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1. L F Hydration Travel System 5Piece

L F Hydration Travel System 5Piece

There is skin care on the go. The e.l.f. is a book. The Jet Set Hydration Kit has all of your favourite skincare products in a travel-sized kit. It's a challenge and it's hard. There is a lot of skincare essentials such as Jojoba Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, and Jojoba Butter. Everyone is compatible with all skin types. All ingredients are skin-loving. All of the products are made from skin-loving ingredients, and at good-for-you prices. All e.l.f. products are vegan.

Brand: E.l.f.

👤So happy with this product. I have very dry skin and wanted to try something new. I bought it. I wanted to try it out without committing to any new products. The night cream is hydrating. It is thick but not heavy. I got 10 out of 10. The money is definitely worth it.

👤I didn't pay attention to the size reference so I was caught off guard by the travel size products I received, but this is not the sellers fault. I love using these products. If you have normal to dry skin, I would recommend this. If you have problematic skin, these products are not for you. I put my skincare products in my fridge to make it more hydrating. If you have normal to dry skin, you should try this set out and buy the full size if it works for you. I love elf's products. No problems!!

👤When I saw the package, I wondered if I had been ripped off. I believe the skin care products were worth the money when I opened the package. I like to use skincare products. If you only use the amount you need, these will last you awhile. The 2 bottles of cleanser made my face feel better and it lasted a long time. My face was so bad when I started using this that it had a blemish on it. I was impressed with the results and would definitely buy again. Go for it!

👤I needed a new skin care. I like ELF. ELF is the majority of my makeup. My face has not broken out since I used this. I love it all.

👤It works well but is too small to bring for travel.

👤This is amazing. My skin feels clean and soft. I like trying different products to see which ones I want to buy in the future. Good purchase!

👤My daughter likes it, but not the best set. The supper looks like a sample set.

👤I want to see if this can help me with my face issues. The first picture was taken three days ago. The difference in 3 days is amazing. It has calmed my skin down and made me feel better. I am very impressed with these products.

👤I have been bitten on the bonce many times by this package of products, so please be aware that they are all in mini sizes for travel purposes. I don't read it all and just click to buy when I like something. I'm new to Elf. I am a starter in their skincare range and only ever used their makeup, so I was looking for a full sized skincare kit, as they are all reasonable in price and great for the skin. I was very excited to see this kit. I bought it. I was shocked when I saw it in this tiny package. oops! I like the cleanser the most and the toning balm the most. It's alright. If you are looking for a travel pack full of elf products, defo go for it! 3 I will purchase Elf in the future. I need to read before I buy.

2. Eyeglass Kingsdun Precision Screwdriver Spectacles

Eyeglass Kingsdun Precision Screwdriver Spectacles

The eye drops should be about 1 cm higher than the air bag. To avoid the excessive force of the water column on the eyes, try to press the air bag to test the change of the force on the water column. Plastic eye bath cup is a personal hygiene product. Kingsdun eyeglasses repair kit include magnetic phillips and flathead screwdriver set,14 size of eyeglass screws, 1 curved tweezer, flat & T type washer and screw caps for glasses repair. The glasses repair tool kit has a magnetic screwdriver set that is great for tiny screws. ThePhillips and Flathead screwdrivers were widely used in their daily life. The tool kit can be used for many things. The screws for eyeglasses are made from austenitic steel without iron element, which is resistant to rust and great for eyeglasses. The curved tweezer is included in the kit. A screwdriver. You can attach the key chain to the screwdriver for standy applications, but it's designed for eyeglasses repair. A screwdriver. You can attach the key chain to the screwdriver for standy applications, but it's designed for eyeglasses repair.

Brand: Kingsdun

👤The kit included 6 different screwdrivers, a pair of tweezers, a little convertible travel screwdriver, and hundreds of screws in 16 different sizes. I have tightened several screws. I tried different screws until I found one that fit, because the box of screws doesn't mean anything to me. The screwdrivers have plastic handles that are easy to hold and manage in small spaces. The case for the kit has small electronic parts in it and so far it is working well. The kit in the bag is about 7.5 feet long and about 4 feet wide. This is designed to be kept in a drawer at home, not in a purse or glove compartment.

