Best Eye Heat Mask Wireless

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1. Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Weighted Meditation

Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Weighted Meditation

2 in 1 Sleep mask and white noise machine combine the benefits of a sleep mask with the benefits of a white noise machine. You can use white noise mode to enjoy nature sounds without using a mobile phone, or you can use the phone's built-in gps device to play your music. The mask has auto-off timer settings. The high-fidelity stereo sound benefits from the technology produce great sound quality. It's easy to pair with any phone or device that has a built-in Bluetooth accessory, and you can charge them for up to 2.5 hours. The sleep mask has full coverage and is designed to block light from entering, it is a good companion for sleep and travel. It is easy to wash and is great for patients with insomnia and dry eye. Take the earphone out and wash your blindfold, the face mask headset is replaceable. The eye cover is a great gift for a meditation accessory and travel accessory, it is the most people's choice to give as a birthday Christmas gift. They will send a new one if it is non-human damage within a year.

Brand: Vafuxtec

👤These are for a trex head. The buds that were supposed to be over my ears landed on the back of my head, so I can't hear the sound. If you move that to have one in place, the mask is useless. Unless you are jimmy neutron, you won't recommend.

👤I ordered a brand of sleep mask on Amazon, but I won't name the brand, but I liked it. I ordered a travel one from the same brand and it broke. I decided to order another brand because they have good customer service and are replacing it. I decided to order this one. The use case is USAGE. I was curious about the padding on it. I have a reason for a sleep mask, it's that I hate light when I sleep, it needs to be pitch black. This is a better mask than my other one, which was very dark and thin, but still very usable, and I do love it, but this one gets darker, which is nice. I would give this 4.5, but only due to my personal preferences. I like the fact that my mask touches my eyes. It feels like I'm resting on my eyes, it's closed and dark. The middle cannot touch your eyes because of the memory foam padding. Many would prefer this more because it prevents light bleed around the edges. The padding on the eye makes it feel heavy, but it's not. The strap is wide, so it may offend some people with taller ears, but for me it's doable. It's very flexible to be very loose. I'm a man with a large head. It has a nose hole on the inside to fit the padding better without pushing up on the mask. It's awesome that packaging is in this. I wasn't sure if it was worth it, but it was 5 dollars more than my other mask. It comes in a nice box, and when you open it, you will find a mask with the company logo on it. There is a silk carrying pouch with some earplugs under that. You will find a company card thanking you for ordering, as well as their customer contact information. The foam earplugs are nice, but most people will use them on planes. I prefer my fan for white noise, so I don't use this at home, but it's a nice touch. They also come in a case. There is a sleep test. The most important part of a sleep mask. I took a nap and tested it for two nights. It blocks all light, you can barely notice it on your face, and once asleep, you don't notice it at all. It works perfect. Some users complained about a smell. The smell is similar to foam from a factory.

👤This mask is very comfortable for sleeping. It blocks out the light better than any other sleep mask. I bought it to connect to my iPod so I can listen to music while I sleep. The instructions that came with the mask were easy to follow, but I had trouble connecting to the internet. I was able to connect after checking the questions on the site. I like the white noise, water, and bird sounds that come with the mask. It is relaxing. Someone said the speakers were too far back in their review. You just have to slide the speakers where you want them. It is very easy. I am enjoying this product very much. I would recommend it.

2. Tumblermole Settings Massager Relieve Syndrome

Tumblermole Settings Massager Relieve Syndrome

Effectively block light,heated eye masks for dry eyes allows you to get faster and deeper sleep. It's ideal for meditation, yoga, travel, napping, insomnia, and anywhere where your sleep is bothered by light. The eye massager with heat is designed with 4 levels of heat and time setting, ranging from 35 to 50 C ( 95 to 122 F) and 10 to 30 minutes respectively. It is a perfect eye pillow that combines a gel ice pack, a heated soft pad, and a flaxseed bag, they are easy to use, and you will enjoy different eye spa any time! The eye compress for dry eyes is lightweight and portable, so you can wear it anywhere you go, and enjoy a good night's sleep. It was powered by a power bank, a laptop and a wall accessory. The included carrying case allows you to travel with it. It is more economical than a disposable eye mask. The elastic strap is for comfortable wear. The heated eye mask for sleeping is easy to adjust and never catches your hair. The elastic band can be adjusted to suit a variety of sleeping positions, and can be used to escape into a peaceful world. The heated compress can be easily removed from the eye mask's exterior cover, allowing you to clean it. It is an ideal relaxation gift for people who spend a long time watching mobile phone, PC, books, and who are very sensitive to light, suffering working shifts, frequently business trips, mental stress, sleeping disorders and headaches.

