Best Eye Hole Zip Ties

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1. Inch Black Nylon Zip Ties

Inch Black Nylon Zip Ties

This order has 500 pieces. 100 count, very strong and durable, made in the USA. The indoor and outdoor temperatures are -40 F to +185 F. The built-in clip makes it easy to install. The UV material has a great Direct Sunlight rating. The quality assurance includes a US manufacturers warranty. The quality assurance includes a US manufacturers warranty.

Brand: The Cimple Co

👤I have been looking for some good UV resistant outdoor zip ties as most of them don't resist/rated for outdoor and start breaking up. The zip ties are strong and the mounting hole is a great feature. Hope this will last a long time.

👤It's easy to secure wires and cords to walls, furniture, counters, and anything you want to screw them to. Put a screw through the eye to secure your cord after looping the tie around it.

👤I rarely review basic items but of the 10 I have used, 3 have failed to grip. I think 30 worthless zip ties. They only have serrations on one side, so if you wrap in one direction, they won't work. They are not that wide. I would have bought the 100 pack for $11. I only saved $2 and it works out to 30 worthless zip ties.

👤I use a lot of zip ties. A lot. It's easier to clip off the screw hole and use them as standard zip ties if you have the ability to mount them with self-tappers. When I run out, I'll buy them again.

👤There is a screw hole for neat support angles.

👤There are amazing things. Retain to wall with a zip tie or screw.

👤The black mounting tie wraps are not always carried by my local supplier. Black is better outdoors. I needed you to sell them.

👤I got a pack for things that are difficult to remove, but I used razor knife scissors to cut the things I needed.

👤These are the worst ties I have ever seen. 3 out of every 5 ties break. The plastic is very soft. Stay away.

👤I was not happy with the product. The ties are very weak. I tried about eight different ties and all of them broke when I tried to use the hole to attach to a wall.

👤These were brittle. As you tightened the tie, the locking tooth would break at least 25% of the time.



The Zip Tie Adhesive Mounts are guaranteed for a lifetime. They have a lifetime warranty and 60-day money back guarantee. Please contact them if you are not satisfied. The US after-sales service team is open 24/7. There is no risk to buy. There are 100 black cable ties with a hole. There are indoor and outdoor areas. The material is UV black NYLON 6/6.

Brand: Perfect Vision

👤I was sad when our local nut and bolt vendor stopped carrying these types of zip ties. They work well when used correctly. I secured the wiring on my Jeep with the help of the lighting and screws that I used to drill into the wire.

👤They do what they are supposed to do. The entry for the screw hole should be on the other side. If you want to get the end into the hole, you have to insert the end before you screw down the cable.

👤We don't want to get stuck in the carpet on the boat floor or tangle with other rods if we don't have something that works on our fishing rods. I like to think outside the box and was happy to find these.

👤Good stuff! I use a lot of tie wraps. I use wire ties and a stapler to hold them in place. I have never heard of or seen these before. I love them and tried them. My most recent project has been made very tidy by them. New photos of another project where these things were great were added.

👤These tie raps are strong enough to bundle cables that fit into the entire wrap to the second lock, when you need to attach a cable to a wall with a screw mount connection. DALE.

👤It's much easier to install a cable than it is to install a separate cable. Attach your wires with a screw. Simple!

👤They are expensive. They're expensive everywhere. Black ones have a longer shelf life.

3. FIXSON Mounting Cable Plastic Mount

FIXSON Mounting Cable Plastic Mount

Their plastic cable tie mounts can be used with wire management clips, electronic cord organizers, throttle cable clamps, marine cable clamps, and any other clean looking wiring needs. Ties are 8 inches long. cable ties secure bundles to walls, studs or other surfaces It is made from 100% nylon 6/6 material. The tie has locking teeth on both sides. Zip Ties have mounting eyes that accept screws. Zip Ties have mounting eyes that accept screws.

Brand: Fixson

👤I had been buying these from Lowe's. I wanted to find a less expensive source because I use so many. These were cheap, and I guess you get what you pay for, because they were almost useless due to breaking. Couldn't even tighten them.

👤The zip ties were brittle and when I tried to pull them tight, the whole zip tie snapped.

👤My wife works at the local Harley dealer and I wanted to give these to her.

👤These aren't strong at all. It broke before it was tight. Do not recommend them. It did not have hardware.

