Best Eye Just Blue Light Blocking Iphone 13 Pro Max

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1. PERFECTSIGHT Filter Protector Compatible Tempered

PERFECTSIGHT Filter Protector Compatible Tempered

The Eye Care Relief Eye strain is compatible with the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max. The Xs Plus is a 6.5 inch model. Anti-blue light and UV light filters help protect eyes. Feels Smooth, Sensitive to Touch, 9H 0.33mm Thick Super Anti FInterprint and Smudges, make your iPhone 11 Pro Max 2019, iPhone Xs Max screen remain clean and shinny. 2.5D Curved Edged is easy to install. 30 days no-hassle refund, a replacement if air bubbles, cracks, defects, or other problems occur within 90 days. Perfect sight Tempered glass eye care screen protectors are perfect for short-sighted person, school student, office worker, social media junkie, online gaming junkie, fashion lover, etc.

Brand: Perfectsight

👤It's probably not advertised for its resilience, but for its functional features. I could definitely tell that the blue light filter was working, it was working at least a little bit. I would expect to be a little more confident in the protection of my screen protectors when I purchase them on Amazon. I saw a small crack along the edge within a week of getting it. It was on my first drop a few days ago that it splintered off the edge like nothing. You would expect a 1-2 feet drop when you see some of the other protectors that can handle hammer impacts and other things like that. You don't purchase this one for the purpose of being durable. The other functions work well on it. I'm not going to complain. I would like to see a more durable model in the future, as they still deserve a full rating for doing what they advertise.

👤The anti spy is great. It was worth the price. It is probably the best anti-spy protection you can get. It is better than the other $10 one. The camera is hard to clean.

👤Customer service is more important than the product of the company. I was very impressed with the company. The first week from a key? These things happen. Customer service was quick to respond and offer a replacement. I received the new one today. It doesn't get better than that. Thank you for reminding me that customer care can be improved in the digital world.

👤It is not bright. I was very happy with it. The screen protectors have a brownish tint when viewed white. Not as much light comes through. I don't know how to measure how it prevents other features. I gave it 3 stars because the screen protector cracks. You would think that the screen protectors would be able to be made for $50. My phone fell across my driveway and it had a small crack in it. It did not cause the crack by hitting any rocks or edges. I have a defender otter box on my phone so it can survive many drops. After the crack appeared, my phone dropped all the time, causing that crack to snake sideways 2” and downwards 4” I wish the screen protectors were more durable.

👤This is the best screen/privacy protectors I have used. I will never buy anything less than $30.00 for protective glass again. You will need at least 10% of the cost of the phone to meet satisfactory standards and rigorous use.

👤I bought the iPad version of this product for my kindergarten child because most of their school activities happened online during the lockdown. I was concerned that too much screening time would hurt the kid's eyes. My kid's sight check at the doctor's has not changed after using this screen protector. It was a relief. I decided to buy the same product for my phone. I would love to have a desktop version of PerfectSIGHT so that I could protect her computer screen.

2. Protector Focuses Anti Blue Protection Max 3Pcs

Protector Focuses Anti Blue Protection Max 3Pcs

The anti blue ray screen protectors are designed to protect your eyes from blue light, which can cause eye damage. The curved-edge design of the iPhone 11 Pro Max/XS Max makes it a case friendly. Their screen protectors are smaller than the actual screen of the phone to prevent it from bubbling and being difficult to use. The final coating to protect your screen from fingerprints is Hydrophobic and Oleophobic. The anti-blue light screen protector is different from the anti-blue light screen protectors on the market. The screen protectors don't have any color indoors, but you can find blue light in the outdoor if you install them on your phone. It's compatible with the iPhone 11 Pro Max/XS Max 6.5-inch. Their anti-blue light screen protectors are perfect for the iPhone 11 Pro Max/XS Max, they have real touch sensitivity for a natural feel, and quick response.

Brand: Focuses

👤The blue light is only filters by the protectors. I have a blue light tester kit and it produces the same level of blue light when it passes through the glass. I will return this. It's important to make sure you buy a product that works.

👤It took me a long time to install the screen protectors and I never could get rid of the air bubbles. Since I first installed the protectors less than a month ago, the bubbles have gotten worse.

