Best Eye Lashes Curles Brush

Curles 8 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Heated Eyelash Curler Comb Rechargeable

Heated Eyelash Curler Comb Rechargeable

LASH KITLIFT: EyeLASH is more attractive because of the electric eye leash. The new eyelash curler head has a radian design. Perfectly fit for kind of eyelashes curve, create a good curling effect. The eyelash curler has an eyelash comb that helps to remove excess mascara and tidy up false eyelashes. The eyelash kit is perfect for eyelash makeup. This eye makeup curling kit is made of rapid heating wire and can be used for a whole day. The eye lash curler makes your eyelash open and spread. The heat pads quickly relax and separate the lashes, while applying gentle heat evenly along the full length of each individual lash. The top pads will be white when it warms up. All LASH TYPES should be fit. AJUSTLED DISPLAY, 3 TEMPERATURE MEMORY FUNCTION, and a blue green and red color scheme. Their heated eyelash curler has 3 settings, Blue Light, Green Light, and Red Light. The curling requirement of all types can be fulfilled with 3 temperature settings. Next time you use a eyelash curler, it will record the temperature. It's convenient! The protective head won't hurt your eyes, and the brush head is 15 curved. Fast charging is used to save battery cost. It can be charged with a laptop, power bank, car and a power bank. The eyelash curler is light and slim. It is easy to slip into a wallet, handbag, purse, makeup bag with the pocket size. It's travel friendly. The electric heated eyelash curler set has a heated eyelash curler, stylelish eyelash comb, cleaning brush, and a user manual. The first choice for women, girls, anniversaries, mother's day, and gifts is this lash curler. A gift for your sweetheart. All of their eyelash curlers have undergone testing. They provide friendly service.

Brand: Asttoniikk

👤You can choose from a variety of temperatures on the screen. Blue, green, and red are both hot. It is quick to warm up. It takes less than 10 seconds to get ready. The warmth makes your hairs compliant. You can either Curl or Straighten. Your lashes stay the same all day. The kit had a heating brush, removeable lid, and eyelash comb. It's safe to own the cleaning brush and the charging cord. If it senses that it isn't being used, it will shut itself down. This prevents your purse from catching fire. You can easily take it in small pocketbooks or travel bags. Very portable.

👤The mechanics of this type of curling iron are very simple, which makes them an ideal tool for those who have no experience and want to avoid traditional tools. We only have to use the curling iron to comb the eyelashes after they have been heated. If I recommend it, it makes my eyelash application quicker and easier.

👤My eyelashes don't have that natural look. I have tried non heated and it works well, but sometimes my eyelashes get crimped so wrong. I decided to try heated and I love it. It takes a few seconds to fully heat this up as it shows by color indicator when it is ready and using it and curling the lashes is quick and simple. I love how easy it is to style lashes and make them look ready for mascara. The digital display of the temp is nice, I know I am using the right temp to get the desired look. The included lash comb is a very useful tool to use after applying mascara to un clump it!

👤I love this tool. I've never used a metal eyelash curler. Over the years, my eyelashes have gotten straighter and I needed something to help. This does it! No pulling, no tugging, no tearing out lashes. It makes my lashes look longer. The charge lasts through a number of uses. It charges fast as well. I've told my family and friends about it.

👤The eyelash curler is very easy to use. It will heat up in about 5 seconds. The tip is ready to use. It doesn't break my lashes or pinch my skin. There are 3 heat settings for different lashes. It was very easy to use.

👤Before you use mascara, you have to apply it. It makes a clumpy stuck together issue by melting the mascara. The curl isn't a real one. The lashes are fans up a little. The bend creates lasting all day.

👤I was a little hesitant to use this at first since it would be putting hot metal by my eye, but after using a regular curler, my eyelashes are not curled. It works well, not too hot temperature wise, and is easy to keep clean. Really like it!

2. Wet Wild Eyelash Curler Comfort

Wet Wild Eyelash Curler Comfort

The eyelash curler has a rubberized grip. It's easy to use because it's fitted with cushion-soft grips. Long-looking curled lashes don't have to be a pain. The eyelash curler is designed to not pinch the eyelash skin. Curl your lashes in an instant. This eyelash curler is reliable. The curler is designed to fit any eye shape or size. Wild products are never tested on animals and are always cruelty-free.

