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1. Ice Roller Face Massager Puffiness

Ice Roller Face Massager Puffiness

One product, many uses, is the ice face massager roller, which is great for eye massager, ice pack for face, ice mask for face, and more. Look your best. Ice Face Roller skin care should be done before you apply your favorite products. The face roller massager can be used to remove swelling and puffy skin. It can be used as an eye roller for puffy eyes. It's great for bright young looking eyes when used in place of face ice cubes or an ice pack. Roll under your eyes and apply your eye treatment products. It's easy to find a quick easy solution. The roller can be stored in the freezer for easy use. It can be used as a face sculpting tool or as a face massager roller. These are great gift ideas. They are sure that you will love this roller. Their guarantee to you is very important to them, as a family owned business.

Brand: Beauty By Earth

👤The ice roller is easy to use. There are pictures on the back of the package. You can start your spa routine by putting it in the freezer. The roller is ready for use in 15 minutes. The roller stays frozen for 30 minutes, which is enough for my routine. The size is good. The roll is wide and small. The ice roller is nearly 8 feet tall. Not too big and not too small. I initially used the ice roller for the face and neck, but after a while I found more use for it. I tried it after headaches and after mosquito bites for my swollen feet. I highly recommend it.

👤I am using this to type the review. I wake up with puffy eyes. I didn't have an expectation for this roller, but as soon as I used it, I was hooked. It is oddly comforting. I don't know what is inside the roller, but it will last a while before I have to put it back in the freezer. It is cold but not so cold that you can't hold it in one place. It does not hurt or sting. I'm already addicted to this thing. I can see how it could help with a headaches as well.

👤I bought this because I wanted to only use it on my face, but ended up using it on my injured ankle to make it more useful. It was great for my face. It was easy to roll and it helped relieve headaches. I hurt my ankle recently and have to ice it. I decided to try this out on my ankle to see if it works. It does! It is a great tool to help massage my ankle and apply coolness to it. This product has multiple uses and is a great value. I like the fact that this particular face roller is large, so it works well for the uses I get out of it.

👤I have gotten my money's worth from the ice roller within the first week. It's the only thing that can cool me down when I have hot flashes. I keep it in the freezer door and take it out frequently. The roller will last a long time once you take it out of the freezer. Occasionally there will be light ice crystals on it, but I never notice my hot flashes. It's a good thing. My son got a chemical rash on his face from using a facial product that burned his face. You can use it for cooling down. Definitely recommend!

👤I really like the ice roller. It would be too cold and harsh on my skin. It is great. Straight ice on your face is harsher. It is very relaxing. It stays cold for a long time. I used it on my face while I was watching a show.

👤I'm going to ice my face for two minutes in the morning and at night to help with my new regimen. I was either using ice packs or straight ice and my hands would go numb. I would not make it to two minutes. I searched on Amazon to see if this was a thing and it was. I have a bad back. I tried it on my back and it was great. I might be buying a separate one for my back.

2. Rcool Roller Massager Products Lubricate

Rcool Roller Massager Products Lubricate

The face roller is made from ice and can reduce the occurrence of acne. The skin's metabolism is too slow to produce oil, which causes it to become a problem. Ice can be applied to the face to improve it. Applying ice roller on your face can reduce the length of red blood streaks. Fine lines can be removed by applying face roller with ice on the face. If you have fine lines on your face, ice rollering will restore the skin to its original state. This ice cube can be used to treat enlarged pores and irritate the skin. It can make the skin more elastic and contractile. It lowers the temperature of the sun-exposed skin in the summer. The ice roller has the effect of calming the skin and promoting blood circulation. This ice face roller is made by FDA approval and is a perfect gift. Silicone skin care tools are food-grade, non-toxic, and safe to use for a baby. It's great for mothers day,birthday,anniversary,holiday... or even just because.

Brand: Rcool

👤I have only used it once and already it makes my face softer and tighter. If you run it under water, the top slides off. It will soak your shirt if you do it after you get dressed.

👤It doesn't work as expected. It got all over the freezer when I put water in it. Invest in a better one.

👤My daughter in law received it as a gift. She said it helps relieve headaches and puffy face. There is a unique little thing. It was a little worried that it would be broken but it was ok.

👤It's perfect for a toned look on the face and body. I have used many items mixed before freezing to add to the experience. I feel like I glow because I have noticed lessAcne has decreased and I feel like it makes me glow. If you do it for a long time, you can give yourself a sunburn. I have used it a lot since I bought it.

