Best Eye Makeup Brushes Set with Case

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1. Eyeshadow Brushes Professional Eyeliner Blending

Eyeshadow Brushes Professional Eyeliner Blending

The most essential eye makeup brushes are the ones they picked because they are the most essential to create a perfect eye makeup. Their eye makeup brush set is made of soft bristles and is suitable for sensitive skin. Providing a touch and feel. Black real wood, anti-corrosion and mothproof, contain no lead, mercury or other pollution elements, remain tightened for extremely long life. The special brushes set looks chic and fashionable. These are perfect for beginners and makeup artists as they are easy to use and superior in quality at an affordable price. A must-have in your makeup collection is a great gift. They are committed to making Quality Assurance right for you, so please contact them. Their customer service is always happy to help.

Brand: Daxstar

👤I guess you get what you pay for. They are falling apart. I use them with my paints after one wash.

👤Muy bonito,suaves.

👤These are a great deal.

👤Some of the selections began to break.

2. Brushes Essential Eyeshadow Blending Shading

Brushes Essential Eyeshadow Blending Shading

The essential series consists of 5 eyeshadow brushes and a travel storage box. The flat and fluffy bristles can be used to blend eyeshadow and powder. Will not fall off, use it at will, and enjoy the makeup process. High quality. A good makeup brush has bristles. Their eye brush sets are made of plant synthetic fibers. This set of soft bristle brush picks up eye shadow and sweeps it onto the eyelid to create bold definition. The crease and corners of the eye have different shapes. For a smoky effect, it's perfect for shadow to be smudged into the lash line. The portable convenient storage box is great for travel and everyday makeup application. Premium eye shadow brushes are a great addition to your collection, whether you are a beginner or a professional makeup artist. 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Brand: Goerti

👤I like that you can put tube travel brushes in any old bag. I like being low maintenance. I had to get a new tube because my old one was discontinued when I went to buy it for the third time. I think these are better. They are heavier. I like that the tube is heavier because my old one would fall over easily. The brushes are a little bit thicker than before, I don't really care because they still work, but my old smaller ones were a little easier to use for eye makeup. One of the brushes is large. I think I could use it for blush. I put it in the tube to make it bigger.

👤I have a shorter set that is more ideal, but this was the shortest I could get. It's not practical for travel, but the bristles are soft.

👤It was dirty and scratched when it arrived. I am going to return it because there was no seal to make sure the brushes hadn't already been opened.

👤The brushes fall out of my bag if the lid comes off, so I would give them 5 stars.

👤The case is easy to break and spills everywhere. The bridges are ok, I wasn't expecting them to be high quality, but I got them because of the traveling case, and it's just a mess all the time.

👤They don't take up much space in my bag. The container keeps your brushes from getting bent and prevents makeup from getting all over your bag.

👤It's perfect for those ladies that don't use a lot of makeup.

👤I don't think it's pink, but that's my only complaint. They're soft and I love that they have their own container. The main reason I bought these was.

3. SOLVE Professional Cosmetics Foundation Concealer

SOLVE Professional Cosmetics Foundation Concealer

The brushes are perfect for making all kinds of makeup from beginners to professional. The high quality bristle is soft but firm to hold makeup. There was no shed. Premium synthetic fiber materials have a touch and feel. The grips of the brushes are made from wood handles and ferrules. A multi-function brush set is ideal for applying, Blending and shading products. Black is a classic color. The makeup brush set is made of high-quality materials that are durable and give a sense of luxury.

Brand: Solve

👤These are soft. The brushes are great.

👤The brushes are nice. It's an amazing deal. I used a few brushes to apply my makeup in the photo provided, and the brushes worked well. They are very soft. I would prefer the brushes to be a little more stiff, but this was still a great purchase. I hope this helps you. GBY.

👤These tools are very soft.

👤After 5 or more times, it was washed.

👤I like these brushes. The quality was better than I expected. The price is also great. Fast shipping.

👤For someone who's been using the same 3 brushes since I learned how to put on makeup, I was a little intimated. There is a diagram that shows what each brush is for. They are soft and drug store quality, and hold up in the cleaning machine I bought. I got what I wanted, and my makeup looks great! Can't really go wrong here.

👤It looks like a good purchase.

