Best Eye Ice Pack with Eye Holes

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1. Therapeutic Migraines Technology Optix 55

Therapeutic Migraines Technology Optix 55

This eye mask is made with gel pearls that conform to the shape of your face, just like a memory foam pillow. It is designed to retain its temperature longer. You can use the eye mask to create a cool ice pack to relieve puffy eyes or a heating pad to reduce swelling. The plastic medical eye mask filled with ergo beads is an all around relaxing experience. Most ice packs require a towel to be wrapped around it for insulation and to create a protective barrier. The eye pillow has a strap for a comfortable fit and no need for a towel. You will feel relief in as little as 5 minutes if you secure it with a strap. The eye pad helps with Swelling, Puffiness, Dryness, Dark Circles, Under Eye Bags, headaches, Allergies, Sinus Issues, Bruxism, Acne, Blackheads, Sleeping, and Aging Skin. It is easy to use, reuse and wash. The hot cold gel pack is good for irritated eyes. The hydrating mask is hand washed so you can enjoy it for a long time.

Brand: Optix 55

👤I've been having headaches for over a decade. The kind that makes you feel powerless. I'm always looking for products that will make me feel better during my time of need. I seek professional medical assistance, but not all migraines stop with medical treatment. Sometimes, you have to do what you have to do to get as comfortable as possible and ride the wave. One thing that helps me is a cool compress on my forehead and around my eyes but traditional ice packs are too cold and bulky and I have to keep adjusting to get the relief where I need it. I wanted to try it. I've had cheap eye masks before but they break. Not this. It has a headband that's great for most heads. Eye opening doesn't affect vision at all. It was perfect size. I like it where I am. I have not tried it hot. If you like a warm sensation, you can microwave. For me, coolness is what I wanted, and it definitely fits the bill. I think the price is correct for the quality of the product and design. Comes in different colors. I like pink so that made me happy. I would recommend giving it a try.

👤The product arrived in a nice package. The pressure behind my eyes is uncomfortable and I have a history of headaches. I put the eye mask in the freezer. It was ready to leave within an hour. The mask is easy to fit on your head. The eye is light and can be seen in your eye area. I have tried other eye cutouts that did not work for me. It was not comfortable over my eyes. If you prefer warmth, you can put it in the microwave. I only use it from the freezer for headaches, so I can't speak to the warming part of the mask. The mask reduces the pressure behind my eyes and makes me feel better. It is useful for a while before you have to put it back in the freezer. If I plan on lying down with it and initially feels too cold to have it directly on the skin eye area, I put a thin dry washcloth on my eyes. I put the eye mask on top until I get used to the temperature of the eye mask. My headaches have been cut in half since I got this. It has no smell and doesn't pick up odors from the freezer so that is a bonus.

👤I bought this to help with headaches. I have been having a lot of headaches for the last few years, and have been unable to work for about 6 days a month. Applying heat to my face and head, sitting in a dark, quiet room, and sleeping are the only things that help. I only use the eye mask hot. I put it in the microwave. I used a wash cloth dipped in hot water to apply heat before using an eye mask. I still use the wash cloth method. I get a good lather of heat and steam on my face. I use the heated eye mask more often now. I don't wear it as glasses. I put it on my face. The heat lasts for about 10 minutes, depending on how hot you get. The plastic is too thin and fragile to be put in the microwave for a long time. The plastic will stretch and become too thin when it starts bubbling. It would be useless if it were to create a hole. I've used this product cold as well. I find heat works better for me than cold. It may be useful to buy 2 of them. You could keep one in the freezer and the other in the room. The only reason I gave this product 4 stars is because of the plastic's strength.

