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1. Protector IPhone13 Focuses Tempered Compatible

Protector IPhone13 Focuses Tempered Compatible

It's compatible with the iPhone 13 The iPhone 13 is a pro. The screen protectors are made of glass to protect the screen from damage. Their anti-blue light screen for iphone 13 pro protects your eyes from harmful blue light from digital screens. The anti-blue light protection film for the iPhone 13 is made of Premium Tempered Glass and has clear layers which are effective against dust and oil stains. When you put the screen protectors on your phone, you will feel that it is very smooth and sensitive. The Eye Protection screen protectors for iPhone 13 and 13pro are packed in 3 pieces to offer more choices for your replacement. It is very easy to install. There is a screen protectors for the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro.

Brand: Focuses

👤I have had many of these filters on my phone and this one is the same as most of the others except that it is very thick baby blue colored glass. It is difficult to see through and makes a terrible glare. It looks like I have turned my brightness all the way down, like I do at that time and night shift. I have had many of these filters on my phone and this one is the same as most of the others except that it is very thick baby blue colored glass. It is difficult to see through and makes a terrible glare. It looks like I have turned my brightness all the way down like I do at night shift. It feels like they put double of whatever makes it feel like it. I can see through the blue light on my phone.

👤I think the package hangs over the edges of my 13 Pro.

👤It was easy to install a screen protector. Hope they last. Look great!

👤It seems to work well after the installation. It fit my phone just fine, and has not had any issues with the touch screen. It only came with 2 screen protectors, so it got 4 stars.

👤It was easy to install and like the products, but it was hard to return the products that were faulty. I got the right one this time.

👤No bubbles came out when it was easy to install. The screen is clear.

2. Ailun Protector Compatible Tempered Hardness

Ailun Protector Compatible Tempered Hardness

The screen protectors and camera lens protectors work for the iPhone 13 Pro. Protection from scratches, bumps, and nicks. Night shooting function: specially designed iPhone 13 Pro 6.1 inch display 2021. The camera lens protectors are made of seamless integration of augmented reality, with light transmittance and night shooting function, without the need to design the flash hole position. It is a brand new,Precise laser cut glass, exquisitely polished,0.33mm ultra-thin screen protectors, which brings you a good touch experience. Please watch the installation video before you start. Remove dust and align it correctly before the installation so you can enjoy your screen as if it wasn't there. The visibility of the screen is enhanced by the high-definition screen coating.

Brand: Ailun

👤This is great, minus one glaring defect. The cuts for the camera protectors are incorrect. The cut for the flash is in the wrong place.

👤Consider another brand for camera protection. There is a The screen protector was easy to install and thin, but I recently discovered that it leads to unfocused videos with movement. The issue was immediately resolved when the camera protector was taken off. The same thing happened when you tried the second camera protector. The camera protectors block the needed sensor that the Iphone needs to focus on videos.

👤Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, no matter how careful you are. I fell asleep while working on a puzzle and left my phone in my hand, which fell onto a floor vent grate. The cover took the full force of the impact. After removing the cover, I saw that the phone glass was undamaged and that the second cover was easy to install. I used compressed air to clean the glass surface and the replacement went on without bubbles or trapped dust. I'm not sure if I'm facing a repair cost for a new iPhone 13 Pro or not. I am grateful for the protection offered in the split second when it was needed, and these covers work well. I bought a set for my son's phone.

👤The Iphone 13 pro has more holes for the camera vent. I hope Ailun can correct the issue and contact me to send the correct camera protectors.