Brand: Wet 'n Wild

👤I wanted to use this curler. There are two problems for me. I have deep set eyes, and on the top metal part, there is a small bump in the middle that makes it impossible to get in close to the lash line. Problem number two is that I didn't Curl at all, even for the little bit of lash I did manage to grab. I squeezed hard. On to something else. It was cheap.

👤The eyelash curler is the only one that gets all my eyelashes. I like the curve on it. Better than my eyelash curler.

👤Didn't work at all. I wanted to try this curler since it was so cheap. Don't waste your money. The best curler is the one from ulta for $13.

👤A quality item. Works well. Does not pinch! It seems like it will last a long time. Happy with the purchase.

👤This eyelash curler is the worst I've ever used. Information is for information sake... I've used more than I should. I wanted a pair that I could take with me if I lost. I'll say that the majority of curlers on the market are the same. You couldn't pay me enough to apply this set to my eye again. I washed them with an eye make up cleanser when I first used them. I used them on clean lashes. They stuck to my lashes like glue. I couldn't pull it off. I applied some oil with a q tip and left at least ten lashes attached to the curler. I cleansed the curler again and tried it on a cheap set of false lashes. Lesson learned. I'll use Revlon for my curling needs. The rubber was so old that it was gummed up and should never have been sold.

👤It is a cute design but it is not durable and breaks on second use. If metal touches metal and there is hair in between, what could happen? It's cheap, not durable or safe to buy it again. I am more cautious when researching brands and products.

👤Does it work, but it's hard to get a curl.

👤It doesn't make your eyes look smaller. It's hard to hold and press it.

3. Docolor Eyelash Curlers Applicator Grooming

Docolor Eyelash Curlers Applicator Grooming

Docolor professional eyelash comb definer is used to make your lashes pop, grow and stay longer. Must have a beauty tool. It's a great tool for creating a beautiful separate eyelashes with no pulling and broken lashes. The room between the teeth is perfect for lashes, and the curved comb fits perfectly around your eye, making it easy to use. It's lightweight and easy to hold, and it comes with a protective cover to keep it clean and protected. You will have a nice shopping experience with the 12-month warranty and 100% refund guarantee.

Brand: Docolor

👤A must have in my case. I have used plastic, metal, and flat combs, all of which didn't do the job. I always went back to the safety pin. The comb is metal and arched, which makes it easier to use. The teeth are easy to glide through. If your mascara is dry and clumped, it is possible that it could cause hair to fall out. Just no. Do not do it. I put on mascara and comb through it while it is still wet. It is that simple. The handle is not broken. It isn't like you are brushing your hair with this. When customer service reached out to me, they told me it was safe because I was concerned about cleaning with alcohol. They were nice and I want to try some of their other products.

👤If you like thick mascara with a natural not stuck together, this is for you.

👤I can find this on Amazon. I am a make up and beauty enthusiast, but also a person who is very price conscious. I only buy things that I need. If you are right handed or left handed, one eye will look better than the other, if you use regular eyelash combs that don't do the job. This tool allows you to cater to all of your lashes. I love this. Please reply blow if anyone wants a demonstration.

👤Excellent idea! My lashes are lifted and separated by this. It makes my lashes look better than a standard eyelash curler. I bought 2 for myself and my mom, and she loves it too. The plastic handle is a bit flimsy, like the plastic is not hard. It comes with a plastic guard to protect it from damage if it is packed in a case.

👤I need something that can separate my long lashes from each other because they like to clump together when I'm not wearing mascara. It's curved so you can comb through all your lashes at once, which is cool. I will admit that it doesn't separate them. I tried so hard to get it to comb through, but it just couldn't separate them, so I just used my fingers. It works better than anything I've used, and it had no trouble with anywhere else. I recommend!

👤The eyelash comb is amazing. The metal prongs are very thin, so that they can be used to separate the lashes. There are two guards on either side of the comb to make sure you don't poke your eye. Sometimes my mascara goes on too thick and I use this tool to fix it. I've used plastic combs, but they are much thicker.

👤I saw someone using one similar to this on a beauty video and had to have one, and of course, Amazon was my go to place. I am happy to have found these, I didn't know they existed. They are much safer than using pointed tweezers to separate lashes.

👤Was surprised by the product. It works well. It is very easy to use and works if you are steady and smart about it.

4. VASSOUL Professional Extensions Semi Permanent Suitable

VASSOUL Professional Extensions Semi Permanent Suitable

The perm kit is made with premium quality ingredients and will keep your eyelash curled for a month. The large eyelash lift kit has more value than the others on the market. The eyelash kit is perfect for people who want that extra curl. This perm kit is suitable for a salon conference. An eyelash lift is an innovative way to keep lashes curled and looking younger.