Brand: Tumblermole

3. Aroma Season Therapeutic Treatment Blepharitis

Aroma Season Therapeutic Treatment Blepharitis

The warmth helps you sleep at home, take a rest for your eyes at work, and have an eye spa in the hotel. It has 3 classes heat temperature from 98.6 to 128.6F and 3 classes timing from 20 to 60 minutes. When you go into deep sleep, it will stop working. The PC is powered by a power bank. There is a carry bag. It's easy to take everywhere. It is similar to a disposable hot steam eye mask, heated with carbon fiber, but more environment friendly, more convenient, and more economical. The quality warranty is provided by Aroma Season. You can contact them by email. In 24 hours, the customer services of Aroma Season will answer your questions.

Brand: Aroma Season

👤I'm also reporting to Amazon. The mask was great for a few months, but then it started to burn. It is on top of your eyes. I was fortunate to notice a weird smell and take the mask off. Not good.

👤I received a lot of emails from this company asking me to remove negative reviews. The eye mask is very cold. It stopped working completely after one week, no heat at all. Very bad quality.

👤I have had an eye mask for a month and it has helped my dry eye. You don't have to spray the water on the mask if you wet either side of it. You can use the eye mask to wet it. Setting 5 was too hot for me. I put it on #3 for 30 minutes. If my dry eye problem is severe, I might fall asleep and wake up again. My doctor recommends that I do this 2 or 3 times a week. This is a great way to use moist heat on your eye. Getting up to microwave a cloth every 10 minutes is a problem. I think this is a great idea. It's the best!

👤I had several chalazion removal surgeries in my eyes because of chronic blepharitis, which has been going on for over 5 years. Doctors have always told me to apply heat pads. I'm lazy and impatient, and these methods are inconvenient. I'm so happy that this product exists, my redness and chalazion have Stabilized, and my lower lid looks better thanks to the treatments I get with this mask. The lavender smell was not something that I liked at first, but after 10 uses the scent faded so it's not an issue. I use the maximum level of heat on the cable because it's just right for my purpose and doesn't hurt the skin. I've had this product for over six months and it still works. Would recommend.

👤My eye doctor suggested that I use a heated eye mask to relieve my dry eyes. I used this device overnight and it just feels amazing. The head strap can be adjusted so that the pressure is tailored. When the heating mechanism is turned on, it starts. The heat volume is between 1 and 5. I was comfortable at level 3. I fell asleep before my session ended. There is a My eyes felt a littletacky this morning, in regards to my dry eye. I used to have to wait a while for my eyes to dry before opening them in the morning to prevent the burning, scratching, and watering that comes with it. I think the tacky feeling is due to meibomian gland oil expression. I woke up feeling great and I just felt well rested. You will enjoy the experience, whether you use to dry eye or just to treat yourself.

👤Initially I was not sold on this item, but have since changed my mind. I was expecting a more ordinary presentation. There is a hot pink case and black mask. A plus is material. The lack of padding directly over the eye was something I didn't like. It doesn't make contact with the eyelid, but the convenience of electricity for the 5 temperature settings and time in 10 minute increments with auto shut off when time is up. I would recommend and buy for a friend.

4. Heating Adjustable Temperature Sleeping Massage

Heating Adjustable Temperature Sleeping Massage

Made in the USA or imported. Timing from 10 to 30 minutes for theUSB jogging design. The PC is powered by a power bank. The controller can adjust the temperature and time based on your requirement. 45-50C under 20 minutes makes your eye feel better. The main function is. Stimulate the blood circulation, relax the regional muscle, massage muscle, relieve fatigue, and say goodbye to eye bag, black eye. It is possible to recycle and wash it. The heating eye mask is environment friendly. The cover is made of cotton. It's a heathy and helpful eye protection. The design of the observatory. The design of the eye mask fits over the eyes. The heating eye mask has a strap that is pain-free. It's a good choice for you to go into deep sleep at home, take a rest for your eyes at work, and have in the hotel, it's a good way to relax and not get stressed out.

