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1. Eyeshadow Palette Lasting Reflective Shimmer

Eyeshadow Palette Lasting Reflective Shimmer

Nude aromas eyeshadow palette has 18 high-pigmented shades, and is perfect for every skin tone. Transition nude pink, soft brown and berry shades are included in the 11 velvety matts. It has a gorgeous duo-chromatic finish with 4 reflective shimmer and 1 pearl flecks. Adding dreamy and sexy eye makeup looks is easy with 2 copper glitter colors and a high shimmering metallic finish. The texture is smooth and creamy. A variety of changing tones. It provides a smooth application. Eye Shadow pallet can be used to create bare,everyday basic, fun,passionate and party makeup. Send as gift or for personal use. They are a must-have for your handbag because of their gorgeous purple pink packaging.

Brand: Charmcode

👤Stunning colors! Many of us can't afford $65 for the real deal, so it's a fake. The quality of this palette is good.

👤I don't leave good reviews because it's always something offline with these products. Even though you have to do the right steps to achieve a neat look with these colors, they are actually pretty. Blending is a huge factor. Great colors! A photo without a filter looks pretty decent.

👤I definitely exceeded my expectations. I did not want to spend 85.00 for a HUDA nude. I went with this because it looked perfect. It is amazing. I was surprised that they are rich in color. If you want to pay a fraction of the cost for the nude palette, then this is the one for you.

👤This is a good dupe for the beauty pallet. The colors were all very bright, the shimmers and two glitters were very creamy and easy to use, I didn't have a problem with any of the colors except for the two glitters which is normal with any pallet. If you don't like spending top dollar for eyeshadow pallets, I would highly recommend this one. It is worth the buy because it is hard to know how to use it for beginners, but it is not for beginners.

👤I didn't wear eyeshadow because I didn't think it looked good on me. I don't know how to apply it because it's too expensive. I created the look in the photos in minutes after receiving this pallete. I used NYX eyeshadow base in white. You should follow Ucanbe on IG.

👤I'm so happy. It looks like the picture. It was packaged perfectly. I own many other UCANBE palettes, and they are always great. I recommend a primer for glitter. I put it on immediately. I had 5 minutes before work and my application is sloppy. I had to wipe it all off.

👤I was looking for alternatives that would not break my budget and that were very close to the original one. I bought one from another site and the colors were not close. When I read the reviews, I knew that it was not the real thing but encouraged by the positive comments, so I ordered it. I was very excited to receive this within a few days. I was not disappointed at all. The colors are gorgeous. I swatched the purple one on my arm and I think it shows the staying power of the shadows and rich pigmentations. If you are on a budget, I highly recommend this palette. I don't think you'll regret buying it.

👤I've wanted the New Nude palette from Huda for a long time, but I can't afford it. This is gorgeous! I was amazed at how similar it is to the real thing. It is my new favorite color. It's amazing.

👤I am floored. I have been a Jeffree Star person for a long time but recently I don't enjoy him or his products especially at the price point, until this 1! It lasts all day; applies well and is POP.

2. Glitterpedia Glitter Palette Cosmetics Sparkling

Glitterpedia Glitter Palette Cosmetics Sparkling

It's vegan and cruelty free. They do not use animal derived ingredients in their products. They wish all the animals were happy. All types of glitters are in one container. There are different sizes and shapes of glitter. The glitterpedia eyeshadow is easy to do, from classic to pearl, glitters form. Perfect color combination, must have items for point make up and daily makeup. The eye shadows in this makeup palette can be used as primer for bolder and long- lasting shade.

Brand: Unleashia

👤The bargain is for the quality. I was looking for glitter in this palette. I don't buy a lot of palettes anymore because I have so many I haven't even finished, but the one thing most of them lack are good quality glitters. I hated having a bunch of individual pots scattered and taking up a lot of space. I was looking for a "KPOP IDOL" style glitter, but none of my eyeshadows had it. I was tempted to buy the popular K-palettes like colorgram and etude house, 3CE, and shimmer just because I wanted one or two particular glitter shades, but then I found this glitter palette to supplement my other palette that don't. The problem with pressed glitters in the US is that they are mixed in a trash vaseline-like glue and apply patchy, greasy, and patchy like hell. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy wet n wild. Stila and ELF liquid glitters are great, but I wanted glitters that were easy to apply and incorporated into everyday looks. This was it. When I swatched it along my arm, I loved the first impression, but when I washed my arm, I found remnants of the shades symbol stuck to my arm, which sealed the deal! Even after scrubbing. The packaging looked like a story book and I gave a few looks to try. This christmas, I'm planning to buy more gifts for friends. Highly recommended.

