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1. Rhinestone Stickers Adhesive Decorate Decoration

Rhinestone Stickers Adhesive Decorate Decoration

These Stickers can be used on paper, plastic, wood, wall, skin and nails. It's perfect for paper craft projects like decorating cards, scrapbooks or wedding invitations as well as faces for festivities, parties, Halloween, raves, etc. 3 sheets of 325 pieces of rhinestone stickers are 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm. There are a total of 2200 Pcs. These self-adhesive bling stickers are made of high quality acrylic, shiny and sparkly, with high gloss, colorful and clear. The stickers are made with skin-friendly material, so they won't leave marks when peeling off. You don't need glue, you can easily remove and peel off the sticker, which is convenient for hand-made projects. The best choice for decorating your Christmas or Easter gifts is the multi-purpose rhinestone stickers.

Brand: Pimoys

👤These gems don't stick very well. I tried to put them back on my project, but they fell off.

👤They are good for your money. It could stay better.

👤I love them! Will purchase again when they run out. It's easy to apply. I used them for eye makeup. It lasts through the day. Only come off of you.

👤The glue did not work. Do not recommend.

2. Noctilucent Self Adhesive Rhinestone Stickers Christmas

Noctilucent Self Adhesive Rhinestone Stickers Christmas

Even in a dark environment, the jewels can cast bright light. Before using these jewels, please illuminate them with light. This operation will make them look better. You can make your own makeup. You can do it anywhere. It could be your face, nail, forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, stomach, chest, back, arms, hands, collarbone or anywhere you can imagine. Put the gems on! It is easy to use and make you different. Made of safe and healthy stones. There was no smell. It fits all ages, no matter who they are. Don't worry about it getting close to your skin. Multiple colors. Red, rose red, orange, gold, light green,AB clear, green, light purple, pink, lake blue, black, coffee brown. There are various colors that can be combined. All of the rhinestones were pre-attached and self-adhensive. It is easy to stick to your designs. No more glue. The stickers can be used several times. You can use it again if you clean it after the first use or if you put it with mascara or body glue. Body glue or mascara can be used to fix it if you think it isn't stable.

Brand: Bonplat

👤My type. I wear these all the time and they are a must for every woman. It is a lot of the colors for the price, and I love them all. The only problem I have is that some of the jewels don't stick and look like they aren't attached to the jewel. I make it work. It was not bad, but could we improve? Thanks a lot.

👤The gems have an iridescent hue to them. The green is an aqua green and the red is a magenta. I had hoped it would be better. They will work for the project I am doing, but I am not happy with it and there is no time to replace it.

👤These are not self-adhesive. They stick to the plastic just fine, but on top of the skin it's a 50% chance. Even if you use a pair of tweezers, the oils from your fingers won't remove the glue from my face. I wouldn't recommend buying them unless you have a skin-friendly glitter glue handy. Returned.

👤The job was done despite them being a lot smaller than I thought. I liked all the colors I could use.

👤These are not as pretty as the photos show. I got these for my nails on my wedding day, but they look too fake to deal with, the colors don't even look the same as in the pictures, and they are missing pieces.

👤The colors are not as bright as they seem in the picture. They didn't work for what I needed them for, but they did work well for other uses.

👤Very cute. They are not the strongest. It didn't last the whole night. Either they fell off or I sweat too much. I was somewhat disappointed with this purchase.

👤love them So many of them too. Excellent item!

3. Bememo Crystals Rhinestones Flatback Decoration

Bememo Crystals Rhinestones Flatback Decoration

You can use these crystals gems for a wide range of things. Good quality: flat back rhinestones in clear color, made of glass, featured with nice shapes and beautiful cutting facets, good as nail art delicate decorations. Flat back gems have unique sparkle and shine, Multi-faceted and clear really gives you the beauty and sparkle you want to your decoration, make you more elegant and charming. You have more choices with mixed 6 sizes, each sized stone packed in 1 compartment, convenient to fetch the size you needed. 2 bags of flat back rhinestones have a total of 576 pieces. 3,408 pieces of nailpolish. You can use these gems to decorate your phone, nail art, card crafting, shoes, wedding dress, books, guitar, tablets, car plates, table scatter and so on.

