Best Eye Just Blue Light Blocking 13 Pro

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1. Ocushield Light Screen Protector IPhone

Ocushield Light Screen Protector IPhone

Children and teenagers are particularly at risk from harmful blue light from digital screens, which can cause insomnia, eye strain, headaches, dry eyes and blurry vision. They use a high quality glass with an Oleophobic coating to make sure your screen is protected from knocks and bumps, as well as protecting your eyes and sleep. This is a case-friendly screen saver. Ocushield protects your eyes and sleep, but still allows non-harmful light through the screen, meaning no retro orange tint, unlike other apps and "night mode" settings. Ocushield is an effective blue light filtering screen protector limiting harmful UV and blue light emitted from screens. Money back guarantee for 100 days. If you're not happy with your Ocushield product, you can return it for a full refund. They are committed to a healthier, more productive you. Ocushield products are available for a variety of electronic devices.

Brand: Ocushield

👤I ordered a screen protectors for my phone and it was unused and works great. I ordered an additional screen protection for my son's new phone. It arrived in used condition without an anti-static cleaning wipe and the screen protectors had already been removed so the phone was exposed and dirty. I requested a replacement for the used screen protector that I had just received and when I received the replacement screen protector a few days later it was also a used screen protector. The screen protectors were dirty and the protective covering for the glass was torn off. There was a torn package inside that should have had an anti-static wipe on it. Even though I like the blue light glare feature, I don't want a dirty used screen protector that is going to scratch the face of my phone, so I have decided to go with a ZAGG or Reticare screen protectors. After receiving 2 used screen protectors in a week, I had to let other buyers know that your quality control is not up to par. "New" products are not really used.

👤The product is yellow on the white phone. It is very noticeable and unattractive in natural lighting. Product is not big enough. It doesn't cover the screen completely and is too narrow. This creates a seam on both sides of the screen, which allows light and glare to pass through. See the photos. Product doesn't line up with home button, camera and speaker The front camera has a problem with this. There is a light on your selfies. See my photos. The installation process was easy, although they weren't actually instructions for cleaning your phone before hand. The installation process works, but the screen protector wasn't cut right. I tried to install the second time without their process, but couldn't get the holes and edges to align. Don't attempt to reinstall. The screen protectors are not strong enough for multiple installs. The screen on my phone wouldn't adhere to it when I tried to reinstall it 3 times. I don't recommend for the high price and low quality. The installation process works and the product isn't the right size. I am getting a new item from Amazon. I will update my review once I can evaluate the new screen protectors.

👤The first thing that came to my mind after the installation of this product wasWOW! I don't like placing screen protectors on my devices because I have trouble installing them. I end up throwing the air bubbles in the trash because I can't get them out. I had no issues with the Ocusheild. I'm very impressed. I'm going to buy one for my iPad Air and MacBook Pro because I'm impressed. Great product! A good one.

👤The website is not accurate. It's claimed that it's easy to install the other little to no bubbles. I made it even better by filling it with bubbles after I installed it, but I didn't have any instructions. I had to watch a video to install it. This is my last time using this brand, but it isn't my first time. What a waste of time.

2. EyeJust Blocking Protector Compatible Protection

EyeJust Blocking Protector Compatible Protection

All GLASS-M products have a one-year replacement warranty. The 30-Day Money Back Guarantee is valid for 30 days. EyeJust Advanced Blue Light Blocking Technology helps protect your eyes, sleep, and skin from the negative effects of blue light overexposure. It is easy to apply. Installation is easy, bubble free. There is nothing more frustrating than a dirty, crooked, or bubbly screen protector. Their Blue Light Blocking Screen protectors come with a step by step guide and tools to make sure they fit perfectly. Clear screen protection blocks harmful blue light without changing the color of the screen. Premium glass is used to make their Blue Light Blocking Screen protectors. No orange tint or off-coloring will be visible after application. Premium quality glass. It protects your device screen from damage. Every package has easy installation tools. Their products are made to protect against falls, scratches, and daily wear, and they also make a quality blue light blocker. EyeJust is a simple solution for protecting against blue light. Their screen protectors add no bulk to your device and eliminate the need for blue light glasses. The EyeJust Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector protects your eyes.

