Best Eye Glasses String Strap for Kids

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1. Qujior Eyeglasses Retainers Adjustable Sunglasses

Qujior Eyeglasses Retainers Adjustable Sunglasses

Anti-Slip - The glasses strap can be adjusted to fit different head sizes, so that glasses don't fall off or slide down your nose. The ear grips are easy to apply to your glasses and assure a perfect fit. This glasses holder is widely used to keep your glasses in place. It's perfect for outdoor sports such as fishing, biking, skiing, hiking, rock climbing, etc. Eyeglasses stoppers are made of high-quality silicone, odor-free, more comfortable and skin-friendly, with no feeling of sore ears after use, even won't notice they are on the glasses.

Brand: Qujior

👤Someone told me that they are very helpful. I got them because I went for it. My glasses were falling off of my face. I don't have to worry now. These are the things I bought.

👤I bought these for my wireframe eyeglasses and they keep sliding down my nose and falling off of my face. These are too loose for them. I use them for my sunglasses because they work well. I'm still looking for something for wire frame glasses.

👤There is something that will work for you in this set. I ordered this set for my mom because she loved the tie string. The ear extensions are similar to wireless earphone hooks. The elastic band is great for workouts.

👤The cord that comes in this set is great. I had broken 3 pairs of glasses in 6 months, mostly falling off when I was sweaty or when it was raining, and this cord holds them securely and you barely know it. Will purchase again!

👤I have only used it a few days but so far it works and it helps when wearing a mask, it keeps my glasses from falling forward. We bought them because of that.

👤I love the fact that it doesn't loosen unless I want it.

👤The thing on the back of my head is genius. The glasses are in place better. It was perfect.

👤They were ordered for adults.

2. Adjustable Eyeglass Strap Holders Style

Adjustable Eyeglass Strap Holders Style

Enough quantity and diverse color will meet your needs for a replacement and 8 pieces of eyeglass straps in 4 different colors, 2 pieces of each color, and 8 pairs of anti-slip hooks in 2 styles. The glasses straps are printed with cute cartoons elements, they are easy to use and comfortable to wear, if you are looking for an easy way to adjust your glasses, it would be a nice choice. The sports eyeglass straps are made of quality thick neoprene, they are durable with reinforced stitches, which you can enjoy a safe fit while playing, running, exercising or any other activity.

Brand: Weewooday

👤The straps are cute and as advertised, but I have no idea what to do with the silicone pieces that came with them. I'm assuming they will help the glasses stay on. I don't know how they work.

👤Kids don't like what they see, so they work for what they get. It was a long shot. The product is good. The kids didn't like them.

👤They are not on the arms of the glasses. They slip off.

👤Too many parts come with no instructions, but I love the color option. I had to take my daughter's glasses to be adjusted because it was difficult for a child to take off with ease.

👤These are too small for my child.

👤These are comfortable and cute.

👤There was no instructions or small. I return the item.

👤My daughter has a glass on her face.

👤I bought these to keep my son with complex sun glasses on, due to movement disorder his fall off, we kept half and donated half to his nurse, for other children to make use of, would definitely purchase again.

👤I bought this for my children's sunglasses and they are very happy with it. Thx

👤These are difficult to put on for my child.

👤Fantastic! It was a bit of a challenge to fit them without instructions, but once fitted they were great. My 5 year old is very comfortable. Highly recommended for children.

