Best Eye Lashes Sets Pack Wispy

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1. Cuckoo Eyelashes Eyelash Applicator Dramatic

Cuckoo Eyelashes Eyelash Applicator Dramatic

You can get a free eyelash glue. If you put on false eyelashes, you will look more attractive and beautiful. The eyelashes are easy to apply. The eyelashes are easy to bend. False eyelashes can be used many times. A cotton band is soft and comfortable to wear. The eyelash simulation technology can make your eyelashes look like human eyelashes, and make you stand out all the time. These 3D eyelashes are the perfect gift for weddings, photography, nightlife, parties or daily use. This is a wonderful gift for girls. It's the first choice for Christmas and Halloween. The fake eyelashes pack has 4 styles of totally 20 pairs of eyelashes and a 2 piece eyelash glue and application tool which can be used for party or professional application.

Brand: Cuckoo

👤Don't walk to buy the best lashes I've ever purchased.

👤I bought these for a christmas gift. I thought the lashes would be different sizes and lengths. I think these all look the same.

👤I tried these but didn't like them. I love them. I wore a set of bigger ones with my costume. Glue is good quality and lasts a long time, but if you tear your eye it will make them come off. I will buy more.

👤I wish I took my glasses for the full effects, but these are a must. They are short enough to wear with glasses, but long enough to be flattering. If you've never worn lashes before, it would take a while to get used to them. Either way... It's worth it! The glue is okay. I prefer "Eyelure 18 hr wear" glue.

👤It's nothing to dislike. I wish I could give this company more than 5 stars for the extra glues and eyelash tool. I haven't tried glue yet. I like the look of these eyelashes.

👤I was surprised at how beautiful these lashes are. Are they as good as Lilly lashes? They are close for a fraction of the price. I brushed them out with setting powder and a brush because they were a bit shiny, but they were fluffier and more stable. I haven't tried the more dramatic pairs yet, but the most natural ones look just like when I used to get lashes. I can wear them without makeup and feel better. Do you want to try these?

👤I like these lashes because they go up to my eyebrows, but I can trim them and put them on, they are just a bit long.

2. JIMIRE Lashes Fluttery Multi Dimensional Eyelashes

JIMIRE Lashes Fluttery Multi Dimensional Eyelashes

Minky look and feel are imitations of the look and feel of traditional mink hairs. You can get vegan lashes in a waterproof material. Flare Wispy lashes add medium length and volume that gradually increase from the inner eye to the outer edge to accentuate all eye shapes. These eyelashes are handmade with a comfortable flex-fit "no-show" lash band, tapered tips and multi-dimensional volume, and are easier to apply than other eyelashes. There are clusters of thicker hair throughout the band, and hundreds of multi layers hairs on each band that give it a fluffy look, similar to the individual mink lashes look. They have always been determined to provide high-quality eyelashes for girls around the world. The quality of their products, the latest styles and the worry-free shopping experience are all controlled by them. If you don't like your eyelashes, you can exchange them or return them.

Brand: Jimire

👤I absolutely adore them! The band is thick, full and pretty, and the length is perfect for me. I can wear my glasses with ease. If I get 1 or 2 pair of lashes, I usually pay about $16 dollars for them, but 20 for 14 is a steal. I highly recommend.

👤The pictures are the main talking point. I was going to have a short/medium fluffy eyelash extension. I tried the Natural.

👤No fueran unas pestaas, pero no tienes, estn hermosas regular.

👤The lashes were light and easy to put on. My makeup looked great because they fit perfectly.

👤I love these lashes. It was nice and fluffy. Go and brush. Highly recommended.

👤I like to use lashes. I dumped these in the trash. They looked ragged when they got in. I thought I would brush them out, and maybe I could use some of my tricks. I will give them that, they are very lightweight. It is nice that they are double stacked. Other than that... The product has positive reviews. They must not have received the batches that I did. I don't know. They are garbage.

👤The lashes are pretty and soft, but the bands are so thin you can't really see them.