👤Don't use your phone outside in the sun, they're ok when you're inside. They have a blue tint to them that is magnified in the sun and makes your screen barely visible even with high brightness.

👤Does not help eyes at all. I would not recommend this product. I bought a glass and eye protection for my phone from the store. After cracking, I ordered this product and it was a huge difference. I ordered another glass and eye screen protectors from the same company. Very happy!

👤These are easy to line up and go on. Make sure you take your time with the cleaning and don't have any dust. The glass screen protectors are very similar to the real screen.

👤I am not happy with a product. It was hard to see what was on the screen when I tried to use the phone on the sun.

👤It is smaller than the screen due to the curved edges and it makes my black screen look like a blue haze. There are finger prints.

👤I don't know if this product is effective. It is clear indoors and has a light blue color in the sun. Doesn't bother me at all.

3. GLASS M Anti Blue Protector Protection Tempered

GLASS M Anti Blue Protector Protection Tempered

It's specially designed for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The blue light filters. Remove your phone screen's blue light to help relieve your eyes from strain. It keeps your eyes healthy from staring at the screen. It is easy to start. It is easy to install. The installation frame is needed to assist with the application process. The app protects your eyes and sleep, but still allows non- harmful light through the screen, meaning no retro orange tint, unlike other apps and "night mode" settings. All GLASS-M products have a one-year replacement warranty. The 30-Day Money Back Guarantee is valid for 30 days.

Brand: Glass-m

👤After putting a spigen screen protector on it, it was like night and day. The one that I was using had more finger prints on it, but my finger glided across the screen and the light was not blue when I turned it off. I would buy something better for an extra couple dollars. The screen was completely covered by it. The one with the notch on top was spigen. No big deal. It goes on smoothly. It's perfect for the phone with a case on. There was only one side that needed to be pulled off. There is a peel off for both sides. The only problem I have is when the phone is not in use, the screen protectors look blue.

👤These are the best screen protectors. You have to pay shipping on top of the free replacement, but I have used some of the top brand names. This is the longest I have gone without having my screen protectors crack when I drop my phone. I will definitely purchase again.

👤It has great clarity and feel, but it doesn't cover the camera portion of the phone screen. If you enjoy that added protection, great! If you want the clearest photo possible, then you should have that part cut out. I have to tap the keys a few times for my phone to register with this protection. It was very easy to install.

👤The product is ok. One of the screen protectors had a chip in it that took it out of the box. The second one was put on following their directions. The edges are pulling up even with a case that protects them, even though the glue seems weak. The screen is blue. The whole look of the screen was foggy blue. I have never had this with other blue light. I have 2 stars but I don't recommend you buy these as the quality is poor with one of the protectors showing a chip and the screen lift is poor.

👤There are bubbles at the top and bottom of the screen, which does not fit the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The product I was sent did not match the instructions. There is no such thing as a second sticker on the protectors I received. I will be ordering a new one from a different company, but I will use the protector for now. It seems to work well when it comes to touch screen feedback. I am not sure if blue light protection is worth it.

👤Buying a single for less money would be better. It works well.

👤I wanted to use this product. It helped with my headaches. It lasted about two weeks. It had a crack that kept splitting until it was useless. I did not drop my phone. The fact that the crack spread so quickly was a disappointment.

👤Breaks quickly. The screen protectors came with a piece of dust on the sticky side, so it was not good to use. The other screen started chipping in less than a month. The front camera area is covered by the sticky screen and the screen protectors do not have a hole. I use the front camera to take a picture.

4. MOCOLL Protector Compatible Anti Scratch Bubble Free

MOCOLL Protector Compatible Anti Scratch Bubble Free

Blue light can cause eye damage and it is important to protect your eyes from harmful blue light. Military grade screen designed to protect your phone from scratches, dust, drops, and accidental damage. The screen saver of the iPhone 13 Pro Max has a high definition display and touch sensitivity that will give you the original experience. It is easy to install, you just need to tap and press to do it, their glass screen would not impact you use the phone case. There is a warranty on the screen protectors for the iPhone 13 Pro Max 6.7 inch and back screen protectors. If you have a question about the product, contact them. If you don't get the back screen protectors, please contact me.

