Best Eye Lashes Sets Pack Natural Look Short

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1. Eylure Accents Reusable Adhesive Included

Eylure Accents Reusable Adhesive Included

Kiss encourages women to bring the salon home and express their individual style and beauty with high quality and professional products at affordable prices. Eylure lashes are easy to apply and wear all day, and are great for first time users. Add subtle fullness and extra length to your lashes to achieve a natural, beautiful lash line with their wonderfully lightweight fake lashes. No Irritation - Included lash glue is non-irritating and won't cause itching or puffy eyes, allowing you to wear your lashes all day. You get multiple uses and lasting value from your new natural lashes with this pack. Eylure Naturals is the ideal choice for lash enhancement and even lash replacement because of its invisible band and clear drying lash glue.

Brand: Eylure

👤This is the first time I have used falsies successfully. This look is similar to when I had extensions, but cost is 99% less. They are easy to get on and look natural. I did not have to cut mine. They are short for the inside of my eyes, but you can't tell, at least I don't think you can. After I have the lashes put on, I put on a little bit of mascara. Highly recommend these!

👤I've tried different types of lashes. I've had extentions as well and I'm allergic to glue for the extentions. I am happy with my lashes. It's very easy to put on. I haven't tried the one they provide yet, but I use different glue. These are very light. I forget they are there. It's better than the 3d extentions. Can't go wrong for the price. It's a tip. Blow on the glue about 10 seconds after you apply it to the lashes. Is it positioned wrong? Glue should still be tacky after removing and rearranging it. I've worn this pair 3 times. Very happy.

👤I have never worn false lashes before. The lashes were easy to apply. They are pretty, but light. My dark brown lashes are thick, but not very long. I applied mascara to my eyes and then put on a strip. The lashes were easy to put on, but they were so thin that they looked funny. I had to apply mascara. They looked great once the mascara was on. The life of the lashes is cut down by applying mascara. The width of the lashes is very wide. They are 1/3 length, which is appealing when you want to achieve a more natural look. My lashes are not fake. These are good for everyday wear. I would like to have a lash strip that I don't have to add mascara to, so I can get a longer life out of them. I ordered the 005 and 117 and am looking forward to trying them. I used Duo white/clear glue on the other eye and the glue that came with the lashes on one eye. A slight perfume smell lasts after the glue has dried. I could feel the lash strip in my eye. Duo glue. I didn't feel like I had false lashes on.

👤Very, very natural! It's easy to compare the costs of the falsies I own. I hunted for a day and a half and was 30 mph wind and snow. I reuse them at least 3 times and they are still good. I would highly recommend for a quick, natural look that is easy to apply.

👤If you're just starting out with lashes, or an expert. These dogs are amazing. They come in the package and are not stuck to it. It comes with small safety tweezers. The glue is the thing that I love the most. There is aspoiler alert for those of you who don't do latex glue. I love how it is not just a tube. Don't let that stop you from using this product. It is easy to not put much on the lashes because it is a bottle with a wand that gives you the perfect amount. It saves time for an expert. They are very lightweight. I am wearing them right now. I didn't think a pair would be so easy to apply and wear. I am happy I bought two pairs. These lashes are worth trying.

2. SONAFEEL Eyelashes Handmade Reusable Everyday

SONAFEEL Eyelashes Handmade Reusable Everyday

Natural short lashes. The faux lashes look very natural with a length of up to 12mm. If you want a natural look, this fake lashes are for you. Sonafeel false lashes are made by skilled workers with special technology. It has a natural multi-layer 3D effect, which is very fluffy and feathery, bringing a feeling of charming in nature. Sonafeel selects high-quality faux mink silk and thin cotton band. It is light and soft. You can still feel comfortable after wearing it for a long time. This natural and fashionable lashes is suitable for a variety of occasions, such as work, life, party, dinner, etc. Sonafeel fake eyelashes packing box is a great gift for girls and ladies. There is a worry-free service. Sonafeel is committed to establishing a long-term pleasant relationship with its customers. Please contact them if you have any problems. They will provide a number of worry free services.

Brand: Sonafeel

👤I love these lashes. I used my magnetic liner to try them and they stayed on all day. These would be just as good with glue. These pictures show me wearing them for the 3rd day in a row. I put my liner on the next day and apply the same lashes again, they look great. Stayed all day. They're light weight and perfect for me. I had to cut them a little, but I will be buying them again. Excellent! I have Cat Eye.

