Best Eye Makeup Kit

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1. Eyeshadow Palette Eyebrow Eyeliner Cosmetic

Eyeshadow Palette Eyebrow Eyeliner Cosmetic

All in one makeup kit. The all-in-one makeup kit is designed for the bold and beautiful. It is easy for a beginner as well as a pro to enjoy the package. High quality makeup. It's easy to put on, suitable for a variety of skin tones. It's easy to apply and create a three-dimensional eye makeup finish. Light and soft. It's ideal for travel or long holidays, you can take your makeup kit with you. The all-in-one eye makeup kit is formulated with natural and safe ingredients. Water-based material is soft to the skin. Use a make-up removal product, wipe with paper towels/cotton pads/sponge first. Then rinsing with facial cleanser. This all in one set is perfect for daily makeup, pretend play, parties or any special occasions, it has a wide range of shades and styles. All in one travel makeup set is full of vibrant makeup. The multi-purpose make up kit is perfect for eye makeup. Birthdays and festivals are preferred for gift giving.

Brand: Nuibo

👤I should not have bought a make-up kit with a brand name I had never heard of. I was hoping to gift a preteen a kit that would allow her to practice applying and be able to wear when she is out. The brushes in the kit are very cheap and have a "nowhere near marble look". It would have been nice if it were better, but it wasn't. I could have done better at the store.

👤I smelled fish when I opened the package. It was repulsive. I let it go and hoped the smell would go away. It might happen over time. Several pieces were missing. This was a cheap gift for my daughter, so I don't think she cared. I wouldn't buy it again. Ha! The seller did not respond to my review.

👤The make up was terrible, the brushes were cheap and the zippers broke on the first try. My daughter received this as her first make-up kit gift and it was a terrible experience for both of us. I will not buy any other make-up products unless I know them well. Since I share custody with their dad, I had to purchase another bag at the market to make sure she had a pouch for her makeup. It was a horrible experience.

👤My little sister loved it. The only thing I didn't like about this set was the smell of fish in the travel bag when it was delivered. We got a new bag after she kept her makeup.

👤I bought this for my granddaughter.

👤It is new to make up. Love this kit.

👤The make up bag stinks like fish.

👤Artculo llego. EstuchĂ© en plstico de mala calidad. Maquillaje pĂ©simo. Para regalo.

2. CHANGEABLE Eyeshadow Highlight Waterproof Makeup

CHANGEABLE Eyeshadow Highlight Waterproof Makeup

Professional cool and warm-toned pigments and shades are contained in a magically iridescent eyeshadow palette. There are different texture: soft smooth, shimmery pressed, and metallic glitters. The richly toned palette can be used to create endless amounts of looks. It's easy to take outside and travel with the advanced artistry palette housed inside a cute,rectangle-cut, lightweight, black packaging. It's suitable for different skin types. The rainbow - inspired colors and finishes, ranging from sheer - color, high - shine glitter topcoats, to entrancing ultra-reflective metallics and rich shades with intense pigment payoff deliver striking impact and light-catching dimensions, suitable for both makeup beginners and makeup pros. A complete travel shadow collection can be purchased as a gift for family and friends or as a personal use. It's suitable for different occasions. The pressed powder shadows in the professional palette can be used for shading, highlighting, and defining eyes, brows, and the face.

Brand: Prism Makeup

👤I bought this pallet to see if it was as good as the James Charles pallet. It is the same color as James Charles. I think this is the best pallet I have ever used. I highly recommend it to anyone new to it. The first photo has no flash and the second has one.

👤Absolutely obsessed with this mini eyeshadow. It is not too small. It's perfect for everyday use. I like the size. I can take it with me anywhere. For an amazing price, the pigmentation is amazing. 10 outta 10 would be good. I forgot to take pictures of some of the swatch, but you can see the color! I'm obsessed.

👤The palette was shipped very quickly. The variety and price are great.