2. Gel Eye Mask Sleeping Pack

Gel Eye Mask Sleeping Pack

ComfiPak's gel bead eye mask is great for healing puffy eyes and sore face. It uses hot and cold therapy to relieve pain. It's great to relieve stress and headaches around your face. Cold eye mask can be put in the fridge or freezer to help reduce inflammation. Place a heated eye mask in a microwave. The mask can reach deep into the tissue to reduce pressure and pain. The double sided design is noteworthy. Their gel mask is made with 100% nontoxic medical grade gel beads with a premium PVC cover on one side and soft fabric on the other to ensure optimal safety as you sleep. For a spa-like experience, choose the plush side or the silicone side. The hot and cold eye mask is adjusted to fit almost all head sizes. A secure fastening ensures that the mask stays on your face even as you toss and turn in bed, and is designed for long comfortable wear as you relax and rest. Get double the healing with premium quality and great value. You and a loved one can share the relief from the two gel face masks. It's a great gift for people who are troubled or looking for an at- home spa experience. They know you love them, and that's because of ComfiPak's money back guarantee.

Brand: Comfipak

👤After an eye surgery, ice packs worked well. It was much easier to balance the ice pack on my nose. The strap is comfortable. They are light and thin. It's easy to always have one ready to go because they stay cold long enough for a 20 minute treatment. These are great for my husband's headaches. He just places one on the area that hurts and can rest without holding an ice pack since he can adjust the strap around his head.

👤I threw out the product or took a picture. After taking it out of the freezer, it was too stiff and I had to massage it. The gel balls began to fall out. Not much pressure. I can't recommend it. It works on my puffy eyes, but it's small and probably wouldn't fit most adult sized heads. The second one broke. I won't be buying these again.

👤I get headaches when I spend too much time looking at spreadsheets on my computer. You can either freeze or microwave them. I have used them many times and they are holding up well. I have 2. I can swap from a heated pack to a frozen pack. Be careful when heating them in the microwave. I heat the pack 3 times in 15 second intervals and get to the perfect temperature.

👤I use these when I have a lot of headaches. Cold therapy has been shown to be effective. This mask has a plastic side and a fuzzy one, which is nice. You can choose the temperature against your head. I love that there are two in a pack so you can grab another one without having to wait for it to cool down.

👤The band that holds eye gel is too short. Can't fit around an average head. I don't think it's a good idea.

👤I like this product. I have used the one for cooling. I keep it in my freezer. I use the cloth side over my eyes. It is very soft, comfortable and soothing. When it is not as cold, I flip it over and use the other side. It is also comfortable. It is very soothing for sore eyes from crying or being very tired. It works great for headaches. I haven't tried it in warm weather yet. I am quite sure that it is very pleasant. I stated that it was most likely to be used for the same reasons. The mask has stayed in place for most of the night. When the sun comes up, it is nice to keep the light out. If you need to keep the light out for daytime sleep, or if you work overnights.

👤This is my first written review. The eye compress is amazing. I am an engineering student and I am tired often. I ordered these at 4 am after my homework was done. These are the best things for tired eyes. The cold compress is the only one I have tried so far, and it is so relaxing and pleasant that I never want to take it off. The beads in the mask are moving in a satisfying way. It comes with my partner. I don't have to fight over who's turn it is!

3. Cold Compress Reusable Treat Swelling

Cold Compress Reusable Treat Swelling

The ice bag cooling eye mask is made of medical material. Gel pads can be used on the skin. Bring different healing effects to you for cold and hot therapy. It can be used with eye patch for better effect. Soothing. gel eye patch can be made into a bag. Cold compress can relieve headaches. It is possible to reduce swelling and dry eyes with a heat shield. It is beautiful and healthy to use it with eyes. It helps you with eye fatigue and smooth fine lines. The flowing gel is comfortable to use and provides a relaxing experience. The cold and hot gel eye patch will not bring you any side effects. It can be used again after cleaning, environmental protection and health. After using it persistently, you can enjoy its effect. If you want to apply hot compress, you can put it in a microwave oven for 10 seconds. If you want to apply cold compress, you can put the product in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. The gel can fit the eyes even after freezing. Feel free to use it. This product is lovely and beautiful in design, but also can fit the eyes, bringing you a good decompression effect. It has a better effect with the eye patch.

