Best Eye Lashes Sets Pack Natural Look Mink

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1. Cuckoo Eyelashes Eyelash Natural Reusable

Cuckoo Eyelashes Eyelash Natural Reusable

You can get a free eyelash glue. If you put on false eyelashes, you will look more attractive and beautiful. A cotton band is soft and comfortable to wear. The eyelash simulation technology can make your eyelashes look like human eyelashes, and make you stand out all the time. The eyelashes are easy to apply. The eyelashes are easy to bend. False eyelashes can be used many times. Premium ultra-light synthetic fibers are used to make Cuckoo 3D false lashes. Each pair of lashes is handmade. They are just as soft and fluffy as your own eyelashes. These 3D eyelashes are the perfect gift for weddings, photography, nightlife, parties or daily use. This is a wonderful gift for girls. It's the first choice for Christmas and Halloween.

Brand: Cuckoo

👤I have tried almost every brand of glue for false eyelashes out there and have not found one that works for me. Most are either dramatic or not. I live in the beach and don't wear a lot of makeup. I don't wear liner on my eyes so I wanted a natural look. I don't use mascara on my false lashes so I can get a few more uses from one pair. Lots of natural look lashes are more for adding a little extra oomph to your own. I had extensions that left my natural lashes small and it took a long time to grow them out. These are my favorite so far. These are easy to shape and look natural. I had to fight with many of them trying to bend them to their will. I needed these hands down. They are soft and shape well to your eye. The band is thin and hard to see. The invisible banded ones don't hold their shape well. These are the same price as Ardell or Kiss brands and come with a decent size bottle of glue. You can put a small bottle of glue in your purse if you need to touch up. See the picture. These fit my eye. Most aren't wide enough. These are. I will not buy any other brand in the future. These are winners. See the picture.

👤I really liked these lashes. I was a little nervous when I applied lashes on myself, I was hoping they wouldn't be big on me. They were easy to apply and stayed on throughout the day.

👤It's much easier to use a black liner than it is to use magnetic lashes. The eyelashes only need a small amount of glue applied to the thin strip. Wait a bit and then apply to the edge of your lashes. It's easy to remove. Just apply coconut oil and they will come off. I forgot I was wearing them.

👤I've tried every single one of them. These are the best. The glue is tacky enough to hold the lashes. They are light and don't weigh me down. I trimmed the length of the lashes to make them more natural. I have light natural lashes that work great for every day use. I highly recommend.

👤Full lashes stay on all day and night. To work for Halloween and a wedding. I initially felt large when I ordered it, but eventually got used to it. They feel light. Next, buying some different styles.

👤I put these on almost every day. It was very easy to put on.

👤I thought the lashes were a bit more extreme than I wanted. I tried them one day. Wow. They fit my eyes better, they don't mangle when I take them off, and I was pleasantly surprised. I can easily re-use a pair once since they keep their shape. I want more.

👤I love these so much. They are light in weight.

2. Losha Eyelashes Natural Lashes Handmade

Losha Eyelashes Natural Lashes Handmade

Losha eyelashes are made with high quality faux fur and are softer and lighter than real fur. 6D faux lashes, perfect length and fluffy volume, make your eyes sexy and gorgeous. The cotton band on Fluffy lashes is skin friendly and easy to wear. Make sure to use and store fake lashes correctly, they can be used up to 15 times. They don't hurt animals. Premium synthetic fibers are used to make vegan lashes. Each pair of fake lashes is guaranteed to be good quality. If there is a problem, please contact them.

Brand: Losha

👤Excellent eyelashes! I love their products and have another package on the way.

👤These lashes are gorgeous. They can be used for a simple makeup look. They can be used for a night out. They have a band that is flexible. They are elegant and long. The band is so flexible that it's easy to apply. You get a lot for a good price and they are also reuseable. I recommend buying them.

👤These lashes are cute. The inner corner is very cute. I wear them all the time.

👤I have never had a problem with my lashes. The lashes are pretty decent but they don't have a flat band so putting them on is a pain. I had to put the glue directly on my lashes in order to get them to be placed correctly. I have gotten glue on my eyelashes from time to time. It is annoying. I plan on using them because they are really nice. I want to warn people that it is a very old experience to try and get as close to your lashes as possible.

