Best Eye Glasses String Strap Holder

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1. Llamaababie Multicolored Sunglasses Eyeglass Retainer

Llamaababie Multicolored Sunglasses Eyeglass Retainer

Universal compatibility fitting optical frames, reading glasses and sunglasses is provided by the eyeglass chains and straps for men and women. There's no need to worry about losing your glasses again. If you sweat or look down, the glasses strap can prevent them from falling off. The sunglasses strap allows you to loosen your glasses and hang them around your neck to rest your eyes. High quality material. The glasses strap for women is made of coarse cotton and is not easy to damage. The sunglass strap is so light that you won't feel uncomfortable for a long time. There is a great addition to fashion. The colorful design and exquisite workmanship of the reading glasses strap make it both practical and attractive. The safety glasses strap can be worn with sunglasses to add a sense of style. There is a wide application. The glasses holder straps can be used as Christmas gifts. It's suitable for most glasses, such as nearsighted glasses, far-sighted glasses, monocular cross-eyed glasses, reading glasses, safety glasses, etc. Sunglass strap for men is suitable for daily activities or daily wear. The 10 pieces of glasses strap are in a cute and stylish style. Each eye glasses string holder has a different color pattern which makes it easy to match your outfit. The 10 pieces of glasses strap are in a cute and stylish style. Each eye glasses string holder has a different color pattern which makes it easy to match your outfit.

Brand: Llamaababie

👤These were fun and colorful. When my glasses fog up, I don't have to put my glasses in my pocket or purse, so I bought these to use. I thought they could be used by my husband to hold his glasses at work. They were great and had no complaints about the product, but I found it hard to take them off because the string was hanging off my glasses all the time. I keep one in my purse in case, but I don't use them every day, because my 4 year old uses them as necklaces and toys.

👤They slip off when they don't stay tight. I wouldn't recommend you if you have expensive glasses. It's okay to keep your cheap readers close by these. I gave my daughter the ten pack as she was leaving for a rock climbing trip and had to text her to not trust the strap I gave for her sunglasses. It was very bad. I hope she hears the message.

👤I like these things because they are multiple colors and they work better than the ones on the chain because the chain gets tangled up in my hair and I have different colors for the different things that I wear.

👤I have an adhd that gives me the ability to lose things. I lose my glasses all the time. My glasses were kept on by this chain jas for a week now.

👤The straps are pretty. I do a lot of crafting and reading. The cute straps help me keep my glasses in place. Each strap has its own pattern and color scheme. They look nice and not bulky.

👤The clasp on them is not shown in the picture. They can't fit on to glasses.

👤No molesten al usarlas, las Tiras tienen su objetivo, son sencillas, multicolores, and con el largoficient suficiente. No son elsticas, pero ests buscando. Se tiene suficientes por su precio. Estoy feliz, pero las uso todo el tiempo.

👤There are many of them and the price is very cheap. I bought a second pack because I was satisfied with my purchase. The husband likes them as well.

2. Eyeglasses AugLifers Sunglasses Adjustment Anti Slip

Eyeglasses AugLifers Sunglasses Adjustment Anti Slip

You will get 5 different colors of straps. Each one is approximately 27.2 inches in length and 0.4 inches in width. Their glasses lanyard has 5 different colors of yellow, sky blue, green, red and black, so you can match different clothes by different color straps, make you look more fashionable.

Brand: Auglifers

👤I have a lot of reading glasses. I set them down in random places and can't find them. After being teased by my teen, I decided to get a pair of glasses. I thought I could color code my glasses a bit better than others. I figured I'd have to share with my pre-teen who treats his masks like I treat my eyeglasses. These would be like cotton shoestrings or nylon cords. I was surprised that they are soft and lightweight. It's fine with me that the colors are a bit subdued. I'm happy with my purchase.