Brand: Bememo

👤I decided to try something less expensive for clients who want the bling but not the price, I was a little skeptical at first but baby when I say bling that is what I mean. I will buy these again.

👤No complaints! There are different sizes in a pack and sealed with a heat seal. 36 stones were priced at $9.99 at a corporate craft store. They are not the name brand cut glass, but they are equally as shiny. The whole pack is beautiful. Very happy!

👤I love the bright and shiny look of the clear rhinestone and they have the best price.

👤It was what I wanted. The cost for all the crystals was very gracious.

👤They lose the crystal appearance after you touch them. It's a shame.

👤Just call me bling.

👤It was pretty and shiny. They come with different sizes.

👤The shine is pretty much the same as the pictures. I would like them to do nail art. You will not be disappointed.

👤There are lots of different sizes to choose from. Enough to live a long time, I think.

👤Excellent looks in the sun.

👤It was bought for her.

👤They were bought to create trainers. The crystals look amazing and very shiny. Would be recommended.

4. Festival Clothing Accessories Stickers Halloween

Festival Clothing Accessories Stickers Halloween

Why choose us? It's safe on faces. The face rhinestones are made of a different material. Not easily scratched, brighter, more flexible. How long do they last? The face is bare. If you apply glue to the face stickers, you will stay all day. It's like a sticker, but it's one piece. Their face crystals can be cleaned quickly. I'm sure you'll appreciate the choice when you're pressed for time and want to rest after the festival. Their face rhinestones are high-grade, different from general inferior product, and glitter in sunshine. The rainbow face jewels can be combined to your liking. You're the queen. It's great for festivals like the Electric Daisy Carnival, fairy dress-up, pride outfits, mardi gras costumes, masquerade night, bachelor parties or art performances.

Brand: Cutediy

👤I used pieces from another sticker to complete my look. It was used for Halloween.

👤Absolutely loved them! I have on two styles. So many nice things to say! I added eyelash glue to make sure they held on. Over would be a good choice.

👤It was perfect! We used them for a parade. We were sweaty and they never came off. I was surprised that they stayed on. Very pretty.

👤It looks better in person than it does in person.

👤It's easy to apply. Lots of praise! It took a lot of dancing to lose the bond.

👤There were no beads that fell off at the event. I got a lot of praise for them as well. It's easier to apply a mask than it is to carry one all night.

👤Sticks for a long time. If you want them to last longer, you should use eyelash glue, I forgot to do so, but the gems still made it through 2 head hanging sets.

👤It was pretty good for the price. I would use eyelash glue to make sure the glue stays on. I am happy with my purchase and I will be buying more in the future.

5. Noctilucent Temporary Waterproof Rhinestone ZLXIN

Noctilucent Temporary Waterproof Rhinestone ZLXIN

Even in a dark environment, the jewels can cast bright light. Before using these jewels, please illuminate them with light. The operation will make the jewels look better. Made of 100% safe and healthy stones. All ages, women, men, boys, girls, kids, have no smell. No worries about it getting close to your skin. These are self-adhensive and are easy to use and reuse. It is easy to stick with the designs. No more glue. These stickers can be reapplied with eyelash or body glue, just like other stickers, and they can be cleaned after the first use. You can make your own makeup on your face, forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, stomach, chest, back, arms, hands, waist or legs. It's easy to use gems on your face and body, but it makes you different and glamorous. You will become the spotlight of the whole party if you have shiny gems on your body, perfect for Music festivals, Halloween, dress-up, costume, wedding or crazy night on the town, dancing with the glitter crystals in the summer pool parties.

Brand: Zlxin

👤The jewels are not placed correctly. It's not a good product, even though some of them have one or two jewels that are completely asymmetrical, and with most of them it's not really noticeable. I think I can fix some of them by peeling off and glueing them back on, but only for the ones that have one or two jewels messed up. I'm still going to wear them, but it's disappointing since I'm just going to a concert. I wouldn't buy them again.

👤I used these for a job as a character actor and they looked amazing. It is easy to apply. They always stay in place when I go to the shows. If you take care of them, they should last a while, because I reuse mine by resticking them with spirit gum. There are a lot of designs.

👤These were a good price and they stick. I don't sweat on my forehead or face, but my friend said she does if she doesn't have some sort of glue. You will get tanned if you wear these all day.

