Best Eye Itch Relief Drops for Kids

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1. Rohto Multi Symptom Relief Cooling Drops

Rohto Multi Symptom Relief Cooling Drops

Cool lubricant dry eye drops soothe itch and burn. The Freshkick Technology brings instant cooling and long- lasting comfort. Red eye drops deliver cooling comfort to irritated eyes due to late nights, eye strain, and environmental conditions. lubricating eye drops can be put in the affected eye up to 4 times daily.

Brand: Rohto

👤The product set my eyes on fire. I felt like I had poured gasoline on my eyes. It took 6 minutes to get them settled down. What the hell? Not returning the product was just to warn others about it.

👤Some reviewers have said that this burns so bad that they can't use it and that they are more sensitive to cooling eye drops. At first, I felt a burning sensation when I tried it. It got cooling and felt very hydrating for me. I put a drop or two in, which is all you need. Keep your eyes closed for about 10 seconds, if you have some burning going on. My eyes are feeling great. They are not as agitated as they used to be. I used many other eye drops and my eyes still felt rough. These help a lot. You get used to it. I don't think it's necessary to press and turn to get the top off. I guess if you have young kids, keep it in a cabinet. If you have arthritis or weak hands, it is difficult to open them.

👤I used to use these eye drops in high school. A week ago, a friend of mine asked for eyes drops and I forgot these bad boys existed. It sparked the story of me talking about my favorite eye drops. There is a restaurant called Rohto's. The ICE version is what it is. I ordered a pack of 3 in the middle of the discussion. I didn't care that I was getting a pack of 3 because I love them so much. I put one in my car, one at the house, and one on my desk. I'm prepared for any and all eye problems. I highly recommend these to people who enjoy ice on their eyeballs. The feeling of intense, but also a prefer, is the number one thing I love about Rohto's. It was a 100/10 recommendation.

👤I've used different brands of eyedrops from Japan for years, but since I haven't been able to purchase them, I found these on Amazon and thought they'd be the next best thing, but I was wrong. The coolness of the eyedrops is not the part that most people think would sting your eyes. This product is a 1star rating because it feels like it was made for your eyeballs. There is a After the initial freshness of the menthol is gone, your eye feels a little filmy, despite having the purpose to rehydrate your eyes and grow a layer of tacky eyeball skin. The stinging effect that takes over your eyes is similar to when you rubbed your hands on your eyeballs. When the liquid eyedrops dried around my stinging eyes, there were white patches on my eyelashes and around the edges of my eyelid, never have I had any kind of eyedrops solidify enough to produce them. These eyedrops may not be the best idea for you to buy.

👤This product made me feel like I was drinking lemon juice. It contains Boric Acid when I read the ingredients. What in the world?

2. Similasan Single Use Droppers Preservative Temporary

Similasan Single Use Droppers Preservative Temporary

There are 20 ounces of this. Droppers for Similasan Dry Eye Relief Eye Drops. Natural active ingredients like eyebright, not harsh chemicals, are used by Similasan to help your body's natural defenses instead of masking dry eye symptoms. Dry eye symptoms like red eyes, itching eyes, burning eyes, stinging eyes, irritated eyes and watering eyes can be alleviated with Similasan Dry Eye Relief Eye Drops. Dry Eye Relief can be used as often as needed. Natural active ingredients like eyebright are used in the making of the eye drops. Unlike other dry eye drops, the Similasan eye drops do not contain a chemical that can cause a rebound effect. In Switzerland, for over 35 years, Similasan has been used by families. A leading Swiss brand of remedies uses natural active ingredients to keep families healthy throughout the year. A Swiss brand is dedicated to helping families feel better. Natural relief from dry eye symptoms is provided by their eye drops. Visine eye drops, Systane Balance eye drops, and blink eye drops are similar.

Brand: Similasan

👤I've been using Similasan for a long time to combat dry eyes. The drops were the best on the market. I've tried a lot of the others, but have developed allergies to each one as time went on. People who protest that it doesn't work are uneducated about the subject. It's unfortunate, because the same principles apply to allergy shots. I'm grateful to the company and the drops for the multiple allergy problems I have. They used to sell single use plastic droppers. I'm not sure if those are still on the market. I don't know if it was the plastic itself, but they didn't work as well as they could have, and it irritated my eyes. The little glass bottles are small, the tops are easy to remove, and the twist off is actually a pull off. I have been using this for more than four years.

