Best Eye Just Blue Light Blocking Ipad

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1. Protection Ailun Protector Generation Anti Scratch

Protection Ailun Protector Generation Anti Scratch

Touch sensitivity and easy installation are two things that Tempered glass makes perfect balance between privacy protection and sensitive touch. Inside the package is a privacy screen protector, frame alignment, easy install components pack, and 90 days warranty. The screen protectors are specially designed for the new iPad 8 and iPad 7. High transparency. The original viewing experience is maintained by High-Transparency. A clean and clear screen environment is provided by the use of an Oleophobic coating on the surface. The Green Light Eye Protection protects them from harmful blue light and UV rays and also helps them to sleep better. Help you sleep better by protecting your vision. The original response sensitivity is maintained, which ensures quick and accurate typing, smooth games and video playing. It's easy to install, remove dust and align it properly, no worries about bubbles, and you can use your screen as if it wasn't there.

Brand: Ailun

👤I wanted a screen protection for my iPad. The first brand was terrible. I bought these because of the reviews. It was easy to apply. The case I bought made a few corners come up, and someone told me to put it on after the case was on to get a perfect fit. It's true! I put the case on and then reapplied the screen protectors. The same one. It works well. I don't know if it's blocking or not. I didn't buy it because of that.

👤This product does not work with blue light. There is nothing on the box to indicate that it does, it looks like the boxes on their website. There is no visible coating on the screen protector and it does not pass any online tests. This is not true advertising.

👤I used it on my iPad. The screen saver is too large. It takes a harder touch to write on my iPad.

👤My kids have an iPad. Since there is less blue light, we have fallen into a habit of falling asleep watching the iPad. The glass is still intact despite the fact that it is a kids iPad and it gets dropped frequently.

👤The install was easy and painless. I installed it for my mother and she has not complained about it. I don't think she noticed it. Which is the best thing to say about a screen protectors.

👤I was trying to get out of an air bubble when the first screen protector cracked. The second one looked good. If the first one was easy, I don't think it will protect my iPad. If it's necessary.

👤It works as expected. It was difficult to install because the air bubbles wouldn't go to the edges as per instructions. I had to partially remove it and lower it as I pressed at the same time so no air bubbles would trap.

👤I have two for my kids, one is white and the other is black. The blue on the white iPad looks like a baby blue iPad. 5 stars for screen protection.

2. Focuses IPhone Screen Protector Tempered

Focuses IPhone Screen Protector Tempered

The anti blue ray screen protectors are designed to protect your eyes from blue light, which can cause eye damage. The curved-edge design of the iPhone 11 makes it a good case friendly. Their screen protectors are smaller than the actual screen of the phone to prevent it from bubbling and being difficult to use. Their glass is made of premium Japan imported Japan Asahi (AGC) (the world's largest glass supplier), 9H hard glass, three times stronger than regular PET film, and an oil-coted glass to ensure anti fingerprints, anti water, and anti oxidation. The anti-blue light screen protector is different from the anti-blue light screen protectors on the market. The screen protectors don't have any color indoors, but you can find blue light in the outdoor if you install them on your phone. It's compatible with the iPhone 11 6.1-inch. Their anti-blue light screen protectors are perfect for your iPhone, they have real touch sensitivity and quick response.

Brand: Focusesfthinkup

👤This appears to be a great blue light screen protectors. Until you step outside during daylight. It is difficult to see anything on your phone screen even with the brightness turned all the way up when you walk outside with this screen protector. I have used blue light screen protectors on my phone that were more expensive and high quality and never had this issue. I will go back to a higher quality option because it is definitely worth a higher price to avoid this fatal flaw.

👤The screen is not finger proof. The screen is easy to wipe off, but it's not as easy to remove fingerprints. The screen is blue in the sunlight, but it is clear indoors. It was easy to install. The part of the screen that produces light is not a perfect fit for the rest of the screen. I wear blue light glasses to protect my eyes, but I use my laptop and iPad in school, so I think it's a good buy.

