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1. Blephaclean Sterile Eyelid Blepharitis Freepost

Blephaclean Sterile Eyelid Blepharitis Freepost

60 sterile wipes are ready to use. There are sbex regulation properties. NoPreservative and no perfume. The lid margin is used for skin cleansing.

Brand: Blephaclean

👤The 60 pack was purchased. I have a long time to go through these. I've been using the OCuSoft Plus pads which work well, but they have a rougher texture and seem to dry out my lids if I use them for too long without a break. The pads are soft, wet, and mild to use. There is a big problem and it's a pain. Without scissors, the foil packs are hard to open. I have good dexterity and strength in my hands, but I can't rip open the pads because of the foil and inner plastic liner of the packs. They are almost useless when traveling because one can carry a small knife through security. If you fix the problem, you have a good product.

👤These wipes have helped me with my blepharitis since I was a teenager. They don't bother my eyes. I use them almost daily. They don't sting your eyes and do a great job of cleaning the sensitive areas. It is rare that I have an outbreak. When I do it, it's a little redness and puffing, but it goes away by the morning. I can't live without them.

👤I like these. These are free ofPreservatives and soothing to the eyes. I've had a hard time finding eye products that are free of harmful chemicals. I have not had any problems with these or Belphagel. I have found that they are more cost-effective than other brands. These have a pleasant scent with a small amount of coconut. It was very pleasant and relaxing. There was not a hint of irritation. If you're looking for tea tree oil, these don't have it. I used a dropper to drop tea tree oil on them, but my doctor told me it wasn't effective. I use them in conjunction with a sterile product that keeps products sterile for 8 weeks. I love them!

👤These wipes gave me a lot of relief after I had an eye infection and blepharitis. I used them for three weeks. At night, the box was gone. How expensive they are is my only complaint. $60 for 60 wipes is a lot. I am shopping for cheaper eyelid wipes. I highly recommend this product. It cleared the redness from my eyes, and less than 2 weeks I no longer had a crust on my eyelashes. Excellent product!

👤It's great for cleaning eyes. You can see makeup in the wipe even after washing the face several times. I was cured of an eye problem. They are part of my cleansing night routine because I loved them so much.

👤I was hoping that this product would be a good substitute for Ocusoft. It wasn't. The sheet is too large and awkward to use. I thought the name was misleading and that it would be a little stronger than Ocusoft. It seemed watered down in comparison. The quantity included for the price was good and I will use them.

👤I have used another brand for a long time and thought I would give these a try and not purchase them again. The wipes that I use do not have the same effect on my skin as the other brand, but they do get rid of the itch on my lashes after a day of use.

2. Cliradex Natural Eyelash Cleansing Towelettes

Cliradex Natural Eyelash Cleansing Towelettes

The Clinton Natural Eyelid Towelettes are vegan and made with natural ingredients. Their wipes are made from tea tree oil. MITICIDAL: The mites are associated with eye irritations. Proper eyelid margin hygiene is maintained with specially formulated facial wipes. Their formula is made from tea tree oil that is used to cleanse the face, eyes, and eyelashes. Cleaning grimy things: deep. After a makeup removal, wipe away the remaining debris. The tea tree oil is used to cleanse the skin. The main component of tea tree oil, 4-Terpineol, is made in the USA. It is not safe to use pure TTO directly on or around the lid margin of the eye.