👤More "milky clear white" than "solid white". I got these to match my wall, but they don't match as well as I would have liked.

👤This is a great idea. I've tried to push a small screw through a zip tie before. It has never worked. There is a This allows you to secure a zip tie with a screw. There is less strength with small screws. You will find these not very resistant. It's great for keeping wires in a home/office environment going in the right direction and it's also great for holding wires in a physical work area or outside.

👤The package of 100 short and thin zip ties is suitable for small quantities of cables. They are strong and hold their ground well. They are very easy to use. They are a little above the ordinary because of the eyelet into which you can put a screw or bolt to hold the cables in place. This is a nice touch. It can be useful on long cable runs, but you won't use it all the time. I will give these five stars for value and utility.

4. Monoprice 105785 Mountable Discontinued Manufacturer

Monoprice 105785 Mountable Discontinued Manufacturer

UVB ties are made to resist harmful light rays. Two great products are combined into one. Zip bundles of cables together and mount the ties to a wall with the help of a zip tie head. There is no need for additional wall clips or mounts. The package has dimensions of 3.606 L x 26.67 H x 11.201 W.

Brand: Monoprice

👤These are brittle in the Texas sun. I cut a slot in the ring for affixing an antenna across the arms of a Homebuilt Cobweb Antenna, and spray-painted them with UV protective spray. It's easy to adjustment/removal. It is possible to disassemble wires when they are easily replaceable.

👤When you need to securely mount something, these are great to use. I hid my computer wires underneath my desk with a dozen or so of these. The extra pain in having to drill a pilot hole was easily offset by not having to deal with a fallen cable again. I had tried to use squares that allowed the use of a zip tie, but every one of them fell off within a week. The screw eye part of the zip tie will crack off if you pull it too hard. I was more careful when I tightened and everything was fine. 4 stars due to the cracking issue, but it's easy to overcome. If I could, I would go with 4.5. Hope this helps!

👤These zip ties are not good. They will break at the clasp if you put them on anything less than 1” They snap at the clasp if you pull them tight.

👤They can be used for my ocean rods that don't have hook holders. It saves your guides from being messed up and your reels from getting scratched.

👤It was very easy to use. Attach the surface with a screw. They work well.

👤The item works better than expected. Thanks a lot.

👤The price would buy again if it was good.

👤These are not a good break for brittell.

5. White Strength Nylon Bolt Dropper

White Strength Nylon Bolt Dropper

These zip-ties are perfect for the widest possible range of uses because of their flexibility and resilience. It's ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, as well as the unique challenges presented by the outdoors. It is well suited for use in the widest possible range of temperatures from -31F to +195F (-35C to +90C), weather and UV resistant. These zip-ties are stronger than others on the market because of the high quality 66 nylon. The length is 12 inches and the Tensile Strength is up to 50 lbs. The length is 12 inches and the Tensile Strength is up to 50 lbs.

Brand: Bolt Dropper

👤I made a Christmas star out of clothes and used ties to hold it all together. It's very handy to have around the house for multiple projects.

👤I used the zip ties on the outside fabric fence. Due to the strong UV sunlight in my region, the ties are thinner on the thinner side. You can find a different brand if you want something that is durable. The ties are better suited for indoors. Thank you and hope this helps others. The price for the amount of ties was good. Well packaged It is easy to use Cons. The average durability is 2. When securing occasionally it breaks.

👤Don't buy. Half of them break when you hit them. Don't waste your money. I would like to see a zero star rating.

👤These are terrible. The plastic is very brittle and can't be resistance. They snap and the tongue in the small box that is supposed to close on the toothed band breaks, so they are useless as a fastening. I bought these and the black ones and they are junk. For better quality, keep scrolling. Waited too long to get a refund. I hope I can save someone some money. The dollar store has better quality items.

👤Tie wrap works well. The width of the tie is very small. There is a shorter but heavier tie in the picture. I use them for general purposes at home and shop. My large projects have fallen by the wayside because of my retirement. I wouldn't use these for heavy electric cable because of the concern for ability to hold the load and not break. Even though 34 will be cut off, it's ideal for small wiring and cable organization.

👤We didn't want to use glue to make a stuffed animal chair. We ordered a pack of 100 because I saw a recommendation to use zip ties. We used one or two per toy and were able to secure them all to the wire mesh chair.