👤The pictures show that it blocks blue light. It's easy to install. I don't see a big difference with a tint. It's definitely not finger print or smudge proof, it just barely covers where the screen lights up. It is thinner than my last one. I am a little worried about that. Not bad for the price.

👤I feel good because my eyes are not being damaged as much while looking at this screen than a regular screen. If you are in the sun, you will not be able to see your screen. The screen protectors are blue in the sun. I dropped my phone on the road. There were a few hair line cracks and small bits of glass missing from the edges of the protectors. I was impressed with the quality of the glass, considering where it fell and how it fell.

👤I don't understand why anyone would buy a more expensive blue light screen protectors, this is a 3-pack with a case, it protects our phones and our eyes, and is very happy with the purchase.

👤I have had a lot of screen protectors. This is not cheap. As soon as I put it on, I could see that it was easier to use. It was easy to install. It is not inflexible. I put the foam slip on from the top to the bottom and rubbed the foam gently on top to remove any bubbles that appeared. If you get the same results, you can either place the phone on the floor or sideways.

👤The screen protectors are what you can expect. Within a month, I have gone through all three of them. I had a more expensive one that lasted about 8 months. These are cheap and have a blue tint that makes it hard to see your screen in the sun. I won't be buying them again. I only give it two stars because of the price.

👤I like the shield that protects my eyes. I can see that my eyes are not as tired as they were when I didn't have this on my phone. I was not sure why this screen was better than the last one I had. I realized that this was made in Japan and was known for high-quality products when I read the item description again. I read the great reviews and decided to go with this one. Very happy so far. I have had it for over two months and no peeling, bubbling or chipping. There is a I dropped my phone twice and the glass is still in tact. I also have a high grade case on my phone. I have to recommend this product.

3. PERFECTSIGHT Protector Compatible Fingerprint Tempered

PERFECTSIGHT Protector Compatible Fingerprint Tempered

Installation is free. InvisbleShield Glass+ is easy to install. The screen protectors can be applied without bubbles with the installation tray and tabs. Relief Eye strain is slightly "frosted" look and is compatible with the iPad Pro. Good sleeping, anti eye fatigue, and double protect eye are some of the benefits. Digital eye strain is caused by blue and purple light emitted from digital screens, and PERFECTSIGHT uses Japanese TOYO anti-blue light material to minimize it. It helps promote healthy melatonin levels. The anti-glare special coating gives the surface a smooth feel which is sensitive to touch, even with damp fingers. It also provides a coat that will keep your phone's screen clean. The Easy Installation 2.5D Curved Edged Design prevents chipping, providing enhanced safety and greater compatibility with a variety of cases, work perfectly. 30 days no-hassle refund, a replacement if air bubbles, cracks, defects etc are found within 90 days. Perfect sight Tempered glass eye care screen protectors are perfect for short-sighted person, school student, office worker, social media junkie, online gaming junkie, fashion lover, etc.

Brand: Perfectsight

👤The seller sent me another screensaver. The model was the same. It took me and my boyfriend an hour to figure out how to get to it. The cover and the layer that covers the sticky side of the screen saver are part of it. Not this one! Installation is very complicated. There is a video but it is not an iPad and it does not have a screensaver. The screen protectors are made of Matt. The Apple Pencil and the Face ID work, but it decreases the touch sensitivity and you have to use it harder to open the screen. I have to see how it goes. It seems solid with no bubbles or lifting. The seller sent me another review for free, so I am going to upgrade my review to 5 stars. The installation process is painful and needs a video. The instructions are very small and don't include all of the details. The customer service is excellent. They were very responsive and stood behind their product. The screen saver came in a nice box, but it was the only good thing about it. The glass wouldn't adhere to the screen. It slipped off. It was very frustrating and overpriced. I wish I could give it a star. Returning it.