Brand: Nauller

👤My mask is good. For about half a year, I have been working perfectly after usng. I like the settings for heat and time. The gel pad is Zipped in. The plush side is very soft. I went to the Eye Dr for my first dry eye. At 67, I have a mechanical dry eye, my meibomian glands were not putting out oil, and my eyes don't shut completely at night. The mask he prescribed was made out of press-and-seal and was the lowest in chemicals. Good idea to put oil on the lids. The doctor said to treat with heat for 10 minutes a day. If the mask keeps working, he said great. He said that masks don't last very long. I put a light coating of oil on my eyes. My eye lashes are getting bigger and my wrinkling is much improved. The mask I put on was made from press-n-seal. I put on the press-n-seal mask in the morning after setting the heated eye mask to #3 heat setting. During the 15 minutes, I do exercises on the bed with the mask on. When heat stops, I do the meibomium gland message. I look up while rolling finger under eye toward edge, and look down while rolling finger toward edge of lid. The Dr was surprised that my eyes were putting out the right amount of meibum after 3 months. I am no longer dry eye. I was 800-273-3217 I like my mask.

👤It is great. I love it! There is a solution to why it is not warm. Put cotton balls behind the heating pad to push it into the eye sockets. You probably won't use the high setting after that.

👤I was told by my doctors to use a warm moist compress for five minutes twice a day, and to gently clean my closed eyelid with a baby wash or eyelid scrubbing pads. The minimum temperature to make the oil in the glands more fluid is 45 degrees. C. This goes up to 50 degrees. It's perfect. I got a kitchen thermometer and put it between my face and the mask to make sure it wasn't seen by my eye, after I tested the temperature with a laser temperature sensor. I measured the temperature with the mask set to 50 degrees C, but there was an air gap near the probe. This is warm enough to get the job done. To get to that temperature, it has to be wet. I use ten pumps from the bottle, five for the left side and five for the right side. I set my phone timer to six minutes when I use this because it takes about a minute to get up to temperature. If I'm not in a hurry, I just set the timer to ten minutes and take it off when it cools down. I got this for travel because the microwaveable one I had been using wasn't convenient. I use it at home too. I use it before bed and again in the morning. The spray bottle is on my nightstand, and the heating pad is by my bed. I like the consistency of the temperature and the ease of use.

5. Massager Ihelol Vibration Rechargeable Bluetooth

Massager Ihelol Vibration Rechargeable Bluetooth

The 1200 mAh battery can be charged for 2 hours and can be used for 90 minutes. Soft PU leather is very easy to clean, and it is foldable. The built-in heating pads give a comfortable temperature between 104 and 107 degrees fahrenheit, better for eye strain. There are five different massage modes to meet your needs, if you don't want music, you can choose the sleeping mode. They offer 7x 24 after sale customer service for any problems and 60-Day Money Back for ihelol eye massager. If you are not satisfied with their product, they can give you a full refund or a new one.

Brand: Ihelol

👤They are offering money to people to change low reviews. A friend recommended a heated massaging eye mask to help with the post-migraine pain I get at least 5 migraines a week. This sounded great in concept. Not much in practice. Here's why. The foldable mask has no way to stay open, so there are oddly placed pressure-points that increase pain and discomfort as soon as it's on. 2. The music is loud and automatic. If you try to adjust any settings before you turn it off, it's annoying, but if you try to turn it off after it's on, it's awkward. 3. The rolling-style massage only works on a small portion of the eye mask, and not in a comfortable place. It rolls on the eye. It was like the roller knew where my eyeball was and went after it. 4. It is heavy and bulky, which is not what I want sitting on top of my eyeballs. I'll just stick to hiding in the dark while I'm having a bad day.

👤Works well! I have a small head and my hat size is 6 7/8. I was worried it wouldn't fit me. It fit well. I wanted to see if it would help with the headaches I get often. I took excedrin and put the eye massager on after I had a migraine. The heat felt great and it hit the perfect pressure points. I took it off after about 20 minutes. The excedrin helped get rid of it. It normally takes a long time to kick in, so I believe the massager made the process quicker. I recommend this product if you get a lot of headaches. I was skeptical about buying it at first, but I am glad I took the risk.

