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1. Coolrunner 600Pcs Eyelets Threaded Jewelry

Coolrunner 600Pcs Eyelets Threaded Jewelry

It's great for mini corked bottle charms. Please note the mini size before purchasing. The material is non-fading and is water resistant for outdoor applications. Small items can be suspended from delicate necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets and many ornaments. It's perfect to use for any project. The hole is unique. The mini screw has a circular eye opening at the top, so you can slide in a string for a new necklace or bracelet. There are 6 colors for choice. The jewelry eye screws come in 6 different colors. It can match all your arts and crafts tools. Coolrunner provides a sturdy round plastic organizer box for convenient to store and carry.

Brand: Coolrunner

👤The hooks are organized well. I didn't bother to check the size when I bought them. They are very small. I will put a picture next to a dime. I will try to find a use for them. I could use bigger ones.

👤It was difficult to make the hole, but not with needle nose pliers. I use a small nail and pliers to twist the hook into the mini pop, instead of using the first picture to make a hole. It is definitely worth it and there are many.

👤I was trying to put it into my figures when these bent easily. I wish it was more durable. The colors and amount it came with is worth more than the case it comes in. If you open and close it in a careless way, you could drop a bunch. I'm not happy with this because it was too small to support my clay figures.

👤I used these for my key chains. This combo pack was perfect because I have several different metal chains. I ended up ruining several projects because of the break inside the resin. Not the most powerful screws. The holes that I drilled broke off with little pressure. Not happy.

👤Will make my ornaments last a long time. The look is very elegant and all the colors are nice. The opening was hard to see if I had gotten next size larger. I added an outline.

👤These are the same as the eye screws in my fishing lures. The split rings for the #1 and #2 will fit perfectly. If the screw will be pulled or yanked on, use a drop or two of super glue in the hole and drill out a slightly smaller hole first. The drilled hole will reduce the stress on the screw as you screw it in. Will help the screw go straighter.

👤These were perfect for what I needed. I had round disks that were easy to hold. They are small so no drilling is needed. A bit of force to get it started. I'll probably make a jig to make it easier to screw them in. I'm very pleased with the quality and color selection.

👤If you plan on using these, please be careful! The first one I used broke off and I worked really hard on it. It is not noticeable from the front of the piece. I tightened the hole with a set of needle nosed pliers after drilling it with the appropriate drill. When the top snapped off, it wasn't fully tight. I see in the other reviews that there are other people who have this issue.

👤Adems tiene colores variados, excelente compra, pero me encanta.

👤Son perfectas y su estuche es funcional. Tengan tantas opciones respecto a los colores.

👤A son, son

👤Entre las especificaciones. Lleg dos das. Los uso para llaveros.

2. Pieces Colors Tapping Jewelry Projects

Pieces Colors Tapping Jewelry Projects

Mini screws are a perfect addition to practically any arts and crafts. There are 600 pieces of mini metal eye pins in 6 different colors, which can meet your needs in daily life. The screw eye pins can be divided into 3 different sizes. Different sizes can help you make different crafts. Their screw eyelets are made of iron material, they are reliable and sturdy, and lightweight for you to carry and store, which can be applied for a long time. You can use these small eye pin pendants for many different jewelry related projects. You can complete crafts smoothly with these mini metal eye pins, and you will have fun with your friends and families, and the relationship between you and them will be strengthened.

Brand: Hotop

👤These are great. I was given a variety of colors and sizes. It's just what I need for various crafts.

3. THING Screw Hooks Silver Color

THING Screw Hooks Silver Color

A practical tool kit. The earring making supplies kit has a jump ring opener and a tweezers. The jump rings opener helps you open and close jump rings easily. The package includes 200 silver eye hooks in a box, each pin has a size of 10 x 5 x 1.2mm. Eye pins are packed in a solid box for easy storage. It's a good size and amount to store in your tool box. The eye pins are made of high quality Iron and are rust proof and waterproof. The color is shiny. Doesn't break or fade easily. The eye screws have a circular eye opening at the top, so you can slide in a string for a new necklace or bracelet. They are the parts that are used to make small pieces of jewelry. The screw eyes are useful in making crafts, such as Christmas tree decorations, cork bottles, and clay resin pendants. If there is a problem with the item, please contact them first. As soon as possible, their customer services are ready to help you.

Brand: Shop A Thing

👤These work great on clay earrings. I haven't had any issues with them breaking yet. The coloring looks like the pictures. These are a good size for small things like earrings and charms.

👤Exactly what I needed to hang my snowmen ornaments. I only had to push it into the cork with my needle nose pliers since it was small.

👤The mini eye hooks are great for jewelry making. They are small enough to fit in my beads, so you can get many for the price.

👤I expected more. They worked, but won't buy again. A tiny screw. Itty bitty.

