Best Eye Makeup Brushes Set

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1. Cinidy Makeup Brush Make Up Toiletry

Cinidy Makeup Brush Make Up Toiletry

All brushes made of premium synthetic fiber materials provide an incredible touch and feel. Don't let hair fall or hurt your skin. The handle is bold for easy use. Synthetic fiber hair is ensured for long time use. Does she not? A professional quality brush set which includes eye shadow brush, foundation brush, eyeliner brush, mascara brush, lip brush, and eyebrow brush for daily use. It's best to use liquids, powders, or creams for eye makeup. It's perfect for makeup lady and people with normal to sensitive skin. If you're not satisfied, you'll get a 100% Money Back Guarantee. The brushes were packed individually.

Brand: Cinidy

👤I've ordered inexpensive make-up brushes before and they are better than the others. Don't expect these to be very soft to the skin around the eye. They are very strong. Only 2 of the handles were fully attached to the pro's. They had to be squeezed together to stay put, but they didn't come off. The metal part is attached to the handle. The bristles stayed put. I think there are 2 hairs on one of them. They are great for travel. I like the color.

👤The brushes have been great. My two and three year olds love doing their makeup while I am doing mine, which means grabbing my good makeup brushes and running off. I bought this set for them to play with because it was cheap. I would give them a few at a time and then when they broke them or lost them, I would have more to give to keep them out of my house. When these arrived, I was surprised. None of them have broken or lost their bristles. These are being used by Toddlers so that says a lot, they haven't broken or gotten crazy haired bristles. I have set aside some for myself because they are nice. They are also cute. I would definitely recommend these brushes.

👤A set of 20 makeup tools. What do you think about the sponges? It is used to smooth your makeup. The brushes are long and double sided. These aren't professional makeup brushes, but they hold up well, they blend, line, highlight, and all that you would expect a brush tool kit to do. Some people have reported that some of the brushes are loose. I did not find that to be the case. I will use my professional art brushes if they become loose. I use a pair of pliers and a sharp object to tighten the metal eck against the stick part of the brush. The brush set has a card with a description of what each piece is for. I would recommend this product for its price and quantity of tools.

👤This is a scam for the price. I have many makeup brushes from Sephora and other brands, and they are good for the price. There is a I have no issues with update, ill return or durability.

👤Product arrived much earlier than expected. The brushes blend well. I have more variety for the price of one or two elf brushes, so I have found myself using these more than my elf ones. I rated it only 4 stars because of two reasons. The hair on two of my brushes has come out easily. The ratio of dense/ fluff brushes is not evenly distributed. The set had more dense brushes than fluffy ones, and most of the fluffier ones were small and not the best for Blending. It still turns out great despite the fact that you have to work harder with the denser brushes. Overall, a great product. I love it!

👤You can't beat these, especially for the money. I have used for many things, including nail art, painting, and cosmetics. I can't imagine finding such an amazing value again, so I will probably order a few more for back ups.

2. MSQ Eyeshadow Brushes Blending Eyeliner

MSQ Eyeshadow Brushes Blending Eyeliner

The makeup brushes in the set are included. The shapes and sizes of the bristles give you a different look. The material for the gloves is skin-tOUCH. The brushes are made from high quality synthetic fiber. High density and fine texture for long lasting, soft and silky touch. There is a real wood handle. Black real wood is tightened for a long time. It is a nice design. You have a nice touch with the Slender black real wood, sliver aluminum tube, soft hair. The best for women and girls. RISK-FREE PURCHASE If you are not completely satisfied with your brushes, contact Amazon and they will give you a solution. Their top priority is your satisfaction. Have it now!

Brand: Msq

👤I was looking for smaller make-up brushes as most sets tend to have large or larger brushes that I didn't need nor want, and finally decided on this set. The brushes seem to be good quality, a nice length and design, soft bristles, and the ones I've tried work quite well with holding the make-up and with blending. It is reasonably priced. These are good for my budget and wants. I've included a photo of brushes with U.S coins placed beside them so you can see actual sizes, but I wish sellers of brush sets would provide a ruler in their photos.

👤If you're a fan of cheap makeup brushes, you know there are some real duds out there. Definitely not these. The brushes in my collection are some of the best. I'm surprised by what I paid for them. The handles are shorter than my other brushes, which is great for travel and precision. The pouch is a little flimsy, but it does the job and is that really an issue? I have had these for a few months and they are still attached to the handle.