👤I am pretty disappointed in this. I was very excited to try it out. The noise of the massage is so loud that anyone in the room can hear it. I had to turn the music up so I could hear it over the loud noise of the air. The vibrating function feels like a controller that you taped to your face. It doesn't feel relaxing at all and it's way to strong with the massage. I started getting headaches because it pushed so bad on my temples. The heat was supposed to be warm but it was making my face sweat. The music quality is terrible. My phone speakers sound better when they're not in the mask and the noise from the headband doesn't come out of your ears. Everyone in the room has to listen to it. I wanted to like the product, but I couldn't be more pleased with it. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

👤Better than I anticipated. I went from 3 to 5 stars because of my usage and other family members opinions. My husband had a mild sleep paralysis after he got so relaxed. If you are going to try this, make sure to have another person with you. I feel like I should have known better as a nurse. My mother tried it out. I was by her side all the time. I think that alone was worth the price. She woke up without the ringing in her ears, which makes it over 5 stars. She felt like a miracle had just happened. I can't recommend this enough. I would suggest changing the voice of the lady to something softer and slower. I can only use sleep mode for the option of no music and air pressure if there is volume control. I am sad that there is no connection. I wanted to connect my music with this.

6. Sleeping Compress Syndrome Blepharitis Artifact

Sleeping Compress Syndrome Blepharitis Artifact

It's easy to get back a pair of clear and bright eyes with the 4-level heat and 4-level timer, it's auto-turn off, so you don't have to worry about heating too long after you fall asleep. The heat and lavendar scent will be evenly distributed to your eyes and you will get a warm compress for eyes to help you fall asleep quickly. The control board is easy to operate and use, it is also convenient to get the continuous warm to relieve eye strain and blepharitis, great help to reduce dry eye or stye. The lavender seed pad and heat pad can be moved out of the eyemask cover, and the cotton jersey part can be washed individually to stay healthy. The cat ears and stripe pattern design is cute and girlish, and the curve shape around nose is light blocking, you can use it as a sleeping mask, or a heated eye compress with the heating pad.

Brand: Rel3assalg

👤The cover is cute and soft, but has alavender inside. The cover is washed after the odor is gone. I hope it airs out, but after 3 days the smell still irritates and doesn't seem to go away.

👤Sometimes I fall asleep when the sun is up. It is hard for me to fall asleep with the light on. I need the help of a mask to block out the light but the warmth lulls me to sleep. There is a timer and heat settings. If you want to use a mask, you can remove the heating pad. The head strap is flexible and it is soft. I enjoy this because I have headaches and find sleeping mask straps too tight. Of course the pattern and adorable kitty ears. How could I not? The smell of lavender made me sleepy.

👤I work on a computer all day. My eyes burn by the end of the day. A friend of mine recommended a heated sleeping mask to me. I love it! The lavender scent is subtle and relaxing. The heat is warm enough on medium setting. The timer is helpful. I can set it to shut off when I get home so I don't fall asleep. The mask relaxes my eyes and helps me sleep better. It is thickly padded and comfortable against my skin. It fits perfectly and is easy to use. The exterior can be thrown in the washer. I'm thinking of buying one for my mother-in-law. It was nicely packaged. It was worth the price.

👤I am enjoying my heated eye mask. It has different levels of heat and timer settings. I fall asleep with mine. I don't know if the mask helps beyond physical eye strain or pain, but it does help relieve that. I have very dry eyes and can sometimes have pains in my eyes. I lay down with my mask on.

👤I was a bit uneasy about buying this. I don't regret it at all. It's amazing. You can make it as tight as you want, it gets warm, very relaxing.

👤This was the one time I used it. I plugged it in the second night. Nothing. It wouldn't be able to power on. I tried a few different plugs and outlets, but it wouldn't work. I'm returning it because I'm not sure if the quality is good. I'll go back to my rice pack, no frills.

👤I was told by my eye doctor to have a hot compress in my eyes to deal with some oil duct issues. It's convenient and helps me to relax before bed. The four temperature settings are great as we transition from winter to spring and the timer is the best part. If you fall asleep, you can forget about it. I have been very pleased with this product and would recommend it to anyone.

👤I've tried many eye masks.

7. Latumab Compression Vibration Bluetooth Rechargeable

Latumab Compression Vibration Bluetooth Rechargeable

A heating massage. Relax your eyes. The eye massager uses compression and vibration to massage the eyes and face. The built-in heating pads provide a comfortable temperature. If you have an eye operation, you should consult with your doctor. One button operation is easy to use. Long press the power button to switch on/off the machine; short press it to change 5 modes; and double press the button to turn on/off the music. There is built-in music that supports Bluetooth. There are three pieces of music in the massager. You can play better songs with it. The Eye Massager is named after it. The electric eye massager can be folded into a smaller one, so you can take it to the office, airplane, or anywhere you want. The headband is suitable for most faces. If you feel tight or loose, please adjust your headband. The massager takes 3 hours to be fully charged and can be used for a week. It has a timer that lasts 15 minutes, so they recommend you use it 15 minutes every day. Before use, fully charge. Let them know via Amazon if you have any issues after using.

