Best Eye Liners for Women Waterproof Liquid

Waterproof 27 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. IMethod Wing Eyeliner Stamp Smudgeproof

IMethod Wing Eyeliner Stamp Smudgeproof

Line and go! It's easy! Are you into your eyeliner but struggle with your wing? iMethod Beauty Original Wing Eyeliner Stamp will make your dreams come true. It's not just how easy it is to use, the tool works well too. iMethod stamp eyeliner has a wing stamp on one end and a fine liner on the other. The eye liner stamps are very easy to fill. It makes achieving the perfect cat eye a cinch. Each set contains 2 wing eyeliner, one for your left eye and the other for your right. The wing stamper creates perfectly symmetrical shapes. Stay all day. The formula is smudge-proof. The eye liner liquid pen does not require re-touching. Before applying eyeliner, use an eye shadow primer. Let's share the idea gift for her. The iMethod Eyeliner Stamp is a perfect gift for women who love makeup.

Brand: Imethod

👤I have been winging my eyes since I was 14 years old. I'll give it a try. Wow! The time I save is significant because you just stamp it. It is actually even. It can be difficult to make it even with my chiny eyes, but with this, no problem! I can live without it, but it's helpful and it does what it claims to do. This stays on even after 8 hours of work. It's pretty good.

👤Don't wait for it. Just buy it! I have hooded eyes and a winged liner. On the first go, these were easy. I am very happy with the results.

👤This product is amazing. I couldn't be happier with the look I created using it. There is a I used the wing eyeliner stamp to create the perfect wing. It is two liners for both sides. I wore this liner all night long and can't wait to create more looks with it.

👤For the ladies, like myself, who can't use a cat eye. This is a lifesaver. The application is easy to use. This product is a game-changer for me.

👤I am picky about my eyeliner and have been a professional makeup artist for over 15 years. I was pleasantly surprised that this product was easy to use, looked clean, and stayed on all day. It didn't wear off until I took it off at night. I would recommend this product to anyone who is interested in trying out a wing liner, whether they are a professional makeup artist or a beginner. One side of the pen has a stamp on it. You draw on the rest of your liner with the opposite side. You get a left and right wing pen. They will last me twice as long. The item is a great price. Will definitely be buying again.

👤I am obsessed with this eyeliner stamp. My eyeliner looks amazing when I use it. Definitely worth the money.

👤I am in love with this product. I was a little hesitant about ordering it because I had seen reviews of similar products and they weren't good. I decided to try it. I am so happy that I did. The size and shape of the pencil makes it perfect for this job, and it is so easy to work with. I no longer have to stress about doing my wings because of this amazing product. I think it's a good idea.

👤The eyeliner is smudge proof and easy to use. It lasts a long time on my eyelid. The box has 2 eyeliners that go with the right and left eye. The tip of the eye is very precise and makes it look bigger and open. I can go from small to full winged eye, perfect for biginers. I like the fact that I can use this eyeliner 2 or 3 times to make it more dark for an event or keep it simple for daily use, it won't irritate my sensitive skin. My eyes tend to be greasy, so this eyeliner stays in place for up to 12 hours.

2. Evpct Eyeliner Seconds Waterproof Colorful

Evpct Eyeliner Seconds Waterproof Colorful

It is a perfect package for a birthday gift. It's perfect for a lot of occasions, such as dating, party, wedding, bar, ball, camping, office, school, or daily makeups. The Winged Eyeliner Stamp is a perfect makeup accessory. Line up the stamp from the corner of your eye to the end of your eyebrow to create the same wing on each side. The perfect cat-eye is achieved by it. Wings are the best part of your makeup routine. It is easy to apply and clean, and also easy to remove, fast and clean. It is waterproof. The pen has 2 ends. One end for stamp and the other for defining the rest of the eye has a very fine tip. The size of the liner can be used as a stencil. Please check the color number on the top of the cover or the bottom of the outer box for any questions.

Brand: Evpct

👤The green and pink are pretty light, but they stay on well. It is worth the price. After an 8 hour work day, each of my pics was taken.

👤I wish I'd listened because this is exactly what they are. I took a photo of the pink from this set and the black from The Flick Stick brand, and it was obvious that the pink was different. This is not usable. It's so watery that you can't apply it, it doesn't dry and it wipes off right away.