👤I love this product. I use it every day. Lemon juice, lavender oil, or both are highly recommended. When you join the two sections, make sure that it is tight and don't over fill it.

👤It took a long time to get here, but it was worth it. I have majorAcne and it is helping calm it down a little. It makes me sleepy and feels very refreshing. I do it every morning. It is so nice!

👤Después de su uso, sale alguna impureza al da siguiente. Le coloco al agua, unas gotas de aceite. The tree is called de do Terra.

👤This makes me feel good after.

3. PASNOWFU Brighten Reusable Treatment Cryotherapy

PASNOWFU Brighten Reusable Treatment Cryotherapy

The facial ice cube is disposable and developed with long lasting materials. Green Tea for Inflammation, Cucumber water for De-puffing, and Coconut Milk for Anti-aging benefits are some of the recipes that can be used for a real skin boost. The ice face roller is FDA approved and made from silicone. It can be used after facial treatments to calm and soothe. It can be used for headaches. It is suitable for all skin types. The ice face roller is easy to use. Apply the ice to your skin in 30 second intervals. Use daily for optimal results. Reducing the production of red blood streaks can be accomplished by using multi function on the face. If you have fine lines on your face, ice cube roller is a great way to get rid of them. It will prevent wrinkling and tighten the skin. It is a perfect gift for your family and friends. You can give a gift that will keep giving.

Brand: Pasnowfu

👤The item performed as expected. There was no leak. A person I watch uses this. I wanted to try it. It was perfect and what I wanted.

👤This is a good item. The silicone is sturdy and it works well in the freezer. I have noticed that it doesn't snap together properly and that it's hard to remove the lid right away because of the build up on one side. It has to be run under hot water. I bought a different one from a different seller so I will compare that one once it arrives.

👤It hurts to have ice on skin. I wish there was a barrier to keep the stone roller out of my face. My skin was freezing and that made my headaches worse. Could only tolerate a short time.

👤It was perfect! Not cheap at all! It was worth the money.

👤The best capsule for ice facials is this one. You can reopen after you freeze your items. I used honey and tumeric.

👤I like this product because it's versatile, and I like it because of that. Cucumber water with sliced up cucumbers, sliced up lemons, sliced up strawberries, or any of the other options will freeze and there are many benefits behind it.

👤I had to put this mold in the freezer because it always dropped a bit. The entire mold drips into the cup and is not usable for 3 weeks. Don't buy it, you will love it for a couple of weeks, then have to look for a new one.

👤Exactly what I needed. The quality of the material is very good. The value is great. It was easy to use.

4. Fronnor Therapeutic Brighten Complexion Puffiness

Fronnor Therapeutic Brighten Complexion Puffiness

Roll your way to be perennial youth. It helps reduce the appearance of finewrinkles and it also helps improve the appearance of skin. The coolness of the ice roller closes the skin's pores, which can reduce redness and wrinkling, fight puffy,fatigue,dry eyes, dark circles, early fine lines,restore radiance and lifts face. Smooth touch feels good on your skin. When applying a mask or before bed use face cream to absorb the ingredients. The ice roller cooling massager is a great way to get on-the-spot relief from headaches, muscle pain, and minor injuries. It is cool, sunburn, bites and eases hot flashes. Relieve fatigue by massaging the eye sockets and temples. Rolling on face, neck and chest will relax you. You can make yourself relax after work or on vacation.

Brand: Fronnor

👤I am surprised I haven't heard of these before. I have rubbed ice cubes on my tired eyes and dunked my face in an ice bath to tighten my skin. This isn't a novel concept. Still. I looked at the price tag when I heard about these. The ice rollers cost around 20 dollars. I could just put my old ice cubes in the freezer. I turned to Amazon to find one of the things I was looking for. For 8 bucks. I need to say more. The design of the ice roller is very typical, with a handle and ice pack on the top that you stick in the freezer. It rolls very smooth. The handle is plastic and cheap, but it has stood up to my abuse because I dropped it a few times. It's not as nice as some of the metal ice rollers, but it's still 8 bucks. Rub it with rubbing alcohol to clean off the germs before putting it in the freezer. It's important to make sure it's not touching raw meat or anything gross in the freezer cut. You're going to have food all over your face. Ew. It usually freezes quickly. It takes an hour and a half. Too much to count, but I will try. It increases blood circulation. The appearance of large pores is minimized. It is calming and refreshing. It will take three hours of sleep to wake you up. It tightens the skin. Majorly. I use it on my tired eyes and it helps a lot. I wear contact lens that make my eyes even bigger. This was the main reason I bought it, but all the other things are equally great. The jade rollers are just a scam and these are ten times better. If they do work, it's minimal. This is a miracle worker. Should you get this? Yes. This is easier than an ice bath. It's cheap, but it's worth it for the skin benefits. I will use this every morning. My sis laughed at me when I first ordered this. She fell in love with the product after trying it and ordered it immediately. My younger brother keeps asking if he could use it. That is how good it is. Hope this helped. Happy shopping!