Brand: Cliradex

👤I have been battling with blephritis for 2 years. I stayed home from work for a week in April because of a large marble size stye on my lid. The stye turned into a chazlaion and I was treated with antibiotics and eye drops. I bought ocusoft scrub lids and their foam lid scrub. I used those products daily but they didn't help. I couldn't wear eye makeup or contact lens. The lump stayed for about two months. I took a month of oral antibiotics and steroid drops after changing eye doctors. The stye/chalazion remained red even though it decreased in size. I had lasik eye surgery because I believed these were secondary to chronic contact use. I had a lump and redness of my lids after lasik. Last week in September. I was told by my doctor to get cleridex. I purchased it because I was desperate. I have no words. The redness and irritation of my eyes are almost completely gone in 4 nights. I opened one of the pads and cut it into 4 pieces because they are expensive. I kept the whip in a bag so I could read it later. The product is not very cool but it is not too bad. I keep my eyes closed for a few minutes and then open them. I only rub it along my lashes a couple of times because I don't want to scrub my eyes. I wish I knew about it sooner. I recommend to everyone who has had the same experience. I had dry eyes for two years. In the morning I would have to put eye drops in my eyes. I thought it was due to dehydration. Chronic contact use is also included. I didn't need to use eye drops anymore. I think my dry eye was caused by my pharbleitis. Sorry for the lengthy review.

👤I used these nightly for 40 days in a row. My eyes are doing great and I have cut down on the number of times I see them. White build up and dryness symptoms have not returned. This is the first time I have ever reviewed a product on a website and I will list all the products I have tried. I apologize, but I want to document everything I have tried in order to help others rule out something. I want to help other people like I helped myself with their reviews. I had bad dry eyes for a while. I woke up with dry eyes, then it got to the point where my eyes were getting very dry throughout the day. I had a bad panic attack because I thought I had a problem with my eyes and that there was no cure. People are looking for help on websites like "dry eye zone" and "help finder". Studying for school became difficult because I was only able to blink. I couldn't wear make up and contacts, which made me even more depressed. The first doctor that I went to said he didn't see any problems with my eyes and gave me a sample of Systane eye drops. These didn't help at all. I started taking Omega 3 supplements but didn't see any improvement. I was diagnosed with stapharph bleitis after going to a second doctor. He prescribed me antibiotics for a month and eye drops for two weeks. He recommended Ocusoft scrubs. There was some improvement, but not much. I went to a doctor who was a dry-eye specialist. He took pictures of my glands and didn't see any issues, and he didn't see any signs of blepharitis. He gave me two weeks of hot compress. I still needed drops to get through the day, but there was a little more improvement. I tried a lot of things, but none of them worked. I went to my second eye doctor to get help. I was referred to a 4th doctor by him. The doctor didn't know what was causing the blepharitis in my eye lashes. He prescribed me Avenova twice a day. I started using this on January 10th, but it took me 2 weeks to get used to it. I had put off buying Cliradex because of the price, but I started using them at night and didn't wash them off until the next day. They do burn, but I started using alcohol free witch hazel when I woke up to help with the skin irritation, because they did dry out the skin underneath my eye quite a bit. This is a routine that I have been doing for a long time. When I wake up, I use alcohol free witch hazel and Cliradex to wipe. I ordered two more boxes of Cliradex wipes because I've read that they should be used for at least 6 weeks or 60 days in the case of mites. I'm not sure if that's the cause of my blepharitis, but it seems likely to me at this point. I'm hoping that I won't have to use them for maintenance, but if I do, I'll have a solution. I'm very thankful for this. I don't use eye drops at all. My eyes are not dry. I don't think about my eyes or blinking, like another reviewer said. My heart goes out to those who have had to suffer for years and are still suffering, I get white "flurries" on the tip of my lashes. I attached the picture to make sure it could help someone. I wish everyone well.

3. Systane Eyelid Cleansing Wipes Count

Systane Eyelid Cleansing Wipes Count

Hypoallergenic and soothing. Pre-moistened wipes count 30.

Brand: Systane

👤They work well. Eye irritation from normal skin excretions has been eliminated. It's a good way to run up purchase costs if you use one for one eye and the other for the other. I can use one on both eyes for a couple of days with good results. The infused liquid is a non-irritating soap and works for so long as the pad is wet it seems to keep working. I fold the wipe over several times so as to seal the package. This is the cure for eye irritation caused by facial oils.

👤I am very happy with this product. I decided to try the lid cleansing to see if it would help my dry eyes and blepharitis. I cut each wipe in fourths and put the rest in a tightly folded packet in a bag. Each wipe gives me a lot of pad to scrub my eyes. My eye makeup is also removed by these wipes. I wipe my eyes with a wet washcloth after scrubbing them to remove makeup. After a couple of weeks, I have noticed a noticeable improvement in my eye symptoms. I will be rearranging the wipes.

