Best Eye Heating Pad Bean Bags

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1. Sleeping Compress Syndrome Blepharitis Artifact

Sleeping Compress Syndrome Blepharitis Artifact

It's easy to get back a pair of clear and bright eyes with the 4-level heat and 4-level timer, it's auto-turn off, so you don't have to worry about heating too long after you fall asleep. The heat and lavendar scent will be evenly distributed to your eyes and you will get a warm compress for eyes to help you fall asleep quickly. The control board is easy to operate and use, it is also convenient to get the continuous warm to relieve eye strain and blepharitis, great help to reduce dry eye or stye. The lavender seed pad and heat pad can be moved out of the eyemask cover, and the cotton jersey part can be washed individually to stay healthy. The cat ears and stripe pattern design is cute and girlish, and the curve shape around nose is light blocking, you can use it as a sleeping mask, or a heated eye compress with the heating pad.

Brand: Rel3assalg

👤The cover is cute and soft, but has alavender inside. The cover is washed after the odor is gone. I hope it airs out, but after 3 days the smell still irritates and doesn't seem to go away.

👤Sometimes I fall asleep when the sun is up. It is hard for me to fall asleep with the light on. I need the help of a mask to block out the light but the warmth lulls me to sleep. There is a timer and heat settings. If you want to use a mask, you can remove the heating pad. The head strap is flexible and it is soft. I enjoy this because I have headaches and find sleeping mask straps too tight. Of course the pattern and adorable kitty ears. How could I not? The smell of lavender made me sleepy.

👤I work on a computer all day. My eyes burn by the end of the day. A friend of mine recommended a heated sleeping mask to me. I love it! The lavender scent is subtle and relaxing. The heat is warm enough on medium setting. The timer is helpful. I can set it to shut off when I get home so I don't fall asleep. The mask relaxes my eyes and helps me sleep better. It is thickly padded and comfortable against my skin. It fits perfectly and is easy to use. The exterior can be thrown in the washer. I'm thinking of buying one for my mother-in-law. It was nicely packaged. It was worth the price.

👤I am enjoying my heated eye mask. It has different levels of heat and timer settings. I fall asleep with mine. I don't know if the mask helps beyond physical eye strain or pain, but it does help relieve that. I have very dry eyes and can sometimes have pains in my eyes. I lay down with my mask on.

👤I was a bit uneasy about buying this. I don't regret it at all. It's amazing. You can make it as tight as you want, it gets warm, very relaxing.

👤This was the one time I used it. I plugged it in the second night. Nothing. It wouldn't be able to power on. I tried a few different plugs and outlets, but it wouldn't work. I'm returning it because I'm not sure if the quality is good. I'll go back to my rice pack, no frills.

👤I was told by my eye doctor to have a hot compress in my eyes to deal with some oil duct issues. It's convenient and helps me to relax before bed. The four temperature settings are great as we transition from winter to spring and the timer is the best part. If you fall asleep, you can forget about it. I have been very pleased with this product and would recommend it to anyone.

👤I've tried many eye masks.

2. Thrive Clay Bead Eye Mask

Thrive Clay Bead Eye Mask

Soothe & Treat Your Eyes is an all-in-one gray eye compress that can be used to treat a range of uncomfortable eye conditions. Their eye mask is for dry eyes. Their dry eye mask is microwave activated and produces moist heat to open the eyelid. It is also Freezable and can help reduce swelling and headaches. The warm compress for eyes has a soft cotton cover that is more sanitary than the other dry eye relief masks. The pack is not disposable. Safe, non-toxic material. The mask for dry eyes is made from non-toxic, latex-free material. Many other warm eye mask brands use harsh chemicals. They take pride in their products and always provide the highest quality possible. They offer a no questions asked money back guarantee so you can shop with confidence.

Brand: Thrive

👤I am glad I have an eye mask. It is perfect after a long day of beingpecked to death by your children or for any other headaches they may cause. The weight of the clay beads makes it comfortable. The ability to remove and wash the cover is something I like.

👤It is very soft, the little bebles hold heat very well, which is what you need for dry eyes and blepharitis. I usually do 60 seconds, but 20 seconds doesn't heat it up. This purchase is a good one to recommend.