👤The ties are a great price and they are a lot to do. I like a heavier weight. I tie down dog crates and lawn chairs on our way to camp. I doubled up because I was unsure if the strength was enough to buy the heavier weight. They worked well for my last trip. I will use them to hold together my yard. I will buy them again.

👤Great price! I looked at the zip ties at Ace and they wanted $20 for them. No kidding. I was glad to check Amazon. I don't know how well they will hold up, but they seem substantial. I secured lattice on the railing around the pop ins of my balcony to keep the adventurous kitty from attempting another daring escape. The ties I used initially weren't made for outdoor use and have all started to break apart after over a year of being exposed to the elements. I don't mind if they need to be replaced eventually but I don't think they will.

6. HS Plastic Screw Mountable Electrical

HS Plastic Screw Mountable Electrical

The length is 12 inches and the Tensile Strength is up to 50 lbs. The nylon 66,UL 94v-2, UV resistant,50 lbs tensile strength is listed. 100 pieces in a poly bag with hang hole are zip ties. The teeth engage as they should, self-locking design ensure bundle wires more tightly and secure. The teeth engage as they should, self-locking design ensure bundle wires are more tightly and secure, and it is popular with vintner,decorator,designer,engineer,students, and fathers. Quality guarantee and 5-star customer service. Let them know if you're not completely satisfied with your cable ties and they'll give you a full refund or replacement. Quality guarantee and 5-star customer service. Let them know if you're not completely satisfied with your cable ties and they'll give you a full refund or replacement.

Brand: Hs

👤I wanted to hang some mister heads on my patio. I had to replace half of the zip ties I used because they broke in my hand trying to tighten them up. It's not like I was running them over metal. The top goes into the bottom where they start when I broke my hand. It was broken with very little pulling. If they were 75% off, I wouldn't buy them again because they break in half almost as frequently as they don't. I have no faith that they'll stay fastened. I'm sure they will break off. I replaced some with thinner ties that did not break off. We'll see how it goes. Just know that you have been warned. These are garbage.

👤I have hundreds of different zip ties in my bag, ranging from thin plastic ones to giant 17" ones to metal ones. Was going to use them to separate cables. I was just looking for a bigger zip tie. I was surprised that they are not brittle, they are stronger than a lot of my other zip ties. Not sure if some people just ended up with bad batches or if they have been upgraded after being called brittle. They're strong for their size. I'm going to buy a second pack for general use.

👤Not happy with these. They are not the same as in the picture. The color is more of a computer plastic tan. If you want a white color that blends in, this isn't it. It is not a big deal if you agree with that color. I was going to bundle and run wires under the table. More than 50% of these broke during the installation. One or both of the connection points at the base broke while trying to use it. I would never recommend this product to anyone.

👤Zip ties are not all created the same. I bought these to attach rain gutter extenders to my down spouts. There were 14 zip ties last year. They thought they'd work in the same application. Nope. The zip ties have teeth on one side only. If you want a tight seal, that matters. The zip ties were slick plastic on the back side, so I couldn't tighten them as much as I wanted. The reason they worked better is because the old ones have teeth on both sides, which makes it easier to crank them down without the zip tie spinning. The left and right pictures are of my old zip ties. If you're not worried about the zip ties being tight, they work fine.

👤I ordered these in a rush and found white ones that look like they are almost glowing in the dark shade of yellow, but they are not. You can see the comparison against my white walls by looking at the photos I posted.

👤I got these ties to attach the wooden plank in the fencing. Strength and ability to survive the elements were important. Each tie had a length of 13 3/4" and a width of 3/16". I needed to attach several ties, end to end, for each plank, but after trying to attach ties to each other end to end without success, I had to look up the procedure on the internet. It was very easy once I learned that. I was able to get a tight fit with these ties. They've been out in the wind, rain, and sun for weeks, without any damage. A good purchase.

7. GTSE Black Screw Mount Cable

GTSE Black Screw Mount Cable

Strong cable tie base holders can be used in many applications, including at home, in the office, in the workshop, on the computer, on the television, or in the room. It can make your cables, wires, and cables more presentable. Only tie wraps can be used. There are creative approaches available. 100 high quality screw mount zip ties are in the package. The measurement is 4 x 0.1" Tensile strength is 18lb. It's perfect for: cable management, repairing and maintaining machinery, spare parts or in the garden. It's perfect for: cable management, repairing and maintaining machinery, spare parts or in the garden.

