Best Eye Heating Pad Stye

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1. Eye Mask Microwavable Absorbent Treatment

Eye Mask Microwavable Absorbent Treatment

The eye mask with Hydro Heat technology absorbs moist air and releases it as clean moist heat from the air. SOOTHING RELIEF: It provides natural hydration and hydration for the most sensitive area of your face and relieves puffy eyes. It is safe, safe, safe and safe. The eye pad is hand washed and can be used again and again. It is easy to use, just heat it in the microwave for 20 seconds and it will be ready to use. For 10 minutes, place the mask over your eyes. Same quality new design. A storage pouch helps keep your mask clean and protects it when you aren't using it.

Brand: Optix 55

👤I get recurrent, severe, blepharitis at least 3 times a year and I am so thankful that I found this product. This product has made a huge difference in the reoccurrence of pharbleitis and is easy to use, relaxing, and useful since it has a storage bag and a band that the eye mask can stay on your face with ease and doesn't move. I have tried other products before, but this works the best. I was very happy to find this product.

👤I have been dealing with dry eyes for a while. Eye drops made my eyes itch. I started using this compress a few minutes a day, just microwave it for 20 seconds or so and put it on. The heat and texture of the cloth are comforting. My eyes are not always dry. I went back to wearing contacts every day after wearing glasses for months because of my dry eyes. There are no more side effects. I didn't think it would do anything for dark circles, but it did. I don't wear under-eye makeup to work. The mask absorbs heat from the microwave a little too well. I left it in for 45 seconds because it was too hot to use. I had to wait for it to cool down. Be careful with that. The product is good and the price is great.

👤After the surgery for dry and sore eyes, not much seemed to help. The eyes hurt to touch the inflammation. It has been a life saver when you are tired and itchy. You're ready to go again after a break. I take a 10 minute break from my computer screens if I microwave for 25 seconds or wear to bed with Restasis drops. The mask settles nicely over the bridge of nose on your eye beds. I found this mask by mistake. I have washed it. Thank you.

👤I wear contacts all the time. I switched from monthly contacts to dailies a year ago due to my eyes getting dry and irritated at the end of the day. I have been in the dailies for about six months and I have noticed that my eyes are having trouble focusing in one contact. Can I just say that it is amazing? I like doing this. If I can help it, I do it at least once a day. I lay down and let it do it. For 10 minutes. My eyes are blurry by the time I finish, because the oil pours have opened up. The surface gets so dry because the eye oils are needed for healthy eyes-contacts. I wear my contacts for about 15 hours a day and they give me no problems.

👤I love how this mask keeps its own humidity, so you get maximum warmth. It is so relaxing and comfortable. It's much better than a traditional compress. I am a daily contact lens wearer. The mask is helping. The people reviewing here complain their eyes are blurry after using it. Blurriness will happen, but it is proof that the product is working. The oils of your lids are supposed to flow when you wear a warm compress or mask. The lubricating oils of your lids will be on your eye after using it. Give yourself time to blink or use drops to clear your eyes. If your eyes are dry or irritated, try this mask out once a day at night and see how quickly they feel better. I use this mask daily along with lid scrubs and my issues have all but disappeared. I don't have to give up my contact lens.

2. Thermalon Stye Moist Heat Compress

Thermalon Stye Moist Heat Compress

The heat was activated by microwaves.

Brand: Thermalon

👤I've been using this eyepatch for a week. My mom told me to boil the water, then use a cloth to press against my eye for as long as I could stand it. I was not able to deal with that. So ordered this eyepatch. It's simple - microwave it for 15 seconds and apply to the eye. I have easy access to the microwave because I set up my work in the kitchen. The redness and swelling have gone down thanks to this eyepatch. I have a Stye and the Simalson Pinkeye drops have helped my eye look better.