👤Great brushes if you have a budget. I don't like when companies offer big face brushes, I'll never use them, it's hard to find a brush set this big for just eye shadow brushes. If you want to improve your eye shadow skills, this is a great starter kit.

👤I bought a pair of brushes in December but they fell out after 3 months of use, so I didn't get a refund.

👤Great set! I've gotten a few sets from Aliexpress and they were the same price but included Prime shipping. The smell of paint when they arrived has faded. They are very soft. The size of the largest brush is compared to the E40 sigma.

👤The brush types do not hold or apply the product well. These may be a good starter pack if you are just starting with makeup. Would not recommend it.

👤What happened? On arrival, my girlfriend and I have a bad surprise. When the set says they are aRR 20 and no returns, just one rush.

👤I have a few Morphe and MAC brushes, and they are equally good. The ones that should be stiff are the same ones that should be fluffy. This has all the brushes you need to make eyeshaddow looks. I appreciate them more and more. The only other things that could be added are an eyeliner brush and a small blender. This money was well spent.

👤The brushes work well and are amazing value for money. I had a problem with shipping. The customer service was great and I'm guessing it was due to backups.

👤It was packaged appropriately and arrived in god time. The product is good, the brushes are good, and I hoped for more.

👤If you need a full set of brushes, this is the set for you, they have every kind of brush for eye makeup you need, and it's not crazy expensive.

3. Eyeshadow Portable Brushes Eyeliner YUESHENNAN

Eyeshadow Portable Brushes Eyeliner YUESHENNAN

All products are based on this. The eye shadow brush kit is portable. The most frequently used brush shape is derived from sweet series of eye brushes. It is suitable for basic and professional makeup artists. Even beginners can use it. TheERIAL: The bristles are created to mimic the grasping power and softness of animal hair, but no odor will change the properties, and it can perfectly blend lotion, eye brush, eye shadow, and eyebrow powder. Their brushes are made from aluminum tubes and handles. The process of production. The makeup artist's instructions are followed in the design. It is handmade and inspected before it is delivered. Basic makeup brush set is Oriental ingenuity. People and services should be used. A simple gift box for your little girl, your big girl, your mother, your grandmother, your teacher, or any other person, for birthday, New Year, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any other holiday. See after-sales service for shopping.

Brand: Yue Shen Nan

👤It is a good value for the price. This was advertised as a small travel kit. The travel case won't stay closed because the brushes are regular length. If you try to carry it in your bag, it will spill all over.

👤I was tired of the eyeshadow disappearing, the eyeshadow falling off, and the shadows that didn't come with an eyeliner. I bought my own for a good price. It will take me a while to lose them. Some of the applicators are different in width. I achieved my goal of having a good product at a good price.

👤It was smaller than expected. The brushes are made from cheap materials. Not impressed.

👤These brushes are cute and compact, but they are not as big as traditional brushes. I think these are going to work well. You could complete an eye look with this aspect of how travel friendly they are.

👤It is a very good value. My daughter needed some different brushes to do her eye makeup for cheer, and we don't do much makeup in our house. These were perfect!

👤The case doesn't stay closed despite the nice brushes.

👤These are very convenient for travel. The case snaps shut and it's pretty. The brushes work well. It is easy to clean.

👤I needed a set of eye makeup. This was perfect. Excellent price for good quality eye makeup brushes.

4. EcoTools Enhancing Sustainable Materials Synthetic

EcoTools Enhancing Sustainable Materials Synthetic

The Duo Eye Makeup Brushes set have dual ends to shade, define, blend and smudge makeup. The EcoTools makeup brushes help apply products to your face, whether they're travel size makeup brushes, eye makeup brushes, foundation brushes or big brushes. Makeup brushes and products from Boo. Their products are made from recycled plastic and aluminum. ECOTOOLS: They use recycled aluminum and plastic in their makeup brushes, sponges, brush cleaners, spa products, face and body care products. The power of beauty. They support women's empowerment, as well as quality vegan makeup products, to help them become the best version of themselves.

Brand: Ecotools

👤I had them and didn't think about it. You have to lay the brushes flat. They lay on my dresser because they can't fit in a cup or travel case slot. I find that somewhat annoying. If they came with a storage case or brush caps, I wouldn't buy double-sided design. It depends on your preferences, but a design feature is worth consideration.

