Best Eye Lash Extension Starters Kit for Beginners

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1. Extension Professional Eyelashes Practice Grafting

Extension Professional Eyelashes Practice Grafting

The eyelash extension kit makes it easier to practice eyelash extensions. With this kit, you have everything you need to style your eyelashes. Tools are packed in a box and portable to carry, so as to not lose. It can be used for a wide range of things. The five-point practice isolation paper can be used to learn eyelash isolation quickly and easily. It's easy to apply the eyelashes with 2 different shapes of tweezers, and the number of two different false eyelashes is enough for your daily practice.

Brand: Mcwdoit

👤I didn't fill all of mine. I wanted to look natural. The fan is not battery operated. The set has one size. If you want a full look, you need another set. Glue worked well for me. It is not a full month of glue for sure. The glue removal is amazing. I did not have to do much work to clean up my mess. I am a beginner. This was manageable.

👤The kit has some really good stuff. It's cheap and not worth it. The same issues arise when I receive a replacement order. The glue doesn't work, the fan broke, and there were missing pieces. I was very disappointed in the outcome of the kit I used. I decided to return the case because it wasn't worth it.

👤The glue was dried inside of the container, which is really annoying, because now I have to order a different glue. It is worth the money.

👤Very large kit. I had everything I needed. Only 10mm size eyelashes in the whole kit is something I don't like. You need to buy extra sizes of eyelashes for your extentions because there are unbelievably good quality.

👤I lost my money in class and on the team because I couldn't do my practice because it was an incomplete team and it needed to add false tabs to mount the extensions. Pude un equipo incompleto, quiere tienes las extensiones.

👤I absolutely love this kit. The kit contains a lot of useful products. The electric fan is great for drying lashes. The glue included in the package was dried up due to the heat, but I don't think that's a big deal.

👤Glue dried up. I didn't use the kit because I had no glue. The kit was great but pointless if I can't use the lashes. I gave a low review because of that. I would consider changing my review rate if they sent me a new glue.

👤I don't think the products in the kit are legit. Kinda weird. I wouldn't put it close to my eyes.

2. Extension Mannequin Replaced Beginners Professional

Extension Mannequin Replaced Beginners Professional

It is made from soft silicone rubber and is soft and smooth. The openings on the back make it easier to attach to the mannequin stand, and the model with double eyelids is perfect for eyelash training. Practice eyelash glue is suitable for eyelash extension practice. The high-grade tweezers are designed for professionals and have precise tips that are not easily bent. The kit is perfect for beginners to learn eyelash extensions or perfect their technique. Every beginner will be helped by realistic extension scenarios. The eyelash extension kit is suitable for people who practice false eyelashes. A complete tool kit will make your job easier. The eyelash extension kit includes all the necessary supplies for beginners.

Brand: Gorota

👤If you are a beginner and are going to be practicing on a mannequin, it is recommended. I liked the mannequin.

👤The mannequin was disappointing. The eyelashes are not usable. They cross from root to root. How can you hit them? Not close to real lashes. I wouldn't recommend this set.

👤A complete beginners kit! Everything you need to learn how to lash was included. It includes glue to practice. The quality of the tweezers is good. Very good product.

👤I want to learn how to do lashes. Getting familiar before class is the way to go. My package arrived two days earlier than it should have. Everything came perfect. Everything I ordered is intact. The lashes that come are soft and nice. Sometimes fanning out the lashes is a little difficult because I am a beginner. The glue does not work well. I shook mine and it was a bit watery. It's hard for the glue to stick on, so if you want to invest in another glue, it's a good idea. The mannequin head and eyes are not damaged. It is difficult to place lashes under the eyes because the eyelid lashes are very close to the mannequins cheek and sometimes they stick to the mannequin. Otherwise it is fine. This kit is good for beginners. I think there could be better ones out there, especially from companies that have lash classes and include kits to buy separately. This kit gives you a feel for everything.

👤This is a great purchase for lash artists. It came with replaceable eyelids, lashes for classic and volume, and other great items. 100% would recommend.