Brand: Coldcool

👤I bought these because they were cheaper than the typical warm compress. The little beads inside of the ones that are made for styes really make a difference, they are able to each individually heat up as opposed to the switch to says a gel inside. I thought the instructions to put these in a pot of boiling water was ridiculous, but I found another set of instructions that said to microwave them for 20 seconds. I went the microwave route. I thought about it for 20 seconds. They only recommend 10 to 15 seconds on the typical stye ones. I watched it in the microwave and it looked like it was going to explode. lo and behold. I took it out and waited for the expansion to slim down, but after I put it on a cloth, there was a gouty sensation in my eye, so I didn't throw it away. I gave you four of these for about five bucks each, which is less than the cost of one, but I think there is a reason why the other ones cost more. I microwaved the second one for 10 seconds because it was not hot. It was puffy and tells me that these are not good quality periods. I had to microwave it for five seconds at a time to let it deflate and then continue to microwave it because it was a nuisance. The other problem is that the beds don't stay hot and that's because they don't have the glue inside which can stay hard for so long. You understand what I am saying. I know my reviews are not always positive. I try to be honest so other people don't feel left out. There are a lot of very bad reviews on Amazon, many times people just aren't critical enough, but even more so, people are getting paid by incentives to get their money back or even to get more money than what they paid back. I can tell you that this company did not do that. Even though the product is cheap and not up to par, they are not trying to give you any incentive to return it, I just cut my losses five bucks because I felt like it would be dumb to return it after not using it. I will only eat a small lunch tomorrow. This review was created with the app.

👤If you're gentle with them, they're okay to put on your eyes. I had a burst open on me as I was taking it out of the freezer.

👤I used to follow the instruction but it exploded.

👤You only get 2 masks, not 4.

👤In the last year, I have increased my beauty routine. It included things like eye and whole face masks. I wanted to use these to relax. I won't be using the heat feature a lot. I liked that it was an option. When I tried out the heat feature, I found it took a bit to boil it, and I had to wait a minute or two as the water is too hot to put on my eyes. It was too cool to really do anything after 10 minutes. There is a I preferred the cool version. I also got a similar result. It lasted about 10 minutes before it was warm to really do anything. It lasts and lasts. I was able to use it with a small cloth over my eyes, even though I wasn't able to use it directly. The pouches are soft and can go directly on your eyes. The edges of the plastic are not as tough as they could be. I prefer to keep them in a makeup fridge since they are easy to wipe off and store at room temp. I like them. They are not the prettiest thing I have ever seen.

4. Cooling Reusable Backing Headache Migraine

Cooling Reusable Backing Headache Migraine

Relief from headaches, sore eyes, and other headaches is ideal. Hot/cold therapy is delivered by bead technology. Soft plush fabric is very comfortable to wear. The strap can be adjusted for different head sizes. The Ice pack cooling eye mask is made with medical grade premium PVC cover on one side and soft plush fabric on the other side to ensure optimal safety as you sleep. The soft plush side allows direct-skin use, provides dual temperatures, and extends hot or cold therapy time. It is designed for long hours of comfortable wear. The bag helps for healthful storage.

Brand: Ariel Edge

👤The mask was purchased for allergy relief. The soft beads behind the smooth plastic and fabric edges of the mask are great for this purpose. It is two-sided, giving us a choice of soothing textures. When following the instructions, bending the mask in order to wear it will cause the gel beads to crack and break. The beads have begun to degrade into mush after less than three months of use. The plastic has prevented the mess from leaking. It's not safe for small kids. This is a decent product. We'll be throwing them away.

👤I had to return. I put it in the microwave. It exploded at the 26 second mark. Cheap film over the beads.

👤I received mine earlier in the mail today and will update if any of the potential downfalls occur, but I'm very satisfied. I'm a dummy and didn't know this comes with 2. If #1 goes wrong, the backup will be twice the value and heated up in the microwave without any smell or bursting. I only heated it once so far. The felt side doesn't feel plastic-y as I feared, but as long as you should expect Cons, the fit is a little strange. It's kind of odd. It came with no instructions other than the little bit on the tag, so if you need any, you can ask.

👤My husband suffers from intense migraines and I got this for him. I researched many options and this one seemed to be one of the more well-constructed ones that I could find online. It's even better in person. The beaded side is soft and squishy so it won't hurt your face. I haven't tried it myself, but my mister got one of his attacks a day after I gave him this. He had a mask in the fridge the day before and he said it helped him with his head pain. I'm happy! I haven't tried the mask heated, so I can't speak on that, but I did see a review that said there were no instructions on heating, so you may want to check that out.