3. ANYGIFT Updated Glasses Adjustable Sunglasses

ANYGIFT Updated Glasses Adjustable Sunglasses

Sports eyeglass straps are popular with kids in indoor and outdoor activities and can hold the glasses well, fitting well for usages of exercising and playing, dancing, cycling, skiing, hiking, tennis, basketball, football, baseball and so on. Their model is an upgraded version of the single-hole eyeglasses strap string, with a 2-hole improvement. This one can be used for both thin and thick glasses legs. You can adjust it according to the size of the person's head. Wearing a strap on your eyeglasses during exercise will protect them from being broken, and bring you a better sports experience. After adjusting the glasses cord to the right length, you will no longer have to hold the glasses with your hands. 10inch is more suitable for children, 12inch is suitable for women or adults with small head circumference, and 14inch is suitable for men or adults with large head circumference. Silicone and steel rope are used in the glasses holder strap. The use of the eyewear retainer is very simple, find the hole position suitable for the leg of your eyewear, insert and adjust the length can be used. You can choose from any of the straps, which is a good partner to cooperate with. Sports glasses for exercise, goggles for work, sunglasses for travel and ordinary glasses for daily use can make their glasses retainer fit perfectly. Slipping and breaking when you wear glasses can be solved with the help of the eyeglass lanyard. Sports glasses for exercise, goggles for work, sunglasses for travel and ordinary glasses for daily use can make their glasses retainer fit perfectly. Slipping and breaking when you wear glasses can be solved with the help of the eyeglass lanyard.

Brand: Anygift

👤I bought these for my oldest son, who doesn't take care of anything and loses everything. I attached one of these to his sunglasses and he still has them. The arm was bigger than normal and it was difficult to put on the sunglasses. They stayed together. My youngest son asked me to put a strap on his sunglasses so he wouldn't have to carry them indoors. They are too small for his head, but they work for now.

👤My daughter likes to play with her glasses, so I appreciate that these came in a three pack. These work well. They fit on my daughter's glasses and are easy to adjust. We can slip them on and off her head at the largest setting. They keep her glasses in place when tightened. I would recommend them to little ones.

👤I bought these for my granddaughter, who does gymnastics, and they work well for her. Her glasses don't fall off. They are the correct size. They can fit an adult. Hold in place. Don't pull hard to remove glasses. They will break. There is a I recommend.

👤My 7 year old doesn't mind wearing them for sport's because they are subtle, not bulky.

👤My 5 year old got his glasses over a year ago and should have bought these. He has a small nose and glasses that fell, so they help keep them in place.

👤When I don't have these attached, my 5 year old loses his glasses a lot.

👤It is easy to attach to ear pieces. They will keep the others in case they ever break.

👤My son had glasses that slid down his nose. The straps were easy to put on the frames and so far they are working out great. He has been using them for a few weeks and has not had any complaints. They blend right into his hair, which is my favorite part.

4. Pilotfish Tail Adjustable Eyewear Retainer

Pilotfish Tail Adjustable Eyewear Retainer

We offer a 12-month warranty for the retainer. If you have a question about the eyeglasses straps, please contact them. Their retainers come in 14 inch and 16 inch options for those with different sized melons. Be confident that your sunglasses will be secure and that you will be comfortable during any activity that you enjoy! It's perfect for any activity. It's perfect for fishing, biking, hiking, skiing, watersports, or for everyday wear. Your sunglasses should be kept safe and secure. They pay a lot of money for their sunglasses and there is nothing worse than seeing them sink into the depths of the ocean or make contact with the concrete. Think of Pilotfish as a mutual relationship with your sunglasses, a relationship that is beneficial to keeping your sunglasses clean and undamaged, and thanks to your sunglasses, Pilotfish are allowed to exist! Quality and dependability are important. Their retainers are comfortable all day long. You might forget you are wearing them. SIZING AND SPECS. The Pilotfish Pro Connect is included in their retainer. The connection helps protect the ends of your sunglass. They have two sizes, 14 inches extended which can be extended to 9 inches and 16 inches extended which can be extended to 10 inches. SIZING AND SPECS. The Pilotfish Pro Connect is included in their retainer. The connection helps protect the ends of your sunglass. They have two sizes, 14 inches extended which can be extended to 9 inches and 16 inches extended which can be extended to 10 inches.

Brand: Pilotfish

👤We bought two pairs of these for a rafting trip. They kept our sunglasses on our heads, even though we were afraid of losing them. They fit perfectly under our hats and helmets. Our river guide loved them so we gave him one of ours at the end of the day. We will be buying another. If you're not sure, I would suggest going with the smaller size. My husband's head is on the larger side and the 16" fit him well. The 14 would have worked for him. If you need to play it safe, go with the 14.

👤My glasses don't like sitting on my nose. This is due to a broken nose. I love how easy it is to adjust and hold my glasses. The slides worked well for two weeks, but then they got harder to slide. I have not tried anything to make them easier to move. I still recommend them, even though they don't always work, and I am not always pushing the frames back up my nose.

