Best Eye Glitter Stickers

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1. Self Adhesive Rhinestone Festival Iridescent Crystals

Self Adhesive Rhinestone Festival Iridescent Crystals

Garbage sets. You will get 6 pairs of face jewels and 3 mini bags of eye body glitter, which glow in the dark, as well as 3 iridescent rhinestones face body jewelry and 30g of chunky glitter. Noctilucent face gems should be illuminated with light. Body jewels look clearer after absorbing light. 3 Noctilucent face tattoos can cast a bright light. DECOYARDOO face jewels are easy to use and reuse, so you don't have to place each jewel one at a time. The gems are self-adhesive, so it is easy to peel off and stick to designs. Individual packaging contains 6 sheets of 30G glitter. The face crystal stickers can be re-used several times, cleaned after use, or dried out, just re-applied with eyelash or body glue. There is a healthy and non-toXIC. No skin irritation is guaranteed. Everything is made of cosmetic grade materials. It is made of 100% safe and healthy stones. Face gems stickers and 30g body glitter powder are safe to use. All ages, women, men, boys, girls, kids, have no smell. Each face design is packaged so you can give it to someone else. DECOYARDOO crystal sticker is fun and could get a lot of attention. Great addition. Body glitter is a great accessory. During the day, the face jewel looks great. The face tattoo stickers stick well. It's perfect with rave festival clothing outfits accessories, rave outfits clothes for women, Halloween costumes, and so much more. Fashionable face jewels are guaranteed to make you stand out in the crowd. Can be done anywhere. 30 days of free return and exchange is provided by DECOYARDOO face jewelry sets. You can use eyelash glue or body glue to enhance the stickiness of the stickers, especially oily skin or sweating. Remove the film and apply them to clean the skin and lower back so that the gems will stick. Before releasing the pebble, it must be pressed.

Brand: Decoyardoo

👤There is a set of crystal stickers. They glow in the dark and you can add glitter to make it sparkle. The glitters are made of multiple sizes and have a rainbow of holograms that make them extra special. The price is reasonable for the designs and amount of rhinestones. I have another set of face crystal rhinestones that has a wider variety of colors in the designs. The set only has a white or a blue and white design.

👤These face gems are pretty. They are easy to use. They do not cause irritation and stick on clean dry skin. I took a star off because we couldn't get them to glow.

👤It was nicely packaged. I was able to apply the rhinestones to my face quickly. The rhinestones stayed on my face. I didn't have any issues taking it off. The best part is how cheap it is.

👤It is easy to adjust because it fits nicely my face shapes. You can reuse them if you take care of them and put them back onto the plastic. The first use will fade with the first use, but clear eyelash glue or jewel can be used along the edges to keep using it after the first use.

👤Great job! Went to the park after a day at the carousel. It's comfortable to wear all day. It's beautiful for kids and adults. The sticker is easy to apply. We love it in our house.

👤This is great! Very large and pretty. They stick on. Make sure you clean your face. If you apply it dry, don't use any products under them. Over time, some of the bigger stones got loose. I applied eye lash glue and it worked out well. If you have your own glue, you can get more if you want to. These are a good buy.

2. Leoars Rhinestone Festival Decorations Temporary

Leoars Rhinestone Festival Decorations Temporary

The face jewels are from the gorgeous Glimmering Festival. These amazing gems will complete your festival outfit. Use these face jewels and glitter to accent your makeup. You can make your own face gems. The leoars body jewels are connected with a clear sticky pad that can be removed from one piece and stuck onto your face. You can use scissors or a blade to cut off jewels you don't need or to change the pattern for your own jewels. The festival face jewels are already sticky where you can peel and stick to your face and body, these cute face gems adhere smoothly and comfortable to your skin, and have a shimmery iridescent finish to give your look a sparkly upgrade. The face tattoo stickers can be used again if they are taken care of and put back onto the plastic. You can use eyelash glue for a longer hold. Whether you're in the crowd at the rave, cruising at Burning Man or wearing a goddess outfit, you're in a good mood. It's a perfect gift for a raver, DJ or kid. It's great for a sexy night out or your next festival. You'll feel great, sexy and confident.

Brand: Leoars

👤The girls loved them, but they weren't as sticky as the ones you'd find at places like Party City. They weren't stuck together in two groups to keep their shape, they were their own sticker. The girls started getting sweaty.

👤The product stayed on even through sweating.