Brand: Vassoul

👤If there is someone with you, lay down and ask that person to apply for you. Even if you do it yourself, I find it works. If you don't like the glue on your eyelid, only glue the lashes onto the pad. If you don't have sensitive skin on your eyelid, you can use it between your skin and the pad. When applying #1 perm lotion to the cleansing solution, follow the instructions and use the cotton swab. When you are going through the process, close your eyes. It's better to ask your husband or someone else to help you apply it. There are tips on the test. If you want to see the difference, use one eye. If you don't have time, take a photo with your cell phone so that you can compare the two eyes. It works for me and I love it. When you are struggling after reading the directions, I suggest the following tips. Enjoy.

👤This has given me a lot of confidence and I have always wanted lashes. It is packaged nicely and the instructions are easy to follow.

👤This one works well for me. I bought for the first time. It worked for me. This is the first time that I can do everything myself. Thanks.

👤I was unsure if I wanted to buy this kit, and I've been going back and forth on whether it would be worth it. It would be hard for me. It is manageable, but it is difficult to do on yourself. I have long lashes that don't hold curl well. The product worked well. I stopped each step for 15 minutes. I will keep using this item.

👤The product was easy to use. I have sensitive eyes and the solutions that came with the kit did not affect them. This is great.

👤My eyelashes have always been straight and pointed downwards. They curve down. They made a downward frownie face curve instead of a smiling face. The whole eyelash had to be curled in my case. I decided to try this kit because I spent so much time curling them. I was a little hesitant because my eyelashes are so long and curled, but I am amazed at how long and curled they are.

👤I've been using this for about a month on my lashes and brows and it's working! My eyebrows were more visable, even my boyfriend noticed. I look like I have eyebrows even when I'm not wearing makeup. My lashes are getting longer. I will use this again.

👤It has made my lashes longer and thicker. I had small eyelashes, almost invisible unless I used mascara. I have been using this product for a long time and I have noticed a lot of results. My eyebrows are larger and my eyelashes are longer.

👤The first time I used this, I wanted to return it immediately. The glue didn't seem to work, and the little bit of my lashes that were able to glue up came back down as soon as I put the perm and fixation on, so after the whole process, my lashes weren't curled and I felt like I'd wasted about After a few weeks, I decided to try and return it again, because I kept putting it off. I'm here to tell you the glue trick: Curl your lashes. The glue should be put on the pads. Wait 20 seconds for the glue to get glue-y. You should hold your lashes in place for about 30 seconds after pressing them onto the pads. If you have thick and long lashes, you may end up with some strays, but they are not noticeable. The rest is easy once you get the glue. The final results are wonderful. I did notice that the cleanser was almost out for me after the second use, but I can just use makeup remover, but I do wish there had been. This product does the trick. If you fail the first time, don't give up.

5. HOCOSY Extension Tweezers Silicone Eyelashes

HOCOSY Extension Tweezers Silicone Eyelashes

The kit includes a eyelash curler, eyelash extension Tweezers, eyebrow brush, and comb. They launched a set of eyelash curler tools with more accessories. There is no need to buy them in batches. The eyelash curler is easy to use and hold. It's thick so that it won't slip out of your hand and cause you to rip out your eyelashes. The silicone refill is easy to change out. The eyelash curler set has false eyelash tweezers to help you put on or take off false eyelashes. The false eyelashes are easy to apply. It is suitable for all eye shapes and lengths. Curling eyelashes without pinching the skin is possible with either natural or party-style false eyelashes. There are two eyelash comb accessories in the eyelash curler set. The eyelash comb will help you remove excess mascara without breaking the eyelashes. One of the combs can be folded and stored.

Brand: Hocosy

👤The value is amazing. My teenage daughter took over my old set and I can't find it anywhere, this was the best value I could find, and it's surpassed my expectations. I was going to give this to my daughter and take back my original. I decided to keep it for myself because it's durable, professional, and easy to change out. I have had this set for over 3 weeks and it is holding up well. Highly recommended!

👤My eyelashes don't stay curled. They fall straight after I curl them. I have tried everything. I read that a Silicone band is better than a rubber band for curling. I tried the curler. I wanted an eyelash separator to get mascara clumps out and this set would be great for the price. My lashes stay curled for longer because it is easy to hold and use. I have been trying to use it to train my lashes to stay curled.