👤These are what I was looking for. Don't touch the tip to your eye! People say the rough tip scratched bottles because they are not supposed to touch it to their eye. There are two more The air bubble needs to be up and liquid needs to be down for it to come out. The tip may have to be moved to get the air bubble up. There were no issues with mine having an expired date more than a year out.

👤I have been trying different types of eye drops to treat my dry eye, but I don't want any with Preservatives, as studies show they damage the cornea in the long run. These are the best out there because they don't only make your eye look better, but they also make you less dependent on them. I have used them less and my eyes have returned to normal. Highly recommended.

👤I read the description of the product before buying it. The back of the box said that it had a form of mercury which is very harmful. It is being returned. The box was damaged during delivery but the product was undamaged. It should arrive undamaged.

👤I buy these again and again. I like droppers. I can put some in my purse, in my car, and at my sink. Don't let the liquid fool you, there's quite a bit in the dropper. One dropper can help both eyes. I love that it's free from harmful chemicals. I used to buy Visine and it burned my eyes. Not with Similasan!

👤It did a good job. Did I misspell it? I thought my eyes were red because of a bad eye doctor and I was taking care of the liver, but the ophthalmologist told me I could have lost my vision. I felt relief when I used this product. I felt that it was doing a deep work in my eyes, but I had to use every few minutes. I'm using another eyedropper. It lasts for a few hours, so it is easier. The combination of using both is better.

👤I am a professional makeup artist. They are perfect because they are sanitary. They work well for redness and dry eyes. Will purchase again.

3. Original Treatment Anti Itch Cleanser Relieves

Original Treatment Anti Itch Cleanser Relieves

Marie's Original Poison Ivy Bar is a natural remedy for poison ivy. The soap bar is made from natural ingredients. For over 20 years. Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers have enjoyed this effective rash treatment. If you want to know how great this soap remedy is, don't just take their word for it. The natural ingredients are COMPRISED of the finest natural ingredients. They use plants to create a soap remedy. The blend includes a powerful dose of natural clay and oat Bran, along with a natural antihistamine action that relieves itching, as well as noni and white willow. While the herbs in the triple-acting brown soap reduce swelling, as well as soothe and relieve pain and itching, the pure natural clay and organic oat Bran pulls the nasty oils and toxins left behind by the poisonous leaves. It all started 25 years ago when Marie formulated this world-famous natural poison ivy/oak relief soap on her 40 acre organic farm in the foothills of Oregon. Each bar is handcrafted by their team with strict adherence to Marie's standards. Marie's Original has spread like wildfire because of her knowledge and expertise.

Brand: Marie's Original

👤The bar of soap saved me. I was in a panic and bought poison ivy products to relieve my itching. I stumbled on this bar of soap after using everything else. I was skeptical because of the word "hono" printed on the box, but I was wrong. It works well. It helped dry out and heal the rash and relieve the itch. I bought 2 more bars to have on hand.

👤It seems I must be in the minority. The reviews were so positive that I was really looking forward to trying this soap. I am allergic to poison ivy and oak and have had it at least 10 times in my life. When I get it, it will spread without me even touching it. It will pop up in different areas. Once I realize what it is, I don't touch or scratch it. I had a small amount of poison ivy on my eye lids. I made a tincture of jewelweed and used it as my best remedy. I have used different soaps in the past. There were a few little spots on my rash. I used the soap a few times and now have a rash of new bumps in about 3-4 different areas, which is definitely a change from how it was reacting the first 3 weeks. The rough side of the soap made me feel like I was scratching the rash. Maybe this is the reason my rash is spreading. I washed poison ivy with dawn liquid soap and baking soda to see if it could remove grease from ducks. I don't know if it worked in preventing a rash. This company doesn't have a guarantee for this product. Good luck if you try it, it seems to work for everyone else. I don't recommend this soap.