👤I don't expect high or decent quality for a low price. I will have to spend a lot of money to get better lashes because they were falling apart on arrival. I used it because I paid for it.

👤I love my eyelashes! They are very soft and easy to apply. I like that there are different styles to choose from. They are very comfortable to wear.

👤The thickness of these lashes is really good and they are very cheap. They are so comfortable to wear and come in a variety of styles for every occasion, they are a great alternative to high end brands for a fraction of the cost.

👤It's really good value for money and comfortable to wear. It works for all eye sizes.

👤They look okay, but not used yet.

👤These eyelashes are easy to apply and feel light. They don't have that plastic feel that you get with most flase eyelashes and the best eyelashes I have purchased. Highly recommended.

3. Eyelashes Natural Fluffy Lashes Multipack

Eyelashes Natural Fluffy Lashes Multipack

The most advanced technology has been used to make the false lashes look more natural and keep them for longer. Whether you're going for daytime glamour or a night out on the town, their lashes are perfect for any occasion. They are also perfect for round eyes. The weightless faux mink fibers create a luxurious finish with the highest level of comfort for all day wear. It is easier to apply with flexible and soft bands. These false eyelashes are made of high-quality synthetic material, which will make you feel as soft and smooth as your own eyelashes. They will not harm their animal friends. They are not a well-known false eyelash brand on the market, but their quality and service are similar to or even better than many well-known brands. If you have a suggestion, please contact them. No guillotine is included in the eyelash set.

Brand: Yawamica

👤The eyelashes are life saving. It takes a whole set up to put on my lashes at the end of my make up. I have to cut them down to make sure they fit on my eyelid, but with these I don't have to do that. I usually get a different brand of lashes from Amazon, and I have trouble with those ones being very pokey, but I have had no problems with these so far.

👤I got "1 - Cat Eye" and they are all perfect. You can wear them with minimal to no makeup, but they are bold enough to pair with dramatic looks. They don't go past my eyebrows or touch my glasses because of the long flair. I didn't have to trim them because they were the right width. Excellent quality. I ordered some others from Amazon in bulk and there were inconsistencies. I can't see any flaws with these. Great purchase.

👤Some of them were hanging like they had been taken off. I put them on and didn't like the way they looked, so I was going to return them, but they told me I could send them back. I threw them away after my boyfriend said what if they were used and made. When buying, be careful.

👤These lashes are gorgeous. It comes with many styles and they are all very light and fluffy. If you are a beginner, they are easy to apply as well.

👤I love the price of these lashes. They look great and feel light on my eyes. You can reuse them if you clean or remove glue.

👤This set is great. The lashes are of the highest quality. I've had trouble with some less expensive sets, but they stay together. They are comfortable to wear and give a bit of drama. They can be used with an otherwise natural look. I recommend brushing them with a soft toothbrush while they are still in the package. It gives a more natural look. Awesome purchase!

👤The band is large and fluffy, the end tail of the lashes is what I love the most about them. They are big and airy and look like dolls. Will be buying again.

👤The lashes I tried were more dramatic. They are a great value. I would recommend them to a professional who loves different styles of lashes.

👤I love these lashes! The quality is amazing. I don't feel like I'm wearing anything. It's easy to apply and look great. I will definitely be ordering more styles.

👤They have already replaced my expensive branded lashes and I am already on my second set in 2 weeks. I wear these every day and reuse them as much as possible, but I can not get myself to not put on a new pair of lashes. As a makeup artist, 10/10 recommend them and so easy to apply band is thicker which makes it easier for beginners as well.

👤I cannot wear makeup without false lashes. There is something in the glue that irritates my skin and causes my eyelid to swell, but these lashes are very dramatic and pretty. I have sensitive skin and it can't handle certain ingredients. After peeling the glue off, it didn't make a difference. The same thing happens with Duo lash glue. If you have the same issues, I want to put this out there.

