Best Eye Jewels Rhinestones Glue

Rhinestones 9 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Rhinestone Adhesive Jewelry GADGETS ENTREPOT

Rhinestone Adhesive Jewelry GADGETS ENTREPOT

These nail supplies are must have for nail Rhinestones Design. Strong hold glue. The strong hold ability of the glue is ensured by its super sticky nature. Their Glue is used by most of the Nail Salons in the US. Is it possible to use Artificial Nails or Natural Nails? For Flatback or Non-Flatback Rhinestones? Buy one for all. It is possible to cure the nail with the glue and the rhinestones at the same time. Different lamps have different times. Make sure to cure it until it is completely dry, then fill a little more glue into the gap to make sure it is double secured. It should be completely dry by the time you cure it again. Done. There is a 100% guarantee. They stand on the side of the customer. Send them a message if you have a question about this product. They will deal with it quickly and make sure you have a pleasant shopping experience.

Brand: Ga&en

👤I do my nails every week. This glue has lasted me over six months. I have tried others, but this one is the winner. I have to live with all of this jewelry. This glue keeps it all on. It can be hardened in 30 seconds with a 54 watt UV/LED lamp. I baked it for 60 seconds with a 24 watt lamp. It came with nail brushes and a wax picking pen. I have found the best price. Especially for a product that works well. I was given another free gift that I couldn't believe they gave me. I will let you know what's going on. This company has an order from them. I will be a return customer for as long as they are in business. I was not paid for this review, that is important to me. This is as honest as it gets, I want honest reviews. This product and company is perfect.

👤The product I bought has a new label. I think it is new in their line. I am grateful that I have everything I need to add jewels to my nails. The wax end fell off when I tried to pick up stones, as soon as I started using the tool. Great idea, but I am frustrated with my tool. It's :-

👤I've used glue a few times and it doesn't seem to change, crystal sand will slide off after a few days and it was patchy all day. I had a client who had every stone missing for 8 days. Some stones would slide off after a hot bath. I wouldn't recommend temporary glue.

👤I absolutely love this product. I use it for all of my applications to the nails, as well as my big blingy rhinestones, and when I tell you that they don't come off after three weeks, your clients give me feed back all the time. I use the gel and wax pen every time. The wax pen makes it much easier to deal with the rhinestones. Especially those tiny ones. I use and talk about this product a lot. * I bought 5000 mini diamonds and I love them, they add more flavor to the nails and come in a variety of sizes.

👤I have never worked with gel anything. I'm a novice at doing my nails. I use this gel to cap stones and decals. It's difficult to apply the gel. When you first dip the brush in to the gel, you have to twist the brush to get rid of the gel strings. You have to make sure that the product is smooth so that it won't show up as a lump on the nail. It is not easy to do. Overall, I like the product. You also get a wax stick for the jewels, multiple brushes that are stiff to help with applying the gel, and other accessories. I think there is a set of small stones. It has been over a month since I ordered this product. All in all. I like it!

2. Rhinestones Flatback Decoration Crystals Container

Rhinestones Flatback Decoration Crystals Container

Clear Makeup Rhinestones: The glass nail rhinestones sparkling and bright, silver foiling enhance crystal diamond reflective dazzling, cut with nice shapes and facets, flatback makeup gems can be easily applied to nails, professional nail accessories for beauty nail art design. There are 6 sizes of nail jewels, each with its own nail crystal distributed in a box. The wax pencil has a double head and can pick up nail diamonds, press the nail stone on the nail surface, or use the metal tip to stick diamonds. There are nail Tweezers. The black tweezers coating with electrostatic dissipative, precision tip can be used for holding jewels craft, false eyelashes, and can also be used to grasp and adjust nail diamonds. The iridescent crystals makeup gems can be used to decorate nail art, crafts, face, makeup, eye gems, clothes, shoes, bags, wedding dress, cell phone case and so on.

Brand: Spaidoon

👤The photo was not real. You don't get 1800 stones. You get 202 stones. There are only three different sizes. It is not worth the energy to return. The money was wasted.

👤The mixture of sizes was very pleasing to the eye. I was happy to purchase two. I will definitely order again.

👤These work well. I use them for my press on nails.

👤These are a good deal. There is a storage container with several tools. These work well with crystal glue for art projects. Well packaged and delivered. Thanks for the great product.

👤The stones do not have a sticky back. Maybe use them on nails. There is a These are really nice looking and expensive.