👤I like this doll. I like that they give you what you need to practice. I can't wait to learn in a class.

👤Absolutely love the product. The cheapest mannequin head made things easier with the glue made for fake eyelashes. The glue replicates as if you are practicing on a real person. The seller is cool as well.

👤The pack came in perfect condition.

👤Product arrived quickly and is great for a beginner.

3. Eyelashes Extension Practice TopDirect Mannequin

Eyelashes Extension Practice TopDirect Mannequin

Mannequin head is smooth, realistic surface texture and mimics human skin, which will be more convenient to practice, the hole on the back can be easily fix on the mannequin holder, It's easy to apply the eyelashes with 2 different forms of tweezers, and the number of two different false eyelashes is enough for your daily practice. The perfect kit includes a five-point practice paper, cotton swabs, eyelash comb, grafting ring, gasket and tape for eyelash extension practice. The application can be used for many things. Also, note: The kit does not include glue and glue removal. A great gift for your daughter is to practice making up or facial massage.

Brand: Topdirect

👤This kit is great for beginners. I was able to do lash extensions without watching a video. I ordered the practice head because it seemed to be the best value. The tweezers are not the greatest. I am going to order a better pair but it is great. Adding the glue to this kit was still cheaper than buying it separately. The value is great.

👤Everything in the picture was placed neatly and carefully in the bag and I loved it.

👤Great practice. Does not come with glue. Had to order something different. It took forever to apply the lashes you see in the photo because the glue was watery. It is good for beginners.

👤This set is great for the money. It is not included if you order lash glue.

👤The only thing I dislike about the kit is the tweezers. They don't hold the lashes well. Which is the most important part. I have a friend who also bought it and she is having the same issues.

👤Where are the variations of lashes just basic crappy kit on a hard basic junk mannequin that falls over and hard to apply not real life at all, no glues, no glass glue, no primer, no hybrid, and no seal to give a natural look? This is junk, not a fan, where is the glue? The cleanser is not on the top of the sticks.

👤The lashes to practice with were so bad they felt like plastic. I wouldn't recommend this item as it wouldn't waste your money.

👤The kit is good, but the practice strip lashes are hard to place on top of them. It's a good kit for beginners, but it would be better if it was more realistic.

👤There are missing parts to eyelashes. There is missing eyelash kit stuff.

👤The lashes are too curly and the tweezers are hard to use.

👤Everything was here. Excited to use.

4. Professional Extensions Practice Beginners Training

Professional Extensions Practice Beginners Training

The Eyelash Extensions Practice Kit is suitable for beginner or professional. All the tools are packed in a box and you don't have to worry about buying other accessories. The Eyelash Mannequin head is made of high quality silicone, which is smooth, realistic surface texture and mimics human skin, which will be more convenient to practice. The hole on the back of the mannequin head can be easily fixed with a mannequin holder or a holder for upright use. Five-point practice isolation paper can be used to learn eyelash isolation. The eyelash training kit can be used for false eyelashes application training, massage, face painting, and many other things. A Lash Extensions Kit is a great gift for your daughter, a massagist, or woman to practice making up.

Brand: N-fasion

👤It is a good stater kit. It does not come with a glue the lashes or cheap one. It is good enough for practice, the tweezers are sharp with care, and the strips could hold a bit better. The price for practicing minus the glue is nice, but I will just keep practicing. Remove and stick the strip to the mannequin with no glue.

👤I am trying to improve my eyelash extension skills and this kit is perfect to practice on. It was definitely worth the money.

👤It was a good kit, but only because other kits include a primer and glue for the same price. I had to purchase more items to make the kit have a full 5 star. I read a few bad reviews about the tweezers, but they have worked well with me.

👤I was surprised by the set's price. Don't use the lashes they give you on real clients, invest in some quality lashes, but the tweezers, tape, spoolies, and glue holders and tray are all very useful.

👤El paquete sper rpido and en buenas condiciones. No trajo instrucciones! & no trae la pega! por lo dems!

👤The kit is okay. It has a lot of useless things. Not sure what they are for. I got started on placement after I practiced extensions. It's probably for the best.