👤I bought this because of inflammation and aging. I take a 30 minute walk after getting this out of my freezer. I use this on my neck and face after walking. It helps ALOT with the inflammation. This baby is a gem because I have a lot due to hormones and my eyes swell overnight due to allergies. It was a great investment for 7. It's a great tool, but I let mine sit out a bit.

👤This is my new beauty routine. I love this roller. I was looking for the perfect roller that was not too expensive and found one that was an amazing low price. The swelling in my face has gone down since I used it. I am always puffy because I have allergies. I have been rolling it under my chin and under my neck. The double chin is slowly fading away. My skin is soft and my pores are small. The ice roller can be used for at least 20 minutes. It's best to freeze it for at least 8 hours. My skin stays cold for a while after that. I'm glad they're selling a basic roller, it's simple, easy, fun, and it's what my beauty routine needed. Thank you guys so much!

5. Reusable Cooling Therapy Migraine Headache

Reusable Cooling Therapy Migraine Headache

It is possible to create a cold ice pack with their gel eye masks, it is great for relief of puffy eyes, dark circles, headaches, migraines, tired eyes, or as a heating eye pad. The gel beads are flexible and can be used on the face or on the body. The Newgo Ice pack cooling eye mask is made with medical grade premium PVC cover on one side and soft plush fabric on the other side to ensure optimal safety as you sleep. The soft plush side allows direct-skin use, provides dual temperatures, and extends hot or cold therapy time. The hot and cold eye mask is sure to fit perfectly on almost all head sizes. A secure fastening ensures the mask stays on your face even as you toss and turn in bed, and is designed for long hours of comfortable wear as you relax and rest. The eye mask has a bag that can be used for healthful storage or to remove the fridge odor. Lay flat to dry and wash with soap and water. The gel eye mask should be sealed in a storage bag and placed in the fridge for an ice pack. Either freeze it for 35 minutes or chill it for 1-2 hours. The doctor recommends 20 minutes for the therapeutic temperature to be held by a cold eye mask. Place it in the microwave and heat it for 10 seconds at a time. They will take care of your issue within one day if you contact them freely. Now is the time to order yours.

Brand: Newgo

👤I had surgery in April. I started having issues with severe dry skin from the temperature change and heat. The ice pak has helped me. I highly recommend. A lot of the comments complain that it doesn't stay cold long and that you shouldn't leave an ice pak on for more than 15 minutes. The pak stays cold for a while.

👤I was excited when I received this product, but I was disappointed. I needed a product that would keep me warm for a while and was able to be held in place on my face, and this was the product I was looking for. The mask gave off a weird smell after I heated it up for the correct amount of time. That was gross to begin with but, alas, my head and eyes were pounding. I gave it a try because I needed immediate relief. I wasn't impressed. I took it off because the heat didn't do much for the pressure in my head. I was surprised to see that my vision was blurry. I had to hold the instructions from the mask an inch away from my face to make sure they were legible. I had my husband look up what could have possibly gone wrong on the internet and luckily, we found it wasn't any chemicals that seeped into my eyes. I started to think. It was caused by the pressure of the mask on my eyes. This is a characteristic of cheaper masks and is dangerous to your vision. If you are looking into masks and want to get quality relief and not just a quick fix, this is a good place to start. It was scary not knowing what was happening, but my vision cleared up after about 40 minutes. It might not happen to you, but keep an eye on what you buy.

👤I bought a different eye mask because I loved it so much. When the second one arrived, it was dirty and had a hair stuck in the Velcro. I will return it immediately. It was disgusting.

👤The box has instructions on it, as well as a storage bag for the mask, to keep it out of the freezer. The packaging is well thought out and I like the back of it.

