Best Eye Lashes Sets Pack Magnetic

Pack 6 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. VESHELY Magnetic Eyelashes Eyeliner Waterproof

VESHELY Magnetic Eyelashes Eyeliner Waterproof

Premium upgrade magnetic eyeliner is infused with invisible ion particles. Different false natural eyelashes are available, which can give you a dramatic look during parties,dating or some special events. 3D magnetic natural eyelashes are ideal for those looking for something a little extra in their eyelashes. All day long, magnetic lashes come with 5 strong and durable magnets, which can ensure that the eyelashes are firmly attached to your eyelid. It's easy to use, just apply a few layers of eyeliner to the upper lid and wait a minute for it to dry.

Brand: N/v

👤No bad. Magnetic lashes have not had any positive experiences with me. I'm a Chinese who has no lashes and so I'm always looking for products that will give me better lashes. The set is easy to use and the lashes stay on well if you use the 3 pair set and the bottom pair. There is no sensation like from traditional false lashes when applied correctly. Draw eye liner close to your lashes. Make sure the lashes are on in one pass. If you remove the lashes to adjust, the liner will stick to them.

👤I am pleased with my first day of magnetic lashes. It's easy to put on.

👤It takes a while to put it together. The package was smashed and the sticker that seals it was reatached. They look cheap. The reviews inside the package were a card ofering a free gift for a 4 or 5 star review.

👤This would have been great. I think I will use it for my costume. They kept falling off because they were not easy to apply. It looked like a spider hanging from my eye and had a similar comfort level as one might imagine with a spider hanging from one's eye.

👤I first tried magnetic lashes when they were two pieces. I couldn't get them right and ended up tossing them. The magnetic liner makes these easier to use. I got the lashes on. If you need to re- place the lashes slightly, your liner isn't even because it comes off when you remove the lashes. Next time I will try putting it on top of normal eyeliner to make sure it stays put.

👤These are my first set of magnetic lashes and I like them. They're easy to clean. The magnetic bar is in the packaging. I recommend these if you want a little extra Lash. Make sure you clean them after you use them.

👤When I wear these, I get a lot of praise. I used to get extensions. I have been wearing these for almost every day and everyone thinks they are extensions. The glue is easy to apply. It is a little sticky but once it dries you can apply the lashes. I don't remember if I'm wearing them or not. They last all day without being touched. I don't like applying fake lashes, but these are easy to do. You can reuse them. Remove them by peeling them off. The glue on the liD is difficult to remove. It comes off with a little work. I am in love. A lot of my friends refer me to the link because they love it.

👤I decided to try this product because I am not good with lashes. Allow the liquid liner to dry before applying lashes. I was able to remove the lashes and position them where I wanted them. Since I don't wear lashes, they still feel heavy on my eyes, but this is new for me. This is a great investment for beginners. I used eye make-up remover and micellar water to remove the magnetic liner. I plan to play with the lashes a bit more.

2. Pooplunch Eyelashes Lashes Natural Multipack

Pooplunch Eyelashes Lashes Natural Multipack

8D silk lashes are ultra thin and feel incredibly soft and weightless. They always aim for perfectness and after a dozen processes, Lashes are 100% handmade. A cat eye style is a flare eye or winged out eye that lifts your eyes for a gorgeous cat eyed effect. The natural length and evenly distributed volume of the full lashes add to the cat-eye finish. The band is compatible with other bands. The cotton band on fake eyelashes is thin, and the fine hairs are carefully crafted on the band. You can easily get 15 wears out of each pair. VEGAN & CRUELTY-FREE - faux lashes are made of premium synthetic material, feel super soft and smooth, and are vegan so you don't worry about your furry friends. Purchase is risk-free. Their highest goal is your satisfaction. If you are not happy with the product, they will give you a free replacement or a full refund. If you have a question or suggestion, contact them first.

Brand: Pooplunch

👤Alright ladies. I wear clothes. Some from the beauty supply. Never had an issue. I've been using the same glue for every pair I've worked on. It's alright. These animals. It's funny. These lashes were dirty. It looks like I have pink eye because I should've known the store was named "poop lunch". This is done after one use. The swelling. It's really bad. I had high hopes after seeing other reviews. I understand that everyone is different. These are not a good review for me. I wouldn't recommend them. I don't have sensitive eyes. Never have. I hope they work out for those who want to try them out.