👤This is the worst tool to use for learning. The manican doesn't have any lashes, so they don't hold onto the lashes that come with the kit. If you are a beginner, this kit comes with a lot of stuff.

👤I don't think the product is worth what I paid for, and one of the tweezers was missing, so don't waste your money on this kit.

5. LANKIZ Individual Extension Beginners Eyelashes

LANKIZ Individual Extension Beginners Eyelashes

The starter kit is at home. The eyelash extension kit includes 100 pack individual lashes. Start eyelash extensions at home. There is a long- lasting kit sold separately. It's easy to apply false eyelashes. The 20D/12D individual lashes have a flat band that is 5X faster to apply than single eyelash extension, and are suitable for beginners. Take care of infectious symptoms at home. The eyelashes are made of high-quality fiber and are five times faster and easier to wear than single lashes. Everyone can be your own lash queen with the lash kits that allow you to change your lashes from the most natural to the most dramatic. The Mascara Strip Liqueur is named after Mascara. Individual lashes are designed for eyelash extension. It can be used for sensitive eyes. The thin brush head glue tip is easy to apply and hold for 24 hours. The eyelash extension tweezers are specially designed to protect the eyelashes from loose roots. The curved shape is convenient for self-application.

Brand: Lankiz

👤These are amazing! It's easy to apply. The glue looks like mascara and you have to stick it under your natural lashes with the help of the tweezers. I don't feel them on. They look natural. I used 14mm clusters towards the outsides of my lashes and 12mm in the middle to have a lot of them in the set.

👤The lashes are easy to work with. The overall look is perfect, the application tool is perfect, and the glue is long- lasting. I didn't like that it didn't come with a sealer to apply after the glue, so it stayed sticky. I didn't see any other options for Lash sizes or styles.

👤This is my first time applying lashes and it was easy. I had a hard time with the left eye, but my right eye was easy to use. I don't get enough practice when it comes to makeup and I'm minimal. The glue is black and the stick is weird. It was difficult to get the glue at the base of the lashes, but it worked out. Next time, I might get a different glue. You could dip the tip of the cluster in a liquid. For a more natural look, you can pile them on one layer. I did a few 14mm on the outside and a few 12mm and 10 on the inside. Put a few more here and there for more voluum. I hope they last a few days.

👤Just ordered more. If you use the tweezers to pull the lashes off, they can come apart. I put them on even though I was wearing mascara because I was so excited. I took them off because they hurt when they were on. The glue is perfect and works right away when I place them on my clean lashes. It was easy to take the glue off in the shower. I didn't take any of my natural lashes off. This is my first kit like this and it gives a classic look within minutes.

👤If you don't mind applying every day, they look great for natural lashes, but they don't last long.

👤The glue on the lashes is so sticky that it can't be easily removed.

👤It was easy once I got used to it. The picture is only one layer across the line, so you could layer it to make them bigger. It is still tacky 30 minutes after applying, so I would recommend letting the bond dry completely. You can't beat it for the price. I highly recommend.

👤I did my own lash extension for the first time and it was very easy and they are lasting.

👤I put on a full set of lashes in 10 minutes. There is a good selection of lenghts. I have sensitive eyes and the glue didn't bother them. I liked it so much that I had enough left after the first use to repeat a few times. Excellent price and definitely recommend.

👤I like what appears to be easy, but they are not easy to apply. There is a I wanted these to work so badly because I get an allergic reaction when I go to the salon from the glue, I am not sure if it is just lack of experience. I will have to put up with my stalks.

6. LASHVIEW Extension Naturals Individual Individual

LASHVIEW Extension Naturals Individual Individual

A perfect kit includes two boxes of individual eyelash cluster, a pair of tweezers, and a bottle of false eyelash glue. A complete set of tools is enough. There are 20 roots,thickness 0.10mm,C Curl,8mm in a row,10mm in a row,12mm in two row,14mm in two row. High quality. The lashes are soft and glossy. It is easy to use and comfortable to wear. These individual eyelash clusters are made of high quality synthetic fiber, they are perfect for professional, makeup salon, cosmetic school, makeup artist and personal home use. LIFETIME MANUFACTURER'S GAMANTE: To prove that they are confident in their product, they offer a lifetime money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your lashes, they will give you a full refund. Click the button to add the item to your cart.

