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1. Duty,304 Stainless Hammock Outdoor,Self Tapping

Duty%EF%BC%8C304 Stainless Hammock Outdoor%EF%BC%8CSelf Tapping

It can be used for tie-down, lifting loads and securing cables. It's great for hanging up hammocks. It's perfect for hanging gym accessories, pot plants, hanging garden tools, kitchen tools, outdoor lamps, even for marine, bath and outdoor applications. It's also suitable for securely hanging lightweight items such as lights, pictures, arts, small rope cords, chains, and more. They replace most eye screws with stronger ones because they are easy to cause accidents due to break under a heavy load. Bright Black Paint is a smooth and bright black surface that is formed by three times the amount of electrophoresis processes. Even if the black paint surface is damaged by seawater, it won't cause safety issues. This is the reason why they insist on using 304 steel. If you receive a bad product, you will get a 2 times refund and a good product, as a professional manufacturer.

Brand: Teziicus

👤Light weight in appearance, but is rated for swings. I intend to use them for exercising. The screw eyes look good if it makes a difference. It can be used in applications that don't detract from the appearance of the project.

👤Resistance bands are great for exercising.

👤The drop ceiling was used to hang our equine votive candle on the porch. I am not concerned about how much it weighs. Thank you!

👤It works well on my hanging baskets.

2. Coolrunner 600Pcs Eyelets Threaded Jewelry

Coolrunner 600Pcs Eyelets Threaded Jewelry

It's great for mini corked bottle charms. Please note the mini size before purchasing. The material is non-fading and is water resistant for outdoor applications. Small items can be suspended from delicate necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets and many ornaments. It's perfect to use for any project. The hole is unique. The mini screw has a circular eye opening at the top, so you can slide in a string for a new necklace or bracelet. There are 6 colors for choice. The jewelry eye screws come in 6 different colors. It can match all your arts and crafts tools. Coolrunner provides a sturdy round plastic organizer box for convenient to store and carry.

Brand: Coolrunner

👤The hooks are organized well. I didn't bother to check the size when I bought them. They are very small. I will put a picture next to a dime. I will try to find a use for them. I could use bigger ones.

👤It was difficult to make the hole, but not with needle nose pliers. I use a small nail and pliers to twist the hook into the mini pop, instead of using the first picture to make a hole. It is definitely worth it and there are many.

👤I was trying to put it into my figures when these bent easily. I wish it was more durable. The colors and amount it came with is worth more than the case it comes in. If you open and close it in a careless way, you could drop a bunch. I'm not happy with this because it was too small to support my clay figures.

👤I used these for my key chains. This combo pack was perfect because I have several different metal chains. I ended up ruining several projects because of the break inside the resin. Not the most powerful screws. The holes that I drilled broke off with little pressure. Not happy.

👤Will make my ornaments last a long time. The look is very elegant and all the colors are nice. The opening was hard to see if I had gotten next size larger. I added an outline.

👤These are the same as the eye screws in my fishing lures. The split rings for the #1 and #2 will fit perfectly. If the screw will be pulled or yanked on, use a drop or two of super glue in the hole and drill out a slightly smaller hole first. The drilled hole will reduce the stress on the screw as you screw it in. Will help the screw go straighter.

👤These were perfect for what I needed. I had round disks that were easy to hold. They are small so no drilling is needed. A bit of force to get it started. I'll probably make a jig to make it easier to screw them in. I'm very pleased with the quality and color selection.

👤If you plan on using these, please be careful! The first one I used broke off and I worked really hard on it. It is not noticeable from the front of the piece. I tightened the hole with a set of needle nosed pliers after drilling it with the appropriate drill. When the top snapped off, it wasn't fully tight. I see in the other reviews that there are other people who have this issue.

👤Adems tiene colores variados, excelente compra, pero me encanta.

👤Son perfectas y su estuche es funcional. Tengan tantas opciones respecto a los colores.

👤A son, son

👤Entre las especificaciones. Lleg dos das. Los uso para llaveros.

3. Hulless Stainless Ceiling Marine Hardware

Hulless Stainless Ceiling Marine Hardware

It's good for home, workplace, office, indoor and outdoor applications and can be used as a ceiling hook to hang plants or bulbs, cups, keys and other gadgets. You should use the hammer to damage the screws, only use the drill to install the screws. Materials: Their ceiling hooks and snap hooks are made of 304 STAINLESS steel, rust-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, and hold up to 100KGS safe workload. The SNAP HOOK is a hook. Their snap hook can lock, open and close in a matter of seconds. There is aIOUS application. Their eye hooks are perfect for quick links and links, they are used for ceiling and wall mount hanging hardware fitting. You can use this eye plate hook in ceilings, decks, brick walls, boat bolt, roof beam, ceiling fan hook and wood, and it's easy to use. You can use this eye plate hook in ceilings, decks, brick walls, boat bolt, roof beam, ceiling fan hook and wood, and it's easy to use.