👤This is what I was looking for. I can't find those shimmers in American makeup. I swatched them to see what they would look like on my skin tone, and they swatched pretty well. I like that these types of glitters are more for the highlights than for the lid. I didn't expect the glitters in this palette to be different. There are two types of shimmers, smooth and creamy. The glitters are very reflective in the light and I think they look best in natural lighting. The video was shot using my ceiling light.

👤I wanted the all glitters palette that blew up from this girl on tiktok, but I decided to go for this since it still had stunning glitters. Well, so well. The glitters are very pretty.

👤So smooth. The shimmers have small pieces of green or gold. I have only swatched so far but can only imagine how much it would cost if you set the spray and then pack more on. The glitters are a bit more rough than I was hoping for, but they are nicer than I expected. I need more good quality glitters. Great packaging. It didn't break because the box came in. Thank you so much!

👤I have been looking for a Korean glitter eyeshadow/shadow stick for a long time and this is more than perfect. This is more than perfect if you want to do the type of makeup that Koreans have been doing. The tins with the big glitters are the best for the under eye sparkle. It's worth buying! Thank you!

👤One of the orders did not arrive with a damaged box. Disappointed that it was expensive.

3. FLYNN Lightcatcher Eyeshadow Lightweight High Impact

FLYNN Lightcatcher Eyeshadow Lightweight High Impact

You only need a single wipe to apply eye makeup. There is no need to touch the eyeshadow. Start at the lash line in the middle of the eye and work your way up. It has a mix of gold pearl, blue pearl, and pink glitter in a clear base. A blendable, quick dry, flakes-free glitter. The long-wearing sparkle liquid eye shadow has a maximum sparkle. It will last up to 12 hours. It stays all day and has a multi-dimensional effect on the lids. You can choose from a sheer veil of sparkle to eyes that look like they've been painted with liquid pearls with 3 colors, White Light, Pink Light, and Peach Light. The benefits include a super-saturated bold color, quick dry down, non-sticky texture, and soft look. Make yourself the center of attention by creating gorgeous eye makeup.

Brand: Flynn Cosmetics

👤I was looking into the DearDahlia but it was only $31.00 plus shipping. This is gorgeous on the eyes. It's great for anyone who loves sparkles. Get it and you'll be fine, getting the white next.

👤I purchased this and I am very happy. I have a few and they look great on my eyes. There is a mix of small and large glitters. I rubbed them off so they wouldn't stay there forever. They would last from morning until the day after because I would forget to take my makeup off. You can spread them out or build them up to your liking, and they will come off easily with makeup removal. I was 100% satisfied with my purchase. 10/10 will buy again.

👤I was looking for glitter shadow. The glitter is pretty and colorful. It was lovely and shiny. Fast delivery and cheaper than other products!

👤I can't wait to use on my face and chest.

4. CLIO Layering Palette Ounce Brown

CLIO Layering Palette Ounce Brown

Bring highlights to a whole new level. Their 10-pan palette has innovative colors andtextures that will give you a variety of looks. Innite color mixing. There are easy to use colors for makeup. You will see that shimmer throughout the day. All skin tones and eye colors are complemented by their colors. The ULTRA-ADHESION FORMULA. Their formula glides smoothly on your lids. It will melt into your skin when you apply it. It will last you all day. There was zero damage. There is aMULTI-PEARL EFFECT. Their eyeshadows include pearls in the base and high-intensity crystal glitters to make your eyes sparkle. You can create your own color scheme by mixing and matching different colors.

Brand: Clio Professional

👤I was worried that my palette would break. It arrived in perfect condition. The package was wrapped in bubble wrap. The eyeshadows are soft and buttery, perfect for daily use. They have a nice color to them. The small dual ended brush makes it easy to take on the go. I think the colors compliment each other. I already own another palette and would buy this item again. I would recommend this to a friend or a gift.