👤You don't loose your glasses during the summer, so these are very useful. The bright colors were liek by me. The strap is long for adults. The end is a rubber that holds onto the end of my glasses, and it can be adjusted to tighten. It is great for all thicknesses and thicknesses of glasses. It works with my glasses.

👤The straps for the glass holder are terrible. My glasses fall out of my hand. Would not buy again.

👤When I'm grocery shopping, I use reader's. I put over head to shop without taking my sunglasses with me. Also makes me less likely to misplace them.

👤These are good for wearing a mask. My glasses fell off when I wore masks because the nose piece didn't grip well. I have not dropped them since using these straps. The strap behind my head can be annoying. I think all straps have this issue.

👤The cords are made from a rubber-like substance that is soft to the skin. A great selection of colors and good length.

👤These Eyeglasses Holders do not hold glasses. The glasses fall out of the holder when the loop that is supposed to grip the glasses is open, so I am not sure if they were ever tested for more than a minute. My glasses did not break. We need these for work and other daily tasks, so we are very disappointed.

👤I bought these for my mom to use with her glasses and they lasted for 2 weeks before the plastic on the straps broke. The straps were stiff and thicker than I thought. I agree with her that the plastic part on the straps broke off too quickly for them to be worth it. The plastic parts on the straps were not of good quality before they were broken. I don't recommend this product.

3. Eye Glasses String Holder Strap

Eye Glasses String Holder Strap

Their eye glasses string holder & glasses strap comes with an advanced loop protection mechanism that will prevent your glasses from falling. For narrow and wide temples. Their lanyards for men are made to fit all types of glasses temples. The eye glasses chain is perfect for small and wide arms. The 27" length of their eyeglass straps for men and women makes them comfortable and versatile to wear for all head shapes and neck sizes. Their eyeglass holders around the neck come in bold black colors that can fit with every eyewear. A surprise gift comes with this strap for women. You can buy their glasses lanyard with confidence. If you have a problem with your eyeglasses string holder, please contact them.

Brand: Sigonna

👤I wanted to go to Six Flags. They're still on. The other strap/holder that I had broke after one month, so I prefer these over it. The ones that just shove the end into a hole are not suitable for lying on the bed. I'm able to loosen and position it wherever I want with the "hook" design. It requires easy removal when I don't need it. The email that followed my purchase included instructions on how to adjust the side hooks. If one of them breaks, I have 3 other spare parts. I can give them to friends and family. I find that over the ear also works well, even though the product shows that the strap is under the ear. I'm satisfied with the product and its design.

👤The elastic ear pieces on the masks are attached to the glasses holder. I use an elastic piece to hold the mask behind the ears and make a large "bump." I push the double knot through the end of the glasses holder to prevent it from slipping off. When it's time to wash the mask, I pop the glasses holder off and use the clean mask again. The glasses holders keep us from dropping the masks. They are lightweight so they are not hard to wear. My husband is a counselor and he likes it because he can easily find his mask and put it on when clients come into his office. He can take his mask off when they leave. It's more comfortable than the shoestring he was using.

👤These aren't the ones for people who don't like a twist in the strap. The retainer clips on each side go in different directions when you put them on. The metal part that is crimped on has a seam. There is a The metal retainer clip has two faces, one face out and one face in. It is hard to notice, and most likely nobody will notice it, but the person wearing them. They are not perfect. If you made them both go the same way, the strap would be twisted. Not a big deal. You should be warned.

👤Don't bother with them. The string is bigger than any shoe laces I've seen in the 80's. It is hanging from your glasses. You can tie your boat up if you don't use it for glasses. The rubber part that is supposed to clasp your glasses frames doesn't work well and slips all the time so that the rope is in the spot you don't want it to be. I used them for a week. The glasses are no longer grips because of the rubber part. They go to the trash.

👤I need something to hold my mask. It's too dangerous to have it hang on one ear. In our state masks are mandatory as we are going on four and a half months of quark. I need to wear a mask when I go for a run or walk near my house because it is so hot and humid, but I don't want to be wearing one all the time. This solution is perfect. My dad loves his glasses and I gave him a set. He misplaces his glasses a lot.