👤The Lashes are so pretty that it is easy to put on a natural look with glasses. No issues.

👤Most of the hair in the eyelashes is sideways.

👤Absolutely TRASH. I used eyelash glue and foundation on my lashes. The package was ripped open. Absolutely shocking! I would never buy from them again. Don't waste your money! I was missing a pair.

👤Beautiful lashes. If I could give them 10 stars, I would because of the soft band and fast application. I bought these because of no reviews but I don't want anyone else to feel the same way because they are amazing! A wonderful product with great value.

👤I ordered both natural and fluffy. I knew the fluffy style was not for me after seeing it in person. I like big lashes and wear dramatic styles a lot, so I thought I would like them, but they are pretty extreme. The hairs are all over the place. The natural style is still fluffy, but with less hair. They seem to have less layers. Don't expect them to be natural looking based on the name, they're full, but can be used as a daily lash if you don't mind a little bit of drama. I am saying that they are not ardell wispies. I will keep the natural ones. Fluffy is a hard pass for me. I can tell they are well made. I believe they will be durable. Before ordering the fluffy ones, make sure you like a true fluffy style. If you want to try a fluffier eyelash, you should order natural.

👤It's so fluffy and awesome. The company was called pooplunch, but the lashes are great.

👤These lashes are gorgeous. They are gorgeous and full of fluff. I have had at least 5 people mistake them for individual lashes. This is a great deal for the price and gives you the flexibility to wash your face properly, since it is a fraction of the price. The packaging mashes the lashes down since they are so fluffy. I use a brush and a clean spooly to train them. Will purchase again.

👤These are not too dramatic lashes and I have always been looking for fluffy lashes. My favourite set of lashes. DEFINITELY. A product that you want to keep.

👤I got a paper to email them and they were going to give me a new set of lashes for free, because I liked their product. Let's see if it happens, but the lashes are great.

3. Magnetic Eyelashes Eyeliner Reusable Tweezers´╝îNo

Magnetic Eyelashes Eyeliner Reusable Tweezers%EF%BC%8CNo

There is a natural MAGNETIC EYELASHES. This 10 pairs magnetic eyelash kit is perfect for a more charming look. The magnetic lashes are suitable for a variety of looks, from a natural look to a dramatic look. It fit your needs. It's so easy to put on Magnetic lashes with Eyeliner kit. Before applying the magnetic eyeliner, Shake the liquid magnetic eyeliner first. Wait a few minutes for it to dry and then apply the magnetic eyelash. That is it! No mess! No stress! There are safe ingredients and gentile-free ones. The false eyelashes are lightweight so that you can't feel them. There was no glue or sticky tape needed. No more irritation. They use upgraded magnetic technology to give their customers the best experience, and it can also prevent damage to your natural eyelashes. All day and long lasting. The magnetic natural lashes with eyeliner kit is very strong. It is waterproof and does not fade. You can have a beautiful look all day. It is easy to remove the waterproof. If you have sensitive skin, the magnetic eyeliner is not a problem. You can watch a movie in the water. All make-up should be removed with towelettes or a cotton pad soaked in eye makeup remover.

Brand: Geralonce

👤It is easy to put on but difficult to remove. I like this product.

👤The selection of eye lashes was very nice and they did stick all day. I thought these were the ones I bought a while ago. We are different, I found out. The glue worked better on the other ones because they looked the same but different sets of lashes. I think the liquid could be a bit stronger if I was more satisfied with them.

👤When I use glue and false lashes, I usually mess up. These are very easy to use and no mess. It dries at a good speed and I am glad it comes with two tubes of liner.

👤The eyelashes work well but the liner runs out very quickly. That is the only flaw.

👤Someone who is not used to wearing eyelashes last to know how to apply them. This product is a great start and I like it.

👤It was hard to put on and look bad. It was more glue than magnetic. It was a bad purchase.

