Best Eye Lashes Curles Comb

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1. HOCOSY Extension Tweezers Silicone Eyelashes

HOCOSY Extension Tweezers Silicone Eyelashes

The kit includes a eyelash curler, eyelash extension Tweezers, eyebrow brush, and comb. They launched a set of eyelash curler tools with more accessories. There is no need to buy them in batches. The eyelash curler is easy to use and hold. It's thick so that it won't slip out of your hand and cause you to rip out your eyelashes. The silicone refill is easy to change out. The eyelash curler set has false eyelash tweezers to help you put on or take off false eyelashes. The false eyelashes are easy to apply. It is suitable for all eye shapes and lengths. Curling eyelashes without pinching the skin is possible with either natural or party-style false eyelashes. There are two eyelash comb accessories in the eyelash curler set. The eyelash comb will help you remove excess mascara without breaking the eyelashes. One of the combs can be folded and stored.

Brand: Hocosy

👤The value is amazing. My teenage daughter took over my old set and I can't find it anywhere, this was the best value I could find, and it's surpassed my expectations. I was going to give this to my daughter and take back my original. I decided to keep it for myself because it's durable, professional, and easy to change out. I have had this set for over 3 weeks and it is holding up well. Highly recommended!

👤My eyelashes don't stay curled. They fall straight after I curl them. I have tried everything. I read that a Silicone band is better than a rubber band for curling. I tried the curler. I wanted an eyelash separator to get mascara clumps out and this set would be great for the price. My lashes stay curled for longer because it is easy to hold and use. I have been trying to use it to train my lashes to stay curled.

👤The eyelash curler works well, it just holds the lashes for a minute on each eye. Everything you need to make your lashes look long is in this kit. Extra pink rubber pads for the curler are in the good quality set.

👤I got this eyelash curler for my daughter because she always wanted an eyelash curler, so I thought it would be a great birthday gift for her. It has been very easy to use and hold for her, so she can now have her friends do it for her. I don't have to worry about her using her friends stuff because she has her own highly recommend it for anyone that is into eyelash curler.

👤There is a set of eyelash tools. Everything you need to groom your eyebrows, eyelashes, and eyebrows is provided. I bought this set for my daughter. I stole the set a few times because she loved it. I also like it! I need to buy one for myself. The eyelash curler works. The kit has everything you need. I know this is silly. I love that it's pink and black. It's just super cute. It has a different look than the boring silver ones. The pink is easy to find in a makeup bag. The plastic handles are easy to grasp. My daughter's set was taken. I'm going to order my own.

👤Where has this brush been my entire life? I love it! The eye lash curler has a nice little spring which makes curling easy. The eye brow brush folds. The set was nice and I was happy with the purchase.

👤After a few years of use, my last curler got unaligned and I had to cut off a section of my eyelashes. The reviews for this one were good, but I have never had great luck with curlers. This became my favorite eyelash curler right away. I will be buying the same one over and over again when I retire.

👤I bought this for a friend. I made a gift basket with candles, soaps, and other items. She said she had been looking for a curler for a long time. The package was pink and cute, it fit right with the other gifts. There were some eye accessories that were great for makeup. I would love to put these in my gift baskets. The quality is great for the price.

2. TOUCHBeauty Professional Silicone Naturally Eyelashes

TOUCHBeauty Professional Silicone Naturally Eyelashes

The eyelash can be lifted and curled easily with the help of mascara. The heating silicone pad does not cause pain or pinching. It is safe to use, the temperature design will not damage your lashes. It fits every eye shape. The mini-sized body can fit in your purse. To warm up quickly, use a Alkaline battery and 2AAA batteries. The battery is not included.

Brand: Touchbeauty

👤Love! I have bought 2 more and I will never be without! I have used eyelash curlers all my life. I heated my eyelash curlers. My lashes don't stay curled for long. The angle of the curler is what makes it exceptional. I will not look anymore. Follow up with a waterproof mascara for long hair. Love, love, love!