👤De colores brillantes.

👤I was trying to get something cheap to learn and this palette has a great variety of colors.

👤The eyeshadows are amazing! Beautiful colors.

👤It is very bright. I have only used about 5 shades, but they are beautiful and have very little fallout compared to other shadows I have used before. The colors pop! Since it is not a huge makeup bag, it can fit in a medium bag, and since it is not a huge makeup bag, it can fit in a travel makeup bag. It is a steal for the price and quality. If you're considering purchasing, watch the reviews on YouTube. There are some good reviews.

3. Cosmetic Combination Eyeshadow Concealer Eyeliner

Cosmetic Combination Eyeshadow Concealer Eyeliner

The kit has 90 color shimmer eyeshadow, 90 color matter eyeshadow, 2 color eyeshadow palette, 2 color face concealer powder, 6 color eyebrow powder, 6 eyes, 1 eyeliner pencil, and a big mirror. The makeup is long lasting and skin friendly. It would not hurt your skin. The high quality ingredients can last for a long time. Super soft shadows are easily blendable. It is long- lasting, natural and waterproof. For both personal and professional use. Wearable collection. The creamy texture, high impact pigments, and long lasting futuristic finishes are what the creamy texture is made of. It has a wide range of color in 190 shades that can be used as eyeshadow, liner, eyebrow powder or blusher. It is easy to layer and blend. Adding layers and mixing. It's suitable for beginners or experienced makeup artists. It's perfect for party makeup, casual makeup, wedding makeup, etc. It's perfect as a gift to send to a loved one on a special day.

Brand: Charmcode

👤I paid a decent price for this. The black box is neat and sleek. A perfect gift for a friend. There are a lot of eyeshadow colors to choose from. It was packaged well and the powders were not broken. The large mirror had a film cover to protect it from scratches, and everything is intact. This is great for travel. I wanted to give one to my sister in law for her birthday. I am so excited for her to see it.

👤I had to wipe the case clean because the make up was not on my hand and the mirror was scratched.

👤Everything was broken. The box is damaged and the mirror is broken. It is impossible to return the item since it was all in so many pieces, and there was no way to find all of them. I have glass shards all over my house. I will not buy this again.

👤I went to camp with my makeup, but I was disappointed when I saw all of the bases had fallen apart, it's a good product, and I like the variety, but I wouldn't recommend it if traveling a lot. The product is small, so it was a bit overpriced. I like using this makeup. I think that those are just a few things to think about before buying.

👤I gave this to my daughter for Christmas. The lid broke when it fell off of the table, but it is very durable.

👤This was a good price for what was in there. My granddaughter will flip when she sees it. A perfect place for them to practice wearing makeup.

👤The eyeshadows are pretty. You can think of every color. The eyeshadow has great quality. The shimmery ones are gorgeous. I like that it includes blush, eyebrow shades, and eyeliner. Great purchase!

👤The price is very cheap and small compared to what is shown. It was bought for my daughter for Christmas and she didn't get a lot of makeup.

👤My daughter will love it, it's for her.

4. Naked2 Basics Eyeshadow Palette Neutral

Naked2 Basics Eyeshadow Palette Neutral

You look better naked. A compact, travel-ready eyeshadow palette featuring 6 neutral shades that complement a range of skin tones, from cool and olive complexions to deeper hues. The Naked2 Basics shades include Skimp, Stark, Frisk, Cover, and Undone. Back 2 basics. This eyeshadow palette is perfect for creating simple eye looks or as a base for colorful eyeshadows and dramatic eye looks. The proprietary ingredient blend in their eye shadow is rich in color and blends well. Play well with other people and Prep your lids with their Eyeshadow Primer Potion for a look that lasts all day and won't fade or crease. Mist your eyeshadow brush with All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray to maximize color payoff.