Brand: Eyejust

👤So far, so good. The blue blocking properties of this are very important to me because it is frequently used for reading e-books at night. There are a few notes. It isn't made of glass. It is semi-rigid and has a nice look for reading. The method of installation is interesting. There are three protective film strips on the back of the screen protectors. You can align the screen protectors with the home button and speaker hole by removing the center one. Then you pull one side off and let it set down on the screen, followed by the same thing on the other side. It was all done and done and it went into place. * The screen protectors will provide more screen protection than the softer protectors, but not as much as a glass one. The blue light filters are the main benefit. * It's nice that there isn't a noticeable color to it. I've seen cheaper ones that have a weird yellow hue. This thing is pricey compared to some that claim to be similar, but you get what you pay for when it has blue light filters. I looked at the independent testing results that the cheaper ones don't provide. It appears to be worth the money, but it will take time to see if it works with the blue light filters.

👤I have one of these covers in my phone and it is hard to tell if it is doing what it claims to do, I have noticed a decrease in them. Maybe it is a placebo. I was glad they made these for the update since I am constantly on my electronic devices. I love that this protects the screen of my iPad, I want to protect my eyes as well.

👤I'm not sure if I like it. It's difficult to hold the screen protector straight while taking it off because you have to peel the plastic from the bottom. Imagine that 3 times. 2. When you push out the air bubbles on the screen protectors, they usually have a protective film on the top, but this one didn't come with one, so it caused it to have scratches. My finger prints and oils from my hand covered it. I have to keep my screen clean. 4. There are 2 lines in the middle of the screen protectors. It was a 3 step instalation, so I'm guessing it was the peel's residuals? I'm not impressed by the things I've mentioned but I'm happy that it will provide blue light protection. I hope I get a bad one. I will be calling tomorrow.

👤Eye Just Blue Light Blocking film was purchased by me. I bought another one for my iPad because I liked it. The film/sheet is too thick for iPad, so you can't operate it. I had to remove the film from my screen. I wasted a lot of money because this item is not good for iPad. I wish they didn't sell this for iPad users.

3. Ailun Protector Compatible Tempered Friendly

Ailun Protector Compatible Tempered Friendly

There is a screen protectors for the iPhone 13/ Pro 6.1 inch display screen. Protection from scratches, bumps, and nicks. The Tempered glass does not cover the entire screen. The rounded glass for the iPad is accurate. The screen coating protects against sweat and oil from fingerprints. It is brand new,Precise laser cut glass, exquisitely polished, 2.5D rounded edges. Online video installation instruction: Easiest Installation - removing dust and aligning it properly before actual installation, no worrying about bubbles, enjoy your screen as if it wasn't there.

Brand: Ailun

👤My daughter's dog turned over her grooming table and it landed on the phone and shattered the screen protectors. The phone was one day old and she was so upset that she pulled the screen protectors off.

👤There is a pack of 3 with a set of wet and dry wipes. It fits just like the video, and you just need to tap the center of the screen to spread the glue. Touch sensitivity seems to be the same.

👤I put on a screen protection for my computer but it doesn't fit the entire screen and leaves a big gap for the top notch.

👤I buy this brand for every phone I get. They are inexpensive and go on easily. People don't listen to negative reviews. It's funny. I have an Apple device that fits the entire screen, including the notch. It is right under the edge of the screen which is perfect for protection.

👤After a month of use and one drop in the parking-lot, I wrote this review. It was packaged in a nice way and has the right fit. I would recommend it.

👤For some reason, putting on screen protectors was easy for me. I almost had a heart attack this morning when my phone dropped off my high bed, but it was the sturdy screen protectors that saved me. I just put a new one on and it comes in a three pack.