4. Magnetic Eyelashes Eyeliner Upgraded Reusable

Magnetic Eyelashes Eyeliner Upgraded Reusable

After analyzing the reviews of old false lashes buyers, they have made a clarification of the advantages and disadvantages of the old product, and developed the second-generation magnetic eyelashes set. The eye lashes are not easy to carry and the eyeliner is not easy to remove, so aim at the easy drop when wearing eyelashes. Many details have been changed. Every detail has an impact on your use. According to statistics, weak magnetic force can cause magnetic false eyelashes to fall off after a few hours. The density of magnetic powder eyeliner has been increased from 40% to 70%, and the magnetism has been improved. Liquid eyeliner is difficult to remove from old magnetic eyelashes. The magnetic eyeliner formula can be used to quickly remove liquid eyeliner. If you want to remove the eyeliner, you can either soak a cotton pad with warm water or apply makeup remover to the eyelid for two minutes. You don't have to think about the difficulty of removing eyeliner. The eyelash has been upgraded to eyelash comfort. The magnetic eyelash is made of magnetic blocks that are small and powerful. The eyelashes are made of high-grade synthetic fiber imported from Japan, combined with length and curl angle, using soft and thin cotton wire harness, hand-woven. The eye lashes are softer, lighter and more natural after comprehensive improvement. You won't feel their presence when you wear them. It's easy to use, just apply the magnetic eyeliner on the eyelid, then wear magnetic eyelashes. Get rid of the traditional glue that pulls the eyelid. A portable double-layer eyelashes case with a built-in makeup mirror is in the set. You can change the length and width of your eyelashes at any time. The eyelashes can be changed many times after using it.

Brand: Guitk

👤I haven't tried this brand and I am very unimpressed with it. I grabbed it because it contained eyeliner. I have 2 other boxes of magnetic lashes and I was just looking for eyeliner. I just had to check them out after I came across them. I have a thick beautiful bold lashes for every occasion. Not mention the accessories that come with it. There are 2 more lashes in the case. You guys have made this trend so phabulous that I have become addicted to it.

👤I received these a couple days ago and hesitated to put them on because of the magnetic idea. I put them on because I wanted to try them. I bought them because I can't put on regular lashes in less than an hour. I don't have a steady liner hand, as you can see in the pic. They are easy to put on. I made jagged liner lines, let it dry, and when I put the lash on it just slipped on the liner. I thought about it. It is not straight. I have to move the lash a bit. I grabbed it to pull it off, but it pulled off so lightly that I just moved it over and it clipped my eye. The liner didn't smudge. Did I just say that? I love these! These are for people who can't put on lashes. Making a straighter line is the only thing I have to improve on. That is not on the lashes. Wow! I will leave another review once I 800-273-3217 I am on cloud 9 and ready for it.

👤These are very comfortable and I've gotten a lot of praise from them. It is difficult to apply eyeliner when it is sticky. I would apply one layer and then add another. It has lasted the entire day in Florida, even on Rollercoasters. It takes some trial and error to get it perfect.

👤I was disappointed with the liner that came with the kit. I have tried other magnetic liners and this one was the worst. It was sticky and not dried. If the liner doesn't dry or take too long to dry, I end up with liner all over my lids. I need to find a better magnetic liner.

👤This is a nice alternative for me because I am allergic to the original lash glues. I'm able to wear all day without problems.

👤I am encantador las pestaas. Vienen 12 pestaas y me gust mucho la presentacin porque luego de usarlas. No se te extraven. No me gusta es el lquido para pegarlas. Se siente, pero se me pega el prpado. No debera sentirse as porque es un lquido con contenido. No way. He usado dos veces. He usado otros lquidos para pestaas. Esa segu las instrucciones, pero tiene un pegote de goma. Voy a tratar con un lquido aparte. The pena was por la calidad de las pestaas.

5. Magnetic Eyeliner Reusable Eyelashes Tweezers

Magnetic Eyeliner Reusable Eyelashes Tweezers

The eyes are made of magnets. Magnetic Eyelash Kit is becoming more popular. The natural magnetic eyelashes are lightweight so that you can't feel them. There is no need for sticky tape or glue. No more irritation. They use upgraded magnetic technology to give their customers the best experience, and it can also prevent damage to your natural eyelashes. The eyeball is made of magnets. The magnetic eyelashes kit comes with 2 tubes of special magnetic eyeliners, which are made with a new formulated liquid that works like magnet, not a glue of liquid. Magnetic eyeliner kits and Liquid eyeliners have the same formula, but theirs contains more magnetic particles. Every woman wants to have a pair of charming eyelashes. Their magnetic eyelashes set has 10 different eyelash styles. Synthetic fiber is used to make the unique styles of eyelashes. They can be used for a natural look or a dramatic look. It fit your needs. It's so easy to put on Magnetic lashes with Eyeliner kit. Before applying the magnetic eyeliner, Shake the liquid magnetic eyeliner first. Wait a few minutes for it to dry and then apply the magnetic eyelash. That is it! No mess! No stress! All day long. The magnetic eyeliner and eyelash kit is very strong. The eyeliner kit is made with a stronger formula than other magnetic eyeliners. It is waterproof and doesn't fade. You can have a beautiful look all day. Aqtekano.

