Best Eye Ice Pack for Allergies

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1. Lavender Blissful Being Treatment Amethyst

Lavender Blissful Being Treatment Amethyst

Give your eyes a spa day by getting yourself a luxurious eye pillow and indulge your eyes after a long day at work. There are certain requirements to your needs. This eye pillow rests over your eyes and exerts gentle pressure. Place the silk eye pillow on and enjoy! There are many benefits in the comfort of your living room. Pick one of their 8 jewel tone colors or get all of them. Both body and soul can be contorted. The eye sleep pillow is made of lavender and flax seeds. The lavender will help you relax, while the Flax Seeds will help you dream. Choose its purpose. The eye pillow mask is very easy to use. It's ideal for travel and long car trips, after yoga, meditation orPilates, perfect for sleeping and resting. You can take a break at the office. The eye mask is freezable and microwavable. This eye pillow is made in the USA and is free for women and men. This product is backed by a money back guarantee.

Brand: Blissful Being

👤Absolutely perfect. A few years ago, I had a lavender eye pillow that was perfect, but it was lost in a move. Since then, I've bought 3 more, but all were too heavy, too strong, or made of uncomfortable material to use without burning my eyes. I missed the first great eye pillow, so I took a chance on this one. This one is worth a lot. It's not packed so full that it's heavy or uncomfortable, the scent is strong at first, but not sickeningly so, and the cover is soft and smooth. I will probably buy another for backup to make sure it's not discontinued by the time I need a new one. This is a great way to relax before bed. I'm happy.

👤I received this as a present from my grandma and I loved it. I had to buy a new one because I misplace it. The lavender scent that comes from lavender buds inside the eye pillow is absolutely heavenly. There is nothing artificial about it. The silky cover feels great on your skin and the experience of wearing it is relaxing. It's great for naps for cats and for use at the end of yoga when you're doing shavasana. It has increased my enjoyment of shavasana by 200%. I thought I loved the end of the class the most. I hope I don't lose this thing again. I will get another if I do.

👤My eyes are puffy because of my allergy problems. This thing helps a lot. I put it in the freezer before I go to sleep. It really helps decrease the appearance of the eyes. The lavender scent is nice, but slowly decreases over time.

👤I was hoping it would be good for night time, but it isn't.

👤I have only used it a few times, but it makes a difference in blocking out all light from TVs, phones, etc, and the smell with the lavender is lovely. I'm excited to try it both cold and hot and I'm glad it offers both options. This product is recommended by me.

👤This eye pack is adorable! The lavender is fragrant. I keep one for placing over my eyes when listening to a meditation cd and another in the freezer to wake up my eyes with a cool pack in the morning. Highly recommended!

👤I bought this for myself. I remember the ones my grandma used to use. The smell reminds me of her.

👤It would have been great if it had a decent amount of lavender. You quit before you got it filled properly, it was made nicely of great fabric.

2. Medcosa Soothe Cooling Migraines Sleeping

Medcosa Soothe Cooling Migraines Sleeping

Cool and soothe your eyes. The eye ice pack is the ultimate pain and beauty solution. The mask creates a calm environment that helps you relax. Relieves headaches, puffy eyes, and aids sleeping. You'll love the experience that you'll be able to experience. The ice mask is easy to use and attractive on the eyes. It has a design that helps compress with flexible gel beads on one side, while the other is soft cotton. The fabric is non-toxic and latex free, so it's the perfect way to ease down before bed. The ice pack allows hot or cold therapy with gradual temperature release. Each pack can be easily heated in the microwave for up to 20 minutes. Let's help you look to the future by saying goodbye to the soggy bag of frozen veggies. There is an improvement in pain relief. The Medcosa eye pack provides cold therapy. It is ideal for headaches and puffy eyes. It is recommended for people who have had a surgery and suffer from a number of common conditions, including stress, tension, and headaches. They want you to enjoy their Eye Ice Pack without fear. Not satisfied? They'll be more than happy to give you a 2-year warranty if you let them know. No questions were asked.

Brand: Medcosa

👤I love that it is big enough to cover my eyes and forehead, it blocks out all light, and I sleep like a baby with the head strap. There are no issues yet.