Brand: Latumab

👤I work a stupid job dealing with customers who don't know what they're talking about. I'm looking at the computer screen all day. I wanted to buy something that would help me relax after work. This thing feels good and it warms your eyes and temples, and it also massages your temples and eyes. I had to buy a second one for my boyfriend because he fell in love with it after he tried it. I have my own. I use this before bed or after work to relax and it makes me feel better and I fall asleep with it. I wouldn't recommend it if I didn't think it was good for the price. I was happy with my purchases.

👤My eyes are dried and strained when I'm on my laptop for hours at a time. The reviews looked promising so I decided to try it out. My review is limited because I only used the automatic mode for 10 minutes. I might update my review later. The user manual is good. The cover surrounds the temples and eyes well and the head strap is adjusted. Double tapping the button will turn off music. The nodes are near the temples and they add pressure by moving away. The intensity builds as the pressure is perfect. You can feel the heat in your eye area. The eye area is vibrating like a heartbeat. This isn't perfect. The only thing that adds pressure is the fact that the nodes are only near the temples. I would like the nodes to be rotating. The upper and lower eye area is ideal for a nodes. The vibration is very weak. The phone vibrates stronger. I wouldn't use this for a long time. After using it for 10 minutes, I feel pressure near my temples. This is more of a stimulator for your temples than for your eyes. My temples are taken care of, but my eye area is not. This does a decent job for the price. There are limitations to consider before purchasing.

👤The unit looks good. It becomes 888-282-0465 when it collapses so it fits in 888-282-0465 There are five modes. I like the Vitality mode where you have air pressure massage and music. The massage feels strong and hits the right spots, even though I expected it to be bland. The music is built. You can listen to your own music with it. It has other modes where there is heat and you feel it. I live in a hot area so I am not using it. I think this feature is great in the winter.

👤The heat is nice but the charge plug is barely plugged in and it would stop working in a month or two. Not worth the money. My outlet started to emit smoke. We were able to get it out before it went up in flames. I called Amazon to get it back, but it was never picked up. Amazon said it was fine to throw away. Thank you Amazon, I got a bad one, and you dealt with it quickly and kindly.

8. Treatment Blepharitis Therapy Relieve Syndrome

Treatment Blepharitis Therapy Relieve Syndrome

Tired of your eye compress not staying hot after a few uses? Consistency in heat is provided by their mask. The cotton used in the eye mask is natural. The heating element touches the eyelid. When time is up, it will stop working because it has 3-class heat temperature settings from 104F to 140F. It's powered by a PC port, power bank, and phone charge, and is packed with a lovely box. It's free to take it wherever you go.

Brand: Aroma Season

👤The mask was initially a game-changer. I found this product after dealing with hot-water suck and microwaveable masks and it made managing the symptoms much easier. The microwaveable masks get cold very quickly and are a huge hassle as you have to take time out of your day to microwave them and lay down in 10 minute sessions. You can put the electric mask on before you go to sleep. It will stay on for up to an hour. It works, theoretically. The low review is why. Since I work in the electronics industry, I decided to repair my mask myself after it stopped working. There were a lot of manufacturing defects. There were short circuits in each of the 4 locations because of the overmoulding at the DC power and the heating element of the mask. The strain relief at the control box was useless and the wires broke off at the solder joints on the PCB inside. This happened at both locations. It is amazing that it worked at all. This product is very cheap and will probably stop working soon, so if you want to buy another one, you'll have to. I think it looks like cheap manufacturing which doesn't change for drop-shipped stuff like this that's made in China. I don't recommend this one, but I still recommend an electric/heated mask. After repairing the manufacturing defects that I found, I used the mask for another two months or so until it broke again. I can't fix it because it broke inside of the mask. I took a closer look at other reviews and they seem to be the same. I'm dropping my review to a single star. There is a new product page for the exact same product, which will prevent shoppers from seeing previous reviews, so I have copied this review to both pages.