👤This is my second unit. They are great when they are new. Plan on replacing them at least once a year. They work great when they work.

👤I used to heat my regular eyelash curler up with my hair dryer to get the same results as I get with this curler, but it is so much safer and easier to use. A must have.

👤I have not come across this before. I usually get my eye lashes permed every 3 months for about $56 and this is exactly what my eye lashes look like after a perm. This is a lot cheaper. I hold it down for 2 seconds and it does the job, not hot, just a little warmth! I recorded a demo video on my channel because I loved it so much. Anali Perez is on the YouTube channel.

👤Absolutely amazing with my straight lashes. My hair texture is straight and my lashes are the same way. Even though my eyelash curler worked in the beginning of the day, it wouldn't last as long as I wanted it to. This was a huge frustration of mine and this heated curler definitely solved it. Since it's heated, my lashes stay curled longer and it gets more of my lashes than my normal eyelash curler.

👤I wore it out when I had one 20 years ago. I couldn't find another one until I found this one. Thank you. Every time, the lashes are perfect.

👤I tried a lot of lashes, but they were unsuccessful, so this was a good purchase.

👤It works for me. My eyelashes are straight and stubborn. They stay curled all day with this little device. I can see the difference. I would recommend it to my friends. Thank you!

👤I love it! I've been getting eyelash extensions for a long time, but had to stop because of the flu, and I've been looking for an alternative to improve my straight lashes. This works great, gives a great curl, and it lasts for a long time. They were still curled the next morning after I did them the first day. I have flat lashes that are not done with eyelash curlers. I am very happy! It takes a little bit to get used to how it works, but once you get used to it, it's amazing! So happy!

👤I have long lashes, this product may not work the same on shorter lashes, I was a little skeptical at first given that I wasn't fully satisfied with all the reviews. The product I received was not up to par. They contacted the seller and sent me a second one saying it was faulty. I decided to give the seller a last chance before I left a negative review because I was starting to lose hope. I am quite impressed with the results of my third product, I finally received it. I wanted to keep lifting my lashes, but without being rough on my eyes. This product is the same as the one I used when I had a lash lift. I was impressed by the customer service, which was prompt and understanding. Would recommend.

3. REVLON 3 0997E 11 Revlon Precision

REVLON 3 0997E 11 Revlon Precision

Curls that traditional curlers may miss. The narrow front plate is perfect for short lashes. Control and efficacy are achieved with a full-handled grip. The control of the curl.

Brand: Revlon

👤I was excited to try something new and not as intrusive as the eyelash curler. The standard curler has a safe guard, and this style of curler is awkward to use. Without guards you can go too far. A slow and steady hand is needed. The curler could not tell the difference between normal and abnormal lashes. I went with the less expensive version as an experiment. The concept shows promise, but should be back to the drawing board. Too intrusive, too awkward, and doesn't curl well. The handles are too wide so it might be easier to restrict them. I was hoping this would work out.

👤I bought this because regular curlers wouldn't get the corners and edges of my lashes. Don't poke yourself in the eye! It's easy to get close.

👤I wanted to like it. I can't use a regular eyelash curler because I have an eyelash that grows with a curl the wrong way. This is not something that will allow you to do precision curling. I was able to bend the eyelash up, but it wouldn't have helped my eyelashes look nice if I had bought it for beauty purposes. The plastic cushion in this curler fell out after a few weeks, and less than 10 uses, but that would have been enough to satisfy me as a customer. Not built to last.

👤I shop at Amazon a lot, and am rarely dissatisfied, and often I'm downright delighted. This purchase is the worst of the few that are down. I wish I'd paid attention to the negative reviews instead of doing a numbet and believing the positives reviews because it's difficult and painful to use. It was more difficult to calculate when the curler was close to the lashes but not at risk of pinching the lids, and when I missed, the absence of a rubber "bumper" on the top part of the curler. It's worse than any other curler I've used. I wanted to squeeze harder in order to see a result, because it doesn't curl my lashes-- not even a little bit. A total loss, disappointment and waste of money. P.S. I checked my other lash curlers and found that they all have rubber on one of the two surfaces that come in contact with the lashes. I've come to the tentative conclusion that the curve of the curler prevents me from getting close enough to the lid to pinch, because the others are so much bigger. I think the difficulty and pain I experienced is due to the nature of half-sized curlers, and maybe I'm a klutz, or just have trouble that might go away with practice. I won't get that practice with this curler because it didn't curl my lashes, and I still don't know why others do. I tried the BeMy Lady electric eyelash curler. I'll probably stick with that, because it was great.