Brand: Hulless

👤I bought these because I have had bad experiences with the hook fixture. I knew I would be putting a lot of weight on this net. I wanted it to hold up. The net isn't sinking with all of the stuffed animals. I am buying more for my plush collection.

4. Stainless Self Tapping Eyelet Indoor Outdoor

Stainless Self Tapping Eyelet Indoor Outdoor

If you are not satisfied with the product, you can always send them an email to them and they will give you a satisfactory service in the first time. The Eye Hooks are made of high quality 304 STAINLESS steel, anti rust and corrosion resistant, perfect for outdoor and indoor projects. The M5 eye screw hook is used in hardware accessories. The overall length was 2.60"(65mm), inside eye diameter was 0.770", outside eye diameter was 1.02", thread diameter was 0.22", and thread length was 0.98" Hanging items indoors, outdoors, garden or kitchens is ideal. Attaching rope, chain or cables in concrete and wood is a common practice. Eye hooks can be easily screwed into most wood by hand, especially useful on plasterboard plywood and drywall. The package comes with 10 eyebolts pins. The max load of the screw is over 100 lbs.

Brand: Thsiree

👤The net was hung from the ceiling to hit golf balls. It's easy to screw in and hold up for a month. Very happy.

👤I got a lot more than I was expecting when I got these to use for hanging pieces of twine. These are big and strong. I think they will survive the lumber they are screwed into.

👤The quality was exactly what I expected.

5. Hooks Bolts Screw Stainless Steel

Hooks Bolts Screw Stainless Steel

The package includes a screw in hooks and plastic tubes. If there is a problem with their products, please contact them without delay, and they will solve the problem as soon as possible. There are four screw eyes. Black. The zinc plated surface is resistant to rust. The total length is 5 inch and the eye inside diameter is one inch. It is easy to use and install with the tip of the taper thread. The design of the eye ensures strength and stability. Hardware accessories used for building decoration include tie-down, lifting and securing cables wires. The screw is great for indoor and outdoor projects. Hardware accessories used for building decoration include tie-down, lifting and securing cables wires. The screw is great for indoor and outdoor projects.

Brand: Zaugontw

👤The eye hook was used for the hammock. I weigh 270 lbs. I fell on my butt when the hook straightened out. Amazon wouldn't give me an option to return. I don't recommend.

👤I hung two of these from my greenscreen. I am very happy with the quality.

👤I used the eye hooks on my pergola to suspend the emt conduit pipe. It worked out great.

👤I used the eye bolts to hold the deck rail in place. The eye bolts are very strong.

👤Does the trick, economically and functionally. It is recommended.

👤I used the eyescrews to secure the double doors.

👤It was exactly as advertised. They screwed into the porch posts and held up my hammock, which gets a lot of use. What can I say? They work.

6. Premium Stainless Plastic Expansion Activity

Premium Stainless Plastic Expansion Activity

10 pieces with 10 different colors are included in a pack. High-quality materials. Their ceiling hooks are made of 304 brushed steel, which is rust-resistant, and is also corrosion-resistant. The eye hooks are secure and durable. The load-bearing of the U-hook can be up to 100 kilogrammes. HOOK UP: Their snap hook can lock, open and close quickly. With the appropriate spring rate design, you can open and narrow with one hand, which makes it easy to attach items. There is aIOUS application. Their eye hooks are perfect for swinging chairs. The ceiling of your garage, room, porch, or veranda can be covered with this high-quality hammock hooks and carabiners. It can be used to plug small yachts and boat bolt, roof beam,ceiling fan, also be used as bags and home accessories. You can easily mount this eye plate hook with a snap hook anywhere you want, it's easy to use. The only way to install the screws is with a drill and hammer. The package contains 4 x square pad eye plate M6, 4 x snap hook, 16 x mounting screws, and 16 x plastic expansion tube. Their eye plate U hook with snap hooks is always produced with the most exceptional quality and checked carefully before packaging in the box. If there are any issues when you receive, please contact them and they will give you a full refund within 30 days.

Brand: Pamazy

👤Good products. I needed to set a stable on the ceiling of my garage in order to attach a block and tackle to help me get my artificial Christmas tree onto a ceiling mounted shelf. It worked out well.

👤I wanted to attach an outdoor dog leash to my deck. They work well for my dog. Even when she is pulling or being wild, they are still strong in the deck.

👤It's easy to install and my dog loves it.

👤Very solid and heavy duty. If you can manage that, you go. The clips are nice.

👤I moved and now have stairs to climb. You can see a hand grip on Metro trams and buses. It is very sturdy and secure.