4. Colorful Bristles Foundation Eyeshadow Iridescent

Colorful Bristles Foundation Eyeshadow Iridescent

The hair material is nylon hair. The handle material is plastic. There are different shapes and sizes of brushes. This makeup brush set is made from high quality hair and it gives you the ability to hold powder, soft and pleasing for your skin. It's the best gift for friends or family. The handles of the brushes are twisted like a Unicorn Horn in a very pale pearly lilac shade, to ensure a comfortable feel and easy to use. The creative possibilities are endless with these unicorn brushes. The twisted design on the handles of the makeup brushes makes them very lightweight. If you're away from home, you can take it with you if you need it.

Brand: Ammiy

👤It took me a week and a half to use these. I couldn't bring myself to clean them with makeup. I finally did. They are amazing. He was very sad. It is insane that they apply makeup. I own $100 brush sets and have never experienced a brush like this before. There was no joke. These were so inexpensive that I expected them to be sub par. I bought them because they are pretty. They are the ones who turn out the best. Rushes ever. They don't wash product. The first time I used a makeup product, I made a dark line on my face. It takes a lot of time and effort to get the bronzer on my face with my other brushes. I have been using less and less makeup since applying these. The sizes and shapes are what every makeup lover needs. My brushes have been benched because I am obsessed.

👤These are gorgeous. The bristles are soft and feel like cat paws. I have not had a bristle fall out yet and I have cleaned them twice. The handles are made of solid wood. They look gorgeous in the adorable case and in my makeup caddy.

👤My daughter is in love with the mythical creature. The eyeshadow brushes blend well, but one of them feels like the handle is going to far up into the brush, and it makes it hard to use it, because you could poke your eye with it. They are very soft. I wouldn't say they are fluffy, as they all feel dense. The case is very cute. The seller apologized to me after I posted the review. They are giving me a new set of brushes. When the new set arrives, I will update again. I appreciate the prompt response from the seller and the willingness to replace the item I ordered. I got a bad bath the first time I used the new brushes, but they are fantastic. I find myself reaching for them before I reach for my high end brushes. The customer service is top notch and these brushes are fantastic. I love them!

👤I bought this brush set expecting the brushes to break easily, but the brush case was good quality. I got the opposite. The case is falling apart, but the brushes are good. I don't know what's worse, opening the box and finding a scratch on the bag or the bag falling apart at the seams. The brushes are good quality for $11. If you have to buy a new bag for your brushes, don't be surprised.

👤The brushes were around ten dollars when I bought them for my daughter, but they are wonderful. The brushes are soft and don't absorb makeup so a little goes a long way. I don't wear makeup a lot, so I might toss my older natural bristle name brand brushes and get these for myself. It's nice for a kid, a novice or just a human. I am not a makeup reviewer, so if you have every brush set known to man, you may find flaws. This is great for us. The handles are hollow, but still great.

5. Synthetic Cosmetics Foundation Concealers Blending

Synthetic Cosmetics Foundation Concealers Blending

9 Pcs precise makeup brushes and 6 Pcs basic big Kabuki makeup brushes. All of your makeup needs to be covered. The brushes are dense and well shaped. It was worth the price. A gift for mom, wife or female friends. It is easy to carry and use. The package had 15 black brushes. Professional makeup brushes set with high-end wood handle. Non-skin irritation. The handles are labeled, perfect for beginners. The eye makeup brushes are suitable for every face shape and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Brand: Zoreya

👤These brushes are wonderful. I got mine yesterday. I tried them for the first time today. I was concerned about how evenly they apply makeup, but I was taken back when I saw how firm the brushes are. I have always used a beautyblender because I didn't find a foundation brush that didn't leave lines on my face. I thought the eyeshadow brushes would pick up more paint. Even though it is not a lot, these brushes are worth the price.

👤The brushes came in a small brown pouch with a card that tells you what brush you can use and how to clean it, they are soft and perfect for beginners. I was amazed at how soft they are. At the first glance, there was no shed. I haven't washed them. I think they will do a good job. There are no hairs poking out at me as I rub the brushes on my face. Sometimes around the eye area with concealer brushes that happens but they are so perfectly cut that doesn't seem to be an issue. I am happy with the brush set for the price. I am going to buy another for a friend.

👤I have used brushes from companies like Laura Mercier. I wanted a set with a good balance of specialty uses, synthetic bristles and lightweight handles. Zoreya has it all. Since I blend my lightweight under eye makeup and it's synthetic, I can keep it clean and sanitary. I was worried that I might miss natural fiber, but I did not and the transition to synthetic was easy. These are designed by a professional. The makeup product I'm using is soft and handles it well with the bristles. The set is light and will travel well. My favorites are the flat eyeliner, pointed foundation, slanted foundation, and blend brushes. I will consider Zoreya in the future and may purchase a few other specialty brushes like a fan, but this set does almost everything. It will present well if given as a gift. They are wrapped individually and have plastic sheathes for travel. I have a brush holder for my bag, which is perfect for packing.