👤This eyelash curler is very nice. I would pinch myself all the time with the full sized one. I have not pinched myself with this small one. I have small fingers so I think this might be an issue for some others. It works well.

4. Eyelash Premium Perfect Replacement Curlers

Eyelash Premium Perfect Replacement Curlers

The eyelash curler is absolutely no tugging, no pulling, and no broken lashes. Their eyelash curler is made of steel and will give you long lashes every time. No matter your eye shape, they are committed to providing an eyelash curler. The company of women who care will give you the beauty tools you need. They all struggle to find an eye lash curler that fits their eyes. Their eye lashes curlers are designed to fit all eye shapes and sizes. You can focus on creating the most lift, curl, and length for gorgeous, bursting eyelashes that scream bigger and brighter eyes. You should have eyelashes that last all day and take a few seconds to achieve. Extra Pads and Tweezers are included in the eyelash curling kit. Their eyelash curlers are the best in the world. The hinge is perfectly set to ensure consistent pressure on your eyelash curl. Curl eyelashes are pro-level every single time because of the extended surface and ergonomics. Say goodbye to thin eye lashes and hello to new full lashes. The design of these eye lashes curlers is what makes them better than expensive brands. The eyelash curler is designed to fit all eye sizes. Every time, the eyelash curler hinge ensures uniform pressure. The refill eyelash curler is a girl's best friend. The eye lashes curler has complimentary tweezers. They are a group of women located in the USA. When you buy a kit from them, you're supporting a group of girls. Your beauty and satisfaction come first. If you're not happy with your purchase, you can message them at any time.

Brand: Basic Concepts

👤I've used eyelash curlers since I was 14 years old. This is the first time that I have had clear lashes. The top metal part of the curler touches the bottom metal part, which causes my lashes to fall off. I'm very upset. It takes 3-6 weeks for lashes to grow back. It's embarrassing! If you are brave to order this, look over it before using it.

👤When I opened the package, I noticed that I have two tweezers instead of one. I was supposed to get a curler and five replacement filters. The curler is crooked in the second picture. You only had one job. I am sending this back. Really? I will go to the drug store.

👤I have never owned eyelash curlers. Reviews said they were good for Asian eyes. At least they don't pinch my eyes. The rose gold metal is pretty and the quality is solid. I removed an extra star because I received a card with my order offering a second pair for free. The offer expired when I tried to follow the instructions.

👤I've been looking for a new eyelash curler for a long time, I have one but lost all of the rubber thingys. It was a great deal when I found it. The free tweezers were included in my bag. The curler works great. I can't believe the difference. It's a basic eyelash curler, but it doesn't pinch or pull, and the additional refills are great! I'm very happy with my purchase, I didn't get this for free or any free gifts for a five star review, but I'm very happy with it. It's a five-star eyelash curler, it's a great value, and you get additional refills so it will last you a long time.

👤The first eyelash curler I bought worked well, so I bought the second one. I was disappointed when I received a used curler. You can see the mascara on the curler just minutes after opening it.

👤I purchased this particular curler because I love the Rose Gold color. Don't like how flimsy it is. My curler is much stronger than this one. It feels like it won't last more than a year. It makes my lashes look good. That is what is most important, right? The tweezers that came with it are of average function. I don't know why other reviewers think they are great. An appreciated addition, nothing special in my opinion. It has a nice touch with the rubber guards and pouch for storage. A nice set!