👤Needed to protect the screen of the new phone. I didn't want the camera lens protectors. This pack was perfect. It is nice to know that I have backups in case I drop my phone, because the pack includes three covers. It was easy to put on and the directions were similar to previous models. My screen still looks clear despite the fact that it is a pro.

👤I was worried that the screen protectors wouldn't fit with my phone, because a lot of the reviews were saying it wasn't fitting. I can definitely say that! It fits perfectly. I just don't like aligning them.

👤The screen protectors are too small to hide the iPhone 13 Pro sensors. The notch on the new phone is 27mm wide. This product has been rushed to market without accurate measurement of the product it is intended to be used with. Not recommended.

👤Does what it says on the tin. The screen protection doesn't hamper the screen sensitivity or camera. I have not conducted an impact test, such as dropping the phone. The edge to edge cover could be 2mm bigger.

👤I have been using this type of screen protectors for a long time. I thought I would give it a try. I tried to install all of the panels within 24 hours, but each time they shattered or had air bubbles, I couldn't remove them. One broke on instillation. I bought another brand of product the next day and no issues with shattering or bubbles, it was a sub par product.

👤I thought this was a good purchase. However it has already left. Will look at another supplier.

4. EyeJust Blocking Protector Compatible Protection

EyeJust Blocking Protector Compatible Protection

EyeJust Advanced Blue Light Blocking Technology helps protect your eyes, sleep, and skin from the negative effects of blue light overexposure. There are some symptoms of blue light overexposure. It is easy to apply. Installation is easy, bubble free. There is nothing more frustrating than a dirty, crooked, or bubbly screen protector. Their Blue Light Blocking Screen protectors come with a step by step guide and tools to make sure they fit perfectly. Clear screen protection blocks harmful blue light without changing the color of the screen. Premium glass is used to make their Blue Light Blocking Screen protectors. No orange tint or off-coloring will be visible after application. Premium quality glass. It protects your device screen from damage. Every package has easy installation tools. Their products are made to protect against falls, scratches, and daily wear, and they also make a quality blue light blocker. Healthier screen time is a simple solution for blue light blocking. There is no need for glasses or devices. Their screen protectors are proven to work and do not add bulk to your device. Their blue light blocking screen protectors are great for protecting your eyes.

Brand: Eyejust

👤This product does what it claims to do. While using this product, I have been sleeping better, getting tired earlier, and waking up earlier. I know that I have been doing better with it because of how sturdy it is. I have bought this twice. I broke the screen protectors. I dropped my phone in the bathroom. I thought my screen was supposed to protect my screen, but it didn't. In a second, more on that. The light blocking is great. It didn't change the look of my screen. It has a bright purple look when the screen is off, but otherwise it is clear. I didn't have a phone protection on my phone for a few days, and I found my sleep pattern was way off. It was back to where I needed it again after I replaced it. Just a few moments ago, my phone slid off my lap and landed on the upstairs carpet. I have a Spigen Tough Armor case that has a rubber interior, air pockets in the corners, and a rigid backplate. It slid down my leg. This screen protectors broke again. I have spent over $50 on two of these over the course of one month, which is not bad but is still a lot. It is at the very edge of the phone. Not a stress point, not even a corner. It was cracked and sprinkled with glass shards. It is bad when these things break. There are shards of glass everywhere. I like the blue light filters of this screen protector, but I think it needs a screen protector of its own. This is the most fragile screen protectors you can buy. Don't count on it lasting long if you get it for the light filters.

👤It's too small for the 11pro max, but right for the 11 pro. It was disappointing.

👤This is the second eye for the phone. The first one saved my phone screen. The living room is visible from the upstairs hallway. My husband handed me my phone and I missed taking it and the phone hit the carpet and bounced through the rail to the wood floor about 11 feet below face down. I thought my screen would be damaged in some way. I went down and the screen protectors did their job. My almost brand new phone was unaffected by the damage to the screen protectors. I can't say enough good things about this product, it performed well in a 11 foot fall.