👤This product was not good. It was difficult to remove the cap from the liners. The cap went off when I got it off the blue liner. I tried to find it. There were blue marks on my bathroom floor. The table was next to the fallen cartridge. I stepped on it and it moved to my floor. It dries out quickly, like in a month. The colors don't match up. I had a mild allergic reaction when I dug out the black one. I like the shape of the stamp. This product is not useful for me.

👤This product made my mornings easier. I can make a wingtip in fun colors like purple and green, black and brown, and hurry on out the door. It lasts until I take it off. I'm more than happy.

👤Don't buy this product. They are the same as Crayola markers in eyeliner form. When I tried them on my hand, I almost laughed. I chuckled a little. I received the wrong product after placing my order. They sent me the right product and were nice about it, but it took a couple of weeks to correct their issue. You should head to Target and buy some markers for what this product is. A costume item is definitely the best. Don't waste time or money.

👤The concept of these is lovely, but there are a few major cons for me. The other colors were very watery and feathered immediately, even though the purple eyeliner acted like normal liquid eyeliner. 2. The purple and brown look very dark on me. 3. The purple is the only usable one on me, and it does oxidize once dry. I'm part Italian and have all of the Mediterranean genes, so the feathering issue might be an issue of my oil-prone skin, and maybe the colors are darker because of my skin tone. I'm not sure. If you're light-skinned, you might only get the nice color effect. The pros are 1. There isn't any transfer to my brow bone because the purple sets up fast. 2. These are water resistant once dry, but still come off with a microfiber towel and water.

👤I was hoping to love this product but it leaked all over my hands and sink. I put it on. The liner was wet. The mess occurred when I shook it to get it to work. It took forever to clean up the mess since it's waterproof. I can't recommend because of the mess. I'm going to try another brand.

3. Sumeitang Double Headed Waterproof Smudgeproof Tools´╝łStar

Sumeitang Double Headed Waterproof Smudgeproof Tools%EF%BC%88Star

Make your eye makeup shine and make your eyes more charming with the help of 6 PSTTERNS. A double head design with one end used for eye decoration and the other for drawing precise eye lines. The clear eyeliner makeup is easy to form and dry. You don't need to use messy brushes, pencils, and ink to complete cat wing eye makeup with one tool, because this allows you to get rid of the mess and make a purchase. The brush strokes are soft and easy to control, and the sponge tip design allows beginners to master it. You can draw interesting patterns on the other side of the drawing. The eye makeup is no longer boring because of a light touch. This eyeliner is easy to apply and remove, so you can add eye makeup in a short time. It's very convenient to put it in a purse or handbag.

Brand: Sumeitang

👤This set is perfect. Don't press to hard or the circle from the stamp base with transfer as well as the design. I use it to stamp lightly, then use the pen side to fill in where it didn't cover well. This stuff dries quickly and doesn't come off until you're ready to do it. I wore this through a summer sun photoshoot and while some of my makeup melted off, the little hearts were still great by the end of the day. I tested them on my hand and they didn't smudge after I washed my hands three times. I had to remove the little hearts from my hand, but they melt away with makeup removal.

👤The photo is after two full days of wear, with constant rubbing against a mask, sweating through an 8 hour shift, sleeping in it, and crying through a live performance of The Lion King. I rubbed the first heart on because I didn't like the placement, and black came off my finger. The eyeliner is on when it is dry. No smudge at all. It comes off easily with makeup removal.

👤I like this product. The triangular stamp is very easy to use. I have to do my eyeliner in 10 seconds.

👤I had to try out my eyeliner stamps. It's easy to use. If you press too hard, the circle that outlines the stamp will transfer onto your skin, but only one time to figure that out. I had to pull the item back up on Amazon to read about it after I opened it, but I didn't get any brochures or anything. There is a box with pencils in it. It's totally worth buying. Go ahead and get it if you are on the fence. You will not regret it. Can't wait to try them on my girls.

👤Love this item, L O V E. This was the first time this product was used on New Years Eve. It did not smudge or smudge easily, but it lasted 24 hours. It is easy to remove make up. The description was very cool.