👤I have a cod/flu "thing" with a lot of bones in the nose and sinuses. The package was delivered directly to my apartment door, which was wonderful, and I put the mask in the microwave for 45 seconds and then over my eyes. It was a complete relief from the pain. I was relaxed in the last five days. I am not cured. Maybe my system will show its gratitude and throw the Bugs out. The designer, manufacturer, supplier, and everyone else who helped bring this product to me, thank you. The delivery people are thanked.

👤My eye doctor recommended a warm, damp compress for dry eyes. It's much easier to heat in the microwave. It takes 30 seconds in the microwave. It's not very warm, but it's plenty, as it would be easy to hurt your eyes if it's too hot.

👤I bought this to reduce the redness under my eyes. If it's later in the day or night, my eyes look bad the next morning. I notice a difference using this mask. I've tried holes in the eyes but they never worked as there wasn't enough gel beads in the areas I need them in the most. Since there are no eye openings on this mask, I can easily move the beads so that the areas I need are covered. I don't know how long it will stay cold as it always stays room temperature by the time I wake up, but I fall asleep in it every time. The material used against your eyes is something I appreciate. It protects the sensitive areas under your eyes from the cold, and it's soft, unlike the masks I've used where you put freezing cold gel right on your skin. I haven't tried heating it yet. This mask should be soothing for you, whether you're a relaxer or a crier. If I'm brave enough, I may do a before and after picture. You. The price is reasonable.

5. IceWraps Reusable Packs Cloth Backing

IceWraps Reusable Packs Cloth Backing

Made in Canada. IceWraps has high quality gel packs made of Canadian water. The medical grade hot and cold packs have complied with US safety standards and can be used for hot and cold therapy. Gel can be frozen in a regular household freezer. Gel packs are easy to use to treat and care for muscles. You should keep your first-aid kit, medical kit, and nursing kit. Natural pain relief. Cool packs can be used for pain relief. It's perfect for boo pack, breastfeeding and promoting milk supply, wisdom tooth removal, finger injuries, toothache, headaches, sinus pressure, allergies, nose bleeds, joint pain, migraines, inflammation, and swelling. Reusability for life is made from puncture resistant plastic. It is safe for sensitive skin. For up to 20 minutes, cloth backing protects the skin. Follow care instructions to reuse. There is a guarantee of icewrAPS. IceWraps takes pride in their hot and cold therapy products and customer service. They offer free returns within 30 days and are here to answer any questions you have.

Brand: Icewraps

👤These are great. The gel doesn't freeze when you put it in the freezer. They keep them cold when I put them in the baby bottle cooler. There is a gel/plastic side and a cloth side. I used these in my bra when I first started breastfeeding and they were amazing. I kept them in the fridge since they got so cold in the freezer. They stay cold for 20 minutes against body heat, but I found that long enough to ease the pain after breastfeeding or pumping. I wish they were sold in even numbers. I used to have that one out in the freezer that wasn't being used. If you found the review helpful, please let me know and I'll be happy to comment on your questions.

👤I bought these for my surgery. These helped keep my swelling down. If you want heat, it can be heated up. They have been great for me when I have headaches.

👤I rate these as 5 stars. I've had two serious injuries that have left me with a lot of pain. I don't use them for pain unless I have a headaches. I have problems at night. I also have sleep problems. If I can get my head open and get my mask on, I'm okay because the rush of air keeps my passage open. I'm not sure why. I will not use decongestants when I cannot breath through my nose. When I lived in a cold climate for a long time, I learned that when I was congested, the only thing I had to do was go outside. I've found that putting my head in the freezer can help if it's hot. It is not always easy. These little ice packs were found by me. I just have to put the gel pack between my forehead and my sleep apnea mask. I put a paper towel on my skin if the gel pack is frozen. I keep some of these in the fridge. I can place them against my skin if they are not frozen. These have helped me open up my head and keep me off of decongestants. . I like to use them with a flexible ice pack. The ice packs do not stay cold very long. If you place them between your body and a larger ice pack, they will fit right up to the sorest part of an injury. They stay cold for a long time and that helps the swelling go down faster. It's nice to put them between my bra strap and my shoulder. They can be used in many ways.