Brand: Urban Decay

👤I've been using Urban Decay for a long time, but this eyeshadow is powdery. It doesn't have the same consistency as any Urban Decay product I've ever used, which leads me to believe it's a fake. I recommend buying from authorized sellers.

👤The price was much smaller than I expected. Will travel well, but won't last long. The shadow tray is small. The photo shows how small the measuring tape is and next to a remote for a TV. I don't have a previous purchase to show next to. I hope this helps you make a decision. The highest profit margin for what you actually get is make up. How often do you get to use the last bits before it sticks in containers?

👤I see a lot of fakes on this item, but mine seems legit. My daughter gave it a look and confirmed authenticity, so that's out of the way. I can see where some people were sketched out. My eyeshadow was dirty? I mean the outside of it had something on it? There was a powdery substance on my fingers after I cleaned the logo off. The palette is hard to open. It's sealed when it's closed. I tried to get it open. The shadow is very nice and wears very well. I saw a different review that thought it was fake because it's a mini palette, but it seems like it's true since it's clearly one of them. This is the right size for the price. I took a star off for my eyeshadow not being clean on the outside, but other than that it's fine.

👤I would like to see Urban Decay sell this palate in single colors. I love the eye shadows, but only use a few. I have to buy all six colors in order to get the couple that I use daily. I love the product.

👤I bought the original palette a long time ago, but I feel like the quality has gone down. Who knows if that was a legit product or not. There were bits of makeup smudged on the case, but the little plastic sheet that goes over the eyeshadow was missing. It didn't seem to have been used, just a few things were off. There is a The kind of paint is bad. There was a lot of dust on my brushes. It's not worth trying to come back. I wouldn't buy it again.

👤I should have known that I was going to be disappointed. I mean small when I say it. I believe the pallet is the small size from a previous purchase. I like the product, but you have to use small brushes to use it. I was not happy.

👤I have been buying the full size Naked Palettes every day since they came out. I wonder if I got tricked on a fake makeup when I apply it every morning. I came here to read reviews and see that I am not the only one thinking this. Since day one, the dark color has been crumbling. I rarely use it, but it is now completely gone because it gets everywhere. I have to fix mistakes because they get all over my hands. Even if I dropped it or traveled with it, I have never had a color fall apart like this. This one is still in my drawer. It doesn't look good. It looks like a drugstore brand. I have tried all of the produce from Urban Decay. Except this. It is not clear. You can buy directly from one of the makeup stores.

5. UCANBE Eyeshadow Palette Pigmented Cosmetic

UCANBE Eyeshadow Palette Pigmented Cosmetic

This is a big versatile makeup combination that includes a professional brush set and a 60 colors eMakeup shadows palette. Blending eye shadows together is easy. The included 15Pcs brushes can be used to apply shades to makeup, line, highlight, and make smokey eye makeup looks. 60 buildable and blendable shades are in this professional large makeup palette. The shadows in this pallet are easy to blend and pop with neutral toned colors. It's perfect for matching different skin tones. The UcanBE Luxury Gathering 60-pan eyeshadow palette has rose-colored, earth-toned, and brown-toned sparkling neutrals in ultra-smooth matts, gorgeous pearls, and shimmer for natural looks and stunning gorgeous party looks. The 15Pcs professional brush kit is used for makeup. A beautiful fashion-packaged palette with basic natural shades using decent quality formula has gorgeously pressed pigments and stays on all day. It's suitable for different occasions and holidays. Halloween, Christmas, Musical Festival, Fashion Show, Party, Cosplay, Drama, prom, etc. A soft and seductive eyeshadow pallet filled with seductive cool neutrals and warm neutrals that could be bought as a gift for your besties, sisters, girl friend and mama. It can be used as a novice or pro palette. Never tested on animals.

Brand: Ucanbe

👤This is a very beautiful collection of objects. It's a dream of neutral lovers. I used shadows from the top row. I was using the brushes that came with the set. The brush set isn't complete, it could use a fluffy Blending brush, some crease brushes and an accent brush. It's a good start for someone who wants to get into make up but doesn't want to spend a ton. I didn't use a primer, but the palette is what shines here. I recommend trying it out.