👤This is my second eye. I purchased my first one through their website. I was very happy with that one. I am dissatisfied with the one I purchased through Amazon. It came without a box. There was a lot of lint on the protector before it was peeled. I assumed I could wipe it off once I placed it. No. It was stuck to the wall. I am not sure if the lint was a result of manufacturing or if it was due to the use of thehassle free packaging that lint and other particles were able to get inside. I am disappointed that it came like this and I have a hair like fiber stuck underneath. I should have returned it because it was obvious that there was lint.

5. GLASS M Anti Blue Protector Protection Tempered

GLASS M Anti Blue Protector Protection Tempered

It's specially designed for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The blue light filters. Remove your phone screen's blue light to help relieve your eyes from strain. It keeps your eyes healthy from staring at the screen. It is easy to start. It is easy to install. The installation frame is needed to assist with the application process. The app protects your eyes and sleep, but still allows non- harmful light through the screen, meaning no retro orange tint, unlike other apps and "night mode" settings. All GLASS-M products have a one-year replacement warranty. The 30-Day Money Back Guarantee is valid for 30 days.

Brand: Glass-m

👤After putting a spigen screen protector on it, it was like night and day. The one that I was using had more finger prints on it, but my finger glided across the screen and the light was not blue when I turned it off. I would buy something better for an extra couple dollars. The screen was completely covered by it. The one with the notch on top was spigen. No big deal. It goes on smoothly. It's perfect for the phone with a case on. There was only one side that needed to be pulled off. There is a peel off for both sides. The only problem I have is when the phone is not in use, the screen protectors look blue.

👤These are the best screen protectors. You have to pay shipping on top of the free replacement, but I have used some of the top brand names. This is the longest I have gone without having my screen protectors crack when I drop my phone. I will definitely purchase again.

👤It has great clarity and feel, but it doesn't cover the camera portion of the phone screen. If you enjoy that added protection, great! If you want the clearest photo possible, then you should have that part cut out. I have to tap the keys a few times for my phone to register with this protection. It was very easy to install.

👤The product is ok. One of the screen protectors had a chip in it that took it out of the box. The second one was put on following their directions. The edges are pulling up even with a case that protects them, even though the glue seems weak. The screen is blue. The whole look of the screen was foggy blue. I have never had this with other blue light. I have 2 stars but I don't recommend you buy these as the quality is poor with one of the protectors showing a chip and the screen lift is poor.

👤There are bubbles at the top and bottom of the screen, which does not fit the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The product I was sent did not match the instructions. There is no such thing as a second sticker on the protectors I received. I will be ordering a new one from a different company, but I will use the protector for now. It seems to work well when it comes to touch screen feedback. I am not sure if blue light protection is worth it.

👤Buying a single for less money would be better. It works well.

👤I wanted to use this product. It helped with my headaches. It lasted about two weeks. It had a crack that kept splitting until it was useless. I did not drop my phone. The fact that the crack spread so quickly was a disappointment.

👤Breaks quickly. The screen protectors came with a piece of dust on the sticky side, so it was not good to use. The other screen started chipping in less than a month. The front camera area is covered by the sticky screen and the screen protectors do not have a hole. I use the front camera to take a picture.