👤I need this to help with my eyes. It works well, but it doesn't work as well as other designs I've tried. The problem is that the mask doesn't apply much pressure to any one area. I had better results with smaller/narrower designs, which were less comfortable but covered a larger portion of the eye sockets. I think this would be great if you just need a warm compress for sties or a cold compress for allergies. It doesn't give me the pressure I needed.

👤It's great to relieve headaches when they're warm. I have severe allergies to a lot of smells and the fact that this has no smell to it when warmed is a plus for me.

👤I bought this one after returning the Thrive product with gel beads. I have been using it for over two weeks and it is superior to the one I returned. Positive comments on this one are that it heats up within the time limit recommended and stays warm for the allotted time of use, it has a comfortable strap that holds the mask in place, and it seems to work well. I didn't give it 5 stars because I only used it in the warm mode, but I highly recommend this one over their other product that contained gel beads and plastic outer shell that I previously reviewed.

👤The bead packet can be easily removed from the outside layer. It is easy to heat. There are pros and cons. The instructions are printed on the outside of the little box, which is the color of tan wrapping paper. Instructions are written in a very small size. It is very difficult to read this because of the poor color of the fonts. All they had to do was use black ink or change the box color to make it appear more white. They get zero for this. I'll update if I have more comments.

👤Please read the directions. This is pretty awesome... I lay it on the top of my head on pressure points to relieve my bad migraines. Don't fall asleep with this thing on your eyes. I woke up and thought I had gone blind. I'm probably a drama queen. Don't do it. I tripped over my dog because I saw so blurry. I just want to put it out there.

👤I did not take the product out of the box when I received it. My eyes were hurting. I thought about trying the mask. It was wonderful. It was very comfortable and it kept it warm for a long time, the thickness was good, and it shut out all the light. I bought a mask for my daughter and now I will buy one for my son in law. People who suffer from headaches, dry eyes, and other eye issues will benefit from this mask. This product is recommended by me.

3. DR PREPARE Temperature Earplugs Compress Blepharitis

DR PREPARE Temperature Earplugs Compress Blepharitis

The cotton exterior, flat design, and expanded size of the heated eye mask ensure it rests right on your eyes to keep soothing heat last for relief of tired and dry eyes. The hot eye compress has 4 heat levels from 95F to 122F and 4 timer settings for automatic shut-off from 10min to 30min for sleep satisfaction. The elastic band and small plastic buckle help create a comfortable fit for various face shapes and secure the eye mask in place. The eye mask can shut out unwanted light for a daytime nap. You would fall asleep better if you used before sleeping. The warm eye compress can be powered by laptops, battery packs, and car chargers. The package does not include theusb adapter. The integrated design of this cotton sleep mask makes it easy to clean up after use. You should wash your eye mask on a regular basis. You can take it with you for free. If you have a problem with the product, please let them know. It will not heat up if it is not connected to the power supply.

Brand: Dr.prepare

👤There is a heated eye mask for sale. The ones not found on Amazon are the best ones. I have Sjogrens Syndrome and my eyes are dry. I had to write a review on this product. I need a hot mask. This one does the job. I've tried at least 15 others that claim to get hot. Some get hotter than others, but not this. I have tried some and they are useless. I assure you that is not the case. A heated eye mask is something I cannot live without. I have finally found what I was looking for. The controls are easy to adjust and the cord is long. It comes with different heat settings but I like it hot. It has a number of time settings and auto shut off. The longest setting is 30 minutes. If it had a 60 minute setting, it would be the holy grail of face masks. This is my go to mask. If you are looking for a heated eye mask, I promise it will do it. You will be happy with the job. Purchase this item.

👤This mask is amazing. The fit is the best. The nose band fits perfectly with no pinching or gaps, and the foam around my eyes is very soft. There's no way you can get stuck in your hair. The second to the highest setting works best for me. It worked without spraying. Within minutes, my oil glads were no longer available. I'm ordering another mast in case something happens to this one. I love it that much.