👤Thin and warm, these don't stay cold for long. I think they are best used for tired eyes and insect sting. I tried putting a barrier between the gel pack and my ankle, but the cold wasn't strong enough to penetrate. The pack became cooler after 10 minutes on my ankle. I put it in the microwave to warm it up so that it wouldn't hurt anymore. I left it in longer than I should have because it didn't heat up right away. If you decide to heat them, be careful. They will not seem warm until they are, be patient and follow the directions. There is a If you leave them in the freezer for 24 hours, they will freeze and be cold enough for non surface injuries. The directions say they are useful after an hour.

6. Reusable Cooling Therapy Migraine Headache

Reusable Cooling Therapy Migraine Headache

It is possible to create a cold ice pack with their gel eye masks, it is great for relief of puffy eyes, dark circles, headaches, migraines, tired eyes, or as a heating eye pad. The gel beads are flexible and can be used on the face or on the body. The Newgo Ice pack cooling eye mask is made with medical grade premium PVC cover on one side and soft plush fabric on the other side to ensure optimal safety as you sleep. The soft plush side allows direct-skin use, provides dual temperatures, and extends hot or cold therapy time. The hot and cold eye mask is sure to fit perfectly on almost all head sizes. A secure fastening ensures the mask stays on your face even as you toss and turn in bed, and is designed for long hours of comfortable wear as you relax and rest. The eye mask has a bag that can be used for healthful storage or to remove the fridge odor. Lay flat to dry and wash with soap and water. The gel eye mask should be sealed in a storage bag and placed in the fridge for an ice pack. Either freeze it for 35 minutes or chill it for 1-2 hours. The doctor recommends 20 minutes for the therapeutic temperature to be held by a cold eye mask. Place it in the microwave and heat it for 10 seconds at a time. They will take care of your issue within one day if you contact them freely. Now is the time to order yours.

Brand: Newgo

👤I had surgery in April. I started having issues with severe dry skin from the temperature change and heat. The ice pak has helped me. I highly recommend. A lot of the comments complain that it doesn't stay cold long and that you shouldn't leave an ice pak on for more than 15 minutes. The pak stays cold for a while.

👤I was excited when I received this product, but I was disappointed. I needed a product that would keep me warm for a while and was able to be held in place on my face, and this was the product I was looking for. The mask gave off a weird smell after I heated it up for the correct amount of time. That was gross to begin with but, alas, my head and eyes were pounding. I gave it a try because I needed immediate relief. I wasn't impressed. I took it off because the heat didn't do much for the pressure in my head. I was surprised to see that my vision was blurry. I had to hold the instructions from the mask an inch away from my face to make sure they were legible. I had my husband look up what could have possibly gone wrong on the internet and luckily, we found it wasn't any chemicals that seeped into my eyes. I started to think. It was caused by the pressure of the mask on my eyes. This is a characteristic of cheaper masks and is dangerous to your vision. If you are looking into masks and want to get quality relief and not just a quick fix, this is a good place to start. It was scary not knowing what was happening, but my vision cleared up after about 40 minutes. It might not happen to you, but keep an eye on what you buy.

👤I bought a different eye mask because I loved it so much. When the second one arrived, it was dirty and had a hair stuck in the Velcro. I will return it immediately. It was disgusting.

👤The box has instructions on it, as well as a storage bag for the mask, to keep it out of the freezer. The packaging is well thought out and I like the back of it.

👤I keep my cooling mask in the fridge and use it when I have a migraine. It has helped with sore muscles in my arms and legs. The brand seems to have made well. I recommend this gel mask to anyone who needs a go to ice pack for headaches or minor muscle aches.

👤I have had this less than a month. I put it in the freezer before I knew I was going to use it, and only put it in the bag when I knew I was going to use it. As the plastic on the front of the gel beads melted, the beads fell out. It was not used over and over. I am very dissatisfied with this product. I bought it because it had good ratings.