👤I want to start with a beautiful picture. I thought they would be smaller. I like the gems for their size for my forehead. I only put three stars because I ordered them on a Monday and it was guaranteed to arrive at the checkout by Wednesday, but then after I checked out and got the receipt, it changed to Thursday, which was still okay, but I needed them Friday evening. It changed to Friday evening after Wednesday. Between Saturday and Monday it said running late. It's a two-day shipping when I order these on prime. If I go to the checkout and it says on there that I'm guaranteed by Wednesday, that's right... I should get it on Friday. I pay for prime because I understand that sometimes shipping gets slow, but I only order prime for that reason. This has happened recently. The product is beautiful, but I don't need them anymore. I'll find another chance to wear them. I couldn't wear them for the event I purchased them for.

👤I liked this product. It worked well for my costume. I used duo to make sure it stuck all day. The dark feature has a glow. It has to be dark. You can mix and match the options. I would purchase again and recommend it.

👤5 stars! I loved the stickers I bought for Life is Beautiful. They stayed on my face all day. I stuck them on my face with no glue on them. They kept my dancing and sweat up and got a lot of praise. Will buy for my next festival.

👤My younger students who don't have oily skin were able to wear them for hours, for me they slid off my face so fast. It's very cute.

👤These were easy to apply and I stayed on. My friends had trouble sticking to foundation, so I suggest not putting it on before applying. It's fun to mix and match.

6. Montana West Crossbody Rhinestones CW MWL 019 WT

Montana West Crossbody Rhinestones CW MWL 019 WT

Know You Most with a Bling Crossbody Bags with Rhinestones. OCASSIONS: Pair this clutch with your favorite dress in the crowd. It's perfect for special events. The handbag has a chain strap and you can be hands free whenever. Features: There is bling crystal. It was polished smoothly and sparklingly. Firm claws make sure crytals are secured. There are real leather card slots in the interior. There is a doctrine. The silver chain strap is included. The purse can be converted to a shoulder bag or a cross body bag. There are 2 card slots and a pocket in the pouch. You won't be weighed down throughout the evening because the room is for the things you need.

Brand: Montana West

👤Alexander Wang's original was the one that I couldn't wait to take pictures of. But not feelin that $600. The quality is good and there are no flaws. They should be known and put their name on the handle. In my case, I'll fake it to make it so I don't have to spend $600 for a bag.

👤I am usually against these kinds of purchases on Amazon, but people... this is an amazing product! It was delivered as expected. The box was wrapped in plastic. I knew it was a good product when I saw it. It is heavy and the be crystals are attached to the purse. The size is not large compared to other purses in my collection. I had expected that. You can see it next to my hands. It can hold things you need. There are two small pockets to hold your cards. I would recommend this to all of you ladies who like shiny things. If they have it, I would buy it in other colors.

👤I could not justify paying more than $600 for the original AW. This is a decent quality.

👤The purse is small but it is beautiful. It was perfect size for what I carry. I don't like big purses. It would recommend a great evening purse. I carry it all day. The only complaint I have is that it doesn't grab your clothing, but it does grab your clothes, and I'm not happy about that. I don't want to give it a bad review, but my purse is doing a weird thing on the top and I don't want to give it a bad review.

👤I was looking for a purse with a lot of sparkle to use at a wedding I am attending and to use when we go on date nights too. I wanted the purse to hold my things. I read the prices and qualities and reviews and decided to go for this one, it was the right size and the price was lower than many others. It turned out better than I anticipated. It was delivered in a box with ribbon and tissue paper. The purse is fastened well, the crystals are all in line, and it comes with a long silvery strap if you want to wear it on your shoulder. This purse is part of my wardrobe.

👤It was packaged in a high quality box with tags and tissue. The rhinestones are shiny. It looks like a lot more than a 40 dollar purse and will be used for formals and evening wear. This is a good quality. It looks the same as it is pictured. She was very impressed when I bought one for her. I have 6 grand daughters and will likely be buying it again and again.

👤The bag is made of high quality material and does not get caught on clothes. If you don't carry a lot, it's a really nice size. The leather strap is not removed. I knew that when I bought mine. I was hoping that I could open the ring and slide it off, but that doesn't seem doable. thumbs up I don't think you'll regret buying.

