Best Eye Jewels Stick On Green

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1. Adhesive Stickers Colorful Scrapbooking Assorted

Adhesive Stickers Colorful Scrapbooking Assorted

Please keep the small parts away from children. Each sheet contains 165 pieces pearl stickers, size includes 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, enough quantity to meet your needs. The surface of pearls is glossy and dust-proof. The makeup sticker pearls are easy to clean. The mixed sizes half pearls are easy to use, just peel them off the sheet and stick them to the objects you want to decorate, no glue is needed. The flat back pearls can be used for a wide range of purposes. The pearl stickers are small and should be kept far away from children to avoid getting chocked.

Brand: Pveath

👤It was easy to apply with the tweezers. It is very sticky and it is not going anywhere.

👤These were bought for a photo shoot. I bought glue because I was expecting it to be non sticky. They hold on really well and are sticky. We submerged the model in water and they stayed on. These were awesome.

👤These are great for nail art, but they are also great for makeup.

👤The first Chucks and Pearls event will be in 2021. It came out well. I received a lot of praise. The pearls stuck very well on the first day. I began to find a pearl falling. I looked at the bag I had put the mask in and found that most of the pearls had fallen off. Will update this report after I try a glue gun or nail gel. The pearls are very pretty and a nice size, but the adhering process went smoothly until the glue gave away. The pearls don't stick to the fabric very long. There is a need for a better quality glue.

👤I love these! Their beautiful! Some of them look like pearls and others like ivory pearls. It has different sizes. I was afraid of using it for eye makeup because it looked too big in my opinion. 6 packs of pearls were in it. Overall, I loved it!

👤I ordered this product to decorate a pair of shoes for my wedding. I got them on the shoe and they were more of a yellow color. I'm going to try and buy something else.

👤When I got to the last sheet of pears, they were a different color than the rest of them, which was a shame because the product was good for creating college decorated bottles. I ran out of pearls because I couldn't use the entire sheet.

👤The pearls are the perfect size and the right idea, but after decorating a dozen wooden dress hangers for a wedding with them, the pearls fell off as soon as we hung them up. The pearls are falling into our dresses. The glue isn't sticky enough.

2. Festival Halloween Rhinestone Decoration Temporary

Festival Halloween Rhinestone Decoration Temporary

The jewels are 100% safe and non-toxic. All materials are tested. 2. It's the glow in the dark sticker. Put it in bright light for 5 minutes to absorb the light source. 3. The festival face jewels are very easy to peel and stick to your skin. 4. It can be used again if it is taken care of and put back onto the plastic, but spirit gum, clear eyelash glue or jewel can be used along the edges to keep using it after the first use. You can use eyelash glue for a longer hold. Body jewels are connected with a clear sticky pad that can be removed from one piece and stuck onto your face. You can use scissors or a blade to cut off jewels you don't need or to change the pattern for your own jewels.

Brand: Topaz

👤My carnival costume had face crystals. They sparkle in the sun. Make sure the area you apply the stones is clean and dry, and if you are wearing makeup, use eyelash glue that dries clear for extra stick. If you have makeup on you will need the extra glue. I will use them again. I only applied the bottom stones because I already had stones on my head.

👤This was perfect for my dress. I got a lot of praise. There were no problems with the jewels falling off.

👤These were easy to apply and worked perfectly. They lasted about 10 hours and didn't bother me at all. 5/5

3. Christmas Festival Rhinestone Festival Temporary

Christmas Festival Rhinestone Festival Temporary

Safe material The face gems stickers are made of non-toxic and environmental materials. It's easy to apply. The bindi body has temporary tattoos that are peeled off and pasted like any other sticker. Put face stones on your face or body. 6 styles face sticker temporary tattoos are designed for your face and body, such as your forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, around your eyes, stomach, chest, back, arms, hands and even your hair. The face stickers are self-adhesive and easy to apply. There are gemstones that can be re-used. The glue can be reapplied with eyelash glue once it has dried. Fashion Any fancy dress, crazy night, or art performance. The face jewels look great on you and make you stand out.

Brand: Oasmu

👤Excellent! It was so easy to apply and I stayed on all night long. Highly recommended. I received a lot of praise. The fact that they are disposable makes it better. The whole set was very nice. Very nice for a low price.