👤The idea was great, but the mask doesn't distribute heat where it's needed, so I was looking forward to a gadget that stated warm for longer than the microwave version. The warmth has to be in the glands. The item needs to be weighted so it can be heated. Sending back was not good.

👤This is a big deal. It was recommended to me by my doctor. I put it on and put the temp on for 30 minutes and thought I would just rest my eyes. I had the best sleep the next day.

👤It works well for dry eye treatment and my husband and I both use it. The elastic band has a plastic slide adjustment. I wanted to be sure that the temp would stay in a narrow range, since too hot a temp can affect the eye. It has a spray bottle that is ready to be filled for use. The timer is obvious to the wearer as it just shuts off and it is not necessary for a separate alarm. The only thing I would change is the length of the cord. I thought to try it at the low price. I am happy I did.

👤The item only heated up to 15 minutes, no matter what setting I put it on. I returned it in the package at the store, but I have not received a refund. I returned an item and it was returned andRefunded within 24 hours. I have tried to contact Amazon to find out my status, and only can initiate another refund, which is not valid as the item was already shipped through the store. I'm angry that I can't discuss this issue with Amazon. The first heated eye mask I tried did not work and the second did not work at all. It was very poorly designed and not long lasting.

4. Heated Eye Mask Dry Eyes

Heated Eye Mask Dry Eyes

A dry eye mask made of Mulberry Silk fabric has an adjusting strap. Weighted Sleep Mask that auto-turns off is one of the 4 heat and time settings. Flexible power means you can use it anywhere. The heating film and silk naturals used in theInfrared Heat are efficient. Eye care that covers all of your eyelid is called Optive Design.

Brand: Drop Of Diviniti

👤I was hoping the mask would heat up. It takes a second to heat up and you have to press it into your face to really feel the heat. I got this to help with my tension headaches, but I don't think it gets the heat where it needs to be. Sleeping with a wire hanging off can be a real hazard. I roll around a lot. I am concerned about the wire. It is not horrible. It is cute. I don't hug my face the way I want it to. There was no damage to the product.

👤I was shocked by the eye mask. I've been using it for three months and it has instructions that say you can wet it. I didn't think my eyes would water to shock me. It was a perfect solution for a warm compress without having to microwave.

👤On Friday, I received this mask. It was used for half an hour Friday afternoon and again at night. I am 73 years old. I can fit it into my schedule, so I can get it done in half an hour in the afternoon and half an hour at night. By the time I woke up on Monday, my eyes were not sore. Three years ago, I had a cataracts surgery and have had dry, sore eyes ever since. I am no exception to the dry eye syndrome that occurs after cataract surgery. I use eye drops but I am allergic to most of them. Artificial tears are the only thing I can use. They are cheap. I experience sore eyes every day. My eye doctors don't seem to think this is out of the ordinary. They only stay warm for a few minutes. The mask is comfortable to wear and the warmth lasts a long time. The mask has been in use for four days. Many people complained that the heat didn't reach their eyes because of the reviews. I don't have that problem. The heat distribution is good. I use it on the highest temp. It is too hot for me to try the highest. The control is easy to use. When you turn it on, it returns to the temp and time you were using before. I don't know if there is light leaking or not, so I keep my eyes closed. The silk fabric is soft. I will take it with me on the plane next week. There is a nice little insert in the box that assures you there is a lifetime guarantee on it. I don't worry about it lasting forever. I gave it five stars because it appears to be doing what it was supposed to do. So far, so good!

👤I love this! My eye doctor recommended a warm compress to help with dry eyes. I ordered a microwavable one that had seeds in it. I didn't like the smell of the seeds and didn't like having to microwave them before bed. It didn't stay warm. I went back to the internet and found this product. I leave it plugged in next to my bed, and I love how you can control the temperature. It is on a timer. I am surprised that it helps relieve the tensions of the day. There is no funny microwaved seed smell.