👤Will not buy again.

👤There are a lot of eyescrews for my projects. Thank you.

4. 300pcs Screws Jewelry Projects Bottles

300pcs Screws Jewelry Projects Bottles

If there is a problem with the item, please contact them first. Their customer services are available to help you. Premium Iron is silver, durable and better rust resistance. Small size. The hole inner diameter is Approx. 3mm. The metal box is easy to carry. Each small screw has a round hole at the top. It's convenient for use. The application is wide. It's suitable for making craft jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, corked bottle charms, ornaments, etc.

Brand: Weico

👤Hit or miss with the quality. Some of them have been great and sturdy, but some have been brittle and just snap of you.

👤I have tried to put these in a picture frame, but they break. I have awl and a small drill hole and they still break. If you need them for something denser than soft pine, don't get them.

👤I tried to use these for small projects, but after drilling holes into my pieces, I couldn't use them. They all said their goodbyes. I don't know how I will be able to get my pieces out of the broken screws without ruining them.

👤A good item. If you need a small, threaded screw eye, you will be happy with this product.

👤A little larger than usual but will work.

👤The value is great. The job was done perfectly.

👤Exactly as described. It was perfect.

👤It was exactly what I needed to turn my small projects into jewelry.

5. Shapenty Projects Bottles Jewelry Findings

Shapenty Projects Bottles Jewelry Findings

The package includes 300 eye pins. The material is metal and the color is silver tone. Size: 0.29. 10 * 4.5mm is 0.18inch. It's suitable for making jewelry. It's great for mini corked bottle charms. Please note the mini size before purchasing.

Brand: Shapenty

👤There is nothing wrong with these hoops. They are strong. I didn't notice how small they were. The photo was attached to the scale. They deserve 5 stars for being great hoops.

👤If you love to throw money away on cheap useless materials then this is the product for you. I will post the ones I ordered that are working for me. Hope this helps someone out.

👤It was in the water for an hour. The water around it was turning orange and brown and the edges of the threads were starting to corrode. I was using these to make pendants. Thankfully, only one stone had one of these pegs, and it was a rare and expensive lazulite stone. The exposed metal of the loop will have to be protected from damage by something. It was only 1 stone that I used. The spinel stones were next on the chopping block. I dropped that peg while drilling.

👤The product was described, but I think it needs more information about the screw size. I thought a 1/16 size drill bit hole would be appropriate for this, but the 1/16th was too large. I can't find a 1/32 size drill bit and I can't figure out how to get them in wood without drilling a hole first, so I will be returning them for a larger size.

👤The eye hook is very small. I hung a mini cork bottle from them. The bottles are not empty.

👤If you're going to use these in hardwood, you should buy yourself a 1/32" drill bit and some wood glue. I broke a lot of these, most snapped off in the wood, and I was close to throwing my project in the trash until I figured out how to make it work. Predrill a hole with a drill bit. The hole should be as deep as you want. You can put wood glue on the screw side of the eyehook, but you may need to screw it in by hand. Let the glue dry.

👤My eye pin screws are my go-to. I use them to make small clay earrings. I recommend that you bake them before you insert these. It is less likely that your piece will crack. To make a whole, use a jewelry screwdriver. If you want the piece to be cured but not so rigid that it will crack, you should demolding within 48 hours. Strong and sturdy.

👤The 10 x 4.5mm size was for small wooden ornaments. Simply forget the screw threads and drill a hole large enough to glue them in. It would be difficult for screw threads of this size to work in wood. I was pretty sure that would be the case and I was not disappointed. The advantage to this size is that they are easy to spot on small ornaments. None of them were broken in the shipment.

👤Favor de verificar is what the producto no se nos ha.

6. Tulead 100PCS Circle Self Tapping 0 6 Inch

Tulead 100PCS Circle Self Tapping 0 6 Inch

You can complete crafts smoothly with these mini metal eye pins, and you will have fun with your friends and families, and the relationship between you and them will be strengthened. The package contains 100 mini self tapping screws. The screws can make your household items more presentable. It is easy and quick to install. The total size is 15x7mm/0.6"x 0.28". It's perfect for hanging things from walls.

Brand: T Tulead

👤It's a great size. It was perfect for my project.

7. 300PCS Projects Tapping Bottles Jewelry

300PCS Projects Tapping Bottles Jewelry

Installation. The hook and eye closure lock are easy to use and will help you fix the cabin hook safely. The mini metal hoop peg screw eye pin hook comes with a beautiful PP box. It's the perfect addition to your arts and crafts tool box. The jewelry screw is suitable for jewelry making. Use to make ornaments for a Christmas tree. Eye hooks jewelry can be used to make small pieces of jewelry. You can use your creativity to create something unique. The eyes are screw eyes. The screw eye pins are waterproof and rust proof and made of high quality alloy.