👤The lashes are great for everyday use. They look natural and I like the shorter length. I don't enter the room with my lashes until I do. I found that my long, full lashes were too pretty. I recommend these for people who need help with their lashes, but don't want them to look fake.

👤The lashes are thick, however the band is thin. It's definitely a dead sign that you have false eyelashes. You could get away with the natural lash look if the band was half as thick.

👤The lashes are very comfortable. I didn't know I had them on. I will definitely be ordering more.

👤These lashes are really nice. I've gotten a lot of praise.

👤I gave away the rest of the strip lashes I purchased because they were in the top 3 of most uncomfortable to wear.

👤I cut them in half and glue them together.

3. Cuckoo Eyelashes Eyelash Natural Reusable

Cuckoo Eyelashes Eyelash Natural Reusable

You can get a free eyelash glue. If you put on false eyelashes, you will look more attractive and beautiful. A cotton band is soft and comfortable to wear. The eyelash simulation technology can make your eyelashes look like human eyelashes, and make you stand out all the time. The eyelashes are easy to apply. The eyelashes are easy to bend. False eyelashes can be used many times. Premium ultra-light synthetic fibers are used to make Cuckoo 3D false lashes. Each pair of lashes is handmade. They are just as soft and fluffy as your own eyelashes. These 3D eyelashes are the perfect gift for weddings, photography, nightlife, parties or daily use. This is a wonderful gift for girls. It's the first choice for Christmas and Halloween.

Brand: Cuckoo

👤I have tried almost every brand of glue for false eyelashes out there and have not found one that works for me. Most are either dramatic or not. I live in the beach and don't wear a lot of makeup. I don't wear liner on my eyes so I wanted a natural look. I don't use mascara on my false lashes so I can get a few more uses from one pair. Lots of natural look lashes are more for adding a little extra oomph to your own. I had extensions that left my natural lashes small and it took a long time to grow them out. These are my favorite so far. These are easy to shape and look natural. I had to fight with many of them trying to bend them to their will. I needed these hands down. They are soft and shape well to your eye. The band is thin and hard to see. The invisible banded ones don't hold their shape well. These are the same price as Ardell or Kiss brands and come with a decent size bottle of glue. You can put a small bottle of glue in your purse if you need to touch up. See the picture. These fit my eye. Most aren't wide enough. These are. I will not buy any other brand in the future. These are winners. See the picture.

👤I really liked these lashes. I was a little nervous when I applied lashes on myself, I was hoping they wouldn't be big on me. They were easy to apply and stayed on throughout the day.

👤It's much easier to use a black liner than it is to use magnetic lashes. The eyelashes only need a small amount of glue applied to the thin strip. Wait a bit and then apply to the edge of your lashes. It's easy to remove. Just apply coconut oil and they will come off. I forgot I was wearing them.

👤I've tried every single one of them. These are the best. The glue is tacky enough to hold the lashes. They are light and don't weigh me down. I trimmed the length of the lashes to make them more natural. I have light natural lashes that work great for every day use. I highly recommend.

👤Full lashes stay on all day and night. To work for Halloween and a wedding. I initially felt large when I ordered it, but eventually got used to it. They feel light. Next, buying some different styles.

👤I put these on almost every day. It was very easy to put on.

👤I thought the lashes were a bit more extreme than I wanted. I tried them one day. Wow. They fit my eyes better, they don't mangle when I take them off, and I was pleasantly surprised. I can easily re-use a pair once since they keep their shape. I want more.

👤I love these so much. They are light in weight.

4. Glamnetic Lashes Magnetic Eyelashes Reusable

Glamnetic Lashes Magnetic Eyelashes Reusable

Inside of the Magnetic carrying case is a box containing 1 Pair of Virgo faux Mink Lashes and 4 Lash Anchors. The eyeliner was sold separately. Your lashes will last for up to 60 wears if you keep them in a magnetic carry case. The most natural looking vegan lashes are 12mm round. The perfect stocking stuffers are these. You can build your own gift sets. Nobody needs to know these are fakes. If you don't gossip, they won't. Synthetic Lashes are all-natural and look and act like the real thing. It is a great gift idea. It's light, fluffy and has a nice curl. No glue, fast, fun, and effortless application. Their magnetic liquid eyeliner has a strong hold on their 6 magnet band of lashes. It is easy to adjust and remove. The lashes are perfect for women of all ages and come with a money back guarantee. They will refund your money if you don't like your Lashes. The band is 6 Magnet. They know what you need. They created a waterproof hold that was strong all day. When using the magnetic liquid liner, it is waterproof, sweat-proof, and wind-proof. A strong hold along the band. You can build your own makeup gift set or stocking stuffer if you buy each Glamnetic lash pair separately.

