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1. 25 Pack Stainless Steel Screw Rings

25 Pack Stainless Steel Screw Rings

The eyes are screw eyes. The screw eye pins are waterproof and rust proof and made of high quality alloy. Theitarian eye rings are hard to find. Even in marine and outdoor applications, all of the steel is non-magnetic. The threaded screw is 7/32" (5.56mm) long. Small size makes them perfect for picture frames and other arts and crafts projects. Excellent quality to anchor small eye hooks or run small cords/wires. Excellent quality to anchor small eye hooks or run small cords/wires.

Brand: Dsmile

👤The screw eyes are small, but that was not my problem. I was working on a very small project and I wanted small screw eyes. I believe that the description is incorrect. One would assume that the threaded screw would be somewhere between the 7/32" and the 764/64" dimensions since the description says it is 7/32" diameter. The screws are not 7/32" or even 7/64". I put one of the screw eyes between my drill bit and the picture I provided. The threaded screw is smaller than the others. I was going to use my drill press to drill the holes, but it would take me a long time and be harder on my hands to do it, and they fall out of the holes made with my 1/66" bit. The dimensions of the eye are different than the 7/32" dimensions, so it's not clear if that's the dimensions of the eye or not. Very disappointing.

👤I would know they are also misreading the picture if they took a picture of the actual product. These are not useful when dealing with a lot of weight.

👤It was what I was looking for. I made ornaments with wood slices that were the perfect size for them. Twine fits through. I would buy again and probably will in the future.

👤If you order from different sellers, you will get different products every time. Sometimes they are not, and sometimes they are. Sometimes they will be high quality and other times not. Sometimes they will be 7/64 and other times they won't be. You can save money by buying a similar item at half the price at Hobby Lobby.

👤I needed eye rings to thread the yarn through the punch rug needles. The product was described well. I started a small hole by pressing a sharp point into the wooden handle and then holding the eye ring with my pliers to screw them in. It took just half a minute for each one. If you don't read the description, leave a terrible review.

👤Very small. I read the description wrong because it said a half inch. I thought that meant across. It meant from the tip to the top. If you need an extremely small hook, it is fine. Half inch doesn't mean half inch opening. The vendor is not the fault if you have to read very clearly what you are buying.

👤I received them today. It was obvious that someone had written an incorrect description when I looked at them. These eye rings were not possible. Not even a quarter as far as I could see. The product was very disappointing. It's not worth returning them.

👤I was charged even though they were small because they were lost inside the package. I can't return the other item in the same envelope to Amazon. The user experience was terrible.

👤Maybe my fault, but I didn't realize these are so small. It's okay for threading wire, but not much more.

👤These are very small, like a picture hanging.

2. WANBAO Small Screws Fasteners Hardware

WANBAO Small Screws Fasteners Hardware

If you are a beginner or unsure about how to do it, you can get a free design service. Click the golden button to reach them. Their experts are able to do all the planning, designing, and budget works for you. You can buy all the materials in 3 minutes. The small eye pin screws are made of metal and plated silver. The overall length of the eye screw hook is 1 inch. The screw eyes are easy to use and screw into walls, woods, drywall, and other materials for lightweight applications. The screw eyes are widely used to attach wire rope and cable in wood, good to hang small objects, accessories and lightweight items on garden, house, indoor and outdoor areas. Quality service is guaranteed for all WANBAO products.

Brand: Wanbao

👤I bought the screw eyes and picture hanging wire to hang my paintings. There are oil and acrylic paintings on stretched canvas. The stretcher bars are not deep. The quality of the screw eyes is better than I anticipated. Despite being larger than expected, they work perfectly and do not split the wood stretcher bars. I think the screw eyes add a sense of value and quality to my paintings, and will impress people who purchase my art. These aren't cheap screw eyes that come in picture hanging kits. To grab the screw eye at the right angle, I needed to use a nail to create a starter hole in each stretcher bar. I'm using a Dremel-type tool instead of a nail, because I'm working on so many canvases. I think this is a great value, and better than I had expected. I won't need more in the near future, but I will buy these again when I need more. Definitely recommended!

👤What I needed to finish my project. The price is great for the quantities.

👤I have a lot of home and garden projects that need these. These are strong.