👤The colors are beautiful but they are crushed and destroyed. So disappointed.

👤The item arrived in perfect condition, it had a protective sheet over the eyeshadow and mirror. The shadows are cute, but my product did not arrive with an authenticity sticker. I don't think I've ever seen authenticity stickers on CLIO products. There are different halo stickers that I have seen.

👤Excellent product! Women over 40 can wear eyeshadow that shimmers. I wear this all the time. I use champagne colors during the day and darker colors at night. I love it!

👤The color is nice. It was not well packed. One of the colors was broken. The broken one has glitters and is scattered all over the room. Disappointed. After requesting an exchange, I received the new one. It is even more broken this time. The glitters and powder were all over the palette, on other colors and in the box, so you can't even touch it. I will return the item.

👤Wow! The glitters are sheer and pearlescent. The shadows are easy to blend. I ordered Simply Pink, Brown choux, and Into Lace, but they are still waiting for it to arrive. Simply pink is a little more subdued in person compared to the photo online which is preferred. I was worried it might be too pink. It's pretty natural. Brown choox is delicious and warm, without being too orangey or red. It's balanced. I want to give up on western brand makeup because of this. I've tried many different formulas but I feel like I like this one the most. The formula is similar to The New Nude and Gold Obsessions. The efficient packaging and clear top make it easy to see the shades. There is a mini mirror that you can use to see what you're doing. I am not a fan of the show. I've never tried out their products. I want to sell all my other products because I want to use them all the time.

👤These are the best eyeshadow palettes I've seen and at a reasonable price. I don't like the mark up from companies like Urban Decay. Korean make-up trends tend to go towards nude tones and colors and these are exactly what I was looking for. Excellent color coverage, especially for pale skin tones, without looking unnatural or garrish. The glitter palette wells offer enough glitter to make you look like a clown. When I wear these shadows, I get a lot of praise. Customer for life.

👤The color payoff is great. I've only used one color on my lid so far, but it has a great color payoff. I wore it without eye primer and used the brush it came with to apply it, and there was no creasing for the 3 hours I had it on. I would need to put eye primer on to keep the eye color from changing. I like the consistency of the colors on my arm. It's similar to velvet. There was little no to fall out. I prefer the Korean brands eye shadow over the American brands.

5. SHIONLE Spotlight Glitter Lasting Gradation

SHIONLE Spotlight Glitter Lasting Gradation

The glitter eye shadow will give you a unique look. Water base is a soft liquid texture. Drys immediately after application. Even after 6 hours, the long lasting formula is crease free. There are five colors available - Romantic Look, Daily Look, Golden Look, See Through Look, and Layered Look.

Brand: Shionle

👤This is light and pretty. I know that when manufacturers fill up tubed makeup, they don't fill it all the way so that there's still room for the wand to go in. The appearance of the tube is full when the wand is inserted, as it gives the appearance of little to no space or just like a tiny air bubble of space. I have no problem with this process. The liquid shadow is missing a lot of product and there is still a lot of space. The first time I ordered this, I thought I got something from a bad bunch, so I requested a replacement. The situation is the same after I got my replacement. It doesn't give the appearance that it's in the picture. The tube is only half full if you take the wand out.

👤Just received it and tried it out. It looks dark in the packaging, but when applied, it is sheer and shiny. The intensity is buildable to your preference. It makes tired eyes look well rested. I have to say that the effects of caffeine don't cut it for those days.

👤I like this product, but I wish it was a little more smooth on the skin. I look good.

👤It is beautiful, but very little. It is almost gone after only 2 small applications. Really should have more.

👤The product works and looks good. I get a lot of praise for it.

👤Nice eyeshadow! It's perfect for an everyday look.

👤Cute lose looking glitter loom. It's not very bright.

👤The glitter is just perfect. Will try other colors as well. Highly recommended!

6. L F Cosmetics Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow

L F Cosmetics Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow

The Best of Beauty Award winner is Allure 2020. This opaque liquid eyeshadow is formulated for comfortable wear, minimal fall out and high impact. Use fingers or a flat eyeshadow brush to apply eyeshadow on its own, or layer it on top of eyeshadow for a more dramatic look. There are 8 different shades. 100% vegan and cruelty-free from Triclosan, Nonylphenol, Ethoxylates, and Hydroquinone.