👤I have bad dry eye from ineffective oil glands and these help keep my eyes clean. The most gentle lid cleanser works. The skin around my eyes is stingy. This product does not sting. The pads are softer than the wipes.

👤When I started getting styes on my lids, this product was recommended by my eye doctor. He said it was a good idea to use this product to clean my lashes even though I had used Latisse. I try not to rub my eyes. You can get a lot of gunk on your skin. The product works and the skin around my eyes is clean. I use it almost daily and when I don't I can see a difference. Great product. Suggestion: wash your face with soap and scrub your lids.

👤These pads are very nice. I believe that I have dry eye syndrome, which causes the eye to drain and then dry up on the skin beneath the lower lashes. A soapy residual is created when you rub the lid wipe packet back and forth. I need to replenish my stock so I don't run out.

👤I wanted something cheaper than the expensive wipes my eye doctor recommended. I review Clear C under that product. I like the wipes, but they have no abrasion. Some people might like this. I think Clear C is equal to or more abrasive than the original or Plus. Sometimes I use the Clear C and sometimes the Systane. There is a The Systane has almond in it and you have to rub it into a lather before using it. It works well in that regard. It has been good for dry eye. It is Spring. I need to see how this brand works in winter before I sell.

👤I suffer from dry eye and these pads are useless. The pads caused burning of my eyes after the first use. I don't recommend this product for people with dry eye. Artificial tears product is an alternative. It works better.

4. Eye Scrub Sterile Remover Cleansing

Eye Scrub Sterile Remover Cleansing

Please read the information on the delivery label.

Brand: Eye Scrub

👤I've tried many eye makeup removers on the market, both high-end and drugstore ones. I tried a lot of things, but probably not all of them. I used to have problems with waterproof eye makeup that wouldn't budge even after holding a cotton square to my eye skin for 15 minutes. My burning, itching, stinging, and always needing to douse my eyes and eyeballs with running water are over. I don't have to rinse my eyes with water if I'm careful and not in a hurry, because when I rub these cleansing pads over my eyes, they quickly remove my makeup. It gets a little bleary when I do that. I ordered three more boxes because I love them so much, and I'm not done with the first box. I have an IOL in one eye and a PRK in the other, and I was able to use them after eye surgery, they're that gentle. It was recommended with a big thumbs up.

👤I was getting a film on my lower lid when my Doctor recommended this. I used it daily and it cleared my eyes. I use it daily to remove my eye make up. The cloths I've tried are rough. This is a soft cloth and does not bother me. I buy this all the time and would recommend this brand.

👤I've been using this product for 20 years. It's a bit pricey, but worth it. It's easy to travel with and it doesn't burn or leave a film. I've tried other products, but Eye Scrub is the one I always come back to. It's the best.

👤I've been using these scrubs for a while. They work well. They retain their water. They don't hurt or burn my eyes, so I can clean them thoroughly.

👤The best way to remove eye makeup is with a toothbrush. I hope Alcon continues to make the same quality product that they did before. I used to buy them at Walgreen's. The other brand is more annoying to the eye than the one they no longer carry. I'm happy that Amazon carries this product. It's worth every penny. All eye makeup is waterproof and does not burn or irritate eyes. I am 800-273-3217 This is the best eye makeup removal product I have ever used.

👤This product is great, but a bit pricey. Doesn't leave the eyes behind. There are packets of tissues for removing eye make up. If you get too much in your eye, the remover can burn. It does a great job of removing everything, even heavy greasy crayon type liner and one pad can handle both eyes.

👤The scrubs are a better alternative to makeup removal pads. They provide a soothing solution that doesn't sting, and they have the added benefit of fightingbacteria.