👤These are very small brushes. They are my go to eye makeup tools. It's a good idea to use the one brush for smoking out your eyeliner. I slept and still look great. It's in for those of us ladies who want a little Rocker chick vibe, but on the down low. The other brush is very soft. The eye skin is delicate. Blending the colors without taking the color off your lids is a great way to do it. When I use my fingers, they pick up the color from my eye-shadow. These little brushes are perfect. They pack well, clean well, and do their job well at making my eyes look less like crypt keepers.

👤The brushes are soft. I think they're great for beginners because they only need the brushes to achieve their basic look. The brushes are labeled with the intended use on them, right on the brush. I didn't give a full five stars because the brushes came a tad mangled, which was easily fixed by running some water on them. It was definitely worth the purchase. I love this set and recommend it.

👤The brush set is small. It's worth the price because I got it for $2.99. I can use these two brushes to make eyeshadow looks for travel. I washed them and they held up. They are well made and seem sturdy. The smaller side of my eyes is what I see. Most people would find them a perfect size if they were a bit smaller. A gift for someone just starting out in makeup would be nice. I'm very happy. I've been using this set for a couple months and washing them several times. They have held up well. I took them on a weekend trip and they were very convenient. This set was recommended by me.

👤These are great. I don't know what the tips are for, but they seem well made. In the past, I have had good success with EcoTools products. The brush is good for putting eyeshadows on my lashes. The two brushes are very similar. I've been using one for lid color and one for crease and it's a bit more floppy. The smudging brush is dense and useful for highlighting in tight corner spaces. I've only been using them for a week or so, but I like them. I feel like a professional when I use my fancy brushes. I like to stand my brushes in a cup-like container, but I don't like the fact that you have to smush one of the ends. I don't like that they have to lay on my makeup space. I didn't deduct any stars because I saw that before buying.

5. SOLVE Professional Cosmetics Foundation Concealer

SOLVE Professional Cosmetics Foundation Concealer

The brushes are perfect for making all kinds of makeup from beginners to professional. The high quality bristle is soft but firm to hold makeup. There was no shed. Premium synthetic fiber materials have a touch and feel. The grips of the brushes are made from wood handles and ferrules. A multi-function brush set is ideal for applying, Blending and shading products. Black is a classic color. The makeup brush set is made of high-quality materials that are durable and give a sense of luxury.

Brand: Solve

👤These are soft. The brushes are great.

👤The brushes are nice. It's an amazing deal. I used a few brushes to apply my makeup in the photo provided, and the brushes worked well. They are very soft. I would prefer the brushes to be a little more stiff, but this was still a great purchase. I hope this helps you. GBY.

👤These tools are very soft.

👤After 5 or more times, it was washed.

👤I like these brushes. The quality was better than I expected. The price is also great. Fast shipping.

👤For someone who's been using the same 3 brushes since I learned how to put on makeup, I was a little intimated. There is a diagram that shows what each brush is for. They are soft and drug store quality, and hold up in the cleaning machine I bought. I got what I wanted, and my makeup looks great! Can't really go wrong here.

👤It looks like a good purchase.

6. Real Techniques Eyeshadow Foundation Concealer

Real Techniques Eyeshadow Foundation Concealer

The set includes a 400 brush, a 300 brush, a 402 brush, and a 200 brush. The bristles are custom-cut for makeup application. Your one is done and you will be able to do pro-styled looks for face, eye and cheek. Use for blush, makeup and eyeshadows. It's 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Use a makeup sponge wet for a makeup look. After every 30 uses, store in a dry place.

Brand: Real Techniques

👤Do not buy. This is not real. China has bad brushes. I bought it because I love the brush. It is my favorite setting brush. I thought this was a good deal, but I was disappointed because the brushes are fake. Don't waste money or time.

👤I bought the set with the extra sponge, not sure what happened with my order. I had to wait a few more days before it shipped because the set was on backorder. I received it a week ahead of the projected time. I was surprised to see that the extra sponge was in a different packaging than the standard kit. There was a brush for eyeshadow. All products were new and packaged well. I am very happy with my purchase. I think I got an extra brush due to shipping delays or that the kit with the additional sponge was not in stock so they just threw an extra one in there. Either way, I would purchase again. The quality of these is no joke. I prefer the soft brushes and firm sponge over the Beauty Blender brand.

👤I have been a fan of sponges and brushes for a decade. I only use their sponges. The sponge fell apart when I used one of the fresh ones, I got in this pack. I don't know what's going on! I don't recommend buying this set. I'm going to keep the brushes because they seem the same quality. Don't. BUY. This. Set.