👤I have been using this palette for a week now and I love it! I was hesitant to spend money on non name brand makeup but it was a great choice. I love the shades that match my hazel eyes and the selection of colors. The colors blend well. The brushes are of the highest quality. The handles are sturdy and the bristles are soft.

👤The packaging is beautiful. The shadows are covered with plastic and the palette is inside a sleeve. The colors are pretty. It's hard to show it. There are lots of neutral shades to choose from. There was some backlash. That is to be expected. I like it! There are so many good colors that you can just use your fingers. The brushes are working. It's not a popular company and that's what you would expect from a set on here. It's pretty standard. I can use the brushes. The handles are the same length. Good quality. I think it's a nice pallette for that price, it's all for the price, packaging, shade choices. I would give it to someone because of the packaging. I will keep updating if possible.

👤The color story of this palette is very similar to my Urban Decay Naked palettes. They are close. The shades are very bright and I had no issues with their makeup. This is all you need because there are so many color choices. You can make any look you want, and go from day to night easily. You can't beat it at the price point.

👤The neutral palette is a great choice if you want to make both warm and cool looks. The quality is on par with higher end brands. I enjoy all of Ucanbe's formulas. Their shadows work well with each other. If you're looking for a full range of neutral shadows, this is the one for you.

👤A great eyeshadow set. You get your price worth it with these. The eyeshadow shades are easy to blend. The brushes could use some improvement, but I love them. Great purchase.

👤The range of colors in this palette will make you want to paint on your eyes. The color payoff is very light. If you're looking for a lot of use, this is a great option. It's a great gift for the makeup artists on your Christmas list because of the great price.

👤This pallet is gorgeous! The coverage is amazing. Unless you like a strong bold eye look, one or two is enough unless you want to do multiple applications at once. My daughter's favorite pallet is this one. Definitely recommend!

6. UCANBE UCANBE EXOTIC FLAVORS Neon Eyeshadow Makeup Palette 48 Colorful High Pigmented Rainbow Matte Shimmer Glitter Eye Shadow Make Up Pallet Gift Set

UCANBE UCANBE EXOTIC FLAVORS Neon Eyeshadow Makeup Palette 48 Colorful High Pigmented Rainbow Matte Shimmer Glitter Eye Shadow Make Up Pallet Gift Set

The base color of the packing is pale rose gold, with feathers of peacocks, and 4 stylish Indian lady are beautiful combination of exoticism. Neon color is the most eye-catching shade in this makeup kit, it contains 28 matt shades, which are the most eye-catching. There are a lot of different variations in this palette. There is ames of mesmerIZING look. The neutral tones and bright shades with beautiful reflect are perfect for daily basic look, some of the glitters are great for everyday but also for party. Neon colors and bold colors are perfect for many occasions, like music festivals, fashion shows, and Halloween. It is easy to apply and blend well, they suggest glitter shades use with other colors together so that it shows the best of itself, some setting spray after makeup would be nice to prevent from water or sweat. It's easy for beginners and professional makeup artists to find the right color for their skin tone. This eyeshadow has a smooth and creamy texture on its eyeshadows. Let your look stay gorgeous because both textures are long lasting. If you didn't like their product, you should get a best service. They will do their best to solve it for you.

Brand: Ucanbe

👤This is a very good set for the price. There is a variety of colors. You can either do a colorful look or a neutral one. I'm not usually a fan of glitter but these are good for applying. It's very bright. I'm happy when a yellow shows up on my skin.

👤I'm in love with the way this is easy to blend and the bright colors like the yellows are great for adding more color to a look.

👤This is a great palette. It is beautiful! It is very easy to blend and I like using one of my favorites.