Brand: Lashview

👤These lashes are gorgeous! I used to spend $125 a month on individual lashes because I don't like strips. Decided to apply my own. These are my GO TO lashes and I love how thin it is. It is easy to apply and one pack can last you about 2 full sets.

👤I have tried a lot of individual lashes and these are my favorite, they look natural and I prefer a little more dramatic. I will try a longer length but these are still great, I was done in 10 minutes and I love how thin the band is. I learned how to do my own individuals, instead of spending $200 on them every two weeks.

👤These are amazing. I don't want to do my makeup, but a little bit of lash can make you look and feel better. I applied them for the first time in 30 minutes. Once you get the hang of it, they are easy to apply and you can stay on for five days. These things have been with me for a long time. I recommend these for ladies who want to wake up feeling great.

👤I used a row to complete a set that was very large and dramatic.

👤It's easy and convenient. I will not pay to have my lashes done again. I love volume and can control how full they look. I love these!

👤I love doing my own lashes. They hold up well and feel nice on. I like the look that I already wear mascara without having to apply it daily, and when you apply it close together it is just enough!

👤Excellent product. The base is not a knot. There are a lot of hairs. They adhere to the card in a different way so they don't get damaged when you take it off. Very light. The 8mm was short for my demo. I'm very happy. I'm going to buy the 1.0mm now. There are 2 sets for me in one box. They stay for a week. Also disposable. I put my lashes on. These are comfortable. The price point is fantastic. Highly recommended.

👤I used a row for both eyes and they went on without a hitch. Highly recommended, buying more soon.

👤Excellent quality lashes. Very light. It takes a bit of getting used to when applying them, as my old eyelash individual lashes could be lifted out straight from the box, but these are very delicate, so you need to lift the material they're stuck to out of the box and use tweezers to pick them up from the I used to use 8mm lashes but have changed to 10mm as the 8mm are more for the area in the corner of your eye by your nose. The 10mm lashes look better on me. Happy with the purchase.

👤I don't like wearing false lashes but thought I'd try these out to make my lashes thicker. Maybe I am doing something wrong. I had to use the tweezers to remove the cluster from the grip. I could not get them to stick on my line with glue. Is it a good idea to wait a bit before putting them on? It looked like they were going straight up, I had them the right way. I wiped the tweezers after each one, but they stuck to them. I think it is not the product and more I couldn't do it. Gave up in the end.

7. Eyelashes Extension Practice Professional Mannequin

Eyelashes Extension Practice Professional Mannequin

The hole on the back of the mannequin head is easy to fix, it is smooth and realistic surface texture, giving you the closest possible experience to a real human. The best choice is all in one - mannequin head, disposable mascara wand, Glue Rings, Eyelash Glue, False Eyelashes, Air Blower, Eye Patches Pads, Silicone Forehead Sticker, and so on. The ultimate value packed kit! The eyelash extension tools can be kept in a free storage bag to avoid lost tools. Can be used for a variety of purposes, such as eyelash area, human body demonstration, massage acupoint teaching, and art. A great gift for your daughter is a doll to practice making up or facial massage. Buy no risk. They will replace or refunds your order if you are not happy with it.

Brand: Mcwdoit

👤I bought this for my daughter on her birthday. I wrapped it in the box and didn't open it. She opened it on the day of her party and all the stickers were dead. The other stuff was sealed in a separate bag. I was embarrassed. She was still happy. She wanted to wait for another one and not return the whole thing. The stickers were thrown away.

👤I received all the items listed. It would be better if it had a variety of lashes.

👤How do I get a refund? The kit was damaged when I purchased it. The glue was dry after the cleaning solution spilled out. The cleaning solution was all over the place after I received a replacement kit. I am very disappointed.