5. All Natural Tree Eyelid Cleansing

All Natural Tree Eyelid Cleansing

Men who are prone to redness, red, or watery eyes are encouraged to get it checked out. This cleanser is made with a higher concentration of Australian tea tree oil and is gentle on the skin. It is recommended for men to feel relief and improvement of their appearance. 100% free of harmful substances. Eye fluid for men is what they love. Tea Tree Eyelid Foaming Cleanser for MEN is a final wash off that will leave your eyes and eyelid feeling refreshed. Use caution. Don't get inside the eyes with all the soaps. Product features Non-ToXIC INGREDIENTS can be chosen. They Love Eyes is committed to using ingredients that are non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty free. The eyelid skin is delicate and needs safe, gentle, and healthy ingredients. They Love Eyes is made without artificial colors, dyes, or fake fragrances. It was made by an occupational therapist. Made in the USA. They Love Eyes Products are bottled in the USA and formulated by a UC Berkeley optometrist. All products are independently tested for safety and quality by a state-of-the-art laboratory. This product doesn't do anything. They Love Eyes products do not cure eye diseases. They Love Eyes products are not replacements for eye care professionals. When using eye care products, always consult your eye care professional. Product features

Brand: We Love Eyes

👤I have had blepharitis for over 30 years, which has caused dry eye, redness and swelling of my eyelid margin, and occasionally a chalazion. I would have to use a hot compress on my eyes to remove the sand-like substance that was in my eyes. Several times a year my eyes became so sensitive to light that I could not drive, and a few times I had to close my eyes for a while to regain enough vision. My eye doctor says these are symptoms of dry eye. I've tried many treatments, from hot compress to lid scrubs. The problem always seems to return even when some of those give temporary relief. There are so many theories about dry eye and blepharitis, who knows what's the real cause, but of all the reading I've done on the topic, the demodex mites in the margins and the assorted body defenses against them create eyelid inflammation, which seems to contribute I have used tea tree oil before, and made my own versions, mixing the oil with other oils to make it less bitter. They burned so much that it was hard to manage, or they were just too weak. I used this product in a different way than the instructions would have you believe. I didn't think rubbing it on your eyelid using a wipe would be strong enough to resolve the problem. I put about 4 drops of oil on the end of a cotton swab before I go to sleep. You could see the oil on the surface of my eyelid, not a thin layer. After I woke up and showered, I let the hot water wash it off, and then I washed it with a gentle lid scrub. I did this for two weeks and it made my eyes better. By the end of two weeks, I had no signs of pharbleitis. I had no itching or swelling in the mornings. I have had the same symptoms for decades, but six weeks later they are not a problem. I use it occasionally, but not every night. I will use it as long as it works. My chronic blepharitis has been kept at bay by it. The product is very good.

👤I am following the recommended treatment regime twice daily. I think die eyes are the latest effect of cataract surgery. A standard approach to dry-eyes treatment includes foaming facial cleanser, tea tree oil, spray Disinfectant, and warm eye packs. Not all experts or manufacturers agree on what to use for cleaning or sterilizing, which leads me to question the procedures. The perceived benefit to me has been marginal since I have been treated for four months.

👤The tea tree oil-based eyelid wash from We Love Eyes is wonderful. My regular use of this product has kept me from having recurring bouts of eyelid flare-ups. I use this product twice daily, including during travel. My doctor is very pleased to hear that I use this product regularly. I prefer the all-natural route if you are incorporating eyelid hygiene therapy into your daily routine. Try it and subscribe so you never run out. Wishing you good fortune.

