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1. Crayon Eyeliner Pencil Black Ebony

Crayon Eyeliner Pencil Black Ebony

0.065 oz is full size.

Brand: Lancome Paris

👤I was curious how this was going to go because it says "unboxed". I used it and quality was close, however I went to sharpen it and it was empty. Not one of my other Lancme pencils can be found in a store like Macy's. Dillard's or Lancme has always been the place I have purchased them from. It goes down to about an inch every time. I buy them to start. The pencils are usually warriors. I ordered another to re test that theory because this one was not real. I will post after I use the next one. I will let you know if it comes up short. Very disappointed.

👤Don't let anyone fool you when it comes to eyeliner and mascara, you will get what you pay for. The products from Lancome are topnotch. The bottom of the barrel is not going to touch my eyes. They don't go bad. As the day goes on, I carry a q-tip as I wear a lot of make up. The lid is in place. I have gotten into primer as I have gotten older, and always apply on top of your eyeshadow. I use a gel liner on top of my crayon liner and sometimes underneath for the smoky look. The brush was wet by that shadow. If you don't want to waste any and don't over sharpen, use a decent sharpener. The liner lasts a long time. I only buy one a year because I use it everyday.

👤This product is not as good as my Lancme brand, which I purchased from Macy's glides on, and it is also not as good as the one I bought from Amazon.

👤No, no, no Simplemente lo desheche. Tiene una mapache. Tena grandes expectativas a este producto, medio mucha tristeza.

👤I got this as a gift from my favorite club and kept it. I used it until I could barely hold it.

👤I have been using the same eyeliner for over a decade and the one I received was good. It was never sharpened right, which led to excessive sharpening and wasted product. It was either old or not what was supposed to be sent.

👤I thought this would be different and stay on. My pencil is the same as my 5.00 one. Definitely not water proof.

👤The product is fine. I don't like that Amazon charges $42 for this when you can find it at Macy's and Lancome for $26. I think my fault is that I didn't do research, but I didn't think Amazon would overprice this item. The buyer should beware.

2. Lancome Crayon Khol Black Coffee

Lancome Crayon Khol Black Coffee

The Le Crayon Khol eye pencil is black.

Brand: Lancome Paris

👤I love this liner! I've tried other ones but always come back to this one. It doesn't wear off during the day. It is easy to apply and remove makeup.

3. Inglot INGLOT Kohl Pencil 01

Inglot INGLOT Kohl Pencil 01

A very bright eyeliner. Define the eyes and leave a smooth appearance. It is soft and supple for easy use. This pencil is waterproof. The active ingredients help with hydration.

Brand: Inglot

👤One of the best pencils I have ever owned. I have tried many things but this is the best. It does not smudge and is highly pigmented. It lasts 5 hours for me.

👤This is a dark color. I use it on the upper waterline. You can easily remove the color that has transferred if you keep your lid from touching. It stays all day and makes your eyes big. There is a learning curve when sharpening. The best sharpener is available.

👤I look around for waterproof liners that I can wear on my waterline and this is one of the best prices.

👤It's not smudge or water proof. It was under my eyes and in both corners after 10 minutes. It's not a good eyeliner.

👤It is easy to go on but not smudge proof.

👤I ordered because I was impressed by it. It's not clear how it is different from the waterline.

👤I got it. It is not waterproof or smudge proof. I couldn't push it up to get more when I used it. It's not worth 20 dollars.

4. MAC Eye Kohl Phone Number

MAC Eye Kohl Phone Number

Eye Kohl is 0.05 ounces.

Brand: M.a.c

👤No matter the color of your eyes, the shade "Phone Number" is a perfect one. It lines easily, smudges when you want it to. Love it.

👤My eye pencil is a blue gray and stays all day.

👤I love this product, it goes on smoothly and stays power. The service and product received a thumbs up. The color goes with everything.

👤This was a disappointment, and expensive, because the eyeliner didn't stay in place. The other reviewer states that the product has staying power, but it didn't work for me. I am a fan of the various eyeshadow products of the MAC brand, but will not use eyeliners from the brand.