👤I keep my cooling mask in the fridge and use it when I have a migraine. It has helped with sore muscles in my arms and legs. The brand seems to have made well. I recommend this gel mask to anyone who needs a go to ice pack for headaches or minor muscle aches.

👤I have had this less than a month. I put it in the freezer before I knew I was going to use it, and only put it in the bag when I knew I was going to use it. As the plastic on the front of the gel beads melted, the beads fell out. It was not used over and over. I am very dissatisfied with this product. I bought it because it had good ratings.

6. MARZAHAR Puffiness Massager Product Headaches

MARZAHAR Puffiness Massager Product Headaches

The cold face ice roller is used for relief Rhinitis and Migraine. It is frozen very quickly and can be used to relieve the pain from the migraines. It's great for skin care. You feel puffy on the face and eye. The ice roller can promote blood circulation. The eyes and face can be puffy. The ice roller face massager is an anti-wrinkle product. It gives skin a healthy glow. The ice roller can help reduce the appearance of fine wrinkling. The easiest way to use is to keep the ice roller in the fridge. Roll back and forth on your face or eye for up to half an hour when you need an ice roller massage. Save your money. Experience the facial ice roller and say goodby for expensive cosmetics.

Brand: Marzahar

👤There is only about 10 minutes between taking these pics and the lighting is off. I can see the difference it makes in my face when I use the ice roller in the mornings. Would definitely recommend.

👤I bought this one from Amazon because I just moved and I use this for my temporomandibular joint, so I couldn't wait. Great price! It's the same thing. The only difference is that there is one color option. Buy this one instead.

👤This is the second roller I have purchased. The metal kind didn't work very well. I bought this one. This one is great. It stays cold for a while. This thing has helped me with my face getting red and hot, as well as the swelling and taking the heat out of my face, because I have a skin condition called rosacea. 10/10! Highly recommended!

👤I understand why people are excited about this. It is very nice. I keep it in the freezer so I can use it when I want to. I got a horrible stress/tension headaches at work. I wanted to go to bed at 2pm, but had three hours left. I rolled it on my face, temples and neck. I felt better. I was able to hang in there for the rest of the day because I had some energy. I'm very happy I have this. I didn't take pain meds for my headaches. It helped me feel better, but I'm not saying it cures headaches. Will it work every time? I don't know. I definitely recommend it. It's not very expensive. It arrived quickly.

👤This is amazing, I never write reviews. It's so nice for $5. My face is puffy when I wake up, but it's nice to use this after I mist it. I'll probably buy them for my friends.

👤I use this to reduce the marks and swelling on my CPAP lines. It feels great. It's a good price. I would buy again.

👤This thing is amazing. I don't know how long I've gone without one, but it makes me feel better because it makes my face look better. I will probably use this during the summer and put it in a cooler for when I need a nice cool down.

👤There was a sticky greenish colored substance on the handle. It seems to have leaked. I can't find the source of this substance. The item doesn't appear damaged/cracked that I can see, but having this liquid sticky goo on the handle from unknown origin doesn't give a lot of confidence in the durability and safety of this product. The web site tells you how to remove the roller. Is it wrong to put the entire item in the freezer? I don't know what that sticky substance was or where it came from, I'm not comfortable rolling it on my skin.

7. TICLOS Gel Eye Mask Blepharitis

TICLOS Gel Eye Mask Blepharitis

There is a risk free trial. If you're dissatisfied with anything, contact them and they'll give you a full refund. The gel mask is guaranteed to stay cold for triple the amount of time as the other brands. Thanks to their proprietary combination of liquid gel and soft beads. There is a dual sided. The transparent side can be used for a cooler experience and the plush side can be used for a colder one. A soft, luxurious silk mask is included in every box. Stay awake and fall asleep! The gift of relaxation is the gift of pampered yourself or a friend. It's ideal for people who work long hours. The gel mask can be kept in the freezer for no more than two hours. Simply apply the mask to the face after it has reached the desired temperature. Both sides can be used in cooling.

Brand: Ticlo's

👤I have bought a few cold eye masks over the years and the problem is very doesn't stay cold. It's a big problem when you need it to do one thing. It stays cold on my head for about 30 minutes. You need 20 minutes to get the benefits. It helps my headaches. It is very relaxing.