Brand: E.l.f.

👤Exactly what I was hoping for. You only get my eye because I'm not wearing any other makeup. It is the perfect amount if glitter and color are present. I smeared it with my finger because I could not wait to try it.

👤SO TINY! It is half the size of my index finger. I am not exaggerating. It is so small, but it is still pigmented as long as it is not rubbed in. It rubs off easily.

👤I love this product. I bought it in 3 different colors. It doesn't last long because it's so small, but for $5 that's fine. It has a lot of glitter and the glitter goes on thick rather than clear, like many glitter products do. It looks better if you put it over a shadow of the same color. It is very easy to wash off because it stays on and doesn't fall over.

👤I have a few of the Stila liquid eyeshadow glitters and wanted something like Disco Queen as far as colors are concerned, but I couldn't justify the price for another liquid glitter shadow. This isn't as concentrated as the Stila shadows, but with a glitter primer and a couple of layers it would be perfect. Five stars for the price and quality. Love it.

👤It has big glitter pieces that are similar to the ones used by little girls to play with makeup. glitter pieces under your nose, chin, and even under your eyes are67531s,67531s, and67531s, that are67531s, and67531s, that are not67531s, and67531s, that are not67531s, and67531s, that are not67531s

👤I saw a lot of people blend it out after it dries. They did not show all the glitter. I have tried to blend it with a primer. Nothing prevents it. It is easy to use and feels good, so I will give it two stars. When I use it, I get a compliment, but once it starts peeling, I get the idea that you have glitter all over your face.

👤I didn't like how it looked on me. It might be nice for younger people. It was cold and slimy when applied and it wasn't what I was expecting. The glitter was not as opaque as I 888-276-5932 I will give it to my niece to play with.

👤It is a little disappointing because of the advertisement. It's called Holo. There was a little holo but not as shown in the photo. The first one will have a ring light. 2nd and 3rd one will be spread out with a ring light. It's still worth the purchase, it's still a great eye shadow, and it's dried with a hair dryer. I use it as a face glitter or as a highlighter. The bottle is barely reached by the applicator.

7. COLORGRAM Milk Bling Shadow 3 2g

COLORGRAM Milk Bling Shadow 3 2g

As smooth and moist as milk. Fresh and gentle eyeline can be finished. No need for make-up modification after applying long-wear texture. Zero pearl scattering with a liquid texture is easy to adhere to. Specialty make-up uses multi glitter. Take an appropriate amount and apply it to desired points.

Brand: Colorgram

👤I bought some of the colors. All are bright and shiny. It looks streaky on camera, but it is buildable. It is more pretty in person. It dries down after a few seconds. The others have more fine glitter. It is rather metallic. They don't transfer, but I did reapply it after 5 hours. I applied it with my fingers, but you can also use the doe foot brush to apply it. I used a cotton pad with micellar water to remove it. I am really happy with my purchase and can't wait to wear all of the colors.

👤I bought this after watching True Beauty. There is one I liked the amount of glitter, it was easy to spread and made of different sized glitter. There are two I have glitter that is slightly pink and warm. There are more than one 3). Some of the glitter is slightly blue-ish. It has a better dimensions because of all of the points above. I tried to take a picture to show the difference, but my lighting was bad and made my skin look funky colored and the glitter not so glittery anymore. In the picture that I took, the top is another brand, the bottom is Colorgram. It is pretty in person, but it doesn't show the glitter as well as the photo would suggest.

👤It gives any eye look a gentle sparkle. It's very easy to apply. I haven't had any issues with it falling off. Since the glitter particles are large, I recommend that you be careful when removing this product.

👤It's pretty and shiny. I have a happy aura. More peach/orange leans. It has a clear base which makes it look more natural than the fairylike base. I prefer the glitter liner by colorgram over the double note one I have. They are easy to apply in a wider area and the glitters are not too big for casual makeup.

👤If you are wondering if you should put this in your art or not. Like this is your sign. I got it because I am a fan of "True Beauty" but it works well. I use this on a lot of my makeup looks, from cute to sexy or even just a family reunion! Absolutely love and 100% would get again.

👤I love the color and it is so pretty when you see it with your eye.