4. KISS Eyelashes Multipack Signature Crisscross

KISS Eyelashes Multipack Signature Crisscross

High quality synthetic lashes blend with and look like your own lashes with full bouncy volume and curl. The Multipack has a clear band for natural look and comfort. It is easy to apply with KISS lash glue. KISS has an array of options to get the look of false eyelashes in minutes. KISS has everything you need for an easy-to-apply at- home eyelash extension look, including an array of lengths and styles in singles, doubles, and multipacks. KISS is a market leader in false eyelashes and is one of the true game-changers.

Brand: Kiss

👤I am not typically a lashes girl, but I will continue to purchase these because they make me feel beautiful and I can put on my makeup if I want to. These feel light. And god, it's beautiful! I found these on a video by Marina Hokulani, so I want to shout out to her.

👤These lashes are gorgeous. I need to order more. I got a lot of praise for them. They don't have a thick band that makes lashes look fake. I put them on and they are beautiful. For beginners, putting on lashes was pretty easy. I put them on and they looked great.

👤The drama was all there. There was no fuss. I don't like lashes. Every kind of person. I found these and the Kiss eyeliner glue, which made me realize that I had figured out the formula for the perfect false lashes look for me. I like to line my eyes with black glue liner and then apply the lash fullest side on the outside of my eye and a little further to the outside corners of my eye to create drama. The lashes look like fishing wire, so even without black liner, you don't see a strip. Just lashes. Walmart price is beautiful and elegant.

👤I like my lashes at a good price. They are easy to use. I like the length. I have almond shaped eyes and I don't want them to be too dramatic. These are a good fit. I have been wearing lashes for a long time, but I recommend them to my friends who are new. I don't like lashes that sit on a hard band, they're not easy to apply. These are very easy to apply and last all day. If you take good care of them, you can use them multiple times.

👤There was no eyelash application in the package or the box it came in. I was disappointed because it was supposed to come with an applicator.

👤There are two 5 packs. What people are talking about is the same as pictured. The packaging on this one is the same as before.

👤I bought a fake eyelash pack that was advertised with an eyeliner. I did not receive an application for the lashes. The reason I picked this set was that it came with the applicator. The lashes were bolder than the picture and they were not the same as the ones they advertised.

👤A gift for a friend who is just starting to wear strip lashes. It is a subtle look for everyday wear, especially in the workplace, when you are adjusting to wearing lashes.

👤The lashes didn't look like the pictures that were advertised. They are completely different from what I was hoping for. They told me to return them if I didn't want them. Don't spend your money on them.

👤You can't go wrong with the price and look of these. My daughter is a high school student and wears these. I love them when I want a nice eye that is flattering and natural. It's great for daily wear and also for dressing up. My girls used these for stage dance. This style is flattering and full. We all liked the high priced salon sets and extensions. There aren't any lashes falling out or needing to be changed every month. There's no way to find time and money for expensive sets. You wear them when you want. So you can mix it up and change the style of lashes you like, or not wear any at all. They can be used again and again. You could spend the same amount on mascara if you wore all the sets in this pack. You can use them multiple times, but be careful with them. We use a brush. Great lashes.

5. Eyelashes Natural Handmade Reusable Portable

Eyelashes Natural Handmade Reusable Portable

There are ten styles of eyelashes that can be used with a variety of makeup. Individual packages of eyelashes are more convenient to carry and are also more sanitary. You can take it anywhere. High quality. The eyelashes are made from imported high-grade chemical fiber. The eyelashes are handmade and have a perfect curve. It is possible to wear medium length eyelashes with any makeup, whether it is for parties, shopping, work, travel or other occasions. They did not harm animals, and they resisted this behavior. The eyelashes are made from imported high-grade fiber, which is as soft as natural eyelashes.

Brand: Zanlufly

👤I love these lashes. My eye looked great and I added a pop to my makeup. I am going to purchase from them again. It is easy to put on and cut. Great purchase. Every lash lover needs to buy.