👤I like the length and thickness. I can wear my glasses with me. I was afraid they would look like bat wings, but it was the right amount of drama. I will buy them again.

👤I'm not the best at putting on lashes and I usually go to a drugstore to get them. I usually remove the thicker strips and use the nearly nude ones since they are easier to manipulate. These strips are easy to apply. They are lovely as well. Love is in the air!

👤These are so cute and I barely feel them, they are lightweight and affordable, and I would buy them again.

👤The cat eye lashes are the best I have bought in a while. They are fluffy but not overpowering. I recommend trimming the band. I am so happy that I bought these. They are a great value and definitely my new favorite.

3. PURELEOR Eyelashes Dramatic Handmade Reusable

PURELEOR Eyelashes Dramatic Handmade Reusable

PURELEOR lashes made of ultra-light synthetic fibers, as natural and comfortable as your lashes, can make your eyes bigger, bright and charming than usual. Natural and soft lashes are made from thick hair and thin strip line, which make them look natural and fluffy. Eye lashes can be used more than 15 times. Please use a wet towel after use to clean the glue and makeup on the eyelashes. You can take your eyelashes with you to various occasions, such as dancing, birthday parties, and so on, with the push-pull eyelash case. What you get is 5 pairs of eyelashes, 24 hour online service, and a 36 month warranty. Glue and Tweezers are not included.

Brand: Pureleor

👤These lashes are very important. I love how pretty they are. The lashes are natural. They are easy to put on. I will purchase again and recommend it.

👤I am not a fan of putting on lashes and so I went to Amazon to find affordable ones. I noticed how thin the band was, I don't want a thick band. These were perfect for my eyes. Didn't cause irritation, fluffy and affordable. Buy them now.

👤I will still rate this product with honesty because it is free. It is a very natural set of lashes. It is cute and fun, but too dramatic. I didn't have to measure or cut them because they were perfect for my size. The band is a little bit thick, but that doesn't bother me. The whole set doesn't feel heavy on my eyes. It may be a problem for some. I would purchase this in the future. It is light and cute and I love it!

👤The lashes are natural and can be used for simple looks. They were easy to put on. I had no issues at all. The band is slightly thicker than the kiss lashes. These are the lashes that are natural and not dramatic. So cute.

👤You had me at "mink"! These eyelashes are gorgeous. My workday is dull and boring, where the females usually don't wear makeup. I was one of the women who wore the mask. I saw a nurse with fake eyelashes. She looked pretty. I looked at all the lashes that I thought would make me look better. I don't have time for mascara and I usually just use black liquid eyeliner on the top and bottom. But, to my surprise, these lashes transformed my face. They are light and beautiful. I received a lot of praise for my appearance. People thought I had lost weight, changed my hairstyle, but I only wore these. I will not go out again unless I have my eyelashes on. They are not disposable. It is the first time that I feel feminine and beguiling. It's easy to remove them with an oil-based makeup remover. I have changed as a woman. I bought five more packages just in case.

👤It works well for my almond shaped eyes. More realistic looking. I like the amount of glamor these give off, it makes me feel more confident, and multiple uses make them last a long time. I just apply a thin layer of Duo lash glue on the strip and wait 2 minutes for it to get tacky. To remove, I use a make-up wipe and gently pull the glue off the eyelash bands, then I rinse them with antibacterial soap and store them away to dry.

👤It's soft and natural with a little extra length. For girls who like a subtle glamour, I would recommend a wedding and party.

👤These lashes are full but not overwhelming. They are easy to apply. Would definitely do it again.

4. Pooplunch Eyelashes Lashes Natural Multipack

Pooplunch Eyelashes Lashes Natural Multipack

8D silk lashes are ultra thin and feel incredibly soft and weightless. They always aim for perfectness and after a dozen processes, Lashes are 100% handmade. A cat eye style is a flare eye or winged out eye that lifts your eyes for a gorgeous cat eyed effect. The natural length and evenly distributed volume of the full lashes add to the cat-eye finish. The band is compatible with other bands. The cotton band on fake eyelashes is thin, and the fine hairs are carefully crafted on the band. You can easily get 15 wears out of each pair. VEGAN & CRUELTY-FREE - faux lashes are made of premium synthetic material, feel super soft and smooth, and are vegan so you don't worry about your furry friends. Purchase is risk-free. Their highest goal is your satisfaction. If you are not happy with the product, they will give you a free replacement or a full refund. If you have a question or suggestion, contact them first.