Brand: Amarvance

👤Pros: easy to put on, lightweight, not real "big" and too dramatic looking, cons: the liner is difficult to remove. I paid to have individuals added, but it's expensive and I'm cheap. This is made for people like me. If I could master the liquid liner line. I would be a pro.

👤These lashes are made of plastic. They don't form well, the liner doesn't stick, and it hurts your eyes. There are many better magnetic lashes out there. Don't waste your money!

👤Magnetic eye lashes have taught me that it's all about eyeliner. The eyeliner I have bought in the past is sticky and gooey and doesn't go on smooth. It's hard to get a perfect line when the brush is too big. The eyeliner brush is thin so it goes on smoothly. I have bought two so far and both have been the same. The eyeliner is difficult to take off, but it's the same with magnetic eyelashes. This pack has a variety of eye lashes. I can match my mood to my eyelashes. I would recommend it.

👤I love these lashes! It is easy to apply. Highly recommended!

👤I love the variety and it's waterproof.

👤The lashes were bumpy with magnets on them, but I love the liner. It wouldn't easily form to the shape of the eyelid.

👤I love it! It was difficult to remove the magnetic liner, but coconut oil worked. I don't worry about them falling off because there light is awesome.

👤I couldn't get the eye liner off even with oil based make-up remover. I threw them away.

6. Magnetic Eyelashes Versatile Applicator Extensions

Magnetic Eyelashes Versatile Applicator Extensions

The liner is easy to apply and dries quickly, you don't have to put a thick layer on for the magnetic eyelashes to stick, it works well and stays in place. The liner has a long lasing magnetic that can hold the lashes effectively and you are free to do any movement without worrying about the lashes falling. The environmental material of the lashes makes them waterproof. The smooth eye liner is waterproof and can be easily removed with a make up wipe, you will be free from the nightmare of glue, stickiness, and bending, and you are sure to successfully and easily wear this false eyelashes. You can get 10 different looks with the magnetic eyelashes kit, it has several different sizes and lengths in the pack. For the health and safety of their customers, they recommend that you try their products on a small patch, because the DREWALA Eyeliner ingredients are all very safe to use. The quality of this magnetic eyelashes is guaranteed, there are no heavy metals or parabens in the formula, no harm to your health and nature lashes.

Brand: Drewala

👤I can't do well with makeup because of my eyelashes. It was so easy because of this product. I have tried many different products. You should stop spending your money on other things.

👤The lashes are easy to use and I really like the variety of lashes. The product is good value for money. It's easy to use.

👤I really like these magnetic eyelashes, they are easy to use and come in 5 different styles, but you will need to use an oil base makeup remover to remove the eyeliner. They have magnetic strips on the eyelash. I have tried other brands of magnetic eyelashes, but they didn't hold well, so I recommend this brand.

👤I wanted to use false eye lashes for Halloween. I liked the idea of using magnets. It was very easy to put them on. I wore them for 7 hours and they didn't bother me. It was difficult to take off. I will use water proof eye make up remover next time. If I want to do it again, I have more liquid liner and extra lashes. I highly recommend.

👤The lashes are very comfortable. It is easy to apply and remove. It is easy to remove eye liner. Will buy again.

👤I've tried several pairs of eyelashes, and they are always a mess with the glue getting everywhere. The lashes don't fit. I have to throw them away because they get pulled off and re-applied so many times. I found the Drewala magnetic eyelashes. I searched for magnetic lashes and found one that looked good. They were beautiful. They are easy to do and come off easily. Magnetic eyelashes should be tried by anyone.

👤The price for 5 sets of lashes is great. Comes with tools to apply eyeliner. Eye liner is long lasting. I hope you have an extra strength makeup removal.

👤I love every pair that was included. Natural to dramatic date night styles. The eyeliner comes with a brush. If you don't have a steady hand, it's hard to apply a thin line. I used my normal eyeliner and included liner to apply my eyeliner. The lashes were long and strong and there was no itch in the eyes due to the glue. The eyeliner is waterproof and hard to remove. Make sure you have a good eye makeup removal on hand. Will be buying this product again.