👤I had them for two weeks. I liked them so much that I didn't take them off when we went to the beach. They worked well for a couple of weeks, but then they started slipping off my glasses. I tried to get them to stick with no improvement by using soap and water and alcohol. They need to improve the boot portion of the glasses.

👤I like it. It is not hitting my neck. I put my glasses on my hat when I'm not using them and they fall off. This holds up. When I put them on, I have to tick it under my hat, which is a pain at times. It is still a great design and light. I didn't have it on today.

👤There is a design flaw that I have noted. If you look up, the glasses will be pushed off of your nose because of the rigidity of the cord. If you are wearing a shirt or jacket. I switched back to my old cloth strap after I realized this.

👤It's too long to fit up to your head, but it works. When I buy a hat, I get the large or extra large, because the 14" barely fits up to my head. They should stop making 16 and 12. There is plenty for removal.

👤I got tired of having the tail of my sunglasses straps get caught in my neck and/or shirts when I was fishing or sailing, so I decided to stop. These are comfortable and easy to use on my face.

👤I bought two of these to put on working sunglasses and they are just great, don't worry about my eye wear falling off and unlike retainers with long tags, these are getting caught or snatched on other gear I wear for my work in security. They were intended to be used for fishing only, but they are used every day. Will purchase more in the future.

5. Croakies Kids Eyewear Retainer RAWWWR

Croakies Kids Eyewear Retainer RAWWWR

It is designed to fit a frame arm up to a quarter inch wide. High quality material. 13 inches long and 1/3 inch wide.

Brand: Croakies

👤My son is wearing glasses for the first time. He loves basketball and baseball. I didn't have the money to buy another pair of "Sports Goggles" because he would outgrow the prescription in a year. I was looking for a strap to hold his glasses. My dad made me wear an old school glasses strap that looked like it belonged on a Buddy Holly kid, and I had a bad memory of it. They've come out with something better in the last two decades, I thought to myself. Oh my! They have. They don't slide off the stems. Once you have them on, they are sturdy and consistent. We used to play with novelty Chinese finger cuffs when we were younger. There is a It's simple for him to do it. No snaps, loops or latches. You slide them on. The old school straps look cooler. These will be appreciated by kids who are worried about their appearance. He should get a lot of seasons out of this strap. The stitches have held up. They didn't have them when I was a kid.

👤We bought these to make sure my nephew's glasses wouldn't fall off, because he's always jumping and moving around, and it works. The dinosaur figures made it easier for him to want to keep his glasses on. The material is strong and stretchy, but not so much that it would be easy to misplace. Since the day of purchase, there has been no loose strands or tears. A great price for a retainer.

👤When I tried to put these on my son's glasses, I didn't think they would work, but I got the opening over the 11mm end of the arm and they worked perfectly!

👤It was very difficult to put this on the glasses. My son's glasses are metal frame and not thick. I made them crooked so that they wouldn't be able to pull the thing on. It's not something you could change daily. I persevered because he wanted to wear it. It is ok once on. It has to be on the loose side for him to be able to get his glasses on and off. He wears his glasses more and they seem to stay on better because of the neoprene that keeps them from sliding than the band part which slides off his head most of the time. The style is cute but some of the thread is loose. It seems to be holding up so far, but only time will tell. It's ok, but I doubt I would buy again. It was easier to get on if the part was wet.

👤One of my kids lost his on Friday so we need to replace him before Monday. The item arrived on time. This item is useless. The hole is too small. Couldn't fit any of the glasses we have at home. All six members of our family wear glasses. We love buying from another seller. I don't know if this is original.

6. ZXSWEET Adjustable Anti Slip Multicolor ZXMGB003

ZXSWEET Adjustable Anti Slip Multicolor ZXMGB003

Eyeglasses Srap Maeral are made of nylon rope and can be used for a long time. There are red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange, and black. Decorave adjuser: Each nylon rope has a buon decoraon. The shape of the osaur. I have a lovely decorave and hem.

Brand: Zxsweet

👤I bought these for my son when he started playing basketball, but I wouldn't recommend them for sports because they're not durable for heavy activity. After 3 days, I had to swap one out. If you have a boy or a boy, you know how hard they are.