7. Rhinestone Adhesive Rhinestones Stickers Glitter

Rhinestone Adhesive Rhinestones Stickers Glitter

If you have any issues with the flat back rhinestones tools set, please do not hesitate to contact them, they can solve the problem within 24 hours. Use as individual gem stickers or strips of sticky gems when a clear strip is cut to desired length. These craft stickers are a great addition to your wedding sticker collection. Also known as craft jewels and gems, rhinestones stickers, sticker gems, gold gems, self adhesive jewels, rhinestone stickers, gemstones for crafts, acrylic jewels, sticky jewels, gemstone stickers, sticky gems, face stick on, face gems stick on, face gems stick on, face gems stick on These colorful stickers are a great addition to your other craft supplies such as flatback pearls and rhinestones. Can be used in lieu of or in addition to glitter, festival glitter, gold face glitter, face glitter festival, glitter for face, silver face glitter, face glitter for kids, 6mm rhinestones, facial glitter, and star face gems.

Brand: Aonefun

👤The pretty rhinestones will last a long time. They're easy to use and give you the effect you're looking for.

👤These seem to be what I need. I haven't used them yet, but they look good.

👤It was the same as it was pictured. The glue was strong.

8. KINGMAS 1700pcs Crystals Rhinestone Flatback

KINGMAS 1700pcs Crystals Rhinestone Flatback

1700PCS of Super Sparkle Clear Rhinestones are used for nail art and crafts. The mixture of different sizes makes it easier to achieve different designs of nail art, which add sparkle and glamour to your crafts, make your nails more dazzling and charming. The nail art decoration set can be applied to natural or art nails, but also suitable for clothes, shoes, domiciliary care, phone case, glasses, card, eyes body and so on. It's all you need for a lot of nail art designs. The flat back rhinestones in clear color are featured with nice shapes and are good for nail art delicate decorations. All clear stones are packed in a separate box, so you can pick out the items you need. Please do not contact them if there is a quality issue. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or money back!

Brand: Kingmas

👤Un producto es un verdadero fraude. Algunas piedras son de cristal y otras. Apreciar en la foto uno brilla, las otras se opacan. Hago tiene 25 aos. Estpidamente confe en este vendedor y encima el envo luego de era Gratis. AMAZON is pendiente de los vendedores, quiere mantener su reputacin.

👤I ordered this product for the amount. The product does not contain 1,700 pieces.

👤I paid for some of these metallic dots.

👤These are so cheap, they flip off after 2 coats.

👤These gems are perfect if you are using them in your nails. I put a top coat over the gems and they stay until I take the nails off. The nail salon does not put top coat over the gem.

👤I used the rhinestones to add bling to my yeti cup. They worked well. The color was easy to adhere to.

👤I barely got any gems that were worth the price.

👤It is a good product and worth the money, but they don't give you a lot of stones, it's like half full.

9. Rhinestones Flatback Rhinestone Tweezers Decoration(Colorful

Rhinestones Flatback Rhinestone Tweezers Decoration%EF%BC%88Colorful

The package includes a pretty and delicate set. There are 2400 pieces of colorful flatback nail rhinestones. The clear nail rhinestones are cute and pretty. There are 4488 pieces and 1 piece black tweezers. The size of the nail rhinestones is 3mm each, the color of the nail and the clarity of the nail are the factors that affect the size. Multi-faceted rhinestones are more three-dimensional, full of color, and the AB color nail rhinestones will vary in color when seen in different lights or from different angles. The tip of the tweezers is good for placing the cute gems because it is tapering and good aligned, grasp and handle them firmly and easily. Adding flatback rhinestones to your nails will make them look good and will let you be more elegant and charming.

Brand: Bememo

👤These last through everything. I put a bunch of bad boys in front of my eyes. I got drunk, sobbed and skin my knees during the show. The rhinestones were perfect the whole time. I would be surprised if Harold saw them shining off my orbs from all the way in the nosebleeds. Buy them. We only get to do it once. I wear them to the grocery store for fun.

👤I got these to use on my face because I am obsessed with Euphoria. They are perfect for that. You get a good selection of colors. I can't recommend this product enough for makeup because I really like the tools they sent. Excellent!