Brand: Pooplunch

👤Alright ladies. I wear clothes. Some from the beauty supply. Never had an issue. I've been using the same glue for every pair I've worked on. It's alright. These animals. It's funny. These lashes were dirty. It looks like I have pink eye because I should've known the store was named "poop lunch". This is done after one use. The swelling. It's really bad. I had high hopes after seeing other reviews. I understand that everyone is different. These are not a good review for me. I wouldn't recommend them. I don't have sensitive eyes. Never have. I hope they work out for those who want to try them out.

👤The Lashes are so pretty that it is easy to put on a natural look with glasses. No issues.

👤Most of the hair in the eyelashes is sideways.

👤Absolutely TRASH. I used eyelash glue and foundation on my lashes. The package was ripped open. Absolutely shocking! I would never buy from them again. Don't waste your money! I was missing a pair.

👤Beautiful lashes. If I could give them 10 stars, I would because of the soft band and fast application. I bought these because of no reviews but I don't want anyone else to feel the same way because they are amazing! A wonderful product with great value.

👤I ordered both natural and fluffy. I knew the fluffy style was not for me after seeing it in person. I like big lashes and wear dramatic styles a lot, so I thought I would like them, but they are pretty extreme. The hairs are all over the place. The natural style is still fluffy, but with less hair. They seem to have less layers. Don't expect them to be natural looking based on the name, they're full, but can be used as a daily lash if you don't mind a little bit of drama. I am saying that they are not ardell wispies. I will keep the natural ones. Fluffy is a hard pass for me. I can tell they are well made. I believe they will be durable. Before ordering the fluffy ones, make sure you like a true fluffy style. If you want to try a fluffier eyelash, you should order natural.

👤It's so fluffy and awesome. The company was called pooplunch, but the lashes are great.

👤These lashes are gorgeous. They are gorgeous and full of fluff. I have had at least 5 people mistake them for individual lashes. This is a great deal for the price and gives you the flexibility to wash your face properly, since it is a fraction of the price. The packaging mashes the lashes down since they are so fluffy. I use a brush and a clean spooly to train them. Will purchase again.

👤These are not too dramatic lashes and I have always been looking for fluffy lashes. My favourite set of lashes. DEFINITELY. A product that you want to keep.

👤I got a paper to email them and they were going to give me a new set of lashes for free, because I liked their product. Let's see if it happens, but the lashes are great.

5. Eyelashes Lashes Natural ALPHONSE 16 20MM

Eyelashes Lashes Natural ALPHONSE 16 20MM

5 styles of lashes in one pack, each with 20 pairs of lashes. Complete your look and mood. You canEnlarge your eyes with a little drama but not overly. Simple everyday makeup is suitable for most occasions. Take feather-like eyelashes and you won't feel any weight on your eyes. You can wear them and enjoy yourself with the makeup on. The cotton black band on lashes is easy to apply and Reusable. Each pair lasts you for a long time. There are no skin irritations or allergies with the superior quality synthetic fibers. False eyelashes are more beautiful and stand out with a Shining glitter paper card. It will be a good idea to give it to your friends.

Brand: Alphonse

👤Everything was perfect. It came in between 3 days and there were lots of lashes. I like pretty and fluttery lashes which are exactly my style and I always order them. I gave my friends a few lashes as well.

👤There are many styles of eyelashes. The amount for the price is great and they don't look fake. Sometimes there is too much glue holding the eyelash tray and I have to peel it off. I will definitely buy again. I have been able to wear each pair a few times.

👤I was happy that I purchased these lashes. The ease of application is priceless. I had to check to make sure I still had them on.

👤These are the best lashes I have ever had, and I have gone through almost all of the lashes at both drugstores as well. This product is the best bang for your buck, and they give you many options, if you want a more natural, sexy, or dramatic look. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants a variety of good lashes at a great price.