👤The items get 4 out 5 because some may be dried out. I would definitely recommend these for the price. I was able to wear them for almost a full day at the beach, as long as you don't rub them off. The stamps are visible in the beach photo and the AM photo.

👤It's not smudge proof or waterproof, but it's fun. I used a mist of makeup setting spray to make the stamps last longer. These are great if you don't need the look for more than an hour. They're fun and silly and the price was right for something to play with when I'm not trying to do a professional business look. :D

👤This type of Eyeliner has a stamp on the other side. The liquid inside 'Did Not' dries out fast, so I recommend it to anyone who wants to try it. You can't get a better deal if you get the same quantity and quality.

4. L F Cosmetics H2o Proof Eyeliner Waterproof

L F Cosmetics H2o Proof Eyeliner Waterproof

The e.l.f. is RICH color. H2O. The eye liner pen enhances the lashes. Waterproof: This quick dry eyeliner formula is enriched with vitamins E and C. The ultimate priority: The felt tip pen is easy to use. All ingredients are skin-loving. All of the products are made from skin-loving ingredients, and at good-for-you prices. All e.l.f. products are vegan.

Brand: E.l.f.

👤This is the fourth time I have bought this eyeliner and I love it because it is dark, matt and goes on really nicely. I like the way it looks, I do a lot of wings, and I love how they look. The caps on these things are garbage and trash. The first pen I had dried out in my makeup bag, the top fell off, and I didn't think anything of it. I will get a new pen because they are so cheap, and I can easily say these caps are GARRRRBAGGGGE. I put the cap on when I did my eyeliner. I heard it snap. 2 minutes later, I hear a little popping noise. The CAP just popped off. It was by the sink where the cap popped off and it fell down the drain, so that was my last time buying this pen. I was really angry with the default in their pen caps because they are drying out too fast and it is a waste of a pen. It takes me a minute to scrub it off because it is water proof, but other than that, it is great. The color and wear is good for a $6 eyeliner, but the packaging is not good. Hope this helps someone.

👤I absolutely love this product. I had gotten a liner through my FFF box which would take forever to dry, and would cause me to get a tear in my eyelid. It would take away the color if you went over it. I've typically been happy with other E.L.F. products, so I bought this. Man! I didn't go wrong here. This liner is amazing. I have to use eye drops throughout the day due to dry eye syndrome, but it lasts all day. It was the best purchase.

👤I read a lot of reviews before buying this. I saw a lot of people say the cap pops off and dries out the pen, but I thought, "Maybe these people carry theirs in a bag with them or keep it someplace that might get jostled." I keep my makeup bag on my bathroom counter. Wrong! I enjoyed this product for 3 days. The 3 days were wonderful. I used to use the ColorStay pens religiously, but they stopped making the tip I liked which was a big deal. I have been looking for my next regular pen ever since. I loved the product when I got it. It is a great product. It was easy to apply. It is hard to run or spread throughout the day. You can make clean lines. I thought, "This is the one!" I reached into my makeup bag to find the cap had popped off and the pen was completely dry. I shook it, pressed the tip repeatedly to try to get some saturation in the tip, but no luck. If this product had better packaging, I would love it, but I wouldn't buy it. 3 times use isn't enough to justify the cost. There are sad times.

5. Neutrogena Precision Hypoallergenic Water Resistant Application

Neutrogena Precision Hypoallergenic Water Resistant Application

Neutrogena Precision Liquid Eyeliner in Jet Black is water resistant and highly pigmented, making it ideal for solid, defined lashes. It is easy to apply precise eyeliner, it glides on quickly and easily. The smudge resistant eyeliner is made with natural honey and coconut and is long lasting. The black eye makeup is gentle on sensitive eyes and comfortable to apply. The eyeliner has an even line in just one stroke and is easy to use.

Brand: Neutrogena

👤The price is great. I have oily skin and do wing liner, but I have tried expensive and cheap eyeliner and it smudges and starts to look like raccoon eyes after a few hours. This is the first eyeliner that stays on all day.

👤I took a risk buying this product because I have extremely sensitive eyes. The product is great for people who use eyeliner, but it made my eyes swell up, not because of the product. I have yet to find a liner that doesn't make my eyes swell.