4. Eye Glasses String Strap Holder

Eye Glasses String Strap Holder

If you have any issues with your straps, contact them immediately. Their chains for women come with a guarantee. Silicone tips are unique. Their sunglasses strap for man has more elastic tips, which will be a good fit for any type of glasses temples. It is easy to put glass on a temple. The glass strap is made of stretchy material which makes it a good fit for wide and narrow temples. The eyewear strap is invisible on your head. The glass strap can be fixed with no-tail. The full length of their strap is 14. The glasses won't slip off your nose, and the lanyard fits the head tightly. Eye glass string strap will keep your glasses secured while you are out and about. The eye glass holder strap has a steel rope inside and a protective rubber layer. Their sunglass lanyard is 2 times more durable than those of other brands because of the stronger tip of the glass safety strap. The eye glass holder strap has a steel rope inside and a protective rubber layer. Their sunglass lanyard is 2 times more durable than those of other brands because of the stronger tip of the glass safety strap.

Brand: Sigonna

👤I lost my other glasses band so I got these. The opening to put the glasses' end in is small, even though the ends are very thick. I had to force my plastic frames into it. It was finally got to a reasonable fit. I used to have glasses bands that had much smaller connections. I thought the majority of these would allow bigger frames. They are so unreliable. You want to take your glasses off at the end of the day because they keep rubbing against your ear and making it sore. You might as well suck it up for the rest of the night because you still need to wear glasses, and with how much pain it was to attach the band to the glasses in the first place, you figure you might as well do it. My ears are throbbing. Combine this strap with a headset and it will work. The two are pressing each other into your ear. Not recommended. There is a pair with a smaller connection.

👤These glasses holders are what I needed. When I sweat in the gym or do yard work my glasses slide forward. I have very thin ear pieces and some other types wouldn't hold them. These go on in seconds, a pull on the adjusters brings it to a good tightness, and it holds for a two hour workout. I am using the first unit without any issues. They made life better and were a good investment. I will buy them again if they ever wear out.

👤My glasses fell off. I was hoping this strap would hold them on. It does. I'm very happy with it. The strap holds the earpieces securely, which is important, and putting the earpieces into it was harder than I had hoped. I'll find a bigger case and it will all be good because I can't fold the glasses enough to fit in the case I've been using.

👤The holders are perfect for my work usage. I've been digging trenches for electrical conduit and had constant issues with my glasses slipping off, but I've had zero slippage since I started using the SiGonna holders. They've held tight during digging, crouching, and even the occasional raging torrent of expletives. I have them on and they are very comfortable. Even though I wear heavy leather gloves, the holders can be adjusted easily. I don't expect to wear them in situations where appearances would be a concern, but even with my close-cropped hair, the wires mostly disappear.

👤The metal strap holds the eyeglasses well. Since it is very rigid, I couldn't use it while lying down in bed or sitting on a sofa with a high back, since it pushes my eyeglasses from my eyes. I had to remove the holder from my eyewear. I could read in bed or on the sofa with a high back. The metal straps are unbending and easily knocked off my expensive hearing aid without me being able to find it again. I went to a drug store and bought a glass holder that was more flexible and cost less than the metal one. I would like to give a more favorable feed back.

5. Eye Glasses String Strap Holder

Eye Glasses String Strap Holder

The eye glass holder strap has a steel rope inside and a protective rubber layer. Their sunglass lanyard is 2 times more durable than those of other brands because of the stronger tip of the glass safety strap. For narrow and wide temples. The sigonna glasses strap has a special shape that makes it work with both wide and narrow temples. The cord that holds the glasses securely. The tips have been improved to prevent the sports strap from breaking as other sunglasses straps chains do. The length of the straps for men and women is fixed. You can fix the chain at the back of your head with the length adjustment. Their lanyards for men and women include reflective elements, so you can see in the dark. The light from drive-by cars can be reflected by the eye glasses accessory chain. The metal base of the eyeglass holder strap strings is braided in paracord, which makes the cords hard-wearing and good-looking. The metal base of the eyeglass holder strap strings is braided in paracord, which makes the cords hard-wearing and good-looking.