👤The quality of the screws is good.

👤I'm using them on pine. 2 have lost the eye. They broke off.

3. Screw Plated Tapping Eyelet Screws

Screw Plated Tapping Eyelet Screws

Also, note: Please put this item out of the reach of children and baby. The zinc plated metal is durable and comes in a pack of 30 metal screws. The overall length of the eye shape screw hook is 55mm. The thread length is 0.8 inch and the suck length is 1.2 inch. They are easy to use because they are sharp and you don't have to press hard into the object. They hold on when they are in. The small eyes are perfect for hanging and fixing small items. It's used with frames, wooden toy trains, arts and crafts, etc. Good for home, workplace, office, indoor and outdoor applications. You can get a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on every product, and they will be glad to receive suggestions from you.

Brand: Myyzmy

4. Linsoir 200pcs Sturdy 7X14mm Antique

Linsoir 200pcs Sturdy 7X14mm Antique

The item is good for home, office, workshop, and is suitable for craft projects. The total length is 14mm and the loop is 7mm. 200 pieces per package. Use to make charms from wooden tiles. The 7X14mm screw eye pin is the largest size in the market.

Brand: Linsoir Beads

👤Just what I needed. They worked great because I needed a small size to be hidden. I went to a craft store. They didn't carry small ones like this. I will get this again when I run out of it.

👤I am working on a picture frame project and the product worked great. The only complaint I have is that a few of the pieces had tiny splinters of something that were stuck to them, which had to be removed with my fingernail.

👤Even though they are small, they are strong. They are about a quarter of an inch long. I have been using them successfully. I need to double this size for most of my hanging art.

👤They are hooks. If you need an amall eyehook, these will work.

👤I've been trying to find the right screws to fix some of my wood shutters. The match is perfect. I'm happy with the availability and value of my money.

👤I was looking for silver, but couldn't find it. They work well and fit well.

👤The ornaments on the tree are of great quality.

5. Jewelry Making Bottles Eyelets Screws

Jewelry Making Bottles Eyelets Screws

Size: 0.29. 10 * 4mm (L * W). Black small and mini screws eyes are rust resistant. There are 250 pieces of black small screw eyes pin that can be used in many different ways. There are ornaments for a Christmas tree. A screw eyes hook is suitable for corks bottles. Antique brass is anti-rust and anti-corrosion. 10*4mm is the size.

Brand: Idealsv

👤Out of hundreds, only one needed trimming, and the quality is consistent. A tooth pick is used to show the size of a hole. The threads help secure in a glue hole, but not sure if they would work to actually screw into wood or acorn. Excellent value for small craft or ornament projects.

👤Weak when screwed into hardwood. No worse than any other small hardware.

👤It breaks easily when used in hard material.

👤It's perfect for my 2020 ornaments. The picture shows my finger for size reference.

👤It works well and is priced right. Great deal. I have purchased hundreds of these for handmade ornaments. Works well!

6. Shapenty Projects Bottles Jewelry Findings

Shapenty Projects Bottles Jewelry Findings

The package includes 300 eye pins. The material is metal and the color is silver tone. Size: 0.29. 10 * 4.5mm is 0.18inch. It's suitable for making jewelry. It's great for mini corked bottle charms. Please note the mini size before purchasing.

Brand: Shapenty

👤There is nothing wrong with these hoops. They are strong. I didn't notice how small they were. The photo was attached to the scale. They deserve 5 stars for being great hoops.

👤If you love to throw money away on cheap useless materials then this is the product for you. I will post the ones I ordered that are working for me. Hope this helps someone out.

👤It was in the water for an hour. The water around it was turning orange and brown and the edges of the threads were starting to corrode. I was using these to make pendants. Thankfully, only one stone had one of these pegs, and it was a rare and expensive lazulite stone. The exposed metal of the loop will have to be protected from damage by something. It was only 1 stone that I used. The spinel stones were next on the chopping block. I dropped that peg while drilling.

👤The product was described, but I think it needs more information about the screw size. I thought a 1/16 size drill bit hole would be appropriate for this, but the 1/16th was too large. I can't find a 1/32 size drill bit and I can't figure out how to get them in wood without drilling a hole first, so I will be returning them for a larger size.

