properly rinsing heavier gunk and debris from your lenses or to hand wash the micro-fiber cloths or see nothing wrong with using a paper towel or your shirt for wiping, then you deserve the scratches and flecking of your coating and It's not rocket science, so don't blame the product for your own stupidity. You have been educated.

👤I have been using it to refill my travel bottle. I noticed some floaty stuff in the bottle when I picked it up. The bottle was only taken out when I needed to refill it, but it was growing in the dark, making it useless.

👤My glasses have an anti-glare coating. My glasses haven't been this clean since I bought them. The cheap microfiber cloths for general cleaning have made scratches and caused the coating on my glasses to wear off, so I've learned the hard way to only use microfiber cloth made for optical glass.

👤It cleans my glasses. I have to wash my hands and fingers after using the product because it has a strong chemical smell. After using the product, my glasses start to smell. It makes me sneeze and sting my eyes.

👤It cleaned my glasses well, without streaks or smudges. I give it 5 stars because I don't think there are many solutions that can clean like this. It's not bad for the smell, at least according to some reviewers. Some people have overly sensitive nostrils. When you give your glasses to a clerk, they return them to you, and you put them on, and they typically smell like Windex. Koala is the same. I don't know what makes it smell like that, but I don't care because it cleans marvelously and if it was ruining people's AR coating, we'd have heard about it by now. It doesn't do anything for me, it just makes things clear with a good cleaning. My computer monitor as well. Don't expect miracles. It takes some effort to clean both sides of the lens. I smoke because it makes me have to rub my glasses harder. It will be easier for you if you don't smoke or work in a dirty environment.

7. ISonic CSGJ01 8OZx2 Ultrasonic Cleaning Concentrate

ISonic CSGJ01 8OZx2 Ultrasonic Cleaning Concentrate

Generous 20 oz (500 mL) capacity. Removes smudges and finger prints. It brings back the sparkle in the jewelry. It makes eyeglasses clear. It is necessary to concentrate. The ratio with water is 1: 20 to 1: 140.

Brand: Isonic

👤The bottle can be graduated to 8 ounces. The instructions are not ounces. You have to experiment to figure out the relationship between ounces and cap fulls. Three cap fulls are less than one ounce. That equates to 24 cap fulls. One bottle of water will produce 24 quarts. That is three gallons. Three gallons is better than competing cleanser concentrates.

👤Dawn dishwashing liquid is equally effective. It smells like watered down Dawn. Is it effective? I use it to clean the small metal parts in my Ultrasonic cleaner. My wife's jewelry has a shiny appearance. I will probably use dawn in the future as it's just as effective.

👤I bought 2 bottles to clean my glasses. Unless I wipe the spray off with two clean cloths, it leaves a shiny stain on my glasses. The instructions on the bottle said only a capful of it should be mixed with water. I tried to remove the product from my glasses, but it still left a mark. I'll have to see what the solution does for my jewelry.

👤I bought an Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner to keep my wedding ring clean. I try to clean it every two weeks. I don't have experience with alternative products, but this iSonic cleanser seems to do a great job. I also cleaned my husband's glasses and he was very impressed with how clean they were. I wish I could find a list of ingredients for the cleanser that we plan on using for our jewelry and eyewear.

👤This is the second time I have ordered this product. I have been using it to clean my glasses for about 8 months. It makes cleaning my glasses fast and easy. I will keep ordering this product.

👤I bought this to clean my earring backs. This stuff made the earrings sparkle again after a few minutes. You don't have to pour the whole bottle in, it's mixed with water, which is nice, because you don't have to buy a million bottles.

👤I used this for the first time today. I only did a few items, but I am very happy with the results. I polished my items with a cloth because they were sterling silver. I ordered another cleaner but haven't used it yet. I wanted to compare how they worked to see which one I wanted to stay with. The other brand is called Blitz. This one has good reviews. I wish I had noticed the huge difference before ordering. This one calls for a single cap of concentrate. The brand calls for 4 capsful for 5 ounces of water. I will have to use at least 12 capsful of water. Never expected that!

👤The product works well and should last forever. My cleaner takes less than the capfuls per quart. The product seems to work best on jewelry that is real, and did not have an effect on the tarnish on the cheaper pieces. A photo is on the left and on the right.

👤I used this cleaning solution to clean my glasses. I don't like the results compared to regular dish detergent. I followed the instructions to clean 500 mL. There's still grease on my glasses after I cleaned them. The price of the cleaning solution is more expensive than the dish soap. I would personally recommend using regular dish soap for Ultrasonic cleaning, at least for glasses, because of the results and price.