👤This stuff is amazing. A few years ago, I developed a reaction to poison ivy, which is a real curse because we have cats and dogs that run through it. I spent the last two summers in itchy misery. I continued to use hydrocortisone cream. It never helped much. I stumbled across this and thought it was worth a try. I am so glad I tried it. It works! It is the first thing that has given me real relief. I use this every night during the summer and it is much more gentle than Tecnu.

👤This soap is miracle! Maybe my child is allergic to poison ivy. I ordered this soap and other things for my boyfriend who had gotten into poison oak. I checked out remedies on Amazon about a week ago, after my bicyle ended. He ended up not using it because it was clearing up. My son is coming home Friday night. You can see what happened in the first 7 photos within 2 hours. They were so bad they were burning. We used hydrocortisone, atarax, and motrin. My baby cried from midnight until dawn. I went to my boyfriend to see if the calamine lotion was still there, and found 2 bottles and a bar of soap in the box. He took a shower. calamine was poured all over. He was in a lot of pain. I told him to use the soap in the shower. I kissed his face when I switched his bedding and got everything in the wash, he was back in bed and asleep. He slept for 12 hours straight. He wanted to go back to fishing the next night. This cured him in one shower. I don't know if they're a big difference in poison ivy and oak, but my bf didn't use soap for 4 weeks, and his lasted for a long time. My son used it 4 nights ago and the burning stopped immediately, the itching was barely noticeable, and he is almost completely healed. He just sent me the last 3 photos. I could add to this post right now. I have told everyone that this soap is the most legit product. PERIOD! I thought I was going to die. Marie saved my baby from so much pain and his mom from so much grief. I will keep it in the house because it is a must have. The pics are posted backwards, so the first 3 are recent and the last 6 were first night.

4. Rohto 9842 Maximum Redness Relief

Rohto 9842 Maximum Redness Relief

The # 1 global OTC eye care brand. Provides the maximum level of relief to whiten red, irritated eyes. Freshkick technology brings instant cooling relief to your eyes. It can soothe eyes for up to 8 hours. Burning and irritation can be alleviated by Temporarily.

Brand: Rohto

👤I put a single drop in my left eye to see and compare with the right eye.

👤No other eye drop works as well as this one when it comes to removing redness. Period. Since discovering this brand in 2006 and using them exclusively, I have never had an exception. I keep a bottle in my car, office and home. I could not smoke legal tobacco products without these. A few drops of these and a spritz of cologne and a desire for snacks is all anyone would know. Yes, they work. These feel like nothing to me, but everyone I turn these things onto says they burn for the first few times you use them. Burn here means like a cooling menthol type "burn" and not a painful chemical burn. You will get used to it, but first time you put them in, it might feel a bit cooler. Like a burning tobacco, more like a tobacco product.

👤It may be me, but this stuff made my eyes red. I am not a complainer. I wanted people to be aware.

👤This eye drops. They are amazing. They work. It's a good burn.

👤The pictures are easy to understand. I am pleased with the product, it works for me. I get red eyes when I partake in certain recreational activities. Hopefully, I can help a future buyer who is not trying to pay a bunch for eye drops that may not work or come in more quantity than they need. I don't initially write this and send it, but yeah. They work well. It's a good thing.

👤I get very dry and red eyes at work because of the combination of an air vent above my desk, staring at my computer screen, and fluorescent lighting. These are the best drops I have found. The regular strength version works just as well as the green one, and I would choose the cheapest one. Artificial tears don't seem to do much for redness relief. These drops work for redness, but they don't cause my eyes to become more dried out a short time later like some of the other eye-drops out there. I think that the two ingredients of naphazoline and polysorbate are safe for daily use.

👤I swear by this brand. I can't do the blue and white versions as they are for eyes. The red/green version is very refreshing. I found a version of yellow vitamins E that I like. Don't apply while driving, just a quick note from experience.

👤The best product. Each drop is like a highly trained team of tiny polar bears which suck liquid nitrogen from your eyeballs and paint them white.

👤I received the product and came home with a lot of stress. For the first time, I tried this eye drop. It's amazing. Guys think my eyes are white with in 1 minute. Thnx Rohto.

👤It's a good product. It whitens the eye in a single second. It was a miracle. I have used it with my family. Works well. It does what it says. I'm happy and planning to buy more. Thank you rohto!