👤Extreme dry eye syndrome can affect every aspect of your life, and anyone who has ever suffered can tell you that. Pain, fatigue, and feeling retched. For the past 6 months, this has been my life. It's important to put in your eyes overnight, so that you don't wake up in the middle of the night and have to blink. I've tried a lot of things. The eye mask has exceeded my expectations. I'm addicted! It is relaxing and relieves stress. I've slept the past 4 nights, which makes a big difference. Thank you.

👤This product is great for meibomian gland problems. I was on high for 20 minutes and I freaked out because my vision was blurry for an hour after. It messed with my vision by melting the oils. I now use a gentle scrub and refresh eye drops to get rid of that extra oil. It was perfect. The mask can be shaped to your needs by gently distributing the seeds inside. Key word is gentle because you don't want to break any heating elements inside. I use clean tissue to line the part with since it isn't dishwasher safe. Thank you for the product. The people claimed that there were fires or burns. I'll use only while awake.

9. GALOPAR Massager Vibration Control Rechargeable

GALOPAR Massager Vibration Control Rechargeable

The latest materials. The advanced material can be heated in 3 seconds and the top system can provide stable heat. The material close to the skin is made of soft leather. Enjoy a massage. There are multiple optional modifications. The selection of functions is easy to see on the clearly configuredLED screen. The eye warmer has five different modes. You can choose a mode that suits you. Bluetooth has custom music. The eye massager has a built-in function. It is possible to listen to music while having a massage to help regulate anxiety. It comes with an automatic timer shutdown function that will allow you to sleep at ease. It is suitable for all ages. The elastic port design is ERGONOMIC. All face and nose shapes can be adjusted with ease. The foldable design is easy to carry and store. The bridge of the nose will not be damaged by the eye massager. The elastic port design is ERGONOMIC. All face and nose shapes can be adjusted with ease. The foldable design is easy to carry and store. The bridge of the nose will not be damaged by the eye massager.

Brand: Galopar

👤It feels great. It makes your eyes happy. One click and boom. Tell your family to go away for 10 minutes.

👤The eye massager is better than I had expected. The warm function is very impressive. Like it.

10. Reusable Electric Temperature Comfortable Blindfold

Reusable Electric Temperature Comfortable Blindfold

It will stop working when you go into deep sleep because it has 4-class heat temperature settings. There is a silk eye mask, a heating pad, and a remote control. The heating core is made of 2 layers of Super Soft cotton and it is completely blocking out all light. The switch line is about 78.7 inches so you can use it more easily. The heated eye mask can be used anywhere. You can use it for a short break at night, and it's powered by a PC port and power bank. The Far Infared Graphene carbon fiber heater improves the blood circulation around, relieves dry eyes, and is great for eyes beauty care. A special enlarged Broader coverage area, which could offer an eye treatment, and also keep your head warm is the perfect gift. 30 minutes per day is recommended, perfect for Birthday, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas.

Brand: Smartmak

👤The item is said to be a "steam" eye mask. It is not what it claims to be. There isn't anything STEAM related. The heating pad is shaped like an eye pad. It is not hot. Not STEAM. There is no way to plug this device in. There is only a lozenge that can be plugged into an electrical source. This item is incomplete. The first thing I noticed was a big label that said "Made in China", which is a warning label these days, considering the horrible quality of most everything produced in that country. Don't buy this eye mask for yourself.

👤The mask is amazing. I can use the mask with heat because the heating pad is removed. I got this because of the severe migraines I get and a hot washcloth on my face. It becomes more hastle than relief when it drips and gets cold quickly. The mask provides heat and relief. If you pass out while fighting the pain, you don't have to worry about burning yourself, because it's on a timer. So great! I had to return the first one because it didn't turn on. The replacement worked in a few days. I'm very happy with this product.

👤I bought this product because of my dry eyes. I was hoping to melt the oils so they wouldn't build up anymore. The mask isn't hot enough to melt and break down the eye ducts. I'll be back to my hot rice socks or cloth soaks.

👤This is an upgrade from another that died in less than a year. I like the different time settings of this one. I can shut it off if it's not being used. It blocks out light. Great purchase.

👤I love it! The silk cover appears to be of excellent quality and a nice color. The temperature control is easy to use. The cord is long.

👤It is easy to use and warm. The material was not thick enough to fit my face. I don't like that it's not wireless, but I was expecting that.