👤I just bought the zoreya 15 pc makeup brush set and I must say they are the most perfect brushes I have ever used. 1. They are built to a high standard. 2. They are smooth, soft and blendable. The set of brushes 4 are functional and non repetive. Each brush is perfect for its purpose. The purpose of the brushes should be stated in the description. It is the best set of make up brushes for every girl. My makeup is easy to do with these. zoreya created a wonderful set of brushes.

👤It is official. These are wonderful. I am very pleased with the brushes. You have to order these if you want a great brush set without breaking the bank. I ordered a few different sets from them, and this one is amazing. It is only $13.50 for all the brushes. It is really hard to beat that. Even if you already have some, I highly recommend checking out this set. This is worth it! Each brush is numbered and tells you what to use it for.

6. Brushes Synthetic Concealer Foundation Eyeshadow

Brushes Synthetic Concealer Foundation Eyeshadow

These eye makeup Blending brushes are made of soft synthetic fibers and durable handles, which make them easy to use and feel great on your skin. Both with flat and fluffy bristles are perfect blends of eye creams, eye shadows, powders. Feel free to use and enjoy this process. Professional makeup brushes set contains eye shadow brush, eyeliner brush, brow brush, lip brush, and a buffing brush. Whether you're a beginner or a professional makeup artist, you can use these professional makeup tools. Premium complete Eye Brush set in exquisite shape for you to create all kinds of makeup Blending effect on eyelids,brows and any other area by easily controlling it. They offer a money-back guarantee for quality issues.

Brand: Zoreya

👤The metal part of the lip brush is pretty rose colored. The brush is of good quality. I use it for the part of the lipstick that is underneath the metal tube which holds the lipstick, not for the well-defined lips.

👤This brush is amazing. It's cute, feminine, and portable. It's around three or three and a half inches in length. It's great for travel. The closing mechanism is the best part of the product. A door at the top of the brush keeps loose powder out of the bag. Useful for the price.

👤It's amazing! This is a must have for anyone who travels. It is a great way to keep your makeup brushes upright. The case is made of leather. I find it helpful to be new to makeup when the brush side says what it is for. It is a gift for any lady.

👤I love this brush. It's easy to fill in the entire lip area with one of my flat ones. I was looking for something that would allow me to line my lips with lipstick or fill in small areas to make my lips look amazing. The brush is thin and has a nice tip at the end, which makes it an excellent choice for these things. It's easy to use because no matter how precise you need to be, this brush allows it. The bristles don't move around so that you end up getting lipstick or lining your lips where you don't want it. It's easy to use. It's retractable and my last retractable lip brush was from E.L.F., so I almost didn't buy it. To get the brush part to pop up, you had to take the lid off and put the body of the brush case into the lid which was designed to push up on the brush and reveal the bristles. The lid was easily broken. It wasn't snug enough to apply the pressure needed to get to the brush. I only had it for a few weeks. I love the way it works. It's all one thing. Pull up on the top part of the case and you'll see your brush. Put the brush away by pushing it down. Even though it doesn't have a lid, when it's pushed all the way down a little cover falls across the top to prevent dirt or other debris from getting in. The design allows you to cover the brush with the desired product and push it back down so that the lipstick stays soft and fresh. It's easy to do needed touch ups when I'll do this before leaving the house. I wash it with my Eco Tools makeup brush soap and a brush cleaning mat once a week, and I use a cotton pad and oil free makeup when I use it. After washing, it dries down to its original shape. I love pulling it out in public because it's such a beautiful container and it doesn't get stiff or out of shape. My daughter wants the same thing. If you recommend this to anyone, you don't have to think twice.

7. DUAIU Synthetic Eyeshadow Eyeliner Blending

DUAIU Synthetic Eyeshadow Eyeliner Blending

The eyeshadow brushes set is perfect for every eye makeup need. Premium synthetic fiber is used in their makeup brushes set. There are a lot of things that can be trimmed with eyebrow tweezers and nose hair scissors. A rose red sand drift bag can be used to hold all eye shadow brushes and is very convenient to carry. If you have a question about their item, please reply in 12 hours.