👤It doesn't fit around their head, I've seen a lot of reviews of it. I don't know if it's an earlier manufacturing error or if it fits just fine, but it's a pirate style strap and it's horizontal, so it's perfect. The reviews made me try. I am very happy with it and would like to point out that it will need to be reheated more often than other warm compress, especially if you want to keep it on longer to combat dry eyes.

👤I will tell you this works. My daughter had a stye for 3 months and the surgeon suggested that she use this.

👤The strap is too small for my six year old and it's a great idea for someone who needs a moist heat compress on just one eye at a time. The full eye mask version is too loose. I was not comfortable putting the single eye mask on. After 4 uses, the strap began to fray.

👤It was very comfortable. The strap has a different design. 15 seconds in the microwave hits about 115 degrees, 20 seconds hits 125 degrees, and the forehead thermometer is handy. I've read that anything over 120 degrees is helpful. The first day with a patch. It feels a bit better after one treatment. It lasts much longer than a hot washcloth. There is an update:. It definitely helps a stye after a few days of use. It does cool quicker than I thought. 20 minutes in the microwave is 125 degrees, but after 5 minutes on the eye, it's 95.

👤Does not warm up. I was told to put moist heat on a stye for 10 minutes a couple times per day. It takes 25 seconds in the microwave to get the maximum heat. Does not feel warm. Can tell the difference between moist heat and a warm facecloth. The quality of the sewn folded edges of the head band made me not like it.

👤It's great to be able to put an eye patch in the microwave and have it heated up for a few minutes, but they made a dangerously short strap for a little, so I wish I could give it more stars. The issue with a short strap is that I can only leave it on for 30 seconds before I have to remove it because it pushes on my eyeball and then I can't see anything for a few seconds. I feel like this thing is going to damage my eye ball and make me blind, and I don't think it's the point of this thing, which is the strap to keep it in place.

3. Bruder Activated Recommended Professional

Bruder Activated Recommended Professional

The dry eye compressor is soothing. The warm eye compress feels like a spa treatment for tired eyes, it emits heat, hydration and hydratation to provide rejuvenation and soothing relief for tired eyes. Bruder heat eye compress provides uniform moist heat and fast-acting relief by maintaining even heat levels for 10 to 15 minutes. There is a technology for penicillins. This eye hydrating compress absorbs water from the air and when microwaved, the absorbed water is released as clean moist heat, bringing a natural relief to dry and itchy eyes. Simply microwave the dry eye compress for 20 seconds and apply for 10 minutes for a quick heat therapy with this moist heating pad. There is a hydrating and revitalizing heat eye balm. The eye pads can be washed when needed.

Brand: Bruder

👤Until you wash it. If you have blepharitis, the first few times it's really game changing. It used to leave a film over my eye. I followed the instructions and washed it. I put it next to the screen of a sunny window and it took forever. My eyes were hurting. Once it dried, it never fully does. I microwaved it for 20 seconds, which barely warmed it up. I noticed that the mask didn't provide the beneficial tears I got the first time around. It helps my eyes a bit. It really upsets me that it doesn't perform as well as it did after washing. It's just something to keep in mind.

👤I recommend this to my patients who don't have time to do traditional warm compress. I was happy to discover this. It is perfect for my dry eye. The process of melting the bacon grease tears coming out of your meibomian glands to olive oil will cause your vision to become blurry. It feels like a spa treatment.

👤Buying this product was like putting a $20 bill in the microwave until it started to burn. Don't buy.

👤My eye doctor recommended that I have dry eyes because of blocked glands. My eyes were so dry that I almost stopped wearing contact lens. I don't like wearing glasses and I love contacts. My eye doctor told me that the typical RX is a warm wet wash cloth. Warm wet wash clothes don't retain heat long enough to open the blocked glands. These little gems are easy to use and reuse. Pop into the microwave for 20 seconds and put directly on closed eyelids. I have been using for 3 weeks and have missed a few days. My dry eye has gotten better. For the entire day, I will wear contact lens. Very happy with the product.