👤The eyelash curler works well, it just holds the lashes for a minute on each eye. Everything you need to make your lashes look long is in this kit. Extra pink rubber pads for the curler are in the good quality set.

👤I got this eyelash curler for my daughter because she always wanted an eyelash curler, so I thought it would be a great birthday gift for her. It has been very easy to use and hold for her, so she can now have her friends do it for her. I don't have to worry about her using her friends stuff because she has her own highly recommend it for anyone that is into eyelash curler.

👤There is a set of eyelash tools. Everything you need to groom your eyebrows, eyelashes, and eyebrows is provided. I bought this set for my daughter. I stole the set a few times because she loved it. I also like it! I need to buy one for myself. The eyelash curler works. The kit has everything you need. I know this is silly. I love that it's pink and black. It's just super cute. It has a different look than the boring silver ones. The pink is easy to find in a makeup bag. The plastic handles are easy to grasp. My daughter's set was taken. I'm going to order my own.

👤Where has this brush been my entire life? I love it! The eye lash curler has a nice little spring which makes curling easy. The eye brow brush folds. The set was nice and I was happy with the purchase.

👤After a few years of use, my last curler got unaligned and I had to cut off a section of my eyelashes. The reviews for this one were good, but I have never had great luck with curlers. This became my favorite eyelash curler right away. I will be buying the same one over and over again when I retire.

👤I bought this for a friend. I made a gift basket with candles, soaps, and other items. She said she had been looking for a curler for a long time. The package was pink and cute, it fit right with the other gifts. There were some eye accessories that were great for makeup. I would love to put these in my gift baskets. The quality is great for the price.

6. Heated Eyelash Curler Electric Curlers

Heated Eyelash Curler Electric Curlers

The new Lash Lift Kit makes Lash more attractive. The new eyelash curler head has a radian design. Perfectly fit for kind of eyelashes curve, create a graceful curling effect. The eyelash curler has an eyelash comb that helps to remove excess mascara and tidy up false eyelashes. The eyelash kit is perfect for eyelash makeup. Long press to turn on and off. This eye makeup curling kit for women is made of rapid heating wire and can be used for a whole day. The eyelash curler makes your eyelash open and spread. The heat pads quickly relax and separate the lashes, while applying gentle heat evenly along the full length of each individual lash. Safe and more effective. The temperature memory function is blue, green, orange, and red. Their heated eyelash curler has three temperature options: low temperature,mid temperature and high temperature. It can fulfill the curling requirement of all types. Next time you use a eyelashes curler, it will record the temperature of the last use. It's convenient! SAFE & FAST CHARGING & PORTABLE SIZE - 15 curved brush head, perfect fit. The protective head won't hurt your skin. Fast charging in multiple ways: laptop, computer, power bank, car,usb power adapter. The eyelash curler is light and slim. The pocket size makes it easy to slip into a wallet, handbag, purse, bag, makeup bag. Travel friendly! The package includes a retail gift box and a factory service. The electric heated eyelash curler set has a heated eyelash curler, a premium eyelash comb, a cleaning brush, and a user manual. The best makeup tools gift for girls is the eyelash curler. Feel free to contact them with any questions.

Brand: Yisinar

👤There are different settings that I like. It's simple to use and it's gentle enough to not burn you. It has its own cover, brush cleaner, and eyelash brush.

👤This works well for stubborn lashes. I don't like my natural lashes to blend in with my false lashes. I thought I'd try a heated curler. My lashes don't start to lose their shape throughout the day, and they blend in perfectly with my falsies. The curler is shaped in such a way that you're not in danger of accidentally burning yourself, that I was a little worried about putting heat near my eyes. The tool is fairly easy to use, but the instruction booklet is not very helpful for beginners. I hope you enjoy this tool as much as I did.

👤This comes in a box. We won't buy this again, so we will figure out a way to gift it nicely.

👤My other heated curler lasted a week. The one on 5 min is the only one. It needs to be charged within 4 days. Will not stop. Shuts off in 5 minutes.

👤I've used heated eyelash curlers before, but none of them work as well as this one. It is a great product and it is part of my daily routine.

👤The product was received broken. It doesn't work if you charge it overnight and don't keep it. It was a complete bummer.