Brand: Sigonna

👤The rubber pieces that are used to attach the glasses are very good. I gave it 3 stars because they fit perfectly and held the glasses securely. The cord is heavy and stiff. The TR 90 material makes my sunglasses very light and comfortable. The string glass holders are so heavy that they tilt the glasses up on the bridge of my nose. I don't think these strap holders are good for light weight glasses. I put them away in case I ever buy metal frame holders. The seller's customer service is poor. They gave me the option of selecting a replacement strap from their store. The seller immediately shipped the replacement after I did that. I will DEFINITELY purchase from this seller in the future, even though these straps are a little too stiff for my glasses, because of the seller's attention to detail and 100% commitment to customer satisfaction. Thank you very much.

👤The ends of the arms wouldn't fit in the holders, so I bought these for my sunglasses. It is likely that they are thick. I was not upset, I thought I would return them and get something else, this is the risk you take when you purchase something online that you can't try out in the store. Someone from their customer service immediately reached out to them after I filed the return. I explained the situation and I wasn't upset at all. They told me to pick a replacement and they would send it to me for free. I received them today and they are perfect. I think that customer service of this level is rare, but they went above and beyond to make me happy, that is a big deal. I would buy from this seller again without hesitation. Even though the initial purchase didn't work out, I was happy with my experience.

👤In the desert southwest, lightweight eyeglass straps are a must. I was surprised that the paracord was not as bright as it used to be. The cord held my glasses in place. The braid is square. This is not an adjustment that can be removed from the cord. It shortens and lengthens. The temple tips of my glasses were fitted with a unique tip. The tip is long. The temple tips were held securely by the tip. The widest point of the tip is about a quarter of an inch wide. I thought it would be awkward but it is not. If you want a cord to be attached to your glasses, you should consider purchasing a case. I have both soft and hardshell cases. I had to remove the cord from the glasses. My rating only reflects initial use because I just received my order. I will update my review if there are any wear issues.

👤I like all three colors. The straps are too long, but they are good for people who are very active. It is nice that it can be shortened. The rubber opening is tight but has to be pushed hard if the temple tips are too big. As the rubber stretches, it will fit with a bit of shimmying. It is a bit rugged, but will last and be stiff in time. It's best for people with short hair who have tangles when they have long hair. I don't like the straps that I bought from the same company. The fabric strap is soft, but the bead strap is not. This strap is for active walkers that want to keep their glasses in place.

6. Neoprene Glasses Sunglasses Eyewear Retainer

Neoprene Glasses Sunglasses Eyewear Retainer

What is this? They named it after the glasses. It's perfect for those who wear glasses who enjoy more freedom for indoor and outdoor activities such as running, fishing, cycling, or playing ball games. What is this for? These glasses straps are designed to keep a tight grip on your glasses when they fall, so they can be hung on your chest, or rest on top of your head when not in use. What are these straps made of? The holder straps are made of a soft and stretchy material. What glasses? They are designed to fit most eyeglasses, sunglasses, reading glasses, sport glasses and optical eyewear. What is in the box? There are 6 colors of eyewear straps in the package, so you can enjoy more freedom for indoor or outdoor activities, such as hiking, running, fishing, cycling, or playing tennis, basketball, and other sports activities. What is in the box? There are 6 colors of eyewear straps in the package, so you can enjoy more freedom for indoor or outdoor activities, such as hiking, running, fishing, cycling, or playing tennis, basketball, and other sports activities.