Brand: Mocoll Just For Quality

👤I never had a screen protectors for my phone. The way that my touch experience went to a different level was stunning. The screen protector does not make your phone look bulk. I'm really impressed with this protection and I'm eligible for a 5 star rating.

👤The screen didn't work for the first time when I bought these regular. The lower left corner will not stay. I don't recommend this product.

👤I had it on my phone for about 2 weeks and it already has a horizontal crack. I didn't drop my phone and it's not damaged. Don't spend your money on this one.

👤Bloquea la luz azul. Tuve un problema al da siguiente. Me prometi, reemplazarlo.estoy ansiosa de recepciones.

👤It is easy to install and you can't even tell it is on after it fits. I would buy this again.

👤The case is compact and durable.

👤Didn't go on easily. There are left air pockets on the screen. Very brief instructions.

5. PERFECTSIGHT Screen Protector IPhone Tempered

PERFECTSIGHT Screen Protector IPhone Tempered

Anti Eye Fatigue and Good Sleeping - Filters about 30% of Blue Light and 99% of UV Ray. It helps promote sleep. 99% high definition clarity and light transmittance keep original and stunning viewing quality and experience of your iPhone Xs Max. You have games and videos. This screen protector is only 0.3mm thick and has high touch sensitivity. The 2.5D Edged Design prevents chipping and provides enhanced safety and greater compatibility with a variety of cases, work perfectly. 30 days no-hassle refund, a replacement if air bubbles, cracks, defects etc are found within 90 days. PerfectSIGHT iPad Tempered glass eye care screen protectors are perfect for short-sighted person, school student, office worker, social media junkie, online gaming enthusiast, fashion lover, etc.

Brand: Perfectsight

👤I accidentally put the cover on my phone to the test last night. I was at a basketball game and my phone fell through a crack in the bleachers to the ground. I was preparing myself for a ruined phone, and it was face down. I have a small crack in the film, but my phone is undamaged. I am amazed! I have a case on my phone, so I am sure that helped, but I am so happy that the crack is in the screen protectors, not my actual phone.

👤Calculating astronomy. My phone fell off a chair and the screen protectors cracked. It has been on my phone for two days and the first time it breaks it is on my phone. The ones you get from walmart last a long time. Will not buy again and will not recommend it.

👤It's horrible. Not a privacy screen. Does not work with all phone cases. The edges of the screen protectors were pushed up when I put my silicone one back on. I got some blue light blocking glasses that came with the blue light tester. It blocks 30% of the blue light. Near 50%+ is not where. I expected it to be described. I can buy a cheaper screen protectors for 30% blocking of blue light. Will be coming back.

👤The screen protectors feels like they are made from high quality glass and not plastic. No smudge or glare.

👤I made a mistake. I needed to read the instructions as my eyes were injured in a car accident. I damaged the glass when I pushed it hard. It cracked because it is glass. I couldn't immediately replace it because I was so frustrated. I pushed it down and it helped my eyes. That is brilliant. I'm buying a new set but smaller than the one I had before.

👤There is nothing I don't like about this product. It provides edge to edge protection and is worth the money. Installation is very easy.

👤The product description said it would fit my phone, but it is too small. Next to this one is my old cover. I didn't discover my package was missing until after the return date. It's a shame.

👤I got this a few weeks ago. The package and instructions were very nice. Did everything the instructions said to do. I used the sticky pad to clean the screen. There were 3 spots where debris ended up when the screen was down. It was what it was. There were spots on the side that did not adhere correctly. I was able to get them down and adhere after some work. The biggest problem I have is that within a week of putting it on, I have a small crack in the protectors on the left and right sides of the screen. I only put my phone in my pocket this week because I have never dropped it. How did it break? I dropped my phone at work and it cracked. I put it in my pocket and it cracked within a week.