👤I've used this many times with students at my school. If you have glasses issues, I'm the goto. I agree! This is the glassware kit.

👤I was excited because I knew I had the parts and tools to replace a screw in a $20, and I just had an occasion to use it. There are reading glasses in the drugstore. There are many screwdrivers with a small difference in size. The box of screws has a lot of small screws that seem to have the same size. I thought there would be a bigger selection of sizes. The rest are too small to fit in my reading glasses. I need a longer thread. It takes about 5 seconds. After opening the box, mix up the screws. They jump out of their compartment onto the table because they are so small. You won't get your fingers in the compartment if you don't have a magnet or pliers. This repair kit is a bust for me because I just checked other reading glasses and they won't work with them either.

👤I own a pair of sunglasses that have small screws. I couldn't find a small screwdriver that could tighten the screws. The kit solved the problem. I'm certain I'll be covered with my glasses because the tool kit has so many screwdrivers and screws.

👤This kit contains the correct screwdrivers, good tweezers, and an ample supply of various screws and other small parts to repair many pairs of glasses that have lost screws. Fix someone's glasses and you will be friends with them.

👤The screwdriver set I ordered was supposed to fit the tiny screws that hold the arms onto the eyeglasses. It didn't. This one works. It is the most amazing value in tools that I have ever seen. There are hundreds of tiny screws. It has screwdrivers that are the right size for small objects. There is a set of TWEEZERS that have a small sharp tip that can pick up screws. I am still amazed at the price. I would have expected to pay more.

👤I bought this kit to fix my sunglasses. It has a lot of different sizes of screws and screwdrivers. The screws are in a plastic box that is taped shut, which is the only problem with this kit. If you want to store it after use, you have to tape it back or use a rubber band.

3. Eyelashes Extension Practice EBANKU Mannequin

Eyelashes Extension Practice EBANKU Mannequin

The Eye Lash Extension Practice Tools Set is suitable for beginners or professionals. All the tools are packed in a makeup bag, so you don't have to worry about buying other accessories. The eyelash extension practice tool set can also be used for other things. Your perfect kit. Using five-point practice isolation paper can help you learn eyelash isolation quickly and easily, clean cotton swabs, eyelash comb, grafting ring, gasket and tape can be used for eyelash extension practice, free admission bag can store your eyelash extensions tools well so as to avoid losing. Carefully remove the eyelashes from the case. If you need to trim false eyelashes, you should compare them with your eyeline length. Glue along the false eyelash root. Put your eyelash on the root of your lashes. To make your eyeline look natural, apply eye shadow or eyeliner. A great gift for your daughter is a doll to practice making up or facial massage.

Brand: Ebanku

👤It's okay for the price. I don't like glue. This one barely sticks, so I will have to buy another one. I have had to do a lot of lashes because the lashes will fall off multiple times. It should be dry after that. That is not suitable for live model use. The lashes that come with it are not mixed. They are all 10mm. You will not be able to do any different looks with this, because it requires the use of different length lashes to achieve, and you will have to purchase more lashes as well as the glue. The tweezers work well. This is good for the mannequin, but not live models.

👤The eyelash strips are not great to practice on when trying to apply a single lash, they are stiff, so they don't really move, and the glue isn't that great. If you have it, I would recommend getting a better kit for a little more money than this one.

👤Good value for money. I've been practicing a lot. The lashes supplied are of a good quality. The tweezers are very good. It took a long time to dry the glue. It is only for practice. The removal is good. Everything helped me to learn.

👤This kit is great for practice and use only by Annequin. Sky glue is an extra glue that can be bought if you want the glue dried up straight out of the box. I recommend that you don't use glue for training because it's dry. It is a good kit.