6. JJ CARE Cleansing Individually Wrapped Hypoallergenic

JJ CARE Cleansing Individually Wrapped Hypoallergenic

Some eye conditions cause irritation, itching, drying and sometimes the formation of crusted foreign matter on the eyelids. Relieve your eyes of pain with the eyelid scrub and cleansing wipe. 40 individually wrapped eyelid wipes for blepharitis are in one box. The eye lid washing pads of theJJ Care are infused with a gentle no-sting formula that carefully yet effectively scrub off foreign matter and remove impurities like oil, pollen, other types of debris and desquamated skin from the eyelids and eyelashes. These eye wipes for babies help give relief from dry eyes and other conditions. After a few wipes using these eye scrub cleansing pads, feel instant comfort and relief around the eye area. The eye lid wipes have a mild formula that leaves the skin refreshed, smooth and hydrated. The wipes are soft to touch and sterile. There is no need to rinse the skin after using the eye lid wipes. The gentle formula is good for all skin types. Individual wrapping helps keep eyelid wipes sterile. The wipes don't dry out quickly. Eyes Hyde essential Foreign matter in the air and surroundings can make it difficult to have a comfortable vision, even if you keep a clear eyesight. There are a lot of causes of irritation, itchiness, and drying in the air. You can cleanse the eye area with eyelid cleansing wipes.

Brand: Jj Care

👤These are good for removing makeup. If they get in the eye, it will be a small sting. I'm not sure how they compare to the wipes with a bumpy texture. Will be ordering more in the future.

👤A good price for cleaning. There is a burning in dry eyes. It is not very big.

👤It's easy to open and value it. It was comfortable to use.

👤I love it. I can take it anywhere.

👤I use eye lid wipes because of my dry eye. When I wake up in the morning, I clean off my eyes and lids. It has helped.

👤It was on time and works well.

👤The product description didn't mention the manufacturer origin. The package image clearly shows the manufacturer and country of origin. One cannot compromise on the quality of the product and must know the manufacturers credibility. If the manufacturer was mentioned, I wouldn't have bought it. I have never heard of it. The brand seems to be a take on Johnson & Johnson. Overall facts are presented in a way that is not accurate. I feel deceived. The products would be thrown away.

7. Systane Wipes Eyelid Cleansing Each

Systane Wipes Eyelid Cleansing Each

The package has a dimensions of 9.6"L x 3.3"W x 3.1"H. The United States is the country of origin.

Brand: Systane

👤I have never had a problem with the systane LID WIPES that have an orange stripe across the top. I have sensitive eyes. I ordered this one because I thought it was the same. The box was not clean and there was no orange stain at the top. The other box would always get the boxes of 3 as these were also packed in boxes of 3. I use Gel and Soothe at night and need to clean my eyes. I know. All of us are different. This is the one I just got and it looks like it. I could tell it was not the same as the oil box. Is this a problem for other people?

👤My eye doctor gave me samples of several different lid wips, and I found this to be the best. My eyes are great after using them. They are very gentle, non-irritating, and leave my eyes feeling hydrated. I have been using them for a long time, but I was very disappointed to not find them in stores anymore. I will buy these wipes as long as they are available.

👤My daughter has several eye conditions and needs to treat her eyes gently. She is very happy with the wipes, and we are always subscribed to them so she never runs out. The price is very affordable and we like it. Thank you!

👤I've been using this product for a long time. It does a good job of cleaning my eyelid margins. Keeping my lid margins clean is important to me because I have blepharitis. The seller provided a prompt delivery. The cellophone was wrapped around the boxes. A good purchase.

👤It's been difficult to locate the eyelid cleanser my eye doctor prescribed. This could be a substitute. I like it, but not as well as I did. I'll keep some of the product for travel since it's easier to carry.

👤You don't need to use a single wipe per eyelid. One wipe is large enough for both. It's perfect for Blephritis. That feeling of having something in your eyes is stopped. It's convenient to have it delivered.

👤They have cured my chronic blepharitis by using these every morning. I've used other brands of lid wipes, but these were more effective. Not cheap, but worth it!

👤I bought these a few days ago and they arrived quickly. I'm very pleased that they expired at the end of the year. I use them to remove my make up and I've yet to find anything that works as well or as quickly as they do. I will be buying them again.

👤These are the best I have been able to find.

8. Eye Scrub Sterile Remover Cleansing

Eye Scrub Sterile Remover Cleansing

Please read the information on the delivery label. It's perfect for eyelid care and eye makeup removal. It's gentle, convenient, soothing, and very easy to use. A patented formula creates a unique lather. There are 3 packs of pre-moistened pads.