Brand: Ttsam

👤They are doing the job for my craft projects, even though they are slightly smaller than I thought. I used a drill bit to start the hole in oak wood, and the screw turned right on in and held up well. I feel that I got a bargain by getting 300 of these.

👤The perfect size for small crafting jobs is these eye pins. They are sharp and sturdy. The eye pin circle is small and not oversized. Great prices with a lot of supplies.

👤I am still able to work with them despite being much smaller than I expected. I use them for what I need them for. If you have arthritis in your hands, these are impossible. When picking sizes, might want to refer back to a measuring tape.

👤It was great for my boards. They are tiny and that makes it hard to handle when they are in. Don't plan on messing with a ton at one sitting, your fingers will be sore. I had a few people with heads break off the screw to start them.

👤The hoop is large so it will fit into a necklace. I don't like the fact that the bottom part is too short. I used this product to make clay charms. A charm.

👤I tried out a few of these, and they snapped in half and became stuck in my projects. I wouldn't trust them to stay in tact.

👤The eye hooks are perfect for my craft projects.

👤The price is great, but be aware that the metal is soft and may snap on you if you are not careful. Make sure you drill a hole in the first place and make sure it's deep. Once you get that down, you can use super glue to make them work.

👤Not very good quality, break easily, and some have manufacturing issues, the eye pin breaks right off, the screw stays. The eye pin breaks after a few spins with pliers. I've ruined 4 items for my business because of this pins. I'm not sure how the eye pins hold up if they bend or warp. So far, not impressed.

👤The threading on the screws is garbage, but most of them were ok. I would not pay as much for these as I did before.

👤I wanted to let people know that the case they come in might be a total write off by the time they get to you, because I haven't had a chance to try out the little screws. Some of the tips are a bit blunt, but the screws seem to be okay.

👤These are used for handmade jewelry. They are easy to use. They are the perfect thickness, not bulgy but firm enough. It is a great value for money. I will purchase from this vendor again.

👤It works perfectly for key chains. The price is very good and will buy more as needed.

8. 500PCS Eyelets Threaded Clasps Jewelry

500PCS Eyelets Threaded Clasps Jewelry

The application is wide. It's suitable for making craft jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, corked bottle charms, ornaments, etc. SIZE4*8mm. The length is 8mm. The hole is 4mm. The right size is needed for a handmade ornament. Iron and silver plated. The color is shiny. Doesn't break or fade easily. You can thread silk through the hole at the top of the screw to make ornaments or earrings. Set it on an object and then pass it through a string to make a pendant. Can be used to make jewelry or gifts for friends. You will get over 500 pieces of eye pins. There may be a problem of product breakage. They will send 10 more packs to solve your problem.

Brand: Ajulybee

👤My daughter and I make and sell jewelry. I use a hand drill to put the holes into the dried pieces, put a dot of super glue on the tip of the screw eye, and use needle nose pliers to screw it into place. I don't have to put the screw in the holes because they are big. The broken piece is wedged inside the pieces, rendering the piece useless since it snapped inside them. This was a waste of money. I'll be reverting to my 888-739-5110. I never had an issue with them. It is not always better to be cheaper.

👤I needed these on my schedule. I didn't bother returning them. I can't make sure that all 500 pieces are there because mine came open. When I opened the package, I thought I might have torn it, but after examining it, there wasn't a way I could do that. If you look at the corner, you will see tape on the package. They are small but durable. You will probably need a drill.

👤I have used a variety of brands and they are not worth it. They won't stay in when I glue them. I use them with small corked vials. Similar items stay in the same place.

👤It worked great for our ornaments.

👤It's great for Christmas ornaments.

👤They were a better deal than what the hardware store had. They were used to make wine glass charms.

👤The size I needed was exactly what I needed. I only needed 30 to change the quantity available.

👤Half will break, very badly made.

9. Jewelry Bottles 0 39x0 16inch Screws Stainless

Jewelry Bottles 0 39x0 16inch Screws Stainless

Please read the information on the delivery label. A screw eyes hook is suitable for corks bottles. The material will not rust. Size: 0.29. 10 * 4mm (L * W). There are 300 pieces of packaging that can be used in a variety of ways. There are ornaments for a Christmas tree. Small and Mini screws eye hooks are rust resistant. Small and Mini screws eye hooks are rust resistant.

Brand: Idealsv

👤These were purchased to fix a number of Christmas ornaments. It might have been easier to just discard them if they didn't have so much sentimental value. These were easy to install on a lot of decorations. I may change out hangars on other ornaments next year because it worked so well. I am sure these would be great for other uses, but they are perfect for my needs.

👤They make me want to make my own fishing lures. It was small but necessary to hook two wooden signs together. They hook to each other nicely and are not noticeable. It's easy to install. You better have your magnifications on! Good quantity for the price. I like them a lot.