👤I bought them for a party. They were very pretty and well-fitting for the girls. The girls were put on their faces on their own and had no problem with it. They found them uncomfortable after a while, but they are young. Teens/adults would not mind.

👤I received a lot of positive feedback. If I put each jewel on its own, it would be many winners. I could have said yes and taken the credit. I'm glad the larger bunches are one piece. It would take a lot of time to get everything right. They stick all night. You can use glitter again.

👤When I ordered this face jewels, I was expecting one only, but they are 6 sets. Oh man! This is the second item I have gotten recently that I had the same situation. I am in love with this. I will wear this for Halloween and also for other occasions. When going to a club. To make my make up even more fun. Cheers!

👤I bought these as a substitute for a more expensive brand. They worked well. They will be used for a convention. They were swimming for hours.

👤My daughter used one for a full day at school and it stayed on through recess, parade and PE. She has a sensitive skin and this did not bother her at all. She wore one for hours on Halloween. It is very easy to apply and remove.

👤I had to replace a couple of them because they unglued from my face, but the others were stuck on all night in the sweat, not sure how to stay on all from the same package.

4. Adhesive Rhinestones Stickers Festival Accessories

Adhesive Rhinestones Stickers Festival Accessories

12 sheets of self-adhesive eyes, body face gems, different shapes and colors are provided for you to create distinctive patterns in various occasions. The body jewelry set has a large amount of individual stones. glitter powder is included in the body makeup kit to make your temporary tattoo more attractive. Variety is gorgeous. You can put glitter powder on your face, body, or nail to catch eyes. You will become the center of the party if you mix glitter on your body and dance with it. It's great for clothes, phones, bags, cell phones, making greeting cards, and so on. It's safe and reuseable. DECOYARDOO glitter products are made of safe and non toxic materials. Each color of glitter is 5 grams and there are three different colors of body glitter to match your needs. All ages, women, men, boys, girls, kids, have no smell. No worries about it getting close to your skin. The face gems can be cleaned after use and can be applied again with glue or body glue. They can be used as facial gems, accents for nails, as faux piercings, and more. It's easy to use gems on your face and body, but it makes you different. A great gift for makeup lovers, easy to use, and versatile to use for different things, they absolutely loved them, and they held up well and were very versatile to use for different things. You can use eyelash glue to enhance the stickiness, especially oily skin or sweating. Remove the film with tweezers and apply them to the skin. Make sure to put on clean, dry skin and apply makeup around it so that the gems stones will stick. To make sure the pebble sticks, it must be pressed.

Brand: Decoyardoo

👤This is a gift-worthy option because of the presentation and organization. The decorative pieces and glitter are great for face/body art. It's useful for any arts and crafts project. I like the quality of the collection. There is a There are 12 sets of crystal stickers. They are easy to access and use. Make sure the skin is clean and dry before applying, to ensure a good, secure placement. Take a photo of your face and then print it out. Colored markers can help you figure out the colors and shapes you want to use in your design. There are photos to show real world images of the product components, with a ruler for size reference. I present close ups of groupings of the gemstones in their own organization. The vibrant colors and various shapes lend themselves to only the limits of your imagination. The collection has a 4.5 star rating and a high level recommendation.

👤This is a review of the 12 sheets Face Jewels, which include a set of 15g glitter, eye face body Rave Outfits for women, and face body makeup. There is a collection of face glitter. The looks I can achieve are endless because it contains everything; color, shine, pearls and even glitter, I had fun using the face jewels to unleash my creativity and imagination. If you have oily skin, or face jewels, or if you put on some cream, the stones will gradually come off, so apply them on oil, because the glue that contains each stone is not so powerful. I would consider these crafts spectacular because of the other uses for the rhinestones. The price of jewels is reasonable.

👤The set of crystals are pretty. Each sheet is individually packed and I love it. Each packet has a different theme. There are shapes or colors of rhinestones. It is nice that this set includes glitters. The glitters were difficult to use. I think these glitters would be better suited for nailpolish or craft work. You will need to use a type of tweezers to apply the rhinestones, they are extremely high quality. It's important to make sure that your skin is not oily. The gems won't stay on your skin very long. These gems are great for crafts and inspire me to be more creative. Applying all of them can be very time consuming.