5. CeraVe Moisturizing Pramoxine Hydrochloride Fragrance

CeraVe Moisturizing Pramoxine Hydrochloride Fragrance

There is an anti-ITCH LOTION. It's best to temporarily relieve itching associated with insect bites, sunburn, poison ivy and dry skin. The texture is absorbed quickly for softened skin. Relief lasts up to 8 hours and is provided through a capillary test. A clinical study done on 34 subjects showed that 100 percent of people experienced relief from their itch. Individual results can be different. Soothing ingredients. Formulated with 1% Pramoxine Hydrochloride for fast-acting itch-relief and to help calm skin. 50% of the lipids in the skin barrier are made up of ceramides. CeraVe products are made with three essential ceramides to help restore and maintain the skin's natural barrier. It is suitable for use on the skin of the face, body, and hands. The National Eczema Association has a Seal of Acceptance. Non-comedogenic, fragrance free, and steroid-free.

Brand: Cerave

👤I refused to install a $600 whole house humidifier because I knew it would only cost $200. I had dry skin on my legs and hands. The only thing that actually works is the lotion I bought, rather than buying the humidifier. There are other people that work that leave you feeling greasy and disgusting. This stuff works as advertised. It's got lidocaine in it's ingredient, so if you have dry burning skin, you'll be rid of it immediately. I have it in my home and office. I'm going to buy the humidifier.

👤This brand works better than any other I've tried, and it was recommended by my doctor. I was amazed that my itching was relieved in less than 10 minutes. It doesn't take much to get relief and last for hours. The quality is ok, but it's ability to relieve itching is what matters to me. I keep a bottle of this in my bathroom supplies.

👤I INRDeals I was tired of taking benydryl all the time. I expected it to work after I tried it and it said it was fast. Not so with me. I stopped using it. I tried it again and realized it works. It takes about 15 minutes. I put my hands in the cold water. It's something you have to give a chance for. It doesn't work fast for everyone. I haven't used benydryl in a couple months because I've learned to be patient.

👤After reading the reviews, I decided to try this as a last-ditch attempt to get rid of my skin problems, and I have seen almost all of it disappear within 3 days.

👤We almost gave up on non-steroid creams because they didn't seem to help our daughter who has been suffering from eczema since birth. This took away her skin problem. Since we put it on everyday, we haven't had a flare-up.

👤I barely write reviews for products that are purchased. I received CeraVe Itch Relief Moisturizing Lotion yesterday. I used the lotion on the areas where I had experienced itchiness after showering. I woke up in the middle of the night with blisters all over my body after I put the lotion on. I couldn't stop scratching it. I woke up knowing something was wrong. I used the lotion. My body was red and had bumps after I washed it off. Never buying this product again.

👤What more to say? The pump broke off when it came in a bubble env. I fastened it back on. This lotion did not relieve itchy skin like others on the market have. I thought I'd try something new. Aveeno Exzima works well, it's not as expensive, and it works better, and it's highly rated. See what works for you.

6. Refresh Lubricant Single Use Containers Sterile

Refresh Lubricant Single Use Containers Sterile

A dual-action formula lubricates. Mild symptoms of eye dryness are relieved. It works fast if you deliver soothing moisture. Preservative-free for sensitive eyes. 60 on-the-go, single-use vials is the value size. It can be used after eye surgeries. If you have eye surgery, you should follow your eye doctor's instructions if you use Refsh Relieva.

Brand: Refresh

👤These eye drops are worth it. With the "Stay at Home" orders, I've been on my computer at home a lot more than usual, which has caused more dry eye. I tried normal Visine for red eyes, but it didn't help. I tried TheraTears dry eye therapy drops, which worked well, but my eyes still felt a little dry after. I had corrective vision surgery. I'm cautious. I found this product after a quick search. I needed something stronger for my dry eye. I thought it was the right choice for patients with dry eye. I noticed that the product had 0.9% Glycerin, and the other active ingredient was.05% Sodium carboxymethlcellulose, which is the same as my usual TheraTears drops. It's also free of harmful chemicals. It was a bit pricey at $20 for about 60 single-use containers, but it was worth it. I was sold because it's covered by the Flexible Savings Account. If it works, who cares? The drops are in each vial. I put in 1 drop per eye, let it settle for a few seconds, then put in a second drop. You can save the rest to use throughout the day if the lid on the vial clicks in place. I don't keep the same thing for a long time. I will use a few drops in the morning and a few drops in the afternoon. I love these eye drops! If you want something stronger than regular eye drops, buy this!