5. Rimmel Soft Kohl Eyeliner Black

Rimmel Soft Kohl Eyeliner Black

The colour is fade resistant.

Brand: Rimmel

👤This is my favorite pencil. The color payoff is great, it doesn't smudge and stays all day. It glides on without being greasy. I love it because it doesn't smudge and I can line the top, blink and have a perfectly natural looking eye. I keep one in my purse because they last forever. I will always buy something. 10/10

👤The eyeliner pencil is perfect. It goes on without any problems. It fits perfectly in my little bag. Five stars for this pencil.

👤Nowhere does it say KOHL or KAJAL. I wanted Kohler eyeliner. There is a I only bought one.

👤It is very difficult to apply. Even if you apply pressure, you won't get this pencil to make a mark. The Scandal eyes version is my favorite.

👤I've used this product for a long time but it's hard to find the pencil in my market place. Excellent product to apply.

👤You can't find this eyeliner in stores anymore.

👤I haven't been able to find this brand of eyeliner in my local stores. The product is soft and easy to use.

6. Neutrogena Eyeliner Antioxidant Water Resistant Smooth Gliding

Neutrogena Eyeliner Antioxidant Water Resistant Smooth Gliding

Neutrogena's Smokey Kohl Eyeliner in Deep Navy is water resistant and will last for a long time. The smooth eyeliner is very easy to apply and it will appear instantly. The blue kohl eyeliner is smudgeable for the first 30 seconds, creating the perfect smokey eye. The long-wear eyeliner is smudge and flake resistant and creates a glamorous full eye effect with rich color that does not fade after drying. This smoky eye makeup is easy to apply and gentle on eyes.

Brand: Neutrogena

👤When I couldn't find another product, I was looking for something fast. It is good for daily use. Neutrogena has good products.

👤The lid was very difficult to open and remove. It hasn't been as good as my old brand has been for me.

👤I love eyeliner. It goes on smoothly without tugging on the eyelid. I bought the blue because it enhances my blue eyes.

👤It was easy to see on my eyes. Wide crayon makes it less prone to break. Have used it for a while. Will keep buying it.

👤The dark blue color smudges and doesn't last all day.

👤I love this eyeliner because it doesn't smudge. If it's really hot, I have to reapply halfway through the day.

👤The liner lasts. Excellent product from Neutrogena!

👤El lpiz delineador is a color that tenido, duradero, and fcil de usar.

👤Increible color, increble PINCEL, y para MI, es realmente FABULOSO!

7. NYX Cosmetics Slim Pencil Sapphire

NYX Cosmetics Slim Pencil Sapphire

Slim, trim, but never prim, their Slim Eye Pencils come in a variety of shades. This eye liner formula is long-wearing and creamy. All Eyes On Eye Makeup includes NYX Professional Makeup eye makeup products from eyeshadow to mascara, eyeliners, and setting sprays. They don't test their products on animals, and they believe animals belong in their arms, not in a lab. NYX Professional Makeup has a wide range of makeup and beauty products, from eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and false lashes to lipstick, foundation, primer, blush, bronzer, brushes and more.

Brand: Nyx Professional Makeup

👤It's a good color to go with my Covid white hair. It is easy to sharpen. Every other wooden brow pencil I've used, you occasionally get bad wood, that either sharpens badly on one side, or has bad grain, and the pencil disappears in one sharpening. Some pencils have brittle lead inside and break off when you sharpen them. I've used the NYX ones for a long time and haven't had a bad one yet.

👤My husband can finally see in bold. My brows are angry when he is upset.

👤The makeup was vacuum wrapped with a plastic that kept it sanitary and clean when it arrived. It was a beautiful bright blue and it was easy to do. I didn't need any pressure on my water line or pencil. It was bought in two other colors. Would definitely recommend.

👤I have had it for a couple of years. It is only 3 inches long but it works. It glides on and stays on until you wash it off. The one I bought from Amazon was terrible. When you put it on, it smudges, but it is not black. It's not as dark as it could be.