👤After reading the reviews, I was excited for this. I opened the bag at home and it was soaking wet, but the bottle of eyeliner cleaner is empty, so I think it spilled. I am trying to dry and save at least some of it, but I am spending the night drying the whole kit.

👤The products could be better for the price. I worked with it.

👤I was hoping that I would be the lucky one to get a good set, so I should have gone by the reviews. I was desperate to get it by a certain date so I continued to order. I had to use this during my class because the glue was dried and didn't work, and the packages were messed up, but I had to order two of them, not just one. There were also missing items that they didn't buy from. This really supported my class.

👤The kit was great but the glue was the problem. The glue wouldn't come out when I used it. I ended up cutting the tip off more because it wasn't coming out even after using the tool it came with. It was still not coming out. I had to order more glue. I was not sure if it was just my kit's glue or other's, but I loved this kit.

👤The Manikin head is dirty on the front and not sanitary on the back because it has something spilled on it.

👤I paid more for this kit because it included glue, which is why I paid more than other kits. I wanted everything to arrive at the same time. The glue is dried out. I have to order another one and wait until another 2 weeks to get it. Everything is great! They are sending a replacement for the glue I email about. Customer service is great.

👤It was very impressed. The quality of the two pa kages is the same, and you get more in this deal, because I purchased a monolith for a similar price from FIXE BEAUTY. The reason I'm eating three stars is because I was hoping for a mannequin head with theremovable eyes, but it came a bit damaged but still usable.

👤The seller was quick to fix the problem after the glue was dried out. Very happy.

8. BEYELIAN Extension Beginners Practice Professional

BEYELIAN Extension Beginners Practice Professional

The eyelash extension kit is perfect for experienced eyelash tech, starter and students. The beautiful box has straight and curved tweezers, professional glue, classic and volume lashes, volume rings, training lashes, micro and mascara brushes, cream remover, lint free eye gel patch and tape. Most of the concerns are true. Both volume and classic eyelash extensions can be made with glue. The drying time is 3-6 seconds. Eye pads are soft and smooth, no irritation to the skin. The eyelash extension kit is great for beginners. Beginners can use the kit to practice eyelash extensions. Some users don't need the head, so the lash kit doesn't come with it. You can get one in theBEYELIAN store. You can get the information about all the items in the kit if you refer to the detailed description. Drop them a message if you have any questions.

Brand: Beyelian

👤The eyelash extension kit is the best. Everything you need is here. The lashes are thick. I will be posting pictures and videos.

👤I've never done eyelash extensions. My daughter paid to have hers done and they looked like insects. I decided to do them for her. I ordered this kit. It has everything you need, except for a little hand held fan. The lashes are natural looking and the packaging was great. I watched a lesson. Natural looking lashes for my baby. The process takes a few hours but it takes a little practice. I love this kit. You get a lot of stuff, it's so cheap. People are asking me to do their lashes. I will recommend this company to anyone who wants to try out lash extensions. So impressed!

👤Me mucho, tiene unas extensiones de pestaas, pero no tienes! No pienses.

👤The glue is bad. I was missing a lot of things.

👤This was more than I anticipated. I was looking for just glue, but when I found this, it included everything I needed. I went for it. It is like getting a gift box full of everything you need to do eyelashes. They don't last as long when I do them on myself. I think it is because I need more practice with application on myself and not because of quality.

👤The glue and lashes are great for beginners and the kit has everything a beginner needs. This set is definitely worth every penny.

👤I did eyelash extensions for the first time and I think I did well. It took me a while to get used to it, but I figured out a way to use it. Thanks for the great product.

👤They replaced the dry glue with a new bottle. Great customer service. The basic beginner kit is used for practice. The glue was not usable in the video. I guess it's expected from Amazon sellers. I bought this to practice on trays.