6. IPhone Protection Tempered Protector ZenHoo

IPhone Protection Tempered Protector ZenHoo

The anti blue light screen protectors are made of glass. 9H Hardness Tempered Glass has the best scratch protection. Have you experienced eye-fatigue, eye-strain, loss of vision, after using your phone? It is due to the blue light from the screen. The glass blocks harmful blue light and ultraviolet rays. Installation process is very easy with Japanese high-quality anti- bubble glue. Laser cutting provides maximum screen protection. The ZenHoo Tempered Glass Screen Protector, Alcohol Wipe, Dust removal Sticker, Bubble removal Card, and Installation Guide are what you get.

Brand: Zenhoo

👤This product does not protect against blue light. I gave it 2 stars because it protects your screen. I knocked off 3 for false advertising.

👤I was worried that it was soft like the old Zagg protectors. I put it on when I realized it was the glass kind, not the gummy kind that only protected from scratches. It's very easy to put on and fit my phone perfectly. It doesn't go over the speaker or camera. When the phone is not on, it looks like a shiny purple confetti, but as soon as you turn the phone on, you don't know it's different. It's like magic! If you watch a show or video with a black background, it will be more purple than just all black. The bluelight filter on my screen protectors was very subtle in the bluish color when the phone was not in use. I'm sure I'll need to replace my phone again in the near future, but I would prefer this.

👤I was excited to try this after reading positive reviews. It seemed to work well for the first couple of days. I looked at my phone for three days and there was a crack in the corner. I didn't think much of it because it wasn't obstructing any view, but then the crack started to spread across the screen. There was nothing to worry about. I don't know what happened. You shouldn't cause a crack with all the claims of durability.

👤I was spending a lot of time looking at my phone and my eyes started to hurt because of the bicyle. I've decided to get a blue screen protectors to make it easier on my eyes. It doesn't work. Maybe it will over time. I don't see any difference. It looks cool.

👤It's a good fit for my phone. It is a perfect protection against scratch. There were no bubbles. Excellent product!

👤The first day I put this on, I accidentally dropped my phone. I have a small ding on my screen after I removed it. There is no instructions on how to get a lifetime warranty from the packaging. Everything is in a different language on their website. I am not a happy camper.

👤This thing saved my phone. I dropped a bottle of sesame oil on my phone. My phone was in perfect condition after the screen protector was shattered. I replaced it right away. I have noticed that the screen has a different look with the anti blue light on.

👤Very disappointed! I dropped my phone and the screen cover didn't protect it. The drop could have been a foot or a half. I have to pay for the repair of my phone screen.

7. PERFECTSIGHT Screen Protector Compatible Tempered

PERFECTSIGHT Screen Protector Compatible Tempered

The screen protectors for the iPhone 13 Pro Max use Japanese TOYO anti-blue light material to minimize the effects of blue light on the eyes. It helps promote sleep. The special design and high definition display protection is compatible with the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max 6.7 inch 2021. You have games and videos. PERFECSIGHT Tempered Glass Screen Protector compatible with the iPhone 13 Pro max is shatterproof and 9H hardness. The 9H screen design helps protect scratches from minor or accidental drops, daily wear-and-tear, and more. This screen protector is only 0.3mm thick and has high touch sensitivity. The 2.5D Curved Edged Design prevents chipping, providing enhanced safety and greater compatibility with a variety of cases, work perfectly. 30 days no-hassle refund, a replacement if air bubbles, cracks, defects etc are found within 90 days. Perfect sight Tempered glass eye care screen protectors are perfect for short-sighted person, school student, office worker, social media junkie, online gaming junkie, fashion lover, etc.

Brand: Perfectsight

👤The one star reviews for this product are a combination of people who don't know how to install and people dragging the seller. I have used many of these on my phones, and found this one easy to install, the screen is tinted just enough to reduce blue light, and it works perfectly. If I drop my phone and the screen protectors cracks, the screen of my phone is unaffected. There is a job. It is time for a new one.

👤The product is fine. The amount of plastic packaging was crazy and concerning.

👤The process of putting the screen on was very easy. The package included a screen fitting frame, a screen protector, and wet and dry cleaning wipes. Even though the screen is protected from blue light, it still looks the same. Excellent product! I will definitely buy this again.

👤It doesn't stick in the right corner. Has not been a full day. I don't expect much, but I will see how long it lasts.