Brand: Glamnetic

👤There are some reviews about magnets coming off, but they are not coming off, they are just anchors that can be used underneath your lashes to help them adhere better. I wanted to clarify that before someone based an opinion on a review.

👤I don't wear fake lashes because I'm bad at applying lashes and my eye shape makes it hard to apply lashes. I am allergic to most eyelash glues so it makes it impossible for me to wear lashes. There is a I have never used lashes like these. It is hard to mess up because the eyeliner only goes where the lashes are, and it is not heavy enough to affect my vision. I would recommend people who don't know or are bad with putting on makeup. It is easy because I have the style Venus.

👤First of all. It's ridiculous that you have to buy the magnetic eyeliner separately. The edges of my lashes popped up after the eyeliner peeled off. I followed all directions and used setting powder as reccommended. I had to deal with the raised corners all day when I tried them for the first time. The lashes are pretty and perfect for a more subtle look. I wish the eyeliner was not a rip off.

👤These magnetic lashes are amazing. I tried other magnetic lashes from the drugstore, and they kept lifting in the corner. I couldn't find long lashes in the 16mm. The liner arrived as well. I have been using these for years, as I usually wear lash extensions. These are my go to now. I can grow my own lashes, and still have a good look. I don't understand some of the negative reviews, but I hope this review encourages others to give the product a chance.

👤The Venus has a magnetic liner. It's my first time using magnetic lashes and I think it will be hard to go back to the glue lashes. It was very easy to use because they are so lightweight. I like the fact that the corner magnetic lashes clips are extra secure, it makes me feel like they will stay put the whole day. I don't have any of those eyelash pokes. Quality lashes that will last.

👤Disappointing. The reviews should have been read first. Does not come with a magnetic gel. You can get lashes with gel for less. The Lashes are stiff. It's really sad about it. The magnetic gel stuck to my eye when the metal was ripped off. Don't recommend!

👤This was very easy to use. It is very hard to line up and just get it on with two different brands of magnetic lashes. Right. A child can do it with this product. I don't wear liner on my eye so drawing the liner on my eyelid was the hardest part. I lined up my lashes on my lid and it stayed on for the entire night, until I took it off at 1 am. I used my makeup wipes to remove makeup remnants. Would recommend and will order a different length. I ordered Venus.

5. Losha Eyelashes Natural Lashes Handmade

Losha Eyelashes Natural Lashes Handmade

Losha eyelashes are made with high quality faux fur and are softer and lighter than real fur. 6D faux lashes, perfect length and fluffy volume, make your eyes sexy and gorgeous. The cotton band on Fluffy lashes is skin friendly and easy to wear. Make sure to use and store fake lashes correctly, they can be used up to 15 times. They don't hurt animals. Premium synthetic fibers are used to make vegan lashes. Each pair of fake lashes is guaranteed to be good quality. If there is a problem, please contact them.

Brand: Losha

👤Excellent eyelashes! I love their products and have another package on the way.

👤These lashes are gorgeous. They can be used for a simple makeup look. They can be used for a night out. They have a band that is flexible. They are elegant and long. The band is so flexible that it's easy to apply. You get a lot for a good price and they are also reuseable. I recommend buying them.

👤These lashes are cute. The inner corner is very cute. I wear them all the time.

👤I have never had a problem with my lashes. The lashes are pretty decent but they don't have a flat band so putting them on is a pain. I had to put the glue directly on my lashes in order to get them to be placed correctly. I have gotten glue on my eyelashes from time to time. It is annoying. I plan on using them because they are really nice. I want to warn people that it is a very old experience to try and get as close to your lashes as possible.

👤I like the length and thickness. I can wear my glasses with me. I was afraid they would look like bat wings, but it was the right amount of drama. I will buy them again.

👤I'm not the best at putting on lashes and I usually go to a drugstore to get them. I usually remove the thicker strips and use the nearly nude ones since they are easier to manipulate. These strips are easy to apply. They are lovely as well. Love is in the air!