7. Losha Eyelashes Natural Lashes Handmade

Losha Eyelashes Natural Lashes Handmade

Losha eyelashes are made with high quality faux fur and are softer and lighter than real fur. 6D faux lashes, perfect length and fluffy volume, make your eyes sexy and gorgeous. The cotton band on Fluffy lashes is skin friendly and easy to wear. Make sure to use and store fake lashes correctly, they can be used up to 15 times. They don't hurt animals. Premium synthetic fibers are used to make vegan lashes. Each pair of fake lashes is guaranteed to be good quality. If there is a problem, please contact them.

Brand: Losha

👤Excellent eyelashes! I love their products and have another package on the way.

👤These lashes are gorgeous. They can be used for a simple makeup look. They can be used for a night out. They have a band that is flexible. They are elegant and long. The band is so flexible that it's easy to apply. You get a lot for a good price and they are also reuseable. I recommend buying them.

👤These lashes are cute. The inner corner is very cute. I wear them all the time.

👤I have never had a problem with my lashes. The lashes are pretty decent but they don't have a flat band so putting them on is a pain. I had to put the glue directly on my lashes in order to get them to be placed correctly. I have gotten glue on my eyelashes from time to time. It is annoying. I plan on using them because they are really nice. I want to warn people that it is a very old experience to try and get as close to your lashes as possible.

👤I like the length and thickness. I can wear my glasses with me. I was afraid they would look like bat wings, but it was the right amount of drama. I will buy them again.

👤I'm not the best at putting on lashes and I usually go to a drugstore to get them. I usually remove the thicker strips and use the nearly nude ones since they are easier to manipulate. These strips are easy to apply. They are lovely as well. Love is in the air!

👤These are so cute and I barely feel them, they are lightweight and affordable, and I would buy them again.

👤The cat eye lashes are the best I have bought in a while. They are fluffy but not overpowering. I recommend trimming the band. I am so happy that I bought these. They are a great value and definitely my new favorite.

8. Cuckoo Eyelashes Eyelash Applicator Dramatic

Cuckoo Eyelashes Eyelash Applicator Dramatic

You can get a free eyelash glue. If you put on false eyelashes, you will look more attractive and beautiful. The eyelashes are easy to apply. The eyelashes are easy to bend. False eyelashes can be used many times. A cotton band is soft and comfortable to wear. The eyelash simulation technology can make your eyelashes look like human eyelashes, and make you stand out all the time. These 3D eyelashes are the perfect gift for weddings, photography, nightlife, parties or daily use. This is a wonderful gift for girls. It's the first choice for Christmas and Halloween. The fake eyelashes pack has 4 styles of totally 20 pairs of eyelashes and a 2 piece eyelash glue and application tool which can be used for party or professional application.

Brand: Cuckoo

👤Don't walk to buy the best lashes I've ever purchased.

👤I bought these for a christmas gift. I thought the lashes would be different sizes and lengths. I think these all look the same.

👤I tried these but didn't like them. I love them. I wore a set of bigger ones with my costume. Glue is good quality and lasts a long time, but if you tear your eye it will make them come off. I will buy more.

👤I wish I took my glasses for the full effects, but these are a must. They are short enough to wear with glasses, but long enough to be flattering. If you've never worn lashes before, it would take a while to get used to them. Either way... It's worth it! The glue is okay. I prefer "Eyelure 18 hr wear" glue.

👤It's nothing to dislike. I wish I could give this company more than 5 stars for the extra glues and eyelash tool. I haven't tried glue yet. I like the look of these eyelashes.

👤I was surprised at how beautiful these lashes are. Are they as good as Lilly lashes? They are close for a fraction of the price. I brushed them out with setting powder and a brush because they were a bit shiny, but they were fluffier and more stable. I haven't tried the more dramatic pairs yet, but the most natural ones look just like when I used to get lashes. I can wear them without makeup and feel better. Do you want to try these?

👤I like these lashes because they go up to my eyebrows, but I can trim them and put them on, they are just a bit long.