7. TOUCHBeauty Professional Silicone Naturally Eyelashes

TOUCHBeauty Professional Silicone Naturally Eyelashes

The eyelash can be lifted and curled easily with the help of mascara. The heating silicone pad does not cause pain or pinching. It is safe to use, the temperature design will not damage your lashes. It fits every eye shape. The mini-sized body can fit in your purse. To warm up quickly, use a Alkaline battery and 2AAA batteries. The battery is not included.

Brand: Touchbeauty

👤Love! I have bought 2 more and I will never be without! I have used eyelash curlers all my life. I heated my eyelash curlers. My lashes don't stay curled for long. The angle of the curler is what makes it exceptional. I will not look anymore. Follow up with a waterproof mascara for long hair. Love, love, love!

👤This is my second unit. They are great when they are new. Plan on replacing them at least once a year. They work great when they work.

👤I used to heat my regular eyelash curler up with my hair dryer to get the same results as I get with this curler, but it is so much safer and easier to use. A must have.

👤I have not come across this before. I usually get my eye lashes permed every 3 months for about $56 and this is exactly what my eye lashes look like after a perm. This is a lot cheaper. I hold it down for 2 seconds and it does the job, not hot, just a little warmth! I recorded a demo video on my channel because I loved it so much. Anali Perez is on the YouTube channel.

👤Absolutely amazing with my straight lashes. My hair texture is straight and my lashes are the same way. Even though my eyelash curler worked in the beginning of the day, it wouldn't last as long as I wanted it to. This was a huge frustration of mine and this heated curler definitely solved it. Since it's heated, my lashes stay curled longer and it gets more of my lashes than my normal eyelash curler.

👤I wore it out when I had one 20 years ago. I couldn't find another one until I found this one. Thank you. Every time, the lashes are perfect.

👤I tried a lot of lashes, but they were unsuccessful, so this was a good purchase.

👤It works for me. My eyelashes are straight and stubborn. They stay curled all day with this little device. I can see the difference. I would recommend it to my friends. Thank you!

👤I love it! I've been getting eyelash extensions for a long time, but had to stop because of the flu, and I've been looking for an alternative to improve my straight lashes. This works great, gives a great curl, and it lasts for a long time. They were still curled the next morning after I did them the first day. I have flat lashes that are not done with eyelash curlers. I am very happy! It takes a little bit to get used to how it works, but once you get used to it, it's amazing! So happy!

👤I have long lashes, this product may not work the same on shorter lashes, I was a little skeptical at first given that I wasn't fully satisfied with all the reviews. The product I received was not up to par. They contacted the seller and sent me a second one saying it was faulty. I decided to give the seller a last chance before I left a negative review because I was starting to lose hope. I am quite impressed with the results of my third product, I finally received it. I wanted to keep lifting my lashes, but without being rough on my eyes. This product is the same as the one I used when I had a lash lift. I was impressed by the customer service, which was prompt and understanding. Would recommend.

8. LUNASEA Eyelash Extension Tweezers Scissors

LUNASEA Eyelash Extension Tweezers Scissors

The Eyelash Curler Kit has 10 in it. The eyelash curler set includes a eyelash curler, eyelash extension Tweezers, false eyelashes, eyebrow tweezers, and eyebrow scissors. The eyelash curler set has false eyelash tweezers to help you put on or take off false eyelashes. The false eyelashes are easy to apply. The perfect smoky eye look or any eye makeup application can be created with your eyebrow comb and brush. The mini eyelash curler does not pinch the eyes or skin. The eyelashes are more curled. The portable eyelash curler has a comfortable and non-slip handle. The eyelash curler kit is easy to carry.

Brand: Lunasea

👤The kit has everything I need to do eyebrows and eyelashes.

👤The set of tools comes with the order. The set includes eyelash curler with four Silicone replacement pads, eyelash brush, fake eyelashes, eyebrow comb, trimmer, eyebrow scissors and brush. The tools have pink trims. The tools are easy to use and comfortable to use. The eyelash curler is my favorite item. I don't feel like I'm using a tool because of the product. The cushiony pads allow for the pinch to be gentle and curve your eyelashes. I don't have fear of the curler grabbing onto my skin, and I am not struggling to get my eyelashes curled. The eyelashes brush is something I like to use. It's not something I've tried before, but the product is great. I have to use a q-tip or my fingers to get the mascara off. The goop sticks my eyelashes together, so it looks like I have five. The eyelash brush allows it to comb through clumps. There are a lot of tools for eyelash and eyebrow application. It's easy to use and provides a clean application.