👤I'm writing a review to help other people take advantage of this cheap glass protectors. For about $10, you get 2 glass protectors, 2 camera protectors, wet and dry wipes, aligning stickers, and a sticker to remove dust bunnies. It is a good deal if you are patient and able to center the glass. You can see all the edges of the phone if you leave the phone screen on. If you want to align the screen protectors, do a test fit. The glass should be 2mm away from the edges. The 2 aligning stickers at the bottom of the phone can be used to create a hinge. Clean the surface of your phone, wipe it dry and use the sticker to remove dirt. Remove the screen protectors from your phone. The alignment should be helped by the sticker hinge. Don't expect the protector to be perfect immediately. You have to take a few minutes to align it. The screen should be left on with a white background. Align the camera lens protectors as best you can, but don't press it. There is a hole in the lens protectors and it needs to be aligned over the sensor. You will have camera issues if they align properly. The lens protectors can be moved slightly to the desired position. Press the protectors to secure its position once the alignment is perfect. Overall, it was a good day. I'm docking a star because it takes some time to align the screen protectors. The allowance around the edges of the screen protectors makes them compatible with a wide range of cases. There are no issues with the Apple leather case I'm using.

3. Ailun Protector Compatible Tempered Hardness

Ailun Protector Compatible Tempered Hardness

The screen protectors and camera lens protectors work for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Protection from scratches, bumps, and nicks. Night shooting function is specially designed for the iPhone 13 Pro Max 6.7 inch display, with light transmittance and night shooting function, without the need to design the flash hole position, when the flash is turned on at night. It is a brand new,Precise laser cut glass, exquisitely polished,0.33mm ultra-thin screen protectors, which brings you a good touch experience. Please watch the installation video before you start. Remove dust and align it correctly before the installation so you can enjoy your screen as if it wasn't there. The visibility of the screen is enhanced by the high-definition screen coating.

Brand: Ailun

👤I needed screen and camera protectors after I got a new phone. I got a 2 pack of them because a friend recommended them. I've never broken a screen on a phone. In the past, I have rarely dropped my phone. I wiped my phone off while I was mowing the lawn after using this set. I don't know how I dropped it while I was on the riding mower. I thought my phone was going to be destroyed. The screen and camera lens were protectors. The phone was working. I replaced the protectors and ordered another set. I can not believe that these worked so well.

👤Let other reviewers talk about how easy it is to install. Yeah, alright. Two cars ran over my new Apple iPhone 13 pro max after it popped out of my pocket while I was running across the street. The camera part of my screen protectors was destroyed in the picture. The glass did not break, the camera lens were protected perfectly, and it was amazing!

👤I'm sure that most of you know that the first thing that will hit the floor is the camera on the iPhone 13. Extra security from falling is added by this glass protector, it's thick and doesn't change or affect picture quality.

👤I had to write a review for this. When you get a lens cover. You take a picture with a flash. White smudge in it is never clear. Not with these. I was hysterical. I used a flash to make the picture look bigger. I recommend it to everyone. This product is great.

👤An ugly bubble was left by the protector. I put it on two phones and they both have bubbles. The lens part is terrible. Don't waste your money when you say it's horrible. The part of the lens that allows you to take good pictures is not good.

👤There is no alignment aid for the screen protectors. It was difficult to plate the phone. I used both and it's still a bit off. It's a good idea to consider alternatives that offer alignment support.

👤Excellent price and great fit. The protectors fit well with the case. Use the wipes and dust sticker to clean your screen, and make sure that there are no bubbles or smudges. The job is done.

👤The back camera protectors is one of the best products I've purchased. It comes with protectors.

👤I put the camera and screen protectors on my phones. The stickers and wipes were great to help line up and clean the phones, they were easy to install onto the phones. I might have saved my camera for breaking because the camera protector did crack easier than I thought. I ordered a few more to keep as spare because I have no complaints about it protecting my phone. The quality of the phone remained the same, the touch on the phone was the same, and no delays or anything like that.

👤Attaching to the phone screen is easy. It did not last very long. I am not careless with my phone because I have been cracked for a week.

4. Focuses IPhone Screen Protector Tempered

Focuses IPhone Screen Protector Tempered

The anti blue ray screen protectors are designed to protect your eyes from blue light, which can cause eye damage. The curved-edge design of the iPhone 11 makes it a good case friendly. Their screen protectors are smaller than the actual screen of the phone to prevent it from bubbling and being difficult to use. Their glass is made of premium Japan imported Japan Asahi (AGC) (the world's largest glass supplier), 9H hard glass, three times stronger than regular PET film, and an oil-coted glass to ensure anti fingerprints, anti water, and anti oxidation. The anti-blue light screen protector is different from the anti-blue light screen protectors on the market. The screen protectors don't have any color indoors, but you can find blue light in the outdoor if you install them on your phone. It's compatible with the iPhone 11 6.1-inch. Their anti-blue light screen protectors are perfect for your iPhone, they have real touch sensitivity and quick response.