Brand: Yikato

👤I need straps for my glasses. This looked like a great deal but I couldn't use them. There is a The ear pieces slip on. They slip right off. The straps are too long. They did not give any support. I took my glasses off and let them hang around my neck while I worked on the machine. They hit the floor from their own weight when they slipped off. I don't want to return them for this price, I live far away from a store. I might tape them to the glasses and use them on one pair. I don't recommend them.

👤If it was on top of my shirt collar, I used to have the string kind. It doesn't bother me if it stays on top of my shirt collar or on the skin of my neck because of the Neoprene glasses or sunglasses strap. There are six different colors in the pack, which is a good price and value.

👤If you have thick arms on your glasses, they work great. These are to keep your glasses out of your neck.

👤My husband forgets the straps when we go on a trip, no matter how many he has. I will be asked if I have seen his glasses straps. I don't pack for him. We end up making a hair band out of twine or stretchy hair bands. We can find anything. You can ruin an active vacation if you don't have a strap to hold your glasses on. The pack will stay in his suitcase.

👤These seemed good at first, but then started peeling and twisting. Would not recommend it.

👤The strap is not the best looking, but it keeps my glasses on. It was not itchy or uncomfortable. It also dries quickly because it is easy to wring out sweat. It's easy to adjust the fit for any size head.

👤I'm a 6'2" human male, and while I found these nicely packaged and attractive looking, they were too short for me. When attached to glasses, I did not fit over my head. The grips are not made of Silicone, and my Neostyle glasses, which have metal ear pieces, slipped out. Returning.

👤My child plays basketball and wears glasses. His glasses were knocked off every game. He doesn't even realize it's around his head when he puts these straps on. The straps can be adjusted to any pair of glasses. Multiple colors matched his team colors.

7. Eyeglass SCWJTF Adjustable Retainers Anti Slip

Eyeglass SCWJTF Adjustable Retainers Anti Slip

It's widely Applicable. The total length of the strap is 27 inches, the black switch on the spectacle rope is changeable, you can adjust according to the size of your head. The eyewear retainer can be used for all types of glasses, such as sunglasses, swimming goggles, sports glasses, reading glasses, etc. 4PCS black nylon eyeglass straps are included in the value gift set. 2 pairs of ear grips and 1PCS high-end glasses cleaning cloth are free. The elastic rubber anti-skid Buckle at both ends of the eyeglass chain is not easy to fall off. It can be used for all types of glasses, such as sunglasses, swimming goggles, sports glasses, reading glasses, and so on. The length is adjusted. The strap is 25.6" long and comfortable to wear. You can adjust the length of the glasses lanyard with the rubber buckle on the glasses chain. Premium materials. The glasses strap is made of nylon and silicone. It is not easy to bend, to age, or to break. 100% quality warranty. A professional distributor of glasses accessories. Quality assurance is a feature of their products. If your men's eyewear retainers have a problem, please contact their customer service team. 100% quality warranty. A professional distributor of glasses accessories. Quality assurance is a feature of their products. If your men's eyewear retainers have a problem, please contact their customer service team.

Brand: Scwjtf

👤I needed eyewear retainers for my sunglasses. They don't stay on. My sunglasses have fallen to the ground on many occasions because one loop would detach from them. I can't trust them to hold my sunglasses when I'm not wearing them. The Eyeglass Retainers areUnsecured while I wear my sunglasses. When I took my sunglasses off, they fell to the ground. There are many times. There is a The mechanism to tighten the loop to the sunglasses is something I know about. It doesn't stay safe. I don't recommend these Eyeglass Straps if you have valuable sunglasses.

👤I tried to like the straps but they kept slipping off. The rubber loops at the end are slippery and can get sweaty if you use them for any sporting activity. The rubber loops can be locked by moving the metal coil up, but there isn't anything to hold them in place. The ear grips are almost worth it for the "free" gift because they function better.

👤The biggest waste of money is not fitting the glasses tightly enough around the slips and they fall off in two days.

👤I had to glue the units together so they wouldn't fall off, they were getting loose and slipping off the leg of the glasses.