👤This cutler doesn't cover my full eyelid and leaves the ends of my lash line crimped up. I had to throw it out. This curler makes my lashes look bent at an angle, it crimps them, and it also gives me an odd curl.

👤I am not sure what the fuss was about with these reviews. The handle has no resistance. You are smashing your lashes together. My broken one works better than this. The tweezers are not the best I have ever used. Both feel cheap. Don't expect miracles from this purchase, you get what you pay for.

5. Eyelash Electric Curlers Rechargeable EyeLashes

Eyelash Electric Curlers Rechargeable EyeLashes

The natural curling eye lashes are a perfect fit with the curved curler head. It lasts for 24 hours. The eyelash curler is portable and has three gear temperature design. Depending on the different eyelashes. The electric eyelash curler is safe to use, it is easy to operate and can avoid heat contact the eyelid, hurting the skin. Flexibility & accessibility. The compact design makes it easy to fit into your bag. Passive EyeLASH COMB--- The package includes a comb to separate eye lashes and a brush to clean them after use. Dust2Oasis eyelash curler is the best gift for your lover. Both Christmas and Birthday are celebrated. If you have a problem with the Eye lashes Makeup Tools, please contact them.

Brand: Dust2oasis

👤I used to have eyelash extensions. I had to condition them to get them to grow again. I have had no need for makeup since Covid-19 happened. I don't know if that helped. I've always wanted to try a heated curler and I have nothing but positive things to say about it, which is rare for me. I didn't know you needed to put on mascara first and that seems to make a difference. I had to charge it since I received it in the mail. I tried it later in the day. All I have to say is wow. My lashes looked long and curled in the photo. If the mascara clumps, the lash comb can help to separate the lashes. I really wanted to try that as well, so I bought this particular curler. I would say get this heated eyelash curler, it does what it says. I like the results. March 2021. It stopped working. It won't charge at all. I'm not sure what happened.

👤It's an update: oh wow. My lashes stayed up for 12 hours. We wear a mask all day in the ER. My hot breath fogs up my glasses and makes my lashes go back to normal by the end of the shift, but this time it didn't. Love it! Will tell my friends about it. Don't put it too close to your eyes because it will get really hot. I received this in the mail and was very excited to use it. You can see that I have straight lashes. I was surprised that it curled my lashes. My lashes don't stay up all day. I only use waterproof mascara for a few hours because it doesn't stay up all day. This claims to stay curly for a long time.

👤I was told by my salon friend that I could achieve a longer- lasting beauty enhancement by curling my lashes and adding a tint so I could travel for a few months without worrying about extensions. The eyelash curler is very easy to use. I just use the microusb to charge it. I can use it a few days before I worry about plugging it in. I can achieve the look of a false eyelash by applying mascara before curling it, because it heats up quickly.

👤I was fully charged after following mfg instructions. After a few days, it needed a refill. No problem. It worked well. Another refill today. I have a blue light but it won't turn on. I had this for about a month. Didn't use it often and it's broken. Save money. Look at others. I contacted the company and they didn't reply or give me a new curler. They don't return email and their "warranty" is non existent. I would love to give this a no star rating. It works great and has been charged a few times but it's great!

👤I thought I would like it more than I do. I bought it because standard curlers don't fit my eye shape very well, but I was torn between buying a mini curler or a standard curler. With the added benefit of heat, I might have better luck with it. I was so happy I rolled the dice. The lashes are still bare in the pics, so I adjusted the contrast and such to make them more visible. The curled lashes are a little more defined than the incurred lashes. The uncurled is not defined by the photo because the tips are hanging down and pointed at the camera. It doesn't get hot enough. It gets very hot on the highest setting. A review mentioned burning their lid. You wouldn't stick a curling iron to your neck and then blame the iron? You have to take care when using this close to sensitive tissues. When I first got my mascara, I did it for a week or so, but I have since found that it works better for me if I do it right before applying mascara. I don't know if that's because of the mascara I use or not, but I would recommend trying both ways. You can hit the lower lashes if you need to tame those little ladies.