👤There is nothing natural about the length of these lashes. These are full and long lashes. As you blink, the person next to you will feel a breeze. No one will think these are real lashes. I don't think women are trying to make people believe they are real. They make your eyes pop. There is a The lashes did not work for me because the look is not for me. I will wear two of the shortest ones to go out in the evening. The glittery cases of the others I gave away are beautiful. I can't tell you how many wears you will get out of one pair. There is a If you like the look of the lashes, you should see them in the packaging and read the positive reviews. They look pretty on some of the other pictures. There are a couple of pairs that don't match. One eye looks bigger than the other. I don't think it will be noticed when they are on.

👤This is the first time that this vendor and brand company has sold something. These lashes were very pleasing to me, I have always been a lash kind of girl. The different styles of lashes impressed me. Will definitely be shopping soon.

👤The lashes are cheap and not natural. I can not wear them because they are so long. They are twice as long as the lashes I buy. I was looking for a cheaper alternative, but these are not even the bottom shelf. The packaging is even cheaper. If I could, I would give the lashes zero stars. They charged me a $6 return fee even though it was supposed to be free. I will not buy this brand again.

👤The bands are easy to apply and the lashes are light. The price was great for the amount and quality. The glitter colored paper is very cute. Depending on how well you take care of them, can be used two or three times. I will be buying from this seller again.

👤This is the go2 if you love full but light weight lashes. They have a nice thin band and will give you everything for less than 20 dollars. These are a great option for me because I always loose my lashes. I picked up two. There are different styles and cute packaging. A must try!

👤Current favorite mascara on Amazon! I have been bought twice now. I wish there was a way to get the more winged out styles, as they are kind of big for my eyes. I still wear them. It was an awesome bang for your buck.

👤I like the fact that you have different types for different looks.

👤I absolutely love these lashes. It could be a hit or a miss. I am very impressed with these lashes. There is a wide variety of styles.

6. Eliace Handmade Eyelashes Professional Comfortable

Eliace Handmade Eyelashes Professional Comfortable

1. High quality eyes are shiny and long lifespan. Excellent performance and very durable. It can be used more than 10 times. Excellent length and width are the features of most fashionable false eyelashes. It's suitable for daily life and parties. Make your eyes look good. 2. Ultra thin fiber eyelashes are soft and comfortable to wear, and they may give you a natural and beautiful look. 3. The eye's focal point: You will get 50 pairs of false lashes. It is suitable for professional application like Daily Makeup,Perfect for Coffee dates, Wedding event, Dances, Stage, Photo shoot,Dating night or a girls night, Graduation, Birthday party, Cocktail, Ceremony, Christmas, School, Working, Any Ball, Halloween parties! There are 4. If you put on thin and long false eyelashes, your eyes will look bigger, brighter and more attractive. 5. Each pair of fake eyelashes is guaranteed to be good quality. If their false eyelashes have a problem, please contact them first, they will solve the problem or return the money. If you have it, you will get a free Eyelash Tweezers design. Style upgrade, quality upgrade, is what it is. Purchase now and you will get 23 sets of New 3D Faux Mink lashes upgrade experience pack, 10 pairs per set. Put it in the shopping cart as soon as possible.