👤The glue and lashes don't stay put. I let the lashes fall out for a while without brushing them. I don't know if it's because of the glue or the lashes in the box. I will purchase a different kind of glue and lashes.

👤No lo compres sper, no vale, no cuesta me arrepiento de comprarlo.

👤Eye lash glue was not liquid. Two pairs of tweezers were bent before being removed from packaging, the miniature scissors were bent on the tip, and the fan didn't work after charging it. The rating package would be a 0.

👤If you are a beginner, you can't barely work with the strip lashes. Also... The glue doesn't work at all. I had to glue into the strip lashes. The lashes were sticking onto the pads.

👤Tout est arrivĂ©! Parfait sur celles et ceux qui veulent sauver 100$ lorsqu'elles/ils.

👤In the video, you can see that there is a fly in the glue. What more should be said about this? Don't buy.

4. Eyelashes Extension Practice Professional Mannequin

Eyelashes Extension Practice Professional Mannequin

The hole on the back of the mannequin head is easy to fix, it is smooth and realistic surface texture, giving you the closest possible experience to a real human. The best choice is all in one - mannequin head, disposable mascara wand, Glue Rings, Eyelash Glue, False Eyelashes, Air Blower, Eye Patches Pads, Silicone Forehead Sticker, and so on. The ultimate value packed kit! The eyelash extension tools can be kept in a free storage bag to avoid lost tools. Can be used for a variety of purposes, such as eyelash area, human body demonstration, massage acupoint teaching, and art. A great gift for your daughter is a doll to practice making up or facial massage. Buy no risk. They will replace or refunds your order if you are not happy with it.

Brand: Mcwdoit

👤I bought this for my daughter on her birthday. I wrapped it in the box and didn't open it. She opened it on the day of her party and all the stickers were dead. The other stuff was sealed in a separate bag. I was embarrassed. She was still happy. She wanted to wait for another one and not return the whole thing. The stickers were thrown away.

👤I received all the items listed. It would be better if it had a variety of lashes.

👤How do I get a refund? The kit was damaged when I purchased it. The glue was dry after the cleaning solution spilled out. The cleaning solution was all over the place after I received a replacement kit. I am very disappointed.

👤After reading the reviews, I was excited for this. I opened the bag at home and it was soaking wet, but the bottle of eyeliner cleaner is empty, so I think it spilled. I am trying to dry and save at least some of it, but I am spending the night drying the whole kit.

👤The products could be better for the price. I worked with it.

👤I was hoping that I would be the lucky one to get a good set, so I should have gone by the reviews. I was desperate to get it by a certain date so I continued to order. I had to use this during my class because the glue was dried and didn't work, and the packages were messed up, but I had to order two of them, not just one. There were also missing items that they didn't buy from. This really supported my class.

👤The kit was great but the glue was the problem. The glue wouldn't come out when I used it. I ended up cutting the tip off more because it wasn't coming out even after using the tool it came with. It was still not coming out. I had to order more glue. I was not sure if it was just my kit's glue or other's, but I loved this kit.

👤The Manikin head is dirty on the front and not sanitary on the back because it has something spilled on it.

👤I paid more for this kit because it included glue, which is why I paid more than other kits. I wanted everything to arrive at the same time. The glue is dried out. I have to order another one and wait until another 2 weeks to get it. Everything is great! They are sending a replacement for the glue I email about. Customer service is great.

👤It was very impressed. The quality of the two pa kages is the same, and you get more in this deal, because I purchased a monolith for a similar price from FIXE BEAUTY. The reason I'm eating three stars is because I was hoping for a mannequin head with theremovable eyes, but it came a bit damaged but still usable.

👤The seller was quick to fix the problem after the glue was dried out. Very happy.