👤I have had an iPad Pro 12.9 for a while. I have had a screen protector on it for a long time. I never felt the need to replace the screen saver, even though it cracked at one point, because it was still perfectly usable. I used an Apple Pencil all the time and it worked well for me. A new iPad Pro with a mini screen is coming in 2021. I have less concern that the screen saver will get a crack this time around because the screen surface feels stiff compared to the previous iPad Pro. The pencil works well on this screen saver. The screen saver on makes the screen less bright because the light source is not as bright. The low reflectivity of the iPad screen seems to make it less glare than the iPad with the perfect sight screensaver. This is my feeling when the sun shines on the screen. I think it's a combination of the screen lighting technology and the wavelength of light that the screensaver is blocking. I was surprised that the screen saver wasn't tested by the manufacturer to see how it performs with the new type of display technology. I have a brown screen saver. I would like to see a post from someone with the blue one. I use their products exclusively and hope they improve their product line for mini-lcd technology.

👤I have always had gorilla glass on my iPad for protection, I just put up with the glare, the way it attracted dust and dirt, and how hard it was to slide your finger on the screen. Every single problem I had with my old protection is gone. I only used it for a day, but it still looks brand new, the screen is slick, and you can touch it easily. I have not read any of the previous reviews about reducing touch sensitivity, but I have found no difference. The only way you know the protector has a protection on it is by the notch on top. I was hesitant about the price at first, but I'm glad I went for it now. This is a high quality product. I dropped my iPad the other day and it cracked the screen saver, I didn't want to spend $50 on something I didn't like. I could feel my eyes getting strained and the screen had finger prints on it. I ordered a new protection and everything is fine now, except for two large bubbles in the middle, my fault.

4. Protector Protection SuperGuardZ Anti Scratch Replacement

Protector Protection SuperGuardZ Anti Scratch Replacement

It was designed for iPad 10.2 (9th Gen, 2021) and iPad 10.2 (8th Gen, 2020). iPad 8 in 2020 and iPad 7 in 2019. SuperGuardZ is risk-free. 100% satisfaction guarantee. Blue light can cause eye-strain and eye-fatigue, so it's important to prevent it. The best material to protect your devices is high quality glass. Anti-Bubble, Anti-Scratch, Anti-Fingerprint, and Shatterproof. 9H Hardness has improved resistance to scratches and high impact drops. 99% transparency for HD clarity, and natural feel that provides flawless touch screen accuracy is what Ultra Clear and Real Touch Sensitivity are about.

Brand: Superguardz

👤Some big claims about this protection were made by the description. There is no mention of blue light protection in the packaging. The packaging says a lifetime warranty. There is no formal proof of this claim. The lowest possible rating will be given for now. I will change this review if the company can assure me that their description is not just made up.

👤The item is advertised as anti-blue light but it is not on the packaging. They put a sticker on it that said it was anti-blue light. I don't think it's a good idea.

👤I use my iPad a lot for my work so I need an anti blue light screen protector. I feel tired after using my iPad for a long time. This screen protectors is a perfect solution. It protects my eyes from blue light. It does a great job. Thank you so much! My eyes feel better after a few weeks of use. The glass is strong. The product and screen filter are excellent.

👤The screen protectors are made of glass. It is a great product. It protects my eyes because of the anti blue light. I took the screen protectors to a local store to be installed. The installation was done very quickly. I tested it in the store. It is an anti blue light screen protectors. With this screen protection. The blue light can be turned off.

👤I bought this screen protectors despite some reviews saying it wasn't anti-blue. I developed really dry eyes a few years back and after some elimination and trying drops decided to try an anti-blue light protector on my phone and within a short time my eyes were much better. I knew if this protection kept my eyes dry, it was real. I am happy to say that it helps my eyes. Some of the other name brands can be had at a much lower cost. I'm happy with it. If I crack it, I won't have to spend $50 on a brand. I will be buying it again.

👤I didn't think this protector would work for me. It won't stick. There was a small flaw. I could live with that. I have a brand new iPad. I put the screen protector on after removing the protective cover. The screen had never been touched and there was no dust or oils on it. The blue filter works. It is easy to clean. I have not contacted the seller. There is no blame on them.