👤I love this product, it comes in a variety of styles, it's easy to apply, and it's very lightweight. I keep these in stock as a makeup artist. I recommend!

👤The lashes are not well packaged. Several of them have lashes that are falling off. They are not the worst lashes I have seen, but they are not good either.

👤First time using false eyelashes. In the past, they were never lined up right. I watched a video on installing them under. They were perfect, I bought them. I cut each last into 3 sections for easier application, but they worked just as I wanted. It was lightweight and didn't bother my eyes. Remove them at night. Definitely buying more.

👤The value is amazing with this book. There are many pairs to choose from. Some of them are a bit odd, like they don't match their pairs or they are in the wrong places. It was difficult for me to work with the band since it is thin and stiff. I would buy their other book. It is too good a deal.

👤These lashes are really nice. I couldn't wear every pair I put on. The sets have been slightly different and don't match. I think they are pretty. I probably won't buy them again. I've tried at least 8 pairs but they don't look the same when you put them on, even though they look the same in the package.

👤My wife ordered it. She seems happy. 5 stars for the quality.

👤I would say it's 8/10 comfortability, but definitely for party use.

👤There are a lot of options for different occasions. I would recommend all my friends.

👤Ne colle pas cheap. It's a merci.

6. Magnetic Eyelashes Versatile Applicator Extensions

Magnetic Eyelashes Versatile Applicator Extensions

The liner is easy to apply and dries quickly, you don't have to put a thick layer on for the magnetic eyelashes to stick, it works well and stays in place. The liner has a long lasing magnetic that can hold the lashes effectively and you are free to do any movement without worrying about the lashes falling. The environmental material of the lashes makes them waterproof. The smooth eye liner is waterproof and can be easily removed with a make up wipe, you will be free from the nightmare of glue, stickiness, and bending, and you are sure to successfully and easily wear this false eyelashes. You can get 10 different looks with the magnetic eyelashes kit, it has several different sizes and lengths in the pack. For the health and safety of their customers, they recommend that you try their products on a small patch, because the DREWALA Eyeliner ingredients are all very safe to use. The quality of this magnetic eyelashes is guaranteed, there are no heavy metals or parabens in the formula, no harm to your health and nature lashes.

Brand: Drewala

👤I can't do well with makeup because of my eyelashes. It was so easy because of this product. I have tried many different products. You should stop spending your money on other things.

👤The lashes are easy to use and I really like the variety of lashes. The product is good value for money. It's easy to use.

👤I really like these magnetic eyelashes, they are easy to use and come in 5 different styles, but you will need to use an oil base makeup remover to remove the eyeliner. They have magnetic strips on the eyelash. I have tried other brands of magnetic eyelashes, but they didn't hold well, so I recommend this brand.

👤I wanted to use false eye lashes for Halloween. I liked the idea of using magnets. It was very easy to put them on. I wore them for 7 hours and they didn't bother me. It was difficult to take off. I will use water proof eye make up remover next time. If I want to do it again, I have more liquid liner and extra lashes. I highly recommend.

👤The lashes are very comfortable. It is easy to apply and remove. It is easy to remove eye liner. Will buy again.

👤I've tried several pairs of eyelashes, and they are always a mess with the glue getting everywhere. The lashes don't fit. I have to throw them away because they get pulled off and re-applied so many times. I found the Drewala magnetic eyelashes. I searched for magnetic lashes and found one that looked good. They were beautiful. They are easy to do and come off easily. Magnetic eyelashes should be tried by anyone.

👤The price for 5 sets of lashes is great. Comes with tools to apply eyeliner. Eye liner is long lasting. I hope you have an extra strength makeup removal.

👤I love every pair that was included. Natural to dramatic date night styles. The eyeliner comes with a brush. If you don't have a steady hand, it's hard to apply a thin line. I used my normal eyeliner and included liner to apply my eyeliner. The lashes were long and strong and there was no itch in the eyes due to the glue. The eyeliner is waterproof and hard to remove. Make sure you have a good eye makeup removal on hand. Will be buying this product again.