👤It is a good screen protectors. My phone feels great. It took me many tries to get it on, but I can say that it was due to operator error. Even though I had to lift it up and pull it off a bunch of times, it still sticks beautifully. If I had ruined it, I would have been so angry. It has been protecting my phone for almost two months. I dropped the phone during that time.

👤Disappointed. I have had it on my phone for three weeks and the corner is already lifting and there is an air bubble under it. I push it down but it keeps coming up.

👤This is the first time I have used an anti blue light screen protection for my phone and I love it because it gives my phone screen an iridescent purple look. I have a case on my phone that looks nice with this screen protectors. It's subtle enough to not interfere with the picture, but also subtle enough to see the color shift in the lighting. It is mostly aesthetic reasons that I love, but it has held up well. It is easy to install and cover my phone and case. I will buy this brand from now on. The price and screen protectors were very good.

👤This is the best screen protectors money can buy. The screen protectors are very smooth and don't have smudges when you touch them. You can put the screen protector on straight if you put your hand over the screen. This is a better screen protector than any I've had before, it has a large cloth and wipe to clean your screen. The quality of the screen protectors and packaging is very good.

8. EyeJust Blocking Protector Compatible Protection

EyeJust Blocking Protector Compatible Protection

EyeJust Advanced Blue Light Blocking Technology helps protect your eyes, sleep, and skin from the negative effects of blue light overexposure. It is easy to apply. Installation is easy, bubble free. There is nothing more frustrating than a dirty, crooked, or bubbly screen protector. Their Blue Light Blocking Screen protectors come with a step by step guide and tools to make sure they fit perfectly. Clear screen protection blocks harmful blue light without changing the color of the screen. Premium glass is used to make their Blue Light Blocking Screen protectors. No orange tint or off-coloring will be visible after application. Premium quality glass. It protects your device screen from damage. Every package has easy installation tools. Their products are made to protect against falls, scratches, and daily wear, and they also make a quality blue light blocker. EyeJust is a simple solution for protecting against blue light. Their screen protectors add no bulk to your device and eliminate the need for blue light glasses. The EyeJust Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector protects your eyes.

Brand: Eyejust

👤This product does what it claims to do. While using this product, I have been sleeping better, getting tired earlier, and waking up earlier. I know that I have been doing better with it because of how sturdy it is. I have bought this twice. I broke the screen protectors. I dropped my phone in the bathroom. I thought my screen was supposed to protect my screen, but it didn't. In a second, more on that. The light blocking is great. It didn't change the look of my screen. It has a bright purple look when the screen is off, but otherwise it is clear. I didn't have a phone protection on my phone for a few days, and I found my sleep pattern was way off. It was back to where I needed it again after I replaced it. Just a few moments ago, my phone slid off my lap and landed on the upstairs carpet. I have a Spigen Tough Armor case that has a rubber interior, air pockets in the corners, and a rigid backplate. It slid down my leg. This screen protectors broke again. I have spent over $50 on two of these over the course of one month, which is not bad but is still a lot. It is at the very edge of the phone. Not a stress point, not even a corner. It was cracked and sprinkled with glass shards. It is bad when these things break. There are shards of glass everywhere. I like the blue light filters of this screen protector, but I think it needs a screen protector of its own. This is the most fragile screen protectors you can buy. Don't count on it lasting long if you get it for the light filters.

👤It's too small for the 11pro max, but right for the 11 pro. It was disappointing.

👤This is the second eye for the phone. The first one saved my phone screen. The living room is visible from the upstairs hallway. My husband handed me my phone and I missed taking it and the phone hit the carpet and bounced through the rail to the wood floor about 11 feet below face down. I thought my screen would be damaged in some way. I went down and the screen protectors did their job. My almost brand new phone was unaffected by the damage to the screen protectors. I can't say enough good things about this product, it performed well in a 11 foot fall.

👤This is my second eye. I purchased my first one through their website. I was very happy with that one. I am dissatisfied with the one I purchased through Amazon. It came without a box. There was a lot of lint on the protector before it was peeled. I assumed I could wipe it off once I placed it. No. It was stuck to the wall. I am not sure if the lint was a result of manufacturing or if it was due to the use of thehassle free packaging that lint and other particles were able to get inside. I am disappointed that it came like this and I have a hair like fiber stuck underneath. I should have returned it because it was obvious that there was lint.