👤It was far smaller than I wanted. They were advertised as small. They are small for me. I think these should work for people who need this size for light crafts or similar.

👤These are small hooks. Good for a frame. I would recommend them to family and friends.

👤I should have looked at all the pictures. I can't use them as intended because they are really small. I will give them 4 stars because they are what I ordered and if you need a screw eye this is for you. Very small.

👤These are smaller than I wanted, but they work.

👤I'm going to give a 5. They are really, really tiny. It was small for what I needed.

👤I bought these because I accidentally sent my package of eye screws in with a return that I was sending in, and I thought it was the kit. I put in their eye screws.

10. Hotop Pieces Stainless Tapping Jewelry

Hotop Pieces Stainless Tapping Jewelry

It's perfect for hanging things from walls. 300 pieces of small eye hooks in silver color, abundant quantity and chic color can meet your different needs in daily life, they are packaged in a small plastic box, helping you collect and store them effectively without worrying about them getting scattered around. The mini screw eye pins are available in 3 different sizes. 100 pieces for each size can help you make different crafts. These tiny eye screws for crafts are made of quality 304 steel, solid and firm, not easy to break, deform or rust, and lightweight for you to carry and store, which can be applied for a long time. You can use these silver screw eye pins for a lot of things, such as linking small chains and earrings, making bracelets, anklets, repairing necklaces, and other jewelry related projects, and you can also use them to hang on some objects. There are enough hook eye screws for you to invite your friends and families to make handicrafts with you, enjoy a lot of fun with them, and strengthen the relationship between you and them.

Brand: Hotop

👤I drink a lot of wine and champagne, so I have some ideas for ornaments that use corks at our family ornament making party. The different sizes come in separate bags and they screw into the cork to hang them. I'm excited to use them in jewelry.

👤Products are too small for use. I'll keep them and order a new item.

👤The variety of sizes is convenient. I use them for fishing lure making and have some options. They are not particularly strong. I'm sure they'll bend with a large fish on the lure. They bend back in place easily. I may return to these if the price is right, but I will probably look for another option next time.

11. GEONOMIA Extra Small Hooks Plastic

GEONOMIA Extra Small Hooks Plastic

The thread tip of the wall screws is tapered, which makes it easy to install. Their screw eyes are made of high-quality carbon steel, a lightweight material that is sturdy, non-fading, and non-corrosive even when corroded by water. It's ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Eye-catching colors. The bright colors formed by the electrophoresis process on the smooth and shiny surface of the eyelet screws. The different colors are perfect for arts and crafts projects. Their hook can bear weight more than 10 times the size, which makes it different from other screw eye pins. The circular eye opening in the 48mm size is unique and can be used to string small items to necklaces, bracelets, and other ornaments. The eye hooks screw is easy to install if a hole has been drilled. The screws have a glossy surface that can bite into wood and other materials without stripping. It's convenient to use for patio, deck, ceiling. The eye screws are a perfect accessory to use in crafts projects. Can be used for lifting loads and tie-down, car hang keys, bird feeders, hanging objects from walls and connecting any two objects. Eye pins are used for most indoor and outdoor activities.

Brand: Geonomia

👤These are not made of steel or other strong metal. They broke off when I tried to put them into a piece of wood. They look like cheap metal on the inside, sprayed with a shiny coating. I couldn't use them. Another example of Chinese suppliers taking advantage of their customers. These don't work, they break! I'm sending mine back for a refund.

👤Some people say they can break easily. I have not had that problem. They need to drill the right size pilot hole. They are used for small handmade Christmas ornaments. Very happy.

👤These are small. If you are going to drill a hole for them tomorrow, you need to be smaller than 1/16. I'm pretty sure it is a number between 55 and 70. It is smaller than 55.

👤Make sure you know how small they are. They have a variety of colors. They're good for small jewelry components. I expected them to be a little bigger, but they work.

👤I'm not happy that I have to sort them. Otherwise, good.

👤Wow. What a price. The price is not much more than a local hardware store. I needed a karate quantity and different colors to hang a decoration project outside. I saw some hooks on Amazon that needed the pre drill option and that made it easier for me to pre-drill. They are perfect and do not come loose great purchases.

👤I have used the greatest eye hooks for Christmas ornaments.

👤It worked well for repairing ornaments. I don't have drill bits small enough to use this product. I used glue to make a filter.


What is the best product for eye hooks screw mini?

Eye hooks screw mini products from Coolrunner. In this article about eye hooks screw mini you can see why people choose the product. Hotop and Shop A Thing are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye hooks screw mini.

What are the best brands for eye hooks screw mini?

Coolrunner, Hotop and Shop A Thing are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye hooks screw mini. Find the detail in this article. Weico, Shapenty and T Tulead are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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