6. PERFECTSIGHT Protector Medical Grade Protection Radiations

PERFECTSIGHT Protector Medical Grade Protection Radiations

Remarkable explorsing-proof glass, high strength & impact resistance, upgrade to Mohs hardness greater than grade 7, 400C, tough protective layer, high strength & impact resistance, more durable. Ion exchange process, easily resist daily scratches from sharp objects without leaving traces, is worth more than 10 ordinary tempered glass films. The Eye Care Relief Eye strain is a diamond grade screen protectors that reduces screen reflection and reduces glare to give a more comfortable viewing experience. NMPA Class 1 Medical device, Relieve Eye Fatigue and Good Sleeping - Filter 45%- 70% of Blue LightPERFECTSIGHT eye care tempered glass screen protectors compatible with iPhone 13 Pro Max 2021 use the same radar-absorbing material used on fifth-generation stealth fighters It helps promote sleep. NMPA Class 1 Medical Device, Block 8 Radiations from Phone Screen, High Definition Display Protection, Proud to have anti 8 Radiations functions from your phone, block blue Light, glare, reflection, phone electromagnetive radiation, X-ray, purple light, Near IR Ray, The screen protectors have a healthy film to help you guard 24 hours. You will get a smooth cell phone experience when you watch videos, read news and play games. The 2.5D Curved Edged Design for iPhone prevents chipping, providing enhanced safety and greater compatibility with a variety of cases, work perfectly. 30 days no-hassle refund, a replacement if air bubbles, cracks, defects etc are found within 90 days. The perfect sight Sapphire eye care screen protector is perfect for short-sighted person, school student, office worker, social media junkie, online gaming junkie, fashion lover, etc.

Brand: Perfectsight

👤I feel like my eyes don't hurt as much. I don't know if it's in my mind. I can still use it, but I don't know when, I can see the crack. I don't like my phone very much but I wish it could be a little more durable.

👤The screen protectors lasted for 4 days. You would think this would be more durable. It worked as far as helping me not have headaches while using my phone, but one drop and the screen shattered. I bought a plastic screen protectors and blue light glasses to hopefully work. I was really disappointed that this didn't last a full week.

👤It was easy to install the protectors. In the past, I had trouble with these things. The screen looks like it is covered with paper instead of an image on glass. You might have to adjust the brightness. The screen is clear but there is a tint.

👤I've used Perfect Sight screen savers for a long time. I've used brands that are big and basic ones from Amazon. PerfectSIGHT is my favorite. I prefer anti-bluelight and anti-glare. I have used the products on a number of devices. I have never purchased the medical grade version before. It feels even better to the touch. It is ultra-responsive. The easiest bubble free install yet was made possible by the plastic alignment piece. Some people don't like the slight blue color shift loss because there is less of it getting through. Some people think the screen looks a little bit blurry. You have to decide for yourself. I always end up with a new perfect sight when I try different screen protectors.

👤The screen protector has a nice color and feels good. I had to use my kit that came with another screen protector because the tools that come with it are not the best. I ordered a replacement because the top part is not sticking, but the replacement was the same. It doesn't affect the screen experience, but still not ideal. The product is good, so hope they improve these little details.

👤I love this screen protectors. The last thing I would have considered was the attraction. It protects the notch of my phone, which others don't, from damage. The blue light reduction is what drew me to try this, I ordered two more for my iPad for evening tinkering without the blue light.

👤I have been using it for months and not a single scratch. The blue light block is still bothering the eyes, but it is amazing quality.

👤The screen protector was not damaged. A broken case and plastic border meant to help you place the protectors were warped. I had a spare border. This is the first time this has happened. Hopefully it doesn't happen again with the next purchase or I'll find a different brand to get my screen protectors from

7. Protector IPhone13 Focuses Tempered Compatible

Protector IPhone13 Focuses Tempered Compatible

It's compatible with the iPhone 13 The iPhone 13 is a pro. The screen protectors are made of glass to protect the screen from damage. Their anti-blue light screen for iphone 13 pro protects your eyes from harmful blue light from digital screens. The anti-blue light protection film for the iPhone 13 is made of Premium Tempered Glass and has clear layers which are effective against dust and oil stains. When you put the screen protectors on your phone, you will feel that it is very smooth and sensitive. The Eye Protection screen protectors for iPhone 13 and 13pro are packed in 3 pieces to offer more choices for your replacement. It is very easy to install. There is a screen protectors for the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro.