9. Magnetic Eyeliner Eyelashes Waterproof Hypoallergenic

Magnetic Eyeliner Eyelashes Waterproof Hypoallergenic

Richsky eyeliner are different from the existing magnetic eyeliners on the market, they are more magnetic, absorb eyelashes better,easier to remove makeup and have a larger capacity. Their eyeliner is safe and allergy-free, which means it won't make your eyes red. It's very comfortable when you are using it. The magnetic false eyelashes are very light and you can't feel them on your eyes. Whether you are working, shopping, or partying, your eyes will attract attention if you wear fake eyelashes. It is suitable for various occasions with the different style of reusable eyelashes. Richsky false eyelashes are waterproof. The natural false magnetic eyelashes are easy to use, you just have to put the magnetic eyeliner on top of the natural false eyelashes and you are done. The fake magnetic eyelash will attach itself to the eyeliner. That is it! If you have any questions after purchase, please contact them in time, their after-sales service team will provide you with the best solution. They will give you the best shopping experience.

Brand: Richsky

👤The lashes my sister ordered were 10 times more expensive than the ones I had. I thought I'd try some magnetic lashes. I didn't want to spend a lot of money because I had no experience putting liquid liner on. I thought I would make a mess of it. That couldn't be further from the truth. I didn't do a good job putting the liner on but the lashes hide a lot of flaws. It's a long story, but it's worth the money and easy to use. Thumbs up!

👤The lashes are easy to put on and dry. The only thing you have to do is put the magnetic eyeliner on the lashes and boom them. I've never tried magnetic lashes before, but I'm definitely buying them again.

👤The vendor has the best magnetic eyelashes. The eyelashes can stick to the eyes if you apply a layer of magnetic eyeliner. The smell is very fresh and faint. This product did not make my eyes uncomfortable. I recommend the lashes to my friends, I am in love with them.

👤Where do I start? I was hesitant about using magnetic eyelashes, but after reading positive reviews and watching videos about how easy they are to apply, I decided to give it a try. I was a beginner in applying eyelashes but found these bad boys to be easy to apply and the eyeliner and eyelashes are beautiful. If you are looking for bomb eyeliner and fabulous lashes, I promise you won't be disappointed.

👤I am so excited about these! They are really good quality. I like the fact that I can be subtle with the short lashes or feel more pretty with the long ones. I still love the eyeliner, but it could be better. It smells great and doesn't bother my eyes. It's easy to get off with my wipes and eyelash strips. This brand and item is very special to me. If they ever wear out on me, I will definitely buy these again. I haven't gotten my first pair of them yet. I use the same ones every day.

👤This product is amazing. I bought it because it was cheap. I wanted to try out magnetic lashes before committing to more expensive ones. I had low expectations but was blown away by this product. They are easy to put on and stay on for a long time. I went to Disney world in a pair of shoes and went on multiple coasters, but I was completely soaked when I got back to the hotel. I think this product is very good.

👤I'm torn on this one, some of them are scraggly and have spots where they look comedy side, and others are shorter and have a doe eye look. I give this because I like the look of lashes. I don't think there is correct. Measurement... These are so long, it makes your eyes look small. If you are just trying to take a photo from front or down. If they weren't honest with me, I would say thatANGLES is not a great product, but having that big of a liquid eyeliner makes me think that it is.

10. Magnetic Eyelashes Applicator Glue Free Eyeliner

Magnetic Eyelashes Applicator Glue Free Eyeliner

You don't need glue anymore. These are easy to put on and look natural. It is suitable for party or professional application. The magnetic eyelash can be used many times. They promise that the items are good quality. Any eyelashes problem with them.

Brand: Ocean Zjc

👤These lashes are gorgeous! It was worth the purchase. It's a little difficult to get them in place, but with practice it should get easier. I don't think the holder that is supposed to help helps when you try to release the lashes. When I ordered them, I wondered how you could let go of another magnet without tugging on them. I put one eye on top of my lid and try to get it to sit still, then open my eyes. I blink when I slip the other one under. I had the trim on the ends a bit too long at first, but I would recommend these lashes.

👤The center of your money has only 2 magnets, so don't waist it.

👤These are great for my left eye. When it comes to my right eye, I can't seem to get it down pat. It's a good thing. My bottom lashes are stuck between the magnets. Not a product issue!

👤I like them! The eyelash application tool is easier to use than the small ones. I like how these lashes look more natural than other fake lashes I've had before. I can't do the glue ones, so these are a great alternative.

👤Some people in the negative reviews were doing things wrong. The uppers and lowers are attached to each other when you get these. If you try to put on one of the sets, it will look like you have two different eyes, but you have to pull the upper and lower. These are bushy, but the applicator makes them worth it. I can't do glue one to save my life, so this is much easier and they're lightweight.