Brand: Focusesfthinkup

👤This appears to be a great blue light screen protectors. Until you step outside during daylight. It is difficult to see anything on your phone screen even with the brightness turned all the way up when you walk outside with this screen protector. I have used blue light screen protectors on my phone that were more expensive and high quality and never had this issue. I will go back to a higher quality option because it is definitely worth a higher price to avoid this fatal flaw.

👤The screen is not finger proof. The screen is easy to wipe off, but it's not as easy to remove fingerprints. The screen is blue in the sunlight, but it is clear indoors. It was easy to install. The part of the screen that produces light is not a perfect fit for the rest of the screen. I wear blue light glasses to protect my eyes, but I use my laptop and iPad in school, so I think it's a good buy.

👤The pictures show that it blocks blue light. It's easy to install. I don't see a big difference with a tint. It's definitely not finger print or smudge proof, it just barely covers where the screen lights up. It is thinner than my last one. I am a little worried about that. Not bad for the price.

👤I feel good because my eyes are not being damaged as much while looking at this screen than a regular screen. If you are in the sun, you will not be able to see your screen. The screen protectors are blue in the sun. I dropped my phone on the road. There were a few hair line cracks and small bits of glass missing from the edges of the protectors. I was impressed with the quality of the glass, considering where it fell and how it fell.

👤I don't understand why anyone would buy a more expensive blue light screen protectors, this is a 3-pack with a case, it protects our phones and our eyes, and is very happy with the purchase.

👤I have had a lot of screen protectors. This is not cheap. As soon as I put it on, I could see that it was easier to use. It was easy to install. It is not inflexible. I put the foam slip on from the top to the bottom and rubbed the foam gently on top to remove any bubbles that appeared. If you get the same results, you can either place the phone on the floor or sideways.

👤The screen protectors are what you can expect. Within a month, I have gone through all three of them. I had a more expensive one that lasted about 8 months. These are cheap and have a blue tint that makes it hard to see your screen in the sun. I won't be buying them again. I only give it two stars because of the price.

👤I like the shield that protects my eyes. I can see that my eyes are not as tired as they were when I didn't have this on my phone. I was not sure why this screen was better than the last one I had. I realized that this was made in Japan and was known for high-quality products when I read the item description again. I read the great reviews and decided to go with this one. Very happy so far. I have had it for over two months and no peeling, bubbling or chipping. There is a I dropped my phone twice and the glass is still in tact. I also have a high grade case on my phone. I have to recommend this product.

5. IPhone Protection Tempered Protector ZenHoo

IPhone Protection Tempered Protector ZenHoo

The anti blue light screen protectors are made of glass. 9H Hardness Tempered Glass has the best scratch protection. Have you experienced eye-fatigue, eye-strain, loss of vision, after using your phone? It is due to the blue light from the screen. The glass blocks harmful blue light and ultraviolet rays. Installation process is very easy with Japanese high-quality anti- bubble glue. Laser cutting provides maximum screen protection. The ZenHoo Tempered Glass Screen Protector, Alcohol Wipe, Dust removal Sticker, Bubble removal Card, and Installation Guide are what you get.

Brand: Zenhoo

👤This product does not protect against blue light. I gave it 2 stars because it protects your screen. I knocked off 3 for false advertising.

👤I was worried that it was soft like the old Zagg protectors. I put it on when I realized it was the glass kind, not the gummy kind that only protected from scratches. It's very easy to put on and fit my phone perfectly. It doesn't go over the speaker or camera. When the phone is not on, it looks like a shiny purple confetti, but as soon as you turn the phone on, you don't know it's different. It's like magic! If you watch a show or video with a black background, it will be more purple than just all black. The bluelight filter on my screen protectors was very subtle in the bluish color when the phone was not in use. I'm sure I'll need to replace my phone again in the near future, but I would prefer this.