Brand: Duaiu

👤They are good brushes, they get the job done, and nobody can tell the difference between the morphe brushes and the tweezers and scissors.

👤They are very easy to work with and I received this order. I don't mind that they are not regular size. The reason I have a 4 stars is because of the broken pink pouch and missing brushes. They are good and recommend this product.

👤I like the quality of the price. I was a little worried about how short the brushes handles were, since I thought they would be hard to blend colors since my hand is too close to my face. I was able to blend well with the shorter handles and it seemed like it was fine. The hairs are very fluffy and carry the color very well. I don't like using sponges because they are hard to clean, and I felt that some brushes were unnecessary. I avoid infections andbacteria. I took these pictures at the end of the day or after hours of wearing the color.

👤Rivals of high end eyeshadow brushes. They will last if you wash them gently. I have been using for several months and can't complain.

👤The set is perfect and comes with so many brushes, I purchased it to apply a product that asked you to use a brush with apolyester or like. It is easy to clean. This is the brush set you need. It has a cheap bag with a slide closure. Also had a small pair of scissors. I always update my reviews.

👤These brushes are really nice. They work well and are great variety. I had a small bag, tweezers, and a scissor type thing. These are worth taking a chance on.

👤I have been wearing makeup for almost 50 years and have the most expensive brushes. The brush set is not the most expensive, but it is my favorite brush set that I have ever bought, and it comes out fine when you wash it. I think these are really good.

👤I was surprised by the brushes. I got a pack for my friend, and she encouraged me to get one of my own. I did. I'm happy with them. It's nice to have more variety in the eyeshadow brushes I have now. I don't expect them to hold up to hardcore usage, but I don't expect to be hard on these brushes in the first place. The brushes should last around the same time as the ELF brushes. The quality is very similar.

8. BEAKEY Premium Synthetic Foundation Eyeshadow

BEAKEY Premium Synthetic Foundation Eyeshadow

A complete set of makeup brushes. The perfect makeup brush kit can be used to create flawless natural makeup. Sturdy brush handle and no-shedding synthetic hair. Always give a smooth and flawless makeup application. A beauty sponge with a shape. The pointed end is for targeting small areas. An egg is a makeup brush cleaner. The stripes are for larger makeup brushes while the tiny granules parts are for smaller brushes. It is perfect for traveling. If you soak the brush handles in water, the glue that bonds the bristles will be weakened.

Brand: Beakey

👤A good set of brushes. You can't beat the price. The set I received was clean. I have been using these brushes for a few months and they are holding up well. I am surprised at how good the quality is. The foundation brush works so well that I ended up loving it, which is weird because I am a beauty blender junkie and I don't like the one that came with the kit. It was fro. It's done every day and you just use the blender to "Perfect" and press the foundation in a bit more. The eyeshadow brushes are very good. I have a lot of brushes, cheap and expensive, and I tend to reach for them the most. I was not expecting that. A second set is a back-up. There is a new update. I bought the first set about a year ago and my brushes are still in perfect condition, I reach for them everyday. I've started buying this set for my friends and family because I love them so much. I bought a set for my youngest sister in October and now I am buying a set for my middle sister so she will have the tools to achieve beautiful make-up looks and hopefully catch the Beauty Bug, too.

👤The brushes are great but I got them out of package and they lost a little of their shine. Everything was packaged well and the sponge is pretty.

👤I don't understand why anyone would leave a bad review. I would understand if they arrive broken. Here's an honest opinion from a makeup junkie. I received my package today. Nothing arrived broken. It was well packaged. I unpackage each brush. One by one. I always read reviews before I buy, I was expecting a smell from these brushes, so that's what I read most of the reviews. Yes, it's true. There is a strong smell when you smell the brushes. They are $1O. You can't expect everything to be perfect. If that's what you're looking for, spend a check on brushes and stop looking for them on Amazon. A quick wash is all you need. I got my cheap ass. One by one, the E.L.F brush cleaner was cleaned. Immediately, the smell came off. Which is a plus. The brushes themselves. They're soft from the looks and feel. They will be getting the job done. I am very happy with this purchase and I don't mind buying them again.

👤There is an update on 1/219 The seller keeps reaching out to me to revise my review. I rely on reviews to make purchases and this is pretty icky to me. The product was poor quality and the seller was not good. I was too scared to use the brushes on my face because of the horrible smell of the brushes and the blender. The brushes are the same shape. There is no variation of shape in the pictures.