Brand: Eliace

👤Before I got these, I was worried about the quality, so I was on the fence. I caved in because it would be worth it if I only liked one set. I've been wanting for a long time to have lash tweezers. When they arrived, I was pretty excited but I was a little disappointed when I opened them. The others looked a little too synthetic for me, so I only liked 1-2 styles. A lot of reviewers had the same complaint. I was let down. The band is flimsy and some of the lash bands don't hold the curl as well as others. I wanted to give them another chance, but I didn't want to give up just yet. Some reviewers recommended wrapping the lashes around a makeup brush handle to get the curl back. It works, but there's a better way to go. I use a glue called DUO that keeps my lashes in place all day. I highly recommend this glue and it's very affordable. * Considering the price of the set, the lash tweezers are pretty good. A lot of reviews said that they ripped the lashes when trying to remove them from the tray. The easiest way to avoid this is to bend the tray and pull on the middle of the lashes, rather than at the end. The curve of the lashes is preserved. When I pulled from the end of the lash, the band became straight, but when I used this method, it was perfectly curved. I attached a video to show you how I did it. 2 other reviewers recommended brushing out the lashes. Let me tell you about it. It works like a dream. I fluffed out the lashes by brushing them out with a brow spoolie. This worked best for me and I have attached pictures of my results after using it. It takes a tiny bit of work, but they look cute, and that trick saved these, because they looked cheap-looking. If I'm the only one who didn't know, it was revolutionary. Especially for the lashes. It made these lashes worth it. Don't get me wrong, I can work with these, but I'm more excited to wear these out now that I know I can. Some of them look like extensions. If you get these to wear, you won't feel bad if you use your more expensive lashes to practice, or even if you only like one style. It was a steal because I can try out styles that I wouldn't have found at the store. They're also disposable. I can get 3-6 uses out of each pair. This set will last me a long time. Save yourself some money and get yourself these. Remember that they aren't Velour Lashes but for the price you really can't go wrong. I hope this helped you out.

👤When these arrived, I was happy. I am not the best at applying false lashes, so I love that you get 50 sets to practice with. The lashes are somewhat straight and have no true form, but that is a plus in my eye because it makes them flexible to your own eye. I have only used one set, and they were the thin long natural looking ones in the photo, but I really like them. Light and comfortable.

7. Eyelashes TWEEZER Reusable Glitter Portable

Eyelashes TWEEZER Reusable Glitter Portable

There are 10 pairs of natural lashes with 10 individual colorful glitter eyelash cases, one glitter and TWEEZER, which makes the ability to carry them around possible. These 10 styles of lashes can be used for all occasions and you can also make your own glitter eyelash boxes. Ultra fine fibers allow for a soft smooth feel to wearers. The lashes bands are thin and flexible to fit with your eyes. It's easy to blend in with your natural lash line, and it's also easy to remove at the end of the day. It's definitely possible for multiple times in a proper manner. The lashes bands are strong and thin, but can be used in many different ways.

Brand: Pawotence

👤Quality lashes for an affordable price. The band is not too thin or thick and I love it. It's perfect for a night out. I recommend.

👤I don't know what is in the strips that hold the lashes in place, my eyes have a terrible reaction when I wear them. My eyes swell up and turn red. The swelling takes a couple of days to calm down and then I have flaky, peeling eyelids. I have never had this happen with any other lashes. If your skin is the least sensitive, you may have a painful, swollen, red disaster on your hands. If you decide to buy, proceed with caution.

👤I'm going to try these lashes. I bought from this brand a month or so ago and I love the quality of their lashes. I love them so much that I am now ordering additional styles from them. I buy in bulk for myself and my clients. These are the perfect cross of natural and glamour, they are packed nicely and look exactly like the photos online.

👤I bought these for my daughter. She uses different types of lashes. She loved them and used them. We will definitely be buying more. They are pretty on her. If you are looking for something that is durable and fashionable, it's a no-brainer for the price. Be wonderful!

👤A good variety of lashes, short to medium length. Dramatic and natural gives a major enhancement to the eyes. I love them. These are a good choice if you are looking for a shorter length.

👤I tried my first pair last night and they were adorable. They are definitely worth buying. I would buy these many times. They were great gifts for my friends.

👤I have bought a lot of mink lashes and they are very soft. I have worn two out of ten pairs. I like the way I have a pair for any occasion. The product was very good and the price was great.

👤I wore these lashes for my wedding day and they are perfect, they have been buying since October and I can't find anything better. They are very affordable.

👤It was delivered quickly and as described.

👤The styles are cute and come in many varieties.

8. Newcally Eyelashes Dramatic Handmade Wholesale

Newcally Eyelashes Dramatic Handmade Wholesale

There is a package included. There are 8 styles of false eyelash set with 24 pairs. They are easy to carry and are suitable for different occasions. The false lashes in the 8 styles pack are ideal for achieving ultra glamorous look. False lashes can be re-used up to 15 times. They are all handmade by fine synthetic fibers. It is easy and convenient to wear. The cotton lash band is light and airy. It is easy to wear and can be curved to match your eyes. The gift choice is super. Women and girls like the sparkling packaging and unique eyelashes. Their false eyelashes are a great gift for women who are interested in beauty. Newcally lashes are always perfect.