👤I was excited to try this after reading positive reviews. It seemed to work well for the first couple of days. I looked at my phone for three days and there was a crack in the corner. I didn't think much of it because it wasn't obstructing any view, but then the crack started to spread across the screen. There was nothing to worry about. I don't know what happened. You shouldn't cause a crack with all the claims of durability.

👤I was spending a lot of time looking at my phone and my eyes started to hurt because of the bicyle. I've decided to get a blue screen protectors to make it easier on my eyes. It doesn't work. Maybe it will over time. I don't see any difference. It looks cool.

👤It's a good fit for my phone. It is a perfect protection against scratch. There were no bubbles. Excellent product!

👤The first day I put this on, I accidentally dropped my phone. I have a small ding on my screen after I removed it. There is no instructions on how to get a lifetime warranty from the packaging. Everything is in a different language on their website. I am not a happy camper.

👤This thing saved my phone. I dropped a bottle of sesame oil on my phone. My phone was in perfect condition after the screen protector was shattered. I replaced it right away. I have noticed that the screen has a different look with the anti blue light on.

👤Very disappointed! I dropped my phone and the screen cover didn't protect it. The drop could have been a foot or a half. I have to pay for the repair of my phone screen.

6. Protector Compatible Gradient Electroplated Anti Blue

Protector Compatible Gradient Electroplated Anti Blue

Bring your phone with you when you go to see different view angles under light. The privacy screen protector color will be brighter when the light is stronger. Make your phone stand out in the crowd. PRIVACY SCREEN The privacy screen protector has a view angle of 68 degrees. You can see it in the front, but people next to you can see a different color. In malls, buses, metro, restaurant and other public areas, you can protect your privacy and sensitive information. The blue light blocking layer will keep the blue light out of your phone. It's a good idea to let your eye feel comfortable even if you're on the phone. * The blue light blocking layer will make the screen dimmer. Perfectly compatible with the iPhone 13 Pro Max. It protects the full screen with an edge to edge, preventing it from being scratched, crushed, or dust. Touch sensitivity and easy installation are two things that Tempered glass makes perfect balance between privacy protection and sensitive touch. Inside the package is a privacy screen protector, frame alignment, easy install components pack, and 90 days warranty.

Brand: Egkimba

👤I would have given a few stars. I put it on my phone because there are a few issues so far. The part that changes colors is great. It is pink, blue, purple, and orange at different points. The part gets the 5 stars. It was easy to install. 5 stars for that. I am not able to comment on the durability yet. I am sorry. I will update that in a week or so. The Hugest issue that sucks big time is that it shows everything. I have been wiping my finger prints off.

7. Anynve Designed Kickstand Protection Shockproof

Anynve Designed Kickstand Protection Shockproof

Heavy duty tough and rugged Case, protects your phone screen and camera lens from damage. Smart sliding camera cover design has a raised bezel which is 3.0mm higher than the raised lens. You can carry your most important cards without taking a purse out door. The ring and stand are rotating. 180 degrees rotation is possible when watching TV or online video call. Enjoy the time with your hands free. You don't need to install a floppy on your phone when using the magnetic stand. The Anynve case has a stable magnet.

Brand: Anynve

👤The case was tight. It won't charge on a wireless pad charge. Only via the fire cable. I prefer to charge on a pad so I will be replacing this with a case without a metal plate.

👤I like the way the phone case feels in my hand. I like the design and color. The camera protectors are an awesome feature. The case came in two parts. I want the stand to be at the right angle, but it is too short. The charging port cover and silence button cover are very inconvenient. I am in a hurry to charge or silence my phone. Half of the cover sticks out because it isn't fully intact. I like the phone case. I am not returning it. The cover port is going to be sliced off eventually.

👤This case is made out of plastic that is hard and flimsy. The kickstand feels like it would snap off with very little effort. The case is not comfortable and it feels like a brick in my hands. The slide on the camera protector/slide is open until you push it all the way to the edge to lock it. The screen border surrounding the screen will push air bubbles if you use a screen protector. The design is horrible. I was very disappointed.

👤The lens cover is loose. It was tight at the beginning. The lens cover can be opened from time to time. I use it for my car navigation when I need to charge a lightning cable. You can't plug your cable directly to your phone with one hand. You have to use two hands to open the flap. I feel like cutting it off. You can't use your emergency credit card to charge your phone. You have to pry your phone case to get your card.

👤The camera holes are not straight. It protects my phone and is durable. The camera doesn't seem to be affected by the holes being aligned.

👤You get what you pay for. The delivery and service was on point, but the product was not. The material was subpar and not as advertised. Pay the money for a good case.

👤The piece of plastic that goes around the phone is very upset.

👤I thought it was going to be terrible, but I really like it because it is a good grip and I love the camera protection.

8. Ailun Privacy Protector Compatible Tempered

Ailun Privacy Protector Compatible Tempered

There is a screen protectors for the 5.8 inch screen of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Protection from scratches, bumps, and nicks. The Tempered glass does not cover the entire screen. The rounded glass for the iPhone 13 Pro Max is accurate. The screen coating protects against sweat and oil from fingerprints. The screen is only visible to people directly in front of it. You need to turn your device display brightness up when you are in public. Online video installation instruction: Easiest Installation - removing dust and aligning it properly before actual installation, no worrying about bubbles, enjoy your screen as if it wasn't there.

Brand: Ailun

👤When viewed from the sides, the smudges on the screen become more apparent. One problem I have with this is that the case does not include an aplicator guide.

👤I don't like the fact that the protectors don't cover anything and you can see all the fingerprints and details from the side.

👤Once you have time to lay the screen, it will work well. The application is not easy to apply for. Air bubbles continue to appear as I went through the steps to apply the screen. I had to take a lot of time and effort to move the bubble toward the edge. You will need to apply a lot of effort and time in order to succeed in this process. The installation process is rated two stars but the product works as advertised.

👤I bought this to replace a cheap below five screen protectors that were begging to crack. The screen on my phone keeps getting air pockets even though I applied the screen cover. The filming cover came off as I tried to reapply. I have air pockets that won't go away. I flatten out air pockets on screen protectors. The pockets won't go away, this one doesn't seem to be doing that. I wanted to see if I could hide the screen on my two phones. The same thing was done on the other phone. I will not buy this product again until I know how long it will last.

👤I got a privacy screen protector from the company that makes phones, and it was amazing. They couldn't see anything unless they were looking at my phone. I think it was a little ridiculous that it was $40. I jumped at it when I saw it for a quarter of the price. I should have known that people are still able to see what I have on my phone. I can see it from the bottom or top. Zero privacy. I hate the thought of people looking over my shoulder. Sometimes we want to look at things that we don't want other people to see while we're with them.

👤I want to like this product. I don't want to see what's on my screen when I travel for work or in a conference room, so I was looking for something that would give me more privacy. I noticed a crack at the bottom of my screen after the first day of use. It was all the way up the middle the next morning. I put the second one on. I hope to have better results. I will update my rating if it holds up.

👤I like the privacy screen protectors. They are easy to install. They don't darken the screen so much that the sensors can't read it. They can sometimes break after a hard drop. I don't mind if the phone screen breaks.

👤Have you ever been out in public watching a movie or reading a text message when you catch someone shoulder surfing? The screen stops people from looking at it. I always busy these when I change devices.

9. TAURI IPhone 13 Pro Protection

TAURI IPhone 13 Pro Protection

The clear case stays new because it is wrapped in a sophisticated scratch-resistant and anti-yellowing coating. The angle structure is designed to protect against severe shocks. A magnetic ring can be installed in the case to make the wireless charger more stable. The screen protectors made with high quality 9H glass protect your phone screen but are ultra-thin, comfortable and sensitive touch make you feel nothing on screen. It's anti-fingerprint and dirt- proof, making it the best bare-screen touch and the best visual feast. The 2 Pack camera lens cover will not affect the quality of the photo, and will be provided with 2 Pack.

Brand: Tauri

👤The case is excellent. The fit is perfect. The screen protectors are great. The fit is perfect. The instructions on how to install are easy to understand. The camera lens protectors is horrible when taking pictures. The fit of the lense protectors is perfect, it also snugs to the back of the phone, which I liked. When you take a picture, the flash reflects the glass which creates a crazy glare on the pictures you take. Without the lens protectors on the pictures, they make the pictures seem cloudy, which is not the way they are supposed to be. Light reflected on the lens protectors at certain angels while taking photos and those reflections also show up in pictures. The pictures are above. 1st-lens protectors on, flash on camera, flash on camera, flash on 4th-lens protectors, flash off. To give an accurate and fair test, I made sure to complete the entire cleaning and installation procedures before taking each picture. The product is easy to install. The product would get 5 stars from me if it worked as intended.

👤Delivery is fast. It is a full set. The case fits my phone perfectly. It feels sturdy in hand and provides good protection of the screen since it goes a bit higher than the edges. The magnetic ring on my phone charges it well. I don't think it would make a difference with or without the ring on, because it charges before I attach the magnetic ring onto the case. The bad side is 1. When taking a photo with a flash light on, the camera lense protection causes reflection. It doesn't stick to the phone and leaves bubbles in between. If I push on it, the gap goes away, but once I let my hand go, the bubble/gap comes back. I tried both and the same thing. 2. One of the screens I received did not stick well to the corner of the screen. I tried the other one and it worked out. 3. The advertised anti-Fingerprint is not true. The case, glass screen and camera lense protection all have fingerprints on them.

👤This product is not advertised. It won't work on wireless charging. 2. The screen of my phone shattered in 3 pieces despite the so called "hammer proof" glass. The camera cover was shattered.

👤The camera wasn't protected enough. The lip around the screen was very small. I didn't think my phone was protected. The back was very thin and flimsy. I didn't set my phone up because I didn't want to risk dropping it with this case on. The screen protectors and lens protectors it comes with give it stars for value, but it is one that gets dirty very fast. Since the camera is the main reason I got the phone, I don't feel good about covering the lens protectors with them. Overall would not recommend.

👤I like the color and feel of the case. It is not stiff, but it feels sturdy. The screen protectors that came with it have a big notch at the top, the same place the camera and stuff are on the screen, but it leaves an open edge that can catch dust and can be seen when the phone is off. The quality of pictures may be affected by the amount of lens protection. I noticed that one of the ones I received had smudges on the cover and the glue had dirty marks on it. The case has 5 stars, but the screen and lens protectors have 1 star. I am not happy about the fact that the screen protectors should cover the whole screen for the pro version of the phone.

10. GLASS M Anti Blue Protector Protection Tempered

GLASS M Anti Blue Protector Protection Tempered

It's specially designed for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The blue light filters. Remove your phone screen's blue light to help relieve your eyes from strain. It keeps your eyes healthy from staring at the screen. It is easy to start. It is easy to install. The installation frame is needed to assist with the application process. The app protects your eyes and sleep, but still allows non- harmful light through the screen, meaning no retro orange tint, unlike other apps and "night mode" settings. All GLASS-M products have a one-year replacement warranty. The 30-Day Money Back Guarantee is valid for 30 days.

Brand: Glass-m

👤After putting a spigen screen protector on it, it was like night and day. The one that I was using had more finger prints on it, but my finger glided across the screen and the light was not blue when I turned it off. I would buy something better for an extra couple dollars. The screen was completely covered by it. The one with the notch on top was spigen. No big deal. It goes on smoothly. It's perfect for the phone with a case on. There was only one side that needed to be pulled off. There is a peel off for both sides. The only problem I have is when the phone is not in use, the screen protectors look blue.

👤These are the best screen protectors. You have to pay shipping on top of the free replacement, but I have used some of the top brand names. This is the longest I have gone without having my screen protectors crack when I drop my phone. I will definitely purchase again.

👤It has great clarity and feel, but it doesn't cover the camera portion of the phone screen. If you enjoy that added protection, great! If you want the clearest photo possible, then you should have that part cut out. I have to tap the keys a few times for my phone to register with this protection. It was very easy to install.

👤The product is ok. One of the screen protectors had a chip in it that took it out of the box. The second one was put on following their directions. The edges are pulling up even with a case that protects them, even though the glue seems weak. The screen is blue. The whole look of the screen was foggy blue. I have never had this with other blue light. I have 2 stars but I don't recommend you buy these as the quality is poor with one of the protectors showing a chip and the screen lift is poor.

👤There are bubbles at the top and bottom of the screen, which does not fit the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The product I was sent did not match the instructions. There is no such thing as a second sticker on the protectors I received. I will be ordering a new one from a different company, but I will use the protector for now. It seems to work well when it comes to touch screen feedback. I am not sure if blue light protection is worth it.

👤Buying a single for less money would be better. It works well.

👤I wanted to use this product. It helped with my headaches. It lasted about two weeks. It had a crack that kept splitting until it was useless. I did not drop my phone. The fact that the crack spread so quickly was a disappointment.

👤Breaks quickly. The screen protectors came with a piece of dust on the sticky side, so it was not good to use. The other screen started chipping in less than a month. The front camera area is covered by the sticky screen and the screen protectors do not have a hole. I use the front camera to take a picture.

11. QHOHQ IPhone 6 7 6 1 Anti Scratch

QHOHQ IPhone 6 7 6 1 Anti Scratch

The camera lens protectors are designed for the iPhone 13 Pro 6.1". Not compatible with the iPhone 13 6.1. It can be installed very easily if you are new to it. Please watch their online video installation guide to make sure the correct method is used. The camera lens has a protective cover that protects it from being scratched or damaged. The technology is called anti-reflection. The camera lens protectors are designed for the phone. The augmented reality "seamless" fusion new technology used in the iPhone 13 Pro Max can be 99.99 percent. The original quality of photos and videos is guaranteed. Night shooting function. The night shooting environment does not affect the flash, and the camera lens protector has upgraded the "night circle" function. Even if you turn on the flash at night, you can still enjoy clear photos from the original camera. The camera lens protectors are made of 0.33mm glass, 2.5D rounded corner design and have 9H scratch resistance. The night anti-glare and oleophobic layer of the camera lens protectors can protect against water, oil, dust and scratches. Simple installation, just match the noise reduction hole and the lens card slot. The high-quality adsorption technology of the glue imported from South Korea was used to prevent it from falling off easily. After removal, there were no fingerprints, bubbles, or anything else.

Brand: Qhohq

👤I had this on my phone for a day. It seemed okay at first. I was happy to have something to protect my camera lens, but I quickly realized that the extra layer of glass affects the camera. Sun flares are stronger because the glass isn't coated to reduce glare. I was at a concert at night and the camera was having focus issues even though the stage was well lit. The camera would get stuck on a soft focus and lock up, like it didn't know what to do. I ripped it off because I thought it might be the lens cover. I had no more problems after the concert.

👤This is just a piece of junk. It was attached to the instructions, and it was ok at first. The white spots started to build up around the lens in about 15 minutes, affecting the camera and picture quality. It was thrown in the trash. Very disappointed.

👤My wife asked if the 13 pro max looked worse than the 11 pro max, after taking a picture to compare. I thought it was a lens protection. The quality of the picture was so much better after we took it off.

👤They only send one alcohol wipe for three camera lens covers, so this is a great product.

👤I have been very pleased with the first camera protection I tried. I don't like the idea of setting the photos down on the camera lens because of the large camerabump on the iPhone 13 Pro. I would like to use my phone with a case. The hole for the microphone and LiDAR sensor is very small. It fits nicely in the camera opening of the Apple Silicone case, so it may look like it precludes using any other form of case. I can use my case when I need it and leave the camera protection on full time. I haven't noticed any effect on camera operation or dust getting behind the clear lens, but time will tell.

👤It's hard to keep even relatively clean.

👤It messes with the quality of the cameras. I think passing is a good idea.

👤I was looking to protect my camera lens and found this product, but it was only for pro max, which has a 6.7 inch display, and it was only compatible with 6.1 inch displays. Don't buy it if you have a pro.


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