👤I love this mask. It works best for me when I use it as a hot compress. You could use it either warm or cold. I use it as an ice pack when I have a cold. I am going to order a second one because it works so well.

👤After eye surgery, the product stayed cool in the freezer.

👤It was great until it broke open and spilled gel beads everywhere. He was a couple months old. One dollar store lasted longer.

👤This is comfortable to wear. It doesn't hurt my eyes. Don't use for a long time. It works well.

👤The company seems nice. I am happy.

👤It fell apart. I regret buying this.

👤It helps with headaches and also helps with relaxation.

👤After one use was leaking and the stitching was coming away, I wouldn't buy this again, and the instructions said so.

👤A friend of mine suffers from horrendous migraines and she loves it. Really helps.

3. FOMI Technology Relaxing Blackout Puffiness

FOMI Technology Relaxing Blackout Puffiness

The Ultimate Gel Comfort is what Eye Mach 2.0 is about. It's perfect for travel, meditation, yoga, or relaxation. Even at room temperature, cooling works. Relax by closing your eyes. The FOMI gel packs are easy to use. The mask can be used to cover the eyes, but also for other parts of the body. The gel eye mask uses energy to create a soothing wrap. A soft shirt with viny. The dual sides allow for comfortable skin use. Cool or use in the freezer. You have a choice when you need a hot or cold pack. You can use a bag of ice/hot water, a standard gel hot/cold pack, or a FOMI Gel Bead Pack. The gel pack can be used to reduce pain on wounds, support muscles and reduce tension. It is guaranteed that you will be satisfied. Pain and anxiety can be alleviated. Live your life! Leave the healing to FoMI.

Brand: Fomi

👤I had a terrible allergic reaction to a skin cream and my eyes and face swelled, I developed huge hard bumps and my skin was red and irritated. The eye mask gave me some relief around my eyes and helped reduce the swelling. I like that the mask has two sides, a soft cloth side and a vinyl side, and I use the soft side first when the mask warms up. The eye mask is flexible and fits securely over my eyes, and the straps on it work well, I fell asleep wearing it the first time I used it! The mask will freeze in about 20 minutes. The only downside is that I will need to buy a second eye mask to address this. I recommend this eye mask to everyone and I use it every evening to relax my tired eyes - I love it!

👤This product is supposed to freeze and you can wrap it around your head. Some reviewers said that this is two masks. One side has a soft texture while the other has gel beads. I had mine in the freezer and it was pretty uncomfortable when I wore it. It hurt where it was placed over my eyebrows because it was so stiff. Adjusting doesn't relieve this. Having something like this on hand is important to me because I suffer from migraines. I will probably try to keep it in a part of the fridge that is very cold. The beads fit nicely to my face when they are not frozen. I will experiment with different temperatures. I'd look for a cheaper alternative to come out of the freezer.

👤Not very strong. I took it out of the package and put it in the freezer. I put it back in the plastic bag after 10 minutes and discovered a hole and gel beads were leaking out. This is only used once.

👤This is a great mask to use when you have a migraine. I prefer to use my hand to hold the mask over my eyes and forehead and not use the straps, because they're too small. It's really easy to use, just put it in the freezer for a few minutes, then put it over your eyes for a few minutes. It's easy to hurt yourself with too much cold, so I don't recommend putting it on your face. If you use it in a room temperature, it will not be an issue. The face is covered with a mask. Really well. It's better than regular ice packs, which don't apply cooling to the eyes very well. This mask was supposed to be a holiday gift for me, but a surge in pain caused me to open it early and try it. Glad I did. I can cook and eat my Thanksgiving meal now that I have soothed my migraines.

👤I work night shift as a labor and delivery nurse. I don't get enough sleep on the mornings after I work because I have two boys. I always wear this eye mask when I sleep, it's fresh from the freezer. I have been told many times that my face looks fresh and that I don't look tired or have bags under my eyes. I think it's due to this mask and drinking plenty of water. My friend bought one after I told her my secret.