👤Real techniques brushes are my favorite brushes. I was missing sponges. It was paid for and deserved to be received. Before you deliver your package to a customer, make sure to check it.

👤I saw this set at a sale for $20 and bought it and the one for eyes at the same price. I bought a second set of face brushes from Amazon for less money but with two sponges. I've never heard of this brand, but I've seen endless U tube videos. I have a lot of expensive brushes. I wanted to know what the hype was about. The packages are distributed by a USA company. The packages all say 1997 so I think they were made in China. The sponges are given as a sbutitute and the face brushes are missing a foundation brush. Bummer! The biggest brush is for blush. I have more foundation brushes than I ever need, but I still expected a face kit. My mistake. The brushes are similar to E.L.F. They are fine. It was not worthy of the U Tube hype. I think I'll give a set to my niece. I will probably return one. Twenty dollars is a crime. I will keep the eye brushes because they are more useful. I wanted to solve the fake comments made in China. Some of these brushes are from China. There is no difference in packaging.

👤Best brushes ever! Will buy again.

👤I can't believe the sponge is molded. After a month of useage. I wash and air dry my make-up sponges. The brushes were very nice and I recommend them. I will pass the sponge. The package should say it if there is a chance.

7. Eyeshadow Brushes Professional Eyeliner Blending

Eyeshadow Brushes Professional Eyeliner Blending

The most essential eye makeup brushes are the ones they picked because they are the most essential to create a perfect eye makeup. Their eye makeup brush set is made of soft bristles and is suitable for sensitive skin. Providing a touch and feel. Black real wood, anti-corrosion and mothproof, contain no lead, mercury or other pollution elements, remain tightened for extremely long life. The special brushes set looks chic and fashionable. These are perfect for beginners and makeup artists as they are easy to use and superior in quality at an affordable price. A must-have in your makeup collection is a great gift. They are committed to making Quality Assurance right for you, so please contact them. Their customer service is always happy to help.

Brand: Daxstar

👤I guess you get what you pay for. They are falling apart. I use them with my paints after one wash.

👤Muy bonito,suaves.

👤These are a great deal.

👤Some of the selections began to break.

8. Eyeshadow Premium Eyebrow Concealer Blending

Eyeshadow Premium Eyebrow Concealer Blending

1. Premium synthetic hair, the soft bristles are the perfect way to blend your colors, comes with a chic and compact metal brush holder. 2. Everything you need to create the perfect eye-look can be done. A five-piece brush set features everything you need for a flawless look from a soft daytime look to an intense smoky eye. 3. There are a variety of eye shadow brushes, eyeliner brushes, eye makeup brushes, and smudge brushes. The five essential makeup brush set with sleek tube will help create the perfect eye look for any occasion. 4. Perfect eye makeup at any time. 5. The pink eyeshadow brush set is a gift for little princess, mom, wife, female friends, wedding anniversary, Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving Day, Mother's Day, and so on. The count type is unit count.

Brand: Guigudesn

👤Applying makeup is much easier with these. It's worth the money to use the brushes that come with most makeup. The brushes seem to be of good quality. They're very precise. The best comparison would be to go from a fat tip marker to a well sharpened pencil, as someone who isn't super feminine. Makeup goes where you want it to. I regret not buying these sooner. The packaging is nice. I like the cylinder. I have good things to say about these. You should buy them now.

👤Whether you travel or not, this set is perfect. It makes it easy to grab your eyeshadow brushes. The bristles are strong enough to hold the shadow color. I don't recommend it to travel. Great value for the money, a soft and easy to use organizer, and a great value for the money.

👤The quality of the brushes was very good. They all fit into a small pink metallic tube. They are packaged in a way that makes it easy to take them with you.

👤I'm very happy with my purchase of the brushes. I love the carry case that comes with them, they're wonderful Blending brushes, and I use them every day for applying my eye shadows. It is a very good value.

👤They are what I was looking for. These brushes are slightly sturdier than the feathery ones that I don't like.

👤Excellent quality and affordable.

👤Holds makeup on the brush. I love them!

9. DUcare Eyeshadow Professional Concealer Blending

DUcare Eyeshadow Professional Concealer Blending

The makeup brushes in the set are included. The shapes and sizes of the bristles give you a different look. Soft synthetic bristles are made of soft synthetic fibers and have durable handles. Double sided brushes are perfect for travel, they are easy to use and perfect for makeup application. PLATING HANDLE: The gold glitter handle is tightened for a long time. The gold snuff brush is made of black wood, rose gold narrow aluminum tube, and soft hair. Best for girls.