👤This is a simple, high quality hardware that will stay put better than those with a narrower base and only 2 screw holes.

👤I use these to hang flower pots and wind chimes on my deck.

👤I'm using it to hold my punching bag. Very strong.

7. 12 Pack Stainless Hammock Brazilian Hammocks

12 Pack Stainless Hammock Brazilian Hammocks

Christmas lights, wind chime, feeders, birdhouses, lanterns, flower pots, ropes, chains, candle holders, street lights, etc. can be hung with Universal Hook Cup hooks. The material is 304stainless steel, anti-rust, and water resistant, good for outdoor project. It's good for heavy-duty applications and holds objects up to 200 lbs. You can put them into walls, woods, plywood, drywall, and many other places. Such as wall art,ring light, string lights, ladder hooks, hammock, jewelry holder, wire basket, etc. Longer thread length makes it more secure. Generally used to attach cables, chains and ropes in concrete and wood. It's perfect for hanging office objects, gym accessories, pot plants,hanging garden tools, kitchen tools, outdoor lamps and so on. Also suitable for hanging light weight items such as lights, picture, arts, small rope cords, chains, and more. Metal points can bite into wood, plywood or drywall quickly without stripping.

Brand: Zusful

👤Excellent quality steel, worth the money. It is easy to install with a pilot hole to cut down on the chance of splitting the board. Will buy more if necessary.

👤The size is not explained in the listing. The hooks are very sturdy and there is plenty of thread depth.

👤It's great for hanging up hammocks. Holds them in place.

👤These hooks are easy to install.

👤The hooks were needed to fix the project.

👤The hooks are made of high quality material. They are perfect for a wide range of use and application outdoors. Highly recommended product.

8. Shapenty Projects Bottles Jewelry Findings

Shapenty Projects Bottles Jewelry Findings

The package includes 300 eye pins. The material is metal and the color is silver tone. Size: 0.29. 10 * 4.5mm is 0.18inch. It's suitable for making jewelry. It's great for mini corked bottle charms. Please note the mini size before purchasing.

Brand: Shapenty

👤There is nothing wrong with these hoops. They are strong. I didn't notice how small they were. The photo was attached to the scale. They deserve 5 stars for being great hoops.

👤If you love to throw money away on cheap useless materials then this is the product for you. I will post the ones I ordered that are working for me. Hope this helps someone out.

👤It was in the water for an hour. The water around it was turning orange and brown and the edges of the threads were starting to corrode. I was using these to make pendants. Thankfully, only one stone had one of these pegs, and it was a rare and expensive lazulite stone. The exposed metal of the loop will have to be protected from damage by something. It was only 1 stone that I used. The spinel stones were next on the chopping block. I dropped that peg while drilling.

👤The product was described, but I think it needs more information about the screw size. I thought a 1/16 size drill bit hole would be appropriate for this, but the 1/16th was too large. I can't find a 1/32 size drill bit and I can't figure out how to get them in wood without drilling a hole first, so I will be returning them for a larger size.

👤The eye hook is very small. I hung a mini cork bottle from them. The bottles are not empty.

👤If you're going to use these in hardwood, you should buy yourself a 1/32" drill bit and some wood glue. I broke a lot of these, most snapped off in the wood, and I was close to throwing my project in the trash until I figured out how to make it work. Predrill a hole with a drill bit. The hole should be as deep as you want. You can put wood glue on the screw side of the eyehook, but you may need to screw it in by hand. Let the glue dry.

👤My eye pin screws are my go-to. I use them to make small clay earrings. I recommend that you bake them before you insert these. It is less likely that your piece will crack. To make a whole, use a jewelry screwdriver. If you want the piece to be cured but not so rigid that it will crack, you should demolding within 48 hours. Strong and sturdy.

👤The 10 x 4.5mm size was for small wooden ornaments. Simply forget the screw threads and drill a hole large enough to glue them in. It would be difficult for screw threads of this size to work in wood. I was pretty sure that would be the case and I was not disappointed. The advantage to this size is that they are easy to spot on small ornaments. None of them were broken in the shipment.

👤Favor de verificar is what the producto no se nos ha.

9. SHONAN Stainless Screws Outdoor Capacity

SHONAN Stainless Screws Outdoor Capacity

The warranty is from the purchase date. There is no charge for a full refund or replacement. The eye screws are made of 304 steel which has superior rustproof, waterproof and anti-corrosion properties. It's perfect for indoor and outdoor applications. The screws are easy to install with a pilot hole. They take up a small room in wood. 17 pounds is supported by each eye screw. The eye screw hooks are ideal for hanging a light project under 17 pounds. There are outdoor lamps, string lights, kitchen tools, wall art, and other indoor and outdoor projects. Specification: The total length of the eye screw is 1.57 inches. The eye is small. The package comes with thirty pieces of eye bolts. Please contact them if you have any questions.