4. Warming Sleeping Disposable Puffiness Personal

Warming Sleeping Disposable Puffiness Personal

There is a sleeping and glowing skin tone. Their heated eye mask contains chamomile ingredients, which fight against free radicals, anti-oxidation, and reducing redness and irritation of eyes, act as a convenient solution to tired, stressed-out eyes, dry eyes, improve your sleep quality, reduce dry puffy eyes and dark circles. Enjoy the steam eye mask and make your eyes healthier. Stay warm and quick. Their steam eye mask will start to warm up within a minute, keep the temperature at the range of 104-122F, offer 30-60 minutes of heat storage, so that it can provide sufficient moist, create a relaxing mood for you, and you can use it. There are dry eye gifts for women. This eye mask uses self-heating tech and has long been associated with promoting a good night's sleep. The eye cream can help the skin by hydrating the eye area and making it more supple. Women in beauty and personal care receive great gifts. Also fit for the people who use a lot of screen time. The eye mask works. The moistness helps the heat get through to the muscles. This heat may provide better pain relief. After using the eye steam mask, eyes will feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Quality materials and an easy option. Their warm eye mask is made of soft medical non-woven fabric. Each piece of the heated eye steam mask is individually wrapped. It's easy to put the eye mask in your purses and handbags, backpacks, or others, it's small and lightweight. A disposable eye spa day can be enjoyed anywhere, even on a trip.

Brand: Jekeno

👤If you have dry eye and need a good moist mask that lasts an hour, then this is for you. No being tethered to a cord while jumping up and down. I put these on before I get ready to sleep, and fall asleep and wake up later, realizing I just slept through several chapters of my book. This is the only way to travel if you travel a lot. I buy 4 boxes at a time, I will never be without them. These are perfect for people with a stye who don't want to crossContamination. The water is great. Better than those bead or filled ones.

👤There is no lavender scent to the lavender scented eye masks I bought. If you want to get a relaxing scent with your steam mask, you have to use your essential oil Diffuser.

👤I got a cloying scent and it gave me a headaches. The smell is similar to an elderly woman's scented powder. I would consider the unscented if these worked as advertised. I don't know why the reviews don't mention that there is no water in these. None. No. I had to add some more hydration and it was barely warm on my eyes. I tried three of them to make sure they weren't bad. These are useless and awful.

👤There is no scent in the eye masks I purchased. I was not happy. I thought it would be fine. They have been hit or miss with the heating. The ones that did get warm only lasted for five minutes. I didn't think they would be warm for 30 minutes. I thought it would give me 10 minutes.

👤I use heated eye masks when I'm going to sleep to calm my eyes. They help open up the pores around my waterline and keep me from getting blocked. The brand is mostly fine, but cheap. I can see that the ear loop will be torn off.

👤I have ordered these many times. I always order lavender because it has a great scent and is strong without being overpowering. These are disposable, single-use eye masks that heat up similar to the way hand warmers do, so don't confuse them with steam eye masks. They feel great on tired eyes. I don't like using them when I sleep. I take it off most of the time when I fall asleep. They put me to sleep. These are for people who are looking for pure relaxtion.

👤I love these. I think it lasts for at least 15 minutes, but I can't tell because I always fall asleep in these! The temp is perfect for my eyes, the texture is soft and smooth, and it fits over my ears. If that helps, my hat size is S/M. It's great for my dry eyes that the warmth and heat over them is very soothing. Highly recommended.

👤Excellent quality is what these are. They are comfortable to wear and provide a good level of heat. It's very helpful when you have a severe headaches. It is beneficial to have any kind of soothing during a migraine. I ordered the lavender scent and don't notice any scent at all, but it's just a bonus for me and it's not important. I like the product. The masks in this pack have more heat than other brands I've used and I'll be purchasing this one in the future.

5. PROLOSO Sleeping Animal Blindfold Eyeshade

PROLOSO Sleeping Animal Blindfold Eyeshade

Great value. Their eye masks come with ice gel pads. The Bud Pack includes 10 funny blindfolds of various dog and cat patterns and 10 ice gel pads. They are perfect for bags and gifts. Cool therapy. There is a back pocket for the cold compress. Their gel eye mask is ideal for relief of swollen & puffy eyes, dry eyes, dark circle, headaches, migraines, eye fatigue, and stress. The night is comparable. The kids sleeping masks are made of quality material. These eye shade covers are suitable for a wide range of people. It is comfortable to wear and effective in keeping light out. All of the courts: It's great for home, hotel, office, plane, meditation, yoga, travel, business trip, insomnia. There are great party favors for animal-themed birthday, girls sleepover parties, pajama party, besties party, slumber party, blindfolded game. A unique gift for anyone who wants a good night's sleep.