👤I was nervous about this order. When I got my order, everything was in a tack. One of the eye lashes gave me two different lashes. I only have 3 eye lash pairs. It takes a while to get a hold of how to put them on. I have the complete pair. I only have one set that is usable and that is why I have a 3 stars rating.

👤I bought a pair from Walmart and they are the same. I find eyeliner to be a hassle and these are a great alternative. I would recommend them to anyone with a makeup allergy. Even in a car with the windows down, they stay on. I washed them with water and mild soap, and you can use makeup removal on them. I lost my first set, the only reason I bought more was that. It looks like two lashes, but there are actually 4 lashes per eye. An upper and a lower one. Spread them apart when you take a set out. They can come apart easily. Check the ends. The clear plastic ends need to be trimmed off. The way to use an eyelash curler is to use the applicator. You want to get it to as close to the eyeball as possible. The closer you get, the better these will look.

11. Magnetic Eyelashes Eyeliner Natural Reusable

Magnetic Eyelashes Eyeliner Natural Reusable

The material for false eyelashes is soft and lightweight, and the lashes are made from black cotton. The eyeliner kit formula keeps eyelashes from falling out throughout the day. It's waterproof and doesn't fade. High quality and safe ingredients. The magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner kit are made of ingredients that are safe and allergy-free. It's very safe when you use it for your eyes. 3 pairs of false eyes. You can change the look of the eyelashes. The eyelashes are disposable and will be environmental, save money, and long time to use. You can come in a box. A great gift idea. The best special gift is a Christmas gift of love. The magnetic eyelashes kit can be a Christmas gift for mom, grandma, wife, daughter, sister, girlfriend.

Brand: Sikkis

👤These are my lashes. They are affordable and dramatic, but I wanted them with a thicker curved band so they hugged your eye. In my pictures, you can see that they lasted my entire labor and delivery of my son, and that the nurses loved my lashes. I can't recommend them enough.

👤Pros: light weight, thick and lots of volume, came as shown, fast delivery, Cons: not for people new to lashes, liner stays a little tacky I bought a magnetic liner and lashes to see if they worked. The tackiest eyeliner was not useless. I will keep it in my emergency kit. The lashes are thick and beautiful, perfect for my extreme styles. During my skin test on my arm, the magnets seemed weaker than my other set, but they stayed on my eyes. Magnetic eyeliners take a longer time to dry, 2 thin coats of liner with time to dry in between is normal. It's still easier than glue. The liner is tacky and magnetic so don't touch it with your real lashes. Will update after a few weeks of use.

👤I decided to try magnetic lashes because I never thought I'd like them. I am impressed with this set. The eyeliner helps the eyes. I was scared at first but didn't experience any eye irritation. It took me a while to put on the lashes. A great product for people who are always on the go. It was great for my morning routine. My only advice is to make sure the eyeliner is completely dry or else it will move and your eyelash will not stick to the eyeliner. I had to wipe it off my real eyelashes. The eyeliner doesn't budge when it's dry and the eyelashes are good quality. I don't have to put glue on them since they're not made with glue.

👤When I tell you I am in love. I am telling the truth. I don't like wearing lashes. I could never get them to be perfect or even the glue. I have always messed up my makeup. Well anyways. This came in today and I let it dry, thanks toMAM! The lashes are very long. They don't weigh a lot because the magnets hold them up better than glue. I have always wanted to know how I looked with these lashes. I will be doing my makeup to see what it looks like. I'm so impressed.

👤My new favorite color! I got into magnetic lashes this year. Sometimes I get them from a target. You can get more for less on Amazon. I don't want to look like a drag queen, so I always wonder how long they'll stay on me. I was looking for a bolder look. I love them!

👤I was not happy with the lashes. The magnets are not comfortable. The liner does not work. I had to use a different liner to keep them on. The liner was difficult to remove. I am still struggling to get it off.


What is the best product for eye lashes sets pack magnetic?

Eye lashes sets pack magnetic products from N/v. In this article about eye lashes sets pack magnetic you can see why people choose the product. Pooplunch and Geralonce are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye lashes sets pack magnetic.

What are the best brands for eye lashes sets pack magnetic?

N/v, Pooplunch and Geralonce are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye lashes sets pack magnetic. Find the detail in this article. Guitk, Amarvance and Drewala are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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