5. Upgraded Precision Screwdriver Spectacles Electronic

Upgraded Precision Screwdriver Spectacles Electronic

The key chain can be used to attach the phillips and flat tip screwdriver and nut holder to. Kingsdun Eyeglass repair kit includes magnetic phillips and flathead screwdriver set, 14 different size of eyeglass screws, 1 curved tweezer, flat & T type washer and screw caps for glasses repair. The glasses repair tool kit includes a magnetic screwdriver set that is great for tiny screws. This glasses repair kit with screws,Phillips and Flathead screwdriver is widely used in their daily life. The tool kit can be used for a lot of things. The sunglass repair kit and nose pads for glasses are made from austenitic stainless steel without iron element which is resistant to rust and great for eyeglasses. The curved tweezer is included in the kit. The key chain can be used to attach the phillips and flat tip screwdriver and nut holder to. The key chain can be used to attach the phillips and flat tip screwdriver and nut holder to.

Brand: Kingsdun

👤A complete kit with magnetic tipped screwdrivers.

6. Twilight Eyeshadow Palette Pigmented Blending

Twilight Eyeshadow Palette Pigmented Blending

The shades in the Twilight Dust palette are smooth,pigmented, and soft. 7 pressed shimmers, pressed pearls in plum, bronze and rose colors create a shimmery,velvety finish that layer easily on top of the makeup. The 18 shades in the Aromas Palette are smooth and silky and include 10 reflective shades, 2 glitter, 1 pressed pearl, and 1 concealer base shade. A lightweight formula with a cruelty-free ingredient. It provides a creamy butter-like application. It can be blendable and buildable, no matter how you use it. You can keep your eye makeup on for a long time and not fall out. The makeup is perfect for the daily girl, special events or occasions. Professional smoky eyes makeup, wedding makeup, party makeup or casual makeup are examples. etc They are sure that you will like their product. If you received broken goods or not satisfied with their product, eye shadow may be damaged during the shipment. They can offer a solution to you. They can offer a solution.

Brand: Charmcode

👤Quality was far better than I anticipated. Both of the eyeshadows swatch out nicely and perform well on the eyes. Some shades are very soft. See the swatch photos. I was happy with my purchase.

👤Beautiful colors, very bright. The packaging is strong. One of the packages has a mirror. You can create a lot of looks with these colors. I use an eyeshadow primer. It is best to apply the glitter with your finger. I highly recommend them.

👤These are the things that I love! The package is great for beginners. The glitter is amazing. When I pulled my first swatch, I was very impressed. At this price point, it is a steal. You will not be disappointed.

👤Both of these are very beautiful. They are very easy to blend and are very cheap. Who wouldn't want to buy 2 Eyeshadow Palettes for less than $20.00? I would recommend buying it. This brand is not high-end but it is just like it. I'll definitely be ordering more from 800-244-0167...

👤It was a great knock off and great for the price. I don't regret anything. I don't like buying things that are knock offs. I am very happy.

👤I heard people rave about how great these are. I had a New Nudes but it was very old and used. I couldn't afford $65 at the moment, so I got the cheaper ones. If I like a few shades it's worth it, because I have paid more for a single shadow than I have for the whole set. I love them all! They are amazing dupes. Even if they were not dupes, they still are amazing. I use spray on my brush to set the glitter shades, and Duraline to make the shimmers molten and for glitters as a graphic liner. These are the last shadow insurance eye primer. It's crazy. There is a day. I immediately ordered the mercury retrograde dupe and the born to run dupe. The brand is killing it. I hope that they can do more original stuff along with the dupes. The next day, I got these. None were damaged. The color stories of these and the mercury retrograde are perfect. If you deported these shadows and put them in a Z palette, they would believe you. The packaging is very nice and inexpensive. I'm happy that these are getting a lot of love. Not everyone has $65 to spend on eyeshadow. I enjoy playing with these. There are so many possibilities. You could use these to blush. Make molten shimmers or do a graphic liner with duraline. It's ok to experiment because replacing the palettes is not worth anything. I am very happy with my purchase. Just get these. You're not losing anything if you hate them but don't.

👤If you think this will be an affordable dupe for a high end eyeshadow set- It's not! The pallet looks great when you open it. It was too good to be true after swatching and trying on the pallets. The colors are not buildable. It was a complete waste of money. Don't bother buying it because you can't return it. I don't get any positive reviews. Some things can't be replicated and I am not a high end make-up snob.