Brand: Focuses

👤I have had many of these filters on my phone and this one is the same as most of the others except that it is very thick baby blue colored glass. It is difficult to see through and makes a terrible glare. It looks like I have turned my brightness all the way down, like I do at that time and night shift. I have had many of these filters on my phone and this one is the same as most of the others except that it is very thick baby blue colored glass. It is difficult to see through and makes a terrible glare. It looks like I have turned my brightness all the way down like I do at night shift. It feels like they put double of whatever makes it feel like it. I can see through the blue light on my phone.

👤I think the package hangs over the edges of my 13 Pro.

👤It was easy to install a screen protector. Hope they last. Look great!

👤It seems to work well after the installation. It fit my phone just fine, and has not had any issues with the touch screen. It only came with 2 screen protectors, so it got 4 stars.

👤It was easy to install and like the products, but it was hard to return the products that were faulty. I got the right one this time.

👤No bubbles came out when it was easy to install. The screen is clear.

8. Reading GlassesFor Blocking, Computer Glasses

Reading GlassesFor Blocking%EF%BC%8C Computer Glasses

The lens width is 52 millimeters. The lens height is 38 millimeters. The bridge is 17 millimeters. When should I wear reading glasses? Certainly not for sports. You can't live without electronics when you're faced with them all day. It is essential as their eyes grow older. The design of this kind of glasses with spring hinge is very suitable for people with wide head, and will not feel compressed head. The function of the lens is to prevent blue light and ultraviolet light, which is suitable for people who use computer and mobile phone for a long time.

Brand: Cicimax

👤I bought 5 pairs of the same style and magnification. I leave them all around the house for fast availability so I can look at things up close. The non-prescription eyeglasses build with spring hinge provides greater flexibility and extra comfort, and they have a classic scholarly look.

👤I like the difference these make. They make things sharper because they block blue. I like the light weight and the hinges which give me clear eyes. I got 2 of them. These will last me.

👤My parents like the glasses, they are very good. The packaging box is beautiful, and the effect of anti-blue light and radiation is obvious. A group of friends are given glasses. Like it all.

👤I found a good deal. When I use a computer for a long time, the blue light damage to my eyes caused me to use a set of reading glasses. I keep one in the office, kitchen and bedroom. It is very convenient to have those.

👤The package arrived quickly. The glasses keep the glare off my eyes while I work.

👤I was a little hesitant to buy it because there were no reviews, but I was wrong. I decided to try it because my mother needs reading glasses. We are very happy with how great the qualities are after we received those glasses. They look better in person with reading glasses. They are worth every penny we paid. Highly recommended.

👤My parents shared two of the glasses with me. They used to use them to watch Youtube on IPad. They love the blue light blocking. The glasses make it easier to see.

👤I am very satisfied with these glasses. I like to have different reading glasses. I leave a pair in my office. A pair in my office. Two people are watching TV on the side table. My headaches seem to be alleviating because I work on the computer for 9 hours every day and wear computer reading glasses.

9. LK Compatible IPhone Pro Installation

LK Compatible IPhone Pro Installation

The anti-blue light design of the iPhone 13 / iPhone 13 Pro is made with Japanese anti-blue light material which can block 97.1% of harmful blue light that the wavelength between 400 and 450nm, reduce eye fatigue and protect eyes. When the anti-blue light film is used indoors or at night, the mobile phone display is light yellow, as if the eye protection mode is turned on, which relieves eye fatigue, protects the eyes, and plays a role in protecting the eyes. Please watch the installation video before you start. Automatic adsorption and bubble-free installation, with alignment tools, can easily complete the installation. The original and stunning viewing quality and experience of your iPhone 13 / iPhone 13 Pro Phone is protected by the high definition display protection. AGC glass has a smooth feel, explosion-proof and drop-proof, with sufficient space at the edge, which is compatible with most mobile phone cases.

Brand: Lk

👤The application was easy to apply to. I have a screen guard on my phone and it has already cracked. I have not dropped my phone. I am not sure how it happened. I will apply a new one today to see how long it lasts. Maybe it was malfunctioning.