Brand: Gtse

👤I haven't used them yet. There were 100 pieces and they seem to be quality.

8. Nylon Mounting Cable Ties Black

Nylon Mounting Cable Ties Black

The package has dimensions of 3.606 L x 26.67 H x 11.201 W. 500 Pieces of Black Cable Ties. 50 lbs. Tensile strength. A one piece design with a hole. This order has 500 pieces. This order has 500 pieces.

Brand: Electriduct

👤It's also great for replacing rusty or brittle clips for the automotive wiring harness along the fender, as well as supporting andlocating individual cable where it branches off the group. With 500 of them, I may never have to buy another one.

👤The quality of these things is good enough for a lot of applications. The price is on par with the material. I will go back to the other supplier if there is a small price hike, but the current price and quality match. I can't speak to UV or length of operation in different conditions, but they work for me.

👤The zip ties are perfect. I have been buying zip ties in bulk for about 5 years. I thought I would change it up. They held up a lot of stuff. They get the job done for a fraction of the price. Do it... buy them.

👤I've run into a few zip ties that don't have the ribs, some that snap when cinched tight, and some that don't hold wires together at all. I can live with that because of the cost.

👤It was disappointing that the quality was on par with the price. The break is very easy. I'm not sure if I got an old batches and they could be dried out. They kept breaking and had to be pulled tight.

👤These cable ties are really nice. The shades and plastic help me organize my inventory by color, and are easy to use. They are thick enough to hold up when I need them. I will definitely use these for work because they were fairly priced.

👤These were great. I called the manufacturer to find out the length of the part that was between the catch and the first ratchet, and they went to the warehouse to measure it for me.

👤I haven't had a break because they work. Good product.

👤They are strong. It is easy to use.

9. Nylon Cable Mounting Screw Black

Nylon Cable Mounting Screw Black

100 zip Ties are included in the package. The material is black and UV resistant. 40 feet is tensile strength. The width is 3.5mm and the length is 150mm. Flexible and easy to install. Flexible and easy to install.

Brand: Conext Link

👤It's best to use a 6 inch tie for many projects. There is no need for a 6 inch tie without a screw hole.

👤All are brittle and dry. These can't even be pulled with a finger. They will break. Returned for a refund.

👤The wires wouldn't stay locked after the first 10 were used.

10. Adhesive Mounts Holders Multi Purpose Anchor

Adhesive Mounts Holders Multi Purpose Anchor

Quality guarantee and 5-star customer service. Let them know if you're not completely satisfied with your cable ties and they'll give you a full refund or replacement. The Zip Tie Adhesive Mounts are small and are suitable for any place. 140 pack cable ties and 140 pack fixing brackets are in it. You can use cable ties to fix some cables, or you can combine the fixing brackets to fix them. It has a new design. It's more practical! It can be locked by adjusting the sliding band, and it is more flexible and effective when used. -40 F to 185 F is not easy to loose after static electricity, the cable tie uses the latest certifiedUL nylon material, high toughness, anti-aging, not afraid of alkali, oil, UV resistance, good insulation, and it is certified by the U.L. The seat is made of PC fireproof material. The 3M Reinforced Patented Adhesive is safe and reliable and does not fall off. It's suitable for home, office, garage, workshop, very suitable for indoor and outdoor use. You can use these to manage cables, wires, and flexible cords. Make your life easier by keeping your cables organized. The Zip Tie Adhesive Mounts are easy to install and use, with no tools, no drilling, and excellent viscosity. There are 140 cable ties. To fix the cable, adjust the size. It's easy to disassemble, and it doesn't destroy the beauty of the furniture. The Zip Tie Adhesive Mounts are guaranteed for a lifetime. They have a lifetime warranty and 60-day money back guarantee. Please contact them if you are not satisfied. The US after-sales service team is open 24/7. There is no risk to buy. The Zip Tie Adhesive Mounts are guaranteed for a lifetime. They have a lifetime warranty and 60-day money back guarantee. Please contact them if you are not satisfied. The US after-sales service team is open 24/7. There is no risk to buy.