5. Blissful Being Lavender Scented Microwavable

Blissful Being Lavender Scented Microwavable

Give your eyes a spa day by getting yourself a luxurious eye pillow and indulge your eyes after a long day at work. There are certain requirements to your needs. This eye pillow rests over your eyes and exerts gentle pressure. Place the silk eye pillow on and enjoy! There are many benefits in the comfort of your living room. Pick one of their 8 jewel tone colors or get all of them. Both body and soul can be contorted. The eye sleep pillow is made of lavender and flax seeds. The benefits of lavender and the benefits of the Flax Seeds are the same. Choose its purpose. The eye pillow mask is very easy to use. It's ideal for travel and long car trips, after yoga, meditation orPilates, perfect for sleeping and resting. You can take a break at the office. The eye mask is freezable and microwavable. This eye pillow is made in the USA and is free for women and men. This product is backed by a money back guarantee.

Brand: Blissful Being

👤I was trying to replace an eye pillow that I loved and lost and I was hoping this would fit the bill. The green was unnerving because I was matching my room decor so it could sit next to the bed. I went back for the color I ordered, but it was not accepted as a return. I would like to see the items that are non returnable displayed more prominently. If a wrong item is sent, the company should have to replace it. Maybe that would be the case if I called it in. I don't have time to deal with the holds so I will make due. The eye pillow is good. The scent was strong but quickly dissipated. It's a bit bigger than my old one, which I didn't like at first. If I'm lying on my side, it's nice to have it propped up. The satin is nice. I don't like the idea of a fabric that is cheap and artificial, but if you like it, it's nice. I like the packaging. It will work, but I wanted to warn those buyers.

👤I like this. The first attempt was too small and the second was not weighted enough. This one is large and comfortable, and it's the perfect weight for my eyes. The lavender scent is subtle yet effective. I might be buying these for teachers.

👤The eye pillow is large and heavy. I'm not a fan of the scent of lavender, but this is quite pleasant and subtle. The product is a great price. I like the color and the material. I'm very happy I chose this pillow.

👤I don't like sleeping with air conditioning so this is a better eye pillow for cooler weather. The smooth fabric doesn't feel hot. Eye pillows are best for people who don't move much in their sleep. That's me. I like pillows more than sleep masks with elastic to hold them in place. The lavender scent fades but it's normal.

👤Excellent product! I received it in the mail and was told to mist the pillow and heat it for 30 seconds and the heat would last 10 minutes. I misted the pillow lightly with a mist I made and heated it to make it smell great. I am able to use it on my neck and back because it is a descent size. The heat has lasted longer than 10 minutes.

👤I tried to wash it in case it was just the fabric cover, but it smells worse now.

👤I gave a few of these to my coworkers as a therapy gift after a long month of work. It was possible to relax the mind and body by heating them up.

👤I like this little pillow. I use it for yoga. The company takes care of its customers. Adding a few drops of essential oils will refresh the lavender smell. I have a pillow case for this.

6. Eye Compress Dry Eyes Moisturizing

Eye Compress Dry Eyes Moisturizing

The dry eye heat mask with self-hydrating beads is a convenient eye mask for dry eyes. It's good to go if you just pop it in the microwave. The beads in the warm compress for eyes absorb the air and release it to provide lubrication. It is safe to use and has no harsh substances. The heated eye mask is designed to keep you warm for 25 minutes. The warm eye compress can be used for half an hour. A heat pack is designed for comfort. The hot eye compress has a strap that can be adjusted for a snug fit. The plush fabric and cushion won't hurt your eyes. The warm eye compress mask for dry eyes is designed in the USA. This is a heat eye mask from a US business.

Brand: Zomaple

👤I am in love. Dry eyes are painful and uncomfortable. My eye doctor recommends that I use a warm compress on my eye several times a day to help open the oil ducts. I tried a few different ones but they didn't hold heat. When I saw that this one was filled with a bead that attracted air, I knew it would fit my eyes well. I put it on a clean paper plate or towel and microwave it for about 20 seconds to get rid of my tired, burning, itchy, and painful eyes. I lay down over my eyes for 15 to 20 minutes, even though my eyes feel better in a few. Think warm weighted blanket for your eyes, this eye mask is so comfortable. I fell asleep with it on and slept through the night. There is a I live in a humid area but I read in some reviews that the mask doesn't get moist in the arid area. Try putting a cup of water in the microwave. When I have on makeup, I lightly mist 2 sterile pads with water/facial spray and put them over my eyes to keep the mask off my eyes. My eyes are happy. I keep it in a bright lime green bag that is bright and shiny to keep it free from fur, hair, and dust. I am going to order a second eye mask for work because I love this one so much. I did not receive anything in exchange for my review, this is my personal experience and opinion.