👤I applied a screen protector to my iPad. It is useful to filter blue lights. There are articles about blue lights on the screen. The blue lights are harmful to our eyes. I decided to buy a screen protector to protect my eyes. It does its job. Great screen protectors.

👤I wanted to like it but it was too thick to install. It made my iPad less sensitive to touch. I ended up throwing it away because I hate to waste money.

5. Focuses IPhone Screen Protector Tempered

Focuses IPhone Screen Protector Tempered

The curved-edge design of the iPhone 11 Pro/X/XS makes it a case friendly. Their screen protectors are smaller than the actual screen of the phone to prevent it from bubbling and making it hard to use. The anti blue ray screen protectors are designed to protect your eyes from blue light, which can cause eye damage. The final coating to protect your screen from fingerprints is Hydrophobic and Oleophobic. The anti-blue light screen protector is different from the anti-blue light screen protectors on the market. The screen protectors don't have any color indoors, but you can find blue light in the outdoor if you install them on your phone. It's compatible with the 5.8-inch version of the iPhone. Their anti-blue light screen protectors are perfect for the iPhone 11 Pro/X/XS, they have real touch sensitivity and are compatible with it.

Brand: Focuses

👤The blue light test card can be used to filter the blue light.

👤Very nice. I feel safe from Bluelight. When I use my phone instead of my IPad, I sleep better. I find that the blue tint when I put my phone down makes it obvious that I have special glass over my phone. I take care of my skin, eyes and sleep health. The installation was easy.

👤I ordered this and I am very happy. It was easy to put it on as soon as I got it. I needed more than one. I didn't hesitate for the price. The screen protector package was pretty hard plastic, so it was odd that one came broken. I listed 4 stars for that. It may have been preventable.

👤Not as described. The blue color is very visible outdoors. The colors and sharpness of the phone. The blue light blockers are not blue. This is not a real thing.

👤Does not block light. I tested this with a blue light. There was a slight filter but not enough to block the blue light. One of the corners cracked within a week of use. Misleading product works well as a screen protector.

👤It sucks. The blue tint on the screen protectors makes your phone look like trash.

👤I bought this screen protectors for my phone because they had lasted me a long time before cracking. I'm not sure if it was because I got them to be blue light, but after a week the screen cracked, and I hadn't even dropped it. If you don't want to change the anti-blue scene frequently, you should buy the regular screen protectors from this brand.

👤I like the screens. I only had to buy this round of screen protectors because I upgraded my phones. The leftover screens from my last order are pretty durable. I dropped my phone a lot. It helps with eye fatigue. I have an injury that keeps me off my feet and I use my phone a lot. It is nice to get some relief with tools like this.

👤A pesar de un poco ms cara, una mica normal, se siente una menor intensidad.

👤Amigos, quid en tamao. Resistente. No me molesta, un ligero color azul.

6. MOSISO Blocking Protector Protection Diagonal

MOSISO Blocking Protector Protection Diagonal

30 days no-hassle refund, a replacement if air bubbles, cracks, defects etc are found within 90 days. Perfect sight Tempered glass eye care screen protectors are perfect for short-sighted person, school student, office worker, social media junkie, online gaming junkie, fashion lover, etc. The dimensions are 11.89 x 7.83 inch/L and W. It protects your eyes from 99% harmful UV. The anti-blue light can be reduced by 45%. The screen brightness will not be affected by the ultra thin to 0.01 inch of clear transparency. It's suitable for home OL and programmers. Remove the film from each side and hang on the screen. Every screen protector has a one year warranty.

Brand: Mosiso

👤I'm happy that I bought this product. It took me a while to find it. I need a blue light screen for my iPad pro. The product is perfect. I mostly use it with my iPad pro. Sometimes I use it on my laptop when I need to use it for work.

👤This item is covered in scratches. It was gross!

👤I had an anti blue light screen shield. The color on the website was blue. It was dark. I'm not sure if it has an anti blue light function.

👤It was perfect for my laptop. It was a little short by 1 inch. I always wanted a nice screen for my laptop. I didn't know if they had a bigger screen for my laptop. This product has a 5 star rating. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs a screen for their laptop.