👤I don't usually review items I buy. I need to in this case. The free gift was helpful. I lose my glasses at work because they slide down my nose. One of the free gifts is a piece of silicone that holds my glasses close to my ear, but I bought the string that holds them around my neck. The free gift was so helpful that I don't need the item anymore. Thank you so much. I would recommend it. I found a use for the product, they are cheap sunglasses I keep in my car rather than my eyeglasses.

👤I have always used a product for a while before I comment on it. I was hesitant to purchase them because of the low price, compared to other stores. I can see that the Eyeglass retainers are well made and stay in place after wearing them for only a few days. I need to wear UV screening glasses outside. I don't think there is a need to pinch the metal slide rings in place, but will do so if necessary. It shouldn't need to be changed after setting the position. The main reason I need new retainers is when the ones begin to lose their grip. I get new retainers because I tend to misplace my glasses when I leave a location. Don't expect me to need another set for a long time. I will follow up in 6 months.

👤I have tried to find suitable straps before. They can be adjusted on the arms. If your arms are large where they meet your ears and then slender toward the lens, these have a grip that you can adjust on the arms. Highly recommended. The straps are flexible.

👤I have been using these for a week and am not happy. I bought these because I wanted a braided nylon, not leather. I have had to re-cinch both sides of the frame twice a day because the metal coil that you cinch to the frame doesn't stay tight. I had my glasses off and hanging around my neck, when one side detached and my reading glasses fell to the floor. I don't know if I would have noticed that they had fallen off if I were outdoors. It is not worth the time to ask for a refund at seven bucks. I hope this saves you money. The bonus gifts were not in the package.

8. Eyeglass Chains Premium Necklace Glasses

Eyeglass Chains Premium Necklace Glasses

Eyeglasses that are adjusted You can change the size of the chain to make it fit your glasses frame better. Their eye glasses string holder has a metal clip that keeps your glasses from slipping out of the loops. The size of the chain for reading glasses and sunglasses varies from 64 cm to 77 cm and the general size is 30.3 inches. The glass straps are decorated with different shapes shells or beads, which is beautiful and elegant, also they are functional and stylish, with sturdy material, non-toxic, anti allergy, anti oxidation, sweat resistance, can work for you a long time. Simple and low-key luxury. The glasses strap allows sunglasses to be comfortably hung on your chest, or rest on top of your head, and also can be applied as a necklace chain. There are multiple applications. Simple and stylish design for everyone. It is applicable to any occasion, such as an anniversary, a party, or a holiday. It's easy to carry when working, traveling or taking part in outdoor activities.

Brand: Zooron

👤These chains are too easy to slide. I was able to make them more secure. See the picture. I put the loops around the temples. That seems to work better. This seems to be a problem with other chains and straps that I have tried. These are pretty.

👤I don't want to wear glasses that look ugly and cheap because I don't want to wear anything that's rusting around my ear.

👤They're lightweight, but tangled with everything else. The pair turned green from cheapness. Save your money! Garbage. Within a week, one pair broke. Yuck.

👤I gave my mom the rose gold necklace that I kept. We love the jewelry quality chains that we wore for a few days. I didn't want these to look like a small library. I have shoulder length hair and keep it behind my ears so that my silver chain is virtually invisible when you see it. I haven't lost my glasses.

👤I will lose my glasses if I don't wear them around my neck. I'm happy if I can wear something pretty. If my jewelry is silver, gold or rose gold, I switch them out. I wear rose gold and it still looks great. I love them both. I have been wearing them for about 2 weeks. I want them to last. I would buy again for the price.

👤These looked cute and the price was good. Decided to go for a vacation. The pairs broke after a single use. I broke a pair of expensive glasses when the chain broke. It was not worth it.

👤Your glasses fall when the piece that slides on stretches out. The purchase was a mistake.

👤I have been using these chains for a while. They have held up well. It looks kinda cute when it breaks, stays on glasses and is cute. I was unsure if they would break easily, but nearly a year later they are still strong.