👤My camera quality is terrible but I really like this one. I'm excited to try out all the different colors. The pictures don't do it justice, it's beautiful in person. The colors were great together. I always recommend using a primer and a concealer on my eyelid before using eyeshadow to make the colors perform better. You can't beat the price. I'll be buying more products from them.

👤I thought this would be a homerun, but some of the colors were not as bright as I had expected, and the glitter shadows did not go on smoothly. They were clumps. It was difficult to duplicate some of the eye makeup that was pictured with the product on the site because the brighter colors did not blend well. It looks like it may have been used before. Some of the colors looked like they had already been painted. Disappointed...

👤The color story is what I love about this palette. It is amazing. There are neutral colors that you can want. You can also have a colorful palette. This is a good thing to buy.

👤Lots of color. There was little to no fall out. I was able to just wipe the makeup off with my makeup cloth, and there were no marks, signs or smudges on my face. Definitely worth the money.

👤I have purchased 4 pallette in 2 weeks and Ucanbe has yet to decline. It was soft and blendable. Just buy it. I would love for them to sponsor me on my channel. I love their products.

👤I'm not very familiar with eyeshadow and I find it easy to use, they blend well and there is little to no fallout. The colors are pretty and there are many good options. I will buy more from the brand.

👤2 colors are broken because the packaging didn't protect it. It definitely works against it being a gift, but I don't know.

👤It is amazing. I can't believe the quality of these, highly pigmented and very creamy, you only need one swatch, a fantastic palette to have in your kit anyway.

👤Really pleased with this. They could have added a mirror to the lid.

👤The palet is easy to apply and look great, but it takes a lot to apply with the glitter ones.

7. Pigmented Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette Colorful

Pigmented Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette Colorful

All-in-one makeup kit. This kit is easy to use for a beginner as well as a pro. Carry this cool design case wherever you go. You can apply your makeup with the mirror inside the case. Supper is a high quality, creamy powder that can be used to make makeup look brighter. Not testing on animals is cruel. Water and Wastewater Resistance: Keep your eye shadow makeup for a long time with smooth powder and long- lasting colors. Can last all day. Blending of colors to be blendable. The ideal gift for anyone is the makeup kit, it's easy to highlight the level of eyes.

Brand: Ucanbe

👤There are many colors to choose from in this makeup box. It's smaller in person, but it would fit on my bathroom counter without taking up too much space. I tested a few eyeshadows and they are all good. The light shimmer is something I like. It was in good condition. The sides have to be pulled out to open the shadows. Pull out from the sides. I would like to slide out each part portable, but you can't pull out the parts from the sides. It can be closed securely at the top. It would be great if it had a handle on top. I like the mirror inside. It's a good set. No regrets buying. If you want a bunch of colors in one place, just start wearing makeup or like me, and have a variety to match every style, this is for you. It's for people who love eyeshadow and use it often. It's easy to fit anyone and try it.

👤I like that it is small. Bright colors, very shiny. The layers blend well. Beautiful makeup. A lot are neutral and have a couple white shadows which I really liked. The ucanbe spotlight pallet added some bright colors to the kit. Will be able to afford to buy for all of us.

👤There was a lot of powder when I opened it. If you want to send a new item, please do so now. I was disappointed.

👤The product was much smaller than I thought it would be. I thought it would be bigger. The color story is beautiful and huge. The kit can be used to make many looks. The colors are bendable. This would be a great gift for a makeup lover.

👤The product is cute, shiny and well made to the point where it's hard to open all the draws for the colors, but the trick is to push up really hard and open all the drawers at once, then from there open the one on the bottom. Once out the color palates move very easily, make sure it's on a hard surface. It has a small lock on top, which is nice, but I'm a bit disappointed.

👤It's not worth the money to get the color you're looking for because it's dry. Love the color options. I wish it was more of a liquid.

👤Great gift! It's great for someone who is learning makeup.

👤There are so few things in the palettes. Don't waste your money.