👤Love is love. They come in different sizes and are pretty. The wax pen has gems inside and comes with tools to remove them. I got 5 stars for myself. Definitely recommend.

👤It seems to be less than advertised. They are pretty.

3. Crystal Festival Beauty Jewels Jewellery

Crystal Festival Beauty Jewels Jewellery

The beauty line is inspired by working closely with celebrities and music artists. The KARIZMA jewels are your secret formula to release your glow. You can dance, laugh, love and shine your light. You can wear these on your forehead at weddings and festivals, on your cheekbones in ibiza, on your hair braids for summer pool parties, and on your nails for an embellished nail art. All gems are applied like a sticker and can be used a few times, once the glue has dried out, they can be re-used with glue. If you don't love your KARIZMA order, simply return it and they'll give you a full refund or send you a replacement. Quick delivery. As soon as possible, you will receive your beauty products from Amazon prime.

Brand: Karizma

👤It was well to face. Didn't leave anything. It worked and looked good. Good purchase. If you found the review useful, please hit the button. I will know to leave more.

👤The gems are good, but we are larger than I needed. I haven't used them yet because of that. I was looking for gems to make a fake nose. Will keep them on watch.

👤I wore these on my vacation and they were great. I received a lot of praise and they stayed on until I removed them.

👤I didn't wear that many because I didn't want to move them too much, they were easy to apply, and I didn't want them to fall off. They stayed until the end of the night. They used a lot of make up. It is easy to remove. I had a ball with these and they look great. They give you the right amount of jazz.

👤I wore these gems to show my pride. I loved the look! I stuck eyelash glue onto my face and it lasted all day. I don't think it would have held on if it wasn't for the eyelash glue. I was wearing a full face of makeup and it was very hot that day, but I am not sure if it stayed on my face. Will reuse them one day.

👤These face gems are gorgeous. I use lash glue to be safe since they can pop off if touched by accident, I perform a lot on roller skates. I love these! The color is pretty and lasts for a while before I have to replace it. I love them!

👤I wanted to see what it would look like to get a piercing under my collarbone, so I bought these to see how it would look. I took them off several times and they were still there. I liked the way they looked and ended up getting them done. I will use them in the future to try out more looks.

👤I used eyelash glue to keep these in place for the entire music festival. I put on one without the glue and it fell off, but I still think these deserve five stars because it was after a while of dancing and maybe a little rain.

👤I bought these for Carnival and they looked amazing and stayed on for most of the day. Excellent purchase.

👤They are for a festival. It was pretty and stayed on all day and night. They had a lot of nice things to say.

👤The festival gear is perfect. It arrived quickly.

👤They look great on and off stage. They are worth the investment.

4. Stickers Rhinestone Adhesive Rhinestones Accessory

Stickers Rhinestone Adhesive Rhinestones Accessory

There are different styles of rhinestones stickers for eye face body. The face jewels are made with top-quality glue on the back, which can prevent gems from falling off easily. You can use a large quantity of different shapes to create distinctive patterns. The diamond is made of rhinestone and acrylic. Face jewels for women are of the highest quality. After your first use of the face crystals, you can reuse them with eyelash glue or body glue to make them stick to your face again. Stunning face jewels can make you look more attractive and charming. It's suitable for weddings, festivals, Christmas and Halloween. You can clean the wanted paste place, then strip eyelash decals and paste to your face or body, then press face rhinestones to suit your face or body, and you can use stickiness to enhance the glue for avoiding fall off. hinestone stickers can be applied multiple times, once the glue has been dried they can be applied again by using eyelash glue, which can enhance the stickiness.

Brand: Osgp

👤Good quality for the price. There is a large selection of colors and shapes.

👤It is used for lashes. For short term use, they adhere well. Use a small amount of lash glue for longer wear.

👤There are a lot of things to work with. Love it.

5. ZLXIN Rhinestone Rhinestones Accessory Decorations

ZLXIN Rhinestone Rhinestones Accessory Decorations

There are 10 sheets eyes body face gems with different shapes provided for you to create distinctive patterns, a large quantity for you to use in various occasions. Made of 100% safe and healthy stones. All ages, women, men, boys, girls, kids, have no smell. No worries about it getting close to your skin. These are self-adhensive and are easy to use and reuse. It is easy to stick with the designs. No more glue. These stickers can be reapplied with eyelash or body glue, just like other stickers, and they can be cleaned after the first use. You can do your own makeup on your face, forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, around your eyes, stomach, chest, back, arms, hands, waist, legs or even your nail to catch eyes. It's easy to use gems on your face and body, but it makes you different and glamorous. You will become the star of the whole party if you have shiny gems on your body that are perfect for music festivals, Halloween, dress-up, costume, wedding or crazy night on the town.