9. Qujior Eyeglasses Retainers Adjustable Sunglasses

Qujior Eyeglasses Retainers Adjustable Sunglasses

Anti-Slip - The glasses strap can be adjusted to fit different head sizes, so that glasses don't fall off or slide down your nose. The ear grips are easy to apply to your glasses and assure a perfect fit. This glasses holder is widely used to keep your glasses in place. It's perfect for outdoor sports such as fishing, biking, skiing, hiking, rock climbing, etc. Eyeglasses stoppers are made of high-quality silicone, odor-free, more comfortable and skin-friendly, with no feeling of sore ears after use, even won't notice they are on the glasses.

Brand: Qujior

👤Someone told me that they are very helpful. I got them because I went for it. My glasses were falling off of my face. I don't have to worry now. These are the things I bought.

👤I bought these for my wireframe eyeglasses and they keep sliding down my nose and falling off of my face. These are too loose for them. I use them for my sunglasses because they work well. I'm still looking for something for wire frame glasses.

👤There is something that will work for you in this set. I ordered this set for my mom because she loved the tie string. The ear extensions are similar to wireless earphone hooks. The elastic band is great for workouts.

👤The cord that comes in this set is great. I had broken 3 pairs of glasses in 6 months, mostly falling off when I was sweaty or when it was raining, and this cord holds them securely and you barely know it. Will purchase again!

👤I have only used it a few days but so far it works and it helps when wearing a mask, it keeps my glasses from falling forward. We bought them because of that.

👤I love the fact that it doesn't loosen unless I want it.

👤The thing on the back of my head is genius. The glasses are in place better. It was perfect.

👤They were ordered for adults.

10. Premium Leather Eyeglass String Holder

Premium Leather Eyeglass String Holder

Flexibility - Adaptability. The chains are 27" long and can be slid up and down to adjust. The strap on the glasses allows them to be hung on your chest or on top of your head, which is suitable for women and children. There are fashion colors. Red, black, brown, and blue are some of the colors that can be matched with glasses and clothing. Eyeglass straps can be used on all types of eye wear. A multi-function screwdriver is free. Quality guarantee. Their eye glass straing holder has a lifetime warranty. If you are not happy with the product, they will give you a full refund. Add to Cart now!

Brand: Ftojos

👤These things fit the bill for what I needed. I had a problem with my glasses and was trying to take pictures. I had to take my glasses off and put them in the case, then put the case in my shirt pocket to take a picture, and then reverse the process after I took the picture. My glasses hang down a little lower and further out of my way when I use my camera because the straps are a little longer than most other ones. I wish these were about 3 inches longer so that they would be perfect for me.

👤These are good, but only if you have good glasses. The legs were curved at the end to wrap around my ear. I got the straps in front of my ears. It got the job done despite not being a cute look or comfortable. The straps were bunched up on top of my ear because they had to be put in this position. I bought these because my legs are stretched out and my glasses keep falling off when I look down, but I got my new glasses today.

👤I broke my left ear piece. We were looking at a couple of months to get seen and get a fix for our problem. The straps were priced right and had a screwdriver set worth at least a couple of dollars. Within a day and a half, I received the straps and screwdriver tool. Our Social Worker found a person who fixed my snapped temple piece and gave me a new one. I can see them again because they are on my head with a strap. Thanks to Fuji's an Amazon, we were able to put out the fire.

👤Each pair was not as good as the 4 different ones. I chose the pair that I liked the best and it was smooth. The arms were loose after 2 weeks. I tried to loosen the screws. I changed to a second pair. They look nice, but they are tighter on my head. The other two pairs were very cheap. I lost my glasses so I bought a replacement. There is a difference between the glasses you get from an eye doctor and the ones you get from these glasses. The quality is ok and you get $4 a pair.

👤These straps work well. They hold onto your glasses tightly, are lightweight, and give you options in matching your attire. I recommend these to anyone who always needs their readers handy.