7. FOMI Lavender Puffiness Freezable Microwavable

FOMI Lavender Puffiness Freezable Microwavable

TheRAPEUTIC EFFECT Cold therapy on the face reduces swelling, pain and inflammation. Flexibility is restored in a wide variety of ailments. It's great for swollen and puffy eyes, dark circles, sinusitis, head colds, fever, muscle aches and stiffness, insect bites, sunburns, stress, and headaches. The dual sided, custom, secure fit full coverage face mask is made to have an exact and comfortable fit for your face, with openings for your eyes and nose, allowing you to use it without disrupting your routine. It is designed with a firm and flexible fastening to fit around your head. It covers the nose, forehead, and cheeks. The other side has a more relaxing fabric backing. Simply place in the freezer or refrigerator until you want a cooling effect. The eye mask is ready to be used. Flexibility, resilience, safe: these are the qualities. The Hot Cold Pack is made from non-toxic ingredients. The premium cover resists tearing and leaking. It remains flexible even in cold weather, allowing it to conform to your eyes and help reduce pain and tension. Simply wiping it down can wash it. If you have sensitive facial skin, do not use this product on your face. It'sTILE: The mask can also be used for the head, back, neck, shoulders, arm, elbow, wrist, back, knee, shin, foot or ankle. It's perfect for travel, meditation, yoga, or relaxation. Place it where it's needed and relax!

Brand: Fomi

👤It works great with my glasses because eye holes are in the right place for an alien. Would definitely recommend it.

👤It's amazing! This is the best mask you can buy. Please read the description. It is fragrant with lavender. If you have an allergy to lavender scent or any other type of sent scent, this will affect you. It is the best place on Earth. I put it on for 15-20 minutes and it helped my headaches immediately. The mask is the best I have ever bought for my headaches and it was worth the money.

👤The box stated that it was lavender scented. The scent is still there even after I washed it. It makes me sick, and it gives me a headaches. The scent turned me off, but it does get warmer.

👤I love it! The lavender scent is not overpowering and the fit is snug. I suffer with allergies and on days when the pressure in the nose is particularly strong, this mask helps ease the pain. It's not as bad as other masks because they tend to get damp once they've been thawing for a while.

👤I ordered this and am so happy that I did. I have tried others before, but they weren't up to par. This one gives me great relief from headaches and I was expecting more. It is easy to use and very comfortable. There is generous coverage of the facial area. It has a strap that can be adjusted to keep it in place, making it possible to move without it dropping off.

👤There are fun eye holes. I have been living my fantasy for a long time. I can watch 90 Day FiancĂ© on TV with my left eye and scroll through TikTok with my right eye while I am nursing a migraines. It's fun. The mask works. The eyes are very far apart.

👤This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever had on my body. I wore it for the first time with my husband. I quit using the product because of the looks. This won't fit your face. The shaping is so weird, no matter how you adjust it. As others jab into your skin, you become too cold and uncomfortable, because parts of your face won't touch your face at all.

👤The vinyl and beads are of good quality. It doesn't smell like lavender when you warm it up. It helps with my headaches and stays cool for a long time. Sometimes the velcro can pull your hair, it hurts. It will not stay warm for more than 8 minutes. Is heavy. You have to be laying down. One side is vinyl and the other is soft fabric.

👤It doesn't look as nice as the photo shows. It is great for my headaches. I have changed my rating because I received this item in the beginning of April and it is now a tear in it and the beads are falling out everywhere. Very disappointed. There is a method for this.

8. Permotary Therapeutic Puffiness Headaches Relief Purple

Permotary Therapeutic Puffiness Headaches Relief Purple

The gel eye mask is made of soft flannel and is comfortable and does not need to be insulated. The gel beads are free of toxins and latex and can be used for cold therapy or heat therapy. gel beads can be bent at will to fit the shape of the individual eye. The gel eye mask can help relieve eye fatigue, eye bags, dark circles, headaches, physical cooling, pain relief, itching, refreshing and relieve fatigue. The gel eye mask is a good way to relieve fatigue and stress. For cold therapy, place it in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes, and for heat therapy, place it in a microwave oven for about 20 minutes. It's easy to use. The gel eye mask is convenient for storage and can be used repeatedly. It is easy to clean, just wipe with water or hand wash. Use cold and hot sucks to relax eye muscles. 2PCS gel eye masks make you and your family more comfortable. The most intimate gift for the family is a gel eye mask. They will try their best to solve your problem if you have a question.