👤The opto guy thought it was exciting. In the desert southwest, it is lousy, but it works in areas where humidity is greater. It stays warm enough for about a minute in the microwave, not the ten or so that is required to do any good. It does a poor job and there are little sheets to be used, they are a bit pricey.

👤This is a great product, but I suggest something else. It's the same product, but for a quarter of the price. The ThermalOn version has a different elastic strap, but it's not important.

👤It was recommended by an eye doctor that microwaves well and evenly for many uses. The elastic band with the velcro helps keep it in place. Use of a thin cloth or tissue to keep skin oils off pads can extend use time.

👤The product exceeded my expectations. The compress can be heated quickly in the microwave, and it has less mess than a washcloth. This is a huge help if you have dry eyes. Highly recommended!

4. Yongfover Compress Sleeping Blepharitis Puffiness

Yongfover Compress Sleeping Blepharitis Puffiness

It is equivalent to having a sleeping eye mask, heated sleep mask, and cold eye mask. It can relieve tired eyes, puffy eyes, and relax eyes. It's more convenient and economical than disposable steam eye mask. If you really need a night eye mask for sleeping, why not try it? They have designed an excellent scheme with 3-Level heating temperature setting from 100.4F to 122F and 2-Class timing from 20 to 40 minutes. When time is up, the sleep mask will stop working. It is compatible with most 5V/1-2A outlets for power supply, so you can use it everywhere. Their sleeping mask has 5 layers of fabric. The side touching the skin is made from high-quality imitated silk fabric. If you take a few deep breaths and enjoy a nap, you will most likely feel refreshed when you remove the dry eye mask. This is a great way to relax when life gets complicated. Sleep masks with a strap that is flexible and portable are ideal for teenagers and adults because they are easy to adjust until you find the perfect fit. The headband won't tangle hair or the pillow. The panda sleeping eye mask is an ideal gift for your friends or family. A good package and a good unboxing experience are what warm eye mask for dry eyes use. The esleep mask comes with a pair of ear plugs to drown out background noise. 24h friendly customer service and a 1 year warranty.

Brand: Yongfover

👤When I saw this, I knew it would solve my need to have a cold compress for my eyes, because I lack in sleep sometimes. The Vegas Sun can wake me up before I'm fully rested, so I used a jell pack to refresh my eyes, and it even has a steam heat plug in. Excellent quality and a good price. Highly recommend!

👤It's very easy to setup and use, it's just a plug and use immediately with 3 different modes, it's cold and heating options, it's very easy to freeze the gel pad in the freezer, it's cold and heating options, it's cold It's a good way to relieve eye pain and it's been working very well for me, I highly recommend it, I sit in front of a screen almost all day.

👤The product is not warm enough to do anything. I don't know how this product got any positive reviews. It's a waste of money. I don't have a microwave, so I wanted something electric. I wanted to be able to control the heat by pushing a button. There is no heat to control waste of money and materials.

👤It is easy to use and comfortable.

👤I can't take out the element inside the mask because it's inside the product.

👤The mask stopped working after a few months.

👤I love this eye mask, it helps with my dry eyes and is relaxing. The heated eye mask is the right size and weight. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤It makes me sleep well and reduces the tiredness of my eyes.

5. HealingOn Heated Mask Eyes Puffiness Black

HealingOn Heated Mask Eyes Puffiness Black

Good night's sleep is guaranteed! If you have been looking for a sleeping mask that will help you sleep, you have found it. Their eye mask guarantees 100% darkness, which means there will be no more sleepless nights. There are dark clowns and phlegm. The heated eye mask provides a perfect temperature for your eyes. This is great because it helps with blood circulation and reduces the appearance of dark circles. The temperature is either 104 131F or 40 55C. ReLAXING LAVENDER SCENT! You will begin to relax immediately when lavender is infused into the insert. You can enjoy relaxing moments every night. It's SAFE and DURABLE! The problem with heated eye masks is that they don't have any certificates that guarantee safety. The semi-permanent carbon fiber heating material has excellent thermal efficiency. The National Far Infrared Certification has aCE and ROHS certificate. Perfect for travel! The typical sleep mask is not ideal for travelling. Their heated eye mask can be connected to a variety of things, including a power bank, computer, and ausb port.