8. Crease Eyeshadow Shadow Applicator Silicone

Crease Eyeshadow Shadow Applicator Silicone

The ideal cut crease will be created with a revolutionary tool. If you think applying professional makeup on your face is difficult, say no more because this will help you achieve a makeup look that will make you look stunning and fabulous! They want every beauty enthusiast to be able to get a professional appearance in only a few minutes by avoiding the hard procedures of creating the ideal cut crease. Everyone wants to have a makeup look, regardless of skill level. The eye forms and preferred styles were taken into account when creating the kit. Everyone could have the perfect cut crease. The tool has six different attachment types for generating doe-eyed, almond, and wing effects. You can apply makeup on your eyes with different styles of crease makeup and it's replaceable.

Brand: Maiting

👤I have hooded eyes and have a hard time placing my crease above my actual crease so this helps me do that. I love this!

👤I guess this works. The endpiece is too thick to have a defined line, but it looks good. It left me with blurry vision after I pressed it down hard on my eyelid. This was a common complaint I got when I watched videos on the internet. I found that I can make a cut crease on my own, and in about the same time as it takes to get this tool, apply the tip and clean it, so I will be returning this item.

👤Works well for hooded eyes. It's easy to make my eyes look larger by creating a false crease. Cleans up well too. Would recommend.

👤It would be great if they could add a second stick so you don't have to swap the template for each eye. I would be thrilled if I could have two sticks so I could use my favorite template and not have to take the template off to do each eye. Add another stick.

👤I found a lot of mix reviews in this guide. I ordered from a non Amazon seller. I was surprised. The product works as described, it was packaged well, and it was shipped quickly. The almonds eye and round eye effects are easy to achieve with little practice.

👤I thought it would be easier to use, but I have deep set eyes and it takes me a while to open it, that is an eye related issue. I think that is for a different eye shape.

👤It's easy to make eye makeup. There are wipes that are clean. My daughter likes it!

👤ProductZ doesn't help prevent the eyeshadow "fallout", so I didn't get the definition I was hoping for. I am not happy with the product.

9. FLAVORS Eyeshadow Palette Brushes Pigmented

FLAVORS Eyeshadow Palette Brushes Pigmented

The UcanBE 48 colors Eyshadow Palette contains 48 eye shadow pressed powder in 24 different colors and 6 neon colors. Smooth Powder and Highly Pigmented Color: 48 ultra-soft and high pigmentation and smooth silky powder for easy application and blends evenly to match any skin tone. Natural shades of rainbow colors are waterproof, sweat-proof and long lasting to make you keep a perfect makeup. The Inchulde 15 PCS Eyeshadow Brushes are made with smooth, lustrous shimmers and smooth matts that are bright in hue. The eyshadow brushes are perfect for professional daily working, party makeup,carnival wearing or casual makeup. Safe and healthy ingredients are included in the formula. It is safe for sensitive skin. It's easy to color with one wipe, with delicate texture,natural colors,gloss and no flying powder. 48 colorful eye shadow plattet and 15 eyeshadow brushes are a perfect gift. It's a great idea to give a gift to a makeup lover or a surprise for a friend.

Brand: Charmcode

👤For the price of this product, you are getting a good deal. I don't have makeup with neon colors. This pallet is so bright that you can wear it all the time if you want to explore new colors. The glitter is hard to apply and take off, but once you get it on it looks amazing.

👤Just, no! I'm not sure how it passed the tests. Don't buy for your child if you see a viral tiktok that says you must have it. It causes horrible allergic reactions, stains the skin, and is a pain to clean up as it's so bad. If I didn't warn others, I would feel worse.