👤This is outstanding. After buying another brand on Amazon and it drying out in under two weeks, I am over the moon that this works. This is a nice line and I like it, but I am prone to smudging since I have Asian eyes.

👤I decided to order this eyeliner because of my eyes' sensitivity. I tried the eyeliner as soon as I opened the package, because I was so excited to receive it. I only wore it for 4 hours, and the corner of my eyes started to burn. I was sorry that the other areas would get irritated, it was around my eyes. I ran to wash it off.

👤I have been using this eyeliner for many months and have had many. I've read that some arrive dry, and I've experienced a few that are dry. Sometimes it doesn't work to open and shut the cap to get product to flow, but I usually tap the closed cap end. I requested a replacement for my last one, which the company is sending. This liner is almost perfect. It's easy to get a thin line or to create wider with a few strokes. I used it almost daily for 2 weeks and it is getting towards the end, but the only downside is that it took me so long to use it. I was able to do both eyes without putting the brush back into the container, but after a week, I am having to put it in multiple times to get enough. It's not right... I thought it was perfect. I bought a 'pot' of gel liner for the same price and it lasted for months and months.

👤I've been away from liquid liners for about 6 years after having bad experiences with them, I'm Asian and mono-lidded. The only problem I had with the soft maybelline eye pencil was that it would smudge after a full day of use. I think this eyeliner is the solution to my problem. The photos of the initial application and the condition of the eyeliner are attached. I apply makeup for cosplays, but I don't wear makeup often. I will update this review if I find any problems, but for now I love cosplaying and I have a convention coming up soon. It took me a while to get to me, but that's not my fault, I sent it to the wrong address and had to get it re-routed. The wait was worth it.

6. Docolor Waterproof Eyeliner Super Liquid

Docolor Waterproof Eyeliner Super Liquid

Docolor waterproof eye liner penPrecise, sharp lines. The color was intense. There was no smudge. The eyeliner pen that has a continuous flow provides smooth even lines and is up to 12 hours of wear. The update ultra-precise tip is easy to use. For a defined finish, every stroke is unbelievably fluid. The look is always up to you. It is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Water-resistant, smudge-proof, easy to color, long- lasting, no allergies, easy to match the different make-up style are all high quality. Cruelty-free. They don't think animals belong in a lab. All of their makeup is vegan. They don't test their products on animals.

Brand: Docolor

👤I'm a Stila customer. I don't like gel, I don't like pencil, and I hate how regular liquid rubs off. I bought Stila because it was waterproof and could stand up to eye rubbing and sleeping in it. How quickly it would dry out was the only thing that bothered me. I would have to spend $23 a month to replace it. I searched for alternatives. After 3 weeks of testing out the product, I have officially won over because of what it has done. It wears the same, applies the same, and even has the same applicator as Stila, it's just 1/3 of the price. I have already recommended this product to friends of mine who love Stila. If you're researching before buying, buy it already.

👤The best eyeliner I've ever used is probably the best one. It glides on and stays there all day. Pictures were taken after 9 hours of wear.

👤I rarely leave reviews, but this one is worth it. BUY IT. That's all. Just do it. You will not regret it. There are lots of other reviews of this product. I can't do that. I've never been willing to pay more than $20 for an eyeliner. I am cheap. I want the product quality and the longevity, but it's hard to let go of that kind of money for an eyeliner, even with people I know, love, and trust telling me that it's worth it. I can't. I went to the web to find something in line with my price range. This is it. There is a This is the eyeliner that you can buy at the dollar store. The dried down finish is the least glossy and lasts all day, it's as inky black as you could wish for. I haven't been swimming with it yet, but others have said it holds up. We're currently in the middle of pollen hell, and my eyes stay watering like a deranged sprinkler, and yet my eyeliner hasn't moved a bit. That is priceless. If you want a smudged look, you have that option for a short time. If you want a precise line, all you have to do is sit still and let it happen. I am surprised to find a quality liner at this price. I will be a repeat customer if I can get my hands on it.