Brand: Proloso

👤The masks arrived in perfect condition. I put together spa kits that included a gel pack and each mask was wrapped individually so they were perfect to add to them. Everyone got a kick out of the different patterns on the masks. I had all the sizes of women I needed and the masks were adjusted to fit them. I would buy this item again. There is no way to read the instructions because there is only foreign writing on the outside of the wrappings. These were great for the price. I've seen the same masks without the gel inserts that are more expensive.

👤The cold packs are hard to thaw. I tried to insert the seams. Good product.

👤The masks are comfortable and well made. I like the designs and the cold packs. They are a good deal.

👤I received them today and they are perfect. Excellent quality and well packaged. I would recommend purchasing these.

👤They're cute. They're a little thin so wearing them without the gel insert doesn't do a great job of blocking out the light, but with it in there, it works great.

👤I liked the sleeping mask designs. The cold packs were easy to bust.

👤Kids liked them and the quality was good.

👤My sister gave this as a birthday gift. I didn't think it would happen. I am in love with it. It brings out a creative side in me. Thank you so much! I love it!

6. 2PACK Beads Massage Adjustable Reusable

2PACK Beads Massage Adjustable Reusable

There is a package with 1 x Gel Beads Eye Mask, 1 x Silk Sleep Eye Mask, and 2 x Earplugs. The ice eye mask is ideal for relief of headaches, dry eyes, and stress. An essential first aid kit for face allergies or eye treatment. Every eye mask has a bag for storage. It is adjusted and compatible. All head sizes are compatible with their gel beads eye mask. Soft plush fabric is good for eye treatment. There is a BONUS SILK SLEEP MASK. The silk eye mask is lightweight and very comfortable to wear. Blocks out bright sun light and guarantees a good night's sleep. 100% SATISFACTION. If you are not completely satisfied with their product, they will give you a full refund. Add it to your cart.

Brand: Consgiji

👤I used the bead mask in my fridge for a few days because of my bad allergies and puffy eyes. The other sleep mask is tight on me, but it keeps the light out, so it's doing its job.

👤It helps with headaches. I wake up refreshed because I wear this every night. The beads are made of gel. Very nice purchase.

👤It doesn't get cold enough for eyes to feel effective.

👤The gel mask and sleep mask have straps that are too short. I have a large head but they were too tight to make wearing either mask safe. The sleep mask is not shaped to block out light.

👤As I fly across the country, I bought this to take with me. I haven't tried the ice pack yet, but it is a great set to have in your bag for travel.

👤The gel eye pads are light and soft on my eyes. After an hour of using these, my eyes are pain free.

7. CofeLife Temperature Control Compress Blepharitis

CofeLife Temperature Control Compress Blepharitis

Your eyes need a massage. If you use electronic devices for a long time, your eyes will become tired and itchy. This silk heated eye mask rests right on your eyes to keep soothing heat last for relief from eye fatigue, dry eyes and tensions, heat therapy for Blepharitis, lighten dark circles, promote sleep, reduce wrinkling, suitable for office workers, students, teachers, doctors, travelers. 100% silk, heated eye mask is silky smooth, comfortable, and has an adjustment strap. It can be used to create a comfortable fit for different face shapes. For a daytime nap, the warm eye mask can be used. The controller of the heated eye mask can adjust the heating temperature and time for you. The mask can be adjusted with just two buttons. 45-50C under 20 minutes makes your eye feel better. The lavender and roses scented eye mask uses a carbon fiber heater. The warm scent of flowers helps you sleep at home, take a rest for your eyes at work, and have an eye spa in the hotel. The warm eye compress mask can be powered by laptops, battery packs, and car batteries. You can connect your eye compress to a power source from your bed, couch, or other comfortable setting, since the cord of heated eye mask is over 6 feet long.