👤This is amazing. I've never slept well when I've traveled. I get a lot of headaches. I used this eye mask a lot over the last few days. The relief of headaches was quick. Coolness helps with relaxation, andSwelling of the face goes down within a few minutes. It's easy to bring a purse or baggage with you to hotels. I may buy more for friends and family because it's such a great value.

👤I have tried cooling gel masks before. I woke up with gel beads all over my bed because the others ripped along the seams. TILCO's is perfect for me because I suffer from chronic migraines and always need one handy. I can position the mask vertically so that it covers my left eye and part of my head because it covers my forehead. It helps with pressure in the nose. The mask is very well made. The ear plugs are also nice. Customer service is exceptional from them. I made a mistake when I froze it for too long and a small part opened. TILCO replaced my mask without charge after I used the warrantee. I kept the one with the small rip that I fixed with a small strip of duct tape to keep it from falling down. The mask doesn't stay cold as long as the other ones, but those also broke. It is easier to have more than one mask so you have a backup. Make these in black! The blue one keeps some light out, but black cancels it out. The blue doesn't keep out the glow when my boyfriend falls asleep with the TV on. Great product and great customer service. This mask is very good.

👤I am pleasantly surprised that I received this. My wife has always wanted to keep these, but she has never ordered them before. She has tried a lot of masks and none smell like the ones she has tried. Your SO can use the spare eye mask. That's awesome! The band that holds the mask on is heavier than the mask itself. It wouldn't feel like tossing and turning will cause it to fall off if the band was wider.

👤It was perfect! I was looking for a sleep mask but decided a gell would be better and found this trio! Quality is not cheap. If things change, I will update.

👤I didn't expect this to meet my expectations alone. I love this mask. I put it in the fridge for a few days and then knocked it out when I went to sleep. I was so relaxed, the lights were not on. I noticed that my eyes were not puffy and that the dark circles were fading away. This was after my first use. Absolutely recommend this mask. The extra night mask is free. I love it! I started to wear that one every night. It helps me to eat through the night. A must get.

8. Cala CALA Eye Pads

Cala CALA Eye Pads

Relax, refresh and replenish! It was designed to soothe tired eyes. Relieves tension, headaches, stress, and exhaustion. It is microwaveable and freezable. It's easy to use at home spa like treatment.

Brand: Cala

👤They were a waste of money, they didn't stay put on my client's face, they kept sliding off, and eventually I had to take them off.

👤I like these. I've had a few pairs. They're the perfect size for me to hold them up on my eye in the morning. They are not very thick. If you were looking for something that would keep you warm for over 5 minutes, these are not going to do the job. Since I can't handle that long with ice on them, they do the trick.

👤The edges of the plastic were sharp, which made me and my friend dislike them. We were not a fan.

👤What a waste of money. These things don't get very cold. They don't get cold until they leave the freezer for about 5 minutes, so it's pointless and a waste of money.

👤It's perfect for when you need something cool on your face.

👤I wake up with puffy eyes and use them daily. I had hoped that they would lower the puffiness. Noelle.

👤I used these to make my grand daughters think they are getting an iPad. These are the ones that open first. I can't wait to see their faces.

👤It's hard to keep your eyes open.

9. Garnier SkinActive Clearly Brighter Anti Puff

Garnier SkinActive Clearly Brighter Anti Puff

Under Eye Cream Roller is an easy to use gel texture eye cream that has a cooling gel formula and a roller that reduces under eye puffiness. The formula's cooling caffeine infused gel reduces the appearance of puffy eyes and makes you look more rested. The full Clearly Brighter skincare routine includes a gentle cleanser with argan oil, daily moisturizer with spf, dark spot treatment, and a glycolic acid peel. The face wash, moisturizer, bb cream, makeup remover, eye cream, serum, or mask is available for you at the Garnier SkinActive store. As a leading global beauty brand, they aspire to create a positive impact by paving the way towards more sustainable beauty. The Leaping Bunny Program was approved by Cruelty Free International.

Brand: Garnier Skincare

👤My wife ordered this product because she wanted it to reduce eye circles. She was aware that the eye roller is not a makeup product. This product is clear and does not make the under eye area brighter, it also causes a mild burning under the eye, and it emphasizes dark circles. It is not true for Garnier to say that it has a cooling gel formula that makes skin appear brighter.