Brand: Healingon

👤This is either going to hurt or be useless if you don't have a nose. There is no way to cut the nose. The attempt to strap it tighter to the face resulted in painful blisters, so the sterility is questionable. It's notusable. The other reviewers are not able to use this successfully unless they have really, really flat noses. Save money. Look somewhere else.

👤I like the disposable heated/ steam eye masks but I don't like how quickly they cool down. The mask is better than the disposable product. The product is clean. It is lightly scented with lavender. The part of the mask that is in contact with your skin can be lightly moistened. You can set the temperature and duration of therapy that you want. You adjust to 104' F for 30.

👤I was told to use a hot compress by my eye doctor. The eye mask is so convenient to use that it will stay at that temperature for the time chosen. It is better than the microwave one for hygiene. I have improved my dry eyes condition by wearing a mask before sleep. I have used similar products before but this is the best. The quality of the product is better than I have used before. The box design was very fancy and would be a good gift for my friends. If you have any dry eye issues, I would recommend trying the mask.

👤This is a steam mask, but it has no steam features. It's a heat mask. The heat is comfortable and works well. I bought it for the steam feature that was advertised.

👤Too many wires are dangling on the eyes.

👤I like this product a lot. It is very effective for swelling of the eyes when you get up in the morning. Eye fatigue will disappear soon. My son, who uses a lot of computers and telephones, is happy to use it before he sleeps. The design is easy to use. It is a good product for the whole family.

👤A good mask to relax my eyes.

👤I'm a graphic designer and I enjoy playing the game, watching videos and drawing. The things must be used with a computer. My eyes are tired often. I used a disposable heated eye mask and bought a permanent one. When I use this product, my eyes are less tired than when I don't.

6. Heated Compress Adjustable Electric Relief

Heated Compress Adjustable Electric Relief

Have you been suffering from dry eyes, puffy eyes, or eye fatigue? Doctors recommend a warm compress for eyes with a heated eye mask to relieve fatigue, dry eyes, and edema in the eyes. Warm weather increases blood flow and relieves pain. The eye protection action of the heated eye mask is affordable and easy to use. If you are tired of using warm washcloths or microwaveable eye masks which are cumbersome to operate, unsanitary, and warmth which doesn't last long or stay consistent, this heated eye mask will be an ideal alternative. The sleep eye mask emits even and continuous heat. 3 heat choices (100.4F, 104F, 113F) provide a warm compress for your eyes. Enjoy a warm compress for the eyes. The dry eye sleep mask is made of 100% pure silk and is skin-friendly, which gives your eyes barely any compress. The silk eye mask heated can fit many people with different head sizes, no need to worry that the eye mask wouldn't fit well. The silk surface of the eye mask is suitable for all seasons. One end of the power supply has a port that can be used to power a laptop, power bank, and car, while the other end has a magnetic port that can be attached or detached to prevent that messy mess. This warm eye compress mask for dry eyes can be used as a normal sleep eye mask and has little limitation for places to be used, besides, the length of their cord is about 48 inches which meet your needs for stretching at will. This heating eye masks can bring warmth to the eyes and heart, and you get a silk sleep mask, a portable pouch, and a package that is exquisite enough to be a gift for friends and families.

Brand: Graphene Times

👤I have been suffering from excessive dry eyes. I have been on eye drops, sleeping goggles, and wake up with sand paper and burning eyes. The heated eye mask made a huge difference for me. With more time, I will never use any other eye mask. The short cord is my only complaint. I could put the Power Bank under my pillow and not have to worry about turning in bed. It's highly recommended for dry eye people.