Brand: Cofelife

👤I was tired of using warm wash cloths. Getting them rewarmed multiple times was a problem. I decided to look for a less expensive option after seeing these masks for around $100. I ordered this mask after finding it. It arrived quickly. It was a bit of a challenge to set up, as I am not a young person and I don't have a computer. I had to borrow one to use it. You can't just plug the thing in if you're over 50. It cools down as fast as it warms up. I fell asleep with this thing on and woke up with a damp feeling on my face. It's not fun if I say so. I have found that it only works on the highest setting. The other three temperatures don't have enough heat to work on my eyes. It is soft and comfortable. It is on the wrong side of the mask for me. If you don't want the cord over your neck or head, be sure to sleep on your spouse's right side. It beats a wash cloth in warmth and ease of use. On the last day of January, my mask shorted out. I only got three months out of it. Not happy at all. Get this mask and think about it.

👤I am supposed to place a warm compress on my eyes on a regular basis. I usually use a compress that I heat in the microwave, which has beaded stuff in it, so that it is a little weighted and lays on my eyes. The heat does not wear off and it is electric. I feel like I need it to lay more closely to my eyes in order to work the way I need it to work. It has a couple of lightly scented pads to place inside that smell nice when heated. If there were weighted beads in it, I would give it 5 stars. I still use it. I put my beaded compress on top of this to press it closer to my eyes. That way, I have a compress that stays warm and comfortable, as well as being close to my eyes.

👤I've tried a lot of heated masks to find one that would give me good coverage, decent heat level, and be comfortable to wear for 15-20 minutes. This is not the one. The workmanship is ok, no crooked seams or tears, four heat levels and four timer settings are the pros. The heating element does not cover the whole surface of the mask, only the center, so the mask looks full and comfy outside, but the inside is flat, hard, and feels awful, like having cables over your eyes. The heating element quality is the worst I have seen, a few heating cables glue between a thin piece of felt, and the aromatherapy bag adds to the rigidity inside the mask. Not recommended.

👤The mask doesn't fit the eye. It is poorly designed. The accessories are added to make the product work better. I'm stuck because I missed the window to return mine.

8. Inflammatory Bruises Individual Delicate Hypoallergenic

Inflammatory Bruises Individual Delicate Hypoallergenic

Morning Eyes Ice Pads can be kept in the freezer. They can be used for puffy eyes and children's bumps. It is not harsh like an ice cube and is gentle on the delicate skin around your eyes and on children's sensitive skin. The smooth surface of the silicone pad will warm up. Place in the freezer for a few minutes. Silicone freezer pads are disposable. They can be washed with a little soap and water. It's dishwasher safe. The travel case makes the Pad an easy and portable traveling companion. Silicone can be recycled.

Brand: Sililids

👤These are cool. I put them in the freezer and then on my tired and swollen eyes. They don't stay cold very long. I don't have a lot of time. Cold should be done off and on. They can be put back in the freezer or ice water. These are light and soft. I would like them to be a little thicker with a deeper contour for a tighter fit.

👤The material is soft and flexible. You have to hold them because they don't stick. I wanted something that would stick to my face. It is nice to have two cases for each one. I think they are about an inch long. I will be returning to see if there is a case that sticks after one of the cases came cracked. Checkout my account for more Amazon reviews. Amazondrea is on the IG account.

👤Came in a container. It fit against the eye nicely.

👤The eye packs don't stay cold after being removed from the freezer. It does not retain the cold because it is small. It warms up quickly.

👤It didn't work for what I was looking for. They seem too big to stay on the eyes. I was a bit disappointed but they seem to have been made well.

👤You have to hold them on. The leaves are quick.

👤It was a little too thick. But does the job.

9. Reusable Sleeping Swelling Migraines Headaches

Reusable Sleeping Swelling Migraines Headaches

The eye mask can be chilled in the freezer as an ice pack. It can be used as a warm eye mask to be heated in the microwave oven, which can be used for relief from dry, irritated or puffy eyes, dark circles, tension, and muscle pain. The eye mask was sealed in a plastic bag and placed in the fridge. Either chill it for 1-2 hours or freeze it for 30 minutes. For a warm mask, place it in the microwave for 10 seconds. The best therapy time is 15 minutes recommended by the doctor and therapist. The cooling eye mask can make you feel better when you feel tired or tense. Women, girls,students or office workers who stay in front of the computer for a long time, or people who stay up late and have dark eyes, can use this eye mask. The cool feelings last longer with the use of massage gel beads and glycerin. It is soft with a plush backing. These gel eye masks are FDA registered, latex free, and non-toxic. The eye mask was manufactured in a company that has been manufacturing in hot cold packs for more than 11 years.