6. Eyelash BYVUTE Electric Temperature Setting

Eyelash BYVUTE Electric Temperature Setting

It is eco-friendly and can save the cost of batteries. Pocket size, slim and lightweight, can be neatly tucked into a purse, bag or makeup case. Waterproof sylimony. The comb of their heated eyelash curler is made of silicone, it is pretty safe compared with iron wire heated comb, and no more having melted problem. You can clean the extra mascara under water if you turn it off before curling. EYE-CURVED FITTED COMB The eyelash curler is designed with a tooth comb that is compatible with the curve of the eyelashes, which makes it easier to curl than a vertical comb. The temperature options. You can choose from three different temperatures, according to your lashes style. The low temperature is 50C, the middle temperature is 70C, and the high temperature is 85C. You can charge it more than 200 times, each fully charged can use at least 2 weeks. The long-lasting effect is 24h. A heated eyelash curler can create a more natural curling eyelash that can last for 24 hours.

Brand: Byvute

👤My lashes are short and do not have a curl. I have never been able to keep a curl with traditional curlers. I was excited to try it. It was shipped quickly and came with a charging cored. I have used this many times. I'm impressed! It is easy to use and clean. There was no damage to the package. The product is great for the price. The pictures are after several hours of using a heated curler.

👤Does not use a curling iron. After applying mascara, there are instructions to curl. It's impossible to clean the device after it takes the mascara off. It doesn't work if you try to curl before applying mascara. It is not useful.

👤It works best after mascara is applied. It is easy to hold, easy to use and easy to clean. It has a storage cap and its own charge.

👤I regret buying it. It is not easy to use. I regret trying to save money. Get one that works better if you spend a little more.

👤I don't have any lashes and this eye lash curler is very hot. Lifted my lashes so I could apply mascara and false lashes without having to worry about them. After using this to curl my lashes, my false eyelashes moved up and down. If you like lifter lashes, this is the place to go. I plan to lift my husband's lashes up a bit with the heat of the curler so he won't be bothered by them.

👤I received this item and charged it up, it works as expected, but I use my traditional eyelash curler more often, and it results in better results. It was difficult to tell how long to hold it in place. I tried it with and without mascara, but it didn't work out, and I had to use my manual curler again. I have straight and stubborn lashes so I don't blame the curler completely. All in all not my favorite. You may find that you have better results if you have less temperamental eyelashes.

👤It is not what I thought it would be. I had an old heated curler. This was a mistake. My lashes took a lot of work to be lifted. I wouldn't recommend it.

7. Wet Wild Eyelash Curler Comfort

Wet Wild Eyelash Curler Comfort

The eyelash curler has a rubberized grip. It's easy to use because it's fitted with cushion-soft grips. Long-looking curled lashes don't have to be a pain. The eyelash curler is designed to not pinch the eyelash skin. Curl your lashes in an instant. This eyelash curler is reliable. The curler is designed to fit any eye shape or size. Wild products are never tested on animals and are always cruelty-free.

Brand: Wet 'n Wild

👤I wanted to use this curler. There are two problems for me. I have deep set eyes, and on the top metal part, there is a small bump in the middle that makes it impossible to get in close to the lash line. Problem number two is that I didn't Curl at all, even for the little bit of lash I did manage to grab. I squeezed hard. On to something else. It was cheap.

👤The eyelash curler is the only one that gets all my eyelashes. I like the curve on it. Better than my eyelash curler.

👤Didn't work at all. I wanted to try this curler since it was so cheap. Don't waste your money. The best curler is the one from ulta for $13.

👤A quality item. Works well. Does not pinch! It seems like it will last a long time. Happy with the purchase.

👤This eyelash curler is the worst I've ever used. Information is for information sake... I've used more than I should. I wanted a pair that I could take with me if I lost. I'll say that the majority of curlers on the market are the same. You couldn't pay me enough to apply this set to my eye again. I washed them with an eye make up cleanser when I first used them. I used them on clean lashes. They stuck to my lashes like glue. I couldn't pull it off. I applied some oil with a q tip and left at least ten lashes attached to the curler. I cleansed the curler again and tried it on a cheap set of false lashes. Lesson learned. I'll use Revlon for my curling needs. The rubber was so old that it was gummed up and should never have been sold.