9. Home PRO DIY Lash Extension

Home PRO DIY Lash Extension

Infinite possibilities to create countless eyelash looks at home. The melt flare 10D lashes are made of high quality fiber, which makes them three times faster and easier to use than single lashes. Everyone can be your own lash queen with the lash kits. The eyelash extension kit is designed to be worn at home for a period of up to 10 days. No Fume-No Irritation is a medical-grade sensitive eyelash glue that has bonding power and can last up to 14 days. The Home PRO eyelash starter kit includes everything you need to get started. The low-cost alternative to professional eyelash extensions is to do them at home. It's easy to apply this individual lash kit. Don't get discouraged! It takes an average of three times for it to click. You will be able to master longevity once you master the control kit and placement. Get a natural look. Every time. Birthday, Christmas, and Valentine's Day are some of the days where the everyday lash kit is gift-packaged. The goal of the brand is to bring salon-quality to the home. You will get a 100% money back guarantee for the first time.

Brand: Lankiz

👤The price of Lashify was much higher than the price of these. When I found this kit on Amazon, I thought it was worth a try because I haven't tried them professionally. I was able to apply the lashes in about 20 minutes. It was easy. I followed the directions, but paid attention to other reviewers. I wanted the bars to look like eyeliner, rather than being camouflaged with makeup, and I decided to line up the lashes tip to tip. I think the only con is that I would like more volume next time. I am very happy with my lashes. I hope they will be around for two weeks.

👤I waited to rate until after my first application came off to see what my natural eyelashes looked like... after having eyelash extensions put on "professionally" every time I took them off my natural eyelashes were completely damaged beyond words. When I took the first set off after almost 3 weeks of being on, my natural eyelashes were undamaged. I couldn't wait to apply new ones because I was so happy. I made sure to be extra careful when I applied the extensions because I accidentally got glue on my eyelid. They are a natural look. I like that about them. If I want them to stand it more, I add mascara. I wash them with the solution provided. I will never pay someone else for eyelash extensions again.

👤I've never worn extensions but I was eager to try them. I was happy to find a coupon for $32 and they were. The box was over half full and they included it. The tweezers are very sharp, but they are great for picking up a lash fan and placing them nicely. I have done the primary set and one fill and have used all of the two longest sizes, but I will need to buy more long lashes. If you mess up, you have a few seconds to remove the lashes for better placement. I am very happy with the lashes. I would have liked to have gotten the removal kit. I think I did a good job for a beginner.

👤Don't purchase! I have done my own lashes for years and had a lot of problems with this product. The product was used immediately. There is unknown liquid all over Lash shampoo. Tweezers were covered in glue and scratches. The product was terrible, but it did not look used. Lashes are so thin that they fall apart when you try to pick one up. Glue is black, dries hard, and gets everywhere despite using the recommended amount. The glue got onto the bottom lashes even though I set them carefully. I took them off immediately after I saw how bad they were, but the glue irritated my eyes and my skin, despite me checking the ingredients and doing a patch test the day before. The eye and skin were burning when I applied the lash cleanser. My eye was still hot, red, and swollen for hours despite being flushed with water for 30 minutes. I tried to remove the lashes in a way that would guarantee no product would get anywhere but the lashes, but it didn't work. I had to remove my lashes by rubbing them and coating them with vaseline. The glue got onto the lashes.

10. Eyelashes Extension Professional Mannequin Extensions

Eyelashes Extension Professional Mannequin Extensions

The training mannequin flat head is made of premium derma-grade silicone which every detail has been designed to replicate a real human face. The eyelash extension practice tool set can also be used for other things. The false eyelashes in the kit are very thin and human-like. Four boxes of individual eyelashes in different sizes are enought for training. The glue and glue remover are only for practicing, do not use on people. The Best Eyelash Extension Kit for Beginners is Silicone Mannequin Head, disposable Mascara Wands, Glue Rings, Eyelash Glue & Lash Glue Remover, Tweezers, Five-point Practice Isolation Paper,False Eyelashes,Silicone Fore. The ultimate value packed kit! A Lash kit for eyelash extensions beginners is a great gift for your daughter, a massagist or woman to practice making up. Guarantee and buy no risk. They will replace orRefund your Eyelash Extension Kit if you don't like it. Contact them. They will take care of you. They would love to help.