👤I tried to send this back, but it was not possible because they all started piping off individually, and the mess would want my money back.

👤It worked well with my daughter's costume.

👤Glue was falling off.

👤Her bling was used as a rockstar.

👤They are fun and cute. It's perfect for a 4th of July party. The glue on them is not very good. I used a little glue to put them on. I loved them!

👤I use it on Halloween. It's all I need for one time. I put it on and it didn't come off.

3. Adhesive Baseball Softball Football Lacrosse

Adhesive Baseball Softball Football Lacrosse

It's easy to apply, just peel and stick the black eye stickers under the eyes, it's safe to use and will stay on as long as you need. These sport eye black stickers are made of synthetic material and are easy to apply, stay on all day long, and can be easily removed after your game or event. These baseball black eye stickers are great for most outdoor sports, they can be applied under your eyes, as well as ceramics, wood, steel, aluminum, porcelain, plastics, or other smooth non-porous surfaces. You will get enough black eye stickers to give to your friends, family, and colleagues when you attend an event together. These basketball black eye stickers are great for making your own, they are black and allow you to write or draw anything you want, just show your imagination.

Brand: Sumind

👤The bag was not perfect. I'm not sure if I'll be able to use the few that are right. It is difficult to remove the sticker from the backing. There are random cuts on the stickers. They leave in 3 or more pieces. None are the same.

👤These are terrible. We can't put the stickers on. The quality is terrible. I don't know if it is anti-glare. The seller will get these back.

👤Terrible. The bag was all faulty. It looks like they are getting ready for something else. They come off in pieces because they don't peel off in one piece. Completely useless.

👤These were terrible. The black sticker and the white backing were all cut through. I bought them for my softball team to use during the championship and they ripped as the girls tried to put them on. Would not recommend.

👤The size is great for teens. Love the glitter. They can come loose very easily.

👤The great grandson loved them. He loves football and plays it.

👤It looks like they ran through the cutter multiple times as you couldn't peel a single sticker off in one piece.

👤It is worthless. I bought it for my son. The car ride to the game didn't last long.

4. Rhinestones Mermaid Stickers Temporary Festival

Rhinestones Mermaid Stickers Temporary Festival

There are 10 sheets of eyes face nail body gems with different shapes provided for you to create distinctive patterns, a large quantity for you to use on various occasions. Their face stickers are safe and non-toxic, they are made of rhinestone and acrylic diamond, which can be applied with eyelash glue or body glue to make face stickers be applied again. It's easy to use steps: first you can clean the wanted paste place, then strip eyelash decals and paste to your face or body, then press face rhinestones to match your face or body, and then use glue to enhance the stickiness for avoiding fall off. Once the eyelash glue has been dried, the stickers can be applied again by using glue, which can enhance the stickiness. It's suitable for most occasions and can be applied on eyes, face, body, and nail as art decorations to make you have more charming looks.

Brand: Maitys

👤These don't stick to your skin for long. I washed and dried my skin before applying, and within an hour they were peeling and falling off. I put glue on them, but it didn't help much.

👤We loved them! They stick well. I thought I would have to peel them off and stick them together, but they come off in one big piece. It's so easy to use. They looked great!

👤I was happy to be able to buy a pack of these. I love using them to make fantasy designs. I will be buying this product again.

👤I got these for the carnival. They don't stick on for a long period of time not mentioning if you sweat. A lot of Complements went to the very cute.

👤So cute. My daughter and I like to create new looks with these.

👤We wore these to the pride fest. We got a lot of praise. When we were sweating, they still stayed on our faces.

👤I have been wearing face gems for a long time. I added a small amount of eye lash glue, but they stayed all night without any issues.

👤I used them for something. They used up 12 hours of use. BUDGE love them.

👤It was pretty and stayed on well. My daughter was a mermaid for world book day. We had two designs duplicated in the pack but didn't bother us.

👤It was brilliant for festivals and dress ups. Such gems as well.

👤Theases are great for hen do. They look stunning.

👤It's easy to use and sticky enough to last the night.

👤I bought these for a festival themed hen party and they were perfect for the occasion. Good value for money. I was very happy with how they stuck to my skin.