👤I really liked the color of this product but have barely used it and went to grab it from my make up bag and realized it was not even 1/3 full. I am pretty upset about how little product you are buying.

👤This product is beautiful. Went on quickly and looked pretty. Got a lot of praise. Need to buy the rest of the collection.

8. Blossoms Eyeshadow Dazzling Different K Beauty

Blossoms Eyeshadow Dazzling Different K Beauty

Softer and more resistant. A new eye makeup concept combines the advantages of liquid and powder shadows. The balanced combination of oil and powder has a lightweight feel on the skin and is perfect for the hair. You could get a long- lasting blend of pigment and pearl with one single touch. You can reuse it over and over again. The color of the earth. The pearls and glitters are illuminating.

Brand: Etude House

👤I have bought gold beach, pink picnic, dancing coral, and cherry blossoms popcorn. The dancing coral and pink picnic is my favorite one. These had a bright color. I didn't care for the other two as much as I did for the other one. I use them as an eyeshadow base for other colors. One color that they don't sell on here is called date picnic, and it's one of my favorites. I wish they had it on here. If you like brown glittery eyeshadows, you should buy it. You will not regret it. It's a good thing.

👤It's very subtle with an eyeshadow primer. I have not tried my glitter primer. But. Yes. I was looking forward to the color, but if you want to be bold look somewhere else.

👤This eyeshadow is really good. I opened the package to find that some of the eyeshadow was falling out of the container.

👤What the hell? I was very excited to receive these products. I was really upset to see that the color that I wanted was all dried out.

👤It was shattered to the point that it was very bad.

👤The eyeshadow was broken and dried up.

👤The photo says it all. This was swatched.

👤The texture is interesting, but not very bright.





9. COLORGRAM Multi Palette Colors Shadow

COLORGRAM Multi Palette Colors Shadow

A great mixture of matt and glitter shades is included in the makeup kit, as well as one blusher for cheeks and one shading for the eyes. It is easy to carry around. Travel lightly with a travel-friendly makeup set. A long- lasting multi-purpose makeup palette that stays in place all day long. New! The combination of cool colors is inspired by dried roses. The shade is pink with silver pearls. There is a pink shade with a striking pearl called 'Heroine'. The blusher for cheeks has violet shimmers. Add depth to your eyes with cool toned brown shades. Blending a small amount into skin is how to use. You can use your finger for shimmer.

Brand: Colorgram

👤It is so pretty. The colors blend nicely. The shimmer and glitters stay put without primer. It has a creamiest to it that I guess is built in a glue. The shading color looked light on me. It arrived within 2 weeks after I received it. I was very happy with it and I would buy it again, even though the date was originally set for three months.

👤I bought this for my sister. After watching the k-drama, she went off about this brand. She likes it a lot. I think it's pretty. She used shimmer fir in her eyes. We went out at night and I could see it. This is a good product. I bought the basic one after seeing it. I'm going to play with it and see if I like it. The only thing I have seen on my sister is the golden shimmer. It's really good.

👤I have a skin tone that is slightly darker than Koreans. The dark brown eyeshadow is very bright, but the rest of it is not. If you have deep toned skin, it might not be the best. I have medium toned skin, and I can not use it to it's fullest potential.

👤This is a very convenient and easy to use makeup kit, it includes all the essentials for a full look. The power is smooth.

👤Good quality. The colors blend.

👤The colors are gorgeous and this is the prettiest thing ever.

👤I was really looking forward to using my product, but it arrived broken and I am so disappointed.

10. Lucoss Glitter Eyeliner Luminous Eyeshadow

Lucoss Glitter Eyeliner Luminous Eyeshadow

Eyeliner glitter eyeshadow is a shiny liquid. This product can be used to decorate eye makeup. Your eyes are more attractive. Long-wearing eyeliner has glitter and shimmer. Use this eyeliner eye shadow to highlight your eye makeup and make your eyes look three-dimensional. It's great! Long-wearing glitter liquid eyeliner. Each of the 5 colors in the set is 10Pcs. You can choose the color you like. Liquid eyeliner is bright and long-wearing. You can use this product to make eye makeup at many occasions and activities. This glitter liquid eye liner can be used as a gift for friends and family. It is an ideal accessory for girls or ladies on a daily basis.