👤I picked up this set for the eyelash curler because I wanted to try one with finger holes. I like all the other tools, and I'm kind of impressed with that. The cheapest feeling in the hand is probably the brow brush, the rest feel decent, especially the scissors and the tweezers. The separator is curved. I had one that broke and I never replaced it. These are great for combing through mascara, but it's a little clumpy. I like eyelash curler a lot. I have accidentally ripped my eyelashes out while using it, because of the little rubber around the grip, and I like the fact that it won't skid or slip while I'm using it. If you have any type of mobility or dexterity issues, it's a great option.

👤First, let me tell you that I am part of the Amazon Vine Program and that Amazon sent this product to me for review. The eyelash curler kit comes with everything you need to take care of the eyelash and eyebrow. The pieces feel cheap, but so far none of them have broken. The items that are metal hold up well and feel good to use. The kit didn't come with a carrying case, so I wish it did. The eyelash kit comes with everything needed, but it's not as good as it could be.

👤This kit is great. It has various tools for various eye goals. I like the pink and black colors. The curler, bur eyelashsh, and the spoolie were the most useful tools in the kit. They are made from high quality materials. Some are made of metal and some are made of plastic. The set is great for eye hair.

👤The eyelash curler kit has many useful tools. The eyelash curler is too curve for an asian person. I don't get used to the long handle of its eyebrow trimmer. It is easier to do delicate trimming with a foldable trimmer. Maybe I'm not familiar with the long handle. I hurt myself when I first used it.

9. Electric Flexible Silicone Voluminously Eyelashes

Electric Flexible Silicone Voluminously Eyelashes

There is a HEATED eye clasp for longer leashes. The eyelash curler can create the most plibby eyelashes and maintain beautiful lashes all day long. Apply mascara for a better result after you've done it. The eyelash curlers have an intelligent system that guarantees safe and effective use. The styling experience can be personalized with preset temperature settings and a soft temp sensor. Most eyes should be fitted with most eye shapes. The eyelash curler is designed and tested for most eye shapes, and it has never been so easy to use. The body is endowed with metabolism and fat. The squeeze and hold can provide uniform pressure. Curled lashes can make your makeup look perfect. Makeup beginners can create a perfect eyelash curler in seconds with a must-have eyelash curler kit. The eye lash curler is a perfect gift for girlfriends, wives, lovers, family, friends, and besties on birthday or holiday. 2 batteries. If you are dissatisfied or have a problem, they will give you a 60-Day full refund, and they are here to help you all the time.

Brand: Pigmoon

👤I am a cosmetologist, makeup srtist, artist and retired 7 year lash artist. I am blown away by this product. I have never tried the heated ones and have always used a traditional eyelash curler. After a long year of extensions, my lashes were back to normal. The weight of extensions can cause your lashes to sink downward over time and this curler when used daily. My lashes were back to normal. I tell everyone about it.

👤The curler is very good. The eyelash curling iron warms up in seconds and lasts all day. It is easy to use and it is not uncomfortably hot.

👤I had a Panasonic eyelash curler that broke. I couldn't find the one I had. I ordered this one because it seemed to have good reviews. It works. I can't complain because it was half the price as my Panasonic. It takes about 15 seconds per eye to have straight lashes. It is still good enough, but it does not curl as well as the Panasonic.

👤My eyelashes are curled by it. It is very hot quickly. The part that moves to curl my lashes is not against my face. It can be used on the outside. I am very happy with it. A heated eyelash curler is what I have been looking for.

👤This is more comfortable on my eyes and lashes. Don't put 100 pounds of force on the plastic lever for those who say it breaks. Firm pressure is all you need. Hold your lashes in place for a good 20 - 30 seconds when the pink cushion turns white. The waterproof mascara is great. Take the mascara wand from the tips and hold it there for a second. I like to use a blow-dryer. If you fall asleep, it lasts all day and night. It's better than the mechanical type.

👤I am happy that I found this product on Amazon. I was ready to buy a heated curler from another country and ship it here. I threw away all of the other curlers after using this one. It works like magic. If you have straight lashes, you need to apply mascara after. If the light doesn't turn on, try taking the batteries out and putting them in again; the battery slot is a little tricky. It's the only curler I'll use from now on.