5. Sparkling Eyeliner Delineadores Evpct Colorful

Sparkling Eyeliner Delineadores Evpct Colorful

The glitter eye liner set contains a unique look. White,Silver,Purple, Light Blue,Glod,Yellow, Pink,Red were all included. Long-wearing and waterproof eyeliner is highly pigmented and waterproof. Long-wearing sparkle eyeliner has glitter and shimmer. You can apply it after drawing a black eyeline base. You can draw the eyeliner base directly, without the need for glue or metal flash. The metallic glitter eyeliner is suitable for all seasons makeup, especially in the office, dating, shopping, summer party with friends. If you have a question about this product, or you are not happy with it, please contact them and they will do their best to help you. The quality of their service and products will be further improved by the responses.

Brand: Evpct

👤Everything I need to say is in my video. Not something I would recommend.

👤I have allergies, so it is hard to find fun items, but the best line on the upper lid line is so great! It doesn't budge. I wore pink eye makeup to help out my look. But the blue and green, just regular face, did not use primer, and just gave a pop for running. It will be great for helping with Halloween faces.

👤Not worth it. It moves into the crease of your eyes. You look ridiculous.

👤La verdad tiene bastante brillo, pero no tiene aquellos.

👤The tips are a little heavy and hard to make sharp edges with, some are super thin and need multiple layers to make a solid line. I still use them all. Just be careful. It's a good thing.

👤I love the colors and sparkle. My friend is going to order something. I get praise all the time.

👤It takes a few layers to get what you want. If you think it is an easy liner then pass. If you know what I mean, it is like layer glitter to achieve a look.

👤Only the green one was bad. The rest was dried out.

6. Adhesive Baseball Softball Football Lacrosse

Adhesive Baseball Softball Football Lacrosse

Baseball black eye stickers can be applied under your eyes, as well as on ceramics, wood, steel, aluminum, porcelain, plastics, or other smooth non-porous surfaces, great for most outdoor sports, such as baseball, softball, soccer, football, or lacrosse. It's easy to use, just peel and stick the black eye stickers under the eyes, it's safe to use and will stay on as long as you need. Quality material: made of synthetic material, these sport eye black stickers are easy to apply, stay on all day long, and can be easily removed after your game or event, coming with quality glitter that doesn't brush off or fall off. 120 pairs of black eye stickers will be enough for you to share with your friends, family, and colleagues, when you participate in an event together. Basketball black eye stickers are black and allow you to write or draw anything you want on its surface, just show your imagination or the name of your favorite team.

Brand: Sumind

👤I bought these for my daughter's cheer squad. They only lasted 2 hours of an indoor practice. The girls were sweating but nothing crazy, and these still kept sliding on their faces. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤It worked great for Halloween.

👤They are the sticker ones, so I thought they would know what I was talking about. No chance. Not very strong and did not stay on.

👤Don't waste your money! The 14 year old softball team were sliding down their cheeks during warm up.

👤It was a great bang for your buck. It was fun for the players.

7. EyeBlack Silver Softball Glitter Strips

EyeBlack Silver Softball Glitter Strips

These eye black stickers are easy to apply, stay on all day, and can be easily removed after an event. High quality glitter that doesn't oxidize. Great for fans of all ages. It is easy to apply and remove. 2 pairs of Peel and stick are included. Solid color glitter designs are available.

Brand: Eyeblack

👤These don't stick very well. Make sure you don't have any make up on or they won't stick. You can get a few hours use from them.

👤My daughters soccer team loved them. They had a blast wearing them. We got a lot of colors.

👤These are very cute. I love them! I used mine for halloween and it was in the cold. I took them off and put them back on. I have sensitive skin and they didn't hurt me to peel off.

👤My daughter is going to play softball. They didn't last through the warm up. If sweat is involved, they're not worth it.

8. Rhinestone Festival Crystals Temporary Collection

Rhinestone Festival Crystals Temporary Collection

It is possible to use more body parts, such as the forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, arms, hands, and abdomen. It's suitable for many parties, such as music carnival, dress ball,dance party, weddding birthday, Halloween, Christmas, and crazy carnival night. Simple to use. All the items are ready for you when you open the package. The process is simple: clean your hands and the skin to remove dust, peel off the pattern, and stick it. The design is distinctive. The unique patterns of the Sparkling stones make you stand out from the crowd. It is safe and harmless. The items are made from eco-friendly materials. No harm to your skin. The hotmelt film on the face jewels is more sticky than ordinary glue and it is not easy to fall off. Before you apply the sticker, be sure to clean your skin and hands.

Brand: Shineyes

👤These body jewels are very nice. I wore it to the concert. I received a lot of praise. I like that they are strung together with a thin glue. It's like looking at a string of glue from a hot gun. You don't need to apply each jewel at once. I plan to wear more clothing during the summer.