👤Before using these drops, be careful. I only used one and my eye got so swollen I couldn't see anything. The swelling has gone down a bit. It is still unpleasant. If the doctor's office were open, I would go. I've used this brand before. I bought them online because I couldn't get to the pharmacy quickly that day.

👤I saw them for $30 at other stores, so I bought them on Amazon. I went through many of these after my surgery. I used them every hour for the first 2 weeks after the procedure. I felt like I was wasting a lot because they are single use. I only needed one drop per eye every hour. I'm good at eye drops. I usually see my eyes. I used the 2 drops from each vial and threw them away because I didn't want to reuse them. They said I could use bottled eye drops instead of single use vials after lasik. I like the little vials better than the bottled eye drops because they havePreservatives in them. I feel good in my dry eyes because of these.

👤I switched from a different preservative-free eye drop that my MD recommended after eye surgery to the Refresh Optive Lubricant Eye Drops single-use vials because they were kind of their go-to after Lasik. The last thing you want to do after eye surgery is touch your eye to try to remove something, and the Systane drops have made my eyelashes goop together. It's a common issue with the Systane eyedrops, and after PRK/Lasik you're putting the drops in constantly so this really can become a problem. Some of my eyelashes have fallen out. I didn't notice it for the first couple days, but by the third day it was an issue. I'm trying the Refresh drops, which are also free of harmful chemicals, and they are a little cheaper than Systane. They are intended for one use, but allow you to recap for multiple uses. I use mine just a few hours later. I think both brands rehydrated my eye, but I don't know if Refresh felt a little better or needed to use less often. I would try these instead of Systane. After I explained my issue with Systane, I ran the Refresh drops by my eye doctor, who said they were fine and met the requirement of being preservative-free. You should always consult your provider for what's safe for you.

7. Refresh Optive Lubricant Drops Sterile

Refresh Optive Lubricant Drops Sterile

A dual-action formula lubricates. Mild symptoms of eye dryness are relieved. It works fast if you deliver soothing moisture. The brand recommended by the doctor is over 30 years old.

Brand: Refresh

👤I recommend the formula! I have been ordered twice now. I used samples of this exact formula from my eye doctor, and had great luck with the samples for dry eyes and allergies. You need to check the formula of the ingredients. Each product is not the same. Read the ingredients. May need a magnification device. This formula has the same ingredients as the fresh samples from my eye doc. I have dry eyes. My purchase is about a year old. It seems to be as good as my doctor's samples. I would recommend it. It's very confusing how many different formulas are available from this company, and it looks like the same product until you read the ingredients. Delivery is getting bad by your drivers. They lost the first order because it was locked in the mailbox. There was no photo taken. That's right. They said it was left in the mailroom. We don't have a mailroom. There was no photo taken. I went looking for 3 floors of apartments and found it. It is ridiculous. Some of your drivers ignore delivery instructions. Why? My instructions are to only deliver to my apartment. Don't leave anywhere else! Delivery people ignore instructions. What's going on there? More to my instructions was added by the Logistics dept. We were working for 2 weeks and now are mostly ignoring instructions. When using your own drivers, please fix this. The USPS does not have these problems. I would prefer using USPS.

👤I have very dry eyes. My eye doctor told me to use Refresh Optiva because of my blurry vision. I help clear my vision and eye pain. Have had problems with new glasses. I can't wear them for about a year after I get them because of the strong prescription. I will use the drops in my eyes to see if they clear up my vision before my next eye test.

👤I have yet to learn why I have dry eye more often than not. My eyes get worse when I eat devil's lettuce. This is a good solution for that. This is a step up from the previous one, but I have to apply often. It has been a few minutes since I applied one drop in each eye. This is a good investment in eye care because of the love of all things green.