👤It is a cute design but it is not durable and breaks on second use. If metal touches metal and there is hair in between, what could happen? It's cheap, not durable or safe to buy it again. I am more cautious when researching brands and products.

👤Does it work, but it's hard to get a curl.

👤It doesn't make your eyes look smaller. It's hard to hold and press it.

8. MICPANG Stainless Eyelashes Accessory Professional

MICPANG Stainless Eyelashes Accessory Professional

The MICPANG Eyelash Curler has a built-in comb which separates your eyelashes and creates a natural curling effect. It won't cause eyelash overlap or random distortion like other common curlers. The metal part is made of selected carbon steel material and it is easy to store. The spring is durable. The eyelash curler can be pressed smoothly and firmly every time, avoiding the problem that the eyelash curler is not easy to open. The peach heart handle is easy to handle and has an anti-slip function. The handle is more comfortable to use. USA Local Customer Service is open 7 days a week. During office hours, you can call them for urgent service.

Brand: Micpang

👤I didn't like how it cut my lashes off.

👤I ate a chunk of my lashes.

👤Yes. I don't recommend it because the brush thing breaks after a few uses.

👤I've tried two different eyelash curlers that didn't have the little separater/comb and my lashes never hold a curl even after putting on mascara, but with this curler I don't have that issue, I tried it as soon as I could. It was a little more expensive, so I checked Amazon for an alternative with a better price, and I think it's a great buy for people with straight lashes. Hope this helps.

👤This is something that I love. After the first try, my lashes are straight. I can't wait to get it for my teen girls.

👤It's too big for my eyes and it works. It's not the fault of the product that I have super hooded, downward turned eyes. I would recommend it to other people.

👤It helps to separate my lashes.

9. Zhehao Refills Silicone Replacement Universal

Zhehao Refills Silicone Replacement Universal

The eyelash curler refill pads are made of Silicone rubber and have good elasticity. The black curler replacement pads are about 1.26 inch/ 3.2 cm in length and 0.16 inch/ 0.4 cm in thickness and are suitable for most eyelash curlers. You will receive 24 pieces of black eyelash curler refill pads in a clear storage box for delivery, enough for your daily eyelash curler replacement. The eyelash curler refill set is portable and easy to store in a clear storage box. It's good elasticity, it's good match with most eyelash curlers, and it's attractive instantly.

Brand: Zhehao

👤They're short for my Shiseido Lash Curler, but the real issue is that they don't curl. I have short, asian-esque lashes because they don't hold a curl. All the pads do is tug and sting. It's impressive how bad they are at what they're designed for. You can buy the Shiseido refill on here for cheap, and those actually work, even though these didn't work.

👤I bought these for my eyelash curler. They hold up well and fit perfectly. I haven't found a problem with them yet, they're a good deal for the price.

👤Excellent replacement for my eyelash curler. It fits perfectly and makes my lashes look great at a great price point.

👤This is a great refill. I have not had to replace the item I bought six months ago. Reviewers have said that it doesn't fit their curlers. I can confirm that this fits a basic straight curler. Maybelline is the only curler that won't fit. The curler doesn't fit a normal eye shape so it's more a problem with the refill than it is with the curler. This is a must have for all curlers.

👤I was satisfied with my purchase. I use the Tweezerman and Ulta eyelash curlers. The price is great.