👤So far, so good. The mask is easy to use, but I can't comment on theDurability. It is ready to use a few seconds in the microwave. I wear it for 15 minutes and it stays warm the whole time. There is a They don't come with sheets that are sanitary to avoid the spread of germs on the eyelids. The material used in the mask claims to be anti microbial, but I am concerned that it could be used to transferbacteria from the eyelids to the mask. A friend bought a different brand of eye mask on Amazon that had disposable sheets. I will order a supply to use with the mask. I put a tissue under the mask to apply to my eyes.

👤I had eye infections from using the same fake eyelashes and old eye shadows. Warm compress was recommended by my eye doctor when I went to see him. I was using a hot towel. It did not keep warm long. I searched for warm compress at Amazon and found it. I put it over my eyes for 15 minutes after I microwave it. I don't have to worry about cleaning the product if I just cover it with a sheet of Kleenex. If this product came in a sealed clear plastic bag instead of a cloth bag, I could tell it was never opened before. I can just put the cloth bag in a ziplock because I think the seller spent more on it.

7. Weighted Lavender Sleeping Headache Migraine

Weighted Lavender Sleeping Headache Migraine

The eyes stay in place. Are you looking for a weighted eye mask that won't ruin your hair? Their eye masks are designed to protect your eyes from harmful rays. The fleece covering the bands will not let it slide off. What are you waiting for? Take a break and use their meditation pillow. Doesn't Stink! Are you tired of the rice heating pad's smell? Do you not like the cheap essential oil eye pillow? Throw it away! Their sleep mask is made with real lavender buds, not the processed junk. They use organic and natural herbal therapy to get you to the best state of mind. If you don't like scented eye masks, look at their UNSCENTED eye pillow. Warming up fast and staying hot! Normal rice heat packs have a low heat retention. Their eye pillow is made of flax seed and will last longer. A purple pillow can be used as a wrap. Use the weighted eye mask for heat therapy or COLD COMPRESSION pain relief. You have to put it in the freezer. Enjoy quality time at home. FABRICS MATTER! It's important that your eyes have a soft fabric so that it can compress against it. Their fleece is soft and can be used for a weighted sleep mask. The lavender sleep mask rests over your eyes and is wrapped in plush fleece. The eye pillow has dimensions of 9'' by 4''. The gift set is perfect for anyone. Are you looking for a gift for mom or a gift for women? Every woman will love a soft plush sleep mask which doubles as a heat pack. Do you not know what to get your yoga instructor? The lavender eye pillow will be relaxing. This is perfect for kids as it is all natural.

Brand: Solayman's

👤I was unsure how this would fit around the nose, but it worked out perfectly. The weight blocks out light. The lavender scent is a plus, I give this a 10/10.

👤I had itchy eyes. I wanted to take them out. I told my doctor. She told her to stop using eye drops and to wear a warm eye mask at night. I doubted her. I tried it. It helped. I ordered a new one and it is amazing. It doesn't smell gross or fake and it's weighted right. It helps if you are stuffed up.

👤It is very soft and pleasant to smell. The hair is grabbed by the velcro. I used it when I was in the hospital. I can't clean it. It's a big issue if you don't get all your mascara off. Microwaves will kill germs. It would be nice to wash it.

👤This is a great eye mask. It is very comfortable. The lavender scent is not overpowering. It is perfect! There was no lavender scent in the lavender eye mask I bought. Highly recommended!

👤I thought it would smell like lavender, but it didn't. I didn't fit in. When I was reboxing it, I left powder trail. I am deeply disappointed. Don't waste your money.

👤It was total black out. My eye sight felt out of focus after I used too long, good for naps don't recommend to use too long. The smell is relaxing and soft.

👤I thought this was great because of the scent and soft feel, but when I used it twice, the inside filling started to leak out into my eyes, so I stopped using it.