👤I've been suffering from erosions in my eyes for the past 3 years. I haven't had any erosions due to my dry eyes since buying this product. I suffer from eye allergies and this mask has helped relieve my pain. It's been great to wake up after a full night of sleep, without the dry eyes that can cause erosion of my eyes. This has been the best mask I have ever worn. It was very comfortable and soft. The heating element is the perfect temperature and I suffer from ez cmea. If this product ever stops working, I would buy another one for other sufferers like me. This product helped me, so I hope this review helps someone else. Good luck! The only complaint I have with this product is that the cord is not long enough, but it shouldn't deter you from buying it. It's worth it!

👤I spend hundreds of dollars a month on dry eye drops, gels and eyelid cleaners. Nothing helped. I got some relief from a dry eye supplement with an Omega 7 in it, but my eyes were still killing me. I got relief after finding this heating mask. It's better than the ones you buy and heat in the microwave. The heat can be controlled. The heat never gets too hot. You have to sit close to an outlet. The problem can be solved if you use a power bank. It's worth a try if you suffer as much as I do with dry eye. It costs less than drops.

👤I bought this product because of my dry eye and warm compress would be too warm and not cool to fast. I used 2x a day for 2 weeks now. When I wake up. I no longer have blurry vision. There is no cure for dry eye. Yes, it would be a good idea.

👤I have dry eyes. The microwave masks don't hold the warmth and are not convenient, so I have tried them. The mask is great. It serves to something for me. It helps with my dry eye. More so than any other mask I have tried. This condition is improving for the first time in my life. I can now use the ceiling fan again. This mask makes a great sleep mask. For 45 to 60 minutes, the warmth stays on. It is easy to restart if you want more.

👤I have night time dry eyes. I like the idea of using Thalon compress in the microwave, but they cool down quicker than I like. The mask is great because you can adjust the heat to one of three levels and just relax for 20 to 40 minutes. The mask sits on my face and keeps the temperature constant. I almost fell asleep the first time I used it.

7. Cooling Migraine Redness Sleeping Improving

Cooling Migraine Redness Sleeping Improving

The cooling and heating function is unique. This is the first eye mask that has both a hot and cold function. The two functions of cooling and heating can be used around your eyes, providing more comprehensive care for your eye health. The heat compress function of this eye care device can relax your tight nerves, relieve anxiety, and improve your sleep quality. Dark circles, eye fatigue, and dry eye are all relieved by it. Cold compress treatment can make you sleepy and restore your health. Staying up late causes eye redness, eye swelling, congestion, redness and swelling. The built-in rechargeable battery can be used for up to 10 times after each full charge, which is suitable for 4 different modes. It is possible to control intensity like a human hand, and it can relieve headaches. The 180 foldable portable design can be used for home, work and travel. At the same time, it supports other protocols. You can use your mobile phone to connect the eye protection to your phone, play music, and relax. You can turn off the music by double-clicking it.

Brand: Fonnis

👤This thing is amazing. For the past month, I've used it 3-7 times a day. It looks intimidating at first, but it is easy to use, safe, and fits everyone who's used it, including my toddler son and large neighbor; all size adjustments can be made via the headstrap. This is the first mask I've found that has both cooling and heating functions. The high massage function is very strong. It doesn't have a built in radio but has cute music and an option to turn it off.

👤I would have liked it to be built in with a feature that would allow me to choose my own music, but the music feature can be turned off. It's easy to use and clean.

👤When you feel a little fatique or start to get a headaches, just pop this on and let it do its job. I find it relaxing and works well when I get a headaches.

👤This item helps my eye.