👤Younger children are comfortable wearing them around their ears. Children with disabilities are included. He loves the dinosaur characters attached to it.

👤These are the best! They are cute and hold the glasses. I love the animals and the bright colors. Will be buying more.

👤Muy cmodo y el diseo.

👤It doesn't keep glasses up like I thought it would.

7. Eyeglasses Retainer Sunglasses Adjustable Screwdriver

Eyeglasses Retainer Sunglasses Adjustable Screwdriver

There are 2pcs silicone glasses straps, 1 pc eyeglasses cleaning cloth, and 1 pc eyeglasses screwdriver. The eyeglasses strap is made of soft silicone, which is more comfortable and skin-friendly. The eyewear retainer can fit glasses legs of different sizes. This retainer is adjusted from 9.2” to 14” so that your glasses won't fall off or slide down your nose. You can hang it around the neck if you don't use it. The glasses holder helps to keep your glasses in place when you are working or exercising. No need to worry about glasses slipping. They offer a 12-month warranty for the retainer. If you have a question about the eyeglasses straps, please contact them.

Brand: Anntu

👤This style of strap is not the only one I review here. I put the product on my glasses immediately after receiving it. 1) It is difficult to slip the strap ends over the ends of the temple pieces. It feels secure, but I am worried that the strap end will loosen and cause my glasses to fall. There are two more The strap cord is stiff. I can use the buckle style strap if I have a baseball cap on, but it's not long enough to put on if I have a baseball cap on. The strap attachment at the end of the temple arms prevents me from sliding the glasses on from the front with one hand. After removing your cap and hat, you have to bring your glasses down from the top of your head with both hands. I have to use two hands to take my sunglasses off when I go into and out of stores since I am normally walking a dog or carrying something outside. I prefer to have the strap at the maximum length, but it causes the cord to touch the collar of my shirt or jacket. The collar pushes up on the cord, which in turn pushes the glasses forward, down my nose. I push my glasses up my nose. It becomes more difficult to put the glasses on if I separate the pulleys. There is a I think this style of strap would be fine for someone who needs a sport strap to retain glasses during athletic activities, but for my normal usage, I am going back to the flexible strap with strap attachment buckles that allow me one-handed on/off application and do not require removing my glasses

👤I like these. I got them to keep my glasses from falling off. I'm willing to deal with that because my glasses would fall off if I looked down at all while wearing a mask. I use these everyday because I am blind. I think this purchase is one of the best I've ever made. I got these because my glasses were falling off in really not ideal places.

👤I need to be able to raise the glasses off my eyes while working on small closeup items without the glasses flying into the way of the hammer or electrical tool. I use a strap. It is obvious and wide. I have to pull it off before I'm called a clown. The holder strap is very subtle and I was excited for it. There is a It looks great when I put it on, it's essentially not visible, which is great. UNFORTUNATELY. The thick rubber grips that connect to the glasses irritate behind the ears even when attached to the lowest position possible. Within a half hour, the glasses become unwearable. Very sadly, returning.

👤The tail that goes down your neck and back when the strap is tightened is the most annoying thing about glasses straps. I wear safety glasses all day and at home, I would still feel the strap behind my neck after removing them. They fit on the end of all my different types of safety glasses, and I am pretty sure I could cartwheels in my glasses and not lose them. There is a bonus because these come in a double pack.

8. Eyeglass Nonslip Neoprene Sunglasses Retainer

Eyeglass Nonslip Neoprene Sunglasses Retainer

The package comes with 6 pieces kids eyeglass straps with 6 different cute patterns, which are cute and attractive, and these eyeglasses cords fit for most boys and girls, and can be used for both frames. It is a nice gift for children and students in need, on birthdays, Chinese New Year, Children's, and the size of the strap is about 33 cm/ 13 inches long and 2.5 cm/ 1 inches in width. The material of the eyeglasses holder is reliable, safe and durable, light and compact, soft and comfortable, can be applied with your confidence, and this strap also features with fine water-proof resistant, which not only endure types of weather but also can be cleaned by a washed machine. It's easy to use, just insert the glasses leg into the strap, it will make your glasses and sunglasses look more fashion and pretty. The sports strap is popular with kids in indoor or outdoor activities and can hold the glasses well, fitting well for being used for exercising and playing, dancing, cycling, skiing, hiking, tennis, basketball, football, baseball and so on.