👤I have not slept as well as I have in the past. The added weight is relaxing.

8. Thermalon Microwave Activated Shoulder Abdomen

Thermalon Microwave Activated Shoulder Abdomen

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Natural pain relief. The therapeutic heat pad is designed to deliver a moist heat treatment that helps relieve chronic pain, such as arthritis, muscle aches, tension and stress, and for providing comfort. Moderate heat therapy. The microwave-activated heating pad provides effective pain relief while maintaining consistent heat distribution. There are no wires, no waiting, no water, and no mess. Natural pain relief, just fast acting. The material is safe. The wrap is large. An electric heat pad is not dangerous. Will not support growth of mold orbacteria like a grain-filled product. Features Hydro Pearl technology to deliver moist heat. It can be washed and re-used. It is odor free and non toxic. It is possible to make a multi-purpose plan. When applied to the shoulders, back, hip, and abdomen, deep penetrating moist heat provides soothing relief. Warm up before exercising to make you feel better. Not for use on children under 2 years of age. The 9 x 12 Inches therapy wrap is easy for use at home, the office, or on the go.

Brand: Thermalon

👤My first Thermalon lasted for several years before it developed a leak and sent microbeads all over the inside of the microwave and floor. The next 3 days were spent with microbeads spilling all over. Returned to Amazon for a new item. The replacement Thermalon was fine for a month before it leaked. The microwave was set for 1.6 minutes. I don't know what has changed in the manufacturing process but that is a problem with quality control. Cleaning up leaked microbeads is probably my last Thermalon.

👤When I see how it holds heat, I will update, but it is very heavy, not what I anticipated, and you will need to buy one to keep it clean. I hope I don't spill my coffee on it. There are four If you're into weight, at least it won't slip off, but I need something to spread across my back, not laying down. I will be trying to arrange this beHIND ME with two hands. I have to microwave it while I am in PAIN. Not sure about this. Will give an update after trying it for a while. I've already worn out EXPENSIVE Chinese JUNK, electric heating pads and I don't want to buy any more of those models. I was sleeping in my recliner when I injured my back. Woke up with a PAIN and was only able to walk for 90 days, but still can't stand for more than 15 minutes. I was skeptical after feeling the weight of the gizmo.

👤I used this for about a week and liked it, but today when I took it out of the microwave, beads fell all over. It has several holes through the main cover. I did not microwave it for long, did not use it wrong, and followed all the instructions.

👤I put this under a pillowcase for my kittens. You can choose the temperature that works for you. The babies love it and so do I. I poked my finger through it when I went to grab for it after heating it up. I received burns and blisters on my right hand when the tiny beads stuck to my fingers. I was the only one burned and not the baby kittens, so I wouldn't recommend using this item.

👤I've been using this for over two years. I bought the first one at Walmart and liked it so much that I went to buy another. They were sold out in this brand. These are strong. I broke mine by shaking it around and starting again. It was very hot. I pop it back in the microwave for a second time when I get up to drink coffee or water, because it lasts a half hour or so. She loved it when I bought her a hip for her. She says that hers lasts 45 minutes because she traps the heat under her hip. Sometimes she puts the heat pad in her bed by her feet before she goes to bed to warm up her bed area by her then she puts the pad back in her hip. I will use this for a tummy ache or upper back pain. There are a lot of uses for these. No cord! I don't recommend going back and forth from heat to cold because of the beads inside. If you want to be cold, buy an ice pack. My nephew got a peck of food on the pad and when it entered the microwave it burned into the material and made a hole. The seeds were out for 2 years. I just bought two more. It's worth it too.

9. Eye MASK Removable Unique Inserts

Eye MASK Removable Unique Inserts

Eye to Eye steam heat eye compress helps the chronic dry eye condition. All you need is a microwave or a refrigerator to use Eye to Eye. It has been found that moist heat can be used as an alternative to eye drops. Sterile thermal beads are odor and mold free and stay hot longer than flax seed. Eye to Eye has more bead filling than other brands, and it stays hot longer. Relax and have a gentle treatment for dark circles, headaches, and migraines that will give you the relief you've been looking for. One of the most recommended solutions to help dry eye syndrome is moist heat. It can be used for a variety of conditions, including headaches, tired eyes, and more. Eye to Eye is the most functional eyemask. Eye to Eye has two inserts, one cooling gel beads and one warm thermal beads. This innovation allows for 4 different uses, including a weighted sleep mask. Eye to Eye is one of the only eye scruple that is machine washed. It's important to clean eye scuples regularly for proper eye health. Eye to Eye has a cover that can be washed.