7. Eyelashes TingeShine Professional Handmade Comfortable

Eyelashes TingeShine Professional Handmade Comfortable

There are 50 pairs of false eyelashes in each lash pack. From sunrise to sunset. These will be good practice lashes for rookies. On a daily basis, you're looking for volume that is affordable and attractive. High quality. It's possible. Imported fiber materials are used to make false eyelashes. It was soft and comfortable. The fake lashes are made withcruelty free PBT fiber. Excellent performance and very durable. It is recommended to reuse up to 10 times. It is easy to clean with soap or makeup removal. You can adjust the band's length if it's too long for you. Don't put your eyes in harms way. There are more misdeeds. For any scene or occasion you are attending,birthday party, holiday, celebration or prom. You will catch the attention of the audience. The lashes for women will add glamour to your dating. It's the best gift for mother, wife, girlfriend, or female friends. The look is natural. A pair of charming eyes can bring hope, love and confidence to women. You will feel like a firework when you wear their eyelashes. If you are not completely satisfied with the product, please contact them. They will give you a refund.

Brand: Tingeshine

👤These lashes are topnotch. I can't wait to use them 50 pairs for 8 bucks and they are beautiful and I can't ask for anything better.

👤The lashes were easy to put on and they looked real once on. I only used my regular lash glue and it lasted all day. Some styles look more natural than others. You have the ones that have a more dramatic flair to them. I love them all. The band that goes on my eyelid is manageable and doesn't poke at me. Normally, I would take these off after an hour or two, but with these, I forget that I have them on. I accidentally slept in a pair that I forgot about. I love the extra thickness they give my natural lashes and I don't mind if I add mascara or not.

👤The glue is better than the lashes glue. It is sex proof, long lasting, and doesn't bother me at all. The glue is hard to remove and I would recommend an oil based cleanser to do the job.

👤Even for cheap lashes. Don't waste your money. I bought some from Amazon for the same price, but I would rather buy them again. These look nice and thick, but after trying 4 different glues and failing, I give up! I thought my glues were getting old, but I tried them on my older lashes and they worked. These are the lashes. I'm pretty good at makeup. My own! The photo is attached to prove that I know how to apply lashes.

👤Maybe I got lucky with my first inexpensive eyelash experience because I was given the chance to try out the brand-CINLITEK for only $9.99- 15 pair of faux 3d handmade lashes, and I was blown away by the quality. I decided to try these out because they were out of stock and I thought they would be just as amazing if they were a few dollars more. Wrong... I was not impressed when I took them out of the box. 3 random lashes were missing from the box and they felt cheap. I ran my fingers across the lashes, and they hit together like that material you use in arts and crafts, but it was not the touch, feel or sound of eyelashes. You can see the difference in the lashes immediately. I didn't try these. I can't comment on comfort, but I wouldn't purchase again. I will be returning them.

👤The price of these lashes is perfect for me because I can wear them once or twice before tossing them. 50 pairs of lashes. There are five different styles. They do not look fake with a little glue. The ones that are fluffy are my favorite. There is a note. The set does not come with glue.

👤My favorite glue. I wear lashes every day and have tried every glue on the market. I have used wig glue. This is my favorite. Even though it isn't marketed that way, they are water proof. I went to a water park and went through a water slide and still had my lashes. A girl has to look good no matter where she is. It was held up after I cried at the drop of a hat when I was pregnant. It is a little difficult to take off. I wouldn't rip these off like I would with other lash glues. I use a cotton pad with makeup removal and hold on to each eye for a few seconds and then the lashes come. I use a makeup remover and run through real lashes like mascara and then use a pair of tweezers to remove any makeup that is left over. If you don't want to use this glue everyday, you can use it for special occasions like a dance or formal event.

8. Kiss KISS Curated Collection 01

Kiss KISS Curated Collection 01

Wispy lashes with dense volume and feathery tips look like their own lashes with bouncy volume and curl. Clear band for natural look and comfort; blends with your natural lashes; easy to apply with KISS Strip Lash Adhesive or Lash GLUEliner; and is Cruelty free, Reusable and Contact lens friendly. KISS has an array of options to get the look of false eyelashes in minutes. KISS has everything you need for an easy-to-apply at- home eyelash extension look, including an array of lengths and styles in singles, doubles, and multipacks. KISS is a market leader in false eyelashes, Magnetic Eyeliner Lashes, Falscara, and GLUEliner are true game-changing innovations, and KISS gives women who wear false eyelashes the ability to bring the salon home.