👤I was expecting a bottle of Refers Optive eye drop lubricant, based on my previous purchase. Instead of that. I hate the product that I got 30 vials of. The pictured bottle is larger than the tiny ones I am using, which makes it hard to control the squeeze. One vial is not a "once-n-done" application for me. I have enough left over for another application after I pinched open a vial and used it for my eyes, so I have to re-cap the vial and store the tiny item in the shipping box with the other vials. I assumed that I had "Screwed-Up" and didn't pay attention to the description of what I ordered. I ripped open the box and tried one of the vials. When I returned to Amazon, I found that my previous order was the same as the one I received. The bottle is shown on the webpage. I don't want to return the item that I already ripped into the box and one vial, and I will get my next order from a walk-in store.

8. Genexa Allergy D Formulated Homeopathic Multi Symptom

Genexa Allergy D Formulated Homeopathic Multi Symptom

Multi-symptom allergy relief is designed to promote allergy relief in symptoms such as irritated eyes, nose, and throat. It's safe for daily use because the formula doesn't have known drug interactions and you can feel good about the allergy medication you put in your body. Allergy Care's organic formula was created by their Chief Formulating Officer, a medical doctor and a homeopathic physician. You deserve worry-free ingredients that are free of artificial sweeteners, dyes, and flavors. Non-GMO, vegan, organic, and Lactose free are included. Their tablets are easy to use and delicious. Made in the USA with organic ingredients.

Brand: Genexa

👤Hopefully Amazon doesn't censor the review. I talked about how the ear nose & throat doctor could only offer me big pharma, yada yada. I love this product because of my allergies. The dentist gives a drug called flouride, the doctor gives a drug called sudafed, and some other drugs. Be careful out there. Genexa has delivered many bottles that were very high quality. They are great. Peace and skepticism.

👤I have had seasonal allergies for 30 years and have used all the OTC conventional meds to failure. I've used other herbs and naturopathic medicine, but Genexa has been the most effective for my allergies. My allergies are mild to severe depending on the season, but come August when ragweed comes out in Colorado, I'm a hurting unit. I'm symptom free thanks to Genexa. I don't recommend any other product more than this one. Don't hesitate!

👤Our son is allergic to many things, including trees, grass, weeds, animal dander, and food. When we have to tell him that he can't play outside because of his allergies, it breaks our hearts. Since we started giving him Genexa Allergy D, that hasn't been the case. He's been able to play outside for a long time with no allergic reactions. It hasn't completely blocked the allergic responses but it has allowed him to be outside and enjoy the sun on windy days. I am allergic to the trees in our area so I will use Genexa as well.

👤I have terrible allergies all year long. I started drinking the juice because nothing works for me. After reading good reviews, I tried this after running out of the juice. It works! I took two before I cut my grass. My eyes would be watery and my nose would run like a faucet. Nothing. Not even a sneeze! Considering how expensive OTC's are, the price isn't bad.

👤It made my allergies worse on 3 separate occasions. I kept thinking it was a coincidence. I would like to know which ingredient I'm reacting to. It's important to be prepared for the possibility of getting worse because it helps some people, but I don't give it a 1 star because it helps some people. You try it for the first time. I have learned through articles and personal observations that almost any supplement can affect cortisol levels when you have adrenal issues at later stages, and the effect on cortisol can affect allergies, often times even the day or two after.

👤My daughter has an allergy to cat, dust and pollen, and this product is for her. She uses an average of 2 boxes of tissues per day and the symptom becomes more severe when we visit my mom's house. Her nose is running and it is disrupting her study. I made sure to pack tissue boxes in my bag when I went shopping with her. She was miserable. I was sad. She tried a number of drugs, but only prescribed Benedry or Claritin, even though I told her they weren't effective anymore. I was so desperate to find something for her that I found this. She tried for 4-5 days without any harsh chemicals. It seems to work. She sneezes less and she's able to hold her kitten without her nose running. There are no more mountains of tissues in the trash can. Thank you for the great product. Will write another review after a week or so to see how it goes.