👤The pieces are lightweight but have a strong hold. Behind the ears is where the metal piece hides. The lenght is too long for me. I shortened it by tying it in a knot. The material feels like leather. There is no chemical smell,color doesn't fade, and it's not itchy on the skin. If it gets dirty from neck sweat, it can be washed with soap. I bought these so my glasses don't break. I consider these to be fashionable in my 40s.

11. Eyeglasses Holder Strap Cord Necklace

Eyeglasses Holder Strap Cord Necklace

Their anti-slip clip loop will keep your glasses lanyard in place. This eyeglasses strap has a metal-clip large enough to hold your glasses in loops. The glasses necklace is very strong and can keep your glasses around your neck. The eyeglasses holder strap is made with top quality PU leather and will give you a stylish look. The necklace is perfect for adults and children. Universal compatibility with optical frames, reading glasses and sunglasses is provided by the eyeglass chains and cords for men and women strap. Their glasses holder strap comes with a bag and a cloth to clean your glasses and sunglasses.

Brand: Sigonna

👤I have lived in Southwest Florida for over 30 years. That means that you have to have a pair of good sunglasses with you when you go outside. As you get older, you may need to have reading glasses with you all the time. I used to have two pairs of glasses hanging around my neck. The chance of loss is small since the sunglasses and reading glasses never leave my neck. It became obvious to me that having a loop around your glasses is the best way to make your lanyards last longer after trying dozens of different designs. The bows will slide out as the ends loosen up when the lanyards require feeding the bows into them. The type that has plastic is brittle and breaks eventually. The cable type is always behind your neck. The Premium Eco glasses lanyards seem to last the longest if you adjust the size of the loop before trying to force the bow of your glasses into them. It's the best design, but at $3.00 for a lanyard they aren't built to take much abuse. The positive side of that is that they only cost $3. There is one other thing. There is no leather in this product. They are made of cloth and other materials and do not have a rough texture. Since these lanyards won't stink when the user gets sweaty, it's another plus for hot weather wear.

👤I love this product. I have been using my glasses holder all the time. I was losing readers by hanging them on my top. I wear my glasses around my neck at the gym, driving and shopping. There is a The customer service at this company is great. I replied that I love the holders but one had broken, after Kate asked how I liked the product. Kate immediately responded to my email. Kate's email was professional and friendly. Thank you Kate!

👤These eye glass holders are awesome! It is soft and sturdy. I have used the best eye glass holders and have purchased many that didn't feel good. These are not holders. They feel great around your neck when not in use.

👤The company contacted me and asked me to try their new straps. I am impressed after using it. The straps are the same as they were originally sold. The new longer straps were a pleasant surprise, as they had an issue before, but not one that I found a problem with. The look of the new strap was similar to the original one. The other straps were shorter and could get in the way of the previous straps. I have had these new straps for a little over a month and they show no signs of fading or bleeding onto my collar, which is what the previous straps left on my shirts. I use the old and new straps at home and at work and have not experienced a problem with the rubber holders breaking. It was difficult to tell everyone that my collar was not a dirty neck because it was discolored. I have changed my rating from 2 stars to 5 stars. They have earned it because of the improvement of the product and the persistence of their customer support. These straps are very good for your glasses. I used this product at work and it looked like I hadn't washed my neck in years. The brown leather strap ruined my shirts because of the color blend. It was comfortable in the office. The straps were comfortable but not worth the problems. You can find a color in a metal that won't bleed.


What is the best product for eye glasses string strap holder?

Eye glasses string strap holder products from Llamaababie. In this article about eye glasses string strap holder you can see why people choose the product. Auglifers and Sigonna are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye glasses string strap holder.

What are the best brands for eye glasses string strap holder?

Llamaababie, Auglifers and Sigonna are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye glasses string strap holder. Find the detail in this article. Sigonna, Sigonna and Yikato are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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