👤There is no verified purchase badge because it is an add-on item. This is the only roller depuff that doesn't cost more than 25 dollars. It is the least expensive because I have found that it is high up on the ingredient list. This means that the included caffeine is in a quantity that has a better chance of helping. If the caffeine was listed much lower, it would be in a minuscule concentration. This is the most important factor for me. The ball is cool to the touch, as it is silver metal, and the roller is cool to the skin. I have read that coolness around the eye area can help reduce eye area puffy after waking up or crying. The texture of the serum is light and feels good to roll on. It is important to only apply to the outer most eye area. Our skin is warm enough to slightly move product down. It is very likely that a skincare product will get into the eyes if one adds it to the eyelid. I roll it right above my eyebrow area and maybe half an inch from my under eye area. At first, the serum needs some help. I shake it down and it lets out. It would not be ideal if it flowed out. I keep them in my purse. One in my main pouch and the other in my makeup bag. The two pros give their 888-353-1299 Why is it rated three stars? Alcohol denatured is included in the ingredients. It's a pity. It is called Alcohol denat. This ingredient is bad for your skin. Considering the delicate eye area, it is worse. I went back to double check the ingredients, and I am thinking about not using it anymore. I am hesitant to continue using this because the above paragraphs are correct.

👤I have been using this product for a long time. I have puffy eyes and this product helps them. I will say that they go away. They shrink by at least 30%. It's worth the price to try it. It has a lot of energy in it. I think that helps to diminish the appearance of the eyes.

👤I wanted to get rid of the bags and dark circles under my eyes so I bought this product. The product made my eyes feel cooler. I immediately stopped because it began to cause bumps under my eyes. I assumed it was an allergic reaction, but my boyfriend began using this product. His eyes began to peel. It is not safe for eyes to see anything in this eyeroller. Don't buy. I was disappointed.

10. Headache Hat Original Wearable Headaches

Headache Hat Original Wearable Headaches

The Headache Hat is a patented solution to pain that provides fast cooling relief and comfort. Cool off with instant and long- lasting cooling therapy for headaches, tension, stress, neck, shoulder, and eye tension. The patented, flexible design provides pressure on pain points with 3 rows of individual ice packets pre- loaded inside the wrap. A freezer storage bag is included. Versatile use. The wrap is lightweight and can be worn around the head. Pull down over your eyes to block out light. Lay it on a pillow to use it while laying down. A freezer storage bag is included. 3 rows of individually wrapped ice cubes are flexible to target specific pain points and provide instant cooling relief. If it starts to warm on one side, flip it to the other side for cooling.

Brand: Headache Hat

👤I have had headaches for over two decades. They turned chronic about 5 years ago. My life has changed because of a hat. I know that sounds crazy, but I want you to hear me out. Chronic pain can take a toll on your life and your family's. I've been in dark rooms with blinding migraines more times than you would think. I help dull the pain, but traditional ice packs are a pain to use because you have to lie down or hold them to your head. I've tried almost every ice pack contraption out there. They only stay cold for 15 minutes. The headaches hat lasts for hours. I like the fact that I can place the ice cubes directly on my temples or forehead because you can move them around within the band. I can now wear it around while I participate in activities with my husband, take my dogs out, or even drive, because it's a life change. I'm attaching a picture of me wearing it while pumping gas. If you need to wear it outside, it doesn't look crazy. I am a fan of the Headache Hat and have been able to do many things I couldn't in the past.

👤I bought this thinking it was a real hat. I already own a real one. This product is not real. It was terrible. It smelled terrible. It would make me throw up if I wore it. The ice packs are not the same as the real headaches hat and I would not want them near my head. I'm really disappointed. I love the real headaches hat so much, that's why I bought two. Don't buy!