Brand: Kiss

👤I don't like the big dramatic lashes, these are the best for those looking for a natural but still makes a statement. The best deal is 5 for $9. They were less expensive here than on Ulta. I didn't have to cut these to fit my eye because the band is clear. All of them fit perfectly. The first pair of Ritzy have brown and black hair. The rest are black. I love these! I have hooded eyes, they still looked amazing.

👤These are nice, but hard to put on for me because I am learning how to do lashes. I gave them to a friend of mine and she loves them. She explained how to put them on, but I let her keep them since they are individuals. The product is wonderful and I don't have the skills to do them correctly, so I gave five stars. They are perfect for anyone who is an expert at applying lashes.

👤This mix is perfect for my bridal clients and their bridal party. I was able to give drama where it was needed and when it wasn't.

👤These are very nice and easy to apply. A small amount of clear glue. They stay on all day. Take them off at the end of the day and put them back in the plastic holder. It is nice to have a variety.

👤These are my favorite lashes. I wear them all the time. Many people are surprised they aren't from a salon. I don't feel them on most of the time.

👤Is it a good idea to try false eyelashes or which ones to buy? This pack will help you make a decision. It's about the glue. They are easy to take off. It takes practice to put something on or near your eyes. Enjoy!

👤I recommend this value pack to ladies who are looking to see which lashes they like the most. You can't beat the price.

👤I bought theses because the ones I had before from a different brand weren't the best. I got theses after I was so upset. Theses lashes were even worse. They look weird on and not on, they are the most unflattering eyelashes ever, and can't even be returned. They messed up my eye lashes.

👤I didn't know that the lashes didn't come with glue.

👤Good quality. A thin band. It is easy to apply. They look great.

9. HBZGTLAD Wholesale Eyelashes Lashes Natural

HBZGTLAD Wholesale Eyelashes Lashes Natural

Each of their false lashes is made from ultra-light synthetic fibers, which are soft and fluffy, and long lasting. Thick hair and thin strip line make the lashes look natural and fluffy. It is suitable for different makeup effects, daily makeup, smoky, party makeup. Make you more attractive by improving your temperament. The base card is mixed with 10 different styles of eyelashes in each box. The length of eyelashes is about 1.2-1.4 cm.

Brand: Hbzgtlad

👤These things were attached to the packaging with a strong glue. I pried them up and cleaned them up, but was dumb enough to put them on again. My eyes were swollen shut for a couple of days. I needed a steroid eyedrop to get over it. I don't have any known allergies or sensitive skin and I'm nearly 30. Whatever is on these is prophecy.

👤I brought 100 of them and they were shipped in 5 days. When buying a bulk full of lashes, they gave me 2 of the same lashes, but other than that, it was fine.

👤Love them so much, will order more.

👤The shipping was fast. They were ordered Friday and received Monday. I absolutely adore them. Will be ordering again.

👤Works wonders! They were perfect when I opened the package. They are doing wonders for my business and I wore them for my events previously. Yes. It was a longLAY.

👤These lashes are amazing. My daughter was very excited when they arrived. She said these are so nice. She has lashes on. Her friends immediately wanted them as well.

👤I love these lashes. This is my second order this week.

👤I absolutely love it. The green Number 10 Lashes are my favorite of all the lash styles. They are very natural for everyday wear. All of the lashes are beautiful. The lashes are very light and the band is not hard on them. If you are a makeup artist or wear makeup, you will not be disappointed. The item was shipped quickly.

👤The price is not bad but they look cheap.

👤Some of the lashed had glue on them. Will not be buying again.

👤There are many options that are nice.

10. HBZGTLAD Fluffy Eyelashes Natural Lashes

HBZGTLAD Fluffy Eyelashes Natural Lashes

High quality eye glasses, hand-made, more quality! It is shiny and long. Excellent performance and very durable. Excellent length and eyelash width are the features of most fashionable false eyelash style. It's suitable for daily life, party and so on. Make your eyes look good. Ultra thin fiber false eyelashes are soft and comfortable to wear, and may give you a beautiful look. It's suitable for party or professional application like wedding event, photo shoot,night out, daily daytime use. 25mm Dramatic Long lashes will make your eyes look bigger, brighter and more attractive. They promise that each item is good quality, not satisfied 100% and that they are able to produce eyelashes for any problem.