👤These are so cute and I barely feel them, they are lightweight and affordable, and I would buy them again.

👤The cat eye lashes are the best I have bought in a while. They are fluffy but not overpowering. I recommend trimming the band. I am so happy that I bought these. They are a great value and definitely my new favorite.

6. Pairs Eyelashes Styles Natural Lashes

Pairs Eyelashes Styles Natural Lashes

The Makeup Artist has developed the most competitive and cost-effective 20 pairs of eyelashes multipack on the market, 4 styles to meet your different daily needs. Their false lashes are made of high quality synthetic fiber, vegan and Cruelty-Free, that is light and not heavy. The false eyelash makes your eyes bright and attractive. This eyelash is just as soft as your own eyelashes and gives you a natural looking eyelash. The lashes are easy to remove. The roots of the eyelashes are soft, easy to bend, flexible, and you can adjust the band to meet your eye shape. Eye lashes can be used more than 10 times. Please use a wet towel after use to clean the glue and makeup on the eyelashes.

Brand: Lymzie

👤My package came way ahead of time. The product is light and refreshing, but the texture of the lashes is false, so it is not a real hair product. The flare is on point.

👤I have been trying to go more natural, because I am usually a long lashes girl. I like them for their price and quality. I just have long lashes and they make my lashes look bigger. I cut them in half and use them as half lashes.

👤The glue was very hard. I had to look for a different glue for the lashes. This turned out to be a big turn off.

👤The band is too thick and inflexible to lift off quickly.

👤Don't buy. They aren't like pictures. The quality is low. I had to throw them away.

👤It's worth your money.

👤I knew I was going to buy them again as soon as I saw them. They look pretty and natural, and for the price, they are great.

👤I love my eyelashes. They are light and natural.

7. Eyelashes Natural Lashes Fluffy Frihappy

Eyelashes Natural Lashes Fluffy Frihappy

Their best false eyelashes come from premium silk protein synthetic fiber. If you add a bit of mascara to your lashes, they can make them look more glamorous and give you a longer and thicker look. Give your eyes a boost by throwing the plastic feeling. The eyelash band is clear to fit all skin tones, so you will never worry that false eyelashes will be a heavy burden on your eyes. The flat root wraps around your natural lashes better. The double criss-cross shape is the lightest and most expansive for your eyes. Their 3D fake lashes give a flamboyant shape and allow the eye inner corners to be free. The flared ends open your eyes and make them super comfortable to wear all day. Their natural false eyelashes have a delicate length, yet they still help you create cat-eye makeup easily. It's time to let their 3D false eyelashes work for a flirtatious cat-eye look when you're short of time. They can be re-used up to 15 times without any skills. Choose your lashes and show off your glamour. It's easy to match multiple occasions, are you preparing for an important meeting at work or a party? Or even going out to eat? If you want to show your charm, then their lashes are the best option. The easiest to operate, the most luxurious appearance, always allow you to be the focus of any occasion.

Brand: Frihappy

👤I love these lashes! I've purchased some of the best lashes from Amazon. The hairs on my lashes are too fake to be real. I didn't want to apply glue lashes daily but these are worth it. I was skeptical about buying them because they didn't have many pictures or reviews, but I took a chance anyways and let me tell you! You won't be disappointed. The D8 has a lot of volume. I might buy a smaller pair every day. They are light and not falling off. I wish they sold a bigger packet. They look like extensions.

👤I have been wearing falsies for over 15 years and I am very picky. I ordered from this company because I was happy. The band is clear which makes it easy to look natural and more like lash extensions. I ordered two more. Will definitely buy again. If you want a more natural look, all of them are perfect. I love that I can wear these all night long without it being too small or too large. Get them. You will not regret it.

👤I have been looking for good false lashes since I got tired of the Ardell faux lashes. These are amazing. I was unsure if I should buy it or not because it only had one 5-star review, but I went with it anyways. These lashes are so small. They look like extensions and the hairs on the lashes look like eyelash extensions. The maker put a lot of effort into making these lashes look perfect. The band is very thin and comfortable and it doesn't feel heavy on my eye. It comes with a gift. You get a pair of lashes so that you can stack them to get a thicker look. It comes with hair ties and pointed q tips. Thank you so much for your kind words to the seller. I like them.