👤I can't remember how I found docolor eyeliner the first time, but this is the 4th order I've received, the company provides consistent service and price. The good stuff is here. The eyeliner is in a pen shape. If you are a eyeliner snob, but don't want to spend designer label money, buy docolor. I don't want to be without it so I've started buying two at a time. This eyeliner is flawless. I have worn it through some of the best and worst times of my life. It doesn't cake in the corners of your eyes, and never smudges into the crease. Do you want to buy docolor? You can save money on eyeliners by spending less on perfumes. It'snamaste.

7. Honest Beauty Eyeliner Transfer Ophthalmologist

Honest Beauty Eyeliner Transfer Ophthalmologist

The formula is the same, but packaging may vary. Black liquid eyeliner is ultra-pigmented. The Self Healthy Beauty Awards are held in 2020. It lasts up to 8 hours without any issues. The Dermatologist and Ophthalmologist were tested. It's vegan and Cruelty free.

Brand: Honest Beauty

👤I can't wear eye makeup without it looking terrible. I live in the tropics. It is hot and humid here. I have oily skin and hooded eyes. When I blink my eyes, you can see an extra line on my lid. It looks worse throughout the day. I look like a mess by the end of the day. This eyeliner looks good after several hours in the heat, and it stays put. When my eyes touch, there is no extra line. There were no raccoon eyes. There was no smudge. A nice line that stays. I decided to give it a try. It comes off easily when I wash my face. It's easy to remove when I need it. I find waterproof eyeliners hard to remove. I stay away from them. This is perfect. The pictures are attached. When my eyes are open, there is a hood and makeup smudges. You can see my entire eyelid in the bottom picture. There is no smudge. The picture was taken after 5 hours of applying and running.

👤This is the best eyeliner on Amazon. That is not an eyeliner pencil. It's so natural it's not waterproof and can run. I love this eyeliner! I like to know what I'm putting on my body. I'm not sure what to say, but I like it, give it a try. There is a Please mark this review as helpful if it helped you make an informed purchase.

👤How do you get EWG verified? You pay for the work of EWG. The fee is based on company size, product, and other factors, but you will get a stamp of approval if you apply. Don't just trust something because it's EWG verified, do your own research. It's a scam. According to the FDA, this is not allowed in lip products. The government assessment cannot classify as human carcinogen due to data gaps, and it contains IRON OXIDES with limited or incomplete evidence of cancer. This eyeliner is not good.

👤I'm in love with this eyeliner. If I use most traditional makeup, I will break out in hives. This eyeliner does not cause any problems for my skin. I am happy! My go to for cat eyes.

👤I was not expecting much from this eyeliner. I needed an inexpensive liquid liner because I was trying to switch to cleaner beauty brands. The formula and brush work well. It seems to wear well, and I don't notice it. The color is very dark. I use a gel liner. I think I prefer this formula since I have always had issues with liquid liner. If you are looking for a good eyeliner, give this a try.

👤I've ever purchased the best liquid eyeliner. I am allergic to liquid eyeliners. My eye swells like a ballon. I look for eye products that are clean. I decided to give it a try after reading about it. I haven't had any allergic reactions yet. I don't think it smudges like I read. It will last all day until it is time to wash it off and it comes off easily with any makeup remover. This product is highly recommendable. Writing this review reminded me to stock up.

8. SUPER STAY Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner Essential

SUPER STAY Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner Essential

The waterproof Super-Stay Liner comes in 21 highly pigmented shades and 3 beautiful finishes to fit your mood. Easy-glide Super-Stay Liner pencil has a non-smudge setting that allows for a softer or smokier look before it goes on creamy. A must-have beauty staple, this pencil eyeliner creates a perfect, full lash line or a playful, colored look that will last all day. The WUNDER2 pencil sharpener is sold separately. WUNDER2 makeup products are never tested on animals.

Brand: Wunder2

👤I have a drawer full of eye pencils. I have finally found a pencil that stays, so they are going to the garbage. I did my eyes two nights ago to see how long it would last. No smudges, runs, or black eyes. I am buying every color they have. I have very oily skin and have been looking for the perfect eye liner. Don't spend any more money on stores. You will not regret buying this pencil.

👤The problem is explained in my video. I'm stuck with eyeliner.