9. Childrens Benadryl Dye Free Allergy Diphenhydramine

Childrens Benadryl Dye Free Allergy Diphenhydramine

Children's Benadryl Dye-Free Allergy Liquid Medicine in bubble gum flavor is specially formulated to provide temporary relief of allergy symptoms caused by hay fever and other upper respiratory allergies. This allergy medicine for kids has a dose of diphenhydramine HCl (5 mL) that works to alleviate children's allergy symptoms so they can start feeling better. Antihistamine for kids is specially formulated to relieve allergy symptoms caused by hay fever and other upper respiratory allergies, including itchy, watery eyes. Children's allergy liquid medicine is available in a tasty, kid-friendly bubble gum flavor and comes with a convenient cup to help give your child's allergies a time out. The alcohol and dye-free formula of this children's allergy medicine helps your child feel better when they need it the most, and it's from the brand moms who first treat their children's upper respiratory allergies. Relieves cough.

Brand: Benadryl

👤It is reassuring to see that it was sealed and protected. My 6 month old is starting to eat solid foods and the doctor told me to have some in the house in case of an allergic reaction. I hope I never have to use it, but I have this on hand so I know the hospital is the last place we want to be in.

👤It's safe. When I take my dog on the plane, I use it.

👤It helps to get to sleep, but it isn't a long term solution for ruminating thoughts. Have a withdrawal movement the next day.

👤My dog had an allergic reaction before and was prescribed children's benadryl, I have also used this to calm my 70 pitbull when traveling.

👤This is used for my small fur baby before trips. She loves to ride, but she hates the vet and groomer. She tends to get angry on rides that last longer than 45 minutes. I tried everything, but nothing worked. I decided to give this liquid form of Benadryl a try since she has allergies and I wanted to make her sleepy enough to mostly sleep during trips. Benadryl knocks me out. It had the opposite effect. She was awake for most of the trip. She never had carsick. I know hospitals use Benadryl for nausea, but never thought to use it for carsickness in pets. My dog did not get sick during the 15 hour trip back home. I was happy.

👤The baby was sneezing like crazy until we found this. The product would buy again.

👤Someone sends a child's medicine without a seal. I can't use it. Many people had the same problem after looking at all the one-star reviews. This product should be removed from Amazon. I don't want another bottle. Don't offer. I don't think this seller is trustworthy.

👤The bird was taken to the vet for extreme feather picking. The product was recommended by the vet to stop the itching of the new feathers. Gave me the correct dose to use on the bird. The bird loves the flavor and can get the medicine to it. Works for this problem.

10. NutriBiotic Soothing Support Grapefruit Non Medicated

NutriBiotic Soothing Support Grapefruit Non Medicated

Help support a healthy ear canal with this excellent formula. It contains alcohol and tea tree oil. It's missing: vegan, made without GMOs, and also made without wheat. A trusted source for over 40 years. Everyone deserves good health, and that's why the founding principle of the company is to help customers achieve healthier, happier lives by providing innovative, high quality supplements and personal care products. There are directions. Adults place drops in their ears. Place a drop in the ear of children 5-12 years of age. You can repeat it up to three times a day. Only use as directed.

Brand: Nutribiotic

👤These are miracles. I have had 3 putter ear or swimmers ear infections in the last 4 months due to candida overgrowth. I woke up every 2 hours with pain in my jaw and temple. It was tender on my neck. I couldn't even touch my ear. There is a review that says candida cure ear infections. I put the drops in after my ear canal felt tender. I put a drop or two multiple times a day. It heals faster than any war drops. I highly recommend.

👤I was looking for a way to relieve the pressure in my ears. I bought this after reading the reviews. I bought the spray from the same company and used it together. I recommend that if you have problems like I do. I have had an allergy for a long time and it can cause my teeth to hurt when the pressure is bad. My ears went away very quickly because of the pain in my teeth. I am using it everyday and it is making me feel better.

👤Twice I used a course of anti-biotics. My ears became inverted when I dried them first. The problem was cleared up by a lower dose. The ear drops were bought. Everything healed and was a miracle. I use it occasionally in case. I forget to use ear plugs when washing my hair because I am sensitive to my tap water.

👤I suffer from dizziness due to inflammation in my ears. I have been taking antibiotics and anti-inflammation drugs. This product has given me enough relief to not feel as bad. I took it for about 2 weeks and am hoping for better results after another month or so of treatment. Some customers have complained that the drops are too thick, but it works for me. I don't have a problem with the thickness. I would recommend it.