8. Eyeglasses Efficient Microfiber Technology Spectacles

Eyeglasses Efficient Microfiber Technology Spectacles

1. Nasa uses a very effective dry cleaning technology to clean glass in space. 2. Carbon Microfiber technology can clean all glasses. 3. Safety Technology will not damage the glasses lens. Safety technology is suitable for reading glasses. 4. Their small glasses cleaner is easy to carry. And can be used again. The package has three brushes, one for the car, one for the office and one for your wallet. The size of the brush is. 5. It is recommended to use a brush to remove dust, dirt, and dandruff from the lens. Only a small amount of pressure is required to complete the clean, bright lens.

Brand: Latefv

👤These are not candy. I tried them out on my glasses and they didn't do anything. I had to use water and a shirt to clean my glasses. Don't waste your money.

👤I got a brand of glasses cleaner last summer, but these are not the same. The plastic is thin. The part that pulls out sticks is still used.

👤The cleaning pads are not the best and the clean off insert falls out every time you use them.

👤The copycat product does not work. Throw them all away.

👤It's a great deal, but you just throw your money away. The cleaning pads are made of styrofoam. Paying for a brand is better than not paying at all.

👤I gave a mid-range rating for the convenience of having a glass cleaner that is small and easy to carry when I ordered these glasses cleaners. The word "cleaner" should mean that, as that is the highest rating I can give. You could clean them easier with the same results if you used your fingers. The quality of "cleaning" was missing and I am sorry to have to rate this product so low. If you used the "cleaners", you will get the same result as if you saved your money.

👤These are cheap imitations. I thought I had bought Peeps, but was deceived by the usual plethora of alternatives that showed up. I have to say that this is putting me off Amazon. The cleaning pads on these are not triangular like the ones on Peeps and they don't reach into the corners of the lens. The pads don't clean well. The sponge inside the body got pulled out after only one use, so now the thing falls apart and needs the sponge cleaner to be reinserted after each use. These are not up to the job. I am going to change the order of peeps because I didn't pay attention to the purchase. Don't waste your money.

👤Worse than using a microfiber cloth. I was excited to try them out. I gave my glasses a good cleaning after they had several smudges. The greasy smudges were smeared all over the lens. When I looked through them, they looked fuzz, but when I held them up to a light, they looked good. It took several cleanings with my normal spray and cloth. The product was awful. Does not work. Don't waste your money.

9. Microfiber Cleaning Individual Eyeglasses Electronics

Microfiber Cleaning Individual Eyeglasses Electronics

Premium Quality Soft Microfiber Cloths in Individual Pouch are made with an amazing microfiber blend and come individually wrapped in a clear vinyl pouch to keep it protected and clean. The cloth is soft and delicate to pick up dust and dirt without scratching or leaving streaks on the surface. The microfiber cleaning cloths are safe to use on TVs, computer monitors, laptops, tablets, smartphones, camera lens, eyeglasses, sunglasses or any other delicate surfaces. Their pocket-size clothes are so small that you can carry them around in your purse, camera case, or glasses case, so you'll have them handy when you need them. Making your life easier is what they do. It can be used and reused. Their lens cleaner clothes are lint proof and can be washed frequently so you can enjoy them for a long time. You will receive twelve premium quality cloths measuring a perfect 6 x 7. Keep them handy to use when you need them, divide them between home, work, and car.

Brand: Optix 55

👤I'm one of those people who have to clean their glasses every now and then because they get smudged from their makeup. I find that with these microfiber cloths, I don't have to clean them as often. The purple color caught my eye when I was looking at similar products on Amazon. I love them for their color as well as their effectiveness and that's not the most important thing. The plastic individual pouches they come in are what convinced me. They are so handy to stick in my purse because they take up little room, but their unique size and shape, and purple color, make them easy to find, and so handy to throw into my purse. I don't have to hand wash them all the time because of the reasonable price, and I can order more as I need them.

👤The cloths were very luxurious and beyond my expectations. They do a great job cleaning my glasses and devices. I only bought one package. My husband and son are taking mine and using it. You will not regret it if you try them. Good company... I love buying ice packs from the same company.

👤It was better than expected. They clean my glasses with no scratches, and I use them mostly for my glasses. The cloth comes in a small vinyl case, which is very handy. I put one in each of my camera cases because I think they work well for camera lens. The product was good at a good price.

👤Product arrived quickly. It works well on glasses.

👤Excellent value and quality. I would purchase from them again.

👤The wipes are great for the price, other wipes left huge streaks or glare spots on my glasses. I absolutely recommend them.

👤I've been wearing glasses for a long time and this is the best cloth I've ever purchased. There's nothing left after you wipe. You can put one in your purse, leave one next to your bed or anywhere in your home, because you don't have to use the same cloth over and over again. It's even better that there's 12 in a pack with its own package so that it can't collect dust. Thank you for the microfiber cloths. I would definitely buy this product.

👤I would like to have a bigger size to clean car glasses.