👤They fit my eyelash curler. I turned to Amazon because I can't find any of the brands in brick and mortar stores anymore, and I just bought a new curler. These are okay, but there are more negatives than positives for a 4 star score. I have been using a new curler for a month. The first time you use these, give your curler some good squeezes to wear. The first pad popped out a few times at first use, but mine does not have a gap as other reviews have mentioned. It's still hard, but closer to the amount of give I would expect from a new pad. I don't know if this is how it should be or not, but it's not the best eyelash curler I've ever gotten. I clean my curler frequently since I am not planning on changing the pad again, and I am finally getting a satisfactory result with these after a month of use, which is too long for me to be over-all satisfied with this purchase. The case is sub-par. I have it held shut with a hair tie because the lid is so loose. The value of 24 of them was not bad. It's an okay product, it usually costs about $3.99 for three of them.

👤The Brilliant Beauty eyelash curler has these refills in it. Do not get the refill for the eyelash curler. They won't fit. I got the refill for the curler but it didn't work. The Brilliant Beauty eyelash curler was rated very good on Amazon. I'm very happy with the purchase.

👤Doesn't fit a eyelash curler. The refill are too large. I bought a different curler, and while they fit my new one, they don't seem to have enough plastic to really stick into the curler. I wonder if the refill will come out in a second.

10. Revlon Extra Curl Eyelash Curler

Revlon Extra Curl Eyelash Curler

The Revlon eyelash curler is easy to use. No fighting, pinching, orSTICKING: The eye lashes curler has a rounded pad that Curls each hair without pinching, or sticking. There areURLSBARE or MASCARA-COATED LASHES. Make up with or without liner, eye makeup, or mascara, and without the pain of pulling or tugging. The finger grips are non-slip and designed with comfort in mind. Most of the eyes fit most eye shapes. The eyelash curler is designed to fit most eye shapes.

Brand: Revlon

👤The red rubber bottom lasts a long time. After curling my eyelashes look huge. The curler has a large opening that can fit all my eyelashes. I've used higher priced curlers with small mouths, and it's incredibly difficult to fit all my lashes in at once. It can cause your eyelashes to be crimped. I've gotten the hang of this curler so I know the depth, angle, and pressure needed to make my lashes curl rather than crimp, but just be aware you might end up having to develop a sense for this. I have to slide the red rubber bottom from one side to the other when I switch to the next eye because the lashes at the edges of my eyes don't get curled. There is a metal cap on each edge of the curler. Sometimes an eyelash can get caught between the metal rod and cap and it hurts to try to remove it. Hopefully you don't lose the eyelash in the process. I have reasons to love this curler, but I have picked up on a couple gripes. It's still my go-to curler.

👤I have asian eyes. The curler has a curve that does not fit in my eye. I only use this for the red curler pad. I know it's weird. It's funny. The cashier said it was great after I bought it at the store. The deepness of the curve does not allow for a curler to fit my eye shape. I used the pad for my Shiseido and realized the quality was amazing, instead of calling it a total loss. I was in need of a replacement pad after 6-7 months after it split in the middle. I replaced my old Revlon pads with cheap replacements and I can tell you that they were more sparse than before. I went back to buying the entire kit just so I could have the pads. If your eyes fit this curler, I recommend you try it. I will buy new pads once I need them.

👤It worked well for a while. I'm careful about pinching skin since I can do it with any curler. I thought I pinched some skin when I used it. I didn't. My skin wouldn't let go of the metal that came apart in one spot. I am not injured.

👤One of the ladies mentioned that the eyelash curler worked well for her hooded eyes, while I was watching some makeup on the internet. It fits my eye shape very well and I have used it for a week or so now. It's broad enough to not pinch or pull my eye skin, and it doesn't sit back into my eye sockets. The price is right and I'm very happy with it. I added a photo showing the different shapes of eyelash curlers, which was something I never realized. It's not on the photo, but it's wide and shallow, hope that makes sense.

👤I haven't curled my lashes with a curler in 15 years. I used to use a spoon or lip balm lid to curl them. I had to grow my lashes out. I decided to try a curler because my teenager uses a different brand of curler than mine. After reading through reviews and not wanting to spend a lot of money on an eyelash curler and not want to leave the house for a non-essential purpose, I chose this one. I was prepared to conquer the world ofQuarantine with my curled lashes and volume mascara. I used it to get a good curl. I was disappointed to see that my lashes were the same as before. I tried again, and nothing. I asked my daughter for money. Nothing. I found warming the metal with a lighter was a good way to do it. I haven't tried it yet, but I can't imagine myself doing that every time. My daughter has a plastic thingy that is softer than this one. I will have to see if other brand replacements fit into it, but I am not sure if that is the issue. The money was wasted.