8. Luxury Heated Eye Mask Blepharitis

Luxury Heated Eye Mask Blepharitis

Itchy eyes, dry eye syndrome, and other eye problems can be soothed quickly with real relief. Don't let dry eyes ruin your day, use your gel eye mask hot or cold for the perfect amount of soothing relaxation or cool comfort. A safe solution. There are no gel packs bursting in the microwave, hot spots that burn your eyelid, or messy washcloths. After just 2 minutes in hot water, the heated eye mask is ready to go. The advanced gel packs hold heat longer than poorly filled competitors. 10 minutes up to 4 times a day with your eye heating pad is exactly what the doctor ordered for genuine comfort and relief.

Brand: Magic Gel

👤I don't want to buy a microwave just to heat eye masks. I'm thankful that this product is available because I could just soak them in hot water. I have purchased packages for myself and my mom at least 4 times in the past 3 years. This product comes with an insulated holder to hold the gel pack in place, and there are two gel packs in a package. The blue gel substance can leak into the hot water if you have two. One suggestion to the manufacturer is to use Silicone so that their customers are not exposed to the two harmful chemicals. I am willing to pay a little more for silicone so that I don't get exposed to more toxins than we already do. Thank you!

👤First of all, no returns? Couldn't return wouldn't have made sense. I will call Amazon to see what they can do, cheap material, too lightwight, elastic strap, and 2 gel inserts not filled adequately, need to warm them up more often. I decided I don't want to deal with heating in the microwave, so I got another eye compress with heat adjusting and timer, and spent $5 more for something else of more quality.

👤I already have a heated one so I bought this mask to use as a cooling mask. I use this at bed time to ease the swelling and itching of my blepharitis. It's not bad. I pop it in the fridge for 20 minutes to cool it down, even though it was supposed to be used to heat it. It's relief for me to be able to use it along side my heating pad. When I ordered this, I was surprised that it had no reviews. It has been a great product for me, and now I see they're starting to come in. It came with 2 pads, which has been helpful if I need to wear it longer. The mask is so comfortable that I've used it many times over the past few years. I highly recommend it.

👤Why is it a rating of two? The smell from the fabric is awful. A chemical smell is triggered when the heated portion of the mask is put into the eye mask holder. The fabric on the eye side of the mask is very flimsy. If you leave the eye mask insert in the boiling water for too long, it will burn your skin and cause your eye area to be reddened. I have solved both of the problems by putting a microfiber makeup removal towel between the mask and my skin.

👤The eye mask is soft and comfortable to wear. I don't like masks that help with allergies but if it's to help with migraines, I'm all for it. If I use a bag that pops open while I sleep, I end up waterboarding myself because ice packs don't stay on. I'm able to wear the mask and not have it fall off. I don't have to lay on my back which makes my headaches worse. It blocks the light that may be coming in from my curtains. My allergies have been acting up with the heat and everything has started to bloom. The heat on this mask is the perfect temperature to help relieve the stuffiness and ache I normally feel, and it seems to help when I'm feeling pressure. The eye mask is clean. I was glad I stumbled upon this gem.

9. Heated Eye Mask Dry Eyes

Heated Eye Mask Dry Eyes

A dry eye mask made of Mulberry Silk fabric has an adjusting strap. Weighted Sleep Mask that auto-turns off is one of the 4 heat and time settings. Flexible power means you can use it anywhere. The heating film and silk naturals used in theInfrared Heat are efficient. Eye care that covers all of your eyelid is called Optive Design.

Brand: Drop Of Diviniti

👤I was hoping the mask would heat up. It takes a second to heat up and you have to press it into your face to really feel the heat. I got this to help with my tension headaches, but I don't think it gets the heat where it needs to be. Sleeping with a wire hanging off can be a real hazard. I roll around a lot. I am concerned about the wire. It is not horrible. It is cute. I don't hug my face the way I want it to. There was no damage to the product.

👤I was shocked by the eye mask. I've been using it for three months and it has instructions that say you can wet it. I didn't think my eyes would water to shock me. It was a perfect solution for a warm compress without having to microwave.