👤The reviews on these made me want to go. I am a woman with big eyes. Natural look lashes emphasize my best feature. I own good lash glue. I own eyelash scissors. I know how to put lashes on. These do not look natural. I ordered them because I needed them immediately and my usual brand was not available in that time. Trust me, it's not worth it. These are not your lashes, if you are hoping to look classy, stately, etc. $5 door charge dance club lashes. They look like the lashes you see on a vintage baby doll, just sheets of thick spikes stretching far beyond what could be considered a natural or exaggerated natural lash line. If you want to look professional and beautiful at your wedding in Alabama, don't order them for a party. Yuck. When push came to shove, I saw how they looked on my face, ripped them off, re-did my eyeliner, and went to the party with just mascara on. Trashy and cheap.

👤I like these. I was trying to find a new technician while I was taking a break. I tried several false lashes while doing so. FriHappy Lashes are the best and have some of the most natural looking lashes. My favorite style is DW6. I switched to falsies because I didn't want to go back to extensions. You can wear a pair multiple times if you clean them after use. I don't have to worry about the ingredients in my product. 3. I could sleep on my face and not have a pillow case. 4. I don't have to go to the salon for an hour a week. 5. At the end of the day. I can wash it all off with soap and water. 6. Did I say I had money? $13 a month for a set of 5 lashes and I don't have to listen to a technician blame my poor skills on my products, sleeping, lashes, water, or you must be allergic to the glue... Try them out. You go back to spending too much on your extensions.

8. Gmagictobo Lashes Natural Eyelashes Multipack

Gmagictobo Lashes Natural Eyelashes Multipack

The Gmagictobo Lashes are made from imported synthetic fibers that are more delicate and durable. There is a soft thin clear band on your eyes. Natural lashes have hairs that flare out for a vivid eye opening effect. For up to 15 wears, durable lashes can be used again. The vegan lashes pack is made from high quality synthetic fibers.

Brand: Gmagictobo

👤Good hair. The band is clear. It takes color well and is not noticeable with eyeliner. When you close your eyes, it looks obvious if you don't wear eyeliner. I have severe lashes from trich and this looks real and natural. I have almond shaped eyes and these lashes give me a natural fox/cat eye shape. The duo black glue is recommended for paint on stuff.

👤The base of the lashes are visible. When the lashes are put on, the base/strip is so thick that you can see them. I used black glue. You can still see the thick base. The lashes are too stiff for the lash strips to conform to my lids. I re-glued the lashes many times, but they kept popping off. The base is not what the lashes are Hughesnet The lashes should be attached to the base.

👤Natural looking lashes are perfect for Asian eyes. It's important to have the right amount of volume and length to make your eyes look bigger.

👤The band is so bad that when you put them on they don't stay in place. The lashes are great, but the strip is not as good as it could be, and it is uncomfortable and disappointing.

👤I love the flare and lay out of the lashes, but they are impossible to wear one night. The band is awkward. It is almost white colored. I had to coat it with black liner and black glue. It is even more awkward because it is on top of the false lashes. The false lashes were on the wrong side. I tilted the video so you can see what I am talking about. The band is stiff and hard to curve to. I did not open until after my return eligible date.

👤These are the worst fake lashes I've tried. The band is fake because they are too thick. It was difficult to apply. They didn't look natural on me.

👤Natural length is as realistic as you can get. It's perfect for everyday wear and just a little extra eyelash.

👤The band is thick. You can't make these work, no matter what I tried.

9. Eliace Handmade Eyelashes Professional Comfortable

Eliace Handmade Eyelashes Professional Comfortable

1. High quality eyes are shiny and long lifespan. Excellent performance and very durable. It can be used more than 10 times. Excellent length and width are the features of most fashionable false eyelashes. It's suitable for daily life and parties. Make your eyes look good. 2. Ultra thin fiber eyelashes are soft and comfortable to wear, and they may give you a natural and beautiful look. 3. The eye's focal point: You will get 50 pairs of false lashes. It is suitable for professional application like Daily Makeup,Perfect for Coffee dates, Wedding event, Dances, Stage, Photo shoot,Dating night or a girls night, Graduation, Birthday party, Cocktail, Ceremony, Christmas, School, Working, Any Ball, Halloween parties! There are 4. If you put on thin and long false eyelashes, your eyes will look bigger, brighter and more attractive. 5. Each pair of fake eyelashes is guaranteed to be good quality. If their false eyelashes have a problem, please contact them first, they will solve the problem or return the money. If you have it, you will get a free Eyelash Tweezers design. Style upgrade, quality upgrade, is what it is. Purchase now and you will get 23 sets of New 3D Faux Mink lashes upgrade experience pack, 10 pairs per set. Put it in the shopping cart as soon as possible.