👤I am doing my makeup with the brushes. I was expecting a mediocre job with them, but they did more then I expected, and the Beauty blender is very soft and works well. It came with a list of the brushes and how to use them. I'm happy I found this set. Will recommend this set to friends and family.

9. Professional Concealer Foundation Blending Carrying

Professional Concealer Foundation Blending Carrying

These eye makeup Blending brushes are made of soft synthetic fibers and durable handles, which make them easy to use and feel great on your skin. Both with flat and fluffy bristles are perfect blends of eye creams, eye shadows, powders. Feel free to use and enjoy this process. Professional makeup brushes set contains eye shadow brush, eyeliner brush, brow brush, lip brush, and a buffing brush. Whether you're a beginner or a professional makeup artist, you can use these professional makeup tools. Premium complete Eye Brush set in exquisite shape for you to create all kinds of makeup Blending effect on eyelids,brows and any other area by easily controlling it. They offer a money-back guarantee for quality issues.

Brand: Daubigny

👤I have purchased elf and morphe brushes in the past, so I am comparing them as well. The brushes can be hit or miss. I love half of them. I don't care for anything. The ones I do love are great and blend well, but the ones I don't care for don't hold onto eyeshadow color and smudge product instead of buffing into skin. The brushes that I used in the photo did not come dirty or anything like that. I think the price of all the brushes combined is too high, I could have gotten a pouch with a couple of morphe brushes. I think it is worth it.

👤These are some of the makeup looks I have done with the brushes. I love them so much that I have ordered them on Amazon and even better, I bought some at Ulta. Most of them recommend it.

👤I was blown away by the good things about these brushes. I think they're just like sigma brushes or morphe brushes but cheaper. My advice is to buy it! No regrets at all. I will tell people about these amazing beasts. Word of mouth is a powerful tool. I will definitely be shopping from this seller again.

👤These makeup brushes are soft and hold makeup well. I have had makeup brushes that were more expensive but these hold eyeshadow and other powdered makeup very well and they come in a black bag so you don't have to worry about buying a bag for them. I bought another set for my daughter and she loves them, they are soft but not soft, and hold well.

👤I bought these because they looked cute, and they turned out to be pretty decent brushes. I bought a brush set from Morphe in rose gold and they are the same quality. I was worried about how affordable they are but they are holding up well after a few uses and I have not seen any of the bristles fall of! They're very soft. There are different brushes in the set. The product is great for the price.

👤Excellent brushes! It comes with the bag, so I would buy it again. The brushes are made well. The makeup goes on nicely with the brushes. Good purchase! Don't hesitate to buy!

👤I just need something to blend the colors into my lid, I'm not picky with my brushes. I've tried cheap ones from elf and name brands. It's not about the brand, it's about how fluffy the brush is and if your patient can blend. I like buying cheap sets.

10. Eye Makeup Brushes Set Eyeshadow

Eye Makeup Brushes Set Eyeshadow

Docolor 10pcs makeup brushes include eye shadow brushes, eyebrow brushes, and concealer brushes. You can create a variety of makeup brushes set with different shapes and sizes of the bristles. The flat and fluffy bristles of the eye brush set perfectly blend eye creams, eye shadows, and powders. Feel free to use and enjoy this process. Premium bristles are made of soft synthetic and pony and goat fibers and have high density and fine texture for long lasting, soft and silky touch, feel amazing on your skin by using these eye makeup brushes. The professional shape design eye makeup brushes set with the polished gold ferrule in combination and the skull printed handle are easy to grip for a long time. It's great for sweating hands. The makeup brushes for eyes are a great bonus for beginners and professional artists as they are easy to use and superior in quality at an affordable price.

Brand: Docolor

👤I ordered a set of brushes for myself and a set for a friend with a passion for make up after seeing a lot of Facebook ads for this brand. My overall review? I love them! They are very pretty and sturdy, and are large and heavy. I picked the set for its design, but also the types of brushes and ranges it had. The large foundation/kabuki brush is one of my favorites. The brushes have held up well so far. They have had no glue leaks, no shed, and they clean like a dream. I can't say how well they hold against higher quality brushes, but they are larger and heavier than other brushes, and some seem to be denser. If I have any issues in the future, I'll update. I have had these brushes for about a year now, and they are still holding up well. The patern on the brush handles has held up well even with washing and using. I haven't had any issues with falling apart or shed, washing and reshaping still holds true. I gave another set to another friend because I loved them so much. There have been no complaints so far.