Brand: Rythcraft

👤The only thing you need to do is keep them on the surface. It's not easy to do that on some surfaces. 3M wire tie base holders are good for surfaces like steel, flat shiny plastic, tile, and most any smooth, non-oily surface, even if they are outdoors in non-direct sunlight. None have left yet. I always clean the surface of any dirt that will be applied with an adhesive and then use alcohol on a clean rag to remove any oils before mounting, as a rule for anything being applied with an adhesive. One of the few original American companies still making quality products, most still in the U.S., and retaining a brand name is 3M. I will always be willing to pay more for a quality product, but in this case I didn't have to.

👤This product has no instructions. I assume that the 3M logo is legit because of the other reviews on the site. I ran a test because I was confused by the 24 hour comment. I cleaned the brick with isopropal alcohol, let the spot dry for 30 seconds, and then peeled the paper off the glue and applied it to the brick. I waited for 24 hours to test the pad's elasticity. I couldn't remove the anchor pad from the brick using my body weight because of the zip ties attached to it. I would call it a success. I would use this anchor in any application. You don't have to wait 24 hours to apply the pad, as was implied elsewhere.

👤This is a Chinese imitation of 3M foam adhesive, and anyone who has used it knows it. As soon as you put a stiff cable on a surface, it will pick up. If you use the enclosed screws they will probably do a better job of holding this down.

👤I used all of the indoor applications for work. I tried a few places outside and they didn't stick. I put them in a large ziploc because the bag is not resealable.

👤These were purchased to secure speaker wires to the wall. I cleaned the paint before attaching foam, and it stuck the first time. The plastic parts are of good quality. These things are amazing, but I had some doubts. Would buy them again. The best value on the internet may be these.

👤These mounts are used to secure the center inserts. Hot glue and chenille sticks were messy and time consuming. These mounts make it easy to put in inserts. The mounts hold the heavy insert in place, even though it is a bit on the heavy side.

👤I love the baseholders. The other reviewers have noted that the glue is weak. I would like it to come in more bags. It would've been nice to have my own bags. The product is nice. I use it all the time. It makes the room look better. I've noticed that some of the glues are starting to let go of their location. I have no doubt that they will not stand the test of time, but I also don't mind that much as I need the function and can just reinforce with other glues. It is still worth it for the price.

11. Gardner Bender 48 308UVB Electrical Management

Gardner Bender 48 308UVB Electrical Management

It's great for all your needs. bundles are secured to walls, tapestries or other surfaces. Accepted but not included is the #10 screw. Smooth edges make it easy to slip during pull-thru. There is a patent design with locking on both sides of the tie. A strong relationship. It was made from 100% NYLON 6/6 material. It's easy to secure bundles to walls, studs or other surfaces. UVB ties are made to resist harmful light rays. UVB ties are made to resist harmful light rays.

Brand: Gardner Bender

👤I am using these on the job and they are cracking and breaking. I install home audio/visual equipment. I have used many zip ties. These are the worst. I might have got a bad batches. I hope so. They are not very useful. I thought the first few were my fault. I was pulling them too tightly. Or use the drill. I started laughing when I got to the tenth. I can break them with my hands. I am not strong.

👤I like to keep everything neat and tidy in the ceiling and walls when I run wires. The trick is to make a large loop at first and only tighten them down when the job is done, but it also means you don't waste any by cutting and redo them. I've used a lot of screws and the eyelet is right for them. I keep them in my wiring bag when I buy a large pack.

👤Tie is not toothed on both sides. Only one way to mount them against a wall. The lead end is behind the connection. Will is different than shown. It was delivered as promised.

👤Even if you don't need the anchor, it's still useful.

👤I think all but two have been used, and not a single zip has been faulty.

👤Does a good job of holding wires.

👤They are okay. It is hard to find good wire ties.

👤I am not sure if I would trust them with the rated 50 pounds, but I am using them to hold wiring in place on a boat and they work perfectly.

👤The product arrived on time and was well packaged. Good quality for the price.

👤As long as they stay at this price point, there are great mounting cable ties.

👤It was very well used to secure copper wire.


What is the best product for eye hole zip ties?

Eye hole zip ties products from The Cimple Co. In this article about eye hole zip ties you can see why people choose the product. Perfect Vision and Fixson are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye hole zip ties.

What are the best brands for eye hole zip ties?

The Cimple Co, Perfect Vision and Fixson are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye hole zip ties. Find the detail in this article. Monoprice, Bolt Dropper and Hs are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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