7. Eyeshadow Eyeliner Foundation Highlighter Cosmetic

Eyeshadow Eyeliner Foundation Highlighter Cosmetic

All in one makeup kit. The makeup bag has a high-quality waterproof material. The makeup kit is made to be used by beginners or professionals of all ages. All in one travel makeup set has vibrant makeup. Convenient to use, more easily to put on, high quality, suitable for a variety of skin tones. It's easy to apply and create a three-dimensional eye makeup finish. Light and soft. Use a make-up removal product, wipe with paper towels/cotton pads/sponge first. Then rinsing with facial cleanser. This rich, highly pigmented eyeshadow blends easily and offers a color payoff. Smooth texture powder with waterproof feature, unique improvement of the process, let your eye shadow makeup last longer. It's suitable for a professional salon, personal use, party, festival, and Halloween. It's the best gift for women. A complete girl/teen makeup set is perfect for holiday and gift idea for teen girls. It's ideal for travel or long holidays, you can take your makeup kit with you.

Brand: Nuibo

👤My teenager likes this set. She likes the different brushes. I was looking for a makeup set that had more brushes and less shadows. This one is for that description.

👤Not high quality. The eye liner fell apart.

👤Got a gift. The zipper broke a week later.

👤I used this on my last vacation. It had everything I needed.

👤This is the perfect kit for me to take with me when I go away for a weekend or business trip. The make up is light and beautiful and the mascara is amazing. Good quality brushes are small. I would buy one for my niece or granddaughter.

👤It came quickly but hasn't used yet. Think brush could be better.

8. Makeup Brushes Set Crystal Handle

Makeup Brushes Set Crystal Handle

10 Pieces Basic Makeup Brushes are great for meeting different make up requirements. Sturdy plastic ensures long time use of the shiny Crystal Handle. Soft Silky Britstles don't absorb a lot of makeup so they blend you nicely. It's easy to clean. Individually packaged,chic and cute makeup brush set design, with multi color to choose from, is a great gift for family or friends. If you have any proplem with their make up brushes set, please contact them.

Brand: Daxstar

👤Soft makeup brushes!

👤The overwhelmingly positive reviews on these brushes don't make sense to me. I'm surprised that I'm the only one. The handles were cute and I was ok with mediocre brushes, compared to my $60 set I've been using for years. I didn't know I was getting paint brushes. The bristles are made of plastic. You can hear how bad it is by trying it on the back of your hand. The longer the brush, the harder it is. The edges of the bristles are very stiff. I wouldn't recommend using them for your eyes. The larger brushes are soft because of the loose bristles. It's not as soft as my nicer brushes. I wouldn't recommend these brushes, but if you were to use them, I would use the larger brushes. The brushes were damaged when I got them. There were hairs that were sticking out from the bristles. Already had some weight loss. I picked out something on the bristles of one of the brushes. The plastic handles are cheap. I would only use the brushes for painting. The paint brushes in this set are softer than mine.

👤No, no, no... pero van 2 productos, I will change my color. Compro aqu por una realidad no tengo. Illagaron incorrectas por el brochas.

👤Pictures don't do justice. The brushes are cute. I've bought expensive brushes in the past, and have found that I like buying inexpensive brushes and changing them out from time to time. I love these!

👤These brushes are wonderful. They're cute and do a good job. It's easy to clean with no loose or falling out bristles. Everything comes out without a hitch except my foundation. It isn't bad that I can't use it, but it's not as clean as it could be. I still recommend.

👤Was not expecting much for the price. I originally purchased this set hoping it would look beautiful to display but after trying them out they work well. They applied makeup and were really happy with it. I lost a brush while cleaning the bristles.

👤You can gift these make up brushes to your friends, they are adorable and chic. People go nuts when they see them and ask where they got the brushes. I have no complaints about the brushes.