Brand: Eliace

👤Before I got these, I was worried about the quality, so I was on the fence. I caved in because it would be worth it if I only liked one set. I've been wanting for a long time to have lash tweezers. When they arrived, I was pretty excited but I was a little disappointed when I opened them. The others looked a little too synthetic for me, so I only liked 1-2 styles. A lot of reviewers had the same complaint. I was let down. The band is flimsy and some of the lash bands don't hold the curl as well as others. I wanted to give them another chance, but I didn't want to give up just yet. Some reviewers recommended wrapping the lashes around a makeup brush handle to get the curl back. It works, but there's a better way to go. I use a glue called DUO that keeps my lashes in place all day. I highly recommend this glue and it's very affordable. * Considering the price of the set, the lash tweezers are pretty good. A lot of reviews said that they ripped the lashes when trying to remove them from the tray. The easiest way to avoid this is to bend the tray and pull on the middle of the lashes, rather than at the end. The curve of the lashes is preserved. When I pulled from the end of the lash, the band became straight, but when I used this method, it was perfectly curved. I attached a video to show you how I did it. 2 other reviewers recommended brushing out the lashes. Let me tell you about it. It works like a dream. I fluffed out the lashes by brushing them out with a brow spoolie. This worked best for me and I have attached pictures of my results after using it. It takes a tiny bit of work, but they look cute, and that trick saved these, because they looked cheap-looking. If I'm the only one who didn't know, it was revolutionary. Especially for the lashes. It made these lashes worth it. Don't get me wrong, I can work with these, but I'm more excited to wear these out now that I know I can. Some of them look like extensions. If you get these to wear, you won't feel bad if you use your more expensive lashes to practice, or even if you only like one style. It was a steal because I can try out styles that I wouldn't have found at the store. They're also disposable. I can get 3-6 uses out of each pair. This set will last me a long time. Save yourself some money and get yourself these. Remember that they aren't Velour Lashes but for the price you really can't go wrong. I hope this helped you out.

👤When these arrived, I was happy. I am not the best at applying false lashes, so I love that you get 50 sets to practice with. The lashes are somewhat straight and have no true form, but that is a plus in my eye because it makes them flexible to your own eye. I have only used one set, and they were the thin long natural looking ones in the photo, but I really like them. Light and comfortable.

10. KISS Looks Natural Lashes Multipack

KISS Looks Natural Lashes Multipack

More Than Mascara: These lightweight and comfortable strip lashes feature revolutionary Tapered End Technology for natural-looking eyelashes that blend beautifully with your own lashes, a range of styles for everyday look, and more. It's easy to apply lashes in a flash for a natural look and ultimate comfort, and it's so comfortable you'll forget you're wearing them. KISS has an array of options to get the look of false eyelashes in minutes. KISS has everything you need for an easy-to-apply at- home eyelash extension look, including an array of lengths and styles in singles, doubles, and multipacks. KISS is a market leader in false eyelashes, Magnetic Eyeliner Lashes, Falscara, and GLUEliner are true game-changing innovations, and KISS gives women who wear false eyelashes the ability to bring the salon home.

Brand: Kiss

👤These lashes are not the same as the ones you see in the picture, they are a scam, and you can get them at a 99 cent store.

👤I have been purchasing the Kiss lashes for a long time and was disappointed in this particular lot. The lashes are labeled as "sultry style", but they are not the same as the individual sale lashes. The ones that were purchased in the past are not the same ones now. The day and night are different. This particular style is hard to find.

👤The quality was horrible compared to the previous order.

👤I love the look of it and the length of the lashes. It does look plastic, so the quick fix is to put extra mascara on. I'm glad I got these, but will be looking for better options.

👤I threw away two boxes. No curve to them. You ruin the lashes trying to get the glue off. They are not long enough. I am talking about strip length. I have small eyes. I guess you get what you pay for.

👤They look natural. I like the same brand of glue. I love the last ones.