Brand: Ducare

👤It's a perfect dupe for the maskcara brush.

👤If you don't want to pay $36 for one maskcara beauty HAC brush, these are perfect.

👤I am updating my review because I was wrong. I ordered the masks that looked similar to the one I had, and I was waiting for the masks to arrive. I didn't think they were the same ball park when compared to my first brush. I realized that my new Maskcara brushes are pretty much the same except for the handle and cost, now that I have them. I am returning my Maskcara ones.

👤I recently purchased cream from a brand that uses a less-is-more approach. I found the brushes rather pricey, but the brand also sells brushes to be used with this makeup. I ordered the brush set for a fraction of the cost because of the positive reviews, and I am so happy I did! The bristles on all the brushes are soft and dense. The right amount of product is transferred to the brush by a mere touch. The bristles are soft to the skin, which is a good thing if you are a mature person. The brushes give a nice glow after buffing and don't leave lines of product. The quality, price, and way they work are all great.

👤These brushes are amazing. They make it easy to use my urban decay shapeshifter palette. I usually use a beauty blender or juno co velvet sponge to buff my foundation in, but today I used these and I loved the application. My whole face routine was much easier. As I write this review, I'm ordering another set. They're soft and blend perfectly. The brushes would be great for travel. I bought two different sets of brushes in June. Since I have had them, they have been washed weekly. These brushes help up and are wonderful. There was no shed at all. The same condition as when I got them.

👤Perfect for the Maskcara brushes. I really like them!

👤These brushes are wonderful. They are firm, but soft. My makeup application is very easy. I use these to do my makeup. I used it once for Foundation. They are great for someone like me who travels a lot for work. I don't have to pack a lot of face brushes which are bulky and take a lot of space. The bristles have not fallen off or gotten loose. I have washed these twice. I like these brushes more than a few of my brushes. The quality and price are amazing.

👤I was so impressed with the large fluffy fan brush in the monthly beauty subscription box that I bought this set. I was a professional makeup artist. I had a lot of the older MAC brushes from back when they were real hair, and realized that they had changed to using synthetic bristles and the quality had plummeted, and had been skeptical about using synthetic brushes. I decided to try this set after getting the fan brush. I am very impressed. I bought the eye shadow set as well. These have held up for a few years, but I haven't been wearing makeup in 1.5 years, so I can tell if a brush is trash. I like the pointed tip brush. I started to see my age creeping up on me after I got sick because I didn't believe in aging graciously, and I spent a lot of time and money taking care of my skin wasted because I don't believe in aging graciously. I was getting frustrated after spending a lot of money on different makeup brands. I was able to use my old brands of products again because of the help I received from the fluffy fan brush, the small fluffy eyeshadow brush, and the pointy brush. I stopped using liquid foundation because of the DUcare brushes, and now I apply makeup with a dusting. The studio fixes perfecting powder. I started using the DUcare Solid Soap brush cleaner after I realized that MAC had changed the formula of their cleanser, and my brushes were gummed up. The cleaner regenerated my real hair brushes and got rid of months of build up from my fluffier brushes. I was trying to figure out how to keep the double ended brushes in my drawer, but I found a gift box lid that was the right size to keep them in my drawer. You will not be disappointed. If you don't like them, at least with Amazon, you can return them, unlike some of the really expensive ones I had bought from them.

10. Brushes Synthetic Concealer Foundation Eyeshadow

Brushes Synthetic Concealer Foundation Eyeshadow

These eye makeup Blending brushes are made of soft synthetic fibers and durable handles, which make them easy to use and feel great on your skin. Both with flat and fluffy bristles are perfect blends of eye creams, eye shadows, powders. Feel free to use and enjoy this process. Professional makeup brushes set contains eye shadow brush, eyeliner brush, brow brush, lip brush, and a buffing brush. Whether you're a beginner or a professional makeup artist, you can use these professional makeup tools. Premium complete Eye Brush set in exquisite shape for you to create all kinds of makeup Blending effect on eyelids,brows and any other area by easily controlling it. They offer a money-back guarantee for quality issues.

Brand: Zoreya

👤The metal part of the lip brush is pretty rose colored. The brush is of good quality. I use it for the part of the lipstick that is underneath the metal tube which holds the lipstick, not for the well-defined lips.