👤The product works perfectly. I like how it hangs over the screen, it could be used with more than one computer, unlike the ones that stick to the screens. Highly recommended.

👤The glare is not harmful. If you are in a room with direct sunlight, there is a reflection. The headaches I was experiencing due to daily computer use have stopped. It's worth it for that alone.

👤Works well! Since the need to be on the computer due to the corona virus has greatly reduced the amount of headaches I have.

👤When I started working from home, I had trouble sleeping. A friend suggested that I buy a screen to block out the blue light from my computer. I got this screen and now I sleep.

7. Light Screen Protector Ocushield Apple

Light Screen Protector Ocushield Apple

99% transparency for HD clarity, and natural feel that provides flawless touch screen accuracy is what Ultra Clear and Real Touch Sensitivity are about. The anti blue light is on. Children and teenagers are particularly at risk from the harmful blue light from digital screens because they are more likely to suffer insomnia, eye strain, headaches, dry eyes and blurry vision. Their products protect your eyes and sleep, but they also use high quality glass with an Oleophobic coating to make sure your screen is protected from knocks and bumps. This is a case-friendly screen saver. Ocu shield protects your eyes and sleep, but still allows non-harmful light through the screen, meaning no retro orange tint. Ocushield is an effective blue light filter screen protector limiting harmful UV and blue light emitted from screens. Money back guarantee for 100 days. If you are not completely happy with your Ocushield product, you can return it for a full refund. Ocushield products are available for a variety of electronic devices. Check out their anti blue light glasses.

Brand: Ocushield

👤I got cheap blue light blocking glasses, but they don't block blue light as well. The blue light glasses I got came with a blue light and a card to block it. There are dark spots on the card. No spot means the glasses were not blocking it. I tried the light card test and it failed. I threw the box away because I can't return it.

👤I looked at the blue light. I'm sad.

👤I am sensitive to blue light and have tried many products and glasses that did not help. This product is amazing. I can spend more time on my iPad without feeling any sensitivity.

👤I can't put a screen protector on my phone without bubbles. I was skeptical about the screen protectors but it was easy to install.

👤It is easy to install and has an anti- glare feature. The touch screen feature is easy to use. I like that it is a glass screen. Highly recommend this product. My eyes do not get tired from this product. It delivers.

👤My daughter is going to school virtually. I was worried about how strained her eyes would be since she is staring at the screen for 7 hours a day. She loves it. No complaints! It took less than a minute to install.

👤It works well for my 6th generation iPad. The style of the iPhone one is different. It has a tint that makes the screen look darker. Does stare.

👤It works perfectly for my generation 5 IPad. This protects my eyes from blue light and also protects my screen at the same time.

👤I was reluctant to spend so much on this as I only see these things as accessories. If you are using your iPad, phone or other piece of tech a lot you should invest in something that will last a bit longer and make a difference. I was skeptical at first but after reading the reviews it made a huge difference if you spend a lot of screen time. There is a It was easy to install and the guide was helpful after use. It is worth it to save your eye sight and help with long term viewing. 10/10 If it can be brought down in price over time, it is a must have for all long term tech users.

👤When I first started using it, I noticed it was very reflective and surprised me as it is described as a matt finish in the product description. My eyes have benefited greatly. I used to rarely pick up my iPad air 2, as I couldn't use it for more than 5 minutes at a time, and it would cause eye strain which lasted for two or three days. I can use it regularly with no eye strain, although it is not easy on the eye with regard to the high reflection it gives off, but this is not affecting my eyes, other than it being a nuisance as I am continually changing the angle at which I hold the iPad in order. I will continue with it, as it is obvious that I have to pay to combat the harmful blue light, so in that respect it is doing what it says.

8. ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass Vision Guard

ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass Vision Guard

Impact protection and smothering are the ultimate protection. With 3X shatter protection, you can have a screen that is protected from chips and cracks. Ion Matrix Technology is used for defense against drops and scratches. 40% blue light intensity reduction is achieved by using Eyesafe technology, the screen protectors reduces light intensity and filters toxic blue light without affecting the color performance of your display. Binge watch your favorite shows. Anti-Fingerprint Technology hides fingerprints on your screen and does not interfere with the touch sensitivity of your phone. It's compatible with the Apple iPad Pro. The true HD display isSERVES. The enhanced optics of your device's screen make the glass perfect for it. It has high-definition resolution and 100 percent clarity. You won't even know it's there because it's clear. Installation is free. InvisbleShield Glass+ is easy to install. The screen protectors can be applied without bubbles with the installation tray and tabs.

Brand: Zagg

👤This was bought based on the positive reviews. My husband threw the packaging away after I received a screen protector that looked nothing like what I was told. Don't buy it. The ipad pro 12.9 is left exposed. See the picture.

👤I'm leaving this review so others don't see what happened to me. There's nothing wrong with this screen protectors. It's a fine product that does what it says it will do, it's sturdy and user-friendly to install. The problem is that it adds too much thickness to the screen, and you can't close the case all the way. I was worried that the screen would get too close to the hinges if I just kept the case partially ajar. The keyboard case for the iPad Pro 12.9 has a snug fit when closed, and it's called the Brydge Max+. The product itself is fine, but beware if you're going to use it with a case that has a tight fit.

👤I always buy these for my devices. It's worth the money. I have never had a screen crack on me.

👤I only use a glass screen protector called Zagg. I have tried cheaper ones and have been disappointed.

👤It does not smudge the fingerprints. The screen protectors seem to make the colors brighter. I have the same screen protectors on my phone. The colors look bright. Would buy it again.

👤It was very easy to install. This was the easiest shield to apply and I have applied many over the years. The iPad Pro has no dust or bubbles. There is an enhancement in the way one's fingers glide across this surface that is better than it was without the shield. The Apple Pencil works well with it. I am very impressed with the product.

👤It stuck to everything, and I still have bubbles on my IPAD. Will have to order another brand.

👤It's easy to install. The product is simple. Thank you.

9. EyeJust Blocking Protector Compatible Protection

EyeJust Blocking Protector Compatible Protection

All GLASS-M products have a one-year replacement warranty. The 30-Day Money Back Guarantee is valid for 30 days. EyeJust Advanced Blue Light Blocking Technology helps protect your eyes, sleep, and skin from the negative effects of blue light overexposure. It is easy to apply. Installation is easy, bubble free. There is nothing more frustrating than a dirty, crooked, or bubbly screen protector. Their Blue Light Blocking Screen protectors come with a step by step guide and tools to make sure they fit perfectly. Clear screen protection blocks harmful blue light without changing the color of the screen. Premium glass is used to make their Blue Light Blocking Screen protectors. No orange tint or off-coloring will be visible after application. Premium quality glass. It protects your device screen from damage. Every package has easy installation tools. Their products are made to protect against falls, scratches, and daily wear, and they also make a quality blue light blocker. EyeJust is a simple solution for protecting against blue light. Their screen protectors add no bulk to your device and eliminate the need for blue light glasses. The EyeJust Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector protects your eyes.

Brand: Eyejust

👤So far, so good. The blue blocking properties of this are very important to me because it is frequently used for reading e-books at night. There are a few notes. It isn't made of glass. It is semi-rigid and has a nice look for reading. The method of installation is interesting. There are three protective film strips on the back of the screen protectors. You can align the screen protectors with the home button and speaker hole by removing the center one. Then you pull one side off and let it set down on the screen, followed by the same thing on the other side. It was all done and done and it went into place. * The screen protectors will provide more screen protection than the softer protectors, but not as much as a glass one. The blue light filters are the main benefit. * It's nice that there isn't a noticeable color to it. I've seen cheaper ones that have a weird yellow hue. This thing is pricey compared to some that claim to be similar, but you get what you pay for when it has blue light filters. I looked at the independent testing results that the cheaper ones don't provide. It appears to be worth the money, but it will take time to see if it works with the blue light filters.