👤I have no eyebrows, so I use this pencil for them. I have tried many pencils, but this one has worked better than any of them. It lasts all day.

👤This product is useless. To make a mark on the skin, one must bear down with more force than is possible on the face. The results are not very good. I would rate this pencil with no stars. Don't waste your money!

👤I replaced my eyeliner pencil with this pencil. I have used the covergirl taupe for years and it is very hard to find one like it. I don't want to use the CoverGirl pencil anymore because it has parabens in it. It's a great color for my bottom line. The other pencils that say they're taupe are not. I thought I had found the perfect one, but it was red. It's not as red as some of the others, but it's enough for me to notice. I'll keep this one, but I'll stop. I'll be looking for a pencil that won't have red on it. The NYX pencil is harder than the CoverGirl one so it does not apply very easily. I have to warm it up. I applied it after running it under hot water. The top and bottom of the picture are the same item, the NYX taupe pencil. It will do for now, but not again.

👤I like a lighter shade of brown eyeliner that doesn't affect my light complexion, so I bought the shade taupe. The lower lashes don't give the best color payoff. I barely could see the product when I pressed hard. I used it as a brow product because it's a flattering shade of brown that matches my eyebrows and I also like it on my upper lashes. It's a great eyeliner, even though it has occasional lack of reliability.

8. Lancome Crayon Eyeliner Ebony Black

Lancome Crayon Eyeliner Ebony Black

The classic eye lining pencil by Lancome is loaded with colour and can be used to outline, emphasise or redefine the shape of your eyes. Anhydrous paste is placed inside the pencil after being molded into shape. Anhydrous paste is placed inside the pencil after being molded into shape. The item may come unboxed.

Brand: Lancome Paris

👤The best pencil eyeliner. Been using it for a long time. I bought the item for myself and it was much cheaper than I expected at the store.

👤It is very easy to use and does the job well. Not like the past. Make it go on smooth by lighting a match. It is great that I am dating myself.

👤I have eyeliner for 6 years.

👤Great pencil for eyebrows. They tried others. This is the best.

👤I use my favorite eyeliner all the time.

👤It's a bit pricey. It's great, will last ages as it's long and doesn't need sharpening.

9. Artisan Luxe Water Resistant Long Lasting Cruelty Free

Artisan Luxe Water Resistant Long Lasting Cruelty Free

Their Velvet Eyeliner Pencil is cult status due to its jumbo size, dome shape, and finely-milled silk powders. A smokey, smoldering look is possible in 3 minutes. This smudge-proof and water-resistant eyeliner glides on easily with a continuous flow. The smudge tip makes it easy to blend. ceramides and hyaluronic acid can be applied to the skin. The delicate eye area is nourished by the use of organic infusions of sunflower seed oil and chamomile extract. The benefits of this pencil eyeliner are that you don't need to be famous to enjoy them. Their eye pencil sharpener is made for jumbo-sized pencils. The dome shape of your pencil is maintained with a double-edged German blade.

Brand: Artisan L'uxe

👤I have been wearing eye liner my entire life. I have never seen a pencil like this before. It stays on where you want it to go. There was no bleeding, stenciling or greasy look. A very natural look. You get what you pay for. I will never use cheap pencils again.

👤SUE DEVITT does eye intensifiers. I ordered her past intensifiers/ pencils in almost every color she offered, but became obsessed with golden triangle which I kept. I bought all of the items that were available through various retailers. In Sue's absence, I've searched for a replacement for golden triangle and other colors. I ordered two of the three intensifiers that she offered, Seduction and Shameless. They are wonderful! The thicker pencil lays downs the perfect amount of pigment, she is rich in color, the smudger is soft and doesn't irritate as others, and they sharpen which is a plus for a new fresh point when needed. I find many water-resistant/proof pencils made with ingredients that irritate my eyes, but they last long enough to meet my needs. If I need to re- apply later in the day or evening, I can do that. I'm hoping that more color offerings will include a copy of Golden Triangle. She will help me scale down my makeup arsenal by ridding myself of unused or not quite right baggage. The best!