👤The eye hook is very small. I hung a mini cork bottle from them. The bottles are not empty.

👤If you're going to use these in hardwood, you should buy yourself a 1/32" drill bit and some wood glue. I broke a lot of these, most snapped off in the wood, and I was close to throwing my project in the trash until I figured out how to make it work. Predrill a hole with a drill bit. The hole should be as deep as you want. You can put wood glue on the screw side of the eyehook, but you may need to screw it in by hand. Let the glue dry.

👤My eye pin screws are my go-to. I use them to make small clay earrings. I recommend that you bake them before you insert these. It is less likely that your piece will crack. To make a whole, use a jewelry screwdriver. If you want the piece to be cured but not so rigid that it will crack, you should demolding within 48 hours. Strong and sturdy.

👤The 10 x 4.5mm size was for small wooden ornaments. Simply forget the screw threads and drill a hole large enough to glue them in. It would be difficult for screw threads of this size to work in wood. I was pretty sure that would be the case and I was not disappointed. The advantage to this size is that they are easy to spot on small ornaments. None of them were broken in the shipment.

👤Favor de verificar is what the producto no se nos ha.

7. AIEX Eyelets Threaded Jewelry Findings

AIEX Eyelets Threaded Jewelry Findings

The eyes are screw eyes. The screw eye pins are waterproof and rust proof and made of high quality alloy. 300 silver eye pins in a box, each pin has a size of 0.2inch and 5mm. It's a good size and amount to store in your tool box. The screw eyes are made of high quality alloy, waterproof and rust proof, long-term use, and no easy to fade. The jewelry accessories are the parts that make small pieces of jewelry. They are useful in making crafts, such as Christmas tree decorations, cork bottles, clay resin pendants, etc. If there is a problem with the item, please contact them first. Their customer services are available to help you.

Brand: Aiex

👤Carefully ordered the wrong size. There is nothing wrong with the product.

👤I tried to put in a broken one but it ruined my letter so I can't sell it now. None of the others broke. It is in a nice container.

👤It worked great for my small jars.

👤These are good for my pendants.

👤It was what I was looking for.

👤I will use the products for my products. Thank you for sending on time.

👤The material is very soft and they are the size they say they are. You can't put them in by hand.

👤Terrible! It's impossible to remove broken products from my products so I lose more money. Terrible quality.

👤These are great. The size and quality were perfect. I have seen reviews of how the heads broke off. I found that the head came off when I tightened it on the one I didn't drill far down. It won't happen if you go a little further than needed.

👤These are cheap because of that. It is possible that about 1 in 10 is not usable, either the threads are not usable or it is a bit shoddy. The rest are good.

👤I used these for my business and even turned them in by hand or a piler, but the snapped off ring left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I wouldn't recommend using them for anything.

8. Eye Hooks Screw Heavy Duty

Eye Hooks Screw Heavy Duty

40 pieces 2 inch nickel plated metal screw eyes are included. One of the most popular hardware accessories for architectural decoration is the screw eyes. If you have any questions, please contact them. Consistent threads help eye screws better fill the plastic expansion tube, generating stronger grip and perfectly solving the problem of being pulled out. They replaced the small eye screws with bigger ones because they broke easily under heavy load, and paid more for it. Heavy-duty projects in humid environments need premium 304stainless steel. Rust can stain your items and cause safety issues. If you have any problems within 36 months, please contact them, they will answer your questions within 12 hours, or send you a new one free.

Brand: Dihzoks

👤I use a spinning squirrel feeders to hang whole ears of corn. The eye bolts that came with the feeders have a fine thread, and the squirrels pull an entire ear off of it. Some replacement eye bolts that I got at the local big box have coarse threads, but a gap in the "eye" which allows a clever squirrel to run off with an entire ear, plus the eye bolt. These bolts have nice, wide threads and no gaps in the "eye", and have nice, sharp points. They seem to be very well made.

👤I use a lot of hooks around my property. I used these to hang a large hay net for my horse. They held up well to a heavy hay net.

👤Better than expected. Heavy duty bolts. Will buy again when I need more.

👤They are good so far and can't complain about the price.

👤The size of the hook is true to the pictures.