Brand: Permotary

👤The fleece lining and elastic straps of the masks are very nice. I store my mask in the freezer because it will stay cold longer than the instructions say to place it in the refrigerator. The second time I used it, the seam split open and the gel beads were all over the place. I have done this before with other masks and never had a problem.

👤I used the two-pack eye mask after eyelid surgery. I was told by the medical staff that I would have ice packs and a hot compress for my eyes. These worked well for both of them. After sitting out of the freezer for five minutes, I would pull one out of the freezer. Two packs mean you have one ready to use. For warm use, I found it best to start with a 10 second zap, remove the gel beads, and then zap five seconds more to get the gel beads out of the heat. If necessary, repeat it for five seconds. It takes less than a minute to heat in the microwave. Hope this helps.

👤I like this. I need heat on my eyes at least 2 or 3 times a day. I was using the microwave to cook wash cloths. They cool down quickly. The eye pack stays warm for a while. It is just perfect. I don't have to keep repeating. It is comfortable to wear.

👤People with dry eyes need heated masks at night. I love the fabric backs of these ones. I hear a noise in the microwave before I use it.

👤I've had other cold eye pack masks and this one is not good. It looks like other packs, but it's garbage. There was a hole in one of the masks. After freezing them, they become solid and can't be conformed to your face. Pointless until it starts to melt and fall on your face. Don't buy.

👤They stay cold enough to be of benefit to me, and warm enough to be of benefit to me. I need them to be there for 20 to 30 minutes. A great sleep mask. It's zzzzz.

👤I bought this because I was trying to find a way to sleep better. I put them in the microwave and refrigerator. When I went to sleep, I put the hot one over my eyes, and I was able to sleep, which is more than I can say for other days. I put the cold one on for 10 minutes and rubbed my eyes. It was refreshing. Do not put this in the freezer. It will freeze solid. If you read the instructions, you should put it in the refrigerator or tub of ice. I think tossing it in the fridge is a great idea. I love the masks.

👤This is not the first set of masks I have used, so I am aware of how it feels when frozen. This one is very hard and inflexible, which makes it very uncomfortable to wear. It can't be worn.

9. BEL KANN Swelling Reusable Compress

BEL KANN Swelling Reusable Compress

The eye mask helps reduce dark circles in puffy eyes. Your eyes feel better after using ice face mask gel. A frozen eye mask can stay cold for a while. Microwave eye mask for headaches is a good option if you are sensitive to light. The gel mask is an excellent remedy for headaches and eye pain. Gel eye mask cold pack is comfortable to use and it will eliminate the symptoms of allergies. Cold hot therapy works well for relaxing after a long day at work. Cool eye mask for puffy eyes can help you sleep. The eye soothing gel face mask can be washed multiple times. Let them know if you don't like the ice pack and they will give you a replacement or full refund.

Brand: Bk Bel & Kann

👤The eye holes are small and not high enough to hold eye patches. I would choose one that didn't go over the nose.

10. Cooling Therapy Migraines Headaches Reusable

Cooling Therapy Migraines Headaches Reusable

Effective Pain Relief - Gel face mask gently provides soothing hot & cold therapy treatment and natural relief for puffy eyes, sinus headaches, migraines, fevers, toothaches, bumps or bruises, brain pressure point pains, tension, some sleep conditions and other common conditions. It helps to manage swelling. Useful for everyday remedies. Cold face mask and cold eye mask are recommended to speed recovery and reduce inflammation after different facial and jaw surgeries. No more dark eyes! It is a beauty product to be gift essential. The gel face mask and gel eye mask is a convenient combination. It's great for home, school and office use. It provides hot or cold therapy. Cold/heat therapy can be done in the refrigerator/freezer or microwave. The temperature is held effectively by quick heating and cooling. Place the ice mask in the freezer for 30 minutes or in the microwave for 30 seconds, please check out the direction before use. Hot and cold therapy are recommended by many people. The ice face mask they provide is safe and regulated. There are nice gifts for women.