Brand: Newcally

👤I am so excited to wear these and show off my new lash application techniques, I got a hurry up and use them before my home girls try to hit me.

👤I love shopping with her brand, it's lovely and exciting, she never lets me down, and I want to buy more of her lashes.

👤The lashes are easy to apply. They look natural. They are light in weight. You can wear them to work or a fancy date night. These lashes can be used many different ways.

👤The lashes are ok. The bands holding lashes together are large. It was very noticeable.

👤The first time I purchased this product, I only had a few sets that didn't match and the band was not bendable. The first pack out of the box didn't match the second pack and the third pack was un bendable so it wouldn't fit your eyelid. So disappointing.

👤I was introduced to Newcally False Lashes by a coworker. It was love at first sight. I received my order immediately. The packaging was good. The lashes are full and leave a black line. It looks like eyeliner. I have been wearing the set for 3 months and have placed two orders. You have to pay the price.

👤I love the different types of lashes. Some are nice for a dramatic look and some are not. I will be purchasing from them again soon. The packaging is gorgeous.

👤The product was amazing. I initially thought they were going to be low quality but they are actually great. The boxes are cute and they are high quality. Highly recommended.

👤I usually buy 1 pair of lashes for like £13 but when I saw them on Amazon I fell in love. Light weight feels like nothing on your lashes because they are so easy to put on. I had a lot of complaints. The bugger bundle was purchased by me.

👤These lashes come in a variety of styles and are my favourite. They are all lightweight so you can barely feel them. You can reuse them too because they last well.

👤I wear strip lashes daily but they are not for me because the lashes are thick and theatrical and not natural. I tried a set, but not for me.

👤These lashes are gorgeous. I have been buying packs of 4 for 20 quid for the longest time and they are the same quality as a pound a pair. I am in love. They stay well and make my eyes look cute. Love is love. Will be buying again.

👤Great stay in. There are different styles to choose from. It is easy to put on and remove. It is easy to remove glue from the lashes. Two weeks of wear from one set of lashes. I've ever bought lashes that were great value.

9. Eyelashes Natural Lashes Fluffy Frihappy

Eyelashes Natural Lashes Fluffy Frihappy

Their best false eyelashes come from premium silk protein synthetic fiber. If you add a bit of mascara to your lashes, they can make them look more glamorous and give you a longer and thicker look. Give your eyes a boost by throwing the plastic feeling. The eyelash band is clear to fit all skin tones, so you will never worry that false eyelashes will be a heavy burden on your eyes. The flat root wraps around your natural lashes better. The double criss-cross shape is the lightest and most expansive for your eyes. Their 3D fake lashes give a flamboyant shape and allow the eye inner corners to be free. The flared ends open your eyes and make them super comfortable to wear all day. Their natural false eyelashes have a delicate length, yet they still help you create cat-eye makeup easily. It's time to let their 3D false eyelashes work for a flirtatious cat-eye look when you're short of time. They can be re-used up to 15 times without any skills. Choose your lashes and show off your glamour. It's easy to match multiple occasions, are you preparing for an important meeting at work or a party? Or even going out to eat? If you want to show your charm, then their lashes are the best option. The easiest to operate, the most luxurious appearance, always allow you to be the focus of any occasion.

Brand: Frihappy

👤I love these lashes! I've purchased some of the best lashes from Amazon. The hairs on my lashes are too fake to be real. I didn't want to apply glue lashes daily but these are worth it. I was skeptical about buying them because they didn't have many pictures or reviews, but I took a chance anyways and let me tell you! You won't be disappointed. The D8 has a lot of volume. I might buy a smaller pair every day. They are light and not falling off. I wish they sold a bigger packet. They look like extensions.