👤Oh my gosh! I can't imagine a better value for the money. These sets are pretty and bright. They were used for a masquerade party. My make-up artist applied them. She added a bit of eyelash glue as we applied them over make-up. From 8 pm until midnight, I danced the night away. The second photo shows that the gems stayed in place. I wore a back bow 80s prom gown. I was completely satisfied with my purchase.

👤These are really cute, but the glue is weird. You would think the gems were sticky, but there is a large pancake of sticky material that they stuck gems on and you have to put the whole thing on your face. It's not cute and it's visible. We found gems all night, so they're not sticky. I tried to make them stay put by using lash glue, but it wasn't worth the effort.

👤My friend is a professional photographer. We were at the beach for a fun shoot and we were dressed up as mermaids. I had no problem getting my tinted cream to stick because my skin was oily and I wore a sunscreen. The main part comes off in one sheet so you don't have to arrange them by themselves. They were pretty and shiny, but I had to peel them off. I will buy more when I go to Midtown Music.

👤When I got these, I didn't get the colors I wanted in the images. I messaged the seller and he responded quickly and sent me another pack. The gems looked great with my peacock costume. They lasted all evening. I highly recommend. They came off without a hitch. No mess, no fuss.

👤This is easy and convenient. I wore it as a costume for Halloween. I didn't use any more glue and it stayed on even though it was 80. The gems come together.

👤The product is good. I was a stat.

👤I have used almost every one of them in this set and I loved this one the most. There is a lot of variety in this pack. They are worth it for the price. They are all attached to each other with clear plastic that does not become discolored and remains invisible. These gems are not dettached from the clear plastic, they stay on for hours and hold up under serious wear. I will purchase these again.

👤These face gems are easy to use, you just peel them off the backing and stick them in a pattern you want on your face, it's a magical look. It's a great way to have fun at a party or music festival. Children love to get their hair done with them and look great, but they fall off when they are wearing them. They are a great addition to a dress up box. Will return for more when they are used up.

9. Reusable Eyeliner Stickers Self Adhesive Waterproof

Reusable Eyeliner Stickers Self Adhesive Waterproof

You can put on self-adhesive eyeliner stickers and have a beautiful and charming eyeliner in a few seconds. People like the shiny effect. It makes your eyes look natural. You can apply false eyelash glue to have better effects. You can change your makeup look every day with the multiple color combinations, they have many colors for you to choose from. The material is waterproof and reliable. The eyeliner is waterproof, long- lasting, and can be changed within a few days. For clean, dry skin, apply temporary eye cream from the outer edge to one closed eye at a time. It is durable and does not fade if you press lightly around the eyelashes after makeup. They are easy to use and tear off, you can put them in the correct position on the eyes, and they are easy to stick to. Reusable eyeliner stickers are suitable for most occasions and can make you shine on dates, Halloween, nightclubs, fancy dress parties, carnivals, cosplay, birthday parties, and create your own combination.

Brand: Maitys

👤These are like little kid stickers all uncomfortable, and absolutely ridiculous looking. I tried on a pair, but they were half way stuck, so I put them on without makeup. They are cheap and no way they would stick over foundation, powder, or makeup. I don't care if they were only $4.99, I'm returning them because they don't deserve my money. I didn't read the reviews. I am a woman on my husband's account.

👤They use material that is not worth it. The eye is not covered as pictured.

👤I'm not sure why the others gave these eyeliner stickers bad reviews because they look awesome in my opinion and could be used again. What do you think you'll get for $5? I am ordering more for my girlfriends because they are great for a fancy picture. You can use regular mascara with them. Excellent quality order them!

👤They are stiff and wouldn't even lay down with eyelash glue.

👤Don't buy this! It feels like cardboard because it doesn't stick. Save your money.

👤If you have a young child playing dress up, this is great. It is a sticker that does not fit nor stick.

👤It's putting a sticker on your eyelid.

👤These don't stay on. They fall right off.

👤They don't stick to your eyes, and they didn't come with the eyelashes described. They don't stick to anything. Do not buy.

👤I haven't been able to put them on yet. I think I will have to ask someone else to help me use them because there are no instructions. It's not ideal when you live alone.

👤There are places where awful didn't stick and where it wouldn't recommend.

👤If you have money, waste it. Didn't stick at all.

👤Hated everything about it. It's so cheap.