👤I have no complaints about this product. I have sensitive eyes and the liner doesn't irritate them. I like the smudger on one end and the eyeliner on the other. I have one complaint. It does not come with a sharpener. I bought a sharpener at the drugstore that had a large hole for this purpose, and I used it for my fat pencil. The pencil wouldn't fit in it, I brought it home. I can't use it anymore because it's new. I will write to the company. I was frustrated about that.

👤Sue's new pencil is gorgeous. Within minutes, it creates the best smoky eye. It is easy to apply to the eye lid and lashes. This product is amazing.

👤The pencil glides on for easy application and lasts a long time. I only gave it 4 stars because it's weird and I'm going to have to buy a specific sharpener for it. I thought I had enough. This is a big pencil. If you buy it, you will probably have to buy a sharpener to fit it.

👤The product is not waterproof, it wears off and is not worth the money, and the advertisement is misleading.

👤I like a little more copper than brown or black, it is less harsh on my head. It lasts me all day and I use it as eyeliner.

👤It does not take much to get the job done with this soft pencil. I put the liner on my bottom lashes for work. Love it. No problems or irritation. The smokey look can be achieved by using the pencil around the outside of the eye. It comes with a sponge on one end of the pencil that helps smooth the pencil lines for a smokey look. I like it. It's worth it.

10. Eye Liner Pencil Set Hypoallergenic

Eye Liner Pencil Set Hypoallergenic

Defining/smoky look. You will be able to draw precise lines for a defined look to accentuate your eyes or softly smudge for a multicolored smoky eye look. 12 pure colors. Black, brown, coffee, pink, wine red, white, gray, dark blue, blue, green and olive green are some of the colored eyeliner shades. The pencil is 6 inches long. As eyebrow pencil. They can be used to fill in your lips for a beautiful look. They can also be used for eyebrows. Unbeatable price. You can save money by buying an eyeliner pencil set which is less than 59 cents. They are suitable for travel use. Amazon has a low price and fulfillment. safe shopping The production date, expiration date and country of origin are printed on the packaging. It was tested under dermatological control.

Brand: Wonder X

👤I am doing a lot of Halloween looks for the month of October and these were perfect. The black and silver required a little more pressure, which is why it didn't get 5 stars.

👤I am torn on these. The price is excellent and the assortment of colors is great. They have a great colour deposit on your skin, but not on your waterline. I received three brown eyeliners in my set which seemed a bit much. It's fun to make a cat eye.

👤It is very hard to get on and off and the colors do not match descriptions. It is good that you are doing face painting or using it as a lip liner, but not for eyes as you have to press hard for anything to be there. If you have trouble getting your makeup off, use coconut or olive oil in a piece of cotton or toilet paper. Then wash it off. We get what we paid for.

👤I was so excited to try them out. I have found many gems that are worth more than the product's price. These liners do not make the list. The formula made them glide right on the skin when swatched on the arm or back. The formula feels cheap, does not glide on easily, and feels almost dried out when used on the eye. It's almost impossible to get a lot of money on the water line. The wood around the liners turned to dust and splinters when Isharpened them, but it was a pain to get sharp. It is a waste of time to smudge your liner because either it does not budge or it comes right up with the brush. The metallic colors were very disappointing. I swatched them on my arm and they looked terrible. I know some might think that the price is a deterrent, but as someone who only buys inexpensive makeup I have had more winners thanlosers and this just fell short.

👤It takes a lot of pressure to see the actual color of your eyes. Would not recommend.

👤Great colors. It glides on very smooth. Will purchase more in the future.

👤It makes my eyes swell when I use it. I have never had an allergy to makeup in my life.