Brand: Zlxin

👤If you add eyelash glue, the application is very easy.

👤For a single use. Cute.

👤My jewels were opened and there were no pieces. The package was not touched.

👤They stayed on the whole night, I wore them to audiotistic. You can get a lot of them for very little.

👤I think they are cute, but you should use eyelash glue if you are going to wear them for a while.

6. Rhinestone Gel Polish Decoration Dual Purpose

Rhinestone Gel Polish Decoration Dual Purpose

There is a glue for nails. There is a pot of 15g for artificial, natural, small, and large gems, as well as the non-flatback or large gems jewels. The dual-purpose brush has 2 PCS of GEL. These nail brushes are a must-have for nail design. You can use the nail tools to pick the rhinestones. The gems gel glue are great for securing gems jewels beads on your nails, a proper operation can bring a beautiful result for 2 weeks. Beetles nail gems glue kit. It is a thoughtful gift for a female friend or family member on a holiday, birthday or other special occasion, it comes with a delicate gift package, including 15g glue gel and a dual purpose brush. It is possible to produce an allergic reaction by skin contact. Carefully read directions for use. Only for professional use. Only used for nails. Don't touch eyes, mouth, and skin. If the product comes into contact with them, rinse them. Contact the doctor if there is an incident. If redness and itching develop, stop using the product. If the symptom continues, you should see a doctor. Don't allow children to reach you.

Brand: Beetles Gel Polish

👤I have been using this nail glue for the first time and I am very happy with it. I use a lot of rhinestones in my nail art and this glue is perfect for that. I have never had a fall off of my nail because of this glue. It is thick. When placing the rhinestones on the nail, it doesn't slip and slide before you cure it under a lamp. The container can collect excess glue and make it hard to open, so it needs to be cleaned frequently. If you found the review helpful, please give it a vote.

👤I applied the layer too thin, so I took a one time learning curve. I wash my hands frequently because the stone hasn't budged despite using a moderate layer and it fell off in a few days. It is lit.

👤Even after not being used for at least 2 weeks, seeps can be seen through a container. I left it alone because it was leaking. It was left alone for another week. Terrible packaging. It worked well when I used it, so I gave it two stars instead of one.

👤I love all of the Beetles items. I ordered the Beetles glue because I like the nail polish so much. I wasn't disappointed. It worked well. I used a lot of rhinestones for my nail design, but they didn't feel off. Great product!

👤The picker broke on the first use. I didn't want to have to exchange it. I put it back together with a coat. Everything else is good.

👤I think I like it. I wish it was bigger. Or even more firm. I have to chase after the stones after I've moved on to the next place because they slide around when I place them. When doing full bling nails or more bling styles, it's annoying because it can become unbalanced.

👤It's very easy to apply. You can't see it when you put it on. The UV light sets very quickly when you go under it.

👤I was excited to do my nails at home for the holidays, but the wax pencil was missing from the kit. I was hoping that this kit would allow me to create a fun design on my nails. There are items in the product description that aren't in the instructions. It takes the fun out of it all. It is more difficult to return an item than it is worth. Had I known, I wouldn't have ordered because I wouldn't have read the reviews. I would have purchased another kit just to keep from spending 3 hours in the nail salon if I had not purchased my kit.

7. Crystals Rhinestones Flatback Decoration Accessories

Crystals Rhinestones Flatback Decoration Accessories

Please check the size of the rhinestones to make sure you choose the right one. If you have a question or are not satisfied with their gems for crafts, please contact them. Approx. 2880pcs. There are round Rhinestones. Good quality flat back rhinestones in Iridescent color, made of glass, feature nice shapes and beautiful cutting facets, good as nail art delicate decorations. The size is Approx. There are 1.5mm pixie crystals. Flat back gems have unique sparkle and shine, Multi-faceted and crystal clear, really gives you the beauty and sparkle you want to your decoration, make you more elegant and charming. The iridescent rhinestones can be used to decorate your nail art decoration, as well as other things. It is easy to use, you just need to apply your nail tips with gem glue, pick up the crystal rhinestone with the Rhinestone Picker pen, and apply a thin layer of no wipe top coat gel. If you need to decorate your clothes, shoes, or nail art, you should watch the size you need, you can refer to the size chart, these small sizes are fit for nail art. You might need a bigger size. Large size and other color stones can be found through the MIOBLET search.