👤Don't spend your money on this item. I have bought LK many times and have been happy. I am angry this time. The phone wouldn't adhere to the first protector's bottom edge. The second one looks used or the protective film wasn't put on correctly. Trash that one as well. The third one went off without a hitch. The frame they have is a joke. I don't want you to waste your money on this product. I will be buying another brand soon. One good thing? I like the deep green tint. It will help ease eye strain. It's a joke to spend good money for three protectors and only be able to use one.

👤The experience was very easy. I have had to install a screen. They have a dummy proof install box that you just put the screen in, remove the clear cover and place on your phone. Push down for 10 seconds. No worries about getting it straight, it is perfect. I think a 10 year old could do this, so I think the negative reviews on this were from a previous version. The color tint is perfect for me as my screen gives me headaches. The quality of screen protectors is just as good as the $50 I bought. It is a BUY BUY.

👤It was very easy to install. I was going crazy because I thought my phone was malfunctioning. The screen protectors was what it was. I put the first one on and it was hard to recognize my touch. I tried it without the screen protectors. Guess what my phone does. I put a second one on until my new ones arrived. It works perfectly with the new ones here.

👤It took seconds to install. I pressed on the bubble with my finger and dragged it across the screen. The blue light blocker is something I am excited about. People hope it works. Very happy with the price. There are 3! We have a spare and my husband will put one on his phone.

👤I was a bit worried about buying a screensaver that would cut the blue light glare. The saver seems fine while I'm getting used to it.

👤The first day I used this, I dropped my phone on the carpet and it cracked. Not my screen, but the protectors. Which is a positive thing. I have dropped my phone on the ground before with other screen protectors and they did not crack as easily.

👤I like to mess up the simplest things. It was perfect as described. The install video is good. There were no bubbles or air pockets. I believe the blue light feature on the screen helps the strain on your eyes, which is why the screen has a minor tint to it.

10. 2 Pack Protector FORITO Protection Blocking

2 Pack Protector FORITO Protection Blocking

The package includes a customer service card and a cleaning cloth. It's compatible with the Aspect Ratio laptop. The measured viewable display area is diagonal, Corner to Corner Without the Frame, and has a filter size of 13.6 inch. It was amazing. Refer to picture 7 if you are a new person. Blue light filters, Anti Glare, UV400 protection, Radiation Protection, Anti-static, relieve the fatigue of eyes and help you sleep better. It's perfect for short-sighted person, baby mother, school student, office worker, social media junkie, online gamer, fashion lover, etc. The new bubble design can remove small bubbles by press with a Scraping card. Ultra clear 95% transparency does not reduce the screen's brightness, it preserves the original screen brightness to reduce eye strain, and some gray covers need to increase the brightness to use.

Brand: Forito

👤This includes a sticky tab to remove dust from your screen. It pulls out the protective layer on your laptop screen to create air bubbles. I saw a lot of bubbles that I couldn't burnish out, and I thought maybe I did a poor job of applying the blue screen. I took off the blue screen, to be shocked to see bibbles on my laptop screen. This happens with laptops according to the search engine. There is a A word to the wise.

👤I bought a refurbished one for my computer. I cut it to fit because it was too long and wide. Measure before you peel the sheet off and don't wear a sweat shirt like I did and get fuzz on it. grrr! It seems to make the screen less bright. The screen is bright but not as bright as it could be. I work from home and use my computer a lot. Why not use this? I want to protect my vision as I get older. It was easy to put on. I had to try a few times to get it straight. It has a micro cloth and a squeegee. If you see lint under the protectors, use the squeegee and wipe it off with the micro cloth.

👤I bought a new laptop after my last one was no longer useful. I worried about keeping the screen safe because the laptop feels flimsier than my last one. I purchased this in order to protect it as much as possible and prevent fingerprints from ending up where they shouldn't. I have not been disappointed so far. I was worried about air bubbles after installing the screen protectors. After a day or two, the few air bubbles that I was able to acquire worked their way out and it looks great! I love this screen protectors.