Brand: ZnÖcuetÖd

👤I bought it for my wife. It is her favorite Christmas present. If you stoned, it helps. Look at how happy she is.

👤The soft cold fuzz around the eyes is great at night. It's hard to watch tv at the same tile. It works if you position the glasses correctly.

👤I suffer from Fibromyalgia, Psoriatic Arthritis, inflammation, and headaches and had to find some relief. I keep it in the freezer. I need it. It helps a lot. It seems to be of good quality, with sturdy straps and thick plastic. Being able to mold it to my face shape is great. The blue is a great color for a home spa collection. I'm a small gal. I can't see out of the eye holes because they are so far apart. Four stars instead of five. If you need it for headaches or for morning puffiness, I would suggest this, but you won't want to have your eyes open during use. Relax, have "me time," or meditate during use. If this review was for you, click 'helpful'. Thanks!

👤I bought this mask for two reasons. I wake up early for work and am on camera within 20 minutes. I needed something to wake me up. This definitely works. I put it in the freezer for a few minutes so I can get on the camera. 2. I get bad headaches and this helps most of the time. I would like it if it was a little more flexible so that it would rest against the face. I can usually get it on the problem area.

👤I really like this mask. I like using this as a frozen ice mask at night and early morning to help with redness. It works well for that. I like that it's cold and makes me look better. The mask doesn't lay very well on the face. You have to hold it down if you want it to touch your eyes. I put this in the freezer on my minifridge so that it won't stay cold for very long, but it isn't very cold when you wear it with the soft part touching your face. I really like this and use it a lot. You look really funny with it on.

👤If you have a large nose, the nose hole can be difficult. I love my headaches.

👤It is a good product, but I would prefer it to not cover the eyes and if the top had its own straps to hold it down to cover the forehead would be better.

👤I ordered this product because of my headaches. I put it in the fridge when I feel stressed out after work. I put the mask on for a while. It's perfect! My head is not throbbing or throbbing in any way. It can be used after the sun sets to cool my skin down. I think I will try the other product from this seller because their price is really decent.

10. Navaris Set Gel Eye Masks

Navaris Set Gel Eye Masks

Eye care. The gel mask is an essential part of your beauty regimen. Place the mask in the freezer for 30 minutes to cool it, then wear it for 5 to 10 minutes. The mask should be put in hot water. For 4 to 6 minutes, or 30 seconds in a container filled with water, you can put it in the microwave. Wear it for a while. It is possible to adjust the rate. The band stretches from 11 to 17 and has a hook-and-loop fastening. It's suitable for a head with a maximum circumference of 26. WEAR IT. You can wear the cooling mask with gel pearls while taking a power nap, reading or watching TV if you want.

Brand: Navaris

👤They say that these do just as they say: warm and cold relief for the eyes. I don't think putting them in the freezer would ruin them, and I think setting them in hot water would be fine. I think they should be treated with care even if they are more expensive.

👤These are things that I love. After chilling them in the fridge, these masks are great for healing the headaches of a hard day. The gel in the mask will keep your face cool for about 10 minutes. The product is good for a good price.

👤Love, love, love this item. I get two for the price. I keep them in my fridge when I need them. I use it to help with my headaches.

👤I have chronic head pain. I go to cryotherapy daily. I have a lot of ice packs in my freezer. I like that the masks mold to your face. Relief to the temple area is needed when treating migraines. I have tried Dollar Tree and they end up splitting. These have held up well so far.

👤These are good for allergies. I use them when my eyes get tired.

👤I thought the eye mask worked well. I get a lot of bad headaches and cold makes them go away. It doesn't form the way I want it to. It will help when you're in a bind and need to relax. It takes forever to thaw and can't be used when you need it, so don't leave them in the freezer for a long time. It's great for when you need to use it but also want to watch tv.

👤Definitely help with headaches. The freezer is almost unbearable for direct contact.