Brand: Mioblet

👤These are pretty. I like them.

👤These are tiny and my favorite for classy sparkle, not big and gawdy, pure class and elegance.

👤I am excited to try them out. They are a perfect size for me. If you don't want that item, then skip it.

👤I use these crystal rhinestones for my art projects. They sparkle like diamonds and give a solid feel to my tumblers. I put in another order for more. Gem-Tac is the best for a variety of surfaces.

👤The box was damaged and dropped out. The box is very small and the compartments are not closed.

8. Magitaco Crystals Stickers Adhesive Rhinestones

Magitaco Crystals Stickers Adhesive Rhinestones

The fake nose stud sticker comes with 164 crystal stickers of 2mm,3mm,4mm size and tweezers which make it easier to access the stickers. The crystal stickers are made of diamond, safe and durable, the face gems are also re-usable, they can be applied for several times, once the glue has been dried, they can be applied again by using eyelash. You can use the tweezers that come with this product to get the stickers and place them on your face or body as forehead bindi or fake Ear / Nose stud. The stickers are suitable for daily wear. They can be put on your face, body, or nail to match your outfit. If you have any questions after you receive the product, please feel free to contact them. They will give you a free return and exchange if you have quality problems. Their eternal goal is your satisfaction.

Brand: Magitaco

👤I have had my nose pierced. I wait 6 months to a year to change it out. I can't get the nose ring to come back in. I used nail glue to help it last longer. It usually lasts 3 days.

👤They are great! They come off easily. I would like to get some skin glue.

👤I love the cute velvet case and tweezer that comes with the sticker gems. The product is good for money. This is my purchase time. I've used other brands and gotten discolored gems, but this item never fails to impress.

👤It's too small to connect. Trying to hold two small pieces. I don't like to rate it low. I guess small steady hands are needed.

👤Everything was described, but they don't stick very well. I will end up returning them.

👤It is incredibly sticky. My skin is sensitive but it did not react to glue after the entire day. Even when I take it off the stone still has a sticky consistency.

9. Rhinestones Mermaid Stickers Temporary Festival

Rhinestones Mermaid Stickers Temporary Festival

There are 10 sheets of eyes face nail body gems with different shapes provided for you to create distinctive patterns, a large quantity for you to use on various occasions. Their face stickers are safe and non-toxic, they are made of rhinestone and acrylic diamond, which can be applied with eyelash glue or body glue to make face stickers be applied again. It's easy to use steps: first you can clean the wanted paste place, then strip eyelash decals and paste to your face or body, then press face rhinestones to match your face or body, and then use glue to enhance the stickiness for avoiding fall off. Once the eyelash glue has been dried, the stickers can be applied again by using glue, which can enhance the stickiness. It's suitable for most occasions and can be applied on eyes, face, body, and nail as art decorations to make you have more charming looks.

Brand: Maitys

👤These don't stick to your skin for long. I washed and dried my skin before applying, and within an hour they were peeling and falling off. I put glue on them, but it didn't help much.

👤We loved them! They stick well. I thought I would have to peel them off and stick them together, but they come off in one big piece. It's so easy to use. They looked great!

👤I was happy to be able to buy a pack of these. I love using them to make fantasy designs. I will be buying this product again.

👤I got these for the carnival. They don't stick on for a long period of time not mentioning if you sweat. A lot of Complements went to the very cute.

👤So cute. My daughter and I like to create new looks with these.

👤We wore these to the pride fest. We got a lot of praise. When we were sweating, they still stayed on our faces.

👤I have been wearing face gems for a long time. I added a small amount of eye lash glue, but they stayed all night without any issues.

👤I used them for something. They used up 12 hours of use. BUDGE love them.

👤It was pretty and stayed on well. My daughter was a mermaid for world book day. We had two designs duplicated in the pack but didn't bother us.

👤It was brilliant for festivals and dress ups. Such gems as well.

👤Theases are great for hen do. They look stunning.

👤It's easy to use and sticky enough to last the night.

👤I bought these for a festival themed hen party and they were perfect for the occasion. Good value for money. I was very happy with how they stuck to my skin.