👤Since being diagnosed with Sjogren's and losing my vision, I have been dreaming of having a product like this for my dry eyes. When I got to an Ophthalmologist, he had me do three different kinds of eye drops every two hours, an eye cream at night, and a hot compress every day. I was always trying to heal my dry eyes so I could get glasses. My eyes are damaged so much that I can't see well with glasses. I have to use two different eye drops every day because my eyes are very dry. I couldn't get the hot compress to work for me. I would get hot water in a deep bowl and change out the towels, but I never felt like they were working the way they should be. I was so excited to get the heated eye mask. I love it on high. I use the 15 minutes twice a day. I use an eye mask underneath a shiatsu eye massager to make it work twice as good. I massage my eyes after it shuts down to get rid of the oil glands that irritate my eyes. I could see a difference after the first use. Since my eye troubles began, I have had double vision. I see a shadow image of an object above itself. It is more apparent when looking at lights, clocks, and letters on a page or screen, but can also be all objects in a big area. I saw the clock for the first time in a long time without double vision when I wore the eye mask. It did not last long, but with daily use, I am seeing less double vision than I have in many years. It's rare for me to have double vision anymore. I hope they never stop selling this heated eye mask. I don't think I could be without it. If you have dry eyes, it is worth the price. My quality of life is in turn. I recommend this to anyone with dry eyes. 5 stars.

11. Heated Eye Mask Dry Eyes

Heated Eye Mask Dry Eyes

A dry eye mask made of Mulberry Silk fabric has an adjusting strap. Weighted Sleep Mask that auto-turns off is one of the 4 heat and time settings. Flexible power means you can use it anywhere. The heating film and silk naturals used in theInfrared Heat are efficient. Eye care that covers all of your eyelid is called Optive Design.

Brand: Drop Of Diviniti

👤I was hoping the mask would heat up. It takes a second to heat up and you have to press it into your face to really feel the heat. I got this to help with my tension headaches, but I don't think it gets the heat where it needs to be. Sleeping with a wire hanging off can be a real hazard. I roll around a lot. I am concerned about the wire. It is not horrible. It is cute. I don't hug my face the way I want it to. There was no damage to the product.

👤I was shocked by the eye mask. I've been using it for three months and it has instructions that say you can wet it. I didn't think my eyes would water to shock me. It was a perfect solution for a warm compress without having to microwave.

👤On Friday, I received this mask. It was used for half an hour Friday afternoon and again at night. I am 73 years old. I can fit it into my schedule, so I can get it done in half an hour in the afternoon and half an hour at night. By the time I woke up on Monday, my eyes were not sore. Three years ago, I had a cataracts surgery and have had dry, sore eyes ever since. I am no exception to the dry eye syndrome that occurs after cataract surgery. I use eye drops but I am allergic to most of them. Artificial tears are the only thing I can use. They are cheap. I experience sore eyes every day. My eye doctors don't seem to think this is out of the ordinary. They only stay warm for a few minutes. The mask is comfortable to wear and the warmth lasts a long time. The mask has been in use for four days. Many people complained that the heat didn't reach their eyes because of the reviews. I don't have that problem. The heat distribution is good. I use it on the highest temp. It is too hot for me to try the highest. The control is easy to use. When you turn it on, it returns to the temp and time you were using before. I don't know if there is light leaking or not, so I keep my eyes closed. The silk fabric is soft. I will take it with me on the plane next week. There is a nice little insert in the box that assures you there is a lifetime guarantee on it. I don't worry about it lasting forever. I gave it five stars because it appears to be doing what it was supposed to do. So far, so good!

👤I love this! My eye doctor recommended a warm compress to help with dry eyes. I ordered a microwavable one that had seeds in it. I didn't like the smell of the seeds and didn't like having to microwave them before bed. It didn't stay warm. I went back to the internet and found this product. I leave it plugged in next to my bed, and I love how you can control the temperature. It is on a timer. I am surprised that it helps relieve the tensions of the day. There is no funny microwaved seed smell.


What is the best product for eye heat mask wireless?

Eye heat mask wireless products from Vafuxtec. In this article about eye heat mask wireless you can see why people choose the product. Tumblermole and Aroma Season are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye heat mask wireless.

What are the best brands for eye heat mask wireless?

Vafuxtec, Tumblermole and Aroma Season are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye heat mask wireless. Find the detail in this article. Nauller, Ihelol and Rel3assalg are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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