Brand: Aibipo

👤The glue doesn't like me, but I should listen to it. If you're ready to practice, I hope you're ready to make money, but Eyelashes are not for everyone and you need to practice for at least an hour per eye. If you have a degree and are ready to drop thousands, you should get something that covers most trades.

👤The kit arrived as promised but it is missing some pieces. Highly disappointed. There is no instructions or information.

👤The glue does not work, the lashes do not come off the strip cheap, and they forgot to package the tweezers. A human nail was found in my package.

👤The glue is wet and it is hard to dry when trying to put on lashes.

👤The glue is so watery that you can't use it. The lashes will not stick.

👤Terrible glue is everywhere. Also cheap products.

👤The most important part is Tweezers.

11. KISS Ever EZ Eyelashes Pairs

KISS Ever EZ Eyelashes Pairs

This double-pack is the perfect starter kit to elevate your lush lashes look, it features 2 pairs of easy-to-apply lightweight false lashes that look incredibly natural. The false eyelashes are made with top-quality, cruelty-free human hair and are lightweight. If used with KISS Strip Lash Adhesive, it works well. The Easy Starter Kit includes 2 pairs of fake lashes and their Easy Angle False Eyelash Applicator that makes putting on your eyelashes as easy as a salon professional. KISS has everything you need for easy-to-apply at- home lashes, including an array of lengths and styles in singles, doubles, and multipacks, as well as glues, and removers. They are a global leader in professional quality beauty products and treatments, with brands sold in over 100 countries.

Brand: Kiss

👤I am conscious about looking natural. These are the people. You can't beat the price. I bought set no.3. I usually pay for individual lashes, but covid stopped that. These are a good imitation. I applied my makeup.

👤They feel light and natural. I didn't have to trim woohoo Glue. If you hurry, the glue won't stick to your lids and you'll be in trouble. There is a mess of glue. I warned you! It's a good thing.

👤I really like them. I have a natural style. I plucked it on to make sure it didn't look like I was a family member of lamp chop.

👤I like to wear false eyelashes because I don't have many eyelashes, but I do not like the dramatic ones or the extra ones. I will definitely be buying more.

👤I like fake eyelashes but they seem to be the only thing I find anymore. I decided to try them after reading some reviews. I am here to say that they are great. It's easy to put on. They are light. They add volume and length without looking fake. Great price as well.

👤My mistake. I thought it was glue. I went to Target and bought my lashes separately. If you don't already have glue, try another set. I have never worn lashes before but they look nice. I shortened them a bit because I felt they were too long and wide.

👤These lashes are very delicate and natural. It was difficult to get them out of the package because they are so fine and easy to damage. The reviewer gave me a heads up that I would be able to. I had to trim them a little as they were too wide. The lash line is straight when you remove them from the box, unlike other lashes that have a curve. This makes it hard for them to apply. They looked like expensive eyelash extensions at a salon. I was afraid to apply mascara to my lashes because they are so delicate. Other lashes last 3-6 days because I soak them in a lash cleaner and brush them, and they look new. I will be lucky if I can wear them more than once, because I am sure that will not be the case with these. If you have the time to fuss with them, want that natural eyelash extension look, and don't mind tossing them after one time, they could be a good place to put a rotation. I won't buy them again because of how delicate they are, how hard they are to apply, and their short lifespan.

👤This is the second set I ordered. I used to purchase them from the drugstore, but they are no longer available. I ordered them from Amazon. Some reviews say they don't come off well. The lashes are not completely detached if you look at the corner. It is a great deal for quality eyelashes. I highly recommend them. The description doesn't say that it is a total of four pairs. If they disappear, I will order more. Very natural looking.


What is the best product for eye lash extension starters kit for beginners?

Eye lash extension starters kit for beginners products from Mcwdoit. In this article about eye lash extension starters kit for beginners you can see why people choose the product. Gorota and Topdirect are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye lash extension starters kit for beginners.

What are the best brands for eye lash extension starters kit for beginners?

Mcwdoit, Gorota and Topdirect are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye lash extension starters kit for beginners. Find the detail in this article. N-fasion, Lankiz and Lashview are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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