👤This is a 3.5 out of 5 on smudginess when compared to the other WATERPROOF/SMUDGEPROOF eyeliners I've tried. For waterproof-ness, 5 out of 5, and 0 out of 5 for sharpening ability. I use one of my pocket knives to cut it down after trying so many different techniques. I hate using eyeliner because it still snaps. It will smudge on bare skin just as easily. There is a smudge near the corners of my eyes after 40 minutes. I don't have time to check it every few hours. I've used several brands. The color is nice, but it's too much of a hassle to order again.

👤I have dry eye. I usually have one eye. Thanks to your liner, I now have liner all day. I love it!

👤The Essential Brown is a dark brown/black color and this is a good pencil. The right sharpener is important. I didn't rate it five stars because they shouldn't sell a sharpener. I had to buy three different sharpeners to find one that was thin enough to give the pencil a sharp point. It's best to keep this pencil out of the sun to avoid breaking the tip. I have only been wearing it for a few days and if I notice it running or making noise, I will change the review. I am 55 years old and I find it harder to find a liner that doesn't transfer when I sweat. You can'tsharpen this penCIL! Don't buy it. Even if refrigerated, the tip breaks off. I took it to a store that didn't have anyone who could sharpen it.

👤eyeliner falls off my lower eye as I age. It's true! I've tried near waterproof brands before. This one is the best so far. It felt like I had put glue to my eye. I held down the bottom skin until it dried. I tried rubbing it off and it didn't smudge. I had to apply makeup removal the next day. I applied it as soon as it arrived and by 11 pm it was gone from one eye to the other. I'm not sure if it was because I use drops in my eye, or if it was because it didn't cover me. If there are any changes, I'll update this review. I think it's great that you have to touch up your eyes once a day. The brown is similar to black.

👤The eye liner is waterproof. I have oily eye lids and waterproof liners that don't hold for more than 4-5 hours. This liner was on me all day. I thought the pencil was perfect for waterline, but not the best to shape the wing liner. It glides on smoothly, dry instantly, and the pigment lasts all day until you take it off with a waterproof makeup cleanser.

9. Physicians Formula Booster Boosting Eyeliner

Physicians Formula Booster Boosting Eyeliner

LIQUID EYELINER AND EYELASH SERUM: This formula works beautifully as a LIQUID eyeliner and also delivers Lash boosting complex to the base of eyelashes, where it enhances the look of lashes while hydrating and conditioning. PHYSICIAN'S FORMULA EYE LINER. Their eyeliner pens and eyeliner pencils are safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. They glide on smoothly for a defined eye. Physician's Formula has everything you need to draw eyes, from their eye enhancing eyeshadow pallet and eyelash eyeliners, to their Eye Boosters and 2-in-1 eyeliner and eye primer. Physician's Formula has a full line of makeup and skin care for sensitive skin. Their products are safe for sensitive skin and eyes. Beauty products that are healthy. All of their products are safe for sensitive skin and eyes, and are created without any of the harsh ingredients found in other personal care items.

Brand: Physicians Formula

👤Even if the ink runs out, you can still get that line of perfect eyeliner by dipping the pen into a liquid or powder eyeshadow. If the eyeliner runs dry, you can wet it to bring it back to life.

👤A great tip for applying a thin line. I think one application a day is the best way to go about it. If I go out in the evening, I might touch up the lower line if I have been outside in hot weather. If you need a little more liquid to be released, I have found that just lightly stroking the Q-Tip will get the liquid flowing again without shaking. After trying many eye liners, I have found this to be the best. I highly recommend it.

👤I swear by this eyeliner. I've used a lot of expensive eyeliners and I always come back to this baby. I have oily eyes and usually things that work for one do not work for the other. My eyes are irritated if my oily lids don't smudge. If it doesn't bother me, then it's all over the place within a couple hours. Not this stuff! I put it on in the morning for work and had it last through a night of drinking and dancing. The tip of the applicator is more like a synthetic brush than a felt tip liner. It's so small and perfect that even someone sloppy like me can get a perfect line. I can't think of a single eyeliner that could compete with this one for me.

👤I thought this was the best I had ever used. I got a couple of weeks out of it and it was empty. I had the same issue after buying another one. The formula is easy to apply and doesn't smudge. If you use it daily, you should get a second because running out before you do the other eye is more annoying. It's really bad.