👤I have been wearing falsies for over 15 years and I am very picky. I ordered from this company because I was happy. The band is clear which makes it easy to look natural and more like lash extensions. I ordered two more. Will definitely buy again. If you want a more natural look, all of them are perfect. I love that I can wear these all night long without it being too small or too large. Get them. You will not regret it.

👤I have been looking for good false lashes since I got tired of the Ardell faux lashes. These are amazing. I was unsure if I should buy it or not because it only had one 5-star review, but I went with it anyways. These lashes are so small. They look like extensions and the hairs on the lashes look like eyelash extensions. The maker put a lot of effort into making these lashes look perfect. The band is very thin and comfortable and it doesn't feel heavy on my eye. It comes with a gift. You get a pair of lashes so that you can stack them to get a thicker look. It comes with hair ties and pointed q tips. Thank you so much for your kind words to the seller. I like them.

👤The reviews on these made me want to go. I am a woman with big eyes. Natural look lashes emphasize my best feature. I own good lash glue. I own eyelash scissors. I know how to put lashes on. These do not look natural. I ordered them because I needed them immediately and my usual brand was not available in that time. Trust me, it's not worth it. These are not your lashes, if you are hoping to look classy, stately, etc. $5 door charge dance club lashes. They look like the lashes you see on a vintage baby doll, just sheets of thick spikes stretching far beyond what could be considered a natural or exaggerated natural lash line. If you want to look professional and beautiful at your wedding in Alabama, don't order them for a party. Yuck. When push came to shove, I saw how they looked on my face, ripped them off, re-did my eyeliner, and went to the party with just mascara on. Trashy and cheap.

👤I like these. I was trying to find a new technician while I was taking a break. I tried several false lashes while doing so. FriHappy Lashes are the best and have some of the most natural looking lashes. My favorite style is DW6. I switched to falsies because I didn't want to go back to extensions. You can wear a pair multiple times if you clean them after use. I don't have to worry about the ingredients in my product. 3. I could sleep on my face and not have a pillow case. 4. I don't have to go to the salon for an hour a week. 5. At the end of the day. I can wash it all off with soap and water. 6. Did I say I had money? $13 a month for a set of 5 lashes and I don't have to listen to a technician blame my poor skills on my products, sleeping, lashes, water, or you must be allergic to the glue... Try them out. You go back to spending too much on your extensions.

10. Eyelashes Styles Wholesale Dramatic Multipack

Eyelashes Styles Wholesale Dramatic Multipack

6 styles of false eyelashes will add a lot of length and volume to your natural lashes and give you a softer and bolder look. A tool to enlarge your eyes. High-quality Falsies are hand-knotted by high-quality fiber to provide more durable and cruelty-free lashes. You can reuse these false lashes up to 15 times. The cotton band on these lashes will make them feel like your own lashes. They are easy to apply and remove. It is suitable for daily use, party or professional makeup like models, hair stylist, wedding event, photo shoot and girl's night out. After-sale without worry!

Brand: Alice

👤Excellent! The ones I wore in the picture were the perfect length for me to wear my glasses as well. The band did not annoy me at all and they are very lightweight. It would definitely be a good idea.

👤These lashes are very nice. I wore them from the 3rd to the last row. I was walking around in the mall. They were easy to put on. Definitely recommend. The different styles are great.

👤The lashes were perfect. They are long and large. They look like a lot of the lashes I have purchased in the past. The cost is more efficient. I would recommend them to a friend. They are light and beautiful. The price is a great value.

👤If you are looking for false lashes that give you that look, these are the ones for you. They look great with natural eye makeup or a smokey eye. These have become a favorite of mine.

👤I received my lashes quickly. There are lots of cute styles. I can not wait to try. The lashes are soft. Would recommend. There is a lot of variety for natural and glam looks.

👤These lashes are cute. They are light and comfortable and give you a nice look.

👤I liked the light feel of these. How full they were was also a factor.

👤The band is thick. Don't order these if you want a natural look. They look like small insects on my eyes.