Brand: Eye To Eye

👤Instructions say to microwave for 90 seconds. The thin plastic holding the gel balls exploded when I microwaved for 30 seconds. Don't buy.

👤A great mask! I have cold eye masks. This is my first hot eye mask. I got this one because of the machine-washable cover. It is very soft. The hot mask is very soothing. I own the best mask.

👤I like this product. The mask is nice. The only problem I have is that the beads fall out of the bag. I have to use beads twice a day. The larger the zip, the easier it will be to insert into the mask. I have not tried the gel pack because I am suppose to use heat.

👤The gel beads were leaking when I opened the box.

👤I love this mask. It comes with hot and cold packs.

👤After a few uses, the strap burned in the microwave and the cover was burned, leaving a very stinky smell.

👤The cover and inside part of the product are excellent. The quality of both the inside and outside case is excellent and I like the convenience of being able to warm it up in the microwave.

👤It is difficult to put the hot pack into the cover after heating it and it is hard to distribute it inside the mask. You can leave it in the cover and put it in the microwave, but you can't because the metal on it is too heavy.

10. Compress Microwave Washable Flaxseed Therapies

Compress Microwave Washable Flaxseed Therapies

It has a high heat storage and heat transfer effect, can relieve eye fatigue, dry eye, dark circles, eye edema, palpebral fissure,blepharitis and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. It is necessary for those who always face to computer or phone to have a eye mask. The compress for eyes is also warm. Within 10 minutes of each use or follow the doctor's instructions, their eye pad can be applied to your eyes. The weight of the heated eye mask is only 3.8 ounces, Lighter and more comfortable. The moist heat pad can be reheated and re-used. Also can be used as a sleep mask. The hot eye mask is made of gold velvet and can be adjusted for different head sizes. Doctor Recommend eye heating pad is a good dry eye mask, heated eye mask for dry eyes, pink eye, puffy eyes, and other eye conditions naturally. The experts have an eye mask that is recommended by doctors.

Brand: Topoint

👤My husband and I spent a lot of time looking at screens. My husband spends more than 16 hours a day plugged in to the screen for both work and personal use, while I spend less than 5 hours a day. Both of us suffer from eye fatigue and dry eyes. The doctor told me that the majority of dry eye cases are due to poor or deficient oil production. One way to deal with this is to apply a heat compress to your eyes to help them release some of the natural oils. If you have ever tried a warm wash cloth, you will know that it doesn't do a good job of holding heat. I was happy when I found this mask. It's my eyes saver! It is very comfortable to put on and is easy to use. I have been using it every day since I got it and it holds heat for a long time. I massage the eye with my finger after I finished using it. After removing the mask, I would take a break to allow my vision to clear up. P.S. I was worried when I removed the eye mask for the first time because my vision was blurry. I was relieved to find out that this is normal, the heat from the eye mask loosens the oil that is naturally produced by the eyelid glands, which will cause your vision to blur temporarily. If you have dry eyes like me, you should try this eye mask. It is easy, saves time, and works for the relief of the uncomfortableness after a long day of staring at screens.

👤I love how soft this product is, it also has the perfect pressure, doesn't weight too much or too little. My son stole the black one right away.

👤I really wanted this to work. I decided to try it despite studying every review. The heat is held for about 5 minutes. It's not really hot. The cover is soft. I've found that rolling a damp washcloth up, then wrapping it in a dry washcloth is much better than just microwaving it. I get 15 minutes, but be careful not to burn yourself. If you have an active problem with a stye, I don't recommend this product. It's not moist enough and it doesn't hold a high enough temp for long.

👤He recommended this to me, but I was skeptical. I wake up with red dry eyes in the middle of the night because I have sjrogens syndrome. This helps. It helps you get to sleep because it relaxes you. 10 minutes before you go to sleep.