Brand: Hbzgtlad

👤These are the best dogs I have ever had. I don't think I'll use any others. I have tried many and none will ever come close to how much I love these! You will love them if you get them.

👤The lashes have a soft look to them. Whenever I want to be a little extra, I go to this place.

👤The lashes are beautiful. These are perfect for someone who likes to balance out their exaggerated look with being casual. The density of the lashes is very soft and lightweight. Make sure to trim the bands. The ends of each band are not a problem. poke-y. It will be fixed by cutting the ends.

👤I have the best eye shape. In love. Will be my go to for lashes.

👤Did I like these? It was worth every penny. I love the style MDF12 They feel good. I can not wait to wear it.

11. Natural False Lashes Fluffy Eyelashes

Natural False Lashes Fluffy Eyelashes

10 Pairs Premium Eyelashes are made of the featherlight synthetic fur and are vegan. No irritation, allergy-free, can be repeated more than 10 times. The wide of the 0.01mm Lash Band will be very close to your eyeliner. The eye lashes blend to your real lashes without any visible band. Wispy cat eye lashes are a great way to enhance your eyelashes. You can wear all day long. A pack of lashes is a must have. Gifts are the messengers of love. A gift full of love is the most expensive gift. The pink lash pack is a great choice for the deliveryor of your love. The Eyelash Experts promise is that they will research products. I love my customers. I will give everything for you. I'm willing to mail you.

Brand: Geeneiya

👤I am very happy with the amount of lashes. I usually don't buy multi-style sets, but with these, each style is similar enough. If you like one of the different styles, you will most likely be fine with the others. These multi-style sets have too much variety and I don't like them all. I think that the 10 different styles of lashes in this set are perfect for being too natural looking and fake looking. People might be able to tell you have fake lashes, but they aren't over-the-top. I like that most of these can be worn during the day or night. You can see in my other photo that I am wearing the bottom left style. I had to cut off a small part of the strip to fit my eye lid. The band is sturdy and can be washed with a gentle cleanser. I will be buying these again. It is hard to find multi-style lash sets that I like.

👤I have never worn eyelashes before. I was confused as to why the lashes were stuck in place when I tried to remove them from the packaging, so I didn't read the product description. I tried to apply the lashes like the women in the videos, but I didn't want to run late for my family photo session. I'm surprised that the lashes still had some stickiness left after I stuck them and removed them many times. I tried to put my lashes close to my eyes. I missed but those suckers stayed on all night just above the eyelid. I did not add any extra glue. None is the wiser if you put some eyeliner in the blank space. There will be no stopping me when I learn to apply my lashes correctly.

👤These are great! It's hard to find good lashes for my small eyes. I trimmed a tad off each one to fit better. The closer up photo is with these and the second one is with another brand that is half lashes. They bend well to your eye shape, so they stick better so far. The price is great and the thickness is not excessive.

👤These lashes are easy to apply and stay on all day, so if you like them, you should get many. At the moment, they are my favorite.

👤I wear glasses and I'm looking for a short length so it won't rub against my lense. These are called "Double Stack, Cat Eye" and they are perfect.

👤These are the lashes that are awesome. I like how many come in one pack. If they are properly cared for, I can wear them over and over again. The price is amazing and they are my favorite.

👤These are the best lashes you can get. Get your family together for Christmas. I have used the best lashes I have ever worn, they look full and don't make you look cockeyed, but you won't go wrong with this product! Don't miss out, get you some girl!


What is the best product for eye lashes sets pack natural look mink?

Eye lashes sets pack natural look mink products from Cuckoo. In this article about eye lashes sets pack natural look mink you can see why people choose the product. Losha and Pureleor are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye lashes sets pack natural look mink.

What are the best brands for eye lashes sets pack natural look mink?

Cuckoo, Losha and Pureleor are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye lashes sets pack natural look mink. Find the detail in this article. Pooplunch, Alphonse and Drewala are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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