11. Attachment Professional Separates Included Long

Attachment Professional Separates Included Long

The built-in comb helps to separate the hairs. Natural lashes that fully reach through the comb can result in a lash lift effect. The comb is designed to only touch your lashes, and not your eyes, so it will create a proper shape, unlike a harshly crimped shape, which may cause the lashes to overlap and twist in different directions. Carbon steel is the most durable metal and is used in metal parts. It's easier to regulate the amount of pressure applied to your lashes with the help of spring-LOADED HINGE. You can store your make-up in your bag with the Handle ClaSP. The complete package includes a Eyelash Curler with built-in comb and Silicone Pad, 2 Bonus Silicone Pad replacements, and instructions on the outer box. Los Angeles celebrity publicists endorsed it. The product is best used when you angle it upwards and off of your cheek in follow up emails. It is not recommended to heat up the curler before use, and it is best for round or wide eye shapes. 30 day money back guarantee.

Brand: Long & Luscious

👤It isn't worth the price because of the negatives and the good. It gives nice, evenly curled, un-clumped eyelashes, and it does catch my eyelid a bit, which isn't a huge deal. That's what I would expect from a curler. One of the finger holes snapped in half after a few months of light/moderate use and storage in a makeup organizer. I was expecting this product to stay in my makeup case for a long time. While I'm using it, the latch can get caught on the other side and I have to lock it up. I know to be careful, but it almost cost me all my eyelashes. The metal has pinched my cheek several times and left a small bruise. There is a method for this.

👤This is a bomb because of the eyelash comb. I use latisse, so my lashes are long, and I will smudge my glasses if they aren't curled right. I hold the curler for all day. I start by curling my lashes at the base, then move out a little and squeeze again to get a strong, tightcurl. Because my lashes are blonde, and I want them to show up, I put on a mascara conditioning, and re-curl, very lightly, just to comb out the lashes, then clean the curler with an alcohol swab. Good, easy, fast, consistent results, every time, with no mess and no clumps. Love it.

👤I bought this for myself and my sister and they both love it. I like the grips on the handles. They are comfortable and don't cut into your fingers. I expect it to last for a long time. It does an excellent job curling my eyelashes and the little lash separator is a feature I have never seen on a curler before. I would buy this for a gift again if I were you.

👤They said their lashes were too short. I don't think my lashes are long, but this curler doesn't reach to Curl, so I think they are average. I am sending them back. Someone with long eyelashes may be interested in working with them. The curler was easy to use.

👤The eye curler looked confused when I opened it. I figured it out quickly. It has a pin that closes the finger levers when not in use and a finger that rests on the loops. The little comb keeps your lashes separated. A nice curler. I'm happy I bought it.

👤I received two follow-up emails to thank me for the order and to see if it met my expectations. The customer service was excellent. I was intrigued by the idea of combining an eyelash curler and comb. I like it and am learning to use it better. It is working well.

👤My granddaughter was surprised. She was excited to see it. We had never seen one like it before. She didn't have mascara with her. She had fun curling her lashes, but she couldn't get the full effect. The instructions and pictures from the company will be printed by me. She will know how to use it. She is excited to show the girls on her dance team. I don't see any issues at this point. The company has provided information to give the buyer a positive experience.


What is the best product for eye lashes curles comb?

Eye lashes curles comb products from Hocosy. In this article about eye lashes curles comb you can see why people choose the product. Touchbeauty and Revlon are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye lashes curles comb.

What are the best brands for eye lashes curles comb?

Hocosy, Touchbeauty and Revlon are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye lashes curles comb. Find the detail in this article. Basic Concepts, Dust2oasis and Byvute are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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