Brand: Lucoss

👤The case was cracked when I received it yesterday, some eye liners were out of the container, and there were 3 missing. I spent my hard earned money to get a product that was missing stuff.

👤There was only one color in the whole pack. Very disappointed.

👤It was shown to come with 10 colors, but I only receive 8. The colors look good. Where are the other two? The package is used. I don't know what to say.

👤It was missing a few when it arrived. It was sticky on your eyelid.

👤They come in their own case and the colors are pretty. There are 2 bottles of each color, which is not terrible, as you only get 5 colors. The only reason for the single star is that it's a bit expensive to have a missing product. My case was missing one bottle and the package did not open and re-open. I recently purchased a lot of makeup and didn't have to have all of it.

👤It is definitely a vibe when I use these.

👤There are so many cute colors in the bottle. But when I put them on my hand, it looked a little watery. After it dries, the glitter pops on my eyes. I hope it looks good on my eyes and I will use it in my next video.

👤Ser Glitzer Eyeliner ist gut. 6 verschiedene Farben is dachte.

👤Leider kamen, so an, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das is Leider ist beispielsweise, die Rezessionen beispielsweise.

👤Leider bin erwartet, die Farben voll ist, aber es war. Ich empfehle ist. Betrug diesen.

👤Farbe 2 ist insgesamt 5 verschiedene Farben. Leider ist es, weshalb man is Schichten. Man damit, da es stark deckt. Man ist aber die Pinsel ziemlich dick.

👤Bin ist das Eintritt. The Farben is leider, wie den Fotos. Hlt kaum und ist so farbecht. Geht, schnell. Leider ist Reinfall. Farbe, as well as Glos, is a word. War schnell, aber.

11. IM MEME Glitter Eyeshadow K Beauty

IM MEME Glitter Eyeshadow K Beauty

There is a super glue. The I'M Glitter Beam is a glitter liner that comes in 3 colors. It is easy to apply the glitter with the specially designed applicator. It's possible to use a tool with the word "hell" in it. The I'M Glitter Beam is made with glitter that comes in three colors and can be worn alone or with other shades. There is a special thin tipped blade. The brush is thin and easy to blend. Wear it alone, apply it over an eyeshadow, or layer two shades together to create high-impact, sparkling eyes. To make the formula more shimmery, layer on top of a glitter eyeshadow. Who is I'm Mister? You can express yourself anywhere. I'm MEME is a makeup that is portable and comfortable to wear. It's made for on-the-go applications.

Brand: I'm Meme

👤Ok so! I tried taking a video, a million pictures in diff lighting, and putting it on toilet paper, but the picture doesn't show what it does in person. I will explain it. This is more gold than silver. But! It looks gold in the video but it has a mixture of gold and silver sparkles so it's a very pretty gold color. All of it. I don't like gold. It's more of a champagne color. It's a good thing. It stays in really good. All you have to do is let it dry before you start moving around and the glitter won't come off. Water won't work once it dries. You have to lather your eyes with soap and water and rub around and rinse with warm water, then it comes off easily. This is like loose glitter that stays on. Its amazing! I like that it stays on good because I can feel confident going to a party, drinking and touching my eyes on accident knowing that I didn't wipe any of it off and look stupid! I do.

👤Great as a shadow. A tiny brush is not a lot of bang for your buck. I use it every day. Love it.

👤I'm not able to accent my eyes. I'm not sure if it's that way but I'm giving it a 1 star based on the texture.

👤Great product. The smell of the product is so bad that it's giving 4 stars. The product is very similar to the one pictured.

👤I love this product. It is difficult to get on the eyelid with the small blush that comes with the product, but it is fun to use.

👤My cheerleader daughter will be happy.

👤I got a light silver glitter liner. It is very natural on my waterline. I plan on testing the pink one soon. Cute glitter liner for shimmer.

👤I am in love with this product.



What is the best product for eye glitter korean?

Eye glitter korean products from Charmcode. In this article about eye glitter korean you can see why people choose the product. Unleashia and Flynn Cosmetics are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye glitter korean.

What are the best brands for eye glitter korean?

Charmcode, Unleashia and Flynn Cosmetics are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye glitter korean. Find the detail in this article. Clio Professional, Shionle and E.l.f. are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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