9. Protector IPhone13 Focuses Tempered Compatible

Protector IPhone13 Focuses Tempered Compatible

It's compatible with the iPhone 13 The iPhone 13 is a pro. The screen protectors are made of glass to protect the screen from damage. Their anti-blue light screen for iphone 13 pro protects your eyes from harmful blue light from digital screens. The anti-blue light protection film for the iPhone 13 is made of Premium Tempered Glass and has clear layers which are effective against dust and oil stains. When you put the screen protectors on your phone, you will feel that it is very smooth and sensitive. The Eye Protection screen protectors for iPhone 13 and 13pro are packed in 3 pieces to offer more choices for your replacement. It is very easy to install. There is a screen protectors for the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro.

Brand: Focuses

👤I have had many of these filters on my phone and this one is the same as most of the others except that it is very thick baby blue colored glass. It is difficult to see through and makes a terrible glare. It looks like I have turned my brightness all the way down, like I do at that time and night shift. I have had many of these filters on my phone and this one is the same as most of the others except that it is very thick baby blue colored glass. It is difficult to see through and makes a terrible glare. It looks like I have turned my brightness all the way down like I do at night shift. It feels like they put double of whatever makes it feel like it. I can see through the blue light on my phone.

👤I think the package hangs over the edges of my 13 Pro.

👤It was easy to install a screen protector. Hope they last. Look great!

👤It seems to work well after the installation. It fit my phone just fine, and has not had any issues with the touch screen. It only came with 2 screen protectors, so it got 4 stars.

👤It was easy to install and like the products, but it was hard to return the products that were faulty. I got the right one this time.

👤No bubbles came out when it was easy to install. The screen is clear.

10. Ferilinso Compatible Protector Tempered Friendly

Ferilinso Compatible Protector Tempered Friendly

Only the iPhone 13 Pro Max 6.7 inch is compatible with the 2 Pack Anti-spy Privacy Tempered Glass and 2 Pack Camera lens protectors. The privacy glass screen protectors for the iPhone 13 Pro Max are designed to keep your private information hidden from strangers, and they have better anti-spy performance. It's a good choice if you are on the bus, elevator, metro, or other public occasions. Night shooting mode has an upgrade "Night flash circle" and increased esdsorption that will not affect the flash in the night shot environment. The Camera Protector has a light transmittance of 99.99%, which means that it will give you an ultra-clear viewing and photo taking experience. It is case friendly and sensitive. Fast responding performance is ensured by high touch sensitivity. The camera and screen protectors are easy to use. The phone case can't interfere with the coverage of your mobile. The installation kit helps you attach the screen protectors easily. They recommend you to clean the screen before you place the film on the screen, and then run your finger down the middle for a bubble-free installation. If you're new to applying screen protectors, you can put the film on your phone quickly and easily.

Brand: Ferilinso

👤I have used privacy screen protectors for years because I work in the health care field and maintain confidentiality any way I can. I have used several brands. This one is in the middle. The screen protectors are made of glass and feel strong. The full screen is covered because of the smaller notch. There is a The privacy aspect works well. It does that part of the job well. There is no guide. You have to put it on perfectly the first time or the edges will be messed up for the rest of your life. The privacy aspect was made cheap. Every privacy screen will show some texture or color change. This is really bad. The lines are so far apart that you can see every last one. I couldn't focus on the screen sometimes. Just the lines. I removed the screen protectors and went to a different brand because of the lines. I wanted to love this so much, but I couldn't. The camera cover did not do well with my case. I own an Apple brand MagSafe case. It wasn't compatible. I am changing this to a 1 star. Since I posted this, I have received an email once a week asking me to remove it. For the past month, I have been getting at least 3 emails a week demanding I remove the review. I don't like getting that many emails. I was going to give the company another try, but not after this.

👤I don't recommend this product because it has a weird look to it. I am looking through a screened door. I thought my camera was malfunctioning.

👤I have never had a phone screen that was private. This one is perfect. Anyone sitting next to me can't see what's on my screen. It is private and durable. I'm not a fan of phones and this one has held up well. It makes my phone look nice and there are two in the box, so I have an extra.