👤There is a nice set of face jewels with lots of different designs and colors. I love the tiny gems since they compliment other designs, such as flowers, without being too flashy or bulky. I add a touch of glue to gems before applying to nails, face, or body to make sure they don't fall off and ruin the design during activities. The sheets are nicely packaged and can be kept neat and undamaged. The glitter colors are gorgeous, but the glitter is very large. I prefer to use that for crafts rather than face glitter.

👤This is a fun package. There are many different types of rhinestones that can be used on your body, face or arts and crafts. I wear light make-up after trying these on paper and my face. There are a variety of gems from pearls to golden to my favorite which is the multi colored holographic gems. There are premade designs that you can place. The gems are of good quality. The glitter is medium grade and colorful. This packet is fun to use for crafting or make-up.

5. Rhinestone Festival Temporary Crystals Accessories

Rhinestone Festival Temporary Crystals Accessories

The jewelry is certified by the SGS. 1. It is easy to apply just peel and stick. 2. Instantly lighten anywhere you want. 3. Reusable. 4. Non-toxic materials and Eco-friendly materials pass.

Brand: Topaz

👤They wouldn't stick at all if you spent your money on this.

6. Zoestar Crystal Jewels Festival Stickers

Zoestar Crystal Jewels Festival Stickers

The most stylish sticker is the crystal eye sticker. Charm Face Gem Stickers can be used in a variety of ways. The Festival crystal Jewels set always looks amazing. All music festivals,dance competitions, carnival, and dress up parties have crystal face stickers. The best gifts for your family are gorgeous eye gems.

Brand: Zoestar

👤The jewels are beautiful. I am very satisfied with them. I use extra glue to get them to stick on, but they look like they would stick on their own. They have a shimmer to them that does not irritate my skin. I like the variety of colors. Would definitely recommend! I use them more often than I should.

👤They work well. I've worn them a few times and they're good for the price, even though the smaller ones are harder to put on. I like having three color variations.

👤I loved these. It is easy to apply and the price is great.

👤My girlfriend loves them and says they are perfect for her makeup.

👤They can't wait to try them on.

7. Temporary Tattoos Stickers Glitter Rhinestones

Temporary Tattoos Stickers Glitter Rhinestones

10 sheets face jewels festival and 6 boxes 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm mixed glitter powder sets are what you get. Their face jewels come with hot melt glue on the back that is stronger than ordinary glue and can prevent gems from falling off easily. 10 sets of Rave Rhinestone Face Jewels are being used. There are glitter tattoos for Music Festivals, Carnival, Halloween, Rave Festival, or Crazy night. It matches with many outfits. Body gems is a great gift for any occasion. These face gems can be used multiple times. Face jewels can be reapplied with eyelash or even body glue once the glue has dried. The center of the event will be made up of these face jewels with face glitter festival sets.

Brand: Meredmore

👤I used extra sticker glue to make them hold on for a long time but these were very easy to use. I had the extra glue to stick the gems back on after I lost a few on the thinner forhead peace. I received tons of praise. Would buy again.

👤I love these! It's so much fun for a dress up occasion. They can be used for a second wear.

8. Elandy Different Self Adhesive Flatback Rhinestone

Elandy Different Self Adhesive Flatback Rhinestone

Multi-color will send by random if you choose the right color. There are 4 different sizes of each sheet to meet your requirements. These Stickers can be used on paper, plastic, wood, wall, skin and nails. It's perfect for paper craft projects like decorating cards, scrapbooks or wedding invitations as well as faces for festivities, parties, Halloween, raves, etc. Crystal gem stickers can be used for a wide range of applications. Please keep the small parts away from children.

Brand: Elandy

👤They are okay. If you use them for something, they won't be sticky on the face.

👤It was used for a show. Multiple uses can be obtained from each jewel with the use of lash glue. Great deal.

9. Adhesive Flatback Rhinestone Eyeshadow Nightclub

Adhesive Flatback Rhinestone Eyeshadow Nightclub

Kids are doing their own gems stickers. There are 7 colors for your choice, the material is Arcylic and it's size is 5mm-8mm/10mm-12mm. These bling crystals in self-adhesive back are easy to stick on your crafts and projects. The multi-color rhinestones look shiny and shining. Crystal gem stickers can be used for a wide range of applications. These Stickers can be used on paper, plastic, wood, wall, skin and nails. It's perfect for paper craft projects like decorating cards, scrapbooks or wedding invitations as well as faces for festivities, parties, Halloween, raves, etc.