👤I love the colors in this one. It has a beautiful color story that is easy to pull inspiration from for day and night looks. The lighter colors look great on the eyelids. I used a glitter primer for my cotton candy look because the glitters will show up, but they show up better with primer. I love the amount of shimmers, glitters, and mattes in this palette. This is a very fun and pretty set to work with. The makeup brushes they send are awesome. I used only the brushes I was given to create my look and the brushes were so soft that you wouldn't need any other brushes to create a perfect eye look. I would definitely recommend this set to my friends and family because I love makeup. I would like to thank Ucanbe for never letting me down when it came to affordable beauty products.

👤Being dark skinned made me not very pigmented. I only needed a little primer to fix that. It came with so many brushes that I liked it. Does not come with any brushes.

👤I love the colors! The colors stayed on until about 8 pm after I did my makeup. I love this product, but I had an issue with it being dark enough to show, not sure if it was the brushes or the eyeshadow that was the problem. I will purchase again in the future if the price is right.

👤The pallet has bright colors. Each row has its own glitter shade, each row has a shimmer shade, and each row has a matte shade. There is a I used the orange and red/pink row with the gold glitter from the yellow row for the look. The brush set comes with mostly flat/angled brushes that are great for detail art, but from what I have used, they have been pretty good. There is a light weight and easy to hold. The pallet is gorgeous and will be used a lot, Brushes are nice and will probably be used with the rest of my stuff.

👤I liked the packaging on this eyeshadow. It came with eye brushes, which was an added bonus. I love this! It's a good thing.

👤The brushes don't work. They are a pointless addition to the eye shadow. The colors are amazing. I like the florescent shades. It was slightly chalky but blendable. You can make many looks. It's perfect for beginners or someone looking for bright colors. I love this company. All of the eye shadows I've bought from them are amazing.

10. Rimmel Exaggerate Blackest Waterproof Self Sharpening

Rimmel Exaggerate Blackest Waterproof Self Sharpening

The eyeliner pencil has a built-in smudger and sharpener. The shades give a creamy finish. Strong and sexy eyes are created by high precision lines. The formula is waterproof and colour-intense. Up to 10 hours of wear.

Brand: Rimmel

👤There is no protective seal on the product line. The item was unwrapped. I'm not going to use a product that I know isn't supposed to work the way it did. It was just terrible.

👤I am a make up artist. This deserves a single star. The tip broke off. I probably only used it five times. This photo is a bit deceiving. You are only purchasing one pencil.

👤The application is easy to use. As the day goes on, it leaves a lot of black in my eyes. I have to wipe my eyes to get rid of the eyeliner. I only apply on the top lashes. I've had better luck with cheap eyeliners.

👤I've been wearing this eyeliner for over eight years. It is the only eyeliner combo that I have ever had that is waterproof. This is the only eyeliner that I have ever had that lasts all day, because my eye doesn't have a tear duct system, and it constantly waters.

👤It's cheaper than Sephora. The product is basically the same as the one from Sephora. It's not greasy even. I have hooded eyes and it doesn't transfer from my lid to my crease. It is now.

👤I've been using another brand for 2 years and it came up on my Amazon as a suggestion. I'll try after reading the comments. It is amazing! I wore it early in the morning, went to a wedding and reception, and checked it out throughout the day. Excellent product! And a great price. You will not be disappointed.

👤I like the color and how dark it is. I bought the black one and my husband loved it, but it doesn't last very long, and I tried to use it under my eyes, but I can't say I'm a fan of it. It does well on the top if you prime it, but make sure you don't sweat or touch your eyes because it won't be waterproof. If I'm outside for a long time, I may not be able to use it. I give this a 4 out of 5 because I love the color and I wish it lasted longer.

👤I like Rimmel eyeliners. I apply in the morning, put some shadow or powder on, and it's good all day long. When I put it on, I just loved it, even though it was darker than I'd been expecting. It's a dark grey and has small, eye flattering sparkles in it. The sparkles were a bonus.

👤If you want a soft easy to apply eye liner, then this is for you. I suffer from watery eyes and need waterproof eye make up. Within a couple of minutes it was gone. I had to take it away.