👤The reviewz had me scepticle but they were packaged tightly in plastic which made it feel more hygenic. The pencil and packz were wrapped in rubber bandz. It's good! If you look at the nail art, they may be a little big in the rainbow section. But 4 eye jewelz are perfect. The extra tiny onez in the silver side would work 4 nailz, but at this price, I want to look elsewhere. These are not 2 big at all 4 makeup. So. Yes! I got this 4 sum makeup lookz, and the bag and the rhinestonez cum in cases, but the compartmentz aren't filled 2 the top, so I'm happy. It was 10/10. Would give a 10. I agree that the compartmentz could be filled a bit more. 3

👤I bought the stones to use for a phone case, gym shoes, and slides. I love the AB stones. I didn't receive the wax pen that was supposed to be included, so I gave this product a perfect score.

👤Excited to bedazzle some stuff. I'm excited to start a project because it's organized in it's own case. I mentioned how beautiful the rhinestones are. They are very high quality. Come in with a little organizer!

👤I am using these to decorate my daughters bows. They come out great. They are easy to work with and stay in place, but that is an obvious factor.

👤I am glad I bought. I wanted the amount, the sizes, the shine of the stones and the quality.

10. 500pcs Crystal Rhinestone Acrylic Wedding

500pcs Crystal Rhinestone Acrylic Wedding

There are many uses for the heat-activated glue on the bottom of the crystal rhinestone. The gemstones are brighter and stay longer. There are 5 different color types for you to choose from. 500 pieces of rhinestones are in a package that you can use for a long time. Good for crafting, ornaments for costumes, and home decoration. It can be used by professional and amateur designers. It can be used by professional and amateur designers.

Brand: Hilitand

👤A lo, una producto, uno se imagina demasiado.

👤The product image is clear and bright. The product you get is not good, it is not a good color, and it looks very cheap. I could get it from the dollar store. Very disappointing.

👤The dimensions are similar to the picture. It is really nice. It is easy to glue them because they are large.

👤I haven't used them yet but they are really good.

👤The shine on these could be better. The price is good for the pack.

👤It was pretty and shiny. It's not all red, it's more like a deep pink or purple.


11. Rhinestones Non Self Adhesive Gemstone Tweezers Decoration

Rhinestones Non Self Adhesive Gemstone Tweezers Decoration

Take an appropriate amount and apply it to desired points. The Rhinestones set with Tweezers and Picking Pen help you pick up rhinestones easily. The glue is not included and the rhinestones are not hotfix. 6 Sizes Crystal The package contains 2000 pieces of clear craft rhinestones in a box with 12 grids, the size is 1.5mm ( 600 pieces), 2mm ( 584 pieces), 2.5mm (300 pieces), 3mm (300 pieces), 4.5mm (144 pieces), and 6mm (72 pieces). The Tweezers are made of high-quality steel and the flat back crystals are made of glass. Widely Applicarions You can use the mixed sizes of round glass gems to decorate your items. Please keep away from babies, small children, and pets.

Brand: Weico

👤You get what you paid for. They have two tools to help pick up the rhinestones. This is for makeup looks. It will work well.

👤There is a good amount in every compartment as advertised, so much for an affordable price, and the product is exactly as described. Highly recomend it.

👤I was amazed by this product. Packaging is fast. I will definitely order more. Thank you for the good product.

👤I make a lot of greeting cards, some of which I sell for charity, and the gems and gem pick-up tools are a great help.

👤They look very shiny when decorating Christmas tree ornaments. The included tweezers were great for picking up gems.

👤I thought they were going to have big ones but they are small and small.

👤I like the tools that come with them.

👤These are what I was looking for. They come in many different sizes and in a container with different sizes of tue. The tools it comes with make it easier to pick gems.


What is the best product for eye jewels rhinestones silver?

Eye jewels rhinestones silver products from Pimoys. In this article about eye jewels rhinestones silver you can see why people choose the product. Bonplat and Bememo are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye jewels rhinestones silver.

What are the best brands for eye jewels rhinestones silver?

Pimoys, Bonplat and Bememo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye jewels rhinestones silver. Find the detail in this article. Cutediy, Zlxin and Montana West are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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