👤The privacy is great, but it's not as durable as it could be. I just got my new phone and have taken care of it. I was surprised when I saw a few cracks in my phone since I have not dropped it or been rough with it. I replaced my screen with the second one provided in the pack since I like my phone clean and slick. A day later, I found a few cracks on the new screen I just replaced. The screen protectors are not as good as the camera protectors. Customer service has reached out to me in regards to my review of this product, I really wanted to like it but it has not worked out for me. They were very understanding as well as quick. They want happy customers so they wanted me to be happy as well. Happy customer!

👤It's the same thing. For a sacrifice, price is great. The view axis is around 120 degrees. I got this to replace my previous unit. The privacy screen has some tint but not as specified. The degree of view they specify is not true. It is around 120 degrees of view. I can still see what you are looking at if I were standing next to you. I took my caliper to measure if the screen protectors are the same, the top is 1mm wider than the bottom, so be careful with some cases as it may not fit perfectly. The item doesn't come with a plastic guide or stickers to help install like some of the other manufactures give. I am not going to attempt to break it. I wouldn't recommend this brand.

11. Ocushield Screen Protector Accredited Medical

Ocushield Screen Protector Accredited Medical

Children and teenagers are particularly at risk from harmful blue light from digital screens, which can cause insomnia, eye strain, headaches, dry eyes and blurry vision. Their products protect your eyes and sleep, but they also use high quality glass with an Oleophobic coating to make sure your screen is protected from knocks and bumps. This is a case-friendly screen saver. Ocushield protects your eyes and sleep, but still allows non-harmful light through the screen, meaning no retro orange tint, unlike other apps and "night mode" settings. Ocushield is an effective blue light filtering screen protector limiting harmful UV and blue light emitted from screens. Money back guarantee for 100 days. If you're not happy with your Ocushield product, you can return it for a full refund. They are committed to a healthier, more productive you. Ocushield products are available for a variety of electronic devices.

Brand: Ocushield

👤I ordered a screen protectors for my phone and it was unused and works great. I ordered an additional screen protection for my son's new phone. It arrived in used condition without an anti-static cleaning wipe and the screen protectors had already been removed so the phone was exposed and dirty. I requested a replacement for the used screen protector that I had just received and when I received the replacement screen protector a few days later it was also a used screen protector. The screen protectors were dirty and the protective covering for the glass was torn off. There was a torn package inside that should have had an anti-static wipe on it. Even though I like the blue light glare feature, I don't want a dirty used screen protector that is going to scratch the face of my phone, so I have decided to go with a ZAGG or Reticare screen protectors. After receiving 2 used screen protectors in a week, I had to let other buyers know that your quality control is not up to par. "New" products are not really used.

👤The product is yellow on the white phone. It is very noticeable and unattractive in natural lighting. Product is not big enough. It doesn't cover the screen completely and is too narrow. This creates a seam on both sides of the screen, which allows light and glare to pass through. See the photos. Product doesn't line up with home button, camera and speaker The front camera has a problem with this. There is a light on your selfies. See my photos. The installation process was easy, although they weren't actually instructions for cleaning your phone before hand. The installation process works, but the screen protector wasn't cut right. I tried to install the second time without their process, but couldn't get the holes and edges to align. Don't attempt to reinstall. The screen protectors are not strong enough for multiple installs. The screen on my phone wouldn't adhere to it when I tried to reinstall it 3 times. I don't recommend for the high price and low quality. The installation process works and the product isn't the right size. I am getting a new item from Amazon. I will update my review once I can evaluate the new screen protectors.

👤The first thing that came to my mind after the installation of this product wasWOW! I don't like placing screen protectors on my devices because I have trouble installing them. I end up throwing the air bubbles in the trash because I can't get them out. I had no issues with the Ocusheild. I'm very impressed. I'm going to buy one for my iPad Air and MacBook Pro because I'm impressed. Great product! A good one.

👤The website is not accurate. It's claimed that it's easy to install the other little to no bubbles. I made it even better by filling it with bubbles after I installed it, but I didn't have any instructions. I had to watch a video to install it. This is my last time using this brand, but it isn't my first time. What a waste of time.


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