Brand: Upstore

👤I love them! The hole in my pierced ears has gotten so low that normal earrings just droop. When it is safe, I will get my ears re-pierced. I will use these until that day. I have slept with them for three nights.

👤I bought a glue on Amazon that I used to wear these on my face. These things were in place on halloween. I woke up. They were still in place. I don't know how, but it was amazing. Definitely recommend.

👤Useful for clothes or makeup. It does take a small amount of makeup glue to make the jewels stick on the face, but otherwise, they are beautiful to look at. Shipping is quick.

👤Don't get these if you're going to get a look. They're too big for eyes, so go for a smaller option.

👤They were pretty but not comfortable sweating. The gems were gone by the end of the event. Would still recommend. As I sweated a little from my photos, you can see where they started to fall.

👤Not what I thought. There is a small sticker in the back.

👤These jewels are too big to be used on your face or nails, they are not shiny, and they were falling off the package that they came in. The plastic children's princess shoes have cheap jewels on them. I would not recommend getting these.

👤I wanted these to be gems on my nails. Good for face and body.

👤Looks better in the picture. They don't stick very well but glue can fix that.

👤They don't stick very well.

10. Masquerade Stickers Halloween Temporary Rhinestone

Masquerade Stickers Halloween Temporary Rhinestone

The face jewels are for a carnival music festival. The face jewels stick well over the foundation and after dancing all night. When it was time to take them off, this face jewels came off easily. The face jewels are easy to apply. The face jewels are fun for girl and adults and make great gifts. Skin should be free of oil, dust or make up, and peel the sticker off by hand. Return the stick on the body jewel to the backing sheet. If Self-Adhesive wears off, you can clean the back with alcohol and glue.

Brand: Wuios

👤I've worn a lot of body gems and they've always made it through the night. I tried these two nights in a row and they fell off in about an hour.

👤I got these for the party we were throwing. They are pretty. They were easy to apply, comfortable that I almost forgot, but by the end of the evening I had them on most of the time. The ends were loose against my face and not sticking anymore. The job was done and the result was great.

👤So cute! I wore them all night on halloween. stayed on the entire time. Be careful with your make up.

👤The only good thing about these was the glue. It stayed on even though it was sweaty. They were damaged when I received them. They were all together. Some jewels had some glue in them. It was kind of annoying. You can find better things for $8. I was very disappointed that I couldn't come back.

👤Despite having makeup on, I was stuck on really well.

👤Even with eyelash glue, they didn't stay on long. I tried to use them over makeup.

👤The colors shown in the ad are not the ones shown here. The money was wasted. Don't buy. Very cheap. Doesn't stick.

👤The product was used for a costume. It was easy to use and stayed on all night.

👤They stick great, maybe tone down the layer of makeup before applying, they might not stick as well. They look like the picture.

11. KITBE Rhinestone SelfAdhesive Noctilucent Masquerades

KITBE Rhinestone SelfAdhesive Noctilucent Masquerades

There is a pack of noctilucent body face gems stickers for mermaids women. The face decoration stickers set are created with various shapes and sizes of rhinestones. Luminous Face Jewelry The jewelry is designed to look good in the dark. The day light and night light are both green. There are awesome body decors. Safe Body Stickers The rhinestones body stickers are made of toxin-free material and are skin-friendly. It should be in the right way. There are party favors. The face gems tattoos stickers give women unlimited choices for Halloween, Christmas eve, masquerades, music festival, wedding, engagements, carnival, costume, etc. The gems tattoos are self-adhesive and can be applied to any part of the body. The skin should be clean. The bedazzled tattoos can highlight your body, face, eye.

Brand: Kitbe

👤These didn't peel off even when sweating.

👤I had them on for at least 6 hours and did not peel off, I think I had them on for at least 6 hours.

👤The product isn't glowing at night. The seller should be banned. I can't get a refund. It's a bad thing that Amazon sucks.


What is the best product for eye jewels stick on green?

Eye jewels stick on green products from Pveath. In this article about eye jewels stick on green you can see why people choose the product. Topaz and Oasmu are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye jewels stick on green.

What are the best brands for eye jewels stick on green?

Pveath, Topaz and Oasmu are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye jewels stick on green. Find the detail in this article. Decoyardoo, Zoestar and Meredmore are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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