👤Physician's formula works as advertised, goes on easy, not thick or thin, also helps grow you eyelashes, which is a nice bonus. I use this liner with my favorite for perfect looking eyes. You won't be sorry if you try these.

👤This is the best liquid liners I've used. The brush is even better than the photo, it goes to a really fine point so you can get closer to the lashes than any other liner I've tried. Definitely recommend!

👤I have sensitive eyes and skin and this eyeliner doesn't bother me at all, it's the perfect color brown, and it's the exact right thickness.

👤Been using this item for a while. It helps with eye lashes.

👤Absolutely love it and order again. It does the job even though it isn't as bright as professional eyeliners. It's easy to remove and light for everyday use. I can go without even mascara because my lower lashes are longer, I am so happy with the results. Absolutely love it.

👤I've been using eyeliner for 15 years and have tried many different types. The tip of this eyeliner is very precise. When I apply it at the inner corner of my eye, I end up with a big blob of black in my eye because my eye waters a little. I have never used any other eyeliner that did that to me. I wonder if something in this formula is causing my eyes to water when I apply eyeliner. It is surprising to see how it is dispersed at a small amount of water. The liner is not the lightest black but it does become jet black after a few strokes. I don't have any problems with my eyeliners not staying put because I use eyeshadow primer and it lasts all day. Setting spray ruins this liner. I've begun applying setting spray before I apply my eyeliner. It will ruin the sharp lines I created if it does the weird running off thing. The product mentions that it has lash boosting properties. I've been using it for at least a month. I don't see a difference in my lashes. On a good day, I can achieve a really sharp cat eye look with this. It's impossible to achieve the look I want when my eyes tear, so I have to use other liquid liner in conjunction with this. I might buy it again because of it's precision. I'm looking for different liners.

10. IMethod Eyeliner Stamp Waterproof Smudge Proof

IMethod Eyeliner Stamp Waterproof Smudge Proof

The TikTok Trend item is just spatula and line. It's so easy! Do you like a perfect wing but get stressed doing it? iMethod Beauty is a dream tool for you. It's not just how easy it is to use, the tool works well too. iMethod Eyeliner Stamp is a double-sided wing stamp, a wing stamp on one end and a fine liner for all eyes. The new stamp shape makes it possible to achieve the perfect cat eye. Each set contains 2 wing eyeliners. One does the left eye. The other person does the right thing. The wing stamper creates perfectly symmetrical shapes. Stay all day. The formula is smudge-proof. The eye liner liquid pen is very bright. It doesn't need re-touching during the day and evening. Let's share the idea gift for her. The iMethod Eyeliner Stamp is a perfect gift for women who love makeup.

Brand: Imethod

👤This will be my go to eyeliner. Getting the perfect wing is hard for people with shaky hands. My life was made easier by this wing stamp. It's two steps, you're done! I am very happy I got this product. Thank you so much!

👤I love this liner! I've been using different liners since I was 15. Many years ago. I wish they came out with this a long time ago. It's great for people who don't have great eyesight anymore.

👤It is simple and easy to use. To get the look you want, hold it at an angle. You can have it flare up or down. It came out very nice, and was my first time. I don't have much experience with applying makeup because I wear it once or twice a month. This made it look like I know what I am doing. The pen is very nice, but a little thicker than I prefer.

👤This eyeliner works from order to performance. I have never been able to wear winged liner before, and assumed these stamps were just for fun. The claims were waterproof when given the chance to try. I wore this product for the first time at a water park. The stamp was easy to use. I wore this look for a total of 12 hours, the first 2 photos at the beginning, the second 2 after getting home, and the last photo in the evening. The liner did not budge until it was removed with micellar water. I will be ordering other products from this brand in the future, even though I have hooded eyes.

👤I have never used an eyeliner stamp before and can't believe how easy it is. I used to have to go back and forth between my eyes trying to make my cat eye look the same. It's not a drastic cat eye, but it's enough to make my lashes look bigger. I have been wearing this daily for almost two weeks and have not noticed that it is making black rings under my eyes by the end of the day.