👤These are useless as a face mask because they get hard when frozen.

👤Don't turn into a psycho.

👤It doesn't take the headaches away, but it provides a great relief. I wanted a mask with eye holes so that I can still do things. I would have preferred a bigger hole around the eyes, but I guess the trade-off would be a little less relief to the eyes. The temple area gets some relief from the size of the masks. I have only used them cold, as that is what helps with my headaches. If you leave them in the freezer for too long, they will go hard as rock, but they will thaw out and you can speed up the process with warm water. They come in a set of 2. I keep one in the freezer at all times when I have a migraine, and swap it for another when it's not cold enough. I keep them in a plastic bag to make sure they don't touch the freezer contents.

👤I use the masks to get rid of hay fever symptoms. I keep them in the fridge for 15 minutes until they are room temp. I fell asleep with the mask on and the plastic hurt my eyes, wear with caution.

11. Bruder Activated Recommended Professional

Bruder Activated Recommended Professional

The dry eye compressor is soothing. The warm eye compress feels like a spa treatment for tired eyes, it emits heat, hydration and hydratation to provide rejuvenation and soothing relief for tired eyes. Bruder heat eye compress provides uniform moist heat and fast-acting relief by maintaining even heat levels for 10 to 15 minutes. There is a technology for penicillins. This eye hydrating compress absorbs water from the air and when microwaved, the absorbed water is released as clean moist heat, bringing a natural relief to dry and itchy eyes. Simply microwave the dry eye compress for 20 seconds and apply for 10 minutes for a quick heat therapy with this moist heating pad. There is a hydrating and revitalizing heat eye balm. The eye pads can be washed when needed.

Brand: Bruder

👤Until you wash it. If you have blepharitis, the first few times it's really game changing. It used to leave a film over my eye. I followed the instructions and washed it. I put it next to the screen of a sunny window and it took forever. My eyes were hurting. Once it dried, it never fully does. I microwaved it for 20 seconds, which barely warmed it up. I noticed that the mask didn't provide the beneficial tears I got the first time around. It helps my eyes a bit. It really upsets me that it doesn't perform as well as it did after washing. It's just something to keep in mind.

👤I recommend this to my patients who don't have time to do traditional warm compress. I was happy to discover this. It is perfect for my dry eye. The process of melting the bacon grease tears coming out of your meibomian glands to olive oil will cause your vision to become blurry. It feels like a spa treatment.

👤Buying this product was like putting a $20 bill in the microwave until it started to burn. Don't buy.

👤My eye doctor recommended that I have dry eyes because of blocked glands. My eyes were so dry that I almost stopped wearing contact lens. I don't like wearing glasses and I love contacts. My eye doctor told me that the typical RX is a warm wet wash cloth. Warm wet wash clothes don't retain heat long enough to open the blocked glands. These little gems are easy to use and reuse. Pop into the microwave for 20 seconds and put directly on closed eyelids. I have been using for 3 weeks and have missed a few days. My dry eye has gotten better. For the entire day, I will wear contact lens. Very happy with the product.

👤The opto guy thought it was exciting. In the desert southwest, it is lousy, but it works in areas where humidity is greater. It stays warm enough for about a minute in the microwave, not the ten or so that is required to do any good. It does a poor job and there are little sheets to be used, they are a bit pricey.

👤This is a great product, but I suggest something else. It's the same product, but for a quarter of the price. The ThermalOn version has a different elastic strap, but it's not important.

👤It was recommended by an eye doctor that microwaves well and evenly for many uses. The elastic band with the velcro helps keep it in place. Use of a thin cloth or tissue to keep skin oils off pads can extend use time.

👤The product exceeded my expectations. The compress can be heated quickly in the microwave, and it has less mess than a washcloth. This is a huge help if you have dry eyes. Highly recommended!


What is the best product for eye ice pack for allergies?

Eye ice pack for allergies products from Blissful Being. In this article about eye ice pack for allergies you can see why people choose the product. Medcosa and Fomi are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye ice pack for allergies.

What are the best brands for eye ice pack for allergies?

Blissful Being, Medcosa and Fomi are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye ice pack for allergies. Find the detail in this article. Jekeno, Proloso and Consgiji are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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