👤After only a few months of work, I already have some rust. If the wind blows the rain in, they get wet.

👤I bought these for hanging cafe lights. The quality and length of the eyelets were perfect for the job. The holes were smaller for me than I wanted, but they worked out perfectly.

👤They can be used to mount a railing on my porch. They worked and looked great if you attached a chain.

👤It worked out well for me. Thank you quickly.

👤I had to anchor some logs in my aquarium. These worked well.

10. Stainless Self Tapping Eyebolt Hanging Outdoor

Stainless Self Tapping Eyebolt Hanging Outdoor

Metal points can bite into wood, plywood or drywall quickly without stripping. 10 pack 2.5 inch eye hooks are made of high quality 304stainless steel, anti-rust and anti-corrosion. Strong eye screws are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Heavy duty eye hooks, essential and practical tools at home, are more security. The overall length is 2.60 feet, eye inside diameter is.79 and eye outside diameter is.01. The set of heavy duty eye hooks has more load capacity than other wood eye hooks. They replace most eye screws with stronger ones, which is 1.5 times the size, because they are easy to break under a heavy load. The metal points can bite into wood, plywood or drywall without stripping, and the material used allows the screw eyes to exert maximum strength, making your life more convenient and safe. It can be used for tie-down, lifting loads and securing cables. It's ideal for hanging items indoors and outdoors. It is also suitable for hanging lightweight items.

Brand: Ygaohf

👤The original review was changed from 3 to 1 star. After a few months outside, it was fully corroded. Most of the reviews are either fake or from people who didn't use them outside. I am not sure what type ofstainless it is. Highly interested in magnets. Appears to have zinc on it. I splashed them in the water and put them on the deck. There is a small amount of rust discoloration where I hit a few spots with 80 grit before my test. The finish looks like it was washed with fresh water. It is better than raw steel. I don't think it's 304. Would not buy again.

👤I had a sunshade tied to these that was held up by zip ties that were 40 pounds. The eye screw is bent 90 degrees from where it was screwed into the wood. The metal bent before the zip tie snapped.

👤These won't hold any reviews that say otherwise. I believe that your local hardware store has better quality.

👤The eye hooks work. The description said 10 pieces. I received 8 on the package.

👤They were advertised as steel. The steel is not magnetic. These are magnets.

👤It is less expensive than at local big home improvement stores that charge more for a package of 2 eye bolts. When the weather was too hot, I bought these to protect my greenhouse from the sun. I would buy them again.

👤These are the perfect size for my dumbwaiter tray. They are strong and the threads grab wood.

👤They did the job I needed them to do. Time will tell how they hold up.

👤These were used to hang lights in the garden. They were useful.

11. Stainless Steel Screws Heavy Inches

Stainless Steel Screws Heavy Inches

These screw eyes are for every family. It's ideal for heavy duty applications and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Long and Strong: Overall Length of 89mm/ 3.5inch, Thread Length of 55mm/ 2.2inch, Eye Outside Diameter of 28.6mm/ 0.89inch, Eye Inside Diameter of 13.50mm/ 0.52inch, and Shank Length of 66mm/ 2.6inch Super Heavy Duty The heavy duty eye screws are ideal for heavy duty applications and can support up to 300 lbs. Their eye screws are made of high quality 304 steel and come with excellent anti-rust, anti-corrosion performance. Sharper screw point, cleaner thread are essential for a perfect installation, pre-drill the holes and screw in, these eye screws are extremely strong and sturdy. Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their service within a year. 36 months warranty service will be provided.

Brand: Sknono

👤I bought them for a variety of reasons. A person is hanging up a bag. The loop had begun to open after 45 minutes of work out. I used these to hang climbing ropes for my children. I stayed off of them and bought thicker ones from a different seller. I wouldn't recommend them for hammocks. The metal will bend if it has enough weight. I also tried that.

👤They worked well for what I needed. I would recommend them to anyone who needs eye loop lag screws. The description was correct.

👤Excellent quality. Plastic was used to protect tips. There were no complaints.

👤The weight advertised was not held close to these. The eye hook was 150 lbs. The weight/tension was calculated.

👤They are holding well and were used to secure the sun sail.

👤It is very easy to screw in with a pilot hole.

👤They are hooks. They hold the weight that I need.


What is the best product for eye hooks screw in?

Eye hooks screw in products from Teziicus. In this article about eye hooks screw in you can see why people choose the product. Coolrunner and Hulless are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye hooks screw in.

What are the best brands for eye hooks screw in?

Teziicus, Coolrunner and Hulless are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye hooks screw in. Find the detail in this article. Thsiree, Zaugontw and Pamazy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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