👤This one is pretty good. I have tried other ones on Amazon that are half the price, but it takes a long time to heat up. It wasn't as good as the other $10 one, but it was still acceptable. If it opened wider, I would have kept it. It made my eyes feel a bit tight. The Kevyn Aucoin eyelash curler is the best out there for my eye shape, but I wish it was heated.

👤It isn't enough to make your lashes Curl. Don't waste your money. Buy a good curler.

10. Disposable Eyelashes Extensions Applicator Spoolies

Disposable Eyelashes Extensions Applicator Spoolies

There is a multi-function. The eyelash brush is very easy to use, it can be used to separate eyelashes or comb eyebrow. You can use it for the replacement of the castor oil wand. Colorful crystal plastic handle and flexible brushes head are easy to use. The brush head can be bent. The eyelash brushes package includes 100 mascara wand with sparkling handle for eyelash and eyebrow. It is easy to carry in various occasions such as travel, wedding, vacation, prom party, and so on. If you have a problem with their i-laesh eyelash brushes, please contact them via Amazon. They will reply in 24 hours.

Brand: I-laesh

👤Although not the best solution for the environment to dispose of, this is a good one for keeping spoolies sanitary. The bristles work well.

👤These are perfect for my needs, they are made well and are good quality. I was worried about the price of the item. They are great. A good product for the money.

👤I use these to remove lint from my sewing machine. Gets in the tight areas. Works well.

👤I use these to tame my brows. I bought the biggest set possible.

👤I use these disposables to fan out my lashes.

👤They are not for false eyelashes.

👤It's really pretty pink. It doesn't feel cheap.

11. Eyelash BYVUTE Electric Temperature Setting

Eyelash BYVUTE Electric Temperature Setting

It is eco-friendly and can save the cost of batteries. Pocket size, slim and lightweight, can be neatly tucked into a purse, bag or makeup case. Waterproof sylimony. The comb of their heated eyelash curler is made of silicone, it is pretty safe compared with iron wire heated comb, and no more having melted problem. You can clean the extra mascara under water if you turn it off before curling. EYE-CURVED FITTED COMB The eyelash curler is designed with a tooth comb that is compatible with the curve of the eyelashes, which makes it easier to curl than a vertical comb. The temperature options. You can choose from three different temperatures, according to your lashes style. The low temperature is 50C, the middle temperature is 70C, and the high temperature is 85C. You can charge it more than 200 times, each fully charged can use at least 2 weeks. The long-lasting effect is 24h. A heated eyelash curler can create a more natural curling eyelash that can last for 24 hours.

Brand: Byvute

👤My lashes are short and do not have a curl. I have never been able to keep a curl with traditional curlers. I was excited to try it. It was shipped quickly and came with a charging cored. I have used this many times. I'm impressed! It is easy to use and clean. There was no damage to the package. The product is great for the price. The pictures are after several hours of using a heated curler.

👤Does not use a curling iron. After applying mascara, there are instructions to curl. It's impossible to clean the device after it takes the mascara off. It doesn't work if you try to curl before applying mascara. It is not useful.

👤It works best after mascara is applied. It is easy to hold, easy to use and easy to clean. It has a storage cap and its own charge.

👤I regret buying it. It is not easy to use. I regret trying to save money. Get one that works better if you spend a little more.

👤I don't have any lashes and this eye lash curler is very hot. Lifted my lashes so I could apply mascara and false lashes without having to worry about them. After using this to curl my lashes, my false eyelashes moved up and down. If you like lifter lashes, this is the place to go. I plan to lift my husband's lashes up a bit with the heat of the curler so he won't be bothered by them.

👤I received this item and charged it up, it works as expected, but I use my traditional eyelash curler more often, and it results in better results. It was difficult to tell how long to hold it in place. I tried it with and without mascara, but it didn't work out, and I had to use my manual curler again. I have straight and stubborn lashes so I don't blame the curler completely. All in all not my favorite. You may find that you have better results if you have less temperamental eyelashes.

👤It is not what I thought it would be. I had an old heated curler. This was a mistake. My lashes took a lot of work to be lifted. I wouldn't recommend it.


What is the best product for eye lashes curles brush?

Eye lashes curles brush products from Asttoniikk. In this article about eye lashes curles brush you can see why people choose the product. Wet 'n Wild and Docolor are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye lashes curles brush.

What are the best brands for eye lashes curles brush?

Asttoniikk, Wet 'n Wild and Docolor are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye lashes curles brush. Find the detail in this article. Vassoul, Hocosy and Yisinar are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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