Brand: Eye Scrub

👤I loved them because they were recommended by my eye doctor who said I and everyone else in large cities have blepharitis. You have a recipe for bad eyes if you add dirty city air and makeup. If I am disciplined enough to use them daily, my eyes will look better and I will feel cleaner. They work great as a makeup removal and can be found in your bag for the gym or wherever you go. Unlike face wipes, they don't contain as many harsh chemicals.

👤My OD recommended these eye wipes because my A-Pap breathing machine was drying my eyes. They work well and make my eyes happy. The small packages are easy to carry with me when I travel. They have a pleasant scent that is not noticeable and I don't like scented products. I consider them indispensable and a great value for the money, and they were Fir their benefits to my eyes in the morning.

👤I have been using eye scrubs for over a decade. They remove eye makeup and are also a cleaner. I still use them even though my eye has gone red, even though my dermatologist recommended them. I take them with me because they fit easily in my case and don't leak. Excellent product.

👤This is the only eyelid scrub I have tried that makes my eyes more comfortable. The rest are not nice.

👤I bought these for my doctor to help with blepharitis, but they are the best eye make up removal. There was no greasy, oily mess left behind. It's perfect for travel.

👤They are ok, they dry out the eyes a lot.

👤After eye surgery, I started using this. Other eye makeup removers don't work for me. This isn't greasy and doesn't bother my eyes.

9. OPTASE 4041299 Tto Lid Wipes

OPTASE 4041299 Tto Lid Wipes

You should check your eyes. Optase TTO wipes provide instant relief for tired, dry eyes and help nourish the skin around the eyes to restore comfort and health. Natural ingredients, preventative service free. Tea tree oil, camomile, and hyaluronic acid are combined with aloe Vera to offer soothing comfort for tired, dry, and sore eyes. Keeping eye lid debris and excess oils under control will help to relieve dry eye symptoms. Optase lid wipes are larger than the competition and textured to better remove dirt and debris, making them perfect for daily use. Doctor recommended eye care relief. The cause and symptoms of Dry Eyes, blepharitis and Meibomian Gland Disorders can be tackled with the help of Optase.

Brand: Optase

👤My dry eyes are a result of blepharitis. The Optase tea tree oil lid wipes were recommended by my specialist. The three month reevaluation showed great improvement. The wipes are very easy to use. I kept the two pieces of the wipe in a baggie. If you cut more than one or two wipes at a time, they will dry out. They are a good deal if you cut them.

👤My fault, I didn't catch it, but I am sorry to discover only 20 per pack. There is a months supply of most eye wipes. These are nice. I prefer Medviz.

👤These wipes are very absorbent. These wipes do the job well when I need to clear my eyes. One wipe is enough for both eyes, use one wipe vertically and the other half for each eye. Does an amazing job of keeping awake.

👤There was a box that was missing one of the wipes. I would expect all the wipes to be included in a package of 20 wipes. The product is not eligible for returns so I can't return the incomplete box and try to get a complete one. Poor product inspection practices are reflected in theDisappointing and reflects.

👤I have had dry eye issues for a long time. My eye doctor recommended that I use specific eye wipes after my hot compress treatment. It is the best brand that I have used for a long time. Walgreens is the only place to get this brand around here. I tried my tried and true Amazon and they were there. I ordered 3 boxes and they were delivered right away. These eye wipes are very good.

👤The organisms that can cause ingrown eyelashes are common, but my eye doctor recommended these to keep population control over them. I can see better when I use these. He sold me my first package. I would love to use them daily, but they are expensive. Glad I was able to find them here. The tea tree oil is refreshing and seems to comfort my blocked tear duct.

👤I had tried a number of artificial eye drops and they made my eyes painful and did not address the problem of dry eyes. I would put drops in my eyes at night and in the morning and splash water on them. My eyelid was sticking to my eye and I felt pain in my eyes on and off during the day. I used the Optase eye wipes and the Optase spray before bed and woke up without my eyelid sticking to my eyeball. The pain and sensitivity went away. This relief was nothing else that gave me it.