Brand: Weewooday

👤My 5 year old granddaughter was going to take her glasses off and misplace them. My granddaughter loves these straps. Her ears were very soft. It was delivered on time.

👤My daughter likes them. They hold onto the glasses tight but can be changed out easily to match her outfits. They're soft and stretchy, made out of a nerf water ball material, so they're easy to clean.

👤My son wore glasses for the first time at school and I didn't want him to misplace his glasses. The straps are hard to push through the legs of the glass. It is great for the price.

👤It's a bit Meh. These are okay. They are cute, but they don't stay on.

👤They wouldn't hold his glasses in place. The frames were too big to fit through the holes that you thread them through. I will return them for a refund.

👤Good product. It was too long for my 7 year old. Maybe an adjusted version?

👤What I was looking for was amazing.

👤Light and comfortable. My daughter lost her glasses and this will help her. She can wear them around her neck if she wants to remove them.

9. Premium Leather Eyeglass String Holder

Premium Leather Eyeglass String Holder

Flexibility - Adaptability. The chains are 27" long and can be slid up and down to adjust. The strap on the glasses allows them to be hung on your chest or on top of your head, which is suitable for women and children. There are fashion colors. Red, black, brown, and blue are some of the colors that can be matched with glasses and clothing. Eyeglass straps can be used on all types of eye wear. A multi-function screwdriver is free. Quality guarantee. Their eye glass straing holder has a lifetime warranty. If you are not happy with the product, they will give you a full refund. Add to Cart now!

Brand: Ftojos

👤These things fit the bill for what I needed. I had a problem with my glasses and was trying to take pictures. I had to take my glasses off and put them in the case, then put the case in my shirt pocket to take a picture, and then reverse the process after I took the picture. My glasses hang down a little lower and further out of my way when I use my camera because the straps are a little longer than most other ones. I wish these were about 3 inches longer so that they would be perfect for me.

👤These are good, but only if you have good glasses. The legs were curved at the end to wrap around my ear. I got the straps in front of my ears. It got the job done despite not being a cute look or comfortable. The straps were bunched up on top of my ear because they had to be put in this position. I bought these because my legs are stretched out and my glasses keep falling off when I look down, but I got my new glasses today.

👤I broke my left ear piece. We were looking at a couple of months to get seen and get a fix for our problem. The straps were priced right and had a screwdriver set worth at least a couple of dollars. Within a day and a half, I received the straps and screwdriver tool. Our Social Worker found a person who fixed my snapped temple piece and gave me a new one. I can see them again because they are on my head with a strap. Thanks to Fuji's an Amazon, we were able to put out the fire.

👤Each pair was not as good as the 4 different ones. I chose the pair that I liked the best and it was smooth. The arms were loose after 2 weeks. I tried to loosen the screws. I changed to a second pair. They look nice, but they are tighter on my head. The other two pairs were very cheap. I lost my glasses so I bought a replacement. There is a difference between the glasses you get from an eye doctor and the ones you get from these glasses. The quality is ok and you get $4 a pair.

👤These straps work well. They hold onto your glasses tightly, are lightweight, and give you options in matching your attire. I recommend these to anyone who always needs their readers handy.

👤The pieces are lightweight but have a strong hold. Behind the ears is where the metal piece hides. The lenght is too long for me. I shortened it by tying it in a knot. The material feels like leather. There is no chemical smell,color doesn't fade, and it's not itchy on the skin. If it gets dirty from neck sweat, it can be washed with soap. I bought these so my glasses don't break. I consider these to be fashionable in my 40s.