👤I have one of these covers in my phone and it is hard to tell if it is doing what it claims to do, I have noticed a decrease in them. Maybe it is a placebo. I was glad they made these for the update since I am constantly on my electronic devices. I love that this protects the screen of my iPad, I want to protect my eyes as well.

👤I'm not sure if I like it. It's difficult to hold the screen protector straight while taking it off because you have to peel the plastic from the bottom. Imagine that 3 times. 2. When you push out the air bubbles on the screen protectors, they usually have a protective film on the top, but this one didn't come with one, so it caused it to have scratches. My finger prints and oils from my hand covered it. I have to keep my screen clean. 4. There are 2 lines in the middle of the screen protectors. It was a 3 step instalation, so I'm guessing it was the peel's residuals? I'm not impressed by the things I've mentioned but I'm happy that it will provide blue light protection. I hope I get a bad one. I will be calling tomorrow.

👤Eye Just Blue Light Blocking film was purchased by me. I bought another one for my iPad because I liked it. The film/sheet is too thick for iPad, so you can't operate it. I had to remove the film from my screen. I wasted a lot of money because this item is not good for iPad. I wish they didn't sell this for iPad users.

10. PERFECTSIGHT Screen Protector Fingerprint Tempered

PERFECTSIGHT Screen Protector Fingerprint Tempered

The air-exhausting glue makes the Paper Textured Film (Not Glass) easy to install on your iPad screen. Protect Eye, Anti Eye Fatigue and Good Sleeping - Filter about 30% of Blue Light and 99% of Purple Ray It helps promote sleep. The iPad Pro screen protectors are designed for high definition display protection. Enjoy the games and videos. The large cutout for the front camera and microphone allows for seamless face recognition and ensures premium sound quality. Only 0.1mm thick. The screen protector has high touch sensitivity. 2.5D Curved Edged Design for iPad Pro 12.9 2018 model prevents chipping, providing enhanced safety and greater compatibility with a variety of cases, work perfectly. 30 days no-hassle refund, a replacement if air bubbles, cracks, defects etc are found within 90 days, is what's included in the Lifetime Warrantee. PerfectSIGHT iPad Tempered glass eye care screen protectors are perfect for short-sighted person, school student, office worker, social media junkie, online gaming enthusiast, fashion lover, etc.

Brand: Perfectsight

👤I saved 1600 bucks. I have a computer. I dropped the device thinking to myself. Why didn't I order the case first? Thankfully, I ordered a screen protectors and it cracked. I was able to peel it off with no damage to the actual iPad. I bought another one.

👤Without anti-glare, the reflection of the screen is so strong that one can barely read it. The light in the room is not strong because of the cloudy day. I wish I'd bought the one with anti-glare from the beginning. I can't report on the effect on my eyes since they are really 888-609-. There is no room for a small misalignment, and a tight case will cause bubbles if you push the protectors. I tried to get it but the bubbles were small.

👤I don't like giving a one-star review, but I have to because I can't use or evaluate this product. This blue light filter/screen protectors does not fit the iPad Pro 12.9" model. It does not cover the bottom inch of the screen where the " home" button is located. I could still use it for the blue light filters, but I want a screen protector that will protect the entire glass face of my device, not just part or most of it. This item was purchased for the blue light filter and screen protection capability. I already had a good screen protectors. I could install this one. I can't use either one anymore.

👤This blocks the blue light. After the install, the screen will be noticeably darker. If you take a lot of photos, you will have to get used to it. Glare is not different from normal screen. The screen does retain its sensitivity. The install was easy for me. If you have lint floating around your room or screen, it will cause air bubbles to form, so make sure you don't have it. This was not my first install of a screen protectors and it went well for me.

👤It's a good idea, but it doesn't fit the iPad Pro 12.9 with any optional case or backing. It was not easy to install. The upper left corner would not be sealed by this one. The back option on the iPad was the biggest problem, you had to press hard on the Procter several times to exit the page. I don't think it's a good option for my large iPad. Fast and expensive shipping. This particular product was not recommended by me. There was no negative opinion on the vender.