👤On Friday, I received this mask. It was used for half an hour Friday afternoon and again at night. I am 73 years old. I can fit it into my schedule, so I can get it done in half an hour in the afternoon and half an hour at night. By the time I woke up on Monday, my eyes were not sore. Three years ago, I had a cataracts surgery and have had dry, sore eyes ever since. I am no exception to the dry eye syndrome that occurs after cataract surgery. I use eye drops but I am allergic to most of them. Artificial tears are the only thing I can use. They are cheap. I experience sore eyes every day. My eye doctors don't seem to think this is out of the ordinary. They only stay warm for a few minutes. The mask is comfortable to wear and the warmth lasts a long time. The mask has been in use for four days. Many people complained that the heat didn't reach their eyes because of the reviews. I don't have that problem. The heat distribution is good. I use it on the highest temp. It is too hot for me to try the highest. The control is easy to use. When you turn it on, it returns to the temp and time you were using before. I don't know if there is light leaking or not, so I keep my eyes closed. The silk fabric is soft. I will take it with me on the plane next week. There is a nice little insert in the box that assures you there is a lifetime guarantee on it. I don't worry about it lasting forever. I gave it five stars because it appears to be doing what it was supposed to do. So far, so good!

👤I love this! My eye doctor recommended a warm compress to help with dry eyes. I ordered a microwavable one that had seeds in it. I didn't like the smell of the seeds and didn't like having to microwave them before bed. It didn't stay warm. I went back to the internet and found this product. I leave it plugged in next to my bed, and I love how you can control the temperature. It is on a timer. I am surprised that it helps relieve the tensions of the day. There is no funny microwaved seed smell.

10. Thrive Clay Bead Eye Mask

Thrive Clay Bead Eye Mask

Soothe & Treat Your Eyes is an all-in-one gray eye compress that can be used to treat a range of uncomfortable eye conditions. Their eye mask is for dry eyes. Their dry eye mask is microwave activated and produces moist heat to open the eyelid. It is also Freezable and can help reduce swelling and headaches. The warm compress for eyes has a soft cotton cover that is more sanitary than the other dry eye relief masks. The pack is not disposable. Safe, non-toxic material. The mask for dry eyes is made from non-toxic, latex-free material. Many other warm eye mask brands use harsh chemicals. They take pride in their products and always provide the highest quality possible. They offer a no questions asked money back guarantee so you can shop with confidence.

Brand: Thrive

👤I am glad I have an eye mask. It is perfect after a long day of beingpecked to death by your children or for any other headaches they may cause. The weight of the clay beads makes it comfortable. The ability to remove and wash the cover is something I like.

👤It is very soft, the little bebles hold heat very well, which is what you need for dry eyes and blepharitis. I usually do 60 seconds, but 20 seconds doesn't heat it up. This purchase is a good one to recommend.

👤I need this to help with my eyes. It works well, but it doesn't work as well as other designs I've tried. The problem is that the mask doesn't apply much pressure to any one area. I had better results with smaller/narrower designs, which were less comfortable but covered a larger portion of the eye sockets. I think this would be great if you just need a warm compress for sties or a cold compress for allergies. It doesn't give me the pressure I needed.

👤It's great to relieve headaches when they're warm. I have severe allergies to a lot of smells and the fact that this has no smell to it when warmed is a plus for me.

👤I bought this one after returning the Thrive product with gel beads. I have been using it for over two weeks and it is superior to the one I returned. Positive comments on this one are that it heats up within the time limit recommended and stays warm for the allotted time of use, it has a comfortable strap that holds the mask in place, and it seems to work well. I didn't give it 5 stars because I only used it in the warm mode, but I highly recommend this one over their other product that contained gel beads and plastic outer shell that I previously reviewed.

👤The bead packet can be easily removed from the outside layer. It is easy to heat. There are pros and cons. The instructions are printed on the outside of the little box, which is the color of tan wrapping paper. Instructions are written in a very small size. It is very difficult to read this because of the poor color of the fonts. All they had to do was use black ink or change the box color to make it appear more white. They get zero for this. I'll update if I have more comments.