👤The Migraine miracle! The hat with the throbbing head! Are you rolling your eyes because you just read that? I promise I have not been paid to write this. I suffer from aCHRONIC, DAILY, MIGRAINE condition. I have been dealing with intense migraines for 18 years and within the past three years they have become more disabling and I have become mostly bedridden. I have tried everything to get rid of my pain. I've tried many different therapies, including physical therapy, massage therapy, occupational therapy, and an eye doctor. I had nothing that worked for me until I found this. The best at home treatment I could find was a refill of ice bags. The problem with ice bags is that they melt fast. If you keep lifting your head up, the ice bag will become a big cushion as they give off air. When I'm in pain, I just want to lay in the dark, with my ice, and say a prayer that I can sleep. You cannot carry the ice bag. So? What makes this better? Why is this happening? It stays cold the longest out of the three ice hats on the market, one of which loses the icy feel after about 20 minutes. The other ice hat has very low quality ice packs. This hat is awesome. It can hold the cold temperature for over an hour, which is 3x the length of any other product. There is no melting. You don't have to worry about pillows being wet when ice is melting. It's perfect to pull over your eyes. The fabric is softer than the other two ice hats, and it comes with a fuzzy cloth that you can put between your head and the Headache Hat, which is nice to have. The enduring cold, how comfortable it is, and the fact that I have fallen asleep wearing it are the best parts for me. I've fallen. I didn't think it was possible, it is cold and comfortable. I can't recommend them enough. I now own three. If you're like me and like cold, you can treat yourself to extra ice cubes at just $5 a set, before shipping, if you read some questions about getting extra ice cubes. The two additional orders of the cubes are perfect for me, but it is not my preference. I used mine with no additional ice cubes for a long time and decided to order additional ice cubes because they made the experience perfect. I know you will too, because I love this warrior of a Headache Hat. This is a must have for people who suffer from migraines. Hospitals should keep them on hand for patients who have to be admitted. I'm not a huge fan of many things in life, but I am over the moon about this. You will fall in love with it as well. There is a The owner of the company is incredible. She will make you feel like you've found a new friend if you have to contact her. Purchase one of these if you only do one thing for yourself this year. It will be the best thing you have ever done.

11. Arctic Flex Eye Gel Mask

Arctic Flex Eye Gel Mask

Cold or hot relief is great for headaches. The eye mask provides full coverage for hot or cold therapy. The gel mask can be frozen and used to relieve stress and headaches. The eye mask can be heat to relieve dry eyes. When frozen, the eye mask is flexible and can be used for therapeutic relief. The leak-proof gel mask is made with a soft, latex-free material and has a strong fastening system for a secure fit up to 25” in circumference. Soft cover. The fabric cover can be slipped on the eye mask to form a barrier between the skin and the mask. The cover can be completely removed if desired. There are octagonal packs. The set includes two gel packs for small areas. The 3” round gel packs are great for reducing swelling and inflammation. You can purchase with confidence if you have a one year guarantee.

Brand: Arctic Flex

👤My wife left a poor review on this product. He said it broke on the second day. They replaced it without charge. After my granddaughter said her bunny chewed a hole in it, we found out that it was not the fault of the product. I have to do the right thing and let the company know so they can charge me for another. My granddaughter loves it.

👤I have a lot of headaches, and I always look for the perfect eye-mask. This is it. The extra ice pads you can put over your eyes are the best part, because very few eye-masks press into the eyelid to give that deep "behind the eye" pain relief. It does not re-freeze quickly.

👤It looks good after I got it. I get migraines and purchased this. I am starting to get dark circles under my eyes. I was wondering if a cold compress would help. I took a star off because the instructions don't give any guidance on how long to keep the gel mask warm or cold. Some masks can't be put in the freezer, the fridge is the only place they can be put in, and some masks can't be heated in the microwave more than 15-20 seconds. I don't want to damage it.

👤I bought this because it looked large. I wanted a mask that would cover more of my body than a regular eye mask would. It is not the size shown in the picture. The eye mask is a regular size. It works but not large. Disappointed in that. The picture is not accurate.

👤I had eyelid surgery and bought an ice pack to help with swelling. It worked well. I liked that I could choose between the main patch and the smaller packs. The small gel packs were great to place on my throbbing temples when I used it for a migraine. I think this product is very good.

👤Two weeks ago, I had septoplasty and sinus surgery. I could put the ice packs on either side of my nose. I could fold the large pack and make a tent around my nose to get the benefit of the ice pack, but it hurt too much and wasn't helpful. After a few days of sleeping upright in a chair, I got the worst neck strain ever and couldn't turn my head without pain. It's neat when my nose, throat, and sinuses are still killing. I was able to heat it up and wrap it around my neck and place it in the areas that hurt the most. It helped.

👤They don't stay cold for long. We are only cold for about 2 minutes, but I love the idea of the round ones. They were in the freezer for a month and got warm real fast.

👤I love it! The texture doesn't get too hard in the freezer, and it still flexes to my face when put on. It stays cold for a while. It is large enough to reach around to my temples and comforting. The nose cut ends at the tip of my nose and the cheek parts go past my cheek bones. I had facial surgery a few months ago and I still have pain in my face, so I needed an ice pack. I am very happy I decided on this one. There were no issues with the packaging.


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