👤The item was exactly what it was described to be. It is great that the cloths come in their own plastic pouch, it makes it easy to put them in many places, and it keeps them from getting dirty. There is a These have been great after trying to find good cleaning cloths.

👤The cloths are bigger than most and have a plastic case to keep them clean. Go for it!

👤Excellent price, nice individual packaging, and a decent size.

👤Soft cloths are easy to use to clean clear glasses, phone or iPad. They have a carry case that is perfect for taking with you everywhere.

👤The cloths leave no streaks on the lens.

10. BISSELL SpotClean Portable Cleaner 2458

BISSELL SpotClean Portable Cleaner 2458

Purchases from Bissell help save pets. Bissell supports the mission of the foundation to save homeless pets. Their portable spot and stain cleaner is the most powerful. It combines superior cleaning solution and scrubbing action to remove pet stains. It leaves you with professional-style results. The power of OXY will permanently remove tough pet stains. A stain trapper tool is included. Also comes with a stain tool and two urine eliminator formulas.

Brand: Bissell

👤I have 3 carpet cleaning machines that I use for different types of jobs, like semi-annual whole house cleaning and smaller jobs, like smaller than your hand. The larger machine will do a better job, it also costs more, and the middle machine is not as good for messes that don't require that big machine. It does an acceptable job, but it takes longer to dry. The last one is a mixed bag, for small stains, just fill it up, sit it down and press the button, it does wonderfully, but for anything that would require you to actuallu use the attached hose it is woefully inadequate. The middle machine here is less than 15 lbs fully loaded with water and solution, the hose is long enough to store it, and for once Bissell fixed it where the hose stays in place. The brush works on the power of your arm, which is the same as the vacuum power, it pulls less water out, and the drying time is longer. I used it on a set of 10 stairs with 2 small landings and was exhausted by the time I was done. The big machine takes about 30 minutes to clean up after the job, the small machine takes about the same amount of time. The machine took about 5 minutes to dry on the deck, and then it was time to leave. I did not test this machine but I can see that it has a separate head that you can use to clean up smelly messes that you don't want to suck down into the bowels of your machine. It is a 3 Star machine but for apartment dwellers and people with limited budgets, it can be a lifesaver.

👤This is a really nice small appliance. I have a dog with medical problems and they have issues with the carpet. Since we are remodeling, I'm not too concerned with the carpet being hurt, but flooring is down on the list of tasks for 12 to 24 months. I don't have professional crews in every 3 weeks so I bought this to keep my sanity. I was impressed with the cleaning ability of it and the cleaning solution that comes in the package. Having owned brands such as kirby, rug doctor, and Hoover. The small unit was the best one to clean. I used the solution half or less than the recommended ratio to avoid the hard carpet and spots from soap being left in the carpet. It is easy to clean after use. There would be leaking problems if the dirty water compartment was not tight. Unless you want to use them for target practice or basket ball, the plastic is sturdy. I have avoided Bissel products due to bad reviews but I am happy with the unit so far. It was nice for the price.

👤I use this all the time and I love it. I wouldn't buy the pet version again because the attachment for pet messes is not needed. The standard vacuum head on my daughter's is larger than the one on the pet model.

11. Microfiber Cleaning Glasses Eyeglasses Eyeglass

Microfiber Cleaning Glasses Eyeglasses Eyeglass

Each pack of Microfiber Cleaning Cloths comes with a polybag. Dust, oil, smudges, fingerprints, and dirt can be removed with a premium soft material. No marks, scratches, or lint is left. It's ideal for cleaning delicate objects, such as eyeglasses, cell phone screens, watches, jewelry, and more. Four colorful floral cloths are suitable for women and girls. The cloths can be used many times. You will save money and cut down on waste. You can wash them by hand or machine, but avoid ironing or bleaching.

Brand: Lifhap

👤They do the job and are worth the price. The thicker side is white while the flip side is a little different.

👤Inexpensive, pretty colors, design, and they work well. Good value for money.

👤I would recommend this item because of the fast shipping and the nice size cloth.

👤These are cute and work well.

👤We use them to display eyeglasses, phone screens, appliance displays and computer screens.

👤The cloths were too thin for me. They are a little rough, but they seem to clean well. I wanted it to be thicker and softer.


What is the best product for eye glasses lens cleaner machine?

Eye glasses lens cleaner machine products from Mightymicrocloth. In this article about eye glasses lens cleaner machine you can see why people choose the product. Flents and Clean & Clear Microfiber are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye glasses lens cleaner machine.

What are the best brands for eye glasses lens cleaner machine?

Mightymicrocloth, Flents and Clean & Clear Microfiber are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye glasses lens cleaner machine. Find the detail in this article. Vonper, Greenfrom and Koala Lifestyle are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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