👤I have been using all kinds of eye drops, including prescription, and have had itching on my eyelid. Most of the time, these wipes stop itching. It's very large and can be used many times.

👤I have had an eye infection and blepharitis in the last 6 months. The only product that has helped in two days is the Optase eye wipes. Along with eye drops and heat treatments, I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I am typing without sore eyes, can't believe it!

10. All Natural Tree Eyelid Cleansing

All Natural Tree Eyelid Cleansing

Is it possible to irradiate, red, watery eyes or eyes? This cleanser is made with a higher concentration of Australian tea tree oil, which will help remove allergens and greasy debris. It's recommended for those who want to feel better about their eyes. 100% free of harmful substances. Best results can be achieved with eye fluid. Tea Tree Eyelid Foaming Cleanser is a final wash off that will leave your eyes and eyelid looking clean and improved. Use caution. Don't get inside the eyes with all the soaps. Non-ToXIC INGREDIENTS can be chosen. They Love Eyes is committed to using ingredients that are non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty free. The eyelid skin is delicate and needs safe, gentle, and healthy ingredients. They Love Eyes is made without artificial colors, dyes, or fake fragrances. It was made by an occupational therapist. Made in the USA. They Love Eyes Products are bottled in the USA and formulated by a UC Berkeley optometrist. All products are independently tested for safety and quality by a state-of-the-art laboratory. This product doesn't do anything. They Love Eyes products do not cure eye diseases. They Love Eyes products are not replacements for eye care professionals. When using eye care products, always consult your eye care professional.

Brand: We Love Eyes

👤I have been suffering with a number of diseases for years. Doctors can do everything they can, but nothing would keep the problems from being knocked back. I had reached a point where I was going to have to accept the constant redness, tears and irritation. I ran across this product and the We Love Eyes cleanser. I wondered what I had to lose. I am absolutely thrilled with the results of using the oil nightly and the foaming cleanser twice a day for the past two months. My eyes have gotten better in a short time. The redness is much better and the tearing is almost completely gone. I go to Vegas a couple of times a year and the low humidity and winds have been bad for my eyes in the past. I could not go outside. The difference in my eyes when I returned from there made me realize that this product is working. People that know about my issue commented that my eyes looked good, even in windy weather. I use a q-tip to apply the oil well after washing with the foaming cleanser. I make sure to get the oil on all of my lids, including the margins where the glands are located. You get used to it pretty quickly, even though it is a little uncomfortable at first. The oil doesn't bother my eyes and they feel better after I apply it. I leave it on all night and wash it in the morning. What a difference it has made. I hope they keep making this product.

👤I don't normally write reviews but this product is great. I was diagnosed with two different types of skin problems. Doctor-prescribed Soolantra cleared my skin and cleared my eyes. I leave it on overnight after applying it before bed. It may cause a little redness or mild irritation from the Tea tree oil but it is worth it since it is difficult to treat ocular rosacea.

👤Tea tree oil can be used to treat pharbleitis. Start with the wash first and get thebacteria that block some of the oil production. Use the oil to protect against this tenacious bacteria.

👤Great product! It is being used to help with blepharitis. After a few times I noticed my eyes were dry and my lids red. It keeps getting better as long as I use it. Very pleased with the results.

👤I have been dealing with an inflammatory condition that affects my eyes, skin, and other body parts. I was told to try tree tea oil on my skin and eyes. I don't use soap or most creams because of my sensitive skin. I have been using the "We Love Eyes" for a while now. I think it is the only thing I can use. I am not having a reaction to it so far. I would highly recommend it. There is a person named Connie.

👤I don't normally write reviews, but I felt it was important with this product. I have had blepharitis for a long time. This nightly has made me better. You can wash your eyes with baby wash. The two have been great for me.