👤It's really comfortable on the face, and it's very soft velvet material, which is great for big hair. I think I am hooked after my eye doctor suggested warm compress to increase my tear production.

👤I have a bad case of dry eye syndrome. The way this mask creates moist heat is amazing. One of them had a funny smell after it 800-273-3217 It is not certain if it is just the seeds that they are using. I said it went away so no problem. I would buy it. The only thing I would change is the amount of Velcro on the straps. I have a small head and it doesn't fit as tightly as I would like.

11. TICLOS Heated Eye Compress Mask

TICLOS Heated Eye Compress Mask

TICLO's free trial. If you are dissatisfied, please contact them via Amazon for a 100% refund. No return is required. TWICE THE HEAT & STEAM. The leading brand of eye compress only releases 2 times the amount of water as ours. The best heat compress on the market! The eyelid wipes come with 30 vitamins E andAloe Vera for quick and easy cleaning around the eyes. The thermal bead pouch is not part of the heat mask. The outer mask can be washed as often as you want, keeping it fresh and clean. Simply place in the microwave for 30 seconds and 2 minutes, then place on eyes for a warm heat experience. The Ticlo's eye compress can help if you need to relax or get some hydration for your eyes.

Brand: Ticlo's

👤Warms up quickly, about 30-40 seconds, and keeps the temperature steady for at least 10 minutes. If you use a tissue between the mask and eyes, it will make it easier to care for it. Things to improve are: 1- Needs a storage pouch, and 2- prefer Velcro straps over a solid elastic band. It is a bit heavy on the face, and it might be better to add a zip or something to allow the removal of some beads. I have tried other similar products and this one is the best.

👤I bought this because I was spending a lot of money on Japanese heated eye masks that are only used once. I suffer from insomnia and they help me relax and wind down. They are! The mask is a great alternative. I can help save the planet at the same time. I warm it up in the microwave in 30 second intervals. It gives off moist heat. lavender EO is great, I add a few drops. I didn't buy one until now. If you suffer from insomnia, or just need a way to relax after a long day, I highly recommend this eye mask.

👤Cataract surgery made my dry eye worse. I've tried a lot of things. The only thing that helped was a wash rag with hot water, but it was difficult to do twice a day. A mask was recommended by the doctor. I've been using this for a week and it's worked great. 30 seconds in the microwave. I need 15 min of microwave heat, not dry heat. The bonus of the wipes is nice, but the real star is the mask. The inside of the material is soft like velour and you can mush it around to fit in with your eyes.

👤I have been looking for a heated eye mask. I have dry eyes. I was told by my Ophthalmologist to use a warm, damp cloth over my eyes. The cloth doesn't warm up for 5 minutes. The most convenient eye mask I reviewed was this one. The moist heat lasts 10 minutes and beyond if it is popped in the microwave. I am very happy that I bought this one. It's very comfortable to me.

👤This is what I was looking for. The mask stays hot for ten minutes in the microwave. It works for my dry eye issue. The headband works. The mask does not move when seated upright. When you don't have the time to wash your face, the wipes are an added bonus. Some said they got a mask like that, but it wasn't. A pouch would have been nice. The way the opening is, I don't like the way the material gets heated. I like to put the seamless side against my eyes, but when I reach around to push the mask closer to my eye, there is not enough fabric to cover it. They could have made the overlap better so that the inner piece doesn't get dirty. One inch longer fabric would do the trick. It may not bother other people. I tried putting a piece of tape on both sides of the opening, but it stuck to one side. They should not skimp on the fabric. It is a good product. A little pricey. There wasn't much to choose from.


What is the best product for eye heating pad bean bags?

Eye heating pad bean bags products from Rel3assalg. In this article about eye heating pad bean bags you can see why people choose the product. Thrive and Dr.prepare are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye heating pad bean bags.

What are the best brands for eye heating pad bean bags?

Rel3assalg, Thrive and Dr.prepare are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye heating pad bean bags. Find the detail in this article. Drop Of Diviniti, Blissful Being and Zomaple are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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