👤I will tell you what you paid for. It's not the best brush, but it's not bad for 10 dollars. The only complaint I have is that some of the brush was bigger than the picture showed. The lip brush in the picture is small, but what I received felt like a concealer brush. The eyeliner brush is larger than the picture shows.

9. Eyeliner Metallic Professional Waterproof Retractable

Eyeliner Metallic Professional Waterproof Retractable

The eyeliner set contains 18 different colors, which can help you design different charms. The eye makeup effects are surprising. This eye make-up tool can be used to make an eyeliner or eyeshadow. Storage space and time of makeup are saved by versatile design. The retractable eyeliner pen point design is easy to use and friendly to beginners who don't know how to draw eyeliner. The smooth texture, soft and smooth strokes can help outline a beautiful and detailed eyeliner. It can be pushed away to create a smoky eyeshadow makeup with a three-dimensional look. This eyeliner is waterproof, smudge-proof, sweat proof, and lasts longer. The texture is easy to slip on, can be blended, and will not stain. 18 different Colorful Eye Liner are ideal for Party, cosmetic show, Live Show, prom Night, Dance Party, and Wedding Makeup. It would be the perfect gift for your friends and family.

Brand: Lemonsac

👤They are okay. Not the best quality. Smudge is easy. I got them for occasional use. Someone mentioned that they wouldn't mark on skin very well, and it's sort of the case. For the amount of colors and the price, it was a fair gamble.

👤The colors don't match if the pencil stick is outside. The colors are not the same. It is not easy to put on. The skin doesn't absorb the color easily. You have to visit the area a few times. Is it worth it to spend a few dollars on dolors? Yes.

👤The product is everything they say it is. I suggest getting them.

👤It is a cute product and a lot of colors, but for me it was not worth the price. You have to go over and over just for an okay result, I mean it is okay for the price, like it is not super opaque like you can see in my image. I haven't tried using them over a powder yet, but it doesn't seem to be that great with my oily lids. Maybe it will be better with that.

👤It is amazing. It is everything I expected. I definitely recommend.

👤The eyeliner doesn't stay on very well and the colors are pretty, but it's hard to apply.

👤Don't use for waterline if you aren't sufficiently pigmented.

👤The title says it all. These were received as a gift. Love them and the color choices, but they are not worth much. -_-

10. Professional Portable Electric Polishing Pedicure

Professional Portable Electric Polishing Pedicure

The temperature is low and the heat is low. The electric nail drill has a quiet motor. The efficient heat dissipation performance can help avoid overheating. The electric nail drill has a low noise level. The quiet and smooth design of their Electric Nail Drill makes it a good choice for your nails. A multi-functionalNail Drill with 6 optional standard bits/filing heads that can be used to smooth corns and calluses, remove excess cuticles, and file, shaping and buffing nails. It is easy to change attachment. There are no tools needed for the job. Variable speed and easy to use make electric nail drill easier and safer to use. Plug in the power cord and you are ready to use. A small pen is easy to carry. The Polisher has good locking, high speed, and fast head-loading mechanism. There are variations, and safety with low voltage machine. There is a wide range of uses. Natural and artificial nails can be used in nail rigs. You can treat your hands and feet with ease with these units.

Brand: Fantexy

👤Don't waste your time. I wanted to save money by not going to the nail salon so I was excited to test this bad boy out. This device is absolutely terrible. It comes with no instructions on how to use it, and even if you do figure it out, it doesn't work. Either keep looking for a better product that costs more or just be like me and still get her nails done. The thing sucked so bad that I would add a photo. The first day, I threw it away.

👤It is much easier to achieve the look I want with the drill. The package was well packaged and arrived on time. Will recommend! Three of the pieces are falling apart because I have been using the drill only a few times. I responded to the seller in regards to an email they had sent me over a week ago, but I am still waiting for a response that I do not think I will receive. The drill is working. I don't know if I would recommend it to a family member or friend.