👤It was what we needed. The eye hook was the perfect size and the product was strong and sturdy.

9. Premium Stainless Plastic Expansion Activity

Premium Stainless Plastic Expansion Activity

Metal points can bite into wood, plywood or drywall quickly without stripping. High-quality materials. Their ceiling hooks are made of 304 brushed steel, which is rust-resistant, and is also corrosion-resistant. The eye hooks are secure and durable. The load-bearing of the U-hook can be up to 180 kilogrammes. HOOK UP: Their snap hook can lock, open and close quickly. With the appropriate spring rate design, you can open and narrow with one hand, which makes it easy to attach items. There is aIOUS application. Their eye hooks are perfect for swinging chairs. The ceiling of your garage, room, porch, or veranda can be covered with this high-quality hammock hooks and carabiners. It can be used to plug small yachts and boat bolt, roof beam,ceiling fan, also be used as bags and home accessories. You can easily mount this eye plate hook with a snap hook anywhere you want, it's easy to use. The only way to install the screws is with a drill and hammer. The package contains 2 x square pad eye plate M8 and 2 x snap hook. Their eye plate U hook with snap hooks is always produced with the most exceptional quality and checked carefully before packaging in the box. If there are any issues when you receive, please contact them and they will give you a full refund within 30 days. The package contains 2 x square pad eye plate M8 and 2 x snap hook. Their eye plate U hook with snap hooks is always produced with the most exceptional quality and checked carefully before packaging in the box. If there are any issues when you receive, please contact them and they will give you a full refund within 30 days.

Brand: Pamazy

👤The M8 Premium Heavy Duty Square Stainless Steel Pad Eye Hooks + 2PCS snap hooks are great. It was easy to install. I put a rope near the top of the cat condo for my cats to play with. I attached the plate to the hook that was included. The price was great. I am very satisfied with this product.

👤The product is nice. It was easy to mount with 4 screws. In bad weather, we used this to secure a dog leash so that we could let our dog out through the garage. We attached a 20 foot leash to this hook and we know she's secure because we know she's able to do her business.

👤These are strong and easy to install. I love them!

👤I think these will hold a heavy load.

👤Dogs were ordered to be attached for training purposes. It's easy to attach. Would buy again.

👤Well made. The job was done well and it was super solid.

10. Silver Crafts Jewelry Making Findings(300

Silver Crafts Jewelry Making Findings%EF%BC%88300

There are enough hook eye screws for you to invite your friends and families to make handicrafts with you, enjoy a lot of fun with them, and strengthen the relationship between you and them. The screws are made of metal. The color is silver. You will receive a box of 300 silver screws, each with a size of about 10mm long, 4mm wide, and 1mm thick. Enough to meet your needs. It comes with a sturdy plastic square storage box for easy carrying. The screws can be drilled into the surface of the object without having to spend a lot of time installing them. Each mini screw has a circular eye opening at the top so you can easily slide in a string for a new necklace, chocker or bracelet. Mini screws are a perfect addition to practically any arts and crafts.

Brand: Dfsucces

11. IDEALSV Stainless Eyelet Jewelry Screws

IDEALSV Stainless Eyelet Jewelry Screws

If you are a beginner or unsure about how to do it, you can get a free design service. Click the golden button to reach them. Their experts are able to do all the planning, designing, and budget works for you. You can buy all the materials in 3 minutes. The material will not rust. The screw eyes hook is suitable for corks bottles. The size is 0.31 inch by 8 inch by 4 inch. There are 300 pieces of packaging that can be used in a variety of ways. There are ornaments for a Christmas tree. Small and Mini screws eye hooks are rust resistant.

Brand: Idealsv

👤The small screw eyes were perfect for passing piano wire through them in order to secure a sail to a mast for a classic RC sailboat.

👤The product was advertised. The small steel eyelets are perfect for a model ship.


What is the best product for eye hooks screw small?

Eye hooks screw small products from Dsmile. In this article about eye hooks screw small you can see why people choose the product. Wanbao and Myyzmy are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye hooks screw small.

What are the best brands for eye hooks screw small?

Dsmile, Wanbao and Myyzmy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye hooks screw small. Find the detail in this article. Linsoir Beads, Idealsv and Shapenty are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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