👤I like the look of these eyelashes. They look normal. They are not already sticky, so you have to use a glue. I have to trim mine because they are long. They look natural.

👤I love shopping at Amazon. You don't have to go from place to place to find what you're looking for.

11. Magnetic Eyeliner Reusable Eyelashes Waterproof

Magnetic Eyeliner Reusable Eyelashes Waterproof

Their lashes are made from a Double Layer of Grade A Faux Silk which makes them more durable and lasts 2x more than the ordinary magnetic eyelashes and ultra-thin fibers. It makes them blend perfectly with your Beautiful Natural Lashes and you won't look like a drag queen. Their lashes are made from a Double Layer of Grade A Faux Silk which makes them more durable and lasts 2x more than the ordinary magnetic eyelashes and ultra-thin fibers. It makes them blend perfectly with your Beautiful Natural Lashes and you won't look like a drag queen. The other brands only contain 4ml of Liquid and last only a few uses, butLuxillia Magnetic Eyeliner has 8ml of Liquid and lasts 50% more. It is almost impossible to apply Magnetic Eyelashes using an ordinary Applicator tool as the magnets of Lashes stick to the metal. The Silicone sleeves on their tool make it easy to apply Magnetic Eyelashes and also give you protection against the sharp edges of the metal tool. You don't need to buy any other pair of eyelashes if you have 5 different pairs of Most Loved Eyelash styles.

Brand: Luxillia

👤I have never been able to use lash glue because of the extreme pain. Magnetic lashes are not like that. They are comfortable, I don't feel like poking from the edges, and the length is perfect for my eyes. The 5 set doesn't include any that are over the top, they're all casual enough for work. I can actually use my lashes. Wait until the eyeliner has dried. If you want to adjust the lashes, you need 7 minutes to dry, the eyeliner comes off with the lashes, and you have to apply the liner again. If you want something easy to use, get these. You will not regret it!

👤I was shopping for magnetic eyelashes on Amazon. I don't try brands without their product name on the product since they are mostly un branded products that are imported from China. I would definitely go for a real brand item if I could find one for the product I was looking for. The packaging has nice details. The brand name is printed on the eyeliner and the tweezer. The US brand false eyelashes are too heavy and bold for my Asian eyes, and I usually have the issue with them. I went to try on the most dramatic pair and they are not as dramatic as I thought. If you want to avoid leaving the eyeliner on your real eyelashes, try to wait until the liquid dries out before attaching the magnetic eyelashes. I don't usually write product reviews about detailed ones. This is a good brand and they devote a lot of effort into building it. Thank you for the great product!

👤The product was great. The magnetic eyeliner is easy to apply, dries well, and comes with a fine-tipped brush. The eyelashes have strong magnets on their edge. The 5 pack has the longest and shortest lashes. All are pretty and not too harsh. The eyelashes have a harsh black edge and the eyeliner is difficult to remove, but I don't think it's a problem. The edge can be covered with eyeliner. The fitting tool is made from metal and it can be hard to use. I can always use my hands, but I would have preferred it to be plastic. The eyelashes are better than glue because they don't lift up at all and can be adjusted. This product is wonderful.

👤They looked the same as they did in the pictures that they provided. The glue works well. It allows you to leave a clean line. The lashes are easy to attach to. See the video.

👤I am so sad. I'm going to wear these everyday. It's easy to get on and it's fabulous. The girls on my Facebook are buying 50$ a pair, but I didn't buy them. I told my friends to buy these. They stayed on the boat and went full speed.

👤This variety pack is really nice. I assumed I would only use a few of the sets. They are all great for daily wear and have a natural effect. They are not too extra. The hold is great. There is a pro tip. I only put the magnetic liner where I want the magnets to stick, because I use regular liner to line my eyes. If you don't pay attention to the inner and outer corners of your eyes, the lashes might lift. The lashes work well for me. The eyeliner got clumpy and unmanageable after it was opened. The second tube was completely dried out. It's a real bummer.


What is the best product for eye lashes sets pack natural look short?

Eye lashes sets pack natural look short products from Eylure. In this article about eye lashes sets pack natural look short you can see why people choose the product. Sonafeel and Cuckoo are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye lashes sets pack natural look short.

What are the best brands for eye lashes sets pack natural look short?

Eylure, Sonafeel and Cuckoo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye lashes sets pack natural look short. Find the detail in this article. Glamnetic, Losha and Lymzie are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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