👤This brush is amazing. It's cute, feminine, and portable. It's around three or three and a half inches in length. It's great for travel. The closing mechanism is the best part of the product. A door at the top of the brush keeps loose powder out of the bag. Useful for the price.

👤It's amazing! This is a must have for anyone who travels. It is a great way to keep your makeup brushes upright. The case is made of leather. I find it helpful to be new to makeup when the brush side says what it is for. It is a gift for any lady.

👤I love this brush. It's easy to fill in the entire lip area with one of my flat ones. I was looking for something that would allow me to line my lips with lipstick or fill in small areas to make my lips look amazing. The brush is thin and has a nice tip at the end, which makes it an excellent choice for these things. It's easy to use because no matter how precise you need to be, this brush allows it. The bristles don't move around so that you end up getting lipstick or lining your lips where you don't want it. It's easy to use. It's retractable and my last retractable lip brush was from E.L.F., so I almost didn't buy it. To get the brush part to pop up, you had to take the lid off and put the body of the brush case into the lid which was designed to push up on the brush and reveal the bristles. The lid was easily broken. It wasn't snug enough to apply the pressure needed to get to the brush. I only had it for a few weeks. I love the way it works. It's all one thing. Pull up on the top part of the case and you'll see your brush. Put the brush away by pushing it down. Even though it doesn't have a lid, when it's pushed all the way down a little cover falls across the top to prevent dirt or other debris from getting in. The design allows you to cover the brush with the desired product and push it back down so that the lipstick stays soft and fresh. It's easy to do needed touch ups when I'll do this before leaving the house. I wash it with my Eco Tools makeup brush soap and a brush cleaning mat once a week, and I use a cotton pad and oil free makeup when I use it. After washing, it dries down to its original shape. I love pulling it out in public because it's such a beautiful container and it doesn't get stiff or out of shape. My daughter wants the same thing. If you recommend this to anyone, you don't have to think twice.

11. DUAIU Synthetic Eyeshadow Eyeliner Blending

DUAIU Synthetic Eyeshadow Eyeliner Blending

The eyeshadow brushes set is perfect for every eye makeup need. Premium synthetic fiber is used in their makeup brushes set. There are a lot of things that can be trimmed with eyebrow tweezers and nose hair scissors. A rose red sand drift bag can be used to hold all eye shadow brushes and is very convenient to carry. If you have a question about their item, please reply in 12 hours.

Brand: Duaiu

👤They are good brushes, they get the job done, and nobody can tell the difference between the morphe brushes and the tweezers and scissors.

👤They are very easy to work with and I received this order. I don't mind that they are not regular size. The reason I have a 4 stars is because of the broken pink pouch and missing brushes. They are good and recommend this product.

👤I like the quality of the price. I was a little worried about how short the brushes handles were, since I thought they would be hard to blend colors since my hand is too close to my face. I was able to blend well with the shorter handles and it seemed like it was fine. The hairs are very fluffy and carry the color very well. I don't like using sponges because they are hard to clean, and I felt that some brushes were unnecessary. I avoid infections andbacteria. I took these pictures at the end of the day or after hours of wearing the color.

👤Rivals of high end eyeshadow brushes. They will last if you wash them gently. I have been using for several months and can't complain.

👤The set is perfect and comes with so many brushes, I purchased it to apply a product that asked you to use a brush with apolyester or like. It is easy to clean. This is the brush set you need. It has a cheap bag with a slide closure. Also had a small pair of scissors. I always update my reviews.

👤These brushes are really nice. They work well and are great variety. I had a small bag, tweezers, and a scissor type thing. These are worth taking a chance on.

👤I have been wearing makeup for almost 50 years and have the most expensive brushes. The brush set is not the most expensive, but it is my favorite brush set that I have ever bought, and it comes out fine when you wash it. I think these are really good.

👤I was surprised by the brushes. I got a pack for my friend, and she encouraged me to get one of my own. I did. I'm happy with them. It's nice to have more variety in the eyeshadow brushes I have now. I don't expect them to hold up to hardcore usage, but I don't expect to be hard on these brushes in the first place. The brushes should last around the same time as the ELF brushes. The quality is very similar.


What is the best product for eye makeup brushes set?

Eye makeup brushes set products from Cinidy. In this article about eye makeup brushes set you can see why people choose the product. Msq and Yue Shen Nan are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye makeup brushes set.

What are the best brands for eye makeup brushes set?

Cinidy, Msq and Yue Shen Nan are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye makeup brushes set. Find the detail in this article. Ecotools, Solve and Real Techniques are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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