👤Please read the directions. This is pretty awesome... I lay it on the top of my head on pressure points to relieve my bad migraines. Don't fall asleep with this thing on your eyes. I woke up and thought I had gone blind. I'm probably a drama queen. Don't do it. I tripped over my dog because I saw so blurry. I just want to put it out there.

👤I did not take the product out of the box when I received it. My eyes were hurting. I thought about trying the mask. It was wonderful. It was very comfortable and it kept it warm for a long time, the thickness was good, and it shut out all the light. I bought a mask for my daughter and now I will buy one for my son in law. People who suffer from headaches, dry eyes, and other eye issues will benefit from this mask. This product is recommended by me.

11. Atsuwell Compress Migraine Multipurpose Microwavable

Atsuwell Compress Migraine Multipurpose Microwavable

3 in 1 eye mask. This is a perfect eye pillow that combines a gel ice pack, a soft pad, and a flaxseed bag, they are easy to use, and you will enjoy different eye spa any time. It is an ideal gift for those people who spend a long time on their mobile phone, PC, books, or headaches. A 100% flaxseed bag is for warm compress therapy, it can absorb and store moist air, and release it during the microwave heating, which can help with eyes relax and stress relief. Simply heat in a microwave for 30 seconds and put it on your eyes. A proven and very healthy method to improve eye discomforts, effectively relieve dry eye, eye fatigue, insomnia and stress. A single ice pack is much more convenient and time-saving for cold eye compress or pains relief, whether cold therapy, or hot and cold therapy by turns. The eye mask sleep silk with cold therapy helps to relieve headaches and reduce swelling. The cover can be rearranged and laundered. The fabric cover of the eye heating pad is more sanitary than the non-removable eye mask. The gel ice pack and soft pad must be kept dry. Two-sided fabric design, both with soft plush and silky satin, is comfortable to wear, and breathable to enjoy moist heat. May be used as a weighted sleep mask. Every customer is guaranteed the satisfaction of Atsuwell's online service. They are here all the time, so please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Atsuwell

👤There's a seam over the entire right eye area that irritated my eye, and the large buckle on the strap digs into my skull if I'm lying down with it on.

👤The ice pack broke after being used 3 times. We had blue gunk all over the place. The ice pack worked when my son had eye surgery. He likes how soft it is. The seam on the inside was bothering him, but he flipped it the other way and was happy.

👤La mascarilla de semillas de linaza. 20 segundos en microondas. No puedo decir lo mismo de la mascarilla de gel. La pude estrenar. Pareca tener poca gel. La gel se le escapaba por uno de los bordes. La mascarilla de gel aparenta. 2 mscaras de gel de otro vendedor para ver. Aun as, creo a darle otra oportunidad a la compra. Adems de contener las instrucciones de uso apropiado.

👤The seam on the right is soft and presses against my eye. You should put the seam in the top in the future. It would be easier to change the heat pad to the cold pad if there was a top seam. The heating pad has a slight smell, but I think it will go away after a few uses. The warmth lasts about 15 minutes. It's what I needed for travel and headaches.

👤These didn't work for me. I have a small head and the strap was tight when it loosened. The weighted eye pillow part made it hard to adjust the filling to the right place on my eyes. It was not well thought design.

👤This product does not stay warm, even though I have a 1,200 watt microwave. The directions warn against leaving the microwave for more than 25 seconds. It's barely warm after 25 seconds. I have to do it twice and by the time I get up to bed, it has lost its heat. I'm not happy.

👤My wife has eye surgery. She uses them for a short time to sleep. If left on for more than 20 minutes, they will make a red mark under the eye. She finds them useful if used with care.

👤The cold therapy for soothing irritated eyes, the light weight mask for sleeping, and the flaxseed bag are all great eye care options.


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