👤I ordered these drops for my husband, as he had been suffering with painful and itchy ears for a while. He has been using the drops for two weeks and his symptoms have improved. We are both relieved and happy that they both feel normal now.

👤I buy these ear drops for our white lab because they suffer from ear infections that are resistant to antibiotics. The ear drops are made from grape seed extract. They work well. They've helped me tame a yeast-based ear infection that our white lab/Great Pyrenees mix has suffered from for many months, despite the fact that I've been using more expensive, vet-recommended drops. They cured her problem completely by using just 3 drops per ear for about a week. It's too easy to cross-contaminate a bottle if you use these for a dog, so buy another bottle for the humans in your family. Thegrapefruit seed extract is called GSE. It is an extremely potent antimicrobial agent. I use regular GSE in water to knock out colds and flu when I travel. The drops are equally effective on a variety of organisms in dogs and cats, and they're also better for use in the sensitive skin areas of ears. Most recommended!

11. Visine Tears Relief Lubricant Drops

Visine Tears Relief Lubricant Drops

Twin pack containing two bottles of Visine Dry Eye Relief Lubricant Dry Eye Drops to provide dry eye relief and protection from further eye irritation. The sterile eye drops are designed to work like real tears and provide soothing relief of dry, irritated eyes. The drops contain 10 ingredients found in your own tears. It helps to relieve dry eye symptoms by helping to protect against further eye irritation, and it also helps to relieve burning and irritation due to activities such as extended screen use. Visine Dry Eye Relief Lubricant Eye Drops are available in a small bottle for convenient relief anywhere.

Brand: Visine

👤The more well known Visine product "gets the red out" and that is due to some ingredient that is not entirely old for one's eyes, which is why the professionals recommend other brands. This product is the best I've found that doesn't have an ingredient. This product is very good.

👤I take Metforming that can cause blurry vision after a long time of use, because they prevent the intake of vitamins B12 and B1, and I also take Insulting, because it can cause blurry vision on some people. I developed dry eye syndrome because of my blurry vision and I had a cataract. I spent a lot of money on many types of tear eye drops that are not covered by insurance. I have a dry eye and an inflamated eye, but the drops on Prednisolon and Combigan do not help. I decided to try this Visine product as a last resort because it is cheap, but as soon as I put this drops on, I was relieved. Visine is a multimillion dollar company because their products are cheap and they do work. Good luck... I hope that things go well for me. Pabon is the son of Fabio A. Pabon.

👤My boyfriend just got a golden retriever and I am allergic to dust mites and pet dander. Yes, that is a puppy! You can imagine how cute she is. She likes to play and be a pet. I have to worry about my allergies whenever I come over because she sheds as much as any other dog. I attached pictures of how bad my eye looked after meeting her. I washed it out, showered and changed clothes, but it was still irritated after all that. I used the eye drops to get rid of the pain. I know it isn't an allergy one or red-eye one, but it seemed to work regardless. The drops made a huge difference in clearing my eye. The results were visible after a few minutes. I think the allergy ones will be effective.

👤My dry eyes have been helped by this. I only use this a couple times a week and my eyes have begun to develop more hydration on their own, I would definitely recommend using this as an eye supplement, but don't rely on this as a crutch or your eyes.

👤I had saved my eyes when I was on the drug. If I didn't drop in before bed, my eyes would be so dry that they wouldn't want to open the next morning, which was a problem trying to wake up on time! I would drop in as soon as I woke up to get my eyes re-lubricated.

👤These have been used for the last few years. I am a computer science major and an avid game player. These help reduce the feeling of being uncomfortable. If you get some on your eyelid or eyebrow, it will help to absorb the sweat from your eye and make it easier to see. Hope this helps.


What is the best product for eye itch relief drops for kids?

Eye itch relief drops for kids products from Rohto. In this article about eye itch relief drops for kids you can see why people choose the product. Similasan and Marie's Original are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye itch relief drops for kids.

What are the best brands for eye itch relief drops for kids?

Rohto, Similasan and Marie's Original are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye itch relief drops for kids. Find the detail in this article. Cerave, Refresh and Genexa are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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