👤The brown eyeliner is very opaque. The formula glides easily over the eyes and on the waterline. It has a long wearing finish that is long wearing on the waterline. It will not smudge like my other liners after it is set. The color is rich and retractable. It's perfectly suited to wear during the daytime because it's not as harsh as a black liner. I've been wearing this for over a month. I'm hooked. Great purchase. Would recommend. If my review was helpful, please let me know by clicking on theHelpful button.

11. Aesthetica 16 Piece Stencils Tweezers Highlighter

Aesthetica 16 Piece Stencils Tweezers Highlighter

The aesthetica brow kit is not only the ideal remedy for those everyday brow needs, but it's also comprised of expert tools designed to transform those celebrity brow ambitions from just a dream to reality. The only eyebrow defining kit in the industry is the Aesthetica brow Contour Kit. It's a top seller in makeup sets. The kit includes a step-by-step instructions and a guide to brow powders. You can have the brows you have always wanted. The brow set is like a portable brow bar that contains everything you need to define, fill and shape your brows in one travel-friendly mirrored palette. The kit has simplified the art of the perfect brow thanks to the rich, smilng and perfectly pigmented colors. Their step-by-step instructions will give you the confidence to shape and maintain your eyebrows on your own, or in between appointments. All makeup sets are suitable for all skin types.

Brand: Aesthetica

👤I barely have eye brows, so I had a hard time aligning them up, and also repeating the other side was hard, but I practiced for two days, and this was the result, not too bad, the finished brow is very The hi-lighter was a life saver. You can make them thinner by covering it with the concealer. The brow color will not come off as you put on the concealer. First, watch some videos on the internet. Good luck!

👤I've had many brow kits over the years and this one is by far the best. I sent my cousin a picture of my eyebrows for Christmas because she was so happy that she got one. The highlight powder isn't my favorite and I still use a pencil to get my lines straight, but definitely exceeded my expectations for the price.

👤I love it. I am a beginner to styling my own eyebrows and this was very easy to do. Even though the rest of my makeup didn't survive the sweat, my eyebrows didn't smudge and I went on a run when it was really hot, I didn't lose my hair. Highly recommended!

👤This is my first eyebrow kit. I don't have much to compare it to. Don't let that stop you from reading this, it's really great. If you're a beginner, please keep reading. This was a big deal for me because I have never applied make-up. The before and after product were included in the pictures. The brush is strong. It combs through the coarseness of my eyebrows. I love it, let me tell you about it. Thanks to Aesthetica, we know that eyebrows come in a variety of colors. The one little kit really works. My eyebrows are not twins. That's okay because it's a totally user error. I'm getting there. I love it. Now... I was not paid or given a discount. I wanted to give a real review after I bought it. If you would like to give me a discount or send me something awesome to try... I would love it. Hey!, never know until you ask! I wanted to show you new pictures because I have gotten quite a bit of practice using this. I love this so much. I don't think I ever walked out of the house without using something.

👤I have eyebrows that are wide and thin. It was dark. There are wild hairs near the front. I had no experience with eyebrows, but I was sick of them. This is what a difference it makes.

👤I found the product to be surprisingly good, even though you might need a few tries to get the results you're looking for. A small practice. I got the look. I was hoping for that. I stopped bothering with the stencil after a few times. I lost most of my natural brows. I was worried that this would be painted over. I use a brow pencil and it covers the gray and white, but it is much more natural looking. The powder stays on all night. There was no mess on my pillow in the morning. I started using lighter colors for makeup because there are so many colors you can't use on your brows. The finish on these powders is more flattering than any eyeshadows I've found. I am getting ready to travel and am happy to discover I can use this kit for all my eye makeup needs. The less you have to pack, the better.


What is the best product for eye makeup kit?

Eye makeup kit products from Nuibo. In this article about eye makeup kit you can see why people choose the product. Prism Makeup and Charmcode are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye makeup kit.

What are the best brands for eye makeup kit?

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