11. SaluVera Eyelid Cleansing Natural Ingredients

SaluVera Eyelid Cleansing Natural Ingredients

Get the relief that you need. Say goodbye to dry and irritated eyes by wiping them clean. Pre-moistened eyelid cleanser wipes have tea tree oil and aloe Vera. Their eye wipes help relieve dry, irritated, sensitive eyelids. It is suitable for all skin types. Dirt and makeup are removed. The eye lid scrub pads do not contain harsh chemicals. Tea tree oil and aloe Vera are used to soothe the eyes. Tea tree oil wipes cleanse the eyes instantly from pollutants. Tea tree oil in the eye scrub pads works against eyelash irritations and relieves the eyelid skin from irritation and dry eye conditions. Eye wipes keep the skin around eyes moist and hydrated. It's easy to use anywhere. As needed, use daily. Reduces Eyelid Wrinkles: Daily exfoliation of the eye area improves the skin tissues and helps you look younger and glowing by creating a smooth surface. A gentle lid scrub eyelid cleanser keeps the skin elastic enough to look youthful again. Tea tree wipes for eyes are a great way to get rid of dead skin. Relief for Tired Eyes. Their lid wipes help relieve eye fatigue and stress due to long hours focusing on computer screens, mobiles, TVs and other electronic devices. The formula of tea tree oil and aloe Vera calms the eye area and keeps it clean.

Brand: Saluvera

👤I use eye drops to dry my eyes but they don't work because thebacteria stays around the lashes and lids. I immediately felt a difference when I used these wipes. The most important thing to me is that they calm the irritation and they are very soothing. The product was great. I am very happy with my purchase and would buy again. I recommend these wipes to anyone who has similar eye issues because they really work. They will make your eyes happy.

👤I bought it for my mother. The doctor said she had a build up at the lash line that caused her to have watery eyes. She would have to use an antibiotic every night for the rest of her life. After 3 weeks, her eyes are clearing up nicely and she has been using wipes with Rosemary oil added.

👤I used Theralid lid cleaner for blepheritis but it no longer has tea tree oil in it. The product was worthless because of the missing ingredient. Some of the wipes were dry when opened. I can not rate this higher.

👤I thought I'd give the tea tree oil eye wipes a try after I saw them. I was surprised to find that I preferred this brand over the more expensive ones. I'm happy to find a solution for my burning eyes. Many of us are spending so much time on the computer that our eyes are burning and dry. This product is amazing. I can wipe the burning feeling away with eye make-up. These wipes are very good.

👤I have been using wipes on my face. They don't bother me at all. They don't make my eyes burn or dry them out. They leave my skin feeling soft and refreshed. I'm happy I tried them. They were worth the money for a thirty day supply, and I like that each wipe comes in its own individual packet to take on the go. It was a good purchase because each wipe is very large.

👤I hated washing my eyes with baby wash. I decided to use eye wipes. After using these wipes, I got a good report on my eye exam. I convinced my brother to use them because I like them so much. I find that wiping my eyes clean every morning will make them feel better, and I don't need to use as much eye drop lubrication.

👤The sheets are a little dry and they will make you believe you need to wipe clean what you are using to wipe clean based on how the product appears on the tissue. You don't need to use a different towel to wipe clean with these wipes. They can charge a bit more for your eyes. A similar solution would make for a better design and easier use.

👤The product is amazing. It helped my eyes. The wipes are large enough to cut in half the time it takes to use them. It seems to lift eyelids, they feel cool and nice. I will be buying them on a regular basis. The customer service rep for Amazon said that the product was a great one with a good customer base when I called about it. I was so happy to find these. Thank you! You will be happy to try them.


What is the best product for eye lid cleaning blepharitis?

Eye lid cleaning blepharitis products from Blephaclean. In this article about eye lid cleaning blepharitis you can see why people choose the product. Cliradex and Systane are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye lid cleaning blepharitis.

What are the best brands for eye lid cleaning blepharitis?

Blephaclean, Cliradex and Systane are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye lid cleaning blepharitis. Find the detail in this article. Eye Scrub, We Love Eyes and Jj Care are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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