10. EyeBlack Black Softball Glitter Strips

EyeBlack Black Softball Glitter Strips

The formula is made in the USA and is safe. High quality glitter that doesn't oxidize. Great for fans of all ages. It is easy to apply and remove. 2 pairs of Peel and stick are included. NCAA, MLB, and other Solid Color Glitter designs are available.

Brand: Eyeblack

👤My daughters soccer team loved them. They had a blast wearing them. We got a lot of colors.

👤The product is great to complete a costume. Would buy again.

👤I bought these for my team to use for a mud obstacle. It's crazy that we stayed on our faces through the whole thing. Would buy these again. They are shimmery and cuter.

👤The size and amount of stickiness was perfect.

👤Even with a light layer of makeup, the face was very well-preserved.

👤They are easy to use. They rip the first layer of skin off when you remove them, and leave red marks on your face for a few days after.

👤Fast ship! Cute! They were used for a concert and held up all night.

11. Glitter Cridoz Festival Brushes Cosmetic

Glitter Cridoz Festival Brushes Cosmetic

It's the best gift for all skin types and ages. The creme eye shadows are great for beginners. Light and shiny cream eyeshadow is easy to apply and use. The face glitters set comes with 20 packs of body glitters in 20 bright colors, 4 pc makeup brushes, and 20 pc eyeshadow sponge applicators to apply these loose eyeshadow glitter. 200 grams of sparkles eyes glitter is what each cosmetic glitter is. These face painting glitters are made of a high quality material that is suitable to apply on the skin and hair, great for face glitter, makeup glitter, hair glitter and body glitter to make you sparkle in the rave parties, unicorn and mermaid parties. Their multi-purpose glitter is perfect for makeup, but also perfect for craft projects, as well as for festival accessories, rave glitter, and more. There are eye glitter in mix of sizes and shapes, super fine glitter, mini circle and different size of hexagons, with 20 different sparkle colors to meet your need about makeup and crafts. Holographic glitter colors include silver glitter, gold glitter, red glitter, orange glitter, white glitter, black glitter, pink glitter, blue glitter, yellow glitter, green glitter and more.

Brand: Cridoz

👤They are great to use for casting. The chunkier ones do not float. I know a way around it. The jars are small, but the variety and price make them worth the price. I would be buying more in the future.

👤Absolutely love this glitter! I use this on my lips and it's easy to apply with the glu I bought separately.

👤These glitters are so bomb and beautiful. In the video you can see that the package is in great shape. Even though I bought these for nail art, it came with a cute mini make up brush set. I can use them for make up, but the disposable eye shadow applications I can use for my other nail products. This is a steal for the price.

👤Really small tubes. The glitter looks tacky. I use glitter all the time. I used it in the hair and on the face for arts and crafts, but it might look weird. It looked questionable. Only buy if you are desperate like I was.

👤I bought it for the school. I was shining all day. I used eyelash glue and it didn't fall out. Everything is proof! It is super shiny. It was difficult to remove. I think it's because of the eyelash glue. I did not have any allergic reactions.

👤The colors are great. The applicators are helpful. Large and small pieces of glitter. I wore them for my costume. I used them on my toddler and she had no negative effects. I count it a win because her skin is very sensitive. You need to buy glitter primer. This is not glitter.

👤I think they are worth the cost. They are beautiful and I use them for tumblers. I would buy them if they offered bigger sizes. Just buy the glitter! You will not regret it!

👤I am a makeup artist who is always trying new things and will continue to buy from this company. Quality works well to the eye and camera.

👤I bought this for my daughter's 18th birthday party. The girl boy and child loved playing with glitter. A little bit of this went a long way. I bought skin glue to hold it on.

👤I will definitely buy more when I run out.

👤I had to think twice about spending money on glitter, but I am glad I didn't. This is better quality than the others. It will be hard to know which variant to use. I used it to make art and it turned out to be awesome.

👤It makes me feel younger. It was bought for face painting. Beautiful color, variety and value! It was worth it! You need a medium to stick it.

👤It works great on nails. The colors are vibrant.


What is the best product for eye glitter stickers?

Eye glitter stickers products from Decoyardoo. In this article about eye glitter stickers you can see why people choose the product. Leoars and Sumind are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye glitter stickers.

What are the best brands for eye glitter stickers?

Decoyardoo, Leoars and Sumind are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye glitter stickers. Find the detail in this article. Maitys, Evpct and Eyeblack are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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