👤I bought this eye liner because my last one wouldn't be sharp. I needed eyeliner because my last one was good, but it only lasted for a short time because I used the color green as soon as possible. I started using minimum pressure. I couldn't believe what I saw. Areas that were darker than others were snowed on. I didn't want to try it again. The eyeliner was very dry. I would never buy them again. I should have paid attention. It should be for a young girl who is learning how to knot for the police. There is a noise on the eyes. I will purchase my old eye liner. It is worth it.

11. Annabelle Waterline Matte Eyeliner Blackest

Annabelle Waterline Matte Eyeliner Blackest

Use the waterline to enhance any look, create the appearance of fuller lashes, and make your eyes pop with their Matte Kohl Eyeliner. Their long-lasting, waterproof creamy gel formula stays in place for hours and glides on easily, so it's easy to use. The brand was created in 1967, and is known for its colorful and cosmopolitan beauty essentials that support a kaleidoscope of cultural diversity and a vibrant, visionary celebration of humanity. Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free Marcelle, empowering and colorful Annabelle, prestigious and innovative Lise Watier, and their men's line, CW Beggs and Sons are part of the Marcelle Group. The reputation of Bring Your Beautiful was built on its extraordinary variety of bold shades and nuanced colors, created to inspire women to express their own powerful and colorful sense of personal style.

Brand: Annabelle

👤I was looking forward to this product since it claimed to do things other brands don't. The product was easy to use and gave full coverage on the waterline. It didn't bother me either. I went to dinner and it was gone by the time my entree arrived. I will not say that it smudged or ran down my face. It settled below my waterline. It looked like I was asleep. It's not bad eyeliner. It doesn't do what it says it will do and migrates just enough to make you look tired. It wasn't annoying, but I had a long lasting effect on my hair by taking a lighter to a cheap pencil in high school. It did not stay on my normal waterline while I ate food, but if you don't mind frequent reapplication, it's fine.

👤I would like to give less than one star. The reviews said that this was amazing, it doesn't smudge and it doesn't run. Those reviews are terrible. This is the worst eyeliner ever. Within 20 minutes, it started to smudge and run. I work at a desk. I don't sweat in the heat. Don't buy this eyeliner.

👤It couldn't besharpened without breaking off every time.

👤Do it. The quality, the color payoff, and the long- lasting effect are all here. I wish they had more colors. I would buy them all. The length is about an inch shorter than I am used to, but it is still worth the money I paid. You can find a video where I used this product on my YouTube channel. Check it out! This product will be very good.

👤The reviews seemed good and it claims to be a long wearing eyeliner. I used it and it didn't stay for long. I had to apply multiple times. I'm not happy with this product, and I'm wondering if the reviews were staged. Never buying this brand again.

👤I needed something to make my eye look better. I really like this because it makes the eye area look better when it's applied to the tear line.

👤I didn't think of myself as having extra watery eyes, but this Annebelle eyeliner came right off my waterline within an hour of me coming to work. I'm disappointed that it looks like it was never there because this was a regular morning with no extreme weather or physical activity. It looked nice when I first put it on, but it doesn't seem to have any lasting power.

👤You can only use it until the original point is gone, and only if the product is able to be sharpened. The jagged edge of the pencil was67531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531 I threw it away after giving up. I don't like wasting money. This was wasted money.

👤Every time I go out, I wear black eyeliner. Gosh liquid liner was discontinued from Shoppers. I wear it from 7am until 11pm. It doesn't smudge or come off for most of the time, and I do a big thick wing and waterline too. I only have to clean it once a day. It is easy for me to take off with baby oil. I subscribe to get it delivered to me regularly. It is worth a try. I have worn it to the gym after sleeping with it on and waking up looking the same. I wear a contact lens and it doesn't bother me at all for the entire time I wear it. Hope this helps!


What is the best product for eye kohl pencil?

Eye kohl pencil products from Lancome Paris. In this article about eye kohl pencil you can see why people choose the product. Lancome Paris and Inglot are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye kohl pencil.

What are the best brands for eye kohl pencil?

Lancome Paris, Lancome Paris and Inglot are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye kohl pencil. Find the detail in this article. M.a.c, Rimmel and Neutrogena are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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