👤The brushes were put together where I got them. I got 4 out of the set, but they were not put together correctly and came apart during shipping. I don't want to take the chance of not getting the same brushes again, but I don't mind having duplicate eye brushes or the fan brush that came apart, I don't need them. I was really disappointed that I can't afford a higher-quality set at this point in time because I don't have a lot of money. I'm rebuilding my makeup collection. Hurricanes can destroy anything. I was very excited to receive them. The pros are the ones that are heavy and sturdy, and the bristles are perfect, there are also ones that will give you a great cut crease and great Blending brushes as well. The design seems to be on there well and hopefully will last a while because I chose the specific set. I've made do with not returning stuff to Amazon at this time.

👤The brushes don't have numbers on them. There is a list of brushes in the bank of the box. I can't figure out which brushes are which. I only knew four of the 12. The brushes are of the highest quality and the bristles don't fall out. My only request is that they put their numbers on it. If you can't figure out what they are, you should not list them with a number.

👤I got my brushes 2 days earlier than I expected, they are soft and most of them came in neat packaging, but there were 2 brushes that were not in the plastic packaging, but that's not a deal breaker. After a good wash and air dry, I'm excited to use them. I would give this product a 5 star rating, but I can't get past the smell, and I think it's a little scary, because this is something you're going to be using on, and it's a strong chemical odor.

11. MSQ Eyeshadow Synthetic Eyeliner Blending

MSQ Eyeshadow Synthetic Eyeliner Blending

The material for the gloves is skin-tOUCH. Premium synthetic fiber materials are used to make the eyeshadow brushes. High density and fine texture for long lasting, soft and silky touch. For better use effect, please put it in aventilated place for 1-2 days after opening package. If you are not completely satisfied with your brushes, contact Amazon and they will give you a solution. The makeup brushes in the set are bent, but not damaged. The shapes and sizes of the bristles give you a different look. There is a real wood handle. Black real wood is tightened for a long time. Slender black wood, rose gold narrow aluminum tube, soft hair, provide a pleasant touch. Best for girls and women.

Brand: Msq

👤This is the second time I have purchased this brush set. They are the only brushes I use for my eyes. I have washed and used them many times and so far the handles are holding up. I have noticed that the second set isn't consistent, but it doesn't bother me at all, I just thought I should note that.

👤More than satisfied with the purchase! The quality is amazing and the price is great. I compared one of these brushes to a Morphe and it was the same product, not a single difference other than size and the name. If you want to go straight to a single Morphe brush for the same price, I would suggest you go for this 12pc set. Happy customer!

👤These sets are better than higher end sets. I am very surprised. The brushes are all the same size and shape as you would need as a make up artist, and they are soft and firm. I can't tell you the exact amount of eyeshadow sets I get, but they are all cut exactly as you would need or want. It was perfect!

👤I don't buy makeup online. All my beauty products come from the same place. Being busy. If they don't work, I would just order some. They were cheap. I'm glad I tried these. I can't believe how cheap they were. It is definitely worth buying.

👤The brush I received was going to give me the best look. I was blown away when I tried them. I am living for these babies, they get every look they need. I will update my review if they fall apart.

👤I don't like cleaning brushes. Who does that? It's funny. I can't afford to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on brushes to build up my collection because I'm a single mom with a disability. I don't want cheap brushes that hurt to use. I had to use them immediately because they feel so soft and beautiful. I like that the brushes are small and blend well, as I am in my 40s and have hooded eyes. They were washed and not affected. Next week, I will order another set. I think they're a good choice.

👤I used to buy expensive brushes from name brands, but no longer, these brushes are fantastic quality for the price. I needed a set of smaller eyeshadow brushes. I haven't seen any change in them.

👤These are great for people on a budget. They are decent but not as full as I would like. I was able to look at them and they are very soft. They're better than dollar store ones if you're on a tight budget.

👤The brushes are easy to clean. I have all the brushes for eyeshadows. The amount of good brushes for eyeshadow and concealer is a great value.

👤These eye makeup brushes are awesome. There is a great variety of sizes and styles of brush. Blending is seamless because of the soft nature of the material.


What is the best product for eye makeup brushes set with case?

Eye makeup brushes set with case products from Daxstar. In this article about eye makeup brushes set with case you can see why people choose the product. Goerti and Solve are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye makeup brushes set with case.

What are the best brands for eye makeup brushes set with case?

Daxstar, Goerti and Solve are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye makeup brushes set with case. Find the detail in this article. Ammiy, Zoreya and Zoreya are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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