👤I am still learning how to do a wing, so I was excited to try this product. I thought this would be helpful. The packaging of the product was pretty. It has two pens. One has a stamp for the left eye and the other has a stamp for the right eye. Both of them have felt tip liners. The product was very bright. I tried it on my eyes. The stamp was easy to use and the liner was large which made it easy to use as well. The products fault is that I didn't get a perfect wing. I need more practice. The product helps at achieving that perfect wing. For any age, I recommend it. It is worth the money.

👤It's even harder to do a winged cat eye because you have to deal with the length and thickness of the wing being equal for both eyes, and if you overdo it, you can. If you place the stamp in the same corner of each eye, you will have a flawless wing. There is a stamp for each eye so you won't have a problem doing this. It's waterproof, so if you sweat or rub your eye, there's no chance of it being smudged. My teen loves it because she is lucky to do a flawless upper eyelid and she keeps stealing the tool from me. Is it possible for them to come up with a tool to give you the perfect upper lid?

11. COOSA Waterproof Eyeliners Eyeliner Retractable

COOSA Waterproof Eyeliners Eyeliner Retractable

The eyeliner gel pen is highly pigmented and easy to use. The Eyeliner Set is waterproof and sweat resistant. You should be happy throughout the day and have charming eyes. It's easy to apply and remove, you don't have to worry about pigmentation. Also can clean with cleansing oil. It's ideal for many occasions. The gel eyeliner is smooth and comfortable. It is suitable for all seasons makeup, 20 different colors to meet the needs of different makeup, perfect for various occasions, such as dates, parties, weddings, bars, dance parties, camping, office or daily makeup. 20 different colors are bright but not dim in thePerfect Eyeliner Gift Set. Save money by buying eyeliner pencils with 20 colors. They can be used to fill in your lips for a beautiful look. They can also be used for eyebrows. The beautiful packaging can be used for personal use and is a gift. You can give a gift to friends and family.

Brand: Coosa

👤I didn't expect much when I bought these eyeliners. They were similar to the gel liners from Colourpop, but at less than half the price. These are really nice. They are creamy and perform well. Definitely recommend!

👤The best eyeliner ever! Absolutely recommend!

👤You can easily control the thickness of your lines. Rich color lasts all day. After a long day, a hard workout. The q-tip had to be gently run on the bottom of the liner to clean up the feathering.

👤I was very excited to get these. It was amazing when I opened it. I opened a second one and it was empty. It happened when I opened another one and it was broken and wouldn't come up. I can't use half of them because they are broken. It's disappointing as it stays all day and it goes on.

👤I was surprised to see how small they were, but I realized they have a lot of product. If you are looking for an eyeliner pack that will last you a long time, I recommend you purchase it.

👤All colors are gorgeous and water resistant. The orange one was a little dry and crumbly, but still usable. Use a primer for easy removal of the reds. I have not experienced staining with any of these. I was satisfied with the purchase. The colorpop assorted eyeliners box is similar to one that's similarly packaged.

👤They are a hit and miss. The quality. You have to go over and over to make it look like there is some color, some colors are just lacking. As soon as you took the cap off, at least 5 of them fell out. It is difficult to remove the plastic wrapping from each one. I was not impressed and it is a waste of money. I was hoping the product would be a better substitute for the Colorpop liners, they have the same name so I would try them.

👤They are affordable and worth a try. The box I opened had a warning about ingredients such as iron oxide black and allake. D&C red no. 6 BA Lake, D&C red no. 7 CA Lake, and D&C red no. 28 AI Lake. I don't know if they have the same make-up regulations as we do, and the package says it was made in China. I purchase oil paints that are not to be put on your skin. ... I need to look at all of the ingredients to make sure they are safe. I don't recall any warnings when buying make-up. It's great if everything turns out to be safe. I won't be buying make-up on Amazon again if that's the case.


What is the best product for eye liners for women waterproof liquid?

Eye liners for women waterproof liquid products from Imethod. In this article about eye liners for women waterproof liquid you can see why people choose the product. Evpct and Sumeitang are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye liners for women waterproof liquid.

What are the best brands for eye liners for women waterproof liquid?

Imethod, Evpct and Sumeitang are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye liners for women waterproof liquid. Find the detail in this article. E.l.f., Neutrogena and Docolor are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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