👤The corners of the screen protectors refused to lay flat, even though it technically fit the dimensions of my laptop. The first screen protectors in this pack malfunctioned when I tried to apply them, as the top layer refused to peel off. The top layer wouldn't come off when you peel it off. The problem with this is that the corners refuse to lay flat. Be aware that you can break your laptop screen. The screen on my first laptop broke when I applied another company's screen protectors, so I have a second one. If you are buying this for blue light protection, you should look into whether it works or not. The built-in app on my laptop protects me from blue light. I get frustrated and worried about the possibility of breaking my screen again with the screen protectors. My screen broke on the last laptop, but not this one.

👤I noticed that my eyes hurt less after I put the blue light filter on my laptop screen. It makes a difference to me. To avoid air bubbles, be sure to install it correctly.

👤I am sensitive to blue light. I found a screen protector that I wanted. I didn't know it has an anti glare feature, but it works wonders for blue light. I could use it without thinking about the sun. It doesn't affect the picture of the videos I watch. I like it.

11. Protector FORITO Protection Blocking Samsung

Protector FORITO Protection Blocking Samsung

Remove the surface film from each side and hang on the monitor screen. Every screen protector has a one year warranty. It is compatible with the Dell Inspiron 13 and ZenBook. The Chromebook R13 is a 13.3” model. The laptop has a Aspect Ratio of 16:9. Measures 13.3” There is a viewable display area Diagonally, Corner to Corner Without the Frame. Blue light filter, Anti Glare, UV400 protection, Radiation Protection, Anti-static, relieve the fatigue of eyes and help you sleep better. It's perfect for short-sighted person, school student, office worker, social media junkie, online gamer, fashion lover, etc. The new bubble design can remove small bubbles. Please feel free to contact them if you have any product problems or are not satisfied with it.

Brand: F Forito

👤I read the reviews before buying this product. I agree with the review that said you need to peel off both sides before applying. I tried to remove the second part from the screen, but it lifted my screen. It took me a while to resolve it, but it was all good. I have a Dell E7270 that works perfectly after installation. It was a great price and it came with 2.

👤It covers the screen. The outside edge is exposed and looks pretty. I have used it and picked it up.

👤It is worth the price with two protectors. The finish is not glossy and gives it a slippery feel. The finish on the screen helps you write on it. The pen works well on the laptop with the screen protectors applied to it. I love the anti glare and blue light filters. It's helpful when you have to stare at the screen all day in online classes. This screen protector is very good.

👤The first thing that stood out to me was how smooth and sleek the screen protectors are. I took a video after the installation. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to take better care of their vision. I think I should have installed it after I got it, instead of waiting for it. I hope this helps.

👤It's not easy to install. I've installed worse. I have a line in the middle of the screen that is very thin, but I think it will work out. Dust appeared when I put the screen protectors on. It works well with the HP Spectre 2019. It only covers the part that displays stuff so you have about an inch or 2 top and bottom and a fourth of an inch on the sides which is good for me but some may not like it. I put it on and can't say much yet. If it is not up to expectation, but I can tell it is great, I will update. I used Scotch tape instead of the dust sticker because it worked better. Scotch tape is an easy solution for the sticker that I did not like. I used lens wipes around my house because I didn't like the cloth. It's very good fit to display part of the screen and anti glare, so it's easy to get slightly off. A nice feel to the touch. The package note 2 and 3 seem to be nice and responsive, but many are easy to fix by using things other than what is given in the package note. Cloth and dust sticker are poor quality, and the bubble removing car has a fabric side that just sends fabric particles all over the place. I would recommend to a friend to have a back up plan in case of problems installing. It stinks to have to replace a protector and not have one on hand, but the 2 pack is perfect.

👤I love the blue light and the glare filter. It protects you from blue light, it removes glares, and it doesn't harm the natural colors we all want to see. It is easy to install. I have never had an issue with this protection. It looks the same as it did on day one.


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