10. ZXSWEET Adjuster Stretchy Multicolor ZXMGB001

ZXSWEET Adjuster Stretchy Multicolor ZXMGB001

The eyeglasses strap is made of high quality elastic nylon rope, which is tough and durable. It can be used again and again. The glasses strap is high quality. It is of good quality. Maintaining high elasticity at the same time will not be easy to disengage. The color is rich and bright, with red, yellow, blue, green, and purple. The nylon rope has an adjusting button that can be slipped on and off easily, and it is easy to attach the strap with glasses. The appearance is easy to love by children. The anti-skid decorative adjuster is made from environmental protection gel and is used to fit the glasses and prevent them from falling off. It was designed for children. The color is very attractive to children. It can be cleaned and used many times if it is carefully cleaned. The safety of children's glasses can be ensured with the use of a Silicone Buckle on the eyeglass strap.

Brand: Zxsweet

👤I like how the pieces are, but some of them are glue to the string, making it hard to adjust it.

👤My daughter likes these with her glasses. Sometimes she is able to take them off herself.

👤It was for my daughter. She is happy with it. Some of them slip off the glasses, but it's not a big deal. There is a little room for improvement.

👤When my daughter takes off her glasses, it gets tangled in her hair. Sometimes. She can change the colors of the animals herself. She likes wearing her glasses.

👤It's easy to attach your glasses with stretchy, nice colors.

👤She had to get glasses because they would fall and I was really happy that I bought these. Stay on. Thank you again, I'm really happy.

👤These are soft and cute. My daughter fell in love with them. She loves anything with animals.

👤My granddaughter loves them because they support her eye glasses.

11. Eyeglass Neoprene Glasses Sunglasses Retainer

Eyeglass Neoprene Glasses Sunglasses Retainer

The quantity is enough for each pair of eye glasses and the retainers are in 4 cute patterns. The length of the retainer is 33 cm/ 13 inches and the strap width is 2.5 cm/ 1 inch, which is suitable for kids of 3 - 10 years. It's easy to use, just insert the glasses leg into the strap, it will make your glasses and sunglasses look more fashionable. The quality material of the eyeglasses holders is very light, soft and comfortable to wear, the durable material is weather resistant, quick drying, and can endure multiple machine washes, and let your kids enjoy the safe fit while playing, running, performing sports, or other activities. Sports eyeglass straps are popular with kids in indoor and outdoor activities and can hold the glasses well, fitting well for usages of exercising and playing, dancing, cycling, skiing, hiking, tennis, basketball, football, baseball and so on.

Brand: Weewooday

👤I bought these for my granddaughter to wear. The last thing we need is crushed glasses. She thinks they are cute and gets a lot of praise for them. They do the job. She doesn't wear them as a tight fit on her head, it's more of insurance that her glasses won't fall to the floor if they're bumped off.

👤The straps hold the glasses in place. The straps keep her glasses on her chest when she takes them off. It is not like a necklace string. My daughter likes them because she coordinates the different colors with her uniform. They don't bother behind her ear as she has all of her gear behind her ears.

👤I wanted to get my 5 year old something that would hold in place so he wouldn't lose his glasses. The straps don't fit properly and they stick straight out. He didn't use them. He has been wearing glasses for two months. He has taken good care of them and they have not been damaged or lost.

👤This was a must after our 6 year old lost her glasses for the third time in a month. She was happy to wear the fun prints. The quality of the product made the parents happy. She lost her glasses a few months in, but is still going strong. Added bonus. They are clean in the wash.

👤These glasses keep my glasses on my head. Many glasses have fallen off of the head and been stepped on. These have saved us money. They are soft and easy to put into glasses.

👤My daughter's glasses don't stay up as well as they should so we buy them to help. She loves them because they are great and she has had others but they are child size and are a theme she loves.

👤These are great! It helps my granddaughter keep her glasses on. She gets praise from the kids at school and that makes her feel better.

👤A best friend of a daughter started wearing glasses at 5 years old. She likes the new straps so much that she is her favorite to wear them. We love the colors and have tried many types.


What is the best product for eye glasses string strap for kids?

Eye glasses string strap for kids products from Qujior. In this article about eye glasses string strap for kids you can see why people choose the product. Weewooday and Anygift are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye glasses string strap for kids.

What are the best brands for eye glasses string strap for kids?

Qujior, Weewooday and Anygift are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye glasses string strap for kids. Find the detail in this article. Pilotfish, Croakies and Zxsweet are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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