Brand: All One Tech

👤I have an eye mask on. The band is stretchy and can be used in a variety of ways. The fabric on the back is soft. January 19, 2020 That was short lived. The little balls were on my dressing table. There is a split in the stitching. I hope I can find one that is more professional.

👤The first time I used the eye peas, they were the same split open and all the beads started spilling out. They are not picking up the package. There is something wrong with the system.

👤I tried to put the product on my face for the first time after getting it out of the freezer, but it came apart right after I put it on. The same thing happened with both products. Really disappointed.

👤I bought this mask for when my face starts to warm up. The scent of this mask is heavenly, compared to the cold wash cloth that would dry up my face because it was so hot. I would place my face cheek up to anything I could find to keep it cool. It was pretty funny to see the things I would do to cool myself down. The mask has a smooth almost suede feeling side and a plastic gel side. I use both if my face is hot. I only hold it up to my face for 45 seconds because of the risk of frost burn. The smooth side is what I use when I need to put something on my head. I use an extra mask for my neck or forehead. It looks quiet when I need both on. I don't see a reason I would warm it up. I never thought of it as a great buy, but it is. Next to the ice cream bars is the freezer.

👤I had an operation on my teeth and had a lot of swelling. I needed an ice pack for my face and this product was perfect. It's flexible even when it's frozen. I wore it until it completely froze. It was very easy to use. I recommend one for your first aid.

👤I like this. It's great for headaches, puffy eyes, and jaw pain, and I've been using it for them. It's easy to keep in the freezer because it doesn't take up much space. I like that the material is not offensive to my sensitive skin. The beads keep the mask cold while still being at a temperature that is pleasant to have on the skin. I love that they give you 2. I keep one in the freezer at all times. I would recommend anyone who suffers with these issues to do so.

👤I microwaved it and it popped. I had to get a new one. The eye mask popped after being in the freezer as recommended.

👤The first time I tried to use it, it broke open.

11. Eye See Cooling Gel Mask

Eye See Cooling Gel Mask

The cold eye mask can be used to relieve a number of conditions. The gel eye mask is made from a flexible material which will fit your face. The bead gel eye mask is easy to clean. The frozen cold compress mask will help with relaxation and soothe a headaches. Allergy relief is great for itchy eyes. Use the eye gel mask when you sleep. The freezer is safe. When using a cold eye compress, you can get rid of puffy eyes and dark circles around your eyes. As a warm eye gel mask, it can help you sleep better, as it can relieve redness, swelling, and help you sleep peacefully.

Brand: Eye See

👤The web description has "gel ice pak" and "reLAXING - The frozen cold compress mask..." The product says "DO NOT FREEZE" when you receive it. I need it to be freezable. Thanks a lot for wasting my time and resources to ship a product that is not real.

👤I have had this item for about 3 months now and it works for me. I use it 5 times a week and it helps with my dark circles and bags. I wish it was like an elastic band, but it is. I put mines in a freezer that is large enough to hold them.

👤Cool packs were recommended for the swelling after eye surgery. You can still read or watch a movie if you have this mask on.

👤After eyelid surgery, this was bought to use. It's comfortable and effective. Whenever we have swollen eyes, we will continue to use it.

👤I like the fact that you can still see. I used the eye mask for puffy eyes after my eye surgery was canceled.

👤I bought the first mask that popped up after I found out my old one was out of stock. It doesn't fit on your face and the band is made of fabric. It's not fun for someone with long hair. It would make more sense if it was elastic.

👤I had eyelid surgery and it was great to have a mask.

👤It is a good size and comfortable. Great gifts at the holidays.


What is the best product for eye ice pack with eye holes?

Eye ice pack with eye holes products from Optix 55. In this article about eye ice pack with eye holes you can see why people choose the product. Comfipak and Coldcool are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye ice pack with eye holes.

What are the best brands for eye ice pack with eye holes?

Optix 55, Comfipak and Coldcool are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye ice pack with eye holes. Find the detail in this article. Ariel Edge, Icewraps and Newgo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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