👤I was not sure if the lashes would be long. They are full and cute for an all out look. I would recommend it.

👤The lashes are so light on the eyes that they are a great value for money. The quality is the same as lashes and I would definitely buy again.

👤I love these lashes! I've been using lashes for a long time and they are fantastic for the price and quality. It's easy to clean. They hold their shape after washing. Very happy with the product.

👤My daughter will not live without them, she says they are easy to put on and stay on, they are not heavy and she will live. She loves them and orders them frequently.

👤If you want a light fluffy look and enough to wear every day, they are a great option. The price is absolute and no extensions are needed. Overall good, but not as expected.

11. PURELEOR Eyelashes Dramatic Handmade Reusable

PURELEOR Eyelashes Dramatic Handmade Reusable

PURELEOR lashes made of ultra-light synthetic fibers, as natural and comfortable as your lashes, can make your eyes bigger, bright and charming than usual. Natural and soft lashes are made from thick hair and thin strip line, which make them look natural and fluffy. Eye lashes can be used more than 15 times. Please use a wet towel after use to clean the glue and makeup on the eyelashes. You can take your eyelashes with you to various occasions, such as dancing, birthday parties, and so on, with the push-pull eyelash case. What you get is 5 pairs of eyelashes, 24 hour online service, and a 36 month warranty. Glue and Tweezers are not included.

Brand: Pureleor

👤These lashes are very important. I love how pretty they are. The lashes are natural. They are easy to put on. I will purchase again and recommend it.

👤I am not a fan of putting on lashes and so I went to Amazon to find affordable ones. I noticed how thin the band was, I don't want a thick band. These were perfect for my eyes. Didn't cause irritation, fluffy and affordable. Buy them now.

👤I will still rate this product with honesty because it is free. It is a very natural set of lashes. It is cute and fun, but too dramatic. I didn't have to measure or cut them because they were perfect for my size. The band is a little bit thick, but that doesn't bother me. The whole set doesn't feel heavy on my eyes. It may be a problem for some. I would purchase this in the future. It is light and cute and I love it!

👤The lashes are natural and can be used for simple looks. They were easy to put on. I had no issues at all. The band is slightly thicker than the kiss lashes. These are the lashes that are natural and not dramatic. So cute.

👤You had me at "mink"! These eyelashes are gorgeous. My workday is dull and boring, where the females usually don't wear makeup. I was one of the women who wore the mask. I saw a nurse with fake eyelashes. She looked pretty. I looked at all the lashes that I thought would make me look better. I don't have time for mascara and I usually just use black liquid eyeliner on the top and bottom. But, to my surprise, these lashes transformed my face. They are light and beautiful. I received a lot of praise for my appearance. People thought I had lost weight, changed my hairstyle, but I only wore these. I will not go out again unless I have my eyelashes on. They are not disposable. It is the first time that I feel feminine and beguiling. It's easy to remove them with an oil-based makeup remover. I have changed as a woman. I bought five more packages just in case.

👤It works well for my almond shaped eyes. More realistic looking. I like the amount of glamor these give off, it makes me feel more confident, and multiple uses make them last a long time. I just apply a thin layer of Duo lash glue on the strip and wait 2 minutes for it to get tacky. To remove, I use a make-up wipe and gently pull the glue off the eyelash bands, then I rinse them with antibacterial soap and store them away to dry.

👤It's soft and natural with a little extra length. For girls who like a subtle glamour, I would recommend a wedding and party.

👤These lashes are full but not overwhelming. They are easy to apply. Would definitely do it again.


What is the best product for eye lashes sets pack wispy?

Eye lashes sets pack wispy products from Cuckoo. In this article about eye lashes sets pack wispy you can see why people choose the product. Jimire and Yawamica are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye lashes sets pack wispy.

What are the best brands for eye lashes sets pack wispy?

Cuckoo, Jimire and Yawamica are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye lashes sets pack wispy. Find the detail in this article. Kiss, Zanlufly and Eliace are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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