👤The iPad screen is black when you look from the sides, but it has a blue tint to it. It is normal when you turn it on, as if the protection isn't there. The way the Apple Pencil works is unaffected by it. I love it!

👤The screen protectors are worth the price because of the higher quality. The Apple Pencil works well. Works with the otterbox defender case. It doesn't seem to affect the touch sensitivity. I have purchased from the company 4 times and they have responded quickly when an issue arose and sent out a replacement.

11. Tempered Protector Kione Protect Accuracy

Tempered Protector Kione Protect Accuracy

The anti-blue light glass film is made with advanced anti-blue technology that it can filter out 90% blue light effectively from the screen, and it can really take more 50% effectiveness than others. The curved-edge design of the iPhone 8 Plus 7 Plus 6s Plus 6 Plus makes it a good case. Their screen protectors are small enough to fit in any of your favorite phone cases, and they are made to prevent any bubbling on the screen, which is a problem with the actual screen of the iPhone 8P 7P 6sP 6P. The screen coating protects against sweat and oil and water from fingerprints. A comfortable touch is provided by real touch sensitivity that provides flawless touch screen accuracy. Digital eye strain caused by harmful blue and UV light emitted from digital screens can be mitigated with the use of an anti-blue light and UV light filter. It helps promote sleep. They use good blue glass and anti-blue light technology to make their screen protectors. The glass isn't in any color. The blue light in the glass can be seen when the glass film is on the phone.

Brand: Kione Ahjdl

👤The blue light from my phone seemed unique and hard to find so I bought these. There was no blue light blocking capabilities when the item was received. The guide to install the protectors was terrible and didn't help at all. Screen protectors were made of plain glass. Returned and was disappointed.

👤These are great as a general screen protectors, but not blue light filters. While indoors, you can see a slight blue tint on the screen, but it's not a good sign that the phone is emitting blue light. My phone screen is blue and renders it useless if you are outside.

👤I used my case to protect my phone from drops and never used a screen protector. I bought this for the blue light protection. It causes your screen to be tinted blue so you don't get full brightness and true color. I don't like that. I dropped my phone and it cracked. I used this protector after all these years of daily phone drops. It reminded me of when my daughter dropped her phone and the screen under her screen protectors cracked. What the hell? I think I will go back to no screen protectors.

👤It's just a regular Tempered Glass Screen Protector, not an anti-blue light one. There is no anti-blue light on the package. The size of the protectors is off.

👤This screen doesn't fit my phone. It left pockets of air where its not touching my phone in a few sports around the edges and then not touching my phones screen for about 2 millimeters all the way around which I'm sure will eventually collect dust. I don't think this is a good idea for an iPhone my size.

👤This product will fit the 7p. It does not include an opening for a 7p camera. Unless you don't use your camera or don't care that blue light filters will affect your photos, I wouldn't recommend this for the 7p. I will return it. It is in a cardboard package and says it is made in China. Three screen protectors were included in the package. Each glass screen has a small sticker tab to handle it. The instructions are understandable. See the photos.

👤I cracked this screen protector because it is very thin. I thought it was a great buy when I received it. I didn't use it until I used it and it wasn't easy to take it off. I was trying to be careful, but it went on crooked. I broke the corner.

👤It stopped my dry eye. I am suffering because I trade stocks daily and my watchlist is on my phone. My eyes were killing me as I watched it all day. I ordered this out of desperation. It's a miracle that there's no more pain.


What is the best product for eye just blue light blocking ipad?

Eye just blue light blocking ipad products from Ailun. In this article about eye just blue light blocking ipad you can see why people choose the product. Focusesfthinkup and Perfectsight are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye just blue light blocking ipad.

What are the best brands for eye just blue light blocking ipad?

Ailun, Focusesfthinkup and Perfectsight are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye just blue light blocking ipad. Find the detail in this article. Superguardz, Focuses and Mosiso are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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