10. Rhinestone Stickers Rhinestones Accessory Decorations

Rhinestone Stickers Rhinestones Accessory Decorations

There are 15 sheets of eyes body gems with different shapes provided for you to create distinctive patterns, a large quantity for you to use in various occasions. Their face stickers are safe and non-toxic, and face jewels are made of rhinestone and acrylic diamond, which can be used again after your first use, and you can apply eyelash glue or body glue to make face stickers be applied again. You can use the instructions to clean the wanted paste place, then strip eyelash decals and paste to your face or body, and finally press face rhinestones to match your face or body. Once the eyelash glue has dried, the stickers can be applied again using glue, which can enhance the stickiness. Use occasions: these self-adhesive rhinestone stickers can be applied on eyes, face, body and nail as art decorations to make you have more charming looks.

Brand: Hicarer

👤Everything! It was worth the price. Con. The plastic can get stuck to the glue. Peel with care. I use tools for assistance. This is awesome. Definitely buying more. I don't want the hassle of getting them done. You can out it wherever you need it. I say more! My style also varies and these help with that. I also use clear eye lash glue from KISS. It helps to have them in place all day.

👤I don't know how durable they would be if I were to go to a club with my kids, but my 6 year old loves using them in her make-up salon. They don't stay on very long. A nice gift for girls who like to play salon.

👤I bought these for Halloween and they were perfect. It was very sticky and didn't fall off. It's easy to apply. Even over makeup!

👤Don't buy this product because face gems are hard to use and do not stick.

👤These are fun and easy to use, if you like adding that extra touch to your make-up looks, then these are great, they are ready to place you don't need additional glue, which is one of the reasons I love these more.

👤Theses are very versatile to use on nails face or art and crafts, they have a lovely shimmer and all great different sizes.

👤I bought these for my 5 year old as an advent calendar replacement, they are fantastic, lovely selection of coloured and sized jewels, they don't always stick for a long time, but they are amazing, especially for the price.

👤Don't stay on... just drop off. Money is wasted.

👤There is a great selection of jewels. It's easy to stay on.

👤Diversi colori e dimensions are sono molto belli. Ma poco perché aderiscono malissimo. Ne ho visti. Non costano pochissimo. Un vero peccato. Li ho presi.

11. Outuxed 5040pcs Rhinestones Flatback Tweezers

Outuxed 5040pcs Rhinestones Flatback Tweezers

The material is made from pure K9 glass. Each piece of jewelry is made from high-precision section size, multi-faced cutting, high brightness and no bubbles. A total of 5,040 pieces, including a large number of large-size rhinestone, is enough to complete a complete clothing and shoes crafts project. There are 6 mixed sizes: the ones with a 2.4mm, 3.2mm, 4mm, and 6.5mm width. The design of different styles of handicrafts and nail decoration designs can be easily realized by mixing different sizes. The hotfix rhinestones have a heat activated glue on the bottom that melts and sticks when heat is applied, you can use a hot fix or a household iron to set them. Clear rhinestones are perfect for crafts, clothes, shoes, phone, nail art, bags, books, goblet and so on. Small items should be used by your child under the supervision of an adult. You can apply your own glue and stick it to any surface if you have other needs.

Brand: Outuxed

👤This product has been ordered 5 times. I like them. They have come out perfect using them on converse.

👤I love them. It looked like my crystal! Beautiful and blingy! The container was in a plastic package. Great price!

👤The quality, shine and clarity of these crystals are really good. I bought the clear ones and am going to buy the ABs soon. They arrived in a container with two wax pencils and a pair of tweezers. I've received a lot of praise on my nails. I love them!

👤I love the fact that they came in different sizes and I will definitely be ordering more soon.

👤I embellished the mirror with these sparklers. The letters on the outside are included in the Afro. I love them so much.

👤I used these to make ornaments out of glass ball. They have a lot of sparkle. These are not plastic. The smallest size is not as big as they claim. It was fine for my ornaments, but may be important to you.

👤Will the tools needed to place the crystals?

👤The rhinestones are beautiful. The amount of sparkle you get with Swarovski is close to these. They were used for a costume and looked great on stage. I glue them because the heat fix backing didn't work on vinyl.

👤It's great to add bling to your clothing with lots of sizes to choose from.

👤The producto es excelente.


What is the best product for eye jewels rhinestones glue?

Eye jewels rhinestones glue products from Ga&en. In this article about eye jewels rhinestones glue you can see why people choose the product. Spaidoon and Karizma are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye jewels rhinestones glue.

What are the best brands for eye jewels rhinestones glue?

Ga&en, Spaidoon and Karizma are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye jewels rhinestones glue. Find the detail in this article. Osgp, Zlxin and Beetles Gel Polish are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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