👤The product is junk. There is no explanation of how to use the drill. The pieces don't fit. Don't waste money or time on junk. Amazon should be ashamed of this product list.

👤The light cable is very short, but I like it.

👤I had a hard time using it. It was like it didn't work. Maybe I didn't know how to use it.

👤I was very pleased with my purchase. The variable speed is useful. The unit works well because it is the right amount of power. There was minimal noise and vibration.

👤A wire was hanging from the broken piece of the electrical plug. The price of the drill was very low. Returning will eventually order a better drill.

👤This is a small tool that can be used to make your gel nail polish change. I've used it a lot. I broke after 9 months. I change my polish every 3 weeks. I used this 13 times. It's a pity. I'm going to buy another one because it's not very expensive. You get what you pay for.

👤I didn't think it would pack a punch like it does. I'm not familiar with nails. I'm not familiar with them. I think this will work.

👤You need to push the drill bits in if you are having trouble fitting them into place. With all your strength. I was angry because they didn't fit when I first opened it, you have to push the silver button down, remove the top, and ram the drill bits in. It is easier to switch the other ones in and out once you get the first one in. It is amazing. I use this to prepare for press ons. Love it.

👤I used the e file to do my daughters nails. This will make our spa days better. It will cut down on the time it takes to do our nails. The file was easy to use and the bits went in without a problem. The cord needs to be a little longer but that works well.

11. Pigmented Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette Colorful

Pigmented Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette Colorful

All-in-one makeup kit. This kit is easy to use for a beginner as well as a pro. Carry this cool design case wherever you go. You can apply your makeup with the mirror inside the case. Supper is a high quality, creamy powder that can be used to make makeup look brighter. Not testing on animals is cruel. Water and Wastewater Resistance: Keep your eye shadow makeup for a long time with smooth powder and long- lasting colors. Can last all day. Blending of colors to be blendable. The ideal gift for anyone is the makeup kit, it's easy to highlight the level of eyes.

Brand: Ucanbe

👤There are many colors to choose from in this makeup box. It's smaller in person, but it would fit on my bathroom counter without taking up too much space. I tested a few eyeshadows and they are all good. The light shimmer is something I like. It was in good condition. The sides have to be pulled out to open the shadows. Pull out from the sides. I would like to slide out each part portable, but you can't pull out the parts from the sides. It can be closed securely at the top. It would be great if it had a handle on top. I like the mirror inside. It's a good set. No regrets buying. If you want a bunch of colors in one place, just start wearing makeup or like me, and have a variety to match every style, this is for you. It's for people who love eyeshadow and use it often. It's easy to fit anyone and try it.

👤I like that it is small. Bright colors, very shiny. The layers blend well. Beautiful makeup. A lot are neutral and have a couple white shadows which I really liked. The ucanbe spotlight pallet added some bright colors to the kit. Will be able to afford to buy for all of us.

👤There was a lot of powder when I opened it. If you want to send a new item, please do so now. I was disappointed.

👤The product was much smaller than I thought it would be. I thought it would be bigger. The color story is beautiful and huge. The kit can be used to make many looks. The colors are bendable. This would be a great gift for a makeup lover.

👤The product is cute, shiny and well made to the point where it's hard to open all the draws for the colors, but the trick is to push up really hard and open all the drawers at once, then from there open the one on the bottom. Once out the color palates move very easily, make sure it's on a hard surface. It has a small lock on top, which is nice, but I'm a bit disappointed.

👤It's not worth the money to get the color you're looking for because it's dry. Love the color options. I wish it was more of a liquid.

👤Great gift! It's great for someone who is learning makeup.

👤There are so few things in the palettes. Don't waste your money.


What is the best product for eye kit set?

Eye kit set products from E.l.f.. In this article about eye kit set you can see why people choose the product. Kingsdun and Ebanku are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye kit set.

What are the best brands for eye kit set?

E.l.f., Kingsdun and Ebanku are